Jason & John Hour 1 (8/17/18)

Jason & John
Friday, August 17th
Discussing Markel Crawford getting a contract from the Grizzlies, NFL Preseason, Grit Grind Night and more in Hour 1. 

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It's a real quick if I mean can we saw. Yeah listen I hit. They GAAP net. I year old Jason and Jon attitude that have been ESPN it is the August 17 which means it is Friday they do we have made it to be in the the week happy about that. That's a what will really a little bit this morning reeling from the news John I happened during my hit with Geoff Calkins is a matter of fact I'm. I'm sports columnist for the daily and Indian. A URL of surprise you got that right guys take me some time and that was move right right we were talking about a one amidst its treasures. A woman by the name of Genentech Stew I've done worked with for awhile she appeared in many a Jason Smith story in a commercial deal because. John she's helped so many kids and Memphis from the University of Memphis stores are within the city schools all the time at Ridgeway she's been perfect time of central truth. We're talking and I'm telling Jeff as she fell once on health hitting tutor fitting academically that's what jet runner up that's a nice and connection and John. Just saying until it yes yes Jenna Pickens has helped many get it done great work indecision continues you and just that what she did. As far as just since she's gone. And it turns out that you know that so authoritative I've only corrected me incorrectly. To a big guns alive and well. Like so elements is so alive just retired. Jeff did kill a woman this morning and and she's a lot I think. I really did I think we've weakened a similar that may be a lot of a year pay you know and I don't journeys fed handsome. I can we we can pursue this Pickens I am I can watch what I can do is vouch for the final word is jumping has done for many a youth in this great city of Memphis is helped raise me in Maine yeah I'm Memphis listened to about like this. And she's alive we got the email from our receptionist because Jenna called our front office that sale. Plus the station she's a lot and at her and her family was in a pit. Is Jeffrey killed I have some questions about that how how Jeff would know that Juno had passed the family man I was feeling guilty jolly so much she was gone because I was gonna do tickets fuel. I've always my respect of course woman's unlock the city but here's my contention on this. It's probably actually feels good to be. Took so it's a for someone to say you're dead and you're actually not because everybody college and does almighty god are you OK. So you've still love. Bright you feel like oh my god heal care about that he thought they should just so forgotten about. Clearly it. Right well that's ever got about. She's back now everybody's calling now everybody the city knows that. Ladies and gentlemen we can say definitively. That Jim Pickens is a lot of fed the city an uproar this morning needlessly yes he did. So we will unfortunately. All that metal maybe we should kill somebody you know don't kill anyone today announced it is for our web kill anyone okay we'll do we'll do our best harvest OK here we are gonna show too. They margin I don't normally joins us at 1145. On Fridays but he's having some poppy issues is at the vet. So he'll join us at 1225. Instead of 1125. Instead of margin item at 1125. We are going to. Do what's out that it does not the first time we've ever done this. I don't know be called a roll call or is it a roll call or is it just. Explain why your school is inferior to white station. In the spirit. Of high school football star took part are taken off yet. Via. You're exactly right John you know there there's a pride in Memphis that's associated with the may be unlike any other place where you know if you're in Memphis yet we don't ask you what what college with no question we ask you where he went ice he's an assist the way we do things and we and we thereby judge you that you don't based on where you went I didn't you know are we all grew appear we did we column will came up on the stand bill roll call brother yet we all grew up on the stand they'll roll call and that's that that you could call you from the director school yet right wreck yourself yet. And that's today. I think we may give it a shot JR with the start of high school football. Ripped your high school will sell well look we're three wide every day Countrywide Financial white station three wide sparked its terrorists. Been and you could've been more time with that. If you think. It sure high school in Memphis though is more accomplished. Then the place that we went to the place that John Mars been banned from the still. Must claim because of the phrases that we are spotted it and they are today if your opponent that you don't use frankly you've got a more accomplished high school in white station. Phone call enhance those about a college here in slack. And tell us why your school is better than white station by the spring. I got three words. Bedford for fer right now got through hurt national merit scholar. But we student athletes with everything. And actors act. Actresses every year analysts every year we break a new record we have more national merit scholars and anybody else but you keep claim that comes out of your mind your arm around you haven does a lot mania I get a salute lit up here it I don't know we still got the national merit some of I as we as well wanted. Unless you take all the other salvation I spoke at a much of Ramallah pop yup I'm watching account. For all of them how many national mayors are they have yet and I promise you that with them but the entire rest of the city schools combined U pumps less less than whites they. He whom John Mara went on to Fargo armored planet at least that's how was when I was in school okay well now you're okay there's this it's small praise maybe. He had the five for a dollar an army Dolly got