Jason & John Hour 2

Jason & John
Friday, June 22nd
Brendan Quinn, covers Michigan and Michan State, joins J&J to talk about Jaren Jackson Jr., plus Geoff Calkins LIVE at the Wing Guru to talk NBA Draft in the second hour,

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Try to be didn't get busy political liability you try doing it without old spice spears ordered off the superiors web protection but you don't let that he beat you. What is try to beat me right now beat the little spice appears supportive of course that's perfectly made you depression clean and all those outdoor festivals barbecues Depardieu got going on in Memphis all summer. Law. Our bad Jason John 929 FM ESPN. Asked promised his name is Brendan Corey covers. Michigan and Michigan State for the athletics so we saw a whole lot. Of grizzlies yours are big Darren Jackson junior he joins us now Brenda what's happening man. Joseph immigrating here from view into all our current. It has absolutely so we're glad to have you on because you you have a lot of adjourned Jackson junior so would it surprise you. So here that grizzlies fans pretty much universally hate this pick. Lol that fact that we're surprised that actually. I think I would say a few Jerry Jackson probably has. About as much upside is. As any player and he in the directed in my opinion ballot that's. And typically you guys know what you watch every game like I played every minute they start placed. You typically. Can't beat a guy who only received you know war or that anyone else that you will cripple or or anyone else. I have a lot of trouble seeing that. When it when it comes to Jarrett. I'd be either a prototypical Taylor reed. Modern NBA big. He contractual or. He CP gain world you'll be doing well and got good hands he's got the pedigree. It bodies. I mean what else you want to political that we expand. Political leaders over 76. You know we've got to adding weight he has been adding weight or eat it at war. You know when you have a guy who that'll be talent and it's question and the question marks are now Robert you go to the well look at how hard eagle or you column. Those are the biggest question around him and I'm happy don't care for two years. Yeah I don't. Bet it'd be a guy you know dead or doubt twelve years basically had a stone. The key consult with a legal and directed editor works down. I'd made it like I'm pretty sure of her career we're gonna hate bill. I think it's a great pick I I think the world of apparent future. I think a lot of other years seeker Peter Berg keeps her go to. Why are all of why why wasn't there on the floor more Brendan walkway and in the foul trouble and it wasn't just growing into his body and I'm sure you get a lot was we got was again zone. Guys we gotta get you're U this year appalled that you are slated to get Detroit if you guys really want to get out. Our callers and stir up some controversy in order to do would bring up get lucky that it appears. It's a great I really honestly let's hit a story what is. It was reported contention or a year. They're talented obviously. It was an odd fit dole at Heinz personnel wise for Rasheed you'd. Eight where you had. Miles per mile speed right parole for all intents and purposes like eight prototypical. Perfect college for you right. I needed to speak perfect college for you well he started to you to be one of the greatest three a little bit more. Sure there'll be gal from before we in the coastal or were so equal I doubt that three. And then Michigan State ethnic war he's one of the most. You appreciate productive player in the country and 86869. Better yet who can play with the they have like. And whatever at the way the bet to beat. Basically what this very quiet man. And he'll come into with a guy who plays. Alleged. Joshua like hurt like. Everyone on the team played 4045 minutes an adequate cash if we stick to you know you might be ordered by that point guard in the country and it's just waited at Michigan State that the way to make it go. You know Garrett did to himself so bites bad spell with the files they'll let. The sale you Thornton. Just you third and thinks it was a dispute those thousand youth and staying some over you know you don't know what I'm the director. They record eighteen to the Edberg right. He is one of the youngest player in this draft he. He's a young six elevenths senator you know learning how to play bad role and that body beat them being debated but don't go out. It did happen but the brother Avery have been but he did play it now. You know frankly and the I'm pretty sure its speed and it's been a sticking point that I got directly it could equal work out you go back and watch the air you. You gain it like a leader talking point appear. They lost the second round. And going against their cues don't work. Either opted to have been Carter a six year. Greg transferred barely played all year work the middle of the zone on your next shuttle watch closely equal. He admitted were at issue here but it wasn't like. We don't care jacksons do a roll and you don't play because it was why is probably did not play. Jarret Jack I guys were you know they're accountable government. We our courts our interest and Tom Quinn covers Michigan and Michigan State for the athletic now you wrote in January and I love that you wrote this. That Jerry Jackson is the NBA's. Next unicorn you believe that you believe he is the NBA's next unicorn and that unicorn is now a Memphis Grizzlies. Yeah I mean if he is. He's one of these guys who when you see his side of what you what you could do regular EXP is jump shot concur that look pretty Politico a bit. He could do a lot. Defensively I mean he can step out he could switch all screens he can move his feet I'd be in even cart media couple different positions. He will block. I mean I won't repeat if he played an admitted I think he'll be among the