Jason & John Hour 2 (10/11/17)

Jason & John
Wednesday, October 11th

Local Soccer Expert Seamus Loftus joins the guys to talk about the U.S> Men's Team and preview the World Cup this summer 


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How about 5245. You can visit them online at the window Rudolph from those support of Memphis Tigers. Coming out there was positions that since it's bad. Single day around this time we do run down. Under the rundown visited by a matter of when nationwide insurance. Today's stories from. Jason and Jon. On 92 million USA it's ESP. First story all right. If you remember we started this week by breaking down the Chris forced story the Miami Dolphins offensive line coach who sent a video of himself. Doing lines of cocaine big lines of cocaine. Two two as Las Vegas and Sarah model named Q wanna. And Jason you broke that down social tomorrow you broke that well I mean I'm using I'm aims to grandma don't aims to Graham model. We were laughing at the top model. She's such as a stripper to adequate amount she's a stripper apparently whatever she's a stripper. And you and you the way you you broke that story down is. Is is pretty simple. You said Chris forces got two big problems in two big problems. Number one. He has a serious addiction to cocaine looks in the expert because you wouldn't do that and what she did you wouldn't. Send a video of yourself doing that. Less generous there's probable total about how beautiful those grains look fallen performing well I mean before only learned meeting yeah like. I'd give it that it's bad in Miami and they you know you probably do need a couple bombs to get through a team meeting because it's bad but. You know what to do that now remain in any kind of attack that bit that the part where he said look the books Corey it's. That is weird like for you never heard someone talk so romantically about cocaine. He was turned on he was he was he was here really was he was doing he was deployed it might it okay mr. Ross plays second problem as you said. Is that he's got a serious addiction. To black beauty whom are going to be just as strong if not stronger than the pull of OK. Okay. Well we had not heard from Q1 other than her saying that she posted that video for racial equality rights is just unbelievable. Quite fun Q what is not the hero. We deserve. But she's the one we need. Mecca for software she put that video up on FaceBook and we had an ethics should have taken it down her FaceBook and everything. Today. She went on the Dan let tartan what she went on with Dane left so I found company founder. And intermittent is pretty light. Distinct Q wanna not each of negatives. Q1 a night in IGO. It was our Jonathan it's part of it would have been easy to reach out and give I don't think she was I don't think she was hard find. You've bit. I Curtis key wanna. Nicely considerable space went to say I'm unsure that's when do you yeah sit it out there in Miami. Today exactly exactly so that it makes sense so. Chelsea obviously has since an agenda against this man. Which is why she posted the video so why would she not go on the radio Miami to furthered sort of duke got to do the guy and so she went on with the Olympic tarred and it was done in this it was incredible here declared. When you tell us that that when used when we hear in the video that he says you've got a baby on the way I don't know how to ask this question. But did the currency Alter the nature of the relationship. Earn them. Yeah but right now home. But it simple fact that he like when you spoke on the phone about the fact that marriage issue alive I was pregnant. I'm not well actually it when I realized I was pregnant. I'm absolutely spoke about it he knew that Ratner is shirt then they're like we're sentenced by bad at all. So yeah concert. What has been the hardest thing about the last week for you because you're getting a lot of you know gold digger and a lot of people are shaming correct. Earned a lot of people are that this that they will play he is not the gracious guy now you know them like he definitely and she is not generation's gotta know that bomb. Obviously. They're learned. Personal information I know because some very popular no million people. Everyone I know. I expose. This sport specific grief and I can't they had that they build that fact that I don't like create and I hate created. If we learn about the social injustices that corner and there's bunkers blank. And in the army is that the around each time you look like because I can't fit it doesn't get fired. Like what would happen to majority it coaches bailout not everybody. Is beyond them like they're holding his hand they're practice. But we'll coating Catholics can't. You don't then so it isn't bishop is from the luckily evil lord. A beacon of light right this moment I'm nasdaq's. I did. Okay now. Yes so basically he had sent a message saying anything that I planned to do. Are tried to harm you are not know where it will be turned over this guy security team. Now went out and about securities seems maybe idolize like it may be because this kid don't I don't know. I did well apparently report out a little bit after that I would hope that there's such charities say. Is beyond that might edges its outlook this year being. There should they haven't you heard from you were right this is compounding as you heard from heard directly. That she exposed. Chris forced her. For racial that that is predicted jolly one's been in time that's what she saw. Easily