Jason & John Hour 1 (9/12/17)

Jason & John
Tuesday, September 12th

Talking Tony Allen News in Hour 1 


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Your entire purchase excluding loose diamonds and pandora for convenient locations not online for this one folks get to Robert when Jewelers today. No one plus. Loses the ultimate total disarray is that big green and begin always. Imagine winning the biggest baddest grilled him all the big green explosives at a grilling accessories not alone plumbing wants you to win and it's easy to register just go to any and to win a big green egg dye job or ESPN 99 dot com and click on the your neighbors will be jury even within me. It's not a one football book the big green and beat giveaway brought to you but no one plumbing registered today thanks for the memories. Don't limit this insanity is doing what looks to monetize its. ESPN's. Doesn't score station. I mean it's getting some. Isn't it is okay. Matt yeah. OK let's. No. Where. Go to. Comets come off. The winner of the roads and John 99 hit him ESPN. Fans Tuesday. Gloomy outside. Thought to you what it here in the building. Don't move like you don't know when this little bit like. People are down brother he's my guy and it's my belief. Was the problem Dark Knight. Father Basil gloomy week because. It's official that. The era of boys and grim grind is over. It's so nice formerly fitness man we have we just were. This is the funeral service okay didn't we have a fuel for you to tell you know this we now know Tony was Leven we do you know. I really didn't have the services statute so this is what we're doing tonight offense the service I do wanna say. We have some diversity in. Your background. And you're having the top of your life. On the show and it's we're gonna do today. Right here on Jason and I don't Sergio did that people enough yet they always talk about that let's limit on out of ourselves political will get the bad guy a little bit later today on the show Jason fixed. Is rescheduled from yesterday. They're reason for that is his work cut the musical what what was not Muslim. And some aren't who is who is this funeral director Sox. Third people who morning everybody in the photo credit cut the music it was not a moment of silence for myself you can't. Your kids and let them greet him let me grief you can't do that manage social responsibility right now and take your kids is going to join us at 1145 who talked him. About the Tennessee Titans about. Whether the the Tennessee Titans Jacksonville Jaguars game is going to be played this weekend. And elevate his career total to probably about the clay Travis. One of one of the city's favorite guests. We will do that at 1225 that compared board that bit at one point five excited to say. The Robert Mays from the ringer who spent the entire NFL season what does every Tuesday last year. He loved it so much he's a do it again come about and I and I appreciate our friends and I'm honored it's an honor to have him. Even though you pick the chargers to go eleven and five whom we can forgive him it's that he gets a Mulligan writes a regular I think that's only right. So we will talk to Robert Mays. At one at twenty found that every single Tuesday. I know Jason as you yourself. Were ready to send Tony Allen down the river. I'd give it man you come here you got your John Deere outfit on you done since Tony Allen down the river. I understand that but for some of us. This hearts for some of us this is not a good day even though we know what's comment okay is right outside. Arm is here and Tony Allen is going down a New Orleans and boom boom do we are we blind sided by now. We're not blind sided by we knew it. Member of the grizzlies. He's meant so much displays may not that I that I can get down I you know and I'm out of school. Like you don't care what were awarding of the cool things seem to be to cry today. Not a cold cold thing is to not cry look I'm happy for he is now employed John I was concerned about Tony Allen's future employment. And whether there was being here. Why not celebrate. The fact that this 35 year old man. Is gonna make a little over two million bucks again this season. A job maybe he would have a job. It would of people who it was did bad why couldn't I. Didn't hear it Solomon filling out for the season on a begins this job why couldn't you have been. Employed here. It's according today. I'm with you when you look at the money that he took. A two million. I mean it was always said that right now is that if it was that minimum might take you back from back home maybe think back. Two. When the when the offseason just to get hands. There was a report from rods are that the grizzlies has had offered him to the vet minimum numbers so you've heard that yes and I don't think Tony I was very receptive to it at the time. But. It makes some sense. When you don't know your marquee yet. OK well then you see your market move and you normally have one is 35 year old man exactly there was no market there but. Why then could even though even if the grizzlies wanted to go in the did you direction which they clearly haven't that have done. Not that young on the today like Tyreke Evans that young far right and Wayne so ms. if that was audio roster area and proven. Men met more hurt. Why couldn't we have found a way man that's and that's why I hit the fan in you talk that's why won't say it is not even just the favorite is David just like a few years is if you look at emotional if you look at what's ahead. I think it's just the share. That's the emotion part of the that is shared plane is what's making me emotional you know on the knicks their fans can. So good choice on this event but it is if you look at his. From the time he arrived yes and now that he's leaving yes that seven years. It will hold its wasn't fun ride it's OK it's OK it's OK to use cliches today man I did this to downtown so. I did this too much you did I came to grips with the fact that don't we you don't want to know you didn't we argued for 45 minutes about whether he should be back. That's what we did didn't give his proffer that's what you have not done it yet. All also alluded multi I had outside the floors doors I want you to give Tony Allen is proper credit. For his impact on this