Jason & John Hour 2 (2/16/18)

Jason & John
Friday, February 16th

Talking NBA/Grizz with Mike Miller in Hour 2 


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It was a mall honestly be easy easy easy yes. Dot com start everyday at the time to go rundown let's get you through it. Rundown presented by a matter of when nationwide insurance. Hey stories from. Jason and Jon. On 92 million SA a month ESPN. First story Terrence derails his match. They're scales is Tyler nurses coach. More and more noble high school look it is his Twitter term iron right now or and it's not the you know. What the most recent tweet says a man needs to helmet. It's to Jordan Jordan Brooke's parents in the 2147. Then can we talk about that report for much of the first hour of the show. And I will read you what access. If you didn't give this DS info from tower or his dad didn't hit it straight. Garbage. No not no more back that you didn't. Don't use this kid for yelled BS bashed the coach there so. Wrong tree. Did you get hi all that did hit the button atoms are. Trigger happy. It did manage our old bill O Bart that they've got to go. On and move them. Here's the Obama that too got a text. From the terrorist camp just before we came to accelerate. Role model well they didn't say that. That's what Tavis they are. Or what region what that Texas. Ironic the three teams their names. Aren't going to hadn't visited. Now we know that Baylor does it looks imminent but. The other two. And then there oh what I'm told you it was great they're a great I don't wanna Wear this and I go after. Brooks and John because that is fantastic worked implode you know our candidate in there and my good good. The gist in the bottom line their story Didier go to Memphis or an end that Baylor is the leader reg we've we have reported that are we did that for a couple of days ago. But I'll what I would say is that I think at this point. Trying to Chapman to sound as if it's there and they got as much as the kid is as as Tennessee in the suits they do like I told you right at no point in my talks with with the mayor's camp this whole crew that. Every broken down what's going to agency roster how would Tyler right there have we done that with Mississippi State dollar volume schools Memphis Baylor Iowa State. A home. Let's remember we're. That's where things out. Tyler Cisco announced we that there are people right or what's automate and in fairness to Brooks and John Allen no one's talking that's all right. Some are talking to the Campo. Right now would be ups that would be us and as of right now Memphis is still in it but. Would we say that we believe Memphis is going to be as this nation though no no no it would not and I think that calls. Weren't ol' mom and all our. That's that your do you have somewhat exist dislikes so funny it's a great drop of it is so funny to me American bit where myth is that right does not funny though. It's not funny like this is not a joke well this is there a series the first hour and a woman who laughs no this is very sad. But that's where all stands as of right now nod I will say that Brooks tweeted since tired scales and and and pass along his phone number response emotional sentimental means more. Just dump is plugged in those places like I said that it again this in the summer. I'm sure that the that the people are talking to believe they're close on Tyler Myers you know I mean now they wanna believe that Tennessee Mississippi State on telling us look. My heart and let me just tell you like as somebody that's covered dirt. 88 in elimination of Memphis in the recruiting process. This is what always happens when there's always this huge outcry more like I remember. When the round black was going through his recruitment. And he cut Memphis. I've reported it kind of came from his mom bit and I remembered getting a call from. Robert Kirby at the time Reggie it's the staff so there I remembered a follower rather slow low I get tired I got a call from momma again. Who said can you please take that down is that we're actually we actually have I have not. Cut Memphis when included cut Memphis there's is always this. No this is something that you don't ever you you don't think about average person does think about but frank cares and discipline that I've made before but whatever I must say it again like these people still are going to live here. You know heartbreak cares isn't going to move to Waco Texas break in and his wife are not going to move said to be near Tyler at Baylor. They're gonna still live in Memphis. And we know what happens. When amid the skewed as it used Memphis as a matter win. Or why there's always gonna be liberal backlash on you know and they're gonna know who you are. You know and and they're gonna get some toxicity of the negativity which these people don't need their lives and why I would. Why should bring cares be subjected to that why should Tyler's mom be subjected to that Wright's crazy. Business the way of the world and so they you know if you're not going to Memphis. What you want to have happen at the very least that you just you wanna keep on the list as a core local courtesy. Because you don't wanna make anybody upset pretty longer than you have to. The latest. But this could fix this. Mean the kid's going on won't be a tiger right well I don't do I think he's