Jason & John Hour 2 (3/12/18)

Jason & John
Monday, March 12th

More on Tigers/Tubby/Penny plus joined by DJ Jeffries Father Corey Jeffries in Hour 2 


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I it is confirmed it's been Texan with a love Cory Jeffries the father of plus our wing DJ Jeffries is gonna join us at 12:45 o'clock to get to with them it's lovely I gotta run that I am about that we may we may get to that it is the rundown we have not on the rundown and a few days. We're gonna do what we've missed the rundown deserted by Matt Aslan nationwide insurance. Hey stories from. Jason and Jon. Fallen 929 FM RE SP. First story. I'm going digital efforts there that's what I'm doing. Olive branch star Liotta brand star class of 2019 stars set to make his decision tonight. A believable column at 7 PM Mosul that shocking to see him announce that he's going to be making this decision but then again not so shocking guzzle tip of the cap here to show up Lawson humans brother comes hostels fortunes down. For awhile recruiting as well. As done for years now and he he wrote last week. That DJ Jeffers to be nearing a decision again the olive branch high small 467185. And ranked. Top 25 still and according to the composite nose in and separate number 26. According to a 24 sevenths composite ranking number eight small for the country's number one prospect overall in the state of Mississippi. Choosing between Kentucky Mississippi State and Alabama have a lot of people shoot at me Jason. I don't see Memphis on this list at Findlay pennies gonna be the next coach didn't DJ Jefferies play for team Vinny does this mean to open he's already lost one. And I don't think you can go that far right now right now and if you're looking at who's lost or not it's Memphis. And we knew that right we've seen this horribly Marti and Otto did with Corey Jeffries DJ's father who will have on here. About 1245. Say are months ago the Memphis wasn't recruiting his son very hard right that kind of they've been here in for Ole miss this state everybody everybody except Memphis pretty much right now I would say you have to consider this laws on the coach who has the job right now let's Tubby Smith. Could things change of course they couldn't. My guess and and I think everybody on what if it's 47 sports in terms of the expert analyst who make those picks and projections about thinks he's headed to Kentucky right and it would make sense in the sense that. Look cal was in here earlier this month to see him. And if you wanna go to Kentucky. You take that if you're DJ Jefferies you take that commitment could you spot. You lock it in into playing your spot to John Martin's when that's that's kind of what it feels like to me again I would be shocked then if it's Mississippi State or Alabama because those schools. You could commit to down the road at you feel like those schools are gonna keep that. That window that that scholarship. Open for you Kentucky on the other hand which is always a prudent our kids nation may not feel like that's where this is had a lot of chance to ask or Jefferies about. The decision to got to do this now not wait to see necessarily release up to the minute to see what happens in Memphis but to do this now. But right now. Other news is DJ Jeffords making his college decision terms of commitment tonight 7 o'clock. And what we've between Kentucky Mississippi State. And Alabama as father joins us at 1245 now. I still worry we will talk and at 1245. Got a lot that lot to ask him obviously. In the Q what's and so once we file so lots to lots more still to come here on Jason and Jon but. Listen. It's been. An emotional season. It's been it's a we've had ups including a top 35 win at home against Houston manhunt coming out there that seems like forever. We've had. We've had down's. You know getting beat by 25000. Pointed US seven home it was torn for. Okay. It's about getting swept by UCF follow 111 las without toggle fall here and here in Memphis. It's been it's been a roller coaster season. But there's been one constant throughout at least the latter half votes that you know Mets then art wiretapping of tubby Smith's phone calls. To Tyler hairs we've intercepted them throughout the latter half of the season might have people. Listen if tub is not going to bring joy to Memphis fans himself were gonna do it or him. We're going to intercept these phone calls and distribute them to the masses if you don't love them. Well hello there has become a rallying cry out for you or your daily life when you go to work in your in you what their race. In your boss says no you haven't heard it. And then you turn in your pink slip and you say hello there I'm out as Edwards being used I don't think so Joseph west Zito has used it on Twitter and that's true. Every time they win is not gotten on Twitter and of in a few days. As you might be able to guess. But it's become really a motto for Memphis when you say it has with things you know. I am in the direction we all think they're going woman should be here