Jason & John Hour 1 (8/11/17)

Jason & John
Friday, August 11th

Talking NFL/Paxton/Zeke off the top, new Grizz uniforms, then ESPN's Recruiting Insider Paul Biancardi joins the guys in Hour 1 


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You've got to read. Okay. All right let's roll with Jason and Jon did you not recommending ESPN it is Friday it's a big say. Big sales showed it was a big night last night from accidentally shot at John and promised his fans and hopefully professionalism when the job in Denver and a and Donald thank you must win the job and now we know I didn't man was there a quarterback on the other side and young. And summer. What can number two pick in the draft. Mitchell Robiskie I had no idea John you are ridiculous your ridiculous. What you pay excited about who hated the pigs from the from the John hated where we gotta you hated where we got original stuff. One of spots like San Fran wouldn't take it ended Tuesday. You know could have gotten him at three what I prefer to get a quarterback later and get some else yet but you have to what I saw last night. Yeah mine its tomorrow here at some point say I was wrong about bits of Robiskie we got the right get updated. He's got that it factor jar. And you know who doesn't have the it factor that I can tell unfortunately. His facts alleged do well we will get that in just a minute let me set the schedule today on the show actually before us of the schedule and then it. Cut the music thing. What's wrong. Today is a tough morning. I knew this day was coming I knew it it RD came. And today was the big reveal. This morning. The rock debuted. His new tattoo. And unfortunately. Bandits had to you as covered up the iconic. Brahma bull. That has come to define this man that came to define. The attitude error it was still close goal and that was the Brahma bull I cannot believe this that is what defines the attitude era. And to a lesser extent regulates. And DX. It's gone now is covered up the Brahma bull tattooed. And it's that it's an elaborate production. It's a massive. Carcass that was what it looks like it's part carcass of a bull. And it takes up like 75% of his arm but the probable no more doesn't exist it's gone. It's dead long. That is sad that is said no it's not yes it is this man's heightened and I am sick of this I'm clearly not as high demand goes about as high now delayed met Ted Lewis so soon. But I'm not like that I'm sad. I am I I. I am used to into my yard for a different time focused on rock a car get yourself together that's and it's becoming a problem. Now. We you'd do if this has no place on the show. Yeah and I'll rock a tattoo on the rock Danielle. This is what are we doing this is in them were doing him a big showing your talk about the rocks I just think you're not observe a moment of silence for an error gone bite. Our. I mean good god knows enough. Thank you could run green thing I'm creeping your partner is greed doesn't even know you. Yes he does know he does it yet freedom. I don't get better and you know I think wife. The indictment now immediately be once he tweet me twice do you think I'm never gonna meet this man. If they don't let it go through my entire life up to donate using a grown man on another man's jock. As hollers you on the rocks you can have somebody that you looked up to when your kid. Yes and Michael Jordan yeah. And that you don't still like a door Michael Jordan like you don't still hold him in high regard not for the fall on concern about what tattoos he's governor didn't put these tattoos. Whatever did you just don't understand and I have to accept that period that we can move on. Today on the show's gonna be a big day really give it my partner has absolutely no interest be no love for the rock you know you know I don't care or you don't it or if you're old accident. It's caller today it. I'm trying to help you grow. Pet detective grew that's why I'm upset today on the show we're gonna talk to Paul being Carty Paul being card with that stuff carries. Camp where Tyler hair blew up and he turned himself from a friend south honor god so most certainly. At least the top honor we can ask followers don't quote him he's going to be atop I predict he'll be a top seventy player if not higher but I got Lomax at seven Nazis and seven and I guess yes so there are based on one day we will talk to Paul being Carty about. Pal here's his performance he's our favorite player obviously. Alex Lomax meant. Skewed in Memphis as a recruiting. And what else going on in the college basketball recruiting ground that's politically about a totally five not sure if you guys know this. But the Memphis Grizzlies allegedly got new uniforms now when I saw the pictures. They looked very similar to the last ones. But apparently these are new. You could have fooled me like come on a uniform Gallagher told yes they're gonna guess other than the little yellow what lol patch yeah neck that of the that that's going and Obama is different historically on the waste a got some waste you can get this you do get that agrees the other than the Nike swoosh on us at the same thing yeah like that's the elect to me that the only difference. But they much in terms of like. There would. The how do you say it