Kathy Bates. As you saw it Donna got Paul find bomb. I don't have days Schneider Donna got Joseph Jackson secondly to score all time at seven Mitchell high school basketball history yeah. Or save it may say they almost obviously a failure here I don't not cry I was gonna holier level for the segments our target of itself is clean it up a little bit margin out of my daughter's at 1235 and at 130 we're gonna catch up with. Almost Chicago Bears coach. Former Arizona Cardinals coach now radio analyst for the Tennessee Titans coach Dave McGinnis. He will join us at 130 do you remember those times we've flow of that. Debbie DUI recall correctly didn't we name him coach and he wasn't here and agreed to the deal's close and we edit. Yet and we had our big Iran blood like to forget about. That's exactly so I thought so yeah he he had you have the this is before the days of September 11 so we're I don't remember word mcinnis had been no word what is an Arizona Oca is libelous or we saw Arizona. And so because it was before the days of September 11 the media could. Rush him past the gate. You know and get a get a comment from and that's what happened and he had a press conference. As he was leaving Chicago. Good and edit in repeatedly that he was gonna do try to make out right that I remember and he he he caught wind of it got so upset he said I'm not. I'm not as disappointed as I am sad. And didn't become a coach and did that become your real hard to Iran Kordell for a second and yet to a thirteen and three wood big Gerard do after that. Not memorable. Urging that there is a good record out there we wouldn't hurt in Britain drug dealers you or I feel like you know that and I don't. But like there's a thirteen three year in there for Dick Jauron will have even been anything needed. They're my it was somebody else's players yes so revenue of 125 is now titans analysts were having at 130. And he is now a titans analyst and we're gonna talk to him. About his career about how you go from being in. The Arizona Cardinals head coach. Almost the bears coach of the Tennessee Titans like Radiohead it was his third year with us he was thirteen three does this tell you those young you are 36 in 10511 and yet a third thirteen and three didn't win back the Fords well yeah but I know how you'll feel after that 33 year you're like god doled vick's got to turn around a little fox that maybe. That you little hole talked to Dave McGinnis. 130 are at the NFL lots of quarterback play on display last night including Teddy Bridgewater. We'll get. To that before we do anything else calm. We wanna highlight. Success story here in the city of Memphis and it is. Are honestly your quintessential. Success while the story does its us stores and Memphis. Mark Crawford. Who went to Melrose high school went to the University of Memphis and transferred his seat is his final year to Ole miss will forgive him for that. Signed a training can't deal with the Memphis Grizzlies looked around big part of his. Of his rise. J&J in turn oh excuse me and he and Carl he's a former intern that's and we we helped him. Did not in our own any little way Likud Donald via I think we maybe you too much credit facilitated. Delmas transfer. Because if we would've just you know said and I don't think you did a great job maybe as the remnants for another year. I mean so but yet you're forgiving them for almost because it was Ole miss and we didn't pay much attention that's that's fair to either program. Aspire to either program. Cigarette but yes he's an attorney can deal with the Memphis Grizzlies and and will be a member of the Memphis also. As we knew it was going to happen based on his summer early perform hoped would happen and there's no question. That he was gonna be a member of the Memphis hustle and given what I mean he was very good. What the Memphis hustle in Vegas illness that aren't this grisly subtly tell us that part of that part of the storage are does that. We won't have sipped a coach and that that is sad and we also don't know who the coach is. What and who I would deserve it an announcement on matter now you're messing up from a we'll forget the hospitals right back. But it's yeah Marshall Crawford. It is a member of the myth is there's just column remind the people what he did in the summer league when he was shining. He was as good. I thought maybe you can give them points and what shopkeepers for I don't remember all that nine point six boom. Johnny shot 45 point 8% from three. For the summer league we've never seen march oh shoot the ball last year giants playing some of the best basketball of his life as well. And listen this is. The story goes so far back because we say this and and let's guess there's a moment we uses cliches that takes a village right to race somebody. For raising a child. In this case Marco Crawford was literally raised by the city of Memphis we've talked to about it's I don't. Historical and I don't know about the grove editors and it's hard to come out and a one hour you yelled back you trapped in their largest amount have been over there have been a mark feels out. Going as house in the overpasses are still. I and on the hook appliance John in the middle of the living room if we're going to write a story about it. And a place that you and I would mean and imagine trying to live in a much let's come up and that's where you came from and tell what it was his mom his brother's sister. John will fall former tiger. Jake Barnes who you know is a believe the stepfather now of just the type of Jason's items used. He was in March feels like they all hill man if you even if you go even higher so it says to Jermaine Johnson and Melrose to move. I'm sure it wasn't you know. You all would understand it wasn't just a coach player relationship there. He helped mark kill all the way through and then you pass him up to that today and Stoudemire Josh pastor of University of Memphis that you guys remember. Mark hill before that senior season at