league leaders who the leader to block. He is because the timing. Instinct. Our highest level this potential limitless. Yeah I mean heatedly disputed. They. Eight they got kicked it a little bit different light so spots you let the ball go to its hand that eat particle blown over or sit there like cheap as well. Oh why oh why couldn't get the practical about it they're quicker each year but you know despicable ought to get there whether that's. By design organ development into. It's a boutique that in the practice. Query in the all that Michigan State for practice. I don't know how much you would do that put he can't do it so. He agreed a five tool player I dole. I'm I'm pretty surprised figure to the aid that it's being. Poorly received in Memphis. Argument. It it's looked Bernie here it is I don't think they're born the kid at all. I think most people here are are smarter about both people were realized he he could be one of best players and draft pick out the best in terms of the outside. I think they're born that. Because he didn't do something creative that aliens were yelled that there's a likelihood they don't lose their first round pick to Boston next you're protected one through eight. I think a lot of people Olympus wanted to use that value there. But he did a couple of first round picks so. Not so much when you're getting in here's what I wanna followed with am glad you asked that. Is because the look dog though I'm not a lot to you place whereas for the draft party last night but mostly booed when it happened indicate comes on you see his parents you hear him talk. And it's all as you know what. I feel like the kid himself Brennan you've been around them but I'll get out seems like it as good as they come super Smart great great personality what can you tell us later. Very much so I mean he's he was out of bred for this yet know he he looks like personality I I remember. In every organ mortal won't have all of this set well Lou BA school where we're respect it does your queries he was if it was the seventeenth birthday. He just committed to refute state. They reset had a conversation like who arrived yet. And he would just dare he with president. He he thinks. Ford sell job got a great sense of humor either big personality you know without being. You know an issue both say. Yeah I mean he checked all the boxes I'm sure. When you waited interviewed I doubt it do or whatever when he recorded a column but I go you gotta sit Freddie got the Cooper although the bald spot. You know he's he can handle. The scene. That the media down there won't. You know it should be as open locker room. One of the few programs in the country that does all. Open Lockerbie after games and they do. Open practices. At times with with media availability for all players afterwards or with kind of a pro. Set up yet MSU. And that you guys. Were called in Tokyo it would be very controversial even at Michigan spin. Are there with a lot going or. We. It's been a very. They're the wired Nash's situation got a snowboarding it would being their right football bitcoin it would return to a whole idea that would take another segment showed exploited depth. But now. It was a hard time. And they get the locker room open poll that. And Jared that there are put this question that you know I had opted to do that then yeah. And he handled. And look like a pro for us they really all the so. You know these kind of need. So late that he's gonna get pro and that's a veto that handled so. Now we are or something to Brendan I asked them with every word he says I fall more on their love with Jerry and Jackson junior that was on the let me ask you this Brendan. Is he ready tomorrow because the grizzlies have a plan that they have said time again they wore last season when they won 42 games they want that to be an anomaly. They wanna get back to the playoffs can Jerry Jackson helped them and and NB real contributor for them next year as a rookie. Yeah I mean it defensively especially to walk on the floor right you NBA ready to. Yeah. And you all effectively yet begun to develop. More more but you not a guy who helped my colleague and appropriate that it hadn't got to hit it between Shiites you know he gets the ball finished. And that he didn't speak he can hit it three so. You know this is that the pro ready guy I mean he's he's really really young blood. You know that's. That's a good thing yeah it's it is we got to get better. It's still kind of learning. I think on the opposite side but I could imagine you know of a third of all these newcomers a guy you'd be more comfortable with. To put a mobile Portland DL but that he would do on the off but the red. Yes I mean I would be surprised to be not play according to a culture. Well what they'll see as incidental Joakim Noah compared recognize that that I held comparison. Beat a guy you have to go where ever need a real sorry you didn't do any career the students now. Yeah I mean Garrett Garrett flat out. So that must have just been on the defense or defense of comparison that I'm right because that's a disk that's a slap in the table tennis titles at all the air game. What I don't better than OK okay and yeah. I don't think a joke and no way like a big time high level ripper term protected right. The dad Gary I mean like Garrett he's he's quick opus beat he's got arms for days. And he can be blocked the ball clean a lot. You know of great weak side defender dot com and you are sure we don't have to go one all want apple takes a high alerts her blood. Got each evil changing over the president. Serge Ibaka may be best case scenario. I'd even bet in Ireland. Frankly I don't know a break we had a lot to look at yeah he hit a patch of well compare it to put all I do know that you don't have to go to joking though with a particular. Compare Vietnam with a 100% yeah officer took a nose at their guard play guards