going there right now no but don't I think it's a bit to get it to work on this and somehow find a way to get it done because you desperately need to him because we've set following if you won these two point guards I do. I do if you went urgently if you win hard I have always believed that there. So. Again saying it's done at this point. Pretend I wouldn't be credential. We believe he's going where no I don't and I looked clearly Leon cluttered they love that we'll keep you updated if there's any other developments that happened there of course the show today. So keep it locked. Next story. Can I do know my lower drop. That it no that's enough now on what you want it and that's it will be more natural once about the grizzlies I need one more. All and now they hit this is a lost season as all of you know I'm done after that and now. The only thing we care about is else. But the grizzlies have unfortunately picked perhaps the worst season ever. To try to lose more than the bottom of the leak I was watching sports in this morning I'm and his new routine now where. A wake up at like seven. Mess with the dog turn on sports that are a normally would just sleep through right. But now I gotta get upper and some watching sports center and on the one of these segments on sports Saturday was about how this is a historically bad. Bottom of the NBA com because they are eighteen right now with the records between eighteen and 41. And twenty and 37. With with their ages between eighteen and 412037. February by just two games basically with the unicorn lists New York Knicks. I'm at 2336. They've lost eight straight in. Told you they were gonna they were gonna enter this may come momentum of the pack they are making a push to get involved in this pillow fight. They're playing some guy named Luke Cornet yet heard him. No one of these related Jim. Now would spell that for so okay. And net net the nets ninety in forty they're not even miss a return detectives losing games so you what you could have. And this is from ESPN's Jack well you could have nine teams. At the bottom of the with a thirteen weight they could have nine teams legitimately. Acts fighting for number one. And now the lakers were great at 23 and 33 like that's that's how bad it is and so. It's just. It just makes the Tyreke evans' decision. Look even more baffling. Because. I don't know where you would have fit I can't say with certainty you would have finished number one without him. I finished hadn't numbers the number ones like such as that for sure no but I can say for sure you would had a chance. If and I mean listen. He almost manageable level other night. And one then that we talked about that march schedule their plan like eight attended by an all these guys are they thin that is missing their playing them. And hard to lose if you know I've if you don't 500 in those games. Your pick in seventh or. You know and that's the difference weighs in general. So that was kind of depressed and I'm sorry I've has brought you nothing but bad news today. I'm omelet and added it's the feat he's the first one Orlando Chicago twice. Dallas Denver arms are Dallas Brooklyn. You do play the lakers. Out you'll lose the lakers. You hoped would lose they got a lot of those teams of march. So yeah minutes. Tummy tucked near where does it sound inmate now and the grizzard somehow find a way to pick a when I thought that they were trading Tyreke Evans we all do. Somebody wrote it down. Looks impossible now and amphetamine tablets imposter not impossible but I looks impossible with that schedule now Tyreke Evans on this roster. The tough. They don't sell health check and triple what the fat chance I have in my kitchen 912 point in my I don't know he should be dealt another blow your budget you gotta slow. It is depressing. It is so depressing that that is a Max guy. Who we don't even know if he'll be a difference and whether you whenever Napa or that is sober Minnesota president. Carry it over to stop any other vermin like well you don't even necessarily know that I've put paved by a pleasure Parsons. It reduces your chance of losing the game here's the thing I don't know we are speculating and they have lost allowing one to three or they've lost eight straight right so that is on tin yen nine of ten that's enemy and third but they held every gal for a lot of games. That's when they have weak firing were all on the same page for the organization so we had a direction we know raw edit as well most of us are all isn't exactly. And you brought him back and you brought him back and it's going to be it's gonna be have got to be a there are slaughtered rocker to get the top third of this draft will be our and I love you Saudi Andre last night. You look good in my beer he might replace Marvin badly for me right now I'm really give my memoir is weird though. His lap his shot blocking ability it got real the first big it's easy to block a lot of shots he dug buddy was dominate you with dom yesterday and he I mean leg to me what I love about him is just his ability to. Passat the post. Oh yeah Nike's just that hi Hugh basketball player and he's you know I was doing my game as he was he was guaranteeing that the arms there was going number one is that market panel Jeff Goodman maybe not I don't know. I can't remember if it was for Schiller who was what about