franchise go ahead. He was the grandfather. I don't need to tell me what his nickname was and for seven years. He took us about forget that strike that. He helped us can even be sincere to the playoffs John he embodied toughness he embodied yes. Great defense yes embodied grit and grind. He helped make us who we are as a city right now are truly believe that right now I believe were. We can do we can get over the mountain. Right and not a landlord Tony. We never made the Google juju that try and come right back down and out right right this palace although we won those playoff series with them. We got to the Western Conference files which gives. We did all that we can win a title. Well that's foreign aid. I can be the measure for everything. I do my own tribute without your prudent and disciplined run and millions I don't need your approval global I think like a good you're halfway hit the market you have played this and it. Thank you Tony for the seven years here and I. Hard. That it got ugly at the end you know addicted I got a little as much as hard look like a divorce which he said of lead to Jeff Hawkins that. It would feel like a divorce is what it feels like I'm sorry got that way I've never gone through divorce myself but business is business well it is it is. It is and that's my take on John well okay all right so let's salute him. I will give you that. I will give you that this is this is sports then as it is sports that his business and their players who come of their players who go to their contractual issues and people move on amino in this building today we add an announcement that there are people moving on. Now right now here comes to it is just part of it okay. It's just part of it's part of life it's part of employment all that right so I can't be too upset but. Can not visit not just. It's another soft spot if they're not soft spot when you look back when I'd Charlie. First team all defense and kicking Chris Palmer thanks. Okay we like that he was. He was I mean you can talk about. A guy that took his craft I don't think there's anybody to take his craft more seriously Tony out in the week. Elect and re reading here tweets from last night was a good week is a very good week. I've sent out two really good tweets about the starting grid was a B plus if you did inventory goes into the hundreds you can count out Martin coming on here in the next day and reading it yet another oh absolutely I was up 3300. At Oklahoma wouldn't be enough to worry sixer favorites. Win than it means it was well done now one point 8000 favorite son Zach Randolph. Just exploded that night as. Ali you read that that was on July 4 but everything came on the next day read our. But you can't separate its Zach Randolph and as toll on the seven years and of course Mike remark played a part and it. But those dudes set the foundation. Donated those do it now where there were now are there a way and that's what I'm not sure about okay. Thought that seven years with a lot of fun you learn to be around though there were flaws. OK let their honorary average size or flaws that were there were you know he he was injured several times in the playoffs. He's fully healthy. You know against the warriors. At the end there maybe they can win that. Sears who knows they were up to wolf it happened in the they had is that they obviously stopped guarding him because he was hurt and and and and the history was was made. But. I'm gonna miss that. But I don't think puts on the other side is going to be nearly as good. To reboot that's a well look and that you're looking into an outfielder I think it's. It's more so the smaller moments for me other prisoners to do a good job with this within the nano warm it's like. When something happened he pointed this out we all looked at Tony for his reaction so much that fonts on the funders of the crazier than the game. We all look at Tony to see what he was doing. The vote this roams around his locker where the biggest because you always wanted to see what Tony had to say about those were fun moments. Getting to hear him talk about basketball talk about his life talk about his kids Britain that that was all part of it that's all part of it no doubt no doubt persecuted. Loved it rebels all part of told. And I can do to your point I can appreciate that dude I can appreciate. What he brought to Memphis they don't personality. But toughness is is that the thing to me that. He embodied. So there's that do watch considers say look around my shed a tear downstairs business business side that this two months ago. But I can sit here and have a genuine respect. For his contributions unless that there's no doubt about it does what adults right like we're grown man. And what that is affected by the players leaving as you know maybe it a young child would be right down our breads are about his his kid who's grown up with just toning down being a staple of the Sam said that I can understand you've been growing up we went has camp all that stuff yeah did it's did it's much tougher are we understand it is did Oprah's book. I think when you are you are a franchise like the grizzlies and year obviously not you know the odds are stacked very well against you when it comes to winning a championship. Arm what do you hat. What do you want and I think the answer is I think the answer is fallen on an answer is moments and memories deaths and I think that like for it now listen. You wanna be competitive in the playoffs you know you want to be a playoff team let's be clear we've shown. The last seven years at the grizzlies can bedecked. At the end of the day if you can't win a championship. You want. You want memories. And I and I think and I think Tony Allen provided. Our panelists are you countless I know like there's that there was a moment where. I go to the locker room and this duties in a robe. And it's an in his locker room and it was this is like legendary. Please this is pretty moderate who they think is what happened. They had to get ahead of Tony Allen road giveaway I don't remember well he gave us so much John Geoff Barrow. Yeah but that was it that was that was that topical addition. It was it was a row but still Jenna it it was inspired by the fact he wore a book grizzlies broke you in an army keyboard edge that