Melrose. Through his knee exploded. Only a user and I'm not I'm not exaggerating liar or he committed brother heats or like a CEO and seals he see everything that's in their stuff that you are not getting in pronounce that dudes need blew up there was a good there was so. A fear John a real fear. It is career would never be the sign there this dude has to go to eat eat it is up. But the sticks with a who was it was data weighed down payment says that by our Damon told jar Josh paso let's stick with this eighties don't come through his fighters adult. Jermaine Johnson always tell you that. Let's stick with them they'll come here to redshirt. And easily available player for him that's what Marco did the first season of was for themselves because what he was out Melrose season as a senior couldn't play. Big dabbled at the new years because he does each and so bad to play should have been playing. Trying to come back from lending. Sits out a whole weird Memphis. Don't think he's got while everybody else is out there and wants a you know do you remember that year olds and a class it was as always I digging out they're that was their favors everybody goes out about a class. Marcos and on the side of our hands on his on his head watching that you're. That bagels are. On his right knee maybe. You know and nobody ever knew feed it back in any. You can go through all of that in everything these kids had to overcome and all the people that have helped a bit but it literally is the story of a city. Helping raise this in this kid. And we've talked about it you come out of those kind of circumstances. You're not supposed to make it now when you gospels B is charismatic is that Q or is appreciative. As Marco Crawford has always been yeah you don't. Don't usually see that coming out there why would do what could you can have everything coming up right I mean you to have at all in nothing and that's part of the reason why he was so grateful for everybody. That extended a hand that help this kid get through and here you are now. And on out some we all roll your eyes that this is saying well he'll be down the G leads as he got what what do you talk and give me a break right. This kid success is about more than just being a professional athlete now. He's a father he's been a EPO and attitude young a's now husbands Mason as a young sons. He's all about setting the example for him. Has found that he's got to love of talking about sports is an analyst and kind of found that in addition to the sports thing. That's why he was here with us debt was doing and a summer program trying to would be looking into the world of being an analyst unsold. Proud of Marco Crawford most are a lot I don't know I'm not most. A lot of kids. Sometimes they get this helped to write because there's there's so many of these sores all over Memphis we don't get the highlight of your all right but. A lot of them don't make it. A lot and get the help instill a NK and don't come through louis' success or so hot so I like jar that would that we are able to. And this one's easy because he's he's with the hustle and he had such a great subtly where blu rays that this kind of story or not I just feel good for him yet. For our city man for the way we handled this the way we handled the raising of Marco Crawford effect. If that it makes hopefully that's a nice little bone that that's just from our its. Difficult to add. To any thing you just said. Honestly you know I I have I've covered market Crawford since 2011 before he had. In the offers at all yet. And it didn't work packet off man after that and and it just the way you said it has been proud you know mama you know I wouldn't you mark our friend or anything like that but. Just the hand that he was dealt as a human being and there's a lot more that went on that we have not said that we're not gonna say just out of respect. That he overcame. It is not he's not mark Joseph Crawford is not supposed to be I don't care how talented you are when you come from. Those circumstances. It's it's almost easier to get derailed. Than it is today in depth where Marco Crawford has ended up almost we've seen is little time and time and time and time again right. And I I just want for nothing the credit proud overby of focus and for and Ford chasing that dream it and you know lists and who knows what could happen at this point we thought we haven't seen G league success stories absolutely this is just the beginning. Of Marco Crawford's story. And got the fact of the matter is it couldn't guard a bunch of different ways man. And here's the here's the great thing about the store are killer hadn't changed a bit I had all the way through it. Still the same. Go into the gym the other night we had ignored her and the other day he's got currently going on social about this was in court ovaries got Lester Hudson Tyler Ayers and he's lost. Throw out there who put. A walk and in the gym with are for real. And Martell rises from the silent come over and say it was subdued and and and take time to mess was agent Ben bow on the ball Augusta. Just signed right feeling good about life he's now professional athlete pay out you know there's not yet come over and give me any doubt. But that's how he's been appreciative and grateful. And Marco Crawford's Memphis and that's his stories why we love our town. And I and then I'm so. I'm so happy that. You now have a reason to renew. You're season tickets what the Memphis hostile and so Matt save your listen and Daniel and you have on you you now have is it was you that haven't in with Jason you know I haven't had much. Yeah I'm gonna do support mark okay. Moon is salaries are his own ticket sales Manitoba is it's a dirty move so I'm Max if you listen Max of course was Jason season ticket rep last year I was pulling out when they announce that left but now they're going to be bigger draw you back in your drive you back and so. I say this how to yell you're saying good that Omnia Islam Muslims and they did