Jason & John Hour 1 (8/9/18)

Jason & John
Thursday, August 9th
Talking Memphis Football in open plus joined by ESPN CBB Insider Myron Medcalf in Hour 1. 

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You bro Jason angina united FM ESP it is Thursday it is August 9 and John we have got a what feels like a full slate of pre season NFL action tonight. Twelve games including. You're titans. Your raiders might Ayers was looking a bit message of titans. My night to ditch him just on Wednesday wheels I'm sure we'll spend a great deal of time opponent John Wall we love talking golf here since tiger's doing so well mom and while Leonard. I've spoken very sweet mass is sort of as sort of is a very sweet letter a also lob I use my bank is a lot to get to got a big show lined up to that yes we do so today on the show. Here's what we've got to go win on 1125. We're gonna be joined by Myron Metcalf and of course covers college basketball or ESPN and what are tugs him about sort of the fallout you know in college coach that he talked to since the rules have changed Bob villa's blast in the saw Greenberg blasting the thought of by the LP in my life. I'm Irish with us yesterday I had this story follows that like some of it was. Clearly you're feeling good when we introduced disorder and also I also do think it's easy. And and very popular across the NCAA that was appointed Ryan solos like this morning like would you rather have them do enough. Yeah I got like I could see that side too but come on down you're allows that most of the stuff is just. It ain't fixing anything is what I think is a lot of while net part they're right on the critics are right off my and I was talking to outsider to lead a grassroots coach yesterday by us any names I was considering taking legal action old mold this is this as big the big impact on a U. Social what they're saying is is a used prop them and they're trying to clean that up. Wound up on and on USA basketball make the decisions on who's a leading consolidating your vessel and I don't wanna part of that don't want that either I think it allows most message on so we're gonna talk to my or Metcalf at 1125. About all of that at 1225. We're going to be joined. We're audio for wide. Wide station. Spartans OK in the bill like this guys. We're going to be joy and by the one in the only Paul find bomb that he claims though because. Declined slightly yes he does these split right what do you rings let one incident just think. That was that him. Didn't split time if I'm not mistaken split time between two schools of many trees explains why station more so how did you go to Chris zero. Bro or you leave out of on the show funny Thompson he's climbed white station on my manager of the one we're number ones are an army and you know high school router right here. Albert if you look you're looking it up your fact checking me you'd we usually when you do this you find out right the last when you do with no idea I think he. What to Chris Roche first okay and then he finished at Bible there you go it's a change of heart yes or you're gonna you're gonna claim the school you finish absolute graduated from so make sure that again factual wasn't Andy's he's almost reminds hired daily I don't know bomb able to continue now. Somebody act is a Spartan but yes he's a spartans will join us at Wellesley Bible talk to him. About why he's being blamed for everything that's going all of our Myron hardy day. We'll talk about college football in general. Lots to get to with Paul find bomb at 1225. That it once 45 we will be joined by the grades have caulk and drummer from his. Yep he'll be driving back from Michigan in fact. He of course of the daily noon if other writing and no. I mean their writing for themselves. I think. Like Joan is running on the space what page is that they're very Murphy and everything we're down to ease there's no website a month or so for them. Yeah it sounds like him will get the scoop on what we can expect content I'm sure to tells the stay tuned them like they're muzzled right now there. Is that the Muslim parliament John that are covered action beautiful ball writes that read death so zona is added to the sort practices which is a perfect. Way to get a avenues that way all we're gonna talk about two day. And eventually deaths have been thump and on the door ajar and they've been lend us now they are not happy. With the lack of Memphis football coverage. And I'll lay that at your feet of I lay that are you talk about is is aids day is a live live a Jane's why the new leader one are coming here every dog and all his show well you have about as Memphis man dead lame John Memphis football guy is some football talk on this show I saw you garb and my army and pass the bulk up on. Ugly and they don't I said we have great I played Tenet credit went comes in your past the. Blaine when it's my fault yeah that's my ball did you know you don't like convinced football I that this Obama let's do it well here's the thing so. Obviously. We're still. Basically a month away from from playing football games ahead of her out there but they are out there their pricing their own bared their underway in fall camp and there's an interesting column. Up at commercial appeal dot com. By a margin out of who by the way will join us weekly going forward. On Fridays we'll be joined by a margin on a weekly on Friday a weekly on Friday so looking forward to our tomorrow. Aren't marred replica photo he has a piece of bad commercial product. About Memphis football attendance now this is a how I mean this has been a sore subject for as long as I can remember as long as I've been in this game you know I'm gonna live this football games and I've taken the pictures of a bit of of the Liberty Bowl like everybody else will use that when you stop is priority number one for you has been basketball student section all of your life and then probably number two is the Memphis football and that's all I'm that's the order there's no doubt that either or Rio but. I have done that and people get upset when I do that's our start doing it exits they it is you know it's overkill and but but. But mark you know brings upload a good point it in a good question. Which is you know can can Memphis. Average 45000. Or a season crowd in Memphis but by average 45000 fans or a season the best they've ever averaged. Is. That 2015 season when they started a now. And be Gomez settlements computer rape almost named Brad Keller an hour of very good on this team. And then they had a six and one navy team come there I was a big. That the average 43000. 