I wrote to the premiere Star Wars when it came out of heavily damaged. Like half the movie theater yes as a general John it was a Tony Allen road do. It was a Tony Allen and I don't sit and argue about Star Wars. A pact under it and we're gonna take your calls by the way later in the show. The so you can sort of say your piece. About toeing around but now you sort of stated or you're right. This is not just this is not a shot was not something that we weren't expecting that we knew that they grill was a little shocked it's a shock they're great. Right in the sense of how much money guy also yeah zone right there for that price that you never going to be back correct and that is right and informative very price tag every movie we were just briefly thought about it the wrong way the whole time. So now Tony Allen has gone to New Orleans by the way around telling the sort of he will give an ambulance I mean you know they're they're gonna be in Memphis open season and in we we can argue about who's who's better at a later time OK today about the day. Pelicans or religion and today's ally at starting lineup. We can argue about that. Let I'm I'm very curious to see how he and Rondo Zell though because I'm pretty sure Rajon Rondo is the one guy. That has been sort of on. And you know exiled. We got to starting guards can't shoot that's a problem well outside that went radar Rondo is good by the way by Rajon Rondo is not big enough. If he didn't he can be when he wants to do not forget what he did go first couple games against Boston he is Annette wells this year and any goes down looking out at that series changed Rajon Rondo he wants to be when he is engaged he can still be a good of a contributing player is Ali can pick up the let's cut its duties very well aware argue with Rajon Rondo as a starter in 27 I don't laugh I don't I don't like the way that backcourt looks like yet drew how they already what you needed for Murti somebody come in and fill that some hill roll out for the season. Tony how's perfect out there and and so it makes total sense for Tony Allen added each you do this it's it's a good character fit I think firfer norms that locker room was going to be something else. A lot of fun locker room interview with their income is certainly combustible to load up like that they can go wrong things go bad they let big egos always really quickly real quick but the other sort of cited this. Is that it is the officials sort of service. And an end to act like grit grime wasn't dead before today is is is. That's kind of not genuine it was dead. Before today. Right and we were the last media day we were all put it to bed as reporters Eddie it'll never Donna we all put it to bed in and what what what Israel and last I hear what that it was still have a best way to play because of the personnel had he found out as though that's when Atlanta really go back to this. But we've moved on like weeks we've seen that we've seen it it's die. And pretty much had it it ended last year or exceeded and where exactly and now it's Tony is gone of admit that it it will not. Be forever as much as we want it to be forever GI NG we want that to be forever. This you ought not be saying gee NG when you watch this team. Because they're going to give up lots of points. Okay like that they're here they're going they're deep I don't know what their identity is on defense I don't. And how little we had no idea that an active agent walked out the door and that's while as a proponent of keeping Tony because at least met maybe he's diminishing any second team and he's maybe not going to be healthy variety to. But he still gives you debt soul he still gives you that identity is an and I like doing what you're not like being able to a bank on that ended a lot of rough and I say Boston that I am one item with a good morning because it's about did these important because now I look at the grizzlies as we sort of move this forward. And I'm. I'm not makes this. I'm lazy as I. And I'm among that there's a little trepidation about this. Because who is going to guard the other team's best perimeter player right now I would I would like for one of you bet it's into equity. And it's gonna be wind started the season right Wayne's album to start the year around midnight and I'm always in there who isn't going to be though at the end of the day like who is going to who is going to get the toughest assignment. Tyreke. Heck no I'm just comes on your estimate to it's going to be a tell you know it's going to be. It's going to be a guy who you don't you're gonna save them deserve it can't do it as it is going to be better not more. It's gonna be Ben maximal and that's the point man like that's why in my opinion and I and again I understand they've fist though an end and that organization they wanna go a different direction they want to do the you'd go with that's fine. But I'm not sure that that's going to look. Okay. I am not sure that by the time we hit January. In February that people are going to be enjoying this new look team move it's exciting now in a way you know it's fresh it's new you wanna see held. Big Mac more recovers from the foot injury you wanna see Tyreke and what he can do and and everything like that. I don't know man I just don't know I'm not confident and end with Tony. There was some base right there was some you knew what the floor was with him and maybe the ceiling wasn't as high as it used to be. But I his floor with higher as a defender than anybody else's on this roster and they decided to close as far as I'm concern. I got that weight is a cable defender but good to throw him in that scenario right now. I think that is a lot to ask of a young kid. It is there won't be there won't be nearly the siren and it won't be nearly as effective you won't get that job done you're right there that he is irreplaceable in that sense. And terms of what gives you defensively all night in night out basis it. You can just say go guard the best guy and he there's not a guy on the team that I had this you can give that a RK nine life fair he may not hold them so what he did in 2013. Right in my now we might have been able to guard Kevin a relative to its four years ago. But again still going to be better than what anybody else could do. The