Jason & John Hour 2 (06/13/18)

Jason & John
Wednesday, June 13th
Segment 1: USA will host the 2026 FIFA World Cup with Canada and Mexico. Segment 2: A word from John.

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I'll your son about it. Right there's a certain things you are willing. To separate. And there are certain things that you're not exactly and you can't tell anybody what they're artists I can't tell you. Always mean you need to forgive Greg Hardy right because of for animal on organs but yeah that's that that's that's forget that that's fun. I can't tell you that you can't forget I can't tell you where your line is because we have you may write you have had this conversation like may have been touched by domestic assault who knows if it was of was it about four about a mile Greg to fight and and if so so. It is it is a totally complicated story because I cannot not be excited. When I see him in the ring destroying folks like my eyes and they are and you know what I mean and I think you can I think you said no one's giving him a check of the Dallas Cowboys in the second can't they did they certainly but they heard about it every single white is giving him a second chance to send Jerry Jones heard about that every sway Jesse Ed and Dana White is hearing about it right now and that will not stop for Greg Hardy because it will be those people. But I told you will never forgive him and again not it's fair if you wanna if you wanna do that. It's absolutely shocking I tell you that's not fair I'm really I would say we'll continue to complain John to these anything he does any avenue he goes when you say excited excited. DB ledger you're happy for Greg Hardy I mean I thought I know I know I know is that that's amid there's a difference between I'm happy for him and enjoying watching news by here's the deal would mean Greg -- him a little bit different from from Gary in that. Covert and Breyer crest right I do not if it's despicable. What he did your your I'm disgusted with them to the point that you and Gary both made that he's never seemed to acknowledge responsibility whatsoever. But here's the other thing. An endless I guess this applause in my mind OJ argument to. He's he's gone through the court system mine and we can talk about how it was about that was because she never ended up testifying like but he but he did that. Right he's he's he's he's gone through that part of it our court system power of the American court system. You know the one we respect every day in Sydney he's done that. Is there ever a point where you can. That he does it again yet you don't you know what I mean yeah where's the point where is the forgiveness for some again we're getting back to what our and it's where you're so so I'm glad I'm gonna try to answer the question you asked me because I think it's a genuine question and I am a human being. When I saw him not spewed out and I know that he's wanna know and I didn't an opportunity. Here's what I'd like for great heart to do redeem himself. That's what I want for all people that have fought out. It upset appearance older guys a stupid kid I shoplifting because I've ran in the crowd and enable the wrong crowd yes but who did it I'm not blaming the crowd it was not dumb ass. They did it I'll learn from the the point is that. I hope for redemption for all people now are are are some of the people that bet. Maybe redeem themselves that we can we not gonna reform because what they did was so bad. It fit that tip. But in this instance where I know this dude. I know do what he did was awful I still feel some sort of connection to home as a as a Olympian and because our government is in high school. I'd like to see him get his life right. Rec I'd like to see you never get in trouble again. I'd like to see him maybe X set some responsibility for this and and maybe you do look some kind of camp with kids. You know with the with the with male kids and you tell them why you don't make mistakes like bats right. I'd love to see that for great party. Because I'm all about redemption. How can how can I throw rocks everybody what I what I've done this stupid Saddam stood beside myself. Let me tell you let me let me stop you there and tell you the difference between you really are accepting median and are made mistakes and in army accepted. And you've given me a second chance saloon but let me tell you why that's been the case. Because you have big acknowledged. You are wrong I mean you literally not Ayers are only and absolutely complete and the Mets and even in the same shoplifting is not even the things are not as Arnold and I don't know heating up a woman I get and he is never once been repentant he has never once asked for forgiveness Rahal and for some has never admitted. That his role and that I mean we're told and I never pictures out there got the stuff I'm not I know what happened and he has dodged any responsibility. I don't like and he. And jumped in most cases pro. Don't you are would you like to see what are you with me go gee you'd like to see him grow out of that they feel force for good and in and the if that will come without you that has to come with accepting responsibility number war which he has not done to your report. But it if you could get to a ball when you could do that and then and then beat. Be some kind of beacon for others or maybe you know guys don't understand admitted come up in Iraq and in that you know out how can turn up and make us. You can't be a force for good that you've done bad that would be the ideal thing guys I need I don't