you know I mean that's that's my privacy that is part of what they blame but he started he has played is certainly not guarding point guards. I can't tell you how much you missiles and education land thank you broke the window and AJ JJ. Absolutely bent up tactic to do it and a ball by a different intensity or go well. Yes sir Alex Renton mayor was Brendan Quinn would you think about that. I can feel you coming around a little mom and if you got the right man and have a look I've got my on my lesson in humility and and dogs and stuff out earlier essence of this week from Sammons a threat on not gonna sit here killer kid you real journalists are usually. Are not you know what I've done something else yes good this kid if it these look like a just that it. So would you if you come Serge Ibaka. At right but you and I go back to how does this fit. What you say you want to do a political question national and they're trying to when you name monopoly are going to fit they're trying to win fifty games back. From everything we heard he's not a plug and play you got me onto Michael's still live on the year starting power forward no. We brought the you don't see the plug and play guy is I'm sure you know but but I and you watch them every day if you can't if he can't be out to Michael Green for the starting four spot. You know that's a prob I look here's a lot. The fact that Brendan was surprised by the reaction because. He's so convinced. It's good player rec Sony here you know and hearing that Memphis and and and don't you agree with me it's not so much bullying. Sharing a player it was Memphis it was those that these the fan base kind of want to see something else may be what I think or show me just. Pay off the front office. Well in baton is without a doubt it's and I think that comes out every draft and that's deserve you know because you sign anybody they were picked the temple. I think I am not anybody I doubt that I think. Like if you picked offense if you don't sexy and don't you know US defense is not sexy is not but basketball was played on that and it is our laws that I mean and look up the gas which oval one through five. You've got to pick up those guys in this league today I realized that I every like miles turner for the pacers right. He's a rim protector he's a very good player in this week eat greens is very little boot into. You know he's a very good player now and that's AJ Jackson's monster tomorrow but if he becomes that kind of player run. None of this is gonna matter if they're up here here's the deal. Other adults almost want to see you try to get a superstar. OK but if it in terms if you can do that it ended multiple picks we know why we want multiple picks you. We know that even if you could you know. I think what happens after Mike Morton. This isn't a guy that's going to be the face right this is a guy that's going to need 23 to relate to other three other got the guys with him right to be. Affected or are they also want at least don't want him quite sold one handled all Janet Jackson junior and as we've discussed and I already dubbed the leader of his friend Jesse a piece or a franchise big he's a that that's what we're gonna have to we're gonna find out. Is what you better be a franchise big you took in the topple right. I'm sure for sure that is what they're hoping he hits but that kind of is what he has to decide what is good day's going to be apiece to lead to a bigger puzzle or you're gonna be the franchise big debt at number four. Your pick to date and hand. And if he doesn't become that it will ultimately be viewed as a disappointment but of course we won't know code that. Until 2022. Dozens we want again. Right he's in because he's not giving you everything probably next year to help you win that's insane and we were talking yet about development gap. But the plans wins that when now yeah get some help you win now when he he didn't maybe be a star later yeah this is wait till let's hope he's a star later that's what what is the site picked out. But what is safe picks like is it is in my Connolly you know where you it takes four years or so two thirds of determining the good player not. Yeah I mean I don't know that's what will we as well we will. All this this does his franchise have that kind of time to wait does this front office have backed panel not not a way to play and write like that blows the plan to Smither and I think getting the four pick blew their plan to smithereens they didn't plan to get the fourth pick it up they're getting the first of the second pick you know. And if that would have been the case. They draft would be dodge sits and we're having a different conversation today rob they detained last season to get a top two pick they got the fourth pick. Which for them you know is almost worst case scenario and I figured Jackson junior is a good consolation prize I do doubt dominate you know. That's what I'm gonna try and I'm going to find the good candidates don't and it's like you know what considering a plane with which we consider complain about Chris Wallace thought that we have people writing that he should be it's done is done at this point everybody today is trying to figure to look for the best in this if it's he's look he's a good kid at heart upon and no diseases we just that he's okay Judith or I don't you got a horror as head. A key to our key Tellme through this is going to be you know corpsman have made me feel better you hear that fake name in the Bagram can you hear if you if you listen closely you can hear the man and so excited about a lot of power forward the organization well you've got a 51 can I'm brother did something good can a brother you know wing Leno than a chicken wing. That's it let's do root like an arrest in a brother you don't win a measure question. The Cleveland Browns all they do address crappy quarterback's right. Load of but you