our overseas debt. It was superior whatever the darts at city he said look it's great. And all that but that he said mark it down with this guy's going number 18. That would be good that would shake up the draft little bit my push our guys don't they just one spot with a digital the other night did in the five and more than announced president. But there you have. Agrees is here to tell if they're because there's a top five to hopefully that hopefully at least try. Next story. A little update on the top of the AC because we don't we don't do much of this because we don't was out of the top of the AC from Memphis basketball and more. But Cincinnati went down this stage are locus on number five Cincinnati. Lost to what we said they're pretty solid Houston team yet write a decent teams of people have been questioned its resonate for the NCAA tournament other shouldn't be questioned it anymore. They beat number five Cincinnati last night snap Cincinnati sixteen game winning streak 6762. Case Kim was in the building a case Keenan was there your right as a great great thing that add to this rundown item. Appreciate you doing that I have more bad if you need me. Houston's now beaten two top ten teams this season. Including Wichita State and they were number seven back on January 20 therein my question for you and tell you all of us about Cincinnati is there was a point where. So like I said since I won sixteen straight we're sensors look like a top two seed. In the NCAA tournament. A little bit from rob Austral at all and we we will ask you about it. You know how everybody's been saying on the national guys you talk to that the Cincinnati team better offensively than you rattled things right throws a defensive juggernaut. Rockport pokes some good holes and when they played decent competition right they have not been good offensively and that included again last. Now bar by the way is pretty low. Right for his that'd be better offensively like they their their identity is. Always has been like they're just gonna guard allied always has there's gonna be you're gonna be it's Iraq fight like that's their identity so. Saying they're better off visibly is not a huge. Lead you don't mean Bob that's you just hear that advice or that that's right difference this year are national guys who battled Seth who look at said that they were final four contender Jeff I think was his point. That was the point rather so much better offensively I don't know how much better there offensively against in competition I thought that was a great observation. About rob liable later but against Cincinnati goes down sixteen winning game sixteen game winning streak snapped. If you're picking things out they see they're going to determine jolly bit and Wichita State since C Houston. Please and then there it's pretty deadly right. Mum. For a deadly yeah who else going into you know Towles was four but there are going and they now holds two on I have. They've all stayed around last I married I don't think at the half they'd beat them tonight warm up they're discarded because her enough not think they're eleven losses but they got some good quality wins now friends doing what friend does that does that I think Yahoo! they have the resident that's what I'm telling him that without LLC and last night. Wichita State that's one reason they are that's that's horrible it's a three deadly gutsy enough and with adding Wichita State yet so would have been a two big league has said it was a state. Correct period. It's very it has not been a good year CAC this year nowadays and is supposed to be a great years since he was the one thing I many I know you have a mighty numb his title followed my they could of you know. Possibly. Who knows SMU they now Los signal and then. The other gadget Jerry fall certainly spoke gaelic maybe they're tournament team artist of the year it's fair to point out UConn has been ravaged ravaged by injury as well. I think Evan our son expert. Also. She all while on the outside Tabitha Houston. We are we're we're we're very fixated on here here on the show up yet have you seen rod great man bun not unique to Google it's horrible. As he needs to do something with the robbery may have mind is does not work Forman. The Houston guard if does look like might like my nose low memo Mike Miller had a very respectable man bun of this is not I just I don't I don't think it's a good look Forman. I don't like it. Not a fan of the man bun oh. Sims and that's enough enough for me you know to journal they're. I'd I'd I'd I'd never really advocate for loan with a member and anyway. You know. But I just don't think it's a good look on bass wild ride to guide tile guy for Virginia. The use daddy doesn't have anymore. Not offend the men are best accord meant. And I was also known that from an immense I think Austen might have had remember that very briefly but I think he got better advice and don't do it. Don't don't which aired a memo about a billion dreamed of that demand both. Every night. He got a low fade right now not a not dream of having command line. And here we come back we are gonna talk to man who once went on an amendment on basketball court is name is Mike Miller talking about the all star weekend festivities about the green is about the new look cavs. Lots to get to with Mike Miller do that next days and done an agenda then yes it. The perfect time to start organizing that messy garage or call that can kitchen pantries and do you think about don't it doesn't get prepared for the suggestion and that suggestion is to check out more than calls it which is locally owned and operated and a business has been server damage in the mid south since 1995. 