think Greg Hardy I think we all do bigger parties I got your fair to think that in any abatement you may very well be right here's the attic and because he's shown no signs of of of a bounce back right because. You do that by accepting responsibility I'm with you John I just. I wonder. You know how we pick the game in and again for me and I got apple must have a because I know I know the kid right it's it's did exactly I look more persons a little more personal for me. But it totally out of your friends are going to be transparent price and I'm gonna speak by heart in your heart you want good things for people. I want my people that have done bad yes to end up to to learn from an NBA force for good I'm all about. Redemption and forgiveness I'm not telling you. I've I've forgiven great party because I I haven't wreck I haven't forgiven him for what he's done because he is not accept the responsibility threat do I want him to get that point it. Yes like I guess the fundamental question is does it come out and we on this show. We really we really try to of support. Ed and we are advocates for anything Memphis right at snow and and and here's a guy from Memphis right is who is good in the USC out who's in the USC was on the deal I think and it I didn't. A one hell of a talent. Looks like it doesn't take Q if it takes you 57 seconds to understand this guy could be a star in the USC in the heavyweight division without a shout about him. Arm but he had this he had he has. Is this incredible bags he's not accept the responsibility for any other part of it that is also complicated is. This is the most barbaric sport there. This is not he's not a ballet dancer. You know him better basketball player it's odd and I don't say they're gonna be some people who don't expect or care about their UFC fighters being good people outside the odd. Here's forming a lot of the people we we love them brute force sports are productive people write a breast. And there are some people who don't as I guess sport as entertainment through everything but for me. Look at my got to be averted TV say cougar article are now. I'm not perfectly gated and understand it I just out. Are comparing it to the flow situation I think it brings it up out. I think the point is that believable as the airline's different it's what we set about about about Floyd era same thing your man. I mean I'm Floyd what he did I I guess we didn't see the pictures right and we in it wasn't a bit of guns dedicate bedie pushed the woman onto. So so we don't see incised with sort of like seeing the Ray Rice video writer it changed how you felt about Ray Rice when she you read about it first that's one thing. We read about athletes push in women hidden women all the time. But when you see it it's different I think I wonder if that if that's the thing with great we've seen right so much there of what I have on a woman in Carolina. Where it when he was there. That debt so. Because of that graphic nature of we we write him off there and and again that's fair to do. But she you know you got you see out when I am on you and you know where I am of you know spiritually and about redemption absolutely no. I can't. I'm on the first or raise my anti government mistakes and needed a second chance absolutely no question I'm not telling you great deserves a second chance. Because I'm not the one that gives it to a woman I told John heaven for tournament yet either but I certainly hope he gets there. Did and I was mom does that absent moms like the moment she was a militant top. Right no but you can't be an I think you've not just you can't. Start a path to redemption or forgiveness all day at all for all day long you acknowledge you have to July when you're on that path. With you some idea where our man on his yes our I wanna be excited for Greg getting a second or third opportunity and possibly being good at some and possibly being a force for. Some positive that he after being this negative thing for so law but your right I can't I can't go there yet with him. Until he accepts some sort of. Responsibility absolutely. Are we come back it was a good day the United States of America. Don't know if you saw that news will get into that I did we know about and we need to win it's I guess has been a pretty good run news for our country how we got had the summit meeting in everything like that we only you don't Morocco he knew this was coming proposals of it it it was all did you have a million that's a tall are. You know. I mean that we leave you don't I was the only other bud album we we've we've gone we have lost some no it's good news World Cup come back to have with Tony Tony six tries very sick I can't wait to we'll discuss that. And we had a game and AutoZone and give UA give an update on to guard ash and that's that's up next exit on I turn FM yes it. The official who. If this summer 2000 agents and Robert early Jewelers tally in your my jeweler we decide my game hearing together explain why. Who is obsessed with the diamonds. 