this column. When my told Tyler told I told you column after the loss on Saturday after the loss on Saturday Johnstone work and I've been ever stopped well. Without further ado let's that I hope you have your Hank he's ready. Because this one could be the most emotional as when could be the last won't be dancing like a man and it's very emotional or cries artist Obama. Okay well. Without further ado ladies and gentlemen what could be the final phone call from Tubby Smith Tyler here. Total. Total. You have reached the voice mailbox iron young size. Well a little bit. Not a parent is book and television debate long term we used to be exact looked real didn't go home. We wanted to sell tickets for the ticket office. But it would have brought the team I thought the meat cook a hot doll itself and how pathetic or not lol man. I don't quarterbacks QB in the big twelve. Scalpel would no big it will get knocked on the door and told without bail. And I'll concede his blood thirsty for any auto. I've never liked little panic. It was a topic opening. But not like oh look actual book it's not like Kermit miss Dick he was booed more upon appeal type. As far as being himself motivated and it's it's good may have it was a good player wonderful wanna bash. Ordered BA ring. But I don't hold nothing against that man. And get the experience. Is a good man. I could get any little piece but I still don't recruit I activated it. Stable. Doubt I'll be watching. It from Georgia. Made it from apple what. It looked at a little brought out fear in the NCAA tournament. Let and it's. Totally out. Yeah me. I need a minute. And nominee in the class till the end. That mutt mostly. Most. I mean right here is where and well. You sounded these sound of it defeat brain defeated drained. You know at their at their everything that's happened the last week or so. Anyway we we we've federal journey with these calls you know from the you know. New Amsterdam. Has that taste with that humble pie was feeling good and they just he used to call them was right about one thing there will be a year three of tubby came just wrong about a run again today. They would definitely get downright you know. And here we are in I thought there was a time. I actually with him all I know I hope our users we can kind of just reflect on they're gonna have the last and sounds like John two years. And that's in and we talked about there's an October and you predicted on this show you said Tubby Smith will get his first Forestar commitment admit this in the form of Tyler hairs that did it on the show was joyous what's. You said it. And he is an October though before you knew about it bet against it in the will replace Hillary is not about road over the scope former at least one of us. Yet your heads Tibet's. But at least one of us is gonna cash with Billy. That's gonna be you but it's been a real. Emotional rollercoaster and then to hear kind of that the last line there it's it's heroin in some ways in over the last time tubby out you know I mean that's. That's that's tough to hear it is. A fiddles and working group to do you think he'll coach again don't you think so I don't this'll put a fire back in the expire in terms elect whether it's Georgia or a man is looking to get a sixteen he's not the only Georgia telemarketers getting Georgia hot point. Can you can't tell me can't get a half point is alma mater may third division wants so it may I can't tell me he can't win that conference and get back to the term it may light a fire under him temporarily to fulfill the prophecy of becoming the only the only man to let six schools to them to the NCAA tournament it's gonna talk all fairness like high point is the perfect place for him. You know. I am not even try to be rude. Wow man maybe at yet. By saint at this I wanted to. At this juncture that's forty years ago is exactly you know. That's forty years ago when he's on top of college basketball book if if if the thing he wants to do and his lawyer for made it pretty clear this week in what he wants to do this is just coach basketball. Right not have to worry about that the ticket sales of the money that's coming in and you know what mob bosses think of all that. Apple will make a lot of set exactly and your name is as far as I know is names on the coordinate I think they've got new facilities on the like. I'm not trying to goes you know sell the job for tubby got when bill bill Harmon they want Harvard to your point I think it does make a lot of sense. And terms of what he's looking for at this age of his career he can reunite with Gigi. You know. He could have GGO stat he can have songs that still. You know and he's not gonna get criticized for that at a place like high point he's royalty in. And it it is in a warning to pass off the program to his son Saul is important to him. Applause from those meadow is not outsider and have the same as what do that is is that someone like a point there is no doubt where he wrote a legend. I don't know man that was that was emotional I wished I wished