they need Jason Mario needs I don't know I don't know how could we tell a story like bat and then you've got supply basically supports the arms of posting its season tickets because. Mom and mark fields down there were only a lot more who got I think that's of Austin Nichols Martell crop is meant about the experience that if you know. Well you take a double Max welcome. Are you track me on that when John that was devilish. It was bad and the way you used. But his story is great story against me there I know you guess what if I wanna invest in tiger football season tickets this year maybe spread the love around very affordable you did you can do both of them will don't commit me to the hustle we handled that we say we senior pay stubs or clever ending their job the Max once again man Jason you know Jason's and Glenn contact them. Edwards admitted he wasn't he talked about like the reason why he wants more than he wanted to upgrade in that what do you say John he wanted to penetrate to a suite in the segment. He would of they wanted to upgrade to a sweep away at the sound that story at. And lenders that are so. They go men of his seasons ago holder. But the social seasons ago two years in a row allowed that days it's been threats going to be down there to see Marco Crawford amazing story in an amazing and the guys that. I would come back. It's roll call. High school football gets underway tonight yeah tons of action. Down there 5% quick fix this but everybody. He as he and Colin and an add at least just try. I'd try to make your case why are so why we should care about your eyes the nose and I'll station high school and what makes a better you don't have a chance. Several on other five ESP Ambac and it Jason's done a nice night FM yes via. 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I vice events what you're move insulin or throw up hot about endorsing wave events fast fallen. Cool. All right so you know what. I get it. Scared it's intimidating. If it's intimidating. When you have to defend your high school in Memphis against white station it is because you know there's nothing you could possibly ever say. It's an event is a big white station is the standard. Whether it's academic. Whether it's athletic whom I mean maybe. What may we take a little bit of a step back in Alaska Beers athletically that's OK as the the best performance you've been so horrible because of a buffer of everything last year's win was it was there was assault. Are we. Solid I do miss out after doing Mitchell left. After doing an excellent that we got anything. I mean. Mean we produce that it wasn't Jim that was like that was like 45 years ago car. So still relevant was the whole moment. I'm a little word we have we we've we've lost our grip a little bit that's all I think we've maybe Los order I would add to academia to adjourns yes when you couple. The academic side of us. There's simply no comparison in the city of Memphis and that's why frankly it seems like all of you are shaped. All of you should be ashamed of of where you what the high school. You do that you were better than Roman runs while the Roman raise Ramirez and he'll now I want Andrea to get a guy. You realize that Brian may and why are we gonna wrestler rocket at wrestle mania. Did you not explain to me. That you'd like Roman rans in this fuel rolled but yet cannot do you can't have no no one's pretty light note at WW we and that's all part of his struggle with him. But I got the they're we will not put him in the heel role but they should. Women and children love Roman rains are a commandment which is why I remember his lines he does the and that is at the daddy daycare commercial. Right there are good guy stuff. So will never put him in that role but the rumor is that he's got a Russell rocket wrestle mania in New York next year mono that. Another inspires you there from the fame they're they're from the same family. Family tree so the Samoan so. That but that would make sounds as we did your shame no there's I I guess there's no shame in being ashamed. Of your of your alma mater so. Want to do what we want to do roll call they sensed where you're here you see this man memoir station. There's so they know you're not your easiest I don't know much stations thing real I kind of you can't do that one. So this thing one genuine from the get go live well it was a 100% anyway that somebody said just daily said that this Catholic. Is better than white station allowed have you ever heard something that's. That ridiculous absurd. Memphis Catholic. About Catholic. I don't even aware that any route are even aware read where is that the Catholic itself oh I don't know what that is. I've never even seen it physically over Madison between Madison enough and popular yet I'd tell me where it is. It's a bad sign for that place but the bats aren't so. Will move our. Well Navarre and maybe maybe next you guys will be better. I mean actually you're scared will be better out there was football last nine on television I did I you know at this point in this in the year I have to force myself to get through pre season I don't know why you don't like and care about pre season. Last night was a little different though because it was Teddy Bridgewater is like first real snaps and end in two years. And so I was actually tuned in. To see that send Arnold's to. You know was solid I guess that the OPEC. Not as good as his debut I would say. But you can see the talent there was sand Arnold like he's gonna eventually be the starter in new York and he's probably gonna be of a good quarterback would you say. Yeah. He's going to be good Coretta knew that when Osama USC at one point one of them as the bears quarterback didn't work out that way home. Here's the deal jets would be foolish to stop and start the year. That's the bomb on her a lot of talk this morning why not just Gordon from an of the fire you believe in them through the pick is in his last night but he goes eight of 1162 yards. Don't