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When you look at something important to the person who always represented all of what's good and competitive about. You so perhaps it's fitting that today we celebrate dads and grads everywhere. By giving him a gift card good anytime there's a need to prove who's faster personal online at WW Devi got out of bonds B dot com or. At 6399. Shelby are you trying to look like you'll what's been more muted as can be proud of you for that. Do not about endorsed he went and that's what they're always asking what you race and sports they eat. Are back there isn't done did you have an ESPN. Landon says I am a piece. For us our yeah led them a man landed who's been I thought Iraqi women were awhile. He says on the peak four. Not actively rooting for Greg Hardy. And I'm not a but soul harsh I'm generally I am generally W fairly abrupt. I'm generally pro athlete in most things right. Whether it's college kids get paid you know whatever whatever I had I usually come down pro athlete in most situations. In this this is just that it is honestly only because he is not. There's no culpability with him that's the only. De La agua and act and I you know I'd like for you to forgive him I'd like for me muscle to forgiven but. I think our point system to let whoever told that available. You you've got to respect each other is our sin and that applies to all things and all does any time we disagree I think that's where we are right now Danny goes back the comes as we've got about. Everybody right now it's all about me me me you hear me this is I'm offended I want you know lack. Right in there's not as much listening in respecting of each other's lines and listen. Bottom episodes of the bottom left. Agreeing to disagree right. You you are Europe because you feel the way you do about Greg Hardy. You can't say that about somebody UK I can't tell John how to feel about that soaring. I can listen to them are respected and disagree with them. But I can't tell me if he could go pay because the way you feel about Greg Hardy know I can't tell somebody stop they don't Floyd Mayweather right because if if if there's you know. Maybe they went through something based all their mom get beat up. So further limit some more personal story I can't I don't Ivan did that person's shoes and other experiences. So I mean again that to that point. I go to what he said that's where we go off the rails yep that's where it goes wrong absolutely if we lose the respect. Absolutely. But led percent of brother percentage were I still rocks which may just disagree which are wake harshly become happy. I Barack aren't out there as somebody the run and run it presented by med insulin nationwide insurance. Today's stories from. Jason and Jon. Sean nice ET nine SN EST. True story I tell us you know the United States of America is not going to be participating in this year's World Cup that starts I think tomorrow is that true Katherine say the least they start tomorrow is as you know you would know better than anybody here have a first game is on the workings of tomorrow are some other way Katherine who is in tourney here and any time and win with the show is going to be our World Cup expert do you plan to watch all the games. I'm planning to I hope I know some of the game will be on a while we are here in studio rounds I don't weights and gain on that eighteenth air. And we we get we've got television yeah. We just went out and we got to think about it this is how Nokia opens you have an rather good the pleasure watching a play. But she has the respect yet of all the student athletes are for the university of and that's how you know somebody's. That must install absolutely must start learning that's why she's our expert on the world club eager to get out of five stood and watched the game. There's no game as I've AM with like the time change and stuff like the earliest and doubled your round like eight or nine so there won't be lake we'll stay up all night. Is he the game's about passing it in for us in America will be able to launch a game. He sends out. I've we will expect you to watch every minute. I write all right so that's that's her a monster arm that's that you don't learn how the soccer what she loved every minute of every game every minute of every day it's only on Blake. Every four year you gotta do exist and she's already have you dedicated loving it and lower it yeah bit anyway they won't be in this edition of the World Cup but they will be in the 2026 woke up I dairy and AMP. Love up I bet my mortgage on I bet I bet everybody down you've done that they're gonna be in the two got a pharmacy or if you host the World Cup which the United States is doing drug to calm in a joint in a joint bid with Canada and Mexico. Come in North America we're 46. World Cup is coming to. Would be well America and we did beat out Morocco it was a tough is tough fight. We lucked out channel these big facts there was times soccer it was a much tougher fight than Greg Hardy Austin why wasn't a tougher fight weekend we promised he felt fourteen billion they had seven billion locker room. It's a money deal unlike those big fact as a big fact or you write things down the money back I can tell. Suggests it's not provoke it's common to us come to America loves someday god of war. And I wanna go to school you on soc or what Oliva. The fields expanding isn't it can't tell on the 48 teams from 32 that's the other big thing about their own at the interface Ezra when I got to bring you stuff you should know about soccer is here or it's becoming like beans it's like the curious early retirement everybody gets it on the other seat that was the other reason we. Everybody's gonna unit and and and you tell me camp. Does that does that does that kind of dumbed down when every year you're taking away some of the exclusivity right I mean you have to fight to get it it's why we're not in right now. Yes and when you win everybody gets in as it is it is good. I mean I guess that the walk and it will still be there like you're still right that is expanding it to 48 teams bank. You're