you know Teddy would had a chance to coach Tyler. It obviously wasn't in the cards as we both he can coach do that's the one thing. Because that's what I like and listen you watch that target this weekend number one like to see to hear Jim Nantz and bill rafter on the call. On a Memphis game that brought back memories never an excessive sweet memories that do I don't think great feels great on kolbe do you. I think he's kind of like Corning is like the courting of basketball player you know that uses the NBA jam cliches I think they love him so much off the ear yeah they're just like just call that he's like he says something he's like this could she right delicacies all. Yeah right they're well he got grant and got a from NBA jam grid in this kind of old rabbit that was back that's kind of what you get in a Sega Genesis days rev I mean with all due respect to Grant Hill. But it was it was it brought it never did what you learned from that tournament. Is that man tubby really did get everything out of this team that he go to. And that's the damn problem. Well it's been it I would have liked to have seen I don't know that we can play what if came along but if if the loss since there. If you have a staff that's recruiting as hard as jurist Zito. Is recruiting others others isn't the match and maybe it's different maybe in that second half against Cincinnati you are so overpowered them and enact endeavor talent. Like I told him of his plan hawk with heart that first half Cincinnati figured out we we play with our two or kill these guys and and they did and the difference was out. And we said it was always gonna come back down to play against the good teams we always have yet. We did. And that's what happened I will come back Bob what was gonna join you talked NCAA tournament with them it's our we make our final four picks and some went on the show losing out of this NCAA tournament as a big story in town of the tournament is about to begin absolutely my man McCain looks so sad honestly that was heartbreaking for real. That was similar upbringing and up yes it was very set up so bad for me sat in there the whole tiles on what was the last wanna leave you out. It's like you like it's like I miss. He don't even make the other thing you know that he never played in a tournament I know right he never played an insulator I don't know of Alabama made it one of those years he just in play right. But I'm pretty sure he's never eat I know for a fact he's never played in wound so really you'll have gone out as tired earlier here from Hamas saloon and you're put in metal it's he's gonna get some looks obedience of camps and get a look agreed you especially shoot like a weird we will talk to Bob Wenzel about. About empty issue. Being left out of the turn emit about who we like we do have grisly things will give way as well Jason John and Jennifer NB SP. 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And on the CAA's Memphis most mismatched or three years or wrote them a plus rating with the Better Business Bureau John. Because they have been the sound you heard from Jason very important. 47 editor who wrote about it at the corner of summer avenue next I would be if you have any questions call them directly at 901692. 62. Under our rights we're gonna actually move some things around here. Bob Wenzel is gonna join us instead at 1 o'clock good move us so we're gonna talk to him at 1 o'clock about the NCAA tournament. We wanted to break down and so determine ourselves or got the Bob. Of course Corey Jeffries would join us and the very next segment his son DJ spots are wing out of olive branch is making his decision. Today so we'll talk them about that decision. But the bracket is set. Most teams obviously you know by right now. In tissue did not get it. In tissue did not make the terrorism were talking about before we went to break they had the bill of the good non commerce or the scheduled job problem wasn't having wins that was and that alone prosper if that's any big ones that's exactly right so the one seeds. Virginia Villanova. Kansas and Xavier on the there's any surprises though there on the selection show was. Totally ridiculous well first of all I'm trying to flip through mud DirecTV and has used to have you know finding in a certain place yeah CBS ish and I couldn't find the bag well what I did well I don't know what I do with extremities I just Pressler the voice from Joseph Biden has said it's a better -- selection show I never worry about. You know what Channel Tunnel that goes that little edge just there so. Maybe you could change or circumstances but you're right it was on the different network which was confusing for everybody's and then where it starts first of all. There's a lot of studio audience was just does is makes no sense laying marked lane I mean you got some everybody's screen and for every different team just as. They won't do that again next year. The sound is not sink dot. NATO signed you think they put their hands to. Of all all of them yeah producers