800 guys say 43 that year and it was and that's the best ever and that's and that's that's the best ever global on average global. And so the question is tumbles on our radio station on Friday and said the goal was. This season to hit 45 current. And took me. It all comes back. I don't think we would I really do not think we would ever have the conversation about attendants if that damn stadium was smaller. I just don't. Other we talk about it is that it was a 4445000. Seat stadium. It would be failed. Pretty much weekly. It would have like thirty by the 40000 in that arena every week and sometimes more. But because it's a 62000. Seat arena to separate commerce. And you're gonna have to like section off the hearts that's that's the on campus that's a whole separate conversation I know you have what you have I know but I'm just say I think it would be. I don't think attendance would be I think the numbers could stay the exact same. And they would stating you know not having me exactly it's not it's not it's out of it's not that's fine that's fine you know. Point of contention for herb of this football that's fine but you resin that it's completely separate question what do you know I was asking can they do it. In the liberty yet which is what which is the re out. There is that there is no. And that's unfortunate it is it is I know if you base it on. Best year fifteen look at those two games right they're right when you talk battle ms. navy. Where are those games on the schedule right whereabouts now obviously the excitement level is gone up. The commitment level from fans has gone up since entertain and their bill and that's what Tom is hoping to capitalize on that's what that athletic department. Is hoping to write that now you see the success is consistent now you're pulling. From here to pull out your back pocket you're willing to spend money on it that will happen right I just don't know if it's gonna happen to a point John that they need to 45. With that schedule this year well and it talked about that it was tough for them right now. Partly tell because fifteen let's that I wanted to help because what you did all message urged it there's no question I mean that's no immediate burst five teams don't wanna play you here's what has to happen. You are risky for the tigers had 45001. Of all. Like these these cupcakes are playing Mercer so evident in the first three games John that they can't have first three home games yes so but if they do happen. You have to have Mercer Georgia State south Alabama you have to have a ranked SEC team. That's that's within driving proximity so that that team's fans can drive up long whether it's Ole miss whether it's Mississippi State. You know I guess Tennessee would count you know Tennessee they would that would but it but that's the move comes as we know about them at series they're gonna happen again but you have to have. A close within within driving range. SEC opponent that's good because they'll come in though they'll fill out that the last 101000 or 121000 or so and. And then. You basically have to be perfect. I mean that that that's the other part of this and it's not Fe year brightly it's not fair as that. But given sort of what wherever it is is right now they're building they're doing all of them the right things but admitted it's a terrific Kyra doesn't when they. And they followed that up with a another trip. In my dharma so they have done. Everything right they play an exciting brand of football if they won. Dare that you know that they were in that championship game insulin last year if they're doing everything right. Look what. Goran and a mini me mineral Troy impression of that but I do believe that. Just given that it's still so new met as football being consistently good is still so New York. That that used your still sort of a victim of your circumstance well let's let's keep a little bit let's let's provide a little context on him who led the AAC and attendance last year in what was the picture. It looks like it was UCF 136846. How well do you see you have to last year they won their peach bowl so is. That's so so it took exactly. It's we know how excited they were left to the net and on campus stadium I wanna say it is is as far as I notice that was stated that I have and what does it do about 45. 45 today or enact they actually took attendance down they we used to hold 48 room and they've taken down. And that was your leader went after them some Canadian and that is right there if you don't pride today that he was seconds. 34009. Ordered out if the Memphis was third 33307. And when you get to the top ish can't. If you look at that you see a number for thousands can get to you how did the top I just think so that's my point. You can be best in the AAC writing get to the top of this thing and have the best attends the AC that would be good for Memphis. I just think when you start talking about 45 it started out with a little bit. Saudi giggle about the the question narrow lots of programs they cannot averaged forty now see if they're not average for a 5000 last year that's my point in here you are with this schedule this year unfortunately these power fives won't play you are stuck your first three games. With the view I mean you you rattle them off. They're not gonna be good enough to get your 45 in there now what will be should mention to grow quickly having me here to all games are that the two best ones are. What Houston and UCL zips access yeah that they are looking at games or those that that was that's really the whole schedule. Yeah exactly but here's the thing sort of and we had been mentioned with those 33000 figured that their homes as it was marred. But whether it was no question about delegate this is not an accurate reflection of a Memphis before they feel about whether Lester I mean whether it was at UCLA game was like people were passer now they ran for water on Monroe. I don't I don't that was on yet Rangel wants to do so much so there was a model that was a mess UCLA they ran out of water bottles. It at Liberty Bowl it was thought it was so rotten so that was it that was a lot of you