illustrate how much of what she said she did former come on. Some people Neil. Some people sick to. Some people don't come out of the tunnel for racial injustice some people protest. Some people. Have sex. With the white offensive line coaches. And get video of them doing cocaine sent to them and post on FaceBook. What have you done for you erased lately. It took many. You're not you're you're polish. You blah you're not met or not you lost him on K why is do what it for the culture. She's got. Why is she really doing it. That's a wanted to know why she really did it for an apparent left handed bat and then I need to I need to understand if this is his baby or not. Is it not do we know. Or maybe is it. I don't know I don't know I'm confused frankly. There's so much all the story. Tanya thirty for thirty at least. If not major motion picture she knows Auburn and make it more are sure she does. Come on what is she may look like you know she wants no you know Victor didn't tell the picture we did so I can say. I am not tweeting in this picture. This is what she looks like. Amazon. And Amazon woman should have pushed through six footer did it turn to stand up to save as curious. That is the picture either I told you two don't look. While will be sucked then yes. While a blower go happily married so I ended up toward the that's the latest man that's the latest she went all of them have started once again repeated that she did this for racial and social injustice and that she wanted to expose this man. Because con cabinet is in black balled. By the NFL is just so crazy you have to do the 34 but you'll know a little lettuce or admin Willis or next story. Arc. It's Kutztown don't mourn. And guess what time. There's a little bit of an uproar today about who'll start. For the Washington Nationals so hard who's not started have you really hurt I of course I've heard I think you have even relevant more times than than you liked led all matured since Strasburg is one that's not that you. And it was a weird Dusty Baker at this press coverage as they were talking about how a lot of his team is under the weather. Including Charles Burks or Vista is bullpen session yesterday I got it as a routine. And won't be able to pitch today that these under the wet a little bit of cold weather dusty blaming it on the mold. In Chicago. Very strange very so real. Mo what you solve this morning was older and are a little bit outrage from people especially you know. Analysts think they know everything whatever that says look I don't thirty got a cold or what if you're Stephen Strasburg you want the aces you want that ball the day you wanna be out there. So I smell a little bit week's all star like best is cover inform. For whatever reason Stephen until he's out of percent do if you if you if you are Stephen Strasburg and you've got a contract like he's got. You got to take their ball tomorrow evening you got to want that ball John Martin yep all right. So instead of Stephen Strasburg to be equal we didn't general Rourke today now here's the thing I don't think it's gonna matter. Everybody's laughed and dusted today. They're saying he didn't shouldn't have taken down Max Scherzer a couple of days ago and the 21 loss to the coasters or was rowly African no hitter going to of one hit one doubled but it does he pulls a. I take that big Strasburg actually starting now. Stop that. I'm dead serious stop it according to John. Morose C a windy MLB network at 1030 now Stephen Strasburg now likely to start from nets today in game four or you heard the heat. This change your weak sauce that's Louie it's all right so Kamal big man's no matter come up big man breaking news let's hear he's starting got a portal biggest automatically with your big man. I'm afraid that even talking about this has jinxed us because I have that players here's what you guys need to know. Behind the numbers. Zimmerman. Bryce Harper. They have cash cheeks number. A bunch of good Bryce I think Zimmerman to their own it like 300 only okay for the career. So I'm a little worried do that this thing's going back. To washed in a man bettors is tell me indeed Strasburg is going to he heart he yard it yard that's more my man David Ralston blast and you want the ball he already waited does his office that you know what I'm taking music. I can't say. Oh does. That and Jason you've been married now Michael Jordan you've been very couple negatives of sonic Bryce how Willis Reed. Brice you've been very couple minute he says he's got great hair I wonder if that's gonna come back in and buy TV ginger G should team. Oh he's already bitten and we had them dead to rights in game two we should Marty close this thing out quite frankly it. Europe were up 31 in the eight. And we wake them up Carl Edwards those of big meat ball and rice wakes up and it's a two run homer tied Zimmerman as three run shot you give the national's life. I'm afraid. I know upstairs with me because we're fickle identical a little bit of a negative news to kind of throw you for a loop and feel like oh gosh. I'm afraid you tagged your project area there will have to go back to earth to Washington's other big game tonight obviously is the Yankees have forced to game five. And their series against Cleveland. That's over because oracle were scorned for Clinton there's no reason to believe that the yanks are gonna freak and upset when I feel like right now the best in baseball Cleveland Indians. So get that one America as well but cubs. Good luck tonight and forcibly