gotta keep dress and quarterbacks until you finally won all the greens that don't have draft power forwards who sought. You gotta find one eventually got to keep drafting because power holds a lead in the league. Under the key to winning well I'm a little class walked just click upon the baskets right a LaMarcus audits for the spurs again I go don't mommy's garner Jimmy Dolan if you tell me is just remind OK give me goal stated in Cleveland who were their big camera protectors that are dominating the games available for Boston's big time rim protector other gotta Smart veteran senator. Al Horford the planned small most of the time like to again I go. Where's the league going you didn't add scoring should I and others to do is stretch for which you and add perimeter shooting you know wing player. We have 40% from very. You know he did. That happened. Mobile morally you know wing I gotta weigh the need for winning is still their job he knew he gives players in this US you spacing though he does give us space. If that shot translates he will give you spell I don't know what's going on lot of high low. By Ivan route you're out no more beyond that Davis DD gone you glad to give you go ahead live in that room Vince Carter bill for you. You go out to finally visit. The room. I'd like to see a documentary about the first time DI today was visit the room at thirty angle on that room. Very big on the rumor that a break Jason dye and Edyta benefit ESP it. 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I we're back Jason's we are broadcasting live from the week guru if we have been the last. We'll let us residents knots in my opinion what do the all time opinion efforts it is hit it that nobody that I just. It is my opinion column I've been here for ten minutes now have another way. I went nary a way that we are Harry away yeah permanently and that means guru I have very away these drives a little bit let's bring in the endorsements on the wall yeah there's one Gary Parrish dirty pair. It's always awesome to see guys I know first about the best the world doing big things in business. I'm proud ability. I love the wings and I can't wait to their locations all over Memphis and here we aren't we I don't locations throughout their apathy not that I make the cut their little by little. He's done a lot Jason Ellis got the best way to. I know it doesn't know how to make it just for John to get off the rails Natalie done. I'll tell you on the little star Jon is a long for as well it's nice it's a wallop page realm aren't the only real beard watch me do well you know. All good ideas on there and John Martyn Williams on the law and on this one. It is not a whole lot of seizure Elmo Malone and mark Obama really won't trigger guard LeRoy Watson junior is on the wall. John you get around Jerome it's the right. I guess and the we go to your doctor how much does not belong. Yeah is he going to be on the team. Does it I don't know again I don't I'm zero Martinsville on the chopping block I think he is and I think it's the odds say Davis he's definitely. Our job at it anyway Jeff is here what it's all of that data for coming out thank it is part of this we gotta get this at some point for what. Because I think obviously we read the book blasts out of you Saudi DC my prayers go. Did not see pairs. You don't like Ottawa didn't react a lot of adults would you could just quit anyway we are the left last night and isn't that blew the others at FedEx more on the other. I don't think about it a little about the community like. It was the same kind of reaction that a form they they believe they definitely have so I would ask you did you at internally do as well I didn't Abu. I did not pull it back. I was on the GP show yesterday with the Mets start filling in for GP and I heard. They play tomorrow haggard or some sad song whatever because it was for coming Opel because we'll just weeded out that looks like they were the picture. At Virginia and I sort of I don't know Youkilis and let millions for this hang hang. Head hanging right over the pick and your doctor Jenner and so I think it is. I would of preferred. Doctor there's no question ought to put I would prefer we were all there Bagley sure I would prefer. Eight once you get past that. If my general view is this. People more man that they didn't trade gap. Ever more popular damage of the propeller of a like that they sent there to the those split up their mind and then that I think maybe he was the best player he is also could be felt that whatever he is also the player that I would have taken in that slot. But while he is. He is. Say what you can accessible Wendell Parker likely that it sent people up I do think he's a better fit at a better player. Long term then the train young I think he's. Well part of I think what the card could be good and could be better next year he's more ready. I think the bill Pryor put his ceiling until next year the ceiling is lower so does the illustrate the ball to go on the record as you don't think very will be very good and can I I know where John as you re not going to be very good in the league just you seem to I have been honestly I'd I'm prepared to be very wrong. Because he should come in and did I don't me wrong Obi got his great. He's going to be great off the bat like he's going to be a very especially whereabouts are needed here right away and what they did you think you said weren't good shooters yet and they they went out got shooters. And you don't believe he got what was. The show we're all these but yeah these are all that my mom is physical limitations and that honestly. I thought he was out of control a lot of times he played like I don't know well is finally had a lot so is it gonna translate at people say stuff. They're the ones that cannot get and so. The guys that there's gonna be another. Another guy like that I'd. I I think the better