only gonna watch thirteen teen the thinking they're watching on act I think they're the fact that they're spending your elbows and dress like your teens that are not doing so. Rate this quote exactly still has lost three tapes that's exactly right that's right yeah daughters that are reciting John's one point six the how old will you be there. It will be a love getting your math question brother 34. Years old almighty god will you have children. Yeah up I have one or two. Never Sam by AQ what do you do. Not so they kid now here's the deal had no other kids enjoyed having them you're right I missed a missed a newscaster announced unfair. You love everybody else's kids exactly as we hate the thought of having a mute for yourself I'm McCorkle a come here they are wrestle with kid. You got change today and I don't know are we need to inform them out while still managing. Why well we were an elbow you reached in the season has played and took a Frye she brought up again last night we saw something else nasty use some boat show we're watching someone had reached in a woman and reached into a man's plate of food she admired the man it was really a pastor's casual shoes interest take something sounds like she discussed and they would not Dave knows he's able isn't it didn't affect us that last night. That's John right there when he stuck his nasty and CJ I learned everything I why is my family loves you but that was a nasty act. Why does Miami have been we don't know if it's washed you reached right Noble's CJ you take you take a trial for your earlier but none that seem like a little bit of violations that it's not like would you like command just reach in your plate take some off of it. Is now and you know something like I don't like when people come into my. MIL lake. Feed on. Exactly kept. That's the way I feel it's the way my wife feels and and John we're talking about accepting responsibility right that's the path of forgiveness for she got accepted yourself I never accept the responsibility I did that a violation had failed by I admit I did I thought he was done as they are you know by technology it will be at this whole spiel how that bad romantically instead of really say is saying. So the two words are very sorry for you it's hard to do. For you I was wrong I'm sorry. I was wrong TJ you know how does a favor please say I don't have I hear about this this is an hour ago this was exactly the winter but that's will win and do brother Paul holed that my wife does she speak roster speak about my wife. Hold a grudge forever broke you did you think you did and smiled in your face Angie and I brought it up ethics. But but inside she harbors the resentment and it stays deep that's OK I have I have my wife. And that is outside of our back out cardinals took a teller non beer about this for five years from now. Went and got the best memories may and my wife is cable Holmgren there holding or able lifetime they only remember the stuff that made it. Made the right what about the happy stuff absolutely. You don't member of five years ago when particularly anniversary thing let's talk about backwards dog though. We do some are you read tomorrow. Ever younger I had years disease that fighters Israelis that last year. We went to Cancun and we acted like we were going it is due to waiting exact and we just stating kangaroo like we didn't even go to the what we were they are we were in the same you're in the vicinity writing them but we didn't go to the weight because it was all about you where to celebrate our own anniversary exactly are you go. Sure that. These rivers meet. Even through Fries off intimate look at that food dollar we will come into the winter. I thought I swear I actually and I believe he must have been I don't want you feel that way I do ups common. One day we'll would tell that story again you resented me for that I do not I do I have friends who ask what the hell happened. I do have friends or as why would why would Jay Snyder when he was in Mexico had a what do you tell them. Here's the keyboard you tell I'd tell them that and Sam and I was say this what do they say Obama back. Usually sands with me yeah it's a symbol come in are you know she rolls around about a showed have been as she says. It was John's fault. She says it was my fault because I did not let you know that you could have gotten in for free. Because my phone was in the room charge and I was doing stuff all day and I didn't get to the opponents electric clock which was an hour for the wedding. And I could've told you that you could just a comma precision with my party. That's where I messed up. Sends a good Sam is a good one here and you know what among go any further because I want to bury the hatchet this chills all about forgiveness and second chances. I'm sorry about its okay because of it came about money that I'm not paying. This X if so why do we Lott is a lot to go on to it leave my wife and did a year. To go because I couldn't it been afforded to enact the vacationers at Panama exactly and we don't exceed what could they take it as I was knows no kids with no kids and I pleased that it in and said giants threw stones and I understand John. I apologize all right and I understood I really did I doubt I do not photograph and look at look at where we go and what we get done other show the United States is in the World Cup this. Cricket World Cup story I and I just apologize to you about oh waiting it was in Mexico so it's relevant to the story so there you 126 it's common come in North America. Next Hillary I don't know