united isn't it didn't nobody can guard Kevin Durant Riley gets on a relatively nobody can guard Kevin ray in my bag are coli letter but Tony elevated to just about as good as anybody else and that and that's what you hope for band. And for whining I bet they can make those guys work they did not gonna be totally out and we know that I just need to throw up right. I did take a break didn't we sorry that I needed to blow to a brown paper bag tempted to that point didn't we say we lighter he didn't stop him. But then we say the wiggle out of the way Wayne seldom made coli. War I liked what Dwyane did in limited action in the playoffs I did that's all you can ask for this point they're ready to move on without Tony. Some and it and that's a that's a choice to your point that they've made it and now they're gonna have to live. By the way they have to be accountable for that decision as well absolutely you know because. It was a decision that they made. You get to the one year 2.3. In New Orleans. You could have made that happen. No the product they dumpster that was a question about that was a justifiable price tag. Period and I know there are people who are saying you've got to develop the young guys. I don't think one more year Tony because you. Here is be here is the dynamic that they're in right now it is very complicated they are still clearly trying to compete. I have team they have too much money tide have been competing right now Mike Taylor mark next to compete you can. Can't blow it up with those guys on roster so you're still trying to be a playoff team. And also trying to keep came down the road and develop young guys that you have sort of invested in a way so that. Like it's about it's past time for that job and you know it's been put that off when they too good but as long as Tony and Zach we're still productive for you when you were still playoff team. I don't know if that's I don't know you could have accomplished both on there's no longer fun I had guaranteed we don't know what your point would say if you loved a month ago this could be there. Us embarking on a on a dark time I told that and it looks like it's gonna happen where are you already knew Tony was gone back and update is due today is not known today is that chance that he's not ignored the science and yes yes happy form root for. You know. How am I think he's he's great character been a great guy to deal with the last seven years obviously very productive on the court as far as I'm concerned the legend in Memphis. Right I mean I I don't know if they gonna retire his Jersey like that ran but you gotta do some special but I do think I do think he deserves about this to me if you what has argued that his argument. It was actor Tony. Like they were like co creators. You know I mean an exact was more productive in terms of the output. But in terms of impact on the game. I think you can make the argument. You know I think you do what does that mean Tony just was instant defense and instant defense can turn instant offense and he just may place them. And win when he did it turned up every absolutely that's is that what his that was similar negligence exactly what I should be doing his thing you know he always in it she always did exact always been well when he was starting out and the entire team was turned to and they either in the is that bonded so much. But yes I miss that we wish they could have that business is defensive ability will be missed a salute and now we are officially heading into a season of unknown. And there is no guarantee. In fact I'm going to bet against it being as good you were missed a four to six wins value on hello well I. This is a death. About Tony it's a roller coaster ride was John Martin every day or six Omar got six is assuming full health right full out which we don't have. Anymore so that I died exchange I reserve the right to change that aren't as what. 52 loan noses at 41 up and down thousands you have been in the two CF eight U London and I'm still optimistic. And we know are optimistic dude like you can't work with a grizzly Kay Barnes John really gone about Sony was gonna Wear one among many Tony Allen charged but they don't anymore. MMU. Been a sad sad sad segment. I'm sorry man but look it's a camera work on this might be more patient. You're right I don't give back in their man I wanna Wear the shirts in Beckett Antonia go one on the grandfather and as you showed as an efficient today. And I think I and I appreciate you cut I appreciate the sincerity that you showed today you think you'll remember us in this home here like like we remember him after Chavez mocked other. Not good immediately title here and in I'd and Ali and I know he obviously hold Boston in high regard. But I think I think this is our look at he won a championship in Boston. In at a home in Memphis. The Whipple. Best what I believe I doubt fumble that's what that does that the Boston Celtics fans did not love him the way that we did. No that's right yeah no question he was a perfect cared their collect from Memphis at the perfect time that they keep guys that you about a homeless that's not an end once the dust settles a big show you'll use this won't be the last easy Tony Allen methods I believe that. I would come back Jason Fitz does radio national and firmed nicely as being we will talk to him. When we get back Jason Dunn did Jennifer and yes it. The weather is perfect for golf and it's the perfect time to join. Irene golf and country club off hacks cross road near 385 in on the web at Irene golf CC dot com. There are multiple platinum membership options to choose from all with no initiation fees and the best part is you are even required to spend a monthly amount in the pro shop or the bar if all you wanna do is golf. Plus all memberships include carded a range balls and if you join this month your first month is free it's. 