risk. Thing is is that I don't think you should draft them fit but it turns the grizzlies. That's the Mike Conley might get three of us left Bosnia you can't play them together exact and so can he actually not a great fit for the grizzlies so. If you like Trey young lectured I like the fact that they stayed there they had convictions that picked the guy they wanted and there's no question I would prefer it. If it bit someone else make the pick because I don't have faith in this front office have to make the right there necessarily. But given everything. I don't you know I. That they are definitely. They're people close it must put a little can be found lot of people photos and told us so we have multiple speakers you know. The hawks I think. Liked him better loved him but looks like they're not like that they they like tree about it related but I think they actually like. Janet Jackson better than like gunship they did they would attempt to take about a minute objections. Find people who. Kevin Helm has barber back the eight on his big board and it looks you. There are people who believe that Jerry Jackson is the best player in this draft. There are few people who you could let going right now Google that it you know why does it give me pause think Gary Parrish who's seen a lot more college basketball I have. Thinks this is a terrible Tolkien but we just had we just had printed Quinn on the show who says he can't believe it it does is react in the way they react any dollars in government doesn't air you know using donated and India in fairness though so that is because I'm. I'm fundamentally I like that thinks he wants for the for the everything. Is that some people say or are you worried that this doesn't fit their fifteen when play. And I pray that that complaint is that a plane as much as it is a goal or aspiration I dream right guys it's a fantasy. And so I I don't care actually look. If what if they had done something. Short sighted like. Called let's say they traded down picked bridges right as sort of as befits any help them get to 48 wins next year's news into the right rhetoric. Well aired it. Its own something yes is that with a plan. Oh and it would there and they didn't do that what they did they didn't let their desire for short term success. And by the way for also job security does their job done on an idea so. I like the fact that they rolled the dice on a guy who probably won't be awesome next year and they were willing to put there job security on the line. And they realize that it's not just about what happens next year. I was terrified coming into this draft that they were gonna do things just for next year that would that's insane but you're really building for. Is the grizzlies that will exist after mark and my annual UN forward you're right in you went for a piece a math remind us again go for a superstar you would for the sake that you would he will be price of that if there had been a super kid and I think perceived as an -- gives you at least a couple of like you know egg headed numbers that I think matter. Yes last season Janet Jackson shot 44 point 8% from NBA range. He shot 44 point eight from NBA free range his block percentage was fourteen point 3% in the Davis. In college thirteen point 7%. So I just gave you two numbers right there. That that is what the NBA is if you are rib protectors who by the way can also step out and shoot. How can you not be happy with that pick and what he represents he does if he is what is. It also what you wanna be. The ideal day for this like I mean there's grass because it answers right now he's got that funky release responses though and it's always on marry kind of weird it's kind of a section gets an awkward though that's copyright you know that you've got to get out there and it will that translate that that we'll be interest that would give. Lately the other argument for restraint we talked about is the fact that although they already have you know all these power forward on the roster right foot none of them are good it. None of them are established. Sony decides to stop drills. Plus the other thing that gets a lot of adrenalin is that well I agree completely I. I do think it creates they're gonna have producers sorting out of power oh no question question that there and that's hair cut the fat well. I can't work I think. It's there's not room for both Ivan ravaged the affidavit zodiac that it has gone stone as as I think yesterday's public. The issue on the judicial no evidence that that's the do no question that you don't know definitely like it paid like cater to did you write them so they're gonna have to do some cleaning up there but if they think well Carter was at the same thing. The only way that what what great week. Did you wanted to take that would that would that they wouldn't. Four at four if this story it was mostly today so let's train young right and that's fine trio is a shooter rhetoric is that he would have been tenuous and where to get on the court with. But I don't won't let me ask you this is fuel bills if the plan if the plain stupid. Which are very close. Why not trade back. Maybe get something sevens what made you do the bulls out. And you take you take it home runs went on Michael forging is that just who was in the coming in that point you stood still gamble right is that he's still doing it for the future. And you're doing it with multiple picks with a couple of guys who have just won recently has my view is is that. Queen is that your best chance that the numbers suggest that your best chance of getting older game and impact player. Is higher in the draft rather than. So you're taking let's take on the middle yes taking two you know is would you rather have the clippers. Guard spratt. Right what would you rather have one really good dark and and the numbers suggest more chances in the in the we'll be different