decent not as good as an opener. Why would you throw him out there right now when you've got Bridgewater. And when Bridgewater looked good last night for the most part in 15147. Right thumb you know threw a pick but also threw a touchdown. I'm rating was 87 import why it is my point why throw sand dollar rolled out there now. And risk it going poorly death. You make a move to Bridgewater then in my practice it's garbage or do you want to anything under very essar is confidence in his rookie just makes more sense of order a veteran depth. The losing will probably still it's remembers the jets. The losing still happens when you make the move. The fans will be called ports for the bears did Larry it's what we do it's a risky things as quickly as that if you start and we let likely in Cleveland with tyra it just makes more sense that way why. Why why take any chance of of hurting your quarterbacks comes at all. If you don't have to vote because like you could look at packs and lynch and and you need to see what happens when confidence this chatter. He he may never cock in ruins them on eBay eBay eBay ehime 100% never recover Donald exams is mentally fragile as Norman Powell appears to be clearly that is tour and we've got to keep it real I mean if you have to ask why did you see that by the way. That win Paxson lynch got the news about being the motive third sharing he asked why. You voted no why lord have mercy. I do. I mean I well I am I say they'll tell you how could you not know that's the point is that you're gonna no so you should need fast and there are and the rap on him consistently. For the last two years has been he does it take it seriously enough. He he's more concerned about video games he's now working hard and whatever that whatever that they are yea that dilated like you should. How what do you mean why they gave should be harder to figure out you know so I'm if Obama if Obama coach. And I've got to explain to actually it's why he's getting demoted to third string. I'm no longer. Feel like he's up and I need a memo franchise right exactly as this is that day that marks the unions no question. We got and you don't even have confidence a minimum it if you don't understand why you've been demoted to three. None out. And then it didn't then I got no use for like let's about the fact that you were first round draft pick you should be asking you should be asking why you're not in the conversation. For the starting job. You should be asking why why did my friends is at the go out and get a taste Tina because. We played out all the reasons why it can it. It was fair to start a little slow for Paxton and you changed coaches Kubiak wasn't that into yes it was more Elway was you change comes up so you change systems we get all that. But there are guys in this league you have to go through all that to them and this is a it's a tough madly in and I just it looks to me like and we've seen that the shot some on the sideline you'd hear distorted out and asking his head coach why am I getting demoted it just seems like the me. Like it he doesn't have it appear that John Internet upstairs whether that's not get in the playbook so that part of it but more so the confidence it done. You know what should the swat during the conference you need to be an NFL quarterback not at that parts of all he doesn't get that the the mental the mental side of our doesn't buy doesn't and then we couldn't measure that coming out of Memphis either because everything had gone well the only adversity enemy of small about that last year was the was the bowl game on our and we all through that out so well we all talked get up to just days and it also there's there is in was excellent her. There are doubts on grounds it he's playing hurt so. I agree we had no way of measuring then you know that upstairs that middle capacity what happens when when the when he gets some adversity as a gonna handle. Exactly and I will say couple observations from last night. It was it was Monday Night Football on Thursday night as it was it was. Joseph Testa tore. Jason when and for some reason bugger was. You know bands to the to a crowd I don't know what that was always he's got like you know how like the cameraman sits on night that big yes that big thing their raises and Boehner sitting next to him. You know why is like on the big boom because he they explained it like that it gives you like such a better angle of confidently it just looks bad. Okay what can he be in the moved through. But I caving in the Booth I mean let let the severe I had to two white guys in the Booth in the black guys outside legged just out of the lead right it's not a good look let's be honest about it I know boaters know they like to supplement the man of the people weren't right knee is Johnny would not even amongst the people yeah. She's just it just looked weird it was like but there what are you thinking voters like in there like on the but the cameraman I you know the man can't walk a month Monta what was he doing more talking them Witten was. I think Jason Witten is very scared he's narratives is that first go right that it does first. Read my view is second now if he's sound like a very nervous. They would he enjoy that there's a moment when the second half the start where like that he's going to be good though Joseph Testa toilet turned it over so we asked a question about it Sam Donald's throws and and Jason when was looking so deep in a Joe's eyes on I don't know I was I was very I've caught I've noticed on the hits they do the has been leading up into the game that got three of them laid out and Boogaard to all the time and and and Jason's gonna. We're too often end like he's he's tried he's feeling his way through you can you can sign yet he's going to be finding a cure right now I don't know we're fit everybody is not going to be Tony Roma that's. People are thinking he's going to be Romo the moment he opens his mouth right and he's just he put a different position is not going to be able to. He'll be able to tell you what's happening because he played the game at a high level is Alipay. But is that going to be able alike predict necessarily who's gonna happen the way that Tony Romo might have run a might be able to. I left Yvonne jets are road bridge world offering a mean when there's always the start this year goma found that a black. You know what he is slow because he's this well because that's why. 