is against this the construction of the uniform did jerk but these are like. Dynamic and fly weighed in on a you know coming back so exciting but that is that is apparently the biggest difference and arson like I feel a little bit screwed. RB artist does I think more of it I just think you can do a lot more. With the grizzlies uniform I think it's part of like the simple look. Looks good you'd like to say and we I don't feel like everybody else is not like life it's something new and fancy. F like degrees we like didn't even get any thing. You know like you didn't change any thing I know that one of the one the idea is. I wanna say it's on the a bomb on the home Jersey is the collars now blue. To emphasize blue collar but that's such a subtle difference but you got bright point that out to me mark you know I'd like to be able to notice that a mom will talk to Mike Wallace. About the uniforms. And what he thinks of them at twelve point 5 then at 1 o'clock a very special guest. We're gonna have former Memphis Tigers star William Bedford in studio. He was obviously key piece today in 1985 team that is bad. You know certainly no shortage of of triumph and tragedy Elmo yeah a lot of guys. So we will have an in studio team doesn't do it and he doesn't do interviews. From what I can tell like he does not us he does I looked at LA guy he's not talked a lot. He's been out of prison since 2011. Was in Texas prison talked a Sandra show. Did Nate you did that it got a ten year did it eight of that of the ten. Four he's caught with with a huge amount of marijuana you know marijuana has been a theme this week John. Are we did drugs is in the drug she was moving him back in the day have a college without parents did eight years he has turned his life around he's come back to Memphis he's selling cars now over my Mariah. And I am thrilled to have him on the show you talk about guys got stores number six pick in 86 draft day six draft. Talking Len Bias who died obviously cocaine. Cocaine was a thing William Bedford obviously that is is issue yeah today Roy it's hardly Chris Washburn has been. On ESPN's Doug features on ABC that lets look at the tragic nature yeah some the stories there hum. That for a guy that I look. I was nine years old when that this was in the 85 final four and I told about little bit yesterday that team eleven of the twelve guys from Memphis whose brand is all about that in the city of pride with that team and there were parades and everything and so he was a guy that at that age for me. Look up to him Keith Lee Andre turner basketball homes those guys were our heroes yeah and so you know I have. I've interviewed a lot of people and not what thirteen 1415 years and has business and when it when it's one of your childhood heroes. A little nervous someone do the job they want to do good job today with wind after 1 o'clock. When you when you. You know laughs at us as before but when I was growing up like the first recollection I have of Memphis tired basketball was my mom told me about that eighty Fatah is seen yeah about all those guys and keep Lee and Andrei error at me. It occur can. You know what that what they were able to achieve and accomplish and what's consoles work it out another going to be a lot of people listened and today. So Keith Lee still doesn't talk our he doesn't do right use out of had a chance to develop a relationship with him and talk to mobile phone but he still won't. Call in and out and you remember that reunion the tigers had a few years ago Bedford came out with a part of that he didn't come back Brian an inveterate kind of that same boat because. When he came out. Reporters guys like you and me always when asked him out the old days and has this in in those guys don't wanna answer those questions carries the same white old efforts come out of the you know in in the least. Unlike Keith. Arm is talking now and grannies and and and I certainly appreciate and we are thrilled thrilled that he's gonna join as of 1 o'clock. Was not a bit was 85 like when you've got bit by the tired basketball was a no question about you Bennett. Is it probably. You know coliseum days and I was a kid in the ninety's. My brother and I got a picture ends at one city's east before closed out of in the myself with undertone in the middle of a happened during the parade their parade in midtown then I went through midtown down Madison. Back in those tasty who was huge and that's when. Are the pictures was still on the wall of zinni's peace and it was a it's part of our. It's part of a of history that I've got a lot of a lot of fond and. Is I don't know this wasn't missing the part of the plan a while we're sort Arnett who is the first like Memphis tiger basketball player you remember watching and like loved. Under. And retire yeah. Under was the guy the little general and an Emmy replied you know how's the little guy Anthony as the little isles lose some weasel latch on of that you know my question is my bag I mean obviously before yet but he was miles step curtain and I use my mom's favorites they're dead man and absurd he carries a lot of teams at general brother you know and the way he ran that squad and again and all pretty much an all Memphis squad due to death. It was my guy