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The number tellem Gary Parrish told you call that's asking is king in morning on the web Atkins king dark. It's even bond. To pick out it's all good. Nine FM 688 M on the WM SS. Espn.com. Via C news. SPS. Nice marries this. NBA analyst for ESPN a former Memphis grizzly and a proud man the end and he joins us now Mike what's the word man. Marriage lobos I don't know whether. We're doing okay where we're trying to navigate these weird waters man you know these tigers and release a terrible it's hard. This is our doing radio show. It's an area. It below ground level gift bag right. I hope so so is Tyler will get to that in just a minute but it is all star weekend. And I saw today you are you early in the three point contest twice I find this to be a great injustice. Why do I have more than two appearances in the three point contest which. But I you have your question both still don't want to admit that had regrets about mock all I blame myself. The price has that process work like how do you find out you're invited to the contest like is that thing you have to decliner except like take me inside how that works. I don't know how it works now back. Backed when I was when I was playing when I walked to school pill bowl plays. There was that a little bit different Tom you have that you had that you had a shoot. UW has yet accused they're the memo moderate attempts obviously had a debate about perspective. So but doubts being played a little bit more relaxed than you or did they look more different it. I thought was from you have Merrill monitor incidents per plate top five or six guys at seven got her blood percentage wise. Got invited that is the beauty either accept or decline. How to what I tell me about being in it might how is it harder than you expect is a tough is it doesn't easy does it feel like you're you know what issued around. Is it is. Also. The first the first or the first do you do way more difficult but I don't know that I expected to be to do it. It's not like anything you've ever really they came and got out there by yourself you don't I've computing and there's no one could got Buick. They took it blows grave where is your kind of caught me off guard urged the second that it really has been a lot easier it oh. Unfortunately audience garlic pages back there's no guys who got it on them other big gala. So what are your favorite memories. Of of all star weekend like what what's what was their cool things about being a part of it. I've never gave me the bigger question of what they go to the world's best athletes. They don't all come together. And it did this deal permeated and Adam Scott and I got older shows no experienced much he would be and that being around it was. Was pretty cool so there's an image mad at this celebration no you don't. What a lot of people a lot of hard work and their dedication and do it. Go up or. We are we're talking ESPN NBA analyst Mike Miller here on the days and Johnson are itself. Since the last time we talk to you LeBron James has a brand new team here but he has and he has that law. Since since the acquisitions in the trades went down. What do you think of the new look cast semen how much do you think they changed their future with these trades. Are obviously like everybody else I like right now I mean you're you and you've what they did a great job and they protect themselves in the future a little bit would get younger and sold regardless of LeBron leaving your you you you kept your draft pick from Brooklyn which is what they want to do they got a lot of young talent in. And hood. There a couple of other guys and George Hill who's not. Really young Albert Great point guard actually a perfect bit tight point guard for Iowa. What brought to you guys you guys younger he got more athletic you decapitate because of that there's an excitement level right now because like getting out sometimes they just coerced and I think those state and rent of course there and and now they got a new a new look and a very exciting I'm excited the word goes you don't two weeks after all star break with some excitement goes down I think they need a little bit a little bird's seat belt that's well that's one that trade really well villains sit back and judge you don't look good straighter badgered. My camera Stuckey about an end in Toronto and where they're everybody that we've talked to me you know hassle the national guys seem to think that. It's I think they know Washington saying that they're playing differently they're deeper yes but that. You know the ball and stopping with DeRozan is much that they're playing a different style and that Casey's made that adjustment. And they're much better squad that you look at and see in the record but you you you know basketball you can school us. Is that for real are they did seem to be niece would you put that would you put Cleveland they're now in Boston looks like they've come down to earth a little bit. But I