tonight's like three plug and for Dario didn't soon after we get off here. Are that we're going again I don't moral concern. Arkansas good luck to Destin log are allowed us to tell you I'm in a war micros Rogers and isn't rain I think I think Europe I think you'll probably want. Numb from time to make I think if you think you guys are gonna women have some type of passion of our next story all right grizzlies rocket pre season game tonight. Inside FedEx Foreman we talk a little bit yesterday's start to show about Chandler Parsons and his. Possible move through the bids we went through we we listed some of the most highest paid our reserves in the league yes. A David Goodell was asked about Taylor Parsons and his new his new role with the grizzlies and does what he said. Yeah for the most part he's for now but in certain situations I'll use him as a three if I want to play bigger on the wing. But if he and. So that's I mean it again nine. Does that necessarily. Say that he's coming off the bench right I guess you could still it's a guess that leaves the door open for him starting and another bread and that would just yesterday that. He still thinks Taylor's gonna start. I think it would be insane. It would just be insane to see in these incidents in season two of the terror Parsons experiment and coming off the bench a guy does a does doesn't it doesn't compute with me. But yet he's got a they're gonna they're going to use him as a four like he's no longer that. 6103 guy that's defend and other teams you know three and is going to be explosive at the rim. I clearly this is not how he's going to be used is going to be the guy that steps out. Hopefully can make a couple threes for your game though he has not yet done that in this pre season. Maybe tonight against his former team always and that is when and maybe they when he wakes up. But you get there there yet David is there he's got to you know he's going to be. For the same disappointing on the go glass half full this linked what does that means no mormons from a man shift Brooks. This season after three. Hard man I don't understand why that's a good paying I mean on a team that can't Sheikh jarrah you'll meet him and hope to do Brooks was sick around her man like. It's not like clients I'm not telling you may have their start on these are good chair I'm telling you because of the shootings can be in this rotation. When it's all said and done. I mean in this rotation I think guys are yeah these there's there's an opening for white zone is doubtful tonight with a a quad. Injury. It's also my college thirtieth birthday. But from our happy birthday my cock when he that we get roster shake up you know within the first year so did this week. Yes yes and as we go another roster right now maybe after Friday night nothing that you think has changed for whom the total will be Federer not cutting way Baldwin and Andrew paerson of homesickness and they're like I know there are a lot of people out there that have. Propose that. But we know who the cuts are gonna be it's going to be treasury shares and Germans are mourn like that's what it is. They don't give up over his right can I did you cannot give up all weighed Baldwin yeah like you just can't. You know you gave zero Maarten in 02 full seasons you give way Baldwin won. Does he makes things a point guard he's got. Physical ability right there we've seen you know I'm I just don't think it's. I've seen people say keep derailed cut the cut both of them and that's yeah that's what's ailing now all that that wouldn't now makes sense to me no. That would not make any sense and that's why it's not gonna happen or has not proven he can do it consistently enough. Right and so that's why he's unfortunately what can I not he looks good I think you got him look good. He has shown. Some some flashes in this pre season but that's a flash it's right there that's it's it is just less so. Not the got to give way involving more than just one season before you cut ties to be hesitant giving free this season he doesn't improve the season and has a different story. But you're not gonna cut to first you know you're not gonna cut. 21 round or in the same fell swoop you know gonna cut injury she's anyway volatile and to remark is learned as well the last two for perfect so that that's not going to happen I want to come back shameless laughs it's gonna be in studio to help us break down. What to think and what to make of of of US soccer and what the problem it and where we go from here. How mad we should be an island going to be in the World Cup. Lots to get to was Seamus is instant and actually sends out its Femi SP. And he is Kevin Johnson here GM Bruce Chris they cast members. So what's good and Bruce Chris oh I've tendered delicious USDA prime states for one. There always is. Speaking this is when is that coming year or seasonal three course menu inspired by this season's first nuclear springing up followed. You re screwed shift in the source some of these players receive knows your enjoying fresh ingredients right into the AP. 