sport store for your. And our way acorda margin now has confirmed. That's Sam Mitchell is your final assistant days. A word that's that's that's worth platinum Reich as were all done we're done. Santos couple weeks goes coming up making the drive up expected to be named an assistant coach and here we are a voice Larry it's now official. Hum. Overall like we've known for a long time we've we've weighed in on. Could you have gotten. That guy that was a former college head coach. Beckett you know show you more okay this is what I did when I was a coach the salary in my program says that I think we've all day today. Or jars and they've got Larry Brown oh yes you could have gotten Larry Brown if not for. Fill in the mind on if not for how low and aren't on I mean is that not clear that I like about all we have out there that said. That said. Like the staff not elect what it means it's a good stat it's a good staff. I told you before I liked the way it sets up Tony Matlock now to not be the forgotten man. You don't mean I mean we've talked about what Mike and Mike Miller brings to the table in terms of recruiting in terms of of his NBA career his experience and all that same thing for Penny Hardaway with his recruiting ties. We've we've talked about Sam Mitchell obviously has worked the grassroots he's got all the same thing. Tony's now the senate floor when it comes to how to on a college program because he's done it for over twenty years yet. I liked that a like that this is sort of raised his profile and what we know was that Sam Mitchell can do some of those things in terms of it here's the key. You want that man that spot weather was layered forever Sam Mitchell to make Penny Hardaway. A better coach they're. That's what that's what that's spots fort yes. Could you Sadler Brent guy who's had to head coach could tell you have been through this situation the situation the situation got bad spot here's what I did here's what you shouldn't do that that would help get. But I think it's that's good enough and I in his bank. We we've talked about it this is the this is where he's been and we heard it from the kids from the recruits themselves we started from family members of the recruits. They're used in the pitch we told you I would use. We are what we are the only thing in college basketball. That looks like this has a look where an NBA staff and tells us what we said that from the moment we start to week. The moment we start talking about moving on from Larry Brown do any idea that you might have Sam Mitchell was the mall we said you know what you can spend that's. And they have done that it it was logical do so it's what it's the Smart thing to do. If you're recruiting against schools like Kentucky and duke. And Kansas the blue bloods which Phineas said that's what he expects to do. I you don't be different. Because here's the thing you're not a blue blood like them right in so why you recruit these kids that buy guns they all of them as all of us right but they're looking at the -- it appears that now you've got some most schools don't have right. That's the difference they can again we talked about they can tell you and John has the as the resonate coach K has the Resnick. They send us the NBA wants and I'm sure coach k's had to join the arms race he didn't wanna do that to start but to keep up the pace. It just it. Memphis is different. We've got that staff that your trying to get to right now here. We'll have you more ready than those schools why have you more prepared than those schools. So it gives you. Essentially an advantage in recruiting and I think we're seeing it. When you see trend in Watford is trying to recruit Matthew hurt to Memphis absolutely these recruits have picked up on it by the label and the IA but my flight to Vegas. Two days ago. For for other hoop city live a bit. It did to the twists and who's out there the SU or intranet while from will both be out there that event so I will get another right. Don't you can knock on his job like that getting back to you crimes that are here and into taking in all his money. And feel everything's beneath you like you do get good work good things happen when I hit the trail as you guys now. As you guys know usually yields took an interest thanks so we'll always I don't know that's an evaluation period or is it. So locked it delayed the latest last week it is isn't yeah although most of all of July is a sense when they get back two steps on the available I'll be up there refugee is sort of for a few well the wind how long is that I'm a leader and Friday. Right after the show. And then I get back. Sunday morning. 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What you got out always try to be transparent on the station have been here for five years W to be my fifth year as an employee here at intercom Memphis in August. And an in that time I've always tried to be transparent about my life I've been alive a personalized because. That's why are here so we can really relate to each other I don't know exactly. And suicide has been in the news right yes we've that we discuss that to take us for aid and and and at the board Dana obviously. You know this week at our ally whose camera Labatt blue M and number and I'm bringing this up and I didn't tell you that I was bringing this out. But but I'm bringing it up partly because I really am MI within. And I don't know what else to do and after that in. Of internalized it so much and won't even talk to my wife about it very much. And I just I just believe it would be good for me at this point to talk