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A Brady fits on 1025 the game in Nashville who joins us now Jason what's going Ahmed they for the time. Mailer in the drain entrapment that every kid. Well of course are of course I know you get this question every time you do this. But I'm gonna ask it anyway. How do you go from the band Perry to doing Sports Radio. Saturday you know that they're really fair question. You get your bracket the violent for a lot of years and you can then you can get it or talk radio play that's. At their traditional they now I that would likely to have an awesome career tour in the world but. RB this year Rudolph 308 on tour and I came home one day. In my life and I think you know it I didn't I'm really lucky and I'm really glad I'm really fortunate to do this. But I don't know that I love and I've done my whole life I don't know that I love that Malek said. If I started here for and what you're really active about and it got me to what he had there. It's its ports that you can't figure out a way how to talk about it star started a podcast and I just I worked my tail off and I'm a little podcast because it got me eventually to. They ESPN eight that note and got a TV show console all daily any big deal out of it and and then righted the same time I got off for the morning show a nationalist sort of like. The start all came together so it's been. Well last showed musician was August 27 blackbeard be bought pit a lap if they ere we all the plate but and then. And sports docket this short amount of ever spent so. Lucky to get a lot of ESPN national stuff and then naked in the national thing on the morning third act. Pretty amazing do you think that your pure three your status your persona as a member of the band aryan. NBA coach who do you think that almost sort of helped launch your career do you think that was sort of that's something that helps your credibility somehow. Yeah well that's been out here you put it did it opened doors and I never shall it not back it. When rapper started a podcast for me my goal is to get my music brand. And the sportswriter I grew up loving to come on the same joke Soledad at some or all out on the bench. And so there's no doubt there's a you know I get out of chapter to come on about like karaoke and follow orders come on in pop up book ball. That people are gonna notice that but I will stay the same time. Then I had to break through these ceiling of all your music I mean I really prove that I am not a music I mean obviously got article I am proud to be Grammy voter. But I am I at the same time. That it's a constant battle of you know I I just don't feel like many people that might get a grainy. Oh what sport you played and I get that every time somebody doesn't like my opinion on that story itself. Eight bit they're given take to it but it definitely. It helped open some doors it would with other riders that would then come on the my dad did say you know what. The pitching duo came on and today I like which you do and you let me HTC did somebody they'll. It definitely helped me it helped me get in front of people but then I had to break it to misconceptions about points. For sure all right so I was at the time game over the week no big raiders fans it was a terrific weekend for me. But I wanted to I. Robert die hard raiders and by the way I am just like already spent. Raider nation man was it was held the weekend unfailingly. I'm I'm startle some sort of let myself talk myself into some real big things this year but it's one weekend at a one to ask you because he obviously I was there and you know when they introduced the predators right when they brought the predators out I'd that was by far the loud is that that stadium got all day long except for when the raiders scored so let me ask you this in 2011. The grizzlies here in Memphis they upset the number one seed spurs in the playoffs and it kind of started a movement here in Memphis which is now a grizzlies down so we care about now. Is that kind of what national is seeing right now with the predators. No doubt and it's one of those moments where. National has always been a college football town. Not all there are are really did the dominant thing in this town and have been for Kurt on time. That being said. The president always sort of had pared their their niche. And what we saw last year was that blow up into something bigger than I think anybody. Ever would have expected and we still have a week he would. In a morning show if we start to talk about the bread the amount of engagement we can't enter think Kate you know two years ago about it that hey we're gonna start talking about. What are retirement means for a second or third line center and a threat. That would not have been a great topic and now you look at it and it runs a large section radio compassionate allowed. Amazing fan base and for whatever reason. The titans in and you know this is the raiders and you can't intimidated because the keys back because there's a lot of bad in darker this city has not bought into the titans the same way. Many cities buy into their teams so long term and I think the tag cannot only get out the win. They that the wind and connect to make that happen I don't know how to do that. That was my question is what's your theory owned Jason Day as far as why that happens a minute they've you know they've been to a Super Bowl. A hum an entire I had so don't with the grizzlies obviously transplant as well. But they like like John points out to go the plows things changed in you become grist down. What will it ever now that the creditors are in town you ever foresee it'd be a titans down what are your theories on. All wives ever become that why you always have more visitors fans than you do home fans crazy. Well it did it a couple of reasons that anyone actually become such a hot spot. That if you're sitting around here let's say here Seahawks and this year and I think it's gonna happen until a week. If you look at the calendar and your pick any game to go to for the road. Not so the hot dog go to people love it yeah so that's that's always gonna draw the opposing fan base but as much as it city. Muted the titans. Super Bowl aromas what 1990 about the right when they first came news that correct when they first started and there was a true connect. At that point but this city's changed so much sincerely 2000 it's such that it replaced. He continued to be sent to different transplant city to. So many people move here they are they have ingrained in the my grew operators. Doesn't matter I would the national for twenty years doesn't matter I grew operators and and certainly people moved account preconceived