made the sign out and they said hold us down exactly ridiculous if if bella you're watching kind of like hey I gave it could come from moving at a in David and I because because the dead the lips didn't think of what the words can and you were you're starting to your behind. And then added we knew this before hand but didn't like to see it happen first ball they they announced the automatic qualifiers. But one by one bloom why we know who the conference tournament that's the drama we know Berrian. You know. So they do that and then alphabetically. Battles but it worked out a list. Of at large bid. I cannot see a bracket. Yet it's the big reveal was we didn't know seeds and you know who's playing who until later in the show. Arms so there was a complete kill the format yeah that was all of I didn't know I was confused I couldn't keep up the world's aware of who's in who's not like it was just that the earth was poorly poorly early downs or really value tradition and I think with the NCAA tournament it's one of them remember the mental solid the end. I try to change when Luther sing and who does it with a new yachts and this was the neo or something and we're like what we like we would like lupus and we'd like tradition with our NCAA tournaments. And that's and that's what I'm telling you right now. That will stick with tradition with the selection show was well let's just two of the way we always Jennifer Hudson did a version she did one shining moment. I don't know of neo did one or not is he really do want a and so that's terrible that's even worse and we all we're back so we all told them I would put the Luther version back on please that's tradition yet that is tradition neo did a Villanova specific ones shining moment. Jennifer Hudson did one for the whole tournament point is never get off none of them work now. Lou there is that is the goat when it comes with a song OK we want traditional retirement so anyway after all that was said and done they announced who was playing who NT SU was out US and it yet she wasn't even close on who they already in the post more out of my pain was the warmer warmer here clip first. USC. Was out and I you know what any infill on a pretty if you don't a pretty strong ran after the game or after the tournament selection show was over because there are fourteen to seven in conference. Right in the back in a major content pack twelve right they were in the championship game lost a heartbreaker to Arizona. And they were left out of the tournament I think he's got a legitimate gripe there meanwhile teams like Syracuse and Oklahoma who have sub 500 record in conference. Are in the heart of it why is there she's in the turn. That's the question. OK I can't I can't give you definitive answer about. Others and it's there's there's Syracuse and Jim Barry I mean come on that's the best I've got four. Eid Al Unser he should have been there you can make your case and I'm alive there and there it's because it's right. But you may pay a strong case Oklahoma should be in his term particular way they've played second embassies and John had been they've been awful. And I realized early on what they were fourteen year to one point they're killing team's other six victories over right deposed that's all great but you gotta. If you're watching this thing from the guys you take the metrics out of that you just watching from the guys that team has not been good the second half of the season and so bad at. That I would have said you're out about this on the gonna Syracuse is scheduled it has been sentenced in late term and either you know on another wanna get the top guys have. Right at that better big tray it was a huge part of that event. It was that in the survey do you realize I wanna make sure I'm correct on this but I believe it's true and with teams that are currently ranked day. Syracuse has one great to win. One it was over clones and they lost every other game even Timonen Boehner and his teams are right today. And and I was in the ACC you know they're playing a viable and they have a they beat move a little below what the hermit right. Especially the best to win other than Clinton's at night said they beat Miami they would have Miami's lead. And they have some decent ways but they have committee bad losses having them in does sell on what is an incumbent mountain spotted a setup what is the best first order never go right Arizona State Syracuse and that's great for sporting. Home. GC are you see early when they got both of them out lobbying and the brother over rollout of seeing them when they got to hand it out about so happy for Obama. So happy form. All right so stationed in the pine and white Knight now that we've gone over who's sure it'd said that the end. Gonna need to get you on the record with your final four picks are. So right now the I didn't know who you like I did you know because I Marty gaunt that are not decided my legal first. There are so my final four. This year I think it's a pretty charming at the ugly always is chalk I think it's