through it in and also Jason partly because maybe whether it's you or are there somebody somewhere who's listening. Who can help meet. Oh god. I'll wake up pretty much every day. Every single day I'm not. I'm not over exaggerating and that. The injured manicure I wake up pretty much every day expecting. Waiting on the call from my mom that my dad has died on. I wake up every day. Just thinking and believing. That every time my mom's name pops up on the phone. That she's calling to tell me that my dad has die I had I had I've been hoping none of things we're getting better with unit yeah what's up. Well I mean in I've been honest about. You know my dad's struggle with with alcoholism and and you know what we talked about what happened two years ago we were supposed other tied game and unfortunately you know he he got a DW I. And now we we Unita to make the game together. And and you know he he had. Glimpses of of sobriety right you know and some of them have proud we were some of these have blasted it out of the two years at a time. A did you know I mean so there have been times where it's going great right you know where he's in the garden where he has you know doing some other things that are keeping him busy. And away from the bottle what have you my dad is sixty years old in the men on my dad's side of the family do not make it past the age of sixty. His dad did not make it past sixty his brother did not make it past 60 and I am really worried that he will not make it past sixty. The path he has on he's on right now I believe in my heart. And I'm really just using this as as therapy because I don't know what else to do. That's why don't you need Obama but I believe they'll my dad has lost the will to live or at least. He's lost sight of why it is important for him to exist. On this world in an and an in this. Arm and and it's and it's it's the alcoholism. It's it's. It's spiraling. And psychologically. And I had a conversation with a Jason like I've. I've talked to hem I have I've told him. Dad I love you dad my brother and I we love ya want you to our kids the only times I've told my dad Jason and I want you to be here. Alive when. We have its children I want them to me how you I want them to know you know that's because I did not have that myself. Not Iger told you my dad's my dad always he had passed away because of a lot of the same issues to be honest with you arm and I don't know. What we got to know what the mean the math is I don't know where I'm suppose that what. Can I do my dad's been in the Salvation Army he's done a day he's done these things and again I would not. I am not doing anything or saying anything today they have not already talked to with my dad about. So I've talked to him I've tried. Tell it to make him understated in feel important in this world right in you don't need that crap. But I don't know. Where to go from here and it's just something that has really. Like just that it's a good day if that call doesn't come at this point. And it's and it's just what I'd go there or go farms appeasement. That's sounds like what the issues are you know where I come from now or my wife is now would tell you that that's what you are bred for there's a famous. You know my dad said Al my whole fair market just I'm and my own struggles when alcohol. It's never gonna matter I'm sorry. How much you love him how close you all are or not close whatever the faces. It's no matter what you said. I don't. You know if you've come owners say and you understand and make your your dad's transplants who you. You sit on the Arab listen to it's it's a daily battle and you're gonna lose a lot right. We celebrate the winds. But there's so much lose and in the end it to have you wanna turn away from India and say I'm given. Don't miss so many times here's the thing about it's that's what you're asking me what to do you know what what can you to an end and it's it's a big question. Of course you don't keep well known but I'm Tony right now mend their. For me and in you know you're talking to. In this thing army does does that answer for everybody but it's what I told you that day. Before you vote before you what you guys muscles causing the raiders you remember what happens I sat there and told you and I told the story because we talk about that day. To pray. For some peace. From got. And in and so in that instance what happened you'd you'd eventually got the call. And you found out you didn't know where your dad was when you told me you ask me basically about you that you basically asked me the same question. And my answer for you then because in number in America because I felt like it worked there and was two for two are literally told you did our nannies and pray pray for peace right some some sort because I could tell I was driving you crazy. Later on you called me told me you found out where your dad was was it was a good news now. He'd had a DW but you've argued new. Where he was you do it now now you knew he wasn't dead in a ditch somewhere where it gave you some peace and so you're right when you get to this point we as humans what do I do. The Lycos do I go Hogan civil blood so my love him. John that he knows your love and what you're gonna say at this point you said the best words you can't. But that's that's hit him it's inside him that's all you can all you can do it this on broad. I'm just being real within is pray I mean and John I know how you feel about that you know where's the the tangible thing and that in my gonna get results I would tell you you got results the first term. To