'cause you know it doesn't give you the best chance to win between the two vets. You don't you're not gonna have brought watershed. What. Form lashing sets it it was -- -- he was pretty he's Bobby Anderson was of the the only jet worth anything are you as you know what he can't win with here he was decent you can't win at a high level with him rather than play Teddy Bridgewater I would trade favorite that's what I would do because there is say there is a team out there that needs him there are more or two if you're not gonna let amid a stalker in eighty talent that suggested I should be the starter over McAllen all day iPod Teddy Bridgewater looked pretty damn good last night he made like he made some terrific frozen his receivers did not call in. I thought he was on the money pretty much all night as far as actual ballot count as of my account the band aid. And it really want to and it's only need they just say don't they don't they don't what they don't want is. A guy like Teddy Bridgewater they do not slam literally romance I didn't you're the Smart thing when moment block your right numbered and that's mark I Miami doesn't need a quarterback. Mean I they had I don't think they do right now what they're about to find out it's been hit across third about a down's or what about Tampa Bay you know I mean what what they are what they had to do it James once it. In I think there're there are you know have the lead. At this point could use a Purdue are in the roster I thought he looked good last night I really did I thought. His receivers let out your alarm I guess they're to showcase and but I am not handed over to one. He was throwing your Tony he comes in there and you just push send our back becomes an Aries hot fire and winning games well that and help your situation and I'll leave. But is your role with the band aid to your boyfriend. Traded I don't that's it's a solid plan yeah I don't know what there I don't know with the jets long term. Plan is it I don't know without even know what they wanna accomplish this year you know do they wanna turn it over to send our only point are I have no idea. But I think for them you've got you've got three it would outlook we have three quarterback on the roster. You know just account and I got a billion being voiced fears gonna start him because you know him you're there with him. He knows the system there's some comfort level there they Bridgewater is a little bit more go of and of a wild card because he's coming off the injury. But he's he's good he's good at from a just and after a way to handover don't our jobs right. That's that's the thing about it you were you wanna be if you wanna see the future that's the thing I mean do I you know probably game for five. He's on the new plan. John starting to start the year death there there was NFL football on TV last night and we are charged in our way through the free season. I did I did I did get a whiff. Of the opening. The opening Monday night doubleheader. We are gonna get destroyed. I'm I'm I'm I'm this will be the only display of humility what you will see Friday what is this of its about the raiders yes. You're saying you will be destroyed this is a total 180 for you we will get destroyed we won mother ramps. We will get our asses into us. And I hate it accurate either that's the first game of the year too because there everything is getting up I mean soon and Dora are iron Donald they are going to eat. Derek are alive I'm not looking did at the right to the team that that's come out in a seat period. I promise you they're too loaded not to. Perhaps don't know what Tampa general's team when a 1000 yard quarterback as a young quarterback vikings the saints I our progress and I dated brain no Packard at defense the key to leave. Marcus theatres sue Donald. And you got brake coach offensively Todd Gurley. Bad team is loaded it would be a disappointment if they're not at least in the NFC title game to some. Somebody made the point though and all those balls freeagent hires. All those folks that they brought in on them so well the best teammates down any adversity it's serve. I've that we won L Oz likes to an all those that's what they're kind of weird that we're at Green Bay we won't we think will happen there really Goran been. Dolphins okay are we only it only allows only one of us are gonna start the year won enough. I don't know broke why did in there and drop bearing on that shoulder. That's got about a that's of this that's down our deficit on leaders of the belt and a it's even anybody anymore the penalty if you put your full body weight on the quarterback it's pills. So I'm you really can I at quarterback anymore. And the reason wise because they want playoffs. With healthy quarterbacks they want Aaron Rodgers in the playoffs I did I understand that. 