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Jason insanity nine FM ESPN it was a bad night for the United States of America and soccer in this country as a whole and so we figured. We need to fix some problems and there's no better problem solver in the city when it comes soccer me. The same as long rough but who runs the brass soared as the director of coaching. At the at the midtown soccer at the midtown soccer academy he's in studio shameless how are you. I'm shocked actually I'm. A watch the game aside the buyer is a great crowd in the American I was there Parcells lose their. Leader at Eckerd is just done tireless work over the last couple years and I was kind of called a pre and console in the lives in a moment just to ban whenever and then I got home and in the middle of the night it got out of bed on like this really happened. You know it's good to be honest it yet it's. It's still shocking to me Trinidad and Tobago are terrible there absolutely all full. And all you've got to do is colder and editorial off. Right that's a difficult. Goal there and be pragmatic about his fair enough to feel was bad yet right. So apart the bulls. Just tell it lands. Ten men behind the bowl one guy in the middle if we get it over the halfway line Ron wreck nobody else go anywhere. And we will board the world for the next ninety minutes just hit the world absolutely exactly. And. The show ammunition can use the houses even possible. Why. It will happen. Oh caliber player is that the coaching why because I auditory fourteen chambers that let you make the final eight. Wait a minute this is looking up for US sudden if so why are we here. I'm I wouldn't like it wouldn't throw the baby with the bath water you gotta bear in mind we were ninety minutes away. We're goal away from World Cup final so if we're if we're in the final this morning everybody saying I'm good on live I think if you're okay Hillary right right. I think the problem was management. A I think the problem was a lack of planning I know that I don't want to take it out of context as footballers and football people all the time. Preserved Yost see things that don't necessarily. Reveal their true mindset of Bruce Arena. Said. Two weeks ago on the folks and turn them to date I'm not worried about him more able to make. Yeah I think she's worried about the now legislative but I heard about excellent image on the plane ride home he's thinking all about Trinidad and Tobago. And it was just simply mean it was a poor performance it was uninspired. Bradley looked. Terrible throughout Tim Howard had a terrible night. You know you'd get called an own goal a play for the moved his feet a little bit quicker. But you know. That that happens in the second. The other thing Cashman from 35 years owed. You know that's kind of ram and a little bit and you got to bear in mind and I don't want to. You know I'm an American by choice. You know we were fingertip away the gold giver gets a touch on it but truthfully. We should just gunned down and got intro exact you know and and play for a draw and if you win it great but make sure that they don't score exactly this and went inside I just it was. I think and so okay so. In terms of because now everybody's focused on you know I have I'm sure you saw the rant from from Taylor Twellman who said listen this is we should have been having these conversations for years ago that this is. When when Germany played yet in the 2000 euros as it was a systematic sort of big guys. Now everybody wants to fix US soccer I guess the questions images that. Can any beef it doesn't need to be fixed but where do you start. Yeah I think it does need to be fixed and the reality of of American soccer and I'm I'm part of the makeup of this right because I coach football here moon for clubs for 25 years so I've. Been paid to coach football. And because of that structure like there are several great clubs in this town for example of how your valuables are huge clump around our great medical pulled furlongs in English guys a friend of mine. Well this is excellent marks on that little they're the other reality news. We've got an enormous amount to kids who don't get to play. They don't get coaching what happens is your leader. If you can't afford to play rise further help. Are your not in the locality that you don't happen to live near good club. You end up either playing directly. And maybe a direct leveled some some of the coaches are wonderful under very. Dedicated to the work but they're not really. They don't have the experience. So you end up getting this other experience. I'm one of the things that we're trying to do. With liberty football is our cloven and the academy. Its economy became more available to kids so we started this flu thing and it annoy you wanna go back to full Bobo we started is that the pace close it is in football. There's not every kid goes to college and football some kids become good plumbers union right. Put the things that you can learn from those programs are turn up on time be a good team may be disciplined. And if you spread the nation this is something that I think American soccer needs to American couple to simply has to do. If you spread the net more kids more players opportunity to find other guys an opportunity to find different. Mentality in football like last night the game looked to me it was just get it get it wide swing it was no real invention. And so I think the net just has to be made big. You know that's the thing we just have to give American football American soccer we just have to give more kids more opportunity and the reality of it is. You know and I'm pardoning clubs to us you know we're bird we're looking to find college players are looking fine profession. If final machine turns on it'll be won't stop them credit might act if approach turns up and he's ten or eleven years of age and hand. You're good you can stop it right that kid is a decade comes from another place right always