hit the and it can be one time. You're looking for an answer and I'm telling you there's there's a rock there. That and in mortgage lenders could discussion of faith only get too far off the sun but there's a rock there for you. That could maybe give you some peace and produce some results some tangible results that the current you're looking for in army right now. And I don't have any better advice for you that big because. I just go back to. And I would still you know unarmed in an amount back in my dad's on balance the woody is a TV guy locally are coming home at night in my brother on school. Elementary school junior as my model they'll support more spending from home last night she is home. Leading us to cut that rattled us well. What he called you knows you know she knew. He's making noise drinking look at what the what the media buddies hanging out probably going to be you know going to Chara Mansur Al spend the night in these two drugs come home. One in my home I told them. What are you doing it matter. It because of the alcohol he got bought out it was just as they so it didn't manage our there's a bad on the argument when you to put a hole and immoral stay in school. The matter he was dealing with his own fights of my point is to you do you you can say all the most beautiful brings all the right words. And it. There's a chance it won't get through. There's a good chance it won't change him but what you can do is like. Stop loving them because it's not you don't you're words that you think is this is the only step I have it's not affecting right now. You can't give up on senator I'm not telling you to go every day holds a because you can do that you got was possibilities of what I'm so used to pray. For peace pray for him and the battle he's going through. And hopefully in that John. You don't wake up in the morning and wondered every every day if this is today well as you've got to get out of that I'm not I'm not Alexi I've noticed it. I've noticed it on the show. And we we know how you are you know something's bothering you you're your mind you'll be on that you'll be focused on that rather than the task in hand apparent. You have got to find a way to. I don't wanna say compartmentalize it and make it seems focuses is obviously huge but you've got to find a way to to deal with and I'm on Tony out that the best answers prayer. That's what I got to pick. As for me. And this is why it's hard if this is there anybody that's ever been some of their thousand people who listen I don't know exactly Obama and Wright is a cycle it is in it it feels like it will never in capsule some cases and so. Okay double won't you give that's what it does we'll build walls reporting live on so I'm not a kid don't you down now. India and both it and I'm at a point now in charge and where arson. It about a person let you down I'm frankly sick of being disappointed I get I'm sick of love in on him. And telling him that I love him because he knows that. Read it every Tony makes it choice. It should be. In the back of his mind but it's not just told me so it it takes me to a point to where it's like okay do why just washed my hands out. Like do I just completely. Don't don't come often stop loan Emma it because it but it is the colonels some people tell you that it you know. But you do need to pull away right he needs to see some won't let go or I don't. Like the repercussions of these acts right you start losing and maybe maybe you figured out that way I've I've never subscribe to that I've always thought that. That low disorder there but but. Yes. If I could hands of it. That John but you can't control without. But I don't think we have just I don't know we just lay that I noticed like no matter because that's what I did approach mammoth I was at his graduation in West Memphis from that mission when he was sober and I've been there I've visited him at the Salvation Army I've tried positive though he's a fortunate than I've tried with every fiber of my being I can hear you are and hearing your voice and they spent it'd it'd it'd it'd and I am exhausted by Iraq until I are getting old when we're working together I don't mean to put all of this. On on front street right but we've talked about this before any lately it's become a little bit about personal mission here dude it's arms on our hearts you know we do and we left them. And I don't know what the answer is I don't know if there is an answer for everybody there's probably not every case is different but. It is just something that I am a memo awaits them desperate and and well if you if you were rich and yet only world he's into another AA your aura right to have to go get to sober but. Where we're we're not. Right so you you in any even if you did that sharp. There's no guarantee the when he comes out when you're not right back in the same place edit and listen I've wanna make it very clear I love my dad like and out and and Father's Day is coming up on Sunday Beckley that is gonna know me very awkward because everybody knows what the deal is. And and I and I love my dad but I don't love. This. Version of him I hate this version of him you don't get that under because it's he's sixty years old. You don't mean right like you've got to decide. Do you wanna meet your grade kids home. And if that's not important enough to you. What will be man. Rush what will be. And so I don't know I don't have a therapist on this is mud every day after three hours. In we got three hours is sort of like my therapist there's I perceive area. And and I mean you got to I think it