think I think. Ronald that would be a major contender I I'm I'm actually try and I'm I am right now little bit their biggest thing is they've been better now a couple times they've kept this pretty much the same core guys together which is high you are except that squeegee can't. The court passed the state the same because you have to open the experience as DiMaggio these great you go learn from it looks like they have out. You look at the martyr roads and even Kyle hours or more efficient. They're stepping out there's you can read about tomorrow without speaking of knowledge is stretch about because my problem well about all the way in three and they seem they haven't seen except they bought the oil out. It because they're very inefficient and I take a lot of contested twos and the way the game is going right now. Specially. The transformation of the pre ordered an end analytically. Analytically that is not a great. Play out about all day because they're forced into taking a lot of Jews they don't get the following nearly as much but well they do in the regular season because we can't get more physical of the rest you know I became a lower. But the game oil more syllable lacked. So it is. They they they're finding out that there's bigger change or get a bit I don't know that it is going to be agency that translate them they go back there norm when no one else. Once upon a time and as you know there was a rumor about you possibly being a player coach for the Memphis Grizzlies. A the other night Golden State actually. I think and would never made that happen the players were were coaching there on the sidelines and the suns were upset by it. It was said that be interpreted as disrespect if you're the opposing team like what do you make of that. I don't first oddity I don't know. First decurtis had the problems that result in a bit better to have bad as it is one thing and that's when you're winning every game you get out that. But it happens yeah I doubt that happened a lot more than people think you just say don't give the clip orbit and on the chair. Give me a lot of these coaches whoa well you know lead on some of their better players or leave on their star players. Because and rightly so we did not want to up or seeing your name and then in the in the mix so I ask them what they pay college big that was happening while holly guarding the they they should they should do that even more. The different day you don't usually see him the other court Tuesday complete whole way merit and I got it on the on the in other cultures share draw the supplement clip or so that's worked extra yellow hurt on that but. It happened a lot. There really does. Michael I would ask you go to so. The entire east when asked to do that but I do wanna put your issues and say that that your Tyreke Evans or body of the but it in this case it's Mike Miller. What we've told you we're gonna trade you would pull you off before before game and send it back to the team hotel because without. Or war would feel that closely it's gonna happen right and then you know that the trade deadline comes we don't trade you'd we come to you we say hey man. And we wanted to first round pick for you but it didn't work out welcome back. I know Mike as a professional you're gonna say all the right things. But as you look at them as a little. You know at what they've what are you guys doing that how are you looking at that situation Mike when your player. I created edited debacle let the other big big big big time it took me personally it. Or I'm anti Irish can't but I have a conversation with diary and it's really got to assemble. He's playing for something bigger and it would hurt my each any wouldn't be obviously he's not going to be here or doesn't look like he's gonna be here they want betrayed him. They were clear about that. All of that. Sold exploitative summer. Tyreke Irish talent level has never been the question ever retired evidently he's one of the best scorers in the game that we have. Albeit in that help. So now I'm in his car and it can't upload them. They were playing some bigger let it out these last 2530 games forty game rumored as cool but it is not shall people that we can stay healthy disdain for 82 games that we can play. They go. All of bulk of the minutes for 82 games we can be that guy. Because look at that talent never been the message and the reason he's here applying. The mob might explain it or because of injuries. So hit it open it up play for something bigger now and any good duke actually do regret it. It'd get because yes because you know that there's a place you're not going to be but you've got to use that platform now to grow be better for next year. So what do you make of just the merits of that decision by the grizzlies suits and not trade him they had offers right I mean some of them came from. Your former organization when we were we in Denver right there there are multiple offers from Denver including. Pixar manual mu BA in some cap space. What do you make of of the grizzlies decision. And not deal him. All in all of that thing but I think there is I don't make the decision not to move him there's there's there's something different. But to me you're I think you've been were big they. Kind of mid step a little bit was put back debate did for a week and a half quarter launch for for our