obviously right in the film as you can provide value next generally. Totally you guys find people whether it's an honest or whether it's you know Tony Parker who picked lower than Jack yet but the numbers suggest. That that the productivity is very clear that the chances of productivity related to where guys are so. I want the best shot at getting the best player that's where I think the only way you believe that the trade down thing. Is if you think. And they're all just hole. Hole right total shots on our sponsor related shares on the 2001 of those and yeah I'll Obama hello. To me if you want to trade and it's like there's no difference between for example there's a difference between Ford nine the they're all just. Pocket and poll whatever. And that's why people want to do shots is that a one but if you have the conviction about play. And I it's funny because. It's wall's ass last night where he ranked on their board when bill you would tell because I. So number one I know there're there are people in that front office. Who had him. Hired for a support all the most and you guys were saying what I mean right at the next day after the draft lottery that that good people inside that organization Logitech G and that's and that's what's going to be depict that there were definitely so there. It didn't look at. I think that the people who had a huge New Zealand and second. Right well that's why that includes that night of the lottery. I got a call was thought it was Janet Jackson did they loved them they loved him. From long time during the season. And well if you gonna be did it if you remember what Chris Wallace stat that night that night and we're really relate it to they were they please at least we stayed for. And reveled making him yep what you can get a 5% chance of jumping to five nice job Chris. But until we all mocked him for that you have put it could very well be. Is that if they stated form. There they thought it was a good column after Jarrett Jack's and so that's why I agree it was to get in before and so. Now that people Douglas Adams is huge drop off after three. Five five. I I think I think that fits with the books that they had in pretty. Pretty high out right what do you do about it what do you think do you think they are trying to go back to agree does not pleasant to read from Britain trying to get better than it was then there's Swine Flu like bring it back. If you do wanna tune. Yeah I don't fault them for like going it's all they know. Oh they do is scoring doesn't matter ultimately that is a little weird right flat. You think they were trying well let's beat us last year. It was just a male and will you didn't often visited him and and it was and so I do think there interested in character in and compete and all those things some which are not represented by every player on this roster right now. Candidate spent a lot of them example act again if you don't. Clark's frustration is is that he wants a team that. Buss sent us and and so that was I do think that was part of divisions to get some of the commission. Isn't gonna make a difference on the defensive and I don't think this draft was like. That beat draft. The with a fixed for me DeMarre Carroll. Sam young and insert young like that was a themed drama going in there like we are going on defense it was like a costume party of a draft like what do the same going to be you know whatever it it was. At that seems to me to be stupid I don't expect there to here because he fit the movie also like he can also expressed my lower you know he's not just like some bombs don't look around the rim may need a backup point guard and exact. What does it paerson. Can't playoff football. Yes Kobe Simmons can't be had to have a two way deal you don't have to get rid of cohesiveness. And then now the only question is is that particular. Want right what I think Thomas apparently the exhibit runs and runs it and as a matter the maps submitted data to forty seconds and expect was jailed Brunson and that will be interesting to those two grew up together in Chicago yet played at the same a team yeah. And now they're picked one pick apart. And their kids like. With with with. The Jackson. It's going to be OK let's compare the Carter well if next year Carter has a better year you're gonna civil Jackson. He'll tell buying a team or is apparently well let's wait whatever whereas the the backup point guards yeah. But that 123. I think the ideas I think he's the one that for a little bit of us that there is so he's gonna have to step that it's not gonna be there are you going to be a look you are gonna be able to compare you know you have this. Right away as he will be available at the back of my going off time. I guess you're the only person about about what he's doing little beyond that but they do here's what he played multiple position I think. I think in your Harrison will be in the first game the first guy to replace my comment will be better person. But but. But all three apply right and it and over time it made me. No more to prevent them as the only reason the only reason I'll fill a lot better about this draft if there will go out sun god will mark the film what the wind could blow apart the I'll it's like thought through from an early we have got a chance to Jonathan I'll feel a lot better about Israel I would get a win like bad free agent you ready for either Tyreke I don't because of the because the I was rather stick by my side in somebody to big money them at the Dillon thought about it. I am going to call it a little hard I don't know because there as I've talked about. They basically mortgage their future retiree gets by keeping him for some small incentive financially. On a guy who's that let last season was the first he's played it briefly that's the part that scares me well and I think that gets better over time I think it's worse. Well Bart is guy