probably woke up and why aren't you suppose I'll bet that natural normal mobile will be used to have from its who have made get out there and we'll -- so. You know I don't think that's worth bringing up. But. Again yet you let you look at you look at sort of built the context within the conference. In a 45000 far away. Be the best in their power by teams that do not averaged 45000. Not alike though gold I think it's a it's a little lofty if you can get forty. You're just as excited I mean I think I mean your daughters your practically a lag you're leading the AC you're right it's not you would just say you see a good 36 last year. I mean if you can get forty. And if you're Tom bush won re not right forty sub forties and allegedly did say it again I think some of be proud Jason here's the other reality minute and and and and again let me say. This has nothing to do with anything that Memphis has or has not done I think the game day experience at a Memphis. Is unbelievable. Yet tiger lane there you set up a detailed earlier football experience that John had become better than the basketball experience that it no question about us that there's no question about it so this is not a reflection of anything Memphis has or has not done. As a university as advertised if Obama. But there's just such as stiff competition in this city in this region for football fans because that's the other hurdle would any any Saturday man. Like people just turn on the TV and you've got to get SEC games you've got big twelve games like right there on your television like it is just is just. You start drinking is just kind of easier you just have three screens or watch it all three of you watch that this you watch Tennessee watches that we stay like it's just. You know there are lots a dip lots of people if I think when you start talking about 45000. Year sort of reaching into the casual famed bank your enemy when you're reaching in those SEC pay us a little happens Olympia. And the and that and that's unfortunate fact of the matter is. They're gonna stay home and watch their number one team before they would probably come out to the people like that's just the way it goes. Again. It sounds like this is. A damper it's not I heated up so. Forty Brian Europe and that you're the top BAC in. Don't of course would you like available full would you like to be able but bring a little know what I just don't think it's possible I I think 88. A satisfactory goal wanted to you know whether you called 3840. Exclude that you know you. As they may be as hot as the kind of something in May be as good as you can do right now particularly with I'm saying with where you wars program once to sketch of you how do you make the schedule better right you get almost a comeback in your after what she did two men did the rest of the country saw John Brett. Nortel had left you know that it's the same they're expecting the same consistent UC would have picked with a brand new quarterback and it's said and now with a resident country knows it's not just us here in Memphis and that's what you can't. It's it's tough to bring bill that schedule up your you're at a point right now work I think ideally forty is it. As does Google get right. And I endless night I understand that they are making renovation and it's and that's good they're there they're this good remember when they were trying to look we told them openly about it being the worst program at a college football fan. Should you shouted down without end and also bringing up the option you know what it might not be a bad idea. Look where you are here. A few short years later you know it's it it's an amazing turn around and and also so I don't want this segment to be our men are they can get to 45000 that sucks no it's. They can probably get it to forty that would be good enough to be cute to alleviate seat. 'cause it's not that that's a good number inhibition that something to be proud very receiver with the word number in it's a very respectable number without question it. What we're doing terrible mess and they Beatles and you just opportunity can repeat that with the schedule but listen I mean bid 41 hundreds and against east Carolina was not even ten years ago. Therein thank you it's pointless how far they've come that takes time isn't it time that turned Memphis basketball around. But it does take time to build a base of fans for a football program that has historically. Just not been very relevant I mean they're in years and and error is right but overall. Just locked out it's a matter of doing and John year after year career in Memphis current ball in the right way so they don't see it as a fluke now people were you concede in the season tickets. People are willing to go to that back around more so because I don't feel like it's a fluke it's something consistency your point that game day experience has been on an up it has you'll drop that number's gonna go up Johnny because the weather's gonna you're not gonna do what you did last question because India side and the commitment from fans. I just think 45 in the little but again. And I want to put should do right Zsa Julia aren't Smart about it I'll you know yeah you should use and enlist in one day. If all the stars align and there ain't no again in May set records in the house while playoff ray king and they beat an SEC opponent at home. Don't get to 45000 but but that's just in such a huge stadium rock like that's what's. Got to have well I'll say this because we have beat him up. On the basketball side we've had in my own we shot he'd I don't know about what happened with Tubby Smith in the giants' pass pattern all the stuff in key loan loss and we have we have real Tom Bowen on basketball yeah. He's broader fix football. Bye that was his job and we always said now you can't let my basketball go man that's a separate conversation with you that they're we grilled him for reasons but on his football. He'd done the job. He's done the job with limited resources with where that thing was. My gosh is he done the job and he's going above and beyond. John the level of consistency that is experience right now there were people thought this this wasn't possible that you can't recruit well enough to be this consistent. In football to be this good in football at Memphis to right so so I'm. I wanna make sure war. That is hard as we grill him