notions of who and what they report. Not so much of hockey hockey that now that they think that the program to connect the prep are also very involved in the community and while the titans. Have improved and that and a last year and felt it feels a little too late. Had too little too late at this point I I think at some point. I mean obviously if Spain winning will take it but I'm not sure anything short of the Spain winning for 45 years. If candidates are they got the young quarterback they got in the car they got players and it just. You can't make. I was stunned that the city was not explosive for what should have been the biggest matchup in it he pressure over the weekend. The opportunity to be that and the home crowd I don't think I'll identity. Yeah I'm with you winner I'm with it is where we are we're talking to Jason fits TV and radio host for ESP national radio wants to buy the game. In Nashville are are the grizzlies gaining any traction in National Guard and obviously the the NBA is. It's it's an exploding league it's becoming more more popular. Every year other grizzlies gaining any traction in Nashville Laura or is there sort of a separation there. This separation there because there's just not a big. NBA loved. Here they edit and it's it's really stunning to me. Again you know it is did you think about that a lot of the summer. For example. I've spent a lot of summer fitness Purdue and indigo B while they were doing that they're TV responsibilities and take a little time off and it was amazing to me that. I could sit on ESPN nationally for all of June and July and talk about nothing but the NBA for three hours. And then you'd come to our our local show in Nashville. And is it not is just it just doesn't connect it doesn't hit a I don't know that there's an easy answer there. But I think at the grizzlies went on around it they went on a magical run at this point. I think you would see the Tennessee love. Sort of player crossing just if it it had to happen right now and it's a I think that has changed so much no laughs especially for five years that. I think it it could happen but right now they're not the same level of engagement. Just on no obviously titans lose the writers that opener but it and it did anything you saw over the weekend without bad it was you know how bad Houston was how good Jacksonville will Jacksonville was defensively if anything you saw change. The expectation for the titans that this is the year that you can. You know you can step up and take over that division come on just what an. I know people kind of jump to some conclusions after that loss in a statistically is pretty even with the raiders she should any should the expectations change at all based on we want. In fact my expectations went up and that I do actually on I I I picked Houston Texans too in the division going into the season because Erica I can tell until you get knocked out back archer on that perched. And they've done it would essentially trashing quarterback the last couple years. And so I I'd look at it and say it defense could be better. And that there's reason for the Texans to win the division. Now after week one you look at and say what what happened to the titan that they lost to a very good football team a team. There's a lot of people thought including myself might take a small step back the raiders did not look better than I expected about the titans represented themselves well and I think it would detection. Their two biggest question marks going into the feed them over the top of the line look like yeah what their quarterback play it'll look like. Although those question got a big resounding negative answer that one week spell certainly I think I'd look at the tech since taken a step back and it's just enough on the step back. But I think it you are looking at the titans team that can easily win the bad division with a. How would you hundreds and Jason man we appreciate the time so much glad we can connect. Let's do this again soon thanks Jason. Absolutely got that bad because. Debbie is Jason fits TV and radios for ESPN Ashley because a great benefits. 125 a national and a four member of the band Perry who I know your catalog you very whose catalog you're very familiar with. He seems very cool he may need to be on Astro got. And we Trout all honesty I kinda thought you guys couldn't coexist. And we'll tell what it'll just how important is with a follow memorable for me as principal ally Jason fans alike are unlikely brings I don't get that Nashville is absolutely and have video from have slow economy who made it cool dude net adds did the polar opposite of thumb. You know mam I go come on there it's called home all right all I can we come back. Take your calls on Tony on the lasting memories we also at some point see. Here's the thing about losing Zach Randolph and Tony Allen. Not only have we lost two stalwarts. Of this franchise and guys who have meant so much to the success on the court and off mom we've lost some productivity. With with them and an economic boosts honestly. Because we've lost who's gonna pay the amount to W bill let me put that on sailor but lately he's never in towns I don't know that's gonna get done a good point we put the turkeys on Taylor to. Because he needs to do something he's contribute in some way. Mike seems like the humanitarian and other I might shouldn't have to handle that Mike Mike is is is he's were worried over try to give they'll just enough now which will take it all a load off and we're gonna put it all the other guys. All right Taylor is the guy that's responsible for ten out turkeys and paying my bills okay. We figured this new airport spokesman is going to be because you can't you can't keep it as Tony Allen and I love going to the airport in San Antonio on their. You know do in the the first downsize it was it was comforting and now that's gone gosh. Did he kept apprised of that big void you can't put a price got to figure out you can do that job. Yeah man who can do that job the figure that out we'll do that today at some point -- gonna take your calls next five to about 3776535. ESPN. At its benefit BS here. Thanks for the memories zoning. 