who's still young enough still hungry enough hasn't ever really had injury as did my nose and has this you know side be all he's got to get excited about it give him the full court I love it thirtieth two trillion dollars. Yeah I my only fear is is that. What you're hoping. Is that one of those is that. Right I think of the tea colored as smug and I think of the two players spartans more apt to get a salary bigot in the middle level yes and I read 'cause precisely for the reasons you sacked once every yes he had won basically injury free year but it's just one. To. We'll bar yeah or not becomes the baggage like people don't think and I historically thought of as the best. Can a team player and so. And he's also been on bad teams for four effort yet and so. I think we'll Barton is perceived as an easier fit easier got to get. Along I would not retiree four years 32. I would offer will bars for users who I would I I don't know that of course what we've got a career years as the most I would be going off retiree I don't know that gets it done. I really don't you think two years to only get to Dallas area. I'm not sure that we have no idea what the officers will be for him I think most people are going to be a little hesitant to give him that. To commit to the link where he's he may get another one year deal would you make a bad habit with a way to do I don't know about it here's what I'm scared of will Barton in terms of resistance in. What he's losing team that's got cap money probably will not throw it taunted him and he's gonna go for the money this I don't know I actually says he deserves the money because it's activity doesn't get it now who knows whether they alerted its tight right now yes so go get your monthly and that's the media should be any offer that's. At the mouth as if I think they need scoring at an appalling because what they have money again Phillip Brooks got killed drugs blood like Johnny tell you right now yeah Kim the Parsons and yet you've got. It back one more time Jenna lives it out of place hand this is definitely sell them. I don't know you got Brooks the other brought to get to hallmarks that's right yeah. You know and that we could include Mike you're renowned that is on the team about it how you can count. Watch out recently you know it but I don't count I don't know how much that is a mirage because it was late well incidents that people stopped here you'll be noted you still low maybe below double figures he's not a huge win some points that he won't be to keep anymore than you the ball like that but maybe a -- close regarding a reasonable for them he absolutely did well today you know there is reasonably you would like to have explorer and now they have been. Yeah so that's where they can for the good old camera. Couple back come on home I'm home brother. I lessening did you see that you don't smoke. I don't. I did see him you can tell it like you look at them on January it was an easy to have an opinion about look at notched his mom well I think luggage and since the conversation and others like care at all I tell I have wow wow wow wow and you are you here we're gonna. Here people that character and a greater intelligence sensors so let me ask you that she was at the track hearing all US if she's intractable I salute. Yes she was an attractive woman she's OK I think she is an attractive woman yes that's it's okay for you to say that you've got to get beat to perceive that she's a drag what did you think. What did you think of Jarrett Jack look at the what did you Jackson's death the way I do like that rent that mental. Looks more like he's so that would likely vote. While you still go to about the dodge his mom. She's just been justified the you know I'm not obviously you want to do is subject to the bed and I was. But it's important to me if you've been debating people attractiveness we should be integrated people yes on both both sides I had I had a question as you're bound to dodge is mum until about Andre your dolls washed address I saw he was lost and he has said. He's at home he's at mom's decent amounts these is that if you look at the odds are you offended or do you take I'll be highly of him to be offended. I don't know I don't look about bomb like that. He did it ever can pay her a compliment without saying that look like that you'd ever had friends that like took like talking about how number. Yeah and it rebellion against each doesn't. Relations. I didn't do this that things that I can now Hillary folks want them. One of the southern desert moms attractive and it was a day that I like your mom's fine. Borough they say we're seeing out you've got to stand up for her in yourself no love is ugly. What you what this alias and I don't tell mama mama and it I believe it that's funny cards he has finally got it wasn't a fit because to me that's a mile intervals there I love mine. Incidents that today. Can't believe she has nine kids that went to medical school and she's a doctor. All of that while we'll is that amazing she raised all line item here and she's a doctor wherever they should find the times never shallow or artifice try to stay away from the shallow. Your book value out of it but clearly above that which is why you love the Jarret Jackson that because you see in to I think this is much too funny to two things like if charming level parcel out those two weeks if they're good if they're good they will be pulled. Yes one because he's sheltered dog plays in your face or whatever and just because he's charming funny and invest beyond its most the grisly draft picks are boring. Like I often affable personality standpoint. When you don't like I heard Christian event over the Brooks is a global war against these. Into personality like he's when you get him in this setting Bailey a little things are exactly is going to shine through. I really do know I'd do without our