was good I think it was good for me says it says the talking because I know there are other people more than the same thing out of the I don't know this helps does not like uplifting like the last time we doubt about it. You know like this isn't like all my dad better now dome a that is worse. You know but that's also the reality of this battle man it's not always. Roses it's not always oh this is an amazing hallmark movie everybody can feel you on that most times it frankly it's up. In tragedy there. You know and that's what we enjoy the good feel good stories. The evidence that's that's my life every day my existence as I just wait for that call and you gotta get out of debt that it that it's happened and it's and that you know. But there are some very act together. So you'll have no peace you have no real happiness if that continues to weigh so heavily on you so you've got to. You got a final deal with but I love my that I do and an out and out and I wanna I wanna. Explore every possible avenue to get him back to being or not the father that I know that he is and can be again. Com but after Illinois appreciates you hear me out memorable as is as good as wonderful as was good from got off a heart art will level come back. Change gears Jason's done and it's out of ME SP it. Now it cougar and keep finding great gift for Father's Day and in four times a few points when you buy gift cards just download your digital coupon at Kroger dot com. This is hedging Kroger and choose gift cards from brands like bass pro shops. Buffalo Wild Wings. The Nike anymore. Can't data present he's gonna love and earn up to a dollar per gallon. Celebrate fathers' day was his favorite gift cards and import times that you'll find restrictions apply to store for details. 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This has just given me the thumbs up when Patrick lessons on where we're going to be out and we will be broadcast on him alive mental Brian de from the wing guru on Stacy on Bartlett. And comes CS we Mayo somebody lives though I have not got to know pitches again one I got one picture you do I don't have incidents have made a big foot. Tonight in real funny they sort of funny guy you. But we could buy yet. Five days of wing grew beyond our. Broadcasting live from eleven to two express them tunis Friday as a unit note from him play it was announced by to talk with a 901 the national hot non yes I'm notes Nashville's got that name and but it's good yell. Just give it try promised you'd be back through and what can bring us up to adjust to the not a one face life. Like Memphis that's what it's like listen you buy into it's not just that chicken though was former member of the fantastic the legendary and and a putting will change your life. We'll get some now 56 time memo laughed starting next Friday you can do that 7199. Stage road in part that Tennessee and boy am I happy about it when you see Billy. It's on the two boys Jason Johnson should absolutely. OK. You guys have been awesome unbelievable sweater with a nice words yes and that is appreciated his headset and and I I definitely appreciate all the I don't Roman emperor pursue a bed their some folks have said they have some some ideas I'll send some to some places some of -- wanna pursue that and and you know I you know I do want to stress you know it's like you said during the break Jason that I'm I'm not. Is not a fight that I have with my dad even though sometimes I feel like my one after my in the fight and I don't they shake him. But you know. I also feel like I'm a pretty much to this point. That I know of and I'm hoping to learn more of them I've exhausted pretty much every avenue before getting a bit of this everybody can fuel our you're coming from a it's been through. As most of us have we got money in our family that's. Let's have these issues I mean it's an epidemic. And sometimes it's not as sometimes it's not alcohol sometimes it's heroin a salute sometimes it's it's it's. You know crash or or Saks or whatever deviates. You know you choose to. You choose to go away that can prevent you from leading a productive like hmm. Com on matters and and. You know the key to any fight like that. And it's you know we've we've talked about it a lot you know you cannot think about 51020 years now can add cannot be this and and 1520 years. You've got to worry about cannot be this today he cannot do it again tomorrow and you just keep putting that one foot in front of the other and before you know it. Your clay. That's how the process to run. It's when you. Let go of the rope. Because when you do that right when you when you commit to every day on the that I'm gonna consider. Being sober or not doing whatever it. You gotta have a reason to do what you gotta feel like there's there's an incentive. Whether it's your kids or whether it's your job whether it's whatever that whatever your reason for the season may be you that have that much it's when you lose that when you lose sight of that. But you let go of the road and wouldn't let go of the rope it's hard to pick back up. Sometimes you just thank you made it I think OK I got this list right. And you you think well got a late that was me with smoke and yet and I got not the cool for king. And said you know what are gonna do that tomorrow slogan anymore. All pick up my friends blackened my understanding of all of them around get addicted to them to impact yep that's that's that that's the that's the the trap. Oh and all thinking OK I've made some good progress here on for I don't have the addiction anymore.