29 NFL. EST yeah. Now take many months now yeah. Those kind of bugs in new president Macy's Hilton something. Now schools artist David Rogers kind of kicking off this exhibit with a one of the kind of in September 30 help blunt golf president Bob Ryan is like a football player. He's the one of the country's most soldiers over twenty feet I told them different type feel like based in samples for your favorite breweries it has. Hillary southern prohibition I content Greenbrier and beat us of course there. And diamond bear plus you can enjoy life he's gonna agree on my object well any you have an appetite you can get your grub on local news Contra. Saturday evening September 30 at the botanical garden. Preserve our. He will be a night you'll never forget to get started 25 months. Oh yeah you're VIP very important but big hit only 55 tickets are limited so viewers today at Ticketmaster but America's ten hour. Whom bug out if you miss it. 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Official we knew it was gone we just didn't know where it would be so now we do number nine. Number one in my heart song. So long Tony. Am I the only one that is sad I don't know like beside myself today to begin Wie news was coming but just that. The sadness of the transition to write edit and and the unknown in my the only one bill the way I'm Palin today. But they're 53776535. ESPN. Did you are you for some reason you are beyond that you peace why are you this ally drains Roland. I'm happy the Tonys and poet John. Has got to be employed Jess and there is no guarantee I don't know there was an easier way you know an entity that. It would end it was looking down it feel like I'm yeah a minute there their interest it does Solomon Hill is out for the season and he's their defensive stopper they need a defensive stopper. Some held out after the season notes tonic the BUN delegates I'm happy don't you sense that. He'll be employed. 5353776535. ESB. In how are you feeling. Are you down. At all let there's more people with me that will pay their respects. And and I and rightfully so but are ready to move on than you think. Well that's what I think there's a higher percentage of those folks than you think I'm sure there are people out there who are. People and we did this exercise and. And this is an since the grizzlies have. Paid him argument when I went earlier we did dad did the two months three months ago I'm. There are people who were with you back then you know it's I'm sure that they're going to be who call and say you know hey this is good for the grizzlies they should've done this a long time ago and it has will let them develop the young guys you know give no guarantee that the young guys are going to be as good as Tony Allen but understand this is where your head's at so. As I was when you this is mostly sort of you know and it's a lot. It's a lot of anxiousness and anxiety about what's to come that's kind of where I met to father about. 3776525. ESP and we go to Torrance tarts are wrong. Hey welcome back we'll all those. You know it might be coming out of bed you know come out accurately portray you know I'm I'm I'm I would change. Talk I mean boy actually yeah America and we got. You know we see that and we can't comment. I could take their degree in the that I need banner. Because I am a lot of different ball I am now I am when you're allowed in the bottom of anybody they should. Anybody give you can bring you up you know brigadier around the rim and get don't look at Mike Conley hit it out of you can't patent data. If any did out rebound claw our way we're gonna blow might come is. In oh. The backup point guard. Mario. And I can bring about that now I am I can understand great god thank camera but I. NYT Kirk till when angry if I go and I imagine right about it. In other track they also guard present because torrents. 535377625. EST we go to Tony Tony Iran. RAI optimum mix. Deftly cut and so I would say no additional. Some say that because. Tony Allen although great defense with their opposite don't be saying it is a big trek I go waiting game is going to that I'd assume deletion like. If I go stay tight the point he made quite a considerable everybody can pretty much shoot and you miss sound effect could be a metal wanting eco. The pace of those states on me out it could let nobody get it because like embezzling company look at it right thank. Bad person because so. What are we saying here or all of our recent what we're hoping John is that the new additions the young guys what they'll give you hopefully. Theoretically in scoring helps offset what you lose before I had the right as seem won't be nearly there's a question. They're you won't be nearly as good defensively you know you're gonna lose your defense about and yes. But the hope is what you what your adding offensively helps make did you talk to his column not just make you cry and then. I mean did not make you have an ugly cry about it wanting him to be had in Boston about know about no about Estonia Poland. They have a column today not having cameras down there around the World Cup always go to Jeff I apologize for this aid is critical to our research on a daily basis for eatery just yeah do you really commercial dip yet rated them tubby story didn't read Jeff god I just told you I read Chris Harrington and I don't want about Tony. What do you recall does Kyle I didn't need to because you know you'd cry that's why now because I knew it was gonna say. What it was a day when all me Allen got the rebound. Dribbled to the other end of the floor. At a 360 may have been finished it and many throughout his arms with the muscles that the far in the city. Some some of along those lines there you gotta you gotta have got a lot of media right if it's not a court essential Calkins column without the automatic Pia. So you need a swoosh you're right I should know them or us as well. I work with a man thirteen years or dropped suss out there some sort of bottom out of Pia correct I was close right. This is how it goes. This beginning starts Tony Allen had only gotten off the bench because readers injured and OJ Mayo was suspended. But on the night of February 8 2011 Allen led the grizzlies to a road win over Oklahoma City Thunder with 27 points five steals and three blocked shots. After the game he was asked to describe what happened I did actually read what