on basketball that we're giving him justice is just as much credit to death for the for because that's the reality and I think it's. If Tom invaded these guys aren't easy to fire. But if you just had in and look now at looks like foot the battles that take off writes notes that you know it it sounds sounds like some of somewhat moot point to beat him up now about about basketball but. If he had that Iran bigger type a way through. Are you basketball doesn't fall where it is and he still didn't he still a monster for what he's done and and global I just wanna make sure they're viewed their bed that is hurt as much it as much as weak much fellas we give him for best on and rightfully so I think fairly so yeah oh yeah. Brooke you better get them and a tech held a lot of credit. For what they've done in football building building that I would bet you can I give her credit for the boys want to yeah you remind us of that every I was OK a lot of people get compute I understand that yeah I understand that and that is in our again. Again it's not just. You can't just do it for a year or two and it falls back off that's not how you build a fan base right they found Norville they hired the right guy did nor bill to your point that you keep making. Has taken it to another level even from winter yet particularly with the recruiting. And so you have got to give the credit to that's when it was brought before there that's Wii's wonderful and you're experiencing a level of success that many of us didn't think was ever pop. So you know the best the best eight years old tired of have had better not make sure I do that there's no question we do that day as they show because he deserves it on that Saudi certainly knows there there's a question doubts whether they average where 5000 obviously that that remains BC we have are down but it's only do we will be there. We certainly I was alert we are no better it will do his part. He will Saturday's ready to back out there are many I was there I was there at the Liberty Bowl on PC when they played Iowa State. And I lost on mild feeling in my limbs. Is very difficult. It was very cold that day your Morocco was that their brother this if they did you always tell mad too hot for football game is colder too rainy for you brought football. I mean I'd is only one point right there might expect yet. And Charlotte Collins at the same thing like legs brutal weather on now now that's our guy to absorb those in the press box I get it down haven't you honestly I yeah. But that's the full bowl last year last year though. UCLA was packed down it was hot as anything remotely like you can still go because it was a great game the month's Indy was a little me that first game that was last messed extreme heat. I'm OLs day bush wrote nobody wanted to go it was like eighteen bigger that's not happening during I was there it was unbelievable we called. My and you love your own problems I was yelling loud I'm model the elements idea so you would not rather be in that Iowa State atmosphere. You read it rather be in the UCLA atmosphere than that I was state Danny severe cold Kazaa and later you all day super idol thank you and I get enough in the heat. You could there's all on a guy I've got rather be two islands no way no way no way no way other rock and Hydro to have their daughter have made to have that debate one day. Abu -- discuss this I would much rather be much rather be in the cold the second layer up. No you can't you can't get any less than naked naked. I don't be rocked again drink water. I just don't sweat it out on their benefits are sweating when it's super hide his gross out element that have been out rather have a cold. Gamma layer upon you in about six shirts all I'm seeing what I'm saying too hot. Wanting to call. Let's go to called students one broke. I'm not like to hear what the people think which you're out of that one that's actually good and let's not discuss would you rather be at at a football game would you rather be too hot. Or too cold. What does it have been in this football game is dead but as well local artist or Iran announced try to fortify and we come back. Big changes in college basketball we'll talk to Myron Metcalf about Dem what he thinks and more Jason had done a return of India's it. IDC 9 AM ESPN has met this NFL stage was in for the titans game against the Packers tonight coverage at 6 PM kick off at 7 PM live on 99 FM ESPN this is. 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When you call that tech support group you'll get free information on how you can reduce or eliminate your back taxes including penalties and interest you could also be held did you have until -- returns attack actually in wage punishment bank Levy or he had entered into a payment plan and can't make the payments stop Uncle Sam right now may -- recalled that could help you and don't worry today 804853136. That's 804853136. If you owe any money to the IRS you need to call this toll free number right now 804853136. You could stop the collection process right now by calling 804853136. It's. Emphasis will. Visit judge noted tonight at bay BE SPN and yes it was either a big day or are not a big day because basketball I can't tell. Hopefully modern Metcalf who covers college bad law three as it can help us sort that out he joins us now mater what's happening when a Myron. Remember very your dorm we're good man zero magnificent. Can we get you back to MS and now there's reasonable amount. I love you did down there and you're done it as soon so Pasha the automobile Trudeau does not so I don't get it or not they're. So. Does anybody like that changes in the roles. No I mean Al blogger to commission does vote. The problem is. To me like the way they're being totally change in news. They want to show everybody how powerful they could be. I liken it to taking a seventeen year old car cheeks. But guess what at 1 o'clock in the morning he's got a sneak out the back door yeah to solve the problem by educators are still gonna cheat the questions still going to exist. I did that the issue when it comes to the NCAA has. They get a lot of things that page. They can't even move forward list until they get USA basketball which they feel like we did all those comments in the NBA and the players association. To agree okay undrafted players come back to school. Well you gotta get BN