kids all about big plan be good. Life in any in general about leverage and want everybody on the market knew that there but the method privilege we're going to new item no matter what. And I met this girl was we're not gonna resign have. All let your leverage our guard down or not you're gonna end and then and then you get guys like but wait waiting transfers like Iran you know heavily protected pick. Fighters not. So the market ones would try to dictate what you're gonna get. So if it up about it at that point and less state bank that they'd get a hometown discount this summer its reach I had already got into acampora. Because at the other day you don't but we are really not probably you've got a price they don't make the playoffs this year. And so you might you'll get something in return at lest you think people don't already have every side of the summer. Yeah you base had the same chance her signing him whether you keep him or not another something down the line that may come in a bit. You know you basically are essentially I am. Chance the our course saga Mike Miller NBA analyst for ESPN former Memphis drizzle to take it back to Yost or we can rule briefly if you were giving advice. To a to a young player who's who might be experiencing his first all star week like a Dylan Brooks for example he's gonna be in the rising stars just. What advice would Mike Miller give. To a to a young NBA player about experiencing their first. All star weekend. Combat couple bags a day enjoy it and it goes bad so you could call we'll be seventy years later be good really good good tomorrow. What I don't light but it goes back and enjoy eating you deserved it. Well but Terry executives at the I don't learning experience dog there and and and and and try to do your bank. And finally the most important thing Obama Coetzer or. Our problem. Whatever you set your kid you you're you're player off all or did he say you know I mean you out of the joy could be say the world they were. You it distraught yourself a lot at that big gaps for young kid just Rodham with a lot. Your around the world credit there's going to be bait dog to be safe. Combat injured trio but but try to take something from it. You are obviously one of the greatest shooters to play this game. Who do you like in the 20183. Point contest. Call man I mean anyway and get a good look in your life and as a mile. I've I think I gotta go clay man like I feel like clay is gonna like he's his form is just so it's like a statue man like he's a machine and. I you know at a normal piggyback on any word I think I do they play you play. Legends ball literal but you've got. Very blatant movement I think I think personally the best standstill shooter assuming you're famous client. And so can. It goes bad Iraq I think they a ball you on a terrific. This is some of these guys are you know the way they shoot a minute and in their best shots are different like some guys. You know can create their own shot from three some guys the catch and shoot you know this is kind of like creating your own shot here. You know I feel like clay can do that the best policies you in the best persons and anybody anyway so. Clay clay I have no movement or shot or reasoned debate going on because they don't they hide. The whole time you view Ito robotics short. My registers. How much I know you're you're you're on MBA now but I want to ask you this because it looks like it's going to be such a big story this college hoops corruption case is tackled how much much attention you pay into it they were saying that lottery picks could be affected hall of fame coaches. And I guess my question you would be you believe when this thing comes down what some of these writers are saying it's gonna change the landscape of college basketball. Maybe the way we do think. You know edit it it's it's scary to see related in this I don't I have you know. To see people get affect the way I mean it's it's it's been 108 birds. Several of how to turn her she took so long. You know I. I did I just halt all but doesn't have the hardest thing it it affect team being young kid so don't like to meet amid the biggest. Though the worst thing I had. Had to take to grips with the with the with the young kid from that would go Louisville who's got South Carolina bowl oh yeah you've bought. Great kid obviously great talent. You know whatever happen. Happened there it is spam received money heard a word of the road or street or stroke back can really expect a really affected your life. Ed Ed would hope all Stuckey worked or for what term for someone who is delegate might sort I hope it doesn't affect it big kids they work too hard for it. On the other you know the coaches and then they'd like that it is a curious to see what actually comes of it in a big game actually does change and and and what kind of you know revocation. The. Yeah and then the whole minutes ago I got a couple things one. You know you obviously were here in Memphis when the tiger basketball program was you know at its peak in you're here you're kinda of a pretty sure you were here during that. National indecency and I know you go to games still routinely. Today so. What do you make of of the situation at the University of Memphis in terms of you know how the crowds have gotten smaller and smaller. And maybe it's not where people want it