he said has become a part of grizzlies in civic core. What would is that what you say days. And ground all heart. Grit and grime 5353776535. B is there we go to Wesley Wesley Iran. I was about what's happening. Love. I mean our computer appeared bleak situation. Are they are present if you're. Accord would vote on and I'm really quickly when most people. You know I mean now we know of the core of all of these quote there have been you could hear them or are created this whole group and grounded out people are. It could be cold. You know. Are there to give credit cards because. Yes how are probably compensated better than you Lugar covered differently they're asked to their credit they're very good ol' board. But in different. Settings. It has hurt it created over the years the correct there what we couldn't. It good guard since it would give the ball to a failure but the ought to back. Margaret we are you still missing it. I don't know what are they are you aware what I think what I say here. This time Ku. Can't spend record reliably now sit there at a point where. As good argument didn't get that got to consider. People solo vehicle repaired. We get most of it covered well but what you have to recoup and recover found it comes down to the bit players who have gone who gonna have a ball. Who didn't look all that they've put the ball on the bad. They couldn't look at cult theory that the greater the Balkans quicker to order bird. It compound the so called gang where I mean takeaway that it ebitda may complain that the market is I don't care how good bloody good week. You know their goal is going to come alive and they're gonna win and it was Carter and I don't know I only good thing and Matt Moore yeah I'm good. I had done Italian he's not I'm telling you right now is not going to be there if you hold out hope for I mean were put a little bit too much on their Mac Moriarty on her foot from all these expectations good god ride real reward now he's going to be the be Kobe Bryant score with under two minutes every hour we see unless there is going to be this and they agonized I don't US average of the talk about the hitters appeared to me is the fallacy. Right just Tony Allen. Big people will say Tony Allen being here has prevented the grizzlies from having that kind of a guard right. Tony Allen being here also guarantees you an insured you seventh straight compared to question in the playoffs and either way just because he's gone now. It doesn't guarantee that debt. Fantasy of a player is going to come to the grizzlies and what it does do is also does not guarantee you a playoff berth. Period that's what's your take off the table. But it does give you the opportunity to start trying to develop wanna give you jobs HI starting at some guys who are at some point you have to try to lead massive rice MRI. I don't think right now there are some question halftime loans I don't think you know what I don't think their question mark mode right now though made it they are going full blown rebuilt absolutely not even a doubt. But they're still trying to make the playoffs man I don't think that roster right now it could not be a team. It's not a guarantee. 'cause that I don't think they're gonna have a habit of identity define offensively we know that. Mean I think you've lost a of a few balls too much on the other side as LeBron James said the games played on both ends of the court man. Here's a man who I know is gonna have my back and notice this than both of look at what he's on form I don't grizzlies could have done that as you want and have done that don't you think if they wanted to they would have I don't know if you think this is is saying not his only yes one for about him without a net gonna question and there's no how were you playing in yeah this is my being and you gotta have that to him you've been trusted him with this thing in you've got to. An hour and I like Tisdale I do I said that all right but now like this is a decision that he will be held accountable for what question he will all right. We go to flash Pletcher own. Triple what he's doing today guess Woodward is what we're trying to get the revised rules. Our thanks to John you know I expect that as a manner as they Tony Allen had killed. That it Christmas card. Is Tony Allen and myself they've been on the forum is actually my Christmas card has been out the last couple of years. I am actually outside the case and on this all the guy out but it is. You know without leave though there. And Tony union movement spoke out it's it's just term it is not this year and next here it's right. And that means that we don't have the roster spots in the front offices makes Smart lose our sport Chris Wallace while people get an implied crushed or what you've done. He really gambled if it to reach evidence can give us anything it would have budget yes. But they do any thing you know and we make the playoffs are really do just opened or forty under 46 million payment could quite an upgraded what that. And I think that's fair if ever if then Matt Moore recovers from his injury and has been ready to play by November and that's united that's a fair assessment. They're buys out because again I mean you still have Mike and mark and worsen until pars is gonna be something of what he wasn't in Dallas so. You know you there's there's some optimism there I just feel like given what your roster looks like right now. There was still spot for Tony Allen on it that's is that they don't that's as well that's where when they do. The other the other guy that was definitely the money with Tony well the money I really thank you kind of look but can hit a really just didn't think it is thought well I don't think his. Really Morgan eerie repeat here that Russia. I think that's what we say exactly what to prevent comment 5353776535. ESP we go to Calvin Calvin your own. Pavement. Both had an episode Jason little. Goes kinda go. You know and he'd miss some mustard seed in and out of the court you know basically to actually get in India the Cheney but eventually you have to move on. I'm glad he's kind of the same in order can have him here and trains and initially. In new non. Hi yeah it is a little guilty in this town that. Hey listen I just pray it was I sounded a little. I ever had.