going to be talking getting is going to be. They've got to be appointed to use a like Cincinnati. I listen I know Houston choked it away yesterday. I mean rob gray made some uncharacteristically bad plays and be in that game room but I saw the way they can turn it on. Are they those dues are like doberman. When they decide to guard. They're hard to be there now I don't have to scored issues I'd and I just never Boston's in the tournament of the cause of those won't because of the often let Gary Clark is a problem. You know I think they've got they've got good sort of offense initiating guard play. Yeah you know is good I mean it and and they had to they had a good thing could have against Memphis right and they've obviously got the win yesterday against Houston. So I like Cincinnati coming out of their region. I like Carolina. Alike can jagr and sabres about the Carolina gets passed them in the elite eight. Our morale and win my boy badly all the way to the final four. And then I'll take Villanova I think Villanova as regions pretty manageable so that's my final four Cincinnati North Carolina duke. And Villanova you don't have to over think this you really don't have to have a succeed in here a promise you don't. I promise you. Are out of the south I'm not going with sensitive but I am I'm with you I'm not pick in Virginia neither much liked Cincinnati. Who have got the same issues with once it comes tournament time off got the same issues with Virginia great defensively umbrage to make shots. And the term of the great Josh pastor talk me out of all people so I'm gonna go. With the team. That I think is in the right mind frame the right mindset after losing the SEC title game on go with Tennessee. To the final fourth as the three C a that is that is not a bad flat out all the guys I was take down all they had to would be bad Cincinnati team it's all got to do with Schofield. Mom and I am also feel the grit and grant. And the middle grant Williams. They're good if if admiral Schofield doesn't suffer a concussion yesterday. And in losing contact I think they made each of our third our lazy not absolutely right thumb out of the west. I'm with you. But what you look at news does is token Zagreb. UNC matchup. Here. I hum I would go north on that's who you picked data on I just love the way Theo Benson's plan. Great and that's something right there to get a video that we are they got experienced guys Joseph Barry's been there for eight years and NGOs took it up to a different level in the ACC tournament. Lou Masur got to make shots just steps up in big games and alike North Carolina come out there about east. I think of all the ones he's Virginia for Villanova got the got the best pick the balls federal. Walked with a powerful elect who even is a threat today was a red to build a knowing you tell me Texas Tech takes takes a Parise produce the two I mean what star state may be. Which Allstate is going to have a tough time in their first. Bill get passed them that's marshals and not get past them. But they are not beating don't know Tug at Villanova coming out east again I think that's the easiest walk for one for the one seeds yet and then out of the midwest. I'm gonna go. Everybody's saying this is this this this this midwest region is loaded right because it's got all the names on the settlement champions Kansas duke. Michigan State obviously Kentucky is in it. My an imam was taken out there he's got through there in the south excuse me. I'm gonna say. K you it's all dependent on the perimeter shooting and Michigan State untested when they did play somebody North Carolina swabbed them. So I'm going down to duke on a take two could number the number TC. Yeah I think I think that's so you've got Tennessee for their own thing whether Carolina Villanova. And duke duke so we basically have we Obey basic agree except for you've got. Tennessee instead of Cincinnati. Video how to for. I did what your final four but I actually is that he is out as they send them well they're not in it's a would have been I've Bisping it's similar to Jason except I've got Kentucky beating Tennessee in the elite eight and I'm just like when I just don't. I don't see ya bit like Kentucky has good players but do they have one guy. Who is going to win it's bonus nut cutting time I knew they had a duty with who is gonna say I'm god for them and say go just yet he was good yesterday he stepped up yesterday I would give him that. And they got a good free throw shooters they do you know Soviets latest close game again guys to step up and and and make free throw shots but. I just I could I thought about Kentucky it was an impressive performance yesterday. Fourth straight SEC tournament championship. I don't think I can trust them late I just can't do it specially with the Arizona. That's their that's their second round match out there that's tough stuff on the west of I UNC in the midwest are bad dude in the east I actually have. Bam on upsetting Villanova. In getting beaten by Florida in the lead eight summer