out and it's high school button. Bakalar coaching now on Tuesday night alibi you've been no question army was Antonio Burks just because. I would I was younger there really should be out Markel like Palin is barks man he is a start made is that is that for me Antonio Burks went out remember when I remember wild and watched him play like Cincinnati sums the USA game and he'd have like sixteen or eighteen and just be all over what happened on court and I would just go outside and pretend I was Antonio where you -- no matter yet that bad dates or just below. But yeah let William Bedford and studio and reminisce about the good old days right with him at 1 o'clock -- for a gets any of that though NFL football is definitely back amid yet you can. You didn't like last night yeah you get through three games and I now know it's just pre season but it still is good to have football back on YouTube. It was like life is sort of resuming back to normal pension sports calendars turning yes and we're getting closer and it's a real football games that mean something. And I thought yesterday even though was a pre season game. And if a network between the Broncos in the Bayer's. It did actually mean a lot it did mean something. Permit for both right sides. And at the QB position for sure. And I think for the bears. In means that the majority of the fan base is being set up to. Be insanely disappointed. Once the regular season begins. Because to Robiskie is not going to be your starter I'm the oldest and you're going to be wondering why is he now the starter yet. You're gonna have to endure that you know I live with an error in the millions we got some breaking NFL news what he Elliott's been suspended for six gain while nobody said it would be that much editor just broke at six games as the judge has been overseas bidders -- real light if at all and most people don't want the two games -- of the experts or now this is awesome because. This gives your favorite running back in the NFL Darren McFadden an awesome chain owner of the matter he'll be heard about we too he can give back in your bag this is his tea not a lot of new ads are told by a week two when you don't have no doubt down absurd that I don't actually be Albert Gore's right he's Columbia starlink was a W out over an hour to zero run that ball. Six games that's not insignificant. That's gonna put us on vocals best fan but a lot of pressure on that now I can probably just about anybody behind an offensive lines and one just found murdered a seat anybody can sail I don't know we'll see about that. Well I mean I think what this does it puts puts real pressure on that now I'm gonna put the cowboys' schedule. Because now delegate decades ago I don't know the minerals are sick today deck is a good quarterback right lender by thinks he has. He's about to prove if you don't have any spurs again is a you're not gonna yeah is he well this won't kill the running and jump I don't won't kill the running game but there's that there was a massive drop off between Ezekiel Elliott an album it's a home run hitter he can go any point yeah no question is that well the pressure off you know like you and he can give all the good times a year it fat and had a good in my yard sales behind that line run you jags have a good yeah. Running backs had success on that line it's awesome and if he can stay healthy but did not say in general play got out a Morse now Betty had agreed and Denzel them I agree that on sun here is there appears their first six games of the regular season for the cowboys ready to let's hear. They got the giants at home. They always lose the johnsons and hill at home they can they're going to be he had gone bad that was there had been named the way they couldn't beat him was at home they're gonna bother going to do we have mile and one I don't know moment we want. And they're at a desk or group of at Denver I'm saying that's an L I X. I don't know Simmons unbeaten occupant tour now that you are out there. Could see one and one though easily and that the festival slot could see one and one at the cardinals. That's an Al Samie. Adding that he's going to be way better. Well the cardinals Seattle I'm in a version massive disappointment last year yeah irons always be better be good this year he's out there yeah. So we give them when we get them here you try don't yet you cannot give them one and two after those first three games for it didn't who would want him to a one. Right that's gone on that's why is that on Saturday Palestinians say it in the warranty on the UC reorder good squad. Defense can be better. I didn't win one for the first three excellent dry and warmer than there at home against the rams that that's 31. In their home against the Packers. Loss pill are into. Then there at the 49ers. Fortunes are without sleep the BR orchard actually going through a period. Still though they'll be far different for you through a stretch says that's the news. With the Dallas Cowboys games you feel is going to be suspended six games and in the wake of the domestic violence investigation correct that's what's really s.'s yeah. So the domestic violence though there's still news bright image after just had it gone there and stuff but as we speak. Occidental