got to do is to find more of those guys may have the opportunity wider. And have better teaching at the grassroots level. You mention the affordability and that's what we've talked about a lot today is the reason why you know athletes and some of them who are steered desires they get on board it. How they give us an idea like how much does. It cost to be on a club but what are we talking here to talk of thousands of dollars. If I mean probably. I'm not fully in touch with that in terms of our arch of don't do a lot of travel and you know we don't drag us down liberals and early. I'm if you're part of that full moon kind of select travel squad. It can get very expensive. Red berries and and that is that I mean in the thousands thousands would. Be an easy number right in and they're dispute but they can't or wouldn't do I should. And so that's kind of where that I thought if it is it is it is it an athletic. Deficit that the problem or is it skill like what is clearly don't know what I mean we have to keep. We have to keep side of the fact that America was a fingertip away. Eric is not that I'm not going to win the World Cup. But they should be edict is should be and it it's easy to qualify it's easier to qualify from the CONCACAF divisions nine. I think is they just had a bad night at a terrible mice. And we're paying the price for its on idol you can also mean. Is that moment where you don't go all it's all terrible if scrap it right there's been a lot of tremendous American footballers right soccer players. Tim Howard world class and these days Landon Donovan was absolutely electric when he was an effort to him on and on and on and on. So it's it's it's not all broken the bones are good you just started. Augmented and start with a little bit of a different philosophy and you've got to set aside they've got to get a new manager immediately Depp as always Bruce Arena as. Why waste out of context of July Bono. Getting new managers look at these older lads go right. To knock on the play for me to knock on attorneys who World Cup. The next time out. Start with the young guys love him and ready after it to identify what you want ands. Or forward you know it's it's. I mean look. Germany. Maybe eight ranked new. Term as it go away right in this capital. To discuss smarter and better about it. And that's what American soccer has to do you just have to this is this is their 2000 euros and ensure you've just got to get smarter and better and America weren't good and disqualify him around a minute you know he didn't look at an angle on how exactly and candidate look at it going guys and passing it right he looked at and you don't know who went into the bullet squeak it. Yeah our London text messages it just for just for for you know for young for young kids going to be. Easily 2000 dollars Brendan when you get into the hiring think you double that triple that of the US is that that's just an inaccessible number for most people. And it'll mean it does it does this little preach peace and incorrect this worry really had a nice time an American soccer. We're at this kind of preach peace where. If you've got ice coaching and I mean. I was lucky enough to make my way through the clubs and NBA director Cogent and at times and Italian guys and had great. I had great mentors and football are one of the one of the greats a guy called dual boot the lord Emerson was my coach and I was given opportunity when I was very unhappy that we eighteen were playing the night the were in the and trails keep away. Until two months into. Should as a goal in ourselves terps. He has a picture full. Credit if that doesn't make you. So I try to make them up is entered the girls in principle. Goes make a great double the size and for the next twenty minutes all you're allowed to do is to at least is increase. Because every time to get a good touch you go over to pass somebody in the back into a bump. So happy to cover my tracks and I can get water. And enemy had a great vigor and I spent twenty minutes telling them that their fantastic. None out you can you candles about their angle everybody's and that's where I got a decent answer. And as a result of that. That team fell in love with me iPhone and over and in the nineteen nobles and they're magnificent and they they didn't lose again because they believed in the work. And we have we're at this bridge piece where we've got to a little bit take this kind of ego driven piece of this. And say to coaches okay yeah you've got to spend twenty minutes the end of every game. Where the only thing you can do is let him play the game is teacher right let them play and when to do something good talent. And don't criticize and that way kids wanna come back to the ground and exactly highly on these fields came home and so. And I think I think we're there we're getting there like when it weeded a lot of coach and last year. And tackle Jared being his friend of mine and he found some open gyms. And we just let the neighborhoods no go records and soccer and senator mormons. Come on kids and we got kids from everywhere to calm out we got and they won't come everywhere exam from West Africa and all of us at American. From raw sound that all of the world. And it was them it was probably. The most. Lovely experience I've had in football because you don't know who the kids are some like you don't even have time to pick a favorite to just go you fund tables five and the coaches just. Help them and went on for four or five months. Those guys were inventive. They