I don't my dad Chris Chia as a White House our Christiane I don't or. I hope he makes a full horror like always it is disgusted about is and that's sent Florida in the final four and then I've got UNC duke national championship. I've got the same Jamont tar balls need to watch out though for Arizona. And the country. Hoop with the Memphis causes almost like with the number one pick in the draft on a piecing with a statement is doing now I know he had a great. Game against USC in the pac twelve championship OK I get it he's a great image he's a great player man. He's a great player and I you know blades starting to feel like it's kind of a foregone conclusion they're just gonna draft every expert she says that this week he said Barbara Bagley in pairs and Atlanta's win is light as my draft which was overly five in my draft and it was over the weekend he said Marvin Bagley. But yes I mean in his last unveils the country's in his last two games the artery Aden had 32 apiece probably isn't based. If there's going to be people who can guard him. Gathered there are going to be people who love her and other people wouldn't guard Marlon back we Anemia well I think Marvin that is games a little bit more diversified its all saying. I'll say he's more of a three levels guy and DR Dre is just you know he's. Back tomorrow as Ken marlin whole and about in the and that's a fair question that dogged a man does weaken words on the rule on a he's a monster he has a physical monster the majority of shots do come at the rim. All say. But he's capable of stretching Josh well DA's for a guy his size he's deal with these showed me. If you tell me right now these oil Indy without the injuries that were there you go healthy Apolo MB don't want their place for you of course. I don't think you can go wrong I think either one of those guys I'm super stoked about. But we I think a break Corey Jeffries is the father did Jeffries who is a five star wing right outside of Memphis make in his college announcement tonight we'll talk them about the decision. And much more we get back Jason Dunn editor benefit yes it. There are other dinners you can with a beautiful it was tiger's been in season. Voters in America consumer good. It's good enough if you know. Does it by about. Spent magazine only name one restaurant is the best new restaurant the area to 2017 that restaurant a southern social which is nestled in the heart of old Germantown this is Gary Parrish. 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Yeah current dot com. Now 829 FM 688 down on the WM FS and 929 espn.com. Yeah Sears. ESPN. Seven of Charlemagne is here hope you have printed out your brackets. This year it's time to swisher pulled to five -- energy real time brackets very new very cool. Let's say about this every single day. If year by some chance cabinet pick a team that looks at its gonna lose you gotta go far in the tournament you can change it. With five hour energy brackets of the four minutes left in the game you can change it and still get points for. That's right side I'm now five hour energy brackets that comes solution have been doing that the whole it's a good new way because a five hour energy option. Feel alert and energized a big fan of the sour apple slavery shots back vitamins nutrients. And all about as much caffeine as a cup of the leading premium coffee and then zero sure what my wife loves us or calories you drink it at second. You feel the minutes and last for hours jockey going back to the south region where you've got Cincinnati coming out. And I know. Most people think that Virginia's the overwhelming favorite here I don't know I'm with you that Cincinnati could shake things up I'm with you that Tennessee could shake things up that's who I've got coming up. Bulletin I mean you've got Arizona there with the Andre knew what they don't come out compass from Iraq you've got Kentucky to playing well right now that's south could be a bugaboo I don't. Don't know the why he's got a cake walk it's definitely a wide open to get a real job and can't watch games live no worries me got you covered play five out energy brackets on every device. Any location stay in the game longer with five hour energy. Brackets are back Jayson the John attitude that if any ESPN and ask promised his name is Corey Jefferies he's the father. A five star Wayne DJ Jeffrey he's making his announcement tonight he joins us now Corey how are you. Pretty good you gotta do my appreciation grown for save the time man so I appreciate it I don't know if there of course a big night tonight obviously olive branch swing your son DJ Jefferies. Make in his choice tonight Kentucky Alabama Mississippi said I got that right. It would okay so why was now the right time for DJ had to make because once. Well it's probably about Becky did he want to do at this stage turnaround away you know you focus go win the state title you know foot file that bridges how. I don't pretty much uniform try to you know you know idea of idea visitor group so. Did you know that day