BA and the players association. Two agreed that my guess is bolt will probably find someone told him to make it impossible for those guys to go back. You look at the agent situation and you have good bass while saying we don't wanna be in charge of determining. To get today to an avid and who are you to tell me I'm high school gym knowledge of the draft that I can or can't have a page right. Right amid all all these things are are ridiculous if you wanted to come back to school. Wanna let any kid could come back to school when I'm gonna keep on drafting why do you have to be there in get an invitation to the comeback. They're just so many things wall was what they're toward. It and it just feels like they're gonna get so much push back. The idea that returning players. Are players who have attended school with in the last ten years. Automatically get to enroll in the school have to pay for their tuition. Room and books. Well wait a minute. Put the budget for the camera didn't catch you you're you're you're a big school you have that but. It if you western Kentucky in every player in the last few years who haven't received a degree just to come back. How do you pay for their budgeted for that Lebanon and get so much pushed back. And I think we woke up today. With the NCAA believing that's more Potlatch what happened yesterday. But I don't think one thing is changed. After what happened mr. I'm glad the bush backs out name because I wanted to because it lacks. The rules legislate a lot of common sense was the NCAA hesitancy to do little plug common sense a lot of these instances do you think because of the blow back. That they will look at themselves which they usually are not willing to do an inch and go back through this some of the stuff in and change. Armed to the having all have to speak because you know we have a pair from the NBA the players Scioscia association yep let's. In all the stuff put agents. May not take place until the next CD Dayton which might be 20/20 two. Like I mean in my due to a woman and actually a little chilly twenty to do so. We but before you as a waitress hours away from. Any of that stuff taken place so to meet there is the time in the NBA is in there ya gonna do a good thing and it USA basketball consciousness and look. We don't want any part of English. You have a problem could be high school associations that are taken over the June period all the certain according to these high school groups. There are gonna run try to do do people understand what golden to a tournament. It's not just of basketball it's it's these uniforms and the logistics and the food and it's all the little things that come with a cost. You're telling me that you cartel. He can achieve high school basketball association. That they have to hold a bunch of regional camps in June right pane for the act like there's just so many elements of all this where. It looks like addition radavan shows. Recommendations. The division one boards we will don't you know we got to serve I don't care. But they didn't. They didn't care about whether that's some this couple really these are boom boom didn't want to look the part that's it of the bully in Albania would want him making any changes they just want to look like there are dual. Yeah I was gonna ask you again in your mind what what is the NCAA trying to say. With these changes there and and and nothing I mean what what what are they trying to say. They're trying to say the par five schools to about a rush. I did try to say that we still hold a place at a position of power authority in college sports because we all know they don't. DD biggest thing in all of college sports and college football play the national championship crystal ball the biggest. They don't run the NCAA has no part in back. When you see the children being handed out the end of the year NCAA is not a party to that. They want the biggest thing they have what's the next biggest thing net the NCAA tournament yeah basketball the only thing they have. And that you can't tell me that. The power our schools are looking at it and go on its. Yeah let's get the NCAA what doubled the par five schools was good TV contractors over these agreements are over perform there'll turn that into their old peavy deal. Are you telling me that he actually gave Arafat schools. Or maybe adding I'm select the Americanism and other big least. If you have all these high major programs and they had a top 1618 movement in that group are you tell me people would watch and travel. To see their teams get out of here by first data is cold unintelligible that you had a big program. That maybe wasn't in the hot. Because of the old system that if Oklahoma State all the sudden was you know was replacing commercially to the world that people would travel to shoot. It's ridiculous speeds double leg know that it's losing its grip and it's harder to authority to him yesterday it was their turn to say we still matter and better listen to us. Either they get it jokes why haven't totaled fast. But what the rush to get got to fundamentally changed in entire structure of a sports and you got to somehow root out corruption what do Russia content they they talk about half they did it. I watched speech. People want comprehensive painting you've got to do. We are we're Sotomayor Metcalf who covers college basketball home for ESP in my house cited two and AU coach yesterday. Who was. Obviously very upset with they're recruiting calendar changes basically. You kill off July is basically what happened. What do you make of their recruiting calendar changes. Traditionally. Do you ever think it's. You know who who trust in USA basketball and the players association association. In the NBA. Idea by the 2000 it is the end of the year who. Who deserved to get into these camps are you telling me that you assume that people are going to be punished laborers. They're just not going to be decision makers who say they bring in Chris Paul's a Eugene. And everyone associated with the bring in the high school. Came associated with the this cockroach who we all want to give Sabrina is hoping it's pretty telling that people are gonna play favorites general view buys and processed. It makes no script and then I think you eliminate Vegas because now what you really are that you could actually have been. Peach jam in the biggest in the same week