to be what do you make of the situation over there today. I think the most important and they continue to build culture they got building our build a winning culture and say OK it helped write out there don't look so. Nearly got a big argued they got to get the players and you know obviously I know tubby I think you're I think you're great but maybe players to believe the players the body had. All of the players by and these start adding more more talent come from behind it. But you've got to build a bully and a culture and the in this organization in methods basketball to give the fans to believe what you and America start with who built the foundation they've built. In other principal bought in that locker room. And Ngo in practice. In games. But right now that it is difficult to know they're not winning games is disappointing but people here are used to. On on all sides grizzlies and tigers used to winning. Used to be a part of that this guy continues to to build that culture build up belief up. And the sooner they do that these bands are knowledgeable. The fans obviously expect a lot but that's what makes so far that's what makes an atmosphere great when your way. There's no question so I could tell she got me fired a baby can you recruit. Our recruitment okay. That out of that is it is the easy part and then it finally IDC luggage we are getting closer and closer to the AAU circuit starting up. You've got tryouts coming up for referring him through three and that's coming up right. Yes we do and so we look for agility that that's what our favorite argued theology if somebody gets her ability to change their advantage here. You start saying oh we got out there we had check out everything about why can't look at the child they with a or every other because. You got MMI to prison ultimately our town and every say since you. That's what it is Mike Miller NBA analyst for ESPN. And all around good dude all the round dude did you have. Recruiting is the easy part to how important it is. Our rights he picked Klay Thompson is three point contest you couldn't clay Thompson as well as well know. You pick everybody takes place I have parents everybody pays only do every year or not undo right now on both raw lumber and you're right. Calm down so I had someone that's a pick other than them I overnight we're gonna keep people on. To find out who faces of picks in the court ordered visas are so much matter if that welcome back Jason Dunn that'd Jennifer ME SP. Are able. Jason. Ten days 11 AM till you. Internet providers from the small businesses alive let's hear who really delivers more. Comcast business offers faster speeds feeds across our network. We offer more complete reliability was up to eight hours of four G wireless network back. To keep your business connect. AT&T. 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With because bask on the FBI's in the so we will talk about that the rod Oster. At 125. Bob for begets about a promising that we were going to we were going to expose. A racist person today calmed down when that. You enjoy that yes. You do exposing the racists. Let's do it kind of who is it well it's a Shia wanna know this is now here's a deal. I got it it's kind of good news and bad news good news is we're gonna expose somebody write the bad news is. I don't think he's got to come as much as a surprise and as as much of a surprise that he had a I don't think it's gonna represent that may be some background to the details. LeBron James was. In a in a car ride. On in into on interrupted it's like some Aussie you're your viewers that he's affiliated with that he does. And he's in a car with Kevin Durant and cart champion she's driving. And there does have a like a real conversation and other odds and ride around there comes we'll have a good time filming him though. And LeBron James. In this piece. Said Donald Trump does that give a blank. About the people. Does not give a blank about the people the number one job in America the appointed person. Is someone who doesn't understand the people and really does it give a blank about the people. Right pretty cutting out pretty strong forgot LeBron excited that I would think. He he he had a has gone back and forth sometimes it is the does he did this so when does he not you know he senses so enough for me he does concern us now this is what later his career you know he's definitely gotten. You know more more so than others out no question LeBron and a saloon Malone on the on the issues he's willing to put to step into him and voice his opinion yet. Yep and so that's we said okay and now normally we don't play clips from. FOX & Friends. Although on this I'll shoot him alone we tell him to scared I don't and so they. Is out of that and I think this may actually be a first. I we've ever played a clip from FOX & Friends on the show or a clip boxes. So this may be totally redundant. But Lorraine Graham who is a who's a commentator on this and wherever she had a response. This is her response to the. We're gonna created new banner this is the John doc alert tended to do to did you. NBA superstar LeBron James is talking politics again and this time it's. Here's is barely intelligible. Not to mention under a mechanical take on president trump and a new ESPN podcast. The number one. Job in America to appoint a person they're