out they want to stay he would he was ready to Israel commit Damien. We we you know we we can't sit on the ticket because we don't want him to negative database stole you know we most of the idea. You know that was so that day that this lady came down to. There's so let's go through each of these three schools that I wanna get what you like about each of them most let's start with. Kentucky what do you guys like about Kentucky. The man at the ever present out of power sector. You know it it appropriately that you become about going to the NBA let you know yeah look yeah it astrology can Turkey. You know it into Atlanta ambition or major interest. You know ratio major total body of culture they can't take a little bit you know AMA ND day global cat Coke they're little fish. DJ unity there what the big train into the big trend academy if you know he's given fairy tale law so you know that that's kind of architecture. I have listened to stay. We have got a great nation we bid should stay where we have to be earlier relations will football leadership this collusion to stay low live without forcing me. You know ridicule and gold so. Can I believe we'll wish we still have a good relationship put our code how did they not. Enjoy it broke. And they may go down a couple of times you know we'd we'd like your badly in need of leadership being oh so so deserted so they'll option. And then finally Alabama. He Alabama did the whole joke and then it goes well David's Larry it is it is sort of guy issue some video. You know did not go can he not go to ya you can do you don't be issued albeit. Gee you know relation noted that you give here you go local and get up and I'm looking forward to double data to be clicks. As DJ taken visits to any of these schools unofficially or officially. Are you did you get bitter to all got got got a good hour or coral. Any consideration because it's what do I know people want in this besides the which school your songs don't pick the one are now but also wondered. I wonder was there any consideration given to wait and maybe waiting and seeing what happens at Memphis with their coaching situation. Are you did irrigated their. It may consideration we you know we looked over lead and I wish it and look bad that we talked about it. Any you know what it Kandahar foot is kind of hobbled to go alone. Can I mean a possibility out as a goal made it you know and I'm not go and I hadn't heard companion and I want and I'm not go out of it because further body trying to dictate our state title. Yeah I mean anything to me to be disrespectful to column you know I mean they're quiet about it right now. You know we. You spoke publicly I think was margin auto Marshall Field's months ago when you were in the middle of DJ's recruitment. And we talked about where Memphis was added and at that time if you made the point. The rumor coming out among all you know we hear from Ole miss here Mississippi State obviously from talent could touch it Tony Barbie. Did that change. Public of the leaders or to ditch after you know public figures out that the there's one on him that that that IBM has ever met a ton of calls. Did they pick it up afterwards or did you just kind of say the site. Well I'd say they don't let a couple of didn't get America that being the Kennedy got a high school you know agenda complex who we sit down at all would make. You know we've solved you know would we got to admit that change you know my you know what we've traded between king of the universe commit to Sudan had a conversation we limit. You know it wouldn't you know like I did and I told him hey you know we will go we had a crazy running. You know I think. I'm going to be Arkansas. Game that would be standing in the same hotel they don't allow it there we would stand there and out of an elevator oh wait now. In the elevator stop a better draw. Indicated that he is well hello there well yeah yeah. They didn't need a little bit you know didn't know while we're right there beside you don't oh yeah resonated tradition there. And I tell you don't court Giffords. I went out there of course Debbie Deluca liquidity. You know look at the pitcher AJ but he made it clear he can't guard corps let me make it clear how we love your side. You know maybe be the great clearly going to be a great player you have the vice trichet did a good. In the note to exhibit you know their commitment to it and you know they just to give the recruit you know blow. The AD try to tell what color those all remain at Brett let billion rescue and that might not like others coup de. That's right chord how hard is it for you as a parent obviously you guys there in the Memphis metro and you hear everything that's going on around the program a possible change maybe Penny Hardaway and you know the pressure. Right that comes with being a local area kid and staying home how hard is it for you to sort of sift through. What's real what's not and then for DJ to still make it 'cause decision that's best for him. I call Marion where you know you really