yet and if that happens how Warner does any shaft cover. Got a moderate pace over four days like Halliburton is outed private jet. Patty crisscrossed the country you don't force coaches to choose. And that's sort of put somebody kicked the game slide into the world of big time prospect and that is affected him. But you're not a topic he hit. And the questions still out there about how good you are July actual porn and the opportunity to colossal port. Now he gets a chance to maybe show that coaches trying to impress your best stuff. Because now he's in Vegas are now he's at least revenues somewhere else and he can't get there I just think editions of Arctic kids. Why take opportunities on the cheap it's why put into the position where you know they're not gonna have an opportunity. Can answer scholarship opportunities that the goal right. It was measured up to allow what is their best opportunity to do. I think you're exactly right there I don't if it doesn't hurt the James wise and of the road and all of the but it does hurt I mean that there you know off top your heads and countless examples of guys who did not have an offer go to mid July they'd blow up in July because they they're seen in Vegas or wherever. And they end up going to a higher level division one program when they otherwise would not have abs are your. Yeah I mean I was at that age permanent mark camps there the cap from a local majority. Don't care about. Goodell said he had just tried to stretch Saturday where. Told he would come in and I didn't play just well he was a mid major chipped. The volatility in. Big motor. You're losing you're missing out on the actually you're hurting actually would shellacked and I think that's something that seems so hypocritical. The reality is is the commission responded to like point 5% of the athlete and how scratched me. And contains all of these things to deal with a hand full of tears which is just gone in my opinion and it goes against what they say. They're all about I don't think any of this stuff you know now there are fortunate thing is big and they're basically gonna have their ability to look at. You know these trials the FBI and other legal proceedings to make decisions all that about doing their own investigation I think actually I think a lifetime ban. Thing is interesting because it's like federal official called the blood on there. But what did you separate them. But I think I think they think of so called is just one blanket that they don't understand the deep south of their own structured apple probably commission. None of this stuff. Makeshift you've got to enact a multiyear post season ban and her two kids come and then read nothing to do with what happens are you helping me. These kids that you say you're all about none of the makeshift. Exactly what's on my arm of of course it was because that's all for ESP ME. -- a Penny Hardaway and the Memphis basketball program earnest if any fit finish as well for me if any can beat out John Tucker for the number one player in the nation and you mentioned James wasn't. It would mean what it. It would mean that. Mitt deuces back in business of the major white. It it would mean that there's no rebuilt pier that. Pay if it's already looked like a Smart usage bright always I counted about tubby. And they admit regarding looks very Smart even getting in the mix of somebody's kid he gets James. And get somebody's kid that he's going after. Already lived as a major player yet and you don't you questioned sort of former NBA guys who their budget gap truck yet but every former NBA duke coach a college program if you're not about the park talent. War stories about playing Michael Jordan Kobe Bryant. But that's not working for everybody you know look look at Kevin Allen admitted Utah under a lot of guys who have ties to NBA team all the data automatically makes film of success story but I think Cheney did have at all. He's got the NBA background he's got. The fact that he put in the work of the graduates at high school levels. Hopefully that culminated at the guy that you just want to make the patient program to everyone pays attention he's commented guy who worked his way. Into this decision I do think. I can already tell you from a media perspective conversation that we're having that industry didn't that we haven't talked about that this basketball legacy internally. In the Turkish. We haven't talked about how about a government is basketball how we're gonna get to Penny Hardaway it's how we're going to talk everything that's happening yet. Acquisition would be out got to Kentucky Kansas and duke. My guess is albeit more men exchanged. Than any other gang definitely talk. Let's we'll talk about did you like the makeup of the staff. Amare you know that there were some of said that you know there's a flirtation with Larry Brown I think though the school itself said not at all in that direction so he ends up with Sam Mitchell former NBA coach of the year. Mike Miller and you've got Tony Matt likely to bring over from Ole miss was that in arm after Randy. Do you like the makeup of the staff some have said hey you might need a little bit more college experience what do you think. Not I'm not actually in town I don't know that means you need more college students and staff because you've got guys who know basketball and I did not coach urban Mike Miller out she. It does during the game a long time I think a sham Mitchell addition of the biggest moved over to Sam as the veteran national understand structure. And I think definitely got to have a bit easier as they move forward spent a total good addition as good as well. To me it is a staff that has an energy. They're published have select the right and that no so these people. Out there and Bristol got a long time and a map not condemn as much as I'm saying. When they showed up there wasn't a blows. And you can listen around the country that ticket national right there around the country there is a blog about Kenny and their staff and I think a lot of people saw the show mr. move object. March and also show that he's not afraid to take it but the problem a lot of these guys. To get this opportunity is no one can be above them. No launch and offer them advice eat them you can make a case that the company's problem right. Pity doesn't have that I haven't of their election much as the