someone who doesn't understand people. Really don't give other people. The way. There's one gripping inside. If I can host Carrie champion ask James and fellow NBA star Kevin Durant about what she described as trumps a racist comments. Buffalo thirteen does that as a country is not a Rambo great coach it's not even surprised when he says something. That is a plus like lap was like that. Oh boy you. But it's also scary run in any way Cindy Nuncio or race isn't. Right right I shouldn't be announcing your behavior. I'm numb to this commentary like. Must run their mouth like that unfortunately. A lot of kids and some adults take these ignorant comments seriously. Look there might be a cautionary lesson and LeBron for kids. This is what happens when you attempt to leave high school a year early to join the NBA. And it's always unwise to see it political advice from someone who gets paid a hundred million dollars a year to bounce a ball. Owen LeBron and Kevin. They're great players but no one voted for you know millions elected trop to be their coach to keep the political commentary to yourself. Or is someone once said shut up and dribble. We'll be right back. Today. I'm wolf I think it. Wu. Now sir Richard also. He didn't leave ice clear. Dome. Yes that's right that's I think she misunderstood the one and done rule that all that like I think I think she'd somewhere along the line got her wires crossed. In the Lehigh yet they've yet to graduate got to graduate high schools are so so good good job good effort arm. Other than that you know just very racist. Just couldn't why you know why they have to run their mouth like that really. She started by saying this is a John dock yards on doppler done but I'm not sure why you had to change the letters they're not that that was a very cute. But as today's are even to even call this thinly veiled racism would be an insult to convey that then bales everywhere. Scoop on. This is this a book blatantly racist why must they run their amounts that there. She sounds like count and his wife. I'm Jim it's tough running. You know other than that. An and an I'm not even talk like I'm not even going to give in to the contents of what LeBron said. Because that to me is a totally different discussion and totally different segment right and you're gonna have people on both sides of that one but what I what I feel like is. What shouldn't even be a point of contention. Is LeBron James like you or me or even bit. Has the right. They go to say whatever he thinks. And whatever he feels about the president the president. The White House that is our constitutional right. Now would you choose today it's been a Segway owner spent time monitor believe it that's up to you. But to sit here and act like he should not be allowed to voice his opinion whatever it may be because he is a basketball player. And and wealthy because of it. Like to me it's just like there's really wanna say. Well she says Lori what they'll back Andrew ball yeah like shut out BB black and wealthy and don't ever try to you know you should be grateful for that. And don't ever try to you know be anything other than what you are. Regulated out there of it and I don't need to be you know coming. So you have the black guys to answer I'm I'm I'm I'm I feel the exact same way on and that you do. So there's really no expire on the law and having to do this is pathetic yeah. Part of come on there and say that I mean look you're talking about how basically she's callable a couple of dummies. That played basketball how she starts the segment right in she didn't. She clearly didn't do or hurt her own homework on Leven high school all that stuff I don't care too because she looks at them down and thinks well they shouldn't they they're not entitled. To voice their political opinions because. They are schooled on politics to me a break right. I mean the majority of America is now quote unquote schooled on politics. The majority of America did not go to college to get a degree in political science last time I checked. Very federal. Anyone for not then what else you talk about nobody voted for you that's the port we all as citizens of this country have a right to voice our opinions he did it in the car she doesn't agree with him go after trump if she'd. Went to sheets stoop down to a level she showed us at least if it's pathetic and this is what you do if you're Laurie Graham. You attacked the argument. Right like if he says Donald Trump is it for the people. Then you have all these resources at fox find out you know but put your spell it. Give me reasons why is critical for the people that don't attack. The that the rights of LeBron James. You issued that opinion and because that's where you lose anybody. As you read it is your constitutional right your First Amendment right. They say what you wanna say it's free speech in this country unless of course. You're an athlete. Unless of course you make lots of money playing sports vision and and only then are you're not allowed to say how you feel. Which is what is wrong this is what is which is wrong. It's amazing. What is allowed momentum network we're an am I telling you they killed in that that looked none as a place for all right but it's amazing once of that did that's blatant. That's awful set up in dribble. Must they run their mouth like that. It's just so.