yeah yeah exploration well at this so fast that he's got a good. Yeah our goals and generally that's Obama for anybody the you'd like LeBron James is boring but he's the best player of the universe and nobody says today about personality you know. On this day for Jared and I think he will be. You know people create marketable guy if he's good. He's what's also lets hope if he is it over mark Saunders. Our second incident that you gonna have a stock you put some of the I'll see flashes what we know that's not as heavily as if you're good at doesn't really hit a bad year I didn't Johns is celebrating that we got to got tactical win some early last. Hey I never they never had guys play and everybody always had an ankle injuries that he's been unhappy about that what you actually has a dog race. You know obviously we have the like depend on Okobi seventy looks great he just hit a floater. You know items that we actually have to salvage my order today as Gaza number four pick in the draft. So it is he should dominate some early yes he's had played very well it's definitely double double. That's what almost any speech today and I need to moments or now Valhalla how fast it up some you know you should he should put out I don't believe he's not averaged in double figures and something you dodge and valves you know. Yeah it's about that you definitely don't find it. Hi I would encourage you Obama use about maybe use of so Jeff thanks and I thank you for the nice. He's got here it's about. That the muscle we'll look at the wallet still loves anything from. Yeah I've been told that a worldwide last all the best talent well right now the way early so there's people out there who frankly have no business being. On both gentle drizzle along then LA and Santa Anita Jockey Club level right on that you can't take anymore. Everybody's on the wall drill Martan just hanging on his opponents are all 1000 names here. Just a little about the law he finally found on the ground and pound what does that you're at the bottom of these you can kind of see it this solidly here Billy let it. I think that's a law I don't want to apologize to you because I was about this I had a hard headed about ways. And an overall good for himself when we won't need yeah you wanted to have a hit it's better on the wall so Jeff Adam thank you for coming out and rest of us now are you the best about your business opportunity every morning from 9/11 year have a definitive word. Back and bit Jason job that he's an event yesterday. Memphis is number 1 sports morning show Geoff Calkins joke with medicine most of it. Get sports columnist Jason Smith and John Morton. He Eric Cassell tonight show. And put three on the. Our show relies on Memphis is full station and now he's. ESPN that. That big deal a magistrate mall branch runs dealt with savings of up to 500. 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A total of season one that Paul patrol mission crews repaired you know well Obama. I got a Wal-Mart I got a Tebow that Lego Jurassic world blossom raptors got a fair they've got everything basically hot wheels Fisher Price Barbie Super Mario I see. Also got. This makes John Mark very happy all the video games that you want. You or maybe your kids you got a birthday party coming up for your kid or someone else's that's the place to go you'll find all the right all those friendly towards. Out at. Wal-Mart head over to America's best toy shop Wal-Mart parents go to the store for toys and video games. I backed into the candidates benefit ESP in my lovely wife has just graced us with her Bristol is. All you confide their by the cash register. You would have a quick dinner there's two years. Success or sales same as in the build and so China and as usual wanna thank my I think she just came back from workouts is this thing portions of this nine. When she sweats so I think that's what that is a little Fella you don't need to explore but she's here and that we appreciative I've made has been a crazy and everything has been patched the hole and our. It is good though it was but I like Wyoming last night in the draft party where everybody told you how great you. You were. How awful lot of was an end today and it's normally it's a celebration of of ticket in Memphis and Billy originally from sober ability Richmond city jail next right here. I've yet and that he's gonna play some early may come out I'm done I'm excited Tom Izzo is going to be alligator pears that really helped gators put it to him you know. About why he didn't play. Little bit more last season because you don't critically and told us it was a point of contention in the East Lansing. But what sport I would you know there's no fly that apparently that was you know that was that was a hot I'm not a he's so good job. You know he's done it gets there he's so good you can have a moment Florida. Surgeries that I was rejected calls like I reject Jerry's hopeless. And again you realize the book the book on making it's it's OK to have questions about just absolutely I think you should have a little you understand them and that's why I hope you should always have questions about everything that's why Harry doesn't say there's just let our cell you have questions you're supposed to welcome Nigerian civil. But I have to but I about what you got your you had a question about how this is what I do reject special that you record of this fully also will be hearing DJ Jackson presser right after the show okay got yeah predicament as we love him after this that press conference but no I reject the fact that you don't. Jerry Ollie says. You're asking him to be something that he's never did which is a good basketball player come on first of all I played one season but we're developers that we're gonna determine that he can never be a good player because he had one bad year he knows who his one year college he was not you.