is of significant news for. The cowboys are America's team the worst fan base in all sports. Debate me if it made me I mean like just give me do it suggests somebody else dealers now. Not worse the Steelers fans now or don't think they're winning the Super Bowl every year. Back every year early cowboys fans think it every year the cowboys fans think their leg. I like fans who are realistic about like for example their quarterback. You know might. If we have Andrew Walter at quarterback and again we're gonna win two games you know the deal if cowboys fans have Quincy Carter quarterbacks. Didn't want twelve for the division you know I'm saying no exact let's say that is the difference until worst fan base UK it's impossible Obama column worse because of that idea they just out of touch let's rally like I don't know like a human being understand like in terms of that. In that conversation I grew about. There's crazy anecdote about what the last night live I thought Mitchell's Robiskie look great man I really don't Davidson he looked there he looked comfortable. I see I didn't have this you know. I don't have this preconceived notion about it wasn't where we got Amazon never said he was sorry budget but she wasn't where you disappoint you didn't like him you did it like for you did not like Adam to you do that he was proven at Carolina already had he's had a he'd look in training camp it and you Australian was fumbled 34 straight times and he doesn't seem like when you when you hit here and and interviews he doesn't seem like a brain at a very Smart kid but I tell you what it. You put it on that football field looks right at home you talk about boy is no question whether he had looked like he'd been only a couple years we have yet to play action roll out I mean this does do is good man I think he just looks comfortable as the NFL quarterback and to meet that so much of the balances can you are you boyz I I decided while driving had yet he would be a factor do like to show Watson looks boy voiced an extra bits now again this is against the second and third string defense has but still what you have to do that won't have to look called the Texans went against those two handed not only the opposite compared. Robiskie. Two who was it was a rookie right a lot of you about was the reach yes. When you compare him to packs a glitch. Who who who they want some schools are the number one overall pick ended up dropping to 26 or so. Would you compare those two. I got a bad feeling. Because I thought by now Paxson would at least looked comfortable may end that's yeah like that he would just like he would be able to make better decisions. And I you watch him last night. And I. Messianic like he does not look to me like the quarterback we saw at the University of Memphis I was still Jason his first instinct. It looks like to me is to get out of absolutely and that's what he did he's nervous what he did in Memphis just nervous and and a lot but that was designed in Memphis. Sherbet unveiling of I yes I was desire and no question I understand that but that's what he used to write and so as soon as he sees that first sign of guiding close in the pocket he's he's looking for daylight every time and yeah that's what he does he's used to brought on the run and outs and I just think he looks shaky man like his decision meticulous and the guy he had hide the rose. Like he Dixon so jittery. He looked like I thought for this he would look as what I told you and last night he looked like apple introduced you would look like he looked like a rookie the bottom line is that. That does not look like a guy. Who was going to win the job now he's got to get the start I believe next week against Sanford Cisco Intel will get to see him with the ones right and so maybe that makes a difference Obama on in the third string do lift came in looked more comfortable with the off fans did that that's a bad sign yes when that not even said Kelly bro like the other dude. Married no name slaughter solar assault or some crap don't even know what Willis. I don't look at for Jack Kelly. Isn't the blood that showed Caylee to bond that would not help us and I get a misfit fans tell me who are friends of mine who tell me how great Jack Kelly do you address last only in cities the top court in Denver cornerback Al the stadium built in that I think bill poll has been hanging out Zach Randolph may he's been a matter of crude. That could be good. But a medicinal for an yes sure it's a yes absolutely. I feel like. The clock is ticking I'll tax them let's well and I hate that because. I'm just tell you man like I'll never I'll never forget that exhibition he put on against Ole miss a political. And it was I know was one game. And who knows there's how much was going into this looks like skiing mountain and looks like the successful scheme. It's Wednesday when tech and schema yes off with his big if when taken just get reunited with accident at a quick take him he's an NFL coach. They Agassi pointed in NFL coach one I mean are they could transfer of Virginia Tech. I just don't think. I don't see it for Paxson Mormon I got you know he had to start against I believe it was Tampa Bay last year you didn't look great though don't lose all hope I