needed this little tiny structures is an eight in two touches instead of five coaches. But they also had been playing on the streets and had a little bit spark and it it's like watching. Basketball players who play all the time for fun you noted that citrix move and that piece of it came into. So yes he need those. We need all of that we need sounds wonderful club structures that are organized and on time and know what's going on in and we need to just make it. While community life and doesn't it probably needs to step into an arsonist is a lot easier said than done but it needs are being about money. And he just having a money some as it is about development you've got that's lacking right now right and and I mean but it's a double edged sword I know it is. You know if you're gonna get guys to leave the house right right. Fundamentally showman Maxine and school coach football. I don't wanna do it forever. And not to pay for you know I it's a bit you have to be reasonable about it isn't just that but. We can put a man on the moon I'm sure the market our live next economy. All right so in terms of let's talk about bad adoption yet again yeah exactly so here's a video. We don't we don't have the US and right and that's an Ed what about for you to get the brass door because if that is the place to watch soccer in in the city of Memphis it is an awesome awesome place. When Cyrus songs and purchase from a business standpoint in terms of next year floods hit where you heartbroken to see that. To be out I was heartbroken over the last couple years. Of the common. Not just to not just in the business to business important. But the lives of support the American outlaws are social and did you Davidson phenomenon on just a great bunch of guys and all was unseeded team. So the first in impact is legal for your pals in like on this is not a good evening right right. Then later on you think about it and it. Is not a good evening Norma needed to attack and so are they hit yet and those Asian. And I mean it will impact us there's no doubt about people will still you guys they are lineup out yet but it and you'll be like I was there for years ago my god I was raised in bribes paid the and the World Cup is one of the great sporting spectacles on the planet's ice and we get over the hurt that we adopt teams we go look at it it's still smoke that's. I mean and this is coming from and from an immigrants standpoint right I I think one of the most moving things that I do you wish there. Said here the National Anthem sung in the at the top mean people seeing at the top of their loans an eagle off. Right so it right soda. We're gonna miss that right. So we you know. Hopefully Ireland don't for an end to Italy next week yes I hear you beauty you still have some hope for Ireland what do they have the duty and I'm very confused about this process what they have to do negated. Then it's a there's a live. I don't underway to a playoff depth and speed awareness. They have to win the playoff to get him yet what are the odds that. I watched him again that paid of those whom they're not terrible. Okay and they're better than the US yeah Tibetan leader here's the thing I think there. I mean part of part of it is Manny console in Ireland you've got Martin O'Neill and you've got Roy Keane got. And occasional Troy king likes to win things them and he's pragmatic. And if Ireland needed drove in control if they they're not particularly good up top there a little bit. In all were a little bit kind of lump in her own. And but if we get woman go through. Okay R&B be part OK I have no doubt that that will be a party I so we have to adopt teams right because we don't have the United States support for 10 we're gonna go through the number and before we get into this yeah. My remarks about your teams are nowhere affect my. Reflect my possible adoption generally a good. Glad I'm glad we cleared that up right okay all right so we'll start with me with my adoption and we are we pick teams that are qualified as of today okay. I pick Serbia in the which they live from Serbia Arctic survey because I'm married. And my my have my wife's dad is is this a Serbian and he lives there today. Right and and and he's very intense as Serbian yesterday are. And I and I value my knee. So I picked Serbia for safety reasons why do I have a prayer my going to be watching the World Cup for very long. Yeah they'll do all right really I don't wanna not have the groups the BC. Who's in their group Serbia who'll. TJ Davidson. Gave me this. Today they didn't actually Russia. Could be Russia. They won't be able be transported to urgent and tire Russia. Okay they can target Indian beaten by Germany Portugal and France say exactly so okay so that Serbia has no prayer yet they have no that's got to they have no prayer out I mean I wouldn't pick them to come out of that group my father in law before we left Mexico is where I got married before we left Mexico he gave me. I'm prayer beads cracked. He's gonna Needham. In the World Cup is an act on those pretty tight I mean certainly listen Serbia will be terrible and they can provide upset the crowd are so upset and yet OK Jason. A Martinez Algeria and on and on I don't have a very good feeling about. Nigeria that we don't know why why did you pick now yeah my Nigerian. Las switched I wouldn't. Initially picked Egypt that's a good switch pump yes and was told that. Be making a fool of myself and lush growth Nigeria because of the way they play on fifa. The results I don't