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Absolutely there are Beale street blue uniforms with that nice Emmy and trim around the caller around the armed with a new font. Both. Eight line on the numbers in the whole world markets felt so that there really look look at. Yeah and then after the game he's will be available frogs and is that is that the idea. Exactly they go to charity between me greatly foundation and red bird foundation were split the proceeds so it's really is a great partnerships and be able to bring a little bit of grit and grind to the field over that although Barbara. This the first one pause where are you gonna you ordered all gonna hit on this sucker eventual. So we're gonna hit this is our very first one were to be hitting Birmingham Little Rock. The world Jackson Mississippi Jackson Tennessee beat. Nashville and really Birmingham an interest in market position could replace the preceding game down there could be in October against the Houston Rockets and does so it's really kind of our first foray we know we have some fans down there we see the TV ratings forgot about how plugging that broadcast down America so it'll be really interest to see if we have can basically it sort of generate one there but we do you know and the other cities we definitely are growing that base. I was asked have you found over the years that the you know with the success of the organization that the crowds in these surrounding cities that has grown have you found that. I think it's yes partly due to cut. But just think about longevity in the marketplace people going to call him in the city people promote the corner vendor won't moving to Nashville or little rocker vice Versa. I think the longevity of people moving around the mid south. Has really helps so you. You have some of those core Memphis fans that might have lived in Memphis of some point living in these cities and then you expand from there from a lead TV and radio side and really try to get those people and. So what else can I expect tonight data AutoZone park besides obviously the jerseys in the oxen. While we got creative dance team claw crude T shirts. It's always it's a lot of fun for Hamas and entertainment standpoint. I'm so we wanna encourage people to kind of get there early and really just enjoy the atmosphere there's nothing better than you know being outside. With temperatures like this in the middle of summer I enjoyed a red birds game. The third does the idea here behind sort of the new Jersey's. You obviously. Doing something new I think is good constantly sort of trying to innovate and keep things fresh out of the idea behind you know the New Jersey and and and that's week. So would this look first significant change since 2000 Porsche since we went from the kind of black white two you'll read it when we first got here she doesn't want to go before we change over to kind of our Buell blue colors. That some of the changes started whiff. Two weeks we wanted to make to our logo and word mark to further infuse the in line to bring up the Beale street blues so we own that color as opposed to other teens only not color. And really to kind of clean up from the user's standpoint once we started that process that we start to look at what we do on the uniform standpoint and it didn't. At that point fourteen years since we revamp them in any significant way so this was our chance to Con Ed looked for the past. Bringing elements on the path from both Vancouver Olympic history but really look. Forward into what matters is growing today and to be able to bring up a little bit of logistics deal could marry that with the entertainment pack. And it was really kind of a nice confluence of stock and then we have put back on it just made all the sense in the world. Post ocean view and Jon Mann's got what it takes to be a member of the clock proved you think he can cut it. A little lazy and not only not not a little later. And look like they're but he doesn't the other not kidding I know he's got too much energy like he could probably wouldn't out trying to be jumping off the wall like he probably lead with a future but people like cookie aisle. Our I don't believe that at all that's not and I've got slow post job on him way had a much credit rather breezy and slow alleged pugs your scouting report was exactly right now I do agree I don't get your thoughts or on the subs are uniforms I may be in the minority here but. I've always had a very special place in my heart for the black white field. Random like I don't know what that while I don't know what you'd colonies like this. Sort of combination of crazy thoughts are we ever gonna see that as an alternate or had you guys just completely moved on from that era in your in your lives. No absolutely not I think you know this was. The good changes to our beautiful system this year and moving forward were predicated on a lot of those paths thinks we're when we brought it. Back this year and maybe not the color warmth. But when we first came down from a move from Vancouver and even in Vancouver. Our uniform for a symmetrical they had strikes down one side across the bottom all we came back to that I think that's that's about her future to look at me the other classic uniforms. As we get the right anniversary on the right times in the future so. I definitely think we wanna continue to play off that history and then it is we approach shot twenty years in Memphis coming up here in two years so. Once upon a time I don't know if there's like an hour live or on third street I got to know where I bought it but I didn't buy and read it. Like I totally read Jason Williams Jersey with the with the black number two was the real uniform or was I just on the somebody created. So that was eighty. They made a retail uniform would look official bullet never. Worn out and gore so yeah I was never worn but it was it was 88 true retail. Promotion you promote clean. Okay dad it's only way it was that it is real some former fashion that's good tonight. And then for you guys in the camp is only about a month away this feels like one of the more intriguing years that. You know that there is bidding for the prisons in quite some time right. Oh absolutely and really you know it's kind of quietly cutting off season you know I think you know we. But we went in with. All high expectations into lottery I think people. You know to be really would be real about it they were probably let down by the revolt. The lower level publicly. But when she sees mirrored out there on the court and see what we can happen give Juan you've got really excited all the sudden. And then combine that with and what I would say like a very against him over the term of the