next. Do you think Myra you talk about penny and like how you look at imminent because you know story how he came up middle school high school. You know a grind it do you think other coaches around the country view him like that. Auditor terrified. There are terrified of him because they know he hasn't come close to his teacher. They they're terrified that once he figures at all allow. If you don't give players right the end in his practice and get players out of here with a penny is wait until he gets swollen and means committee is charged gobble up Gaza around the country. Who relies what did you do for them and it's just who he is an energy he had I think. If you told me the list of the coaches who have been hired in the last five years. How major programs created at the top the list in terms of who the big boys are trade. If she beats out. If he beat panel the adult there's there's no other statement that need to be made it's it's it's a new terrain. If he beats cal Intel the world I looked off. I've taken all of this back. I'm keeping all these guys here I'm gonna get other big players are around the country as well I just a public you lost a loved it won't go about their notice kid and in what connection. Just the way he talks about pitch in on those who don't have options out as we've just Cheney. And you got browser and that is supplemented his formal place in this fraternity. After they actually have to be there but you have to talk to people listen to people are there to help them walking to write a how to navigate tubby didn't do that. Penny is meant to strike and it's all all simply cannot deduct can be as great pressure. Not out Marley grows and thank god has always meant thank you can't wait to see you back and miserable. Ghost is Myron Metcalf covers college basketball for ESP. And man he is a petty fan I I think we could I think we can take that away from that is a fan of of penny not so much the new cards Basque. While rules say you won't find many fans of the new Kolb has overruled his job a lot of common sense missing from the yeah. It up again isn't reflective of the NCAA when you. You pass the buck right to USA basketball so only. Here's our rule only out you know the elite are going to be able to sign with agents right but what we're not the ones are gone bigot like that's going to be USA best book is a Basil doesn't want the job. Racked and that's their big yup. Doesn't that say all you need to know about the NC double a yeah and also saw a quote where. Somebody without in some ways that we could have been a better job message indicating masri they backlogs of you think. Exceeded even what you had to do what I am according to world you had the meeting with them everybody leaves the meeting not that not knowing that you've decided to USA basketball. And then you come on make this announcement. And just catch combines that's a that's because a Charlie mess. In an image there. The pose much closer than I thought it would have been no is not exhibit a was a landslide it's not a whole lot of oil out anymore to call the question ladies and gentlemen was you lose and they feel sorry for you had a boats at a football game. Would you rather be. A movement to whatever appeared at a football game a portable game were born of 45000. Would you rather be too hot or too cold. Let us now. The poll is a little bit closer than you might you might have thought we'll discuss that we get back Jason's done a disservice then yes it. And visit area do you wanna circles healing properties for cash. 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Noticeably better bids from their home didn't strip and Chris did you alimony and on the Tuesday in Sosa and Jerry did you. Daniels didn't look good Stucco home. Love president's words were. Tyler whose businesses such as these funds are greatly learns to take a look at the milieu is vessels at any time I don't look good news.com. We should all wish. That. Extension. I don't mind up yet. You did you understand there's no other place in Memphis. And August it's just the fifth muggy cut there than the said he kind of anywhere. Even though Mississippi River fly. It looks like if Eric Glover Jason Fox. That's like it's like the liberty ball. You like about September. Fats everywhere except out of mind or speedway events where you can drive a tie in they've probe cards victory for the for the about an hour. In a seat lid nice and cool and on Monday through Thursday they've got a great view you can get one free race for refuted your purchase. Perez one time one races anymore war is a bunch or Toms was a deal you're not wanna pass to begin one pre race. For every through your purchase that's Monday through Thursday while everybody else is out sitting in sweat in this Memphis he would John Mark your move in children's just broke. Beaten everybody out and Audubon endorsed he went events. Fast. On. Food. I think we just said we just said Myron Metcalf on the show he had some interesting things to say. First of all he said that other college coaches are terrified they fear him up penny because they know he hasn't reached his peak yet. Do you think that's true I think it's deathly sir it's a fear it's a hate. It's it's RI BM amassed as hate I want it to be I wanted to just be. Surface right all thirty any substance would that I wanna you know that's what they're open. And you've figured we talk about this with Jerry Newman he's talked to cows coaches are I've since two John there it might be even a little stronger and and a sense of of resentment. And terms of OK I did it you know I I grind it my way through on you know your assistant coach it's it's. It's you know it's a grower it's it's it's almost like. It's on it's it's 30 and it's it's every day of the year. It's it's six jams we've talked about the grind and it it's not fun. Right in and a lot of these guys have worked their way through that to get to the top right and it probably look at it and say well he didn't work as hard as I do. Right all he did was jump it here's a former NBA got his jump in middle school all of a sudden he's that you have just been misquoted computers are as a sudden he's got to you know he's the head of the division one program. I would suspect. They just out of you know our own human. Just the way we are built as humans they're playing Charles goes Gary confirmed as play -- comes out they're just resist the mess out of despair exactly and who've been here so yeah I bet you got jealous that you got some resentment you got some haters think you know I don't know work. And you've got some fear. They all that plays into. I can tell you this all of them they they have. They know that there are codes out there who. Not not not every coach but there are codes out there who are kind of like snicker and in the desert brush look at others will be project through that's Houston and cloud all over you yet right. Yet. And I know front maybe more so try to convince themselves debt that is going to be that I know for a fact that they Ed Ed Ed various junctures they have dealt with that face to face. I so like if it's out there are three women women. You want if I can't I can't brother you can idle any bad out there like I didn't know him as I mean you don't have to give us the whole cookie but you gotta get as low. A little outside a chip off that I did all of guarantees you an email about what John Edwards has yet again socking get a clear they have had to deal with this sort of this that and now yes they have done the deal. And add add events. If had to deal with sort of you know face to face the snicker coming in their face nick I don't know who was named the conference I don't know the cop named the conference says you don't know who was no other I'm reasonably good moment or I just don't know who was my face to face yeah for sure. Oh I don't know all the big give face to face when I don't have and they don't matter who was as does. In matters it don't matter who everybody is is equal everybody is a part of this that's given off in that in the staff spacewalk can not face I mean listen it was a long time ago are now a little bit of Vietnam it's Donahue what are you a dollar budget don't look like a bunch of lakes is good but what they call the ball jar you got to explain how is just like. Bare leg bear the doubts have been expressed. In two doom yes and they're like us all that is disrespect out I don't know who would I I'm in almost wanna give that at least you don't have to their face though and I'd just say tomorrow and a bag almost wanna give the due to little credit what was it was a like a cricket lovers like who got a I think something like that all coaches like I let him go it alone little sarcasm yeah leg a little sticker on you know I don't like that now like but that's what they're gonna deal with until they win why your most could be behind their back. While most of it is behind their back double talk and Diamondbacks as you are not willing to say and if you already know that on the circuit. Right all these coaches come outs or pay any in my can Santa all. It is okay so afraid to me and then they get on the phone with the other gods codes as Mandy and on these programs when they don't know what the hell they're doing on my room missile. That's exactly what they'll be on probation for years and you already know that's what percent are about as that's what they're gonna Avery Johnson darted out. I mean I agrees doing that we've got to tags on his own issues. You are now he's column. Been got bitten are bitten don't or what's his last iron call our. So far he keeps telling me that the tags are supposed to be on their jobs I'm not sure about I mean no negative he insists. That it is it's it's the to it and it depends on which you're you're wearing when he can the tags on I just a that's what kids do when you get to fifty came Winnipeg on minimal. Since karma. Important trying to Obama government and I think that's a good round number out loud even though Ford as a trend I came about actually goggle 35 probably so you're probably rise it is due back mr. Avery much too old to do that in her case been you know much respect I just don't that it looks like to try to mark and kids see through that. Right kids see through that you know pity that Internet because where is pinning. He just didn't get as much as water and and Avery would get just what kids was David aggregate isn't exactly why station if he came dressed like that brought. By keeping lit up the heat it's easy lift he thinks he goes yeah he's where I'd like that dad he cut nay britney's then like the dead uniform on time it like total yards and a shirt and it looks all and then jacket and he's wearing an ankle wide ankle socks reminded. Well you don't what's wrong with that way don't what's embarrassing late out of my bed is where ox Oxley will recommend. Let me anyway why they go Sox. A record right now that is discussed it. Says that's it what's wrong with that if you don't Wear ankle socks they got to be black alone we teach balance on this case you know but come on dude ATC mean nothing nine alert onto I don't know I don't Hamad Abdullah look at film and got on their bed and he's telling you right. I've got like OK even I was able to change the terms of my and one white are you kidding. Got excellent news anywhere and a black shoes because that looks a mess I've got hot White Sox would black spots short night. Largely black ankle socks and I. Or like saying Michael. And as you might Matty. You're favored to bring it Brooke there. Might not have a pretty good look at those White Sox with a great she mayor. Do well I think that didn't let up here I'm not traveling look cool and then ask our stream I can't believe you even when all of us air out even us appear weak we will not try to be senior either going to be there on the blacks. We've got the black owns along with I cannot believe you as an adult and check Everett of white ankle socks I got a bunch of black instead of I had some are from where white shoe with a new crew. I don't want our enemy RA got a nice clean pair a white. Are you with a yes but you cannot keep the other well I don't know the circumstances can you rock a pair of one out the light tall Sok an and you're dead out lie angle side no you don't Wear white tall size either you do is where blacks are whites all Sox out. I come on Matt thought you knew this Coleman and gotten pulled of all the way to better. Now I'm Alex and I like to touch come under she's an editor Doug Martin I like to talk a little bit complete mess. Enjoys gods are great you do hot mess right now with the dust. They were the best they you know like I'm well public enemy air light out of you let me careful the.