have very home. Who are very good reasons for picking Nigeria is more short stay if they're even if it it and they made it. Yes and again here we take away your qualified when Larry asked a tough. Yeah I think I spoke a whole lot of did you not realize I'm looking at this review coaching is the end Nigeria and Morocco Senegal and Egypt and you could come out of that group. Hey I think you realize actually how many many good group innovative favorite from other group would you say. And it better to. Egypt actually panel capable to go to. You think about a group that's good yeah I like that. But the nice little stumble upon a winner here yeah they can do a little bit today it was again they're feeling you know that's however I don't win the idea on this big favorites aren't. It started well this guy he's a good discussion group this guy here. Well yes yeah yeah bit bid would you take us consulate Belgium Ireland Belgium because I've Ben the Brussels beautiful city. And I believe that they have a good team led by Christian Ben techie. Take you still there. Basically he is he still OK Alex. They're the most with a team meanwhile is you don't even know to talk and take I mean he's. He's with them but I if you talk. A Belgian. That's on the Demi needs of that volume going to he's not leading intelligently about who the country's. And eleven goals so far in the tournament is getting a goalie came from Manchester United. I'd say his name that's why that rise and there. Making those in their group. They have a tough group. I listen to look at the group who's in the group they've got they've got Poland England song ain't gonna normal does a great group. Iceland's. Iceland a won and done like there's an element that's there every once talked and not once in Iceland and on the umbrella out I'll turn out there at that story that gathered at his door they're good story last time out yeah. Yeah and that. You know all of this Cinderella story only works because in this the first time you say your exact area against Angel around and yes yet so that's something Belgium Spain England. I watched England played fairly average. Total hole about the polish at the moment Spain will be go to. I think you can I think it's not a group do you like it I listen I think Belgium we talked about Belgium a couple of years when they're down. And there. Maturing and they're they're really plays nice football Belgium are good bad. ISO quality of the three who's gonna be the happy as he's going to be the most depressed. Well. I think. Nigeria. Our opponent by the most amount of happiness okay that well there it is fun whatever they do you're gonna be pleased with devastating thing we expect the Belgians. The Belgians can be there to dozens of gold the quarterfinals this World Cup and then after that and things. Up for grabs and in Canada broin and yeah it's playing magnificent football. The Belgians will be he'll be tough because. The fact and you're just gonna sit with me in the corner about being have you conservatives of being accorded with the you and I had to sit in the corner entering nice plans Guinness and not worry about us SP cheerful absolutely will will be there next summer man we look at boards are saying okay thanks very much is this -- -- mail is always a pleasure. Welcome back into Jason and John Kennedy Jennifer and ESPN. Good chance to win winds. Others astray again. These bruises and a grand donating to nine SO ME SPN. Cash coming up at 1 PM. 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Tracks are already filling out this not about she does Thomas get your bet today that's Audubon speed dot com there's only one speed Jason what it. Narrow. All right so a couple things groups are not officially set. For the World Cup we were talking about we're projecting we used to do we had incidents were projecting but the groups are not officially set yet crap that being said. He does not sound very optimistic about my pick of Serbia. I'm not very optimistic about my pick of Serbia then it over the front runner so we basically had we Obama. Dismissed that under the guise and that's because he's visited Belgium depending on mini like wild animals they like that that's why picked ballot I didn't like while they're good night visit dealt funds are here you know that Belgium was good though and you clearly know I did not know why did you. Yeah I went with a one dab into the country before full and you picked Nigeria because you don't you know what you can Niger. The better than Egypt the bad age that's why you went without so. That is that is where we stand right now with the World Cup no United States and that may be the last time you hear us talk about soccer for a long time. So. Why would we enforce our hands Genesis tells how to fix. Yeah we know how to fix a slide in the next we're gonna wide and now more opportunity for more people which is not what I was all over in the open exact I was all over we're gonna go to our we're gonna go focus on fixing it as opposed just talking about fixing it. And what will come back in four years or regroup and we'll be right now we're going to be back for the world number Osama got a hi Jerry we got African teams oak Iowa new guys. With Serbia to that's Martin member there if they get it there and that damn group on I know look this man was so excited it and now it's back checking after Seamus tallest he's tells yeah. Work around the salary and nines all narrowing don't do anymore. 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