think you'd like to say you have to do you really knuckled you know most true knowledge again if foreign sources. You know they're they're they're very close to the situation. You know so it immediately you know he plays the game of someone there we hear day golf. If he doesn't go to mitigate got all pray prepare and we try to get ahead plumbing drill baby or some sort. You know him now want to try to pay down debt and you know that they're not true. And not true but I would. You know I gotta say we took a lower -- did mr. daylight do we can go home we came goal if those wrecked you know undefeated cowboys got to play the collegiate carry these are. You know big hitter beating you know we would be felt that it did it take all the Ricky. Can. You know so. How was playing for penny this summer that. I will play with a little slower you know able. It worked out well let's first be nobody wouldn't. The weather data to pay any doubt now the coast and owed you know Kuwait paid bill pay would just be it would get scared thinking why do you have Emanuel rampant. You know mail faster stronger. You know every game is trying to get somebody did it. Demagogue kid can. You know partner in our lives in mandated. It can't put a lot of tell me you know would be keyed where he got a lot of time to try and occasionally you see so PD 8 AM rock. We awkward talking to gory Jeffries the father of five star all of Britain bridge wing DJ Jeffers is making its God's announcement tonight. Of course they three days ago Cory what kind of player is Kentucky or Mississippi State Alabama getting indeed general. Again late big can of beer ever else they have finished in a bid relative to get a bit of us didn't play or give a hard worker. Well very very very knowledgeable. You know I like to say but I also don't. Well he doesn't mind playing 123 for the vehicle ski don't care about their either basketball player so got a deadly game of basketball player can be. Love to hear that and then last thing coach you know the popular thing you see now on high school. Is reclassify obviously Marvin back we did it at duke losing players and all the time. Is that an option for DJ are seeking to send a class three not nineteen you talked about it at all. Yeah Leo we discussed it was yeah I talked about it at. And I'm really not only trying to because he was just a little also stated we've we've train. You know any Yankee that I did something that he won't be retrained. Goran you got valued you as a rookie you're related to a 125 guess you also might release the family is right. Brett cousins let's what is its. Yeah I didn't know him well and big media it's easy to ignore it is it's a religious efforts before mayor. Gotcha you know premise some apparently mild sore for a the advantage he. Yeah that's a basketball family right brother Geoff we'll we'll look forward tonight Manning good luck with the decisions I appreciate you joining us. And we appreciate you got to have real. Yet it is curry Jeffries is Sundays at is making his college announcement tonight thoughts. That end up in the they have not cut the pity that we spoke out wrote that one down is that the penny and said if any got the job. Resolutely something's got talent out it is Smart though because you can't like make it 'cause decision based on ifs enough talent got to get done. Very interesting now experiencing it again DJ Jeffries is a bust our prospects out cal has been almost capped sometime yes so we expect the Kentucky commitment to what he was ready commit right after the state championship I want it yet it feels to me it feels like Kentucky yes like I told you don't you you don't. You gotta go get discussion tucked right cause and put out a window that scholarship zappos look exactly how about third to Tubby Smith elevator sort. He said I'm Corey Jeffers. Do you think it can be registered with tubby who cordial as well probably that instantly he was nice about a court was asked about yeah. He had to explain to him afterward who Corey Jeffries was great in relation to bots are Resnick. A hole all well know there. Yeah yeah I am a good career. Yeah yeah yeah. Not close to Kentucky is ideal one national touchdown. And then I bubbly is gonna join us at 1 o'clock Jayson the John and its management has been. Of the images of families U of W Americas itself golfers we need you to sign up now the 929 FM is getting ready to challenge. All night you can. The blood pressure runs we score and how. Great food and advanced outlined by the plus fantastic lunch menus enjoyed Cleveland specials every weekday starting at low. 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Some employees we loved and grown so much that one way or just wasn't enough that's what other jobs created a dual layer pepperoni pizza. One layer of our signature memory plus another layer of deli style pepperoni get a larger ten for ten dollars more layers it's more love. Here's a better future. Additional topics that. Not valid with all discounts JJ had a good year for direct dot. Sure it's.