patient and these kind of high character high quality. Guy confined intrigue that we've had in America Colleen understand. If Shelvin Mack Garrett Temple like all these things you can you see the pieces of what could be this really bold. Growing young team and the use veteran quality players role players that really turned from these special court. We'll pose because you guys signed up Marco Crawford and he's going to be playing apostle John is committed meeting didn't season tickets with a puzzled for a second straight season wanna send we can turn it around it's not that will rule on the air right now yeah perhaps yeah pugs are exactly right so so a lot of let's get you all all about this the other issue here let's can we get Jon 019 only with a claw crew where he's out there. Trying to run and keep up with the boys he's got that he's got the tsunami suited booted. He has to you know he's got to run with them we conceiving keep up if we can commit him to one night event with the clock group in front of a crowd. And you can get mock you you get my money for us these things are there aren't that well done. It's doggone tired. Plugs yes I have never done anything in front of the FedEx or crap before you play them. On the wrist I don't usually don't talk about earlier got a letter senator got up. Get the good that's him better even get it's it's the pants all good yeah let's have him down there like wow. This the other from the picture drawn you need to be open tryout dates are Jason you need to open tryout dates. Tobacco this year right. Oh man please but I barely made it through last year I shot the melanoma is his wish look about as my wife doesn't want blogs that says he can actually play. He's our guy he's the one that should be yeah. There I. I think got him on and determined. Additional television if you notice you senior associated. I might never never should have called them patty column do because he has embraced it it's pretty it's our role stuff your books where capitalists and I'd say this budget out as a matter try to perform in front of a crowd whether it's against the ribs I've done battle balls at the FedEx or our love your Utah are not yourself try at least I'm a seasoned veteran some sort of Walt FedEx Forum crowd pop is going to be a great night down at AutoZone park Greg Ryan I'd make sure you are a tennis appreciate the time they tell us. There is job create easy vice president marketing communications and broadcast I've had my fun in the sun you darkened commit meat as some and I'm not gonna get you committed to something fu you got me we don't you assert its got to Yamon Jason's done a lot is exactly anything in and out of Bryant fans voted in my vehicle black something I've I've not played for the reds got embarrassed. I mean. James Johnson had to come pick me up off the ground when nobody when you're playing the against the rib you won't produce on the call can show that's a good point and then and then battle balls into the battle balls is Jarvis Greer and I was robbed. What happened there a loss to the one you left. Old man and sharpest reader or put you down a party or a Jarvis group played football college football of the universe in Memphis and probably has like forty pound bomb in the seventies. The soap. He's in good shape jars and fun and shape and you're how old at that Thomas highlights when he forcibly turned and appear to be taken pride. And lose and to Jarvis. An older older we don't ever need a minimum they haven't had to do that played Doc Holliday he got can cause they had to stop. It started at that point it is Jarvis a Doc Holliday Brooke is not that much lower than dot. Maybe ten or fifteen years older than dot. Those Jarvis. Its orbit is getting prepared and does Schwab June lads when was this is Oreo. Now there is video of doc holiday giving somebody concussion I don't you don't know the Dow is off holiday and I game broke the grizzlies were like freaking out they thought the guy like had a concussion. Alice that I was into into our docket is seriously there's no doubt doc you know you were to win two over civilians out here man you can be at its use and that's that you've learned Memphis man game is like a rock hero every you'll that he played against Lawrence Taylor and saw everything is out there. She'll be a top player like Kevin alive kids alive with a desire Halladay that's messed. The biggest mismatch and and Kevin White boys a 145 pounds and dot edu docs and him into the crowd. It was unbelievable. A wooden cabin light yes. I don't know why he did he what was he thinking I don't know what he was they have you try to maybe get famous or something they do heat I mean. To Dodson bed dude back in like there I swear there's like is still an imprint of his body in the wall addicts form and Jarvis handled you. It was total one and I got robbed. I've got one on Jarvis. And Ashley got the second one on Jarvis yeah jug does he knows it was a good match and some there's going to be a winner and it can be a loser what a let down. I did not play college football Jarvis Greer did in his seventies and eighties do you like Jarvis Greer is like some slouch when he is built. John's where he held the camera every day. Always Jarvis Greer. Make sure that we document does on the show I don't turn Jarvis as they age out there I'd say he's in his early sixties now probably. Man handled you bad names and as late fifties when you're dumb its what is supposedly the best time your life in shape. How much does public not as strong man I don't know what to tell you how does don't they usually takes almost prod and it was to do more abrupt. And I got robbed. Anyway. There you go out the point is that post I'm not afraid to perform in front of the FedEx or ground most the time it ends up in an L for me. But did you one of those illness outfits. Well while crews you'll be go to America loves the game without there has voted nobody cheering for you or anybody. Rabbi Jeremy or anybody else.