don't know how highly you think of him there's still doesn't tighten. There really ain't that much time. I guess the second year he's made it pretty clear he gets opportunities out there Robert but he didn't what is the problem. I like what were the concerns the concern was upset or tribal leader and our colleague on the skinny grasp it can even at the a good draft. Press conference when he declared his intention to declare the track. Just it was like. What they were there in less need to take time he erratic. He's got a he's got to mature this is coached by doing is that about as VT. Quarterback went basically but to me this hour ago exhibits on a record like he's like he's got to mature physically emotionally mentally like they're just he's not he's I Amy Dalton. And that like he could step in day one and he's ready and I got to him. And I wonder how did you supporter how patient the Broncos can be with bad defense you know I mean now I mean this they're big solid there. You know gonna pack it in in other try to win absolutely and I don't know if there are windows I don't I just don't like maybe he will shock me next week. Against them are just gonna look comfortable to throw two touchdown pass we'll hope because he's got all the tools in the world like that's undeniable. For whatever reason he's that cabinet Donaldson upstairs we'll Zealand are just doesn't look come on during the full grasp that. And I hate that you just quoted a little further along and I want to Dallas we saw I wanna see you suffer. Sought the more Mike Glenn in the better for me. And you know what's gonna happen with us the fans are gonna demand Robiskie about week's seven week nine when word like three and six with at and well you've had been fox is going to be looking at saint job so he is going to push that kid out there Glenn looked like crap thank goodness raises his had to be cannot alone in their juices and you know to me wanna you know wanna ruin them by now on though that the third round tell you some Gaza me trying to save their jobs if there was out that those fans will be all over and playing. Ireland and got the Napoleon Dynamite thing going on the next easily belong that I've never seen no longer an eskimo life. Edmund jaws like always hang in light towards the floor like you like it into a summary should not go into that deal Steve Grogan neck protector around that thing man needs an extra protection does so long does. It's a bull that it educate CEO no it's not advantage at all it is obvious it is no advantages. There will come back up albeit Carty covers recruiting. Four ESP and we'll talk about tires is a week. I had stepped Carey camp Alex Lomax last to get through with him do that next Jason Dunn and it's not a fan ESPN. Hey guys my name is Jason tells them firefighter from fighting in Arizona and I love firehouse subs because the more subs they sell the more they are able to help save lives in our yeah. That's why the guys at firehouse subs are introducing the new five dollars down time combo. From two to 5 PM every day can you get a small side chipped in 2012 straight ball for just five dollars and so now he's even an afternoon snack can help save lives because a portion of every firehouse subs are just goes towards providing lifesaving equipment for. From first responders and all across the country. Thanks guys that means a lot all of pay you five dollars next time gobble it firehouse. Shoot. 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I have a bag Jason this John and Jennifer ME STN. Former Memphis tiger William Bedford start that 85 team and join us in studio certainly a lot of about them right now. His name's Paul big Carty easy ESPN's national director of recruiting a player rankings for the ESP 100. And he joins us now first of all Paul happy but is that a birthday czar. OK you guys thank you very much. Happy to be here another day we do have that as do our homework on this so all I I get it figured out that that took me by surprise that it. Actually I would to hear a what's your Twitter profile to prepare for the show and as I did it this is just technology that a bunch of balloons popped out. On your profile. Don't let beat them but they did an oil. Yes so happy birthday appreciate your time on your birthday. What are bringing on to talk about the stuff curry campus specifically amend the end that was at the stepped Kurt Kevin's name is Tyler hairs and from what I gather. This was a very good week for him did he blow up this week ball. No I don't think he blew up I think that he's always been good. And and you got to remember these. Show Kate select camps. They do about three or four work out and then they play. In all star game. Which in effect becomes a glorified playground game more so those games don't really matter in terms is that. And development that's more fun thing and and god get to compete and try to lose stuffed it and enjoyed themselves on the court. The work out there where you get the ball we work done and I think Tyler Tyler. Has played well all summer long I mean he was the MVP of the Las Vegas fab 48 which is a pretty big tournament. Out in Vegas during the last period of verdict. So he even got that you know he's on the radar. He he he get recruited by the high majors he's quick. Got a good purpose being a good three point shot I like the way he creates for others. Obviously side is always a factor. But he can negate that. By doing some other things really well I think you've got to be really efficient with the middle game of the slow game I think that's going to be huge for somebody that small. And when you that little enact quick. You can really extend yourself on the defense is gonna make a difference so there's something he's got to work on but there's some natural ability that he absolutely brings to the table. Just here's what you think policy in line to move up in the rankings is not currently not in your rolls topped 100 do you think he did enough so. To move then. Well that the public to crack. Everybody wants to be in the hundreds and you have thousands and thousands of high school player a little that play during the year. And in the offseason and you don't get in by cabinet campaign you don't get in by. You know being allowed on Twitter right I need you to you'd get in through your game. You compare to other people in the same position not one game but audio work. You know sometimes people Sally got the MVP there are he played really well in this game. When that doesn't put you on a prestigious list that is built your regiment. He stepped definitely on the cut. All of doubtless we're gonna we do our list shortly and Soviet guy who's who's considered but remember we we've seen hundreds upon thousands of kids. And it's it's never going to be Parker that I can tell you some people have guys in the top 100 some don't. At the end of this school year the McDonald's all American game will be played somewhat among the committee for that only take only pick point four guys and is always a handful of guys that you know thought they should have been in the game. And could have been in the game but. That's why that repeat your slip and there's a cut up on all the time. How do you think he projects at the next level Paul because he is such a wild is not a war are terrific Graham's but he gets 59. 1:50 am and you definitely have to have concerns about him on the defensive end is great to see is offensively. Like what do you think you looks like as a college guard as you point guard is the easy plane off the ball a what do you think he projects to the next level. Our eight I think he's a point guard for sure and I think at that size you know he better be out of and those attributes and he does he passes the ball well. And he's quick and he can create for other people that that's the first part of being a good point guard he keeps you want us what is three point shot. Although that's got to improve as well I think the best thing for and has the ability to play and a conversion transition type of game. You guys obviously remember Joseph Jackson or not who played at Memphis and no joke at a big reputation Jo was taught to one in the country. And I'm not quite sure he really lived up to his billing. At the end and he's very very good player. You guys who probably have a better grasp on how he did it Memphis but. Two I was gonna be a good. Hi major point guards get recruited by SEC school is get recruited by American type schools. And I know that recruiting is strong. But when your side ten. You know you have to be on all the time and yet everything that you do and one of the ways he can really enhance himself beside defensively okay. Big difference maker defensively by being disruptive and picking up your opponent's full court but I pay what he can beat people wouldn't mind. If you continue to learn the game and the nuances of when to pass the word passive guest to have quick set defense came greeted eat any running team. You know so those are big question mark if you can be a point guard the highest level. Thought ESPN's national director of recruiting Paul being carted there's another man at this point guard that isn't it top 100. And his name's Alex Lomax a top priority for the university men's and honestly I'm a ton of schools because he's a very good player. What kind of impact can he have on our program is he the kind of guy Paul that's gonna step in day one beer Ford general be your leader. At the point. He can do it they want it depends what programming level he goes there now he is in the years in 100 and that based on. All the way he approaches things Alan Lomax it's hard to find five other guys that play as hard as he does all the time. I find him to be very very competitive on both ends of the floor. Again as as a pure point guard now. Scoring point guard a lot like Tyler Eric I know a lot of people in your area compare that to me and my mind that different player council but are very similar in terms of ability and talent. One being in the top 101 not being in. Doesn't necessary then make one better kiss has won it has some attributes that that stand out and Lomax I mean compete. His toughness. Is what kind of separates him from other guys in the class. He can't shoot at EE ego that does it well enough but. I think he he wins games not so much on his skill ability but more on his well. Palm curious how you would approach this if if you're Memphis and you've got two cars. Like those in town. Both for the same year you need one of them how do you approach that in terms of recruiting do you go to both and say look you're you're both. Are our top priority whoever comes first do you pick one poll that your. It that that you love more and it looks like Todd he's kind of picked Alex Lomax how to how would you approach. Well first book. You guys got an awesome coach Tubby Smith I hope everybody in this city appreciate that just. His coaching ability his coaching resume but Tubby Smith as one of the nicest. Gentlemen that I've ever come across in the game of basketball and all the coaches love Toby he's a great teacher of the game. And his teams always get better whether that year are over the course of time whether it's Texas Tech Minnesota. Certainly Kentucky. So I I love the way coach Smith approaches whose program to answer your question about recruiting. If I was looking at those two guys you know you would I think it pretty close talent wise well. You are provoked you recruit both and and really in recruiting you have to take the the first one that comes because they're talent is close to the same their ability. Now he you have to like them both to be ready to take one of them. And if that's not the case then the other way you would approaches should we make a priority like say OK what do we want this guy first. And he doesn't come memo go to this guy oftentimes when that happened the second choice is usually gone on his feelings are hurt by then that. Yet but you know. The most important thing in recruiting is communicating. You're pointed in your priority as a coach and then it it really becomes up to the coach in the people and his circle. If I'm Tubby Smith I got out Lomax. What Tyler Harris I'd be I'd be very happy. All right there you bring up tubby pollen and obviously. Mixed results a year and we're only a year and the mixed results so far what do you think of his philosophy. When it comes to recruiting because as you know he's he's just not the coach who was gonna go after four and five star players off the bat what do you think of his philosophy. And how do you think it fits at a place like Memphis where the last coach who has just passed there. Brought in four and five stars in the first oval room pretty regularly what do you think of his philosophy. Well from what I know on coach Smith as this he's gonna go out of 45 star guys. But two things have to happen one yet to have a real possibility that he might get. And I think that's so important recruiting you've got to read the situation if you go after I start guy you're spinning your wheels pleased wasting your time. Then he then you're losing time on someone else you could have gotten it really helped you. That's number one number two the thing about tubby I noticed. Where all his teams in this players. He's looking for the trips he took him perform five star trait that's as fortified start talented guy. So those guys don't have the work ethic and they don't have that dedication that you need in January February march. He may pass he's Smart enough he's experienced enough to know that. Certain talented guys. May not help your program. And he had the backbone enough to understand who he wants regardless are weary years. And he knows the guy that he yet. Will eventually help that the program went. And no one thing we all got to be careful. Is saying you know one year two years. I mean look at Shaka Smart went down at Texas OK and and I know sharpest since he was a graduate assistant state. OK so I can go back to the you know date myself would have. Go to detective Rick Barnes left and a great team. And I mean a great team I thought it was an NCAA term team didn't work out that way but they had a good year. And then the next year there were a lot of losses on the roster. Didn't get and so quick enough. At a bad here. Okay now you're three Shaka Smart as a top five class come and then he just signed to top 100 players so it takes a coach. In a new area. Diluted three years. To get that engine warmed up and in you talk about style philosophy terminology. If it takes awhile so. I just look at the past results and Tubby Smith I called the games on TV I've been lit to mark the court yet the plan and he had a purpose to his plan. And and I think he's going to be a very consistent winner of Memphis. I hope you're right Paul I've got to ask you about the situation Missouri with suns' Amare you tell my guy that looks like he's gonna turn around really fast obviously Johnson for the younger brother Michael Porter. Three classifying joining him. Paul what do you what's that gonna look like how good are they going to be with those two Brothers you cannot believe you've you've you've already got Johnson you reclassified and you've got an eleven. And the 2000 sending class Michael obviously been number one. No well first of all. That that roster next year Missouri just got to face crazies and yes it did they have a brand new starting lineup turn themselves. Probably will start the point guard I'm guessing but it's those that what Michael Porter Jeremiah Helmand. Like Eric got broaden. And Michael portage on tape order CJ Roberts was a recruit that they kept. And that team is going to be really relevant. They'll be young and not say one thing about Missouri they're gonna win games you never expect. But then they may lose some games that you didn't think they would lose as well because of the experience and but coach Martin can really coach defense he's got a lot of offensive talent. Would John pay quarterly put him at number 24. Classes to seventeen he was number eleven. In the class of two waking but he went upper class so we kind of that's in balance qualities along. What Bill McDonald all American type player for sure he would have been McDonald's all American this year. So we put him in the top 24 class of 217. Say what about John they Porter can score can rebound. High IQX. Ten. Young Michael porter's pick and it could really shoot it and score well. Is that that team is going to be very relevant. Yes CC Andy Kennedy exciting to watch because they're so young and so else. We of course talking to ESPN's NASA director of recurring Paul Vicario lasting for let's ago Paul. I'm just curious for you had to do you ever miss coaching it on yourself around kids and and I'm sure that's rewarding on some level but have you ever. You know wanted to get back in. There's no question you miss coaching it's you missed it every day because it's it's not what she did it to you or and it became your identity and for me it it. It was a passion since I was a teenager when I was playing the game so. You miss coaching every day but that doesn't mean you should be in coaching. Because you have to find that situation and look the career that's best for you and your family. You always want to be a coach if you've been a culture and I think that holds true for me in a lot of guys. We're really happy ESP and I have a great situation. And and continue wanna be there. Paul thank you so much for the time appreciated go ahead when you're tired at all and thank you. Thank you guys thank you very much for having me Chrysler said it he is albeit carded. The national director of reprieve for ESPN. And things very high on Tubby Smith. They're out there. It's now of course most of the Arab Muslim national experts are just because of its history that thing off well the most the most efficient thing I better be your fault was that it didn't sound like he's any rush to pushed honors in the top one on enough. Masters professor at all but says still have a lot of questions and concerns most around the dealing with his size yet loves Womack Lowe's low maxed out and it is expected. From Paul being carted art when we come back more details come out about Ezekiel Elliott. His six game suspension. We'll get those to you we come back Jason and Jon did you benefit ESP NO. Smyth who might Geoff Calkins Jason Smith John Martin. I canceled. Memphis is. This type music college hoops Memphis Tigers football in the SEC neighboring town. That six NBA yeah. Is. ESPN. 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And 848 team a third round pick. Drama I'm doormat these good young receiver or days that they get some bells all our bills lose Sammy Watkins gain Jordan at these. Yeah for thirty. They pick up between 18122 round pick in at 42018. Arabic and they had some picks. Is issued I mean he said Watkins is a much better player than George Matthews. Then maybe they're concerned about a split. But he has hurt. The other was on the field though he's unbelievable that in the problem with them staying out on the field to have a good gamble for the rams who need to surround their quarterback. Well we're glad many weapons as a dad so good or good gamble for them I mean a second round pick who gives a crap. So like that but the rams. Builds its own our fans are. Or what at what else and then wait till Brady's gone as well wait wait wait. We don't care and that's all they delivered here. Are right so Jerry Jones according to Adam chef there is furious at the NFL's decision on questions. Ezekiel Elliott's six games which again is a significant amount of time almost half the season a good chunk of the season. He has absolutely no reason to be. Furious in fact the the it is going to be furious at someone. It should be and there's your U value for the decisions that he has made in the actions that he has taken. Because in a letter that the NFL sent. To Ezekiel Elliott and the cowboys and his representatives from what they found and what they determined. Is that on multiple occasions during the week of July 16 2016. As many as three or four times last summer he used physical force. With his girlfriend. Repeated answer repeated incidents at all is a man so this is what's the letter reads during their early morning hours of July 17 2016 there's an altercation. At the canvas bag going apartment in Columbus, Ohio and which you used. Fiscal fourth that caused injuries to ms. Thompson's arms neck and shoulders. All morning of July 19 2016 there's an altercation at the Cannes back when apartment which she used physical force they cause injury to ms. Thompson's face arm's wrist enhanced. During the early morning hours of July 212016. There's an altercation at the Cannes back or an apartment in which you use fiscal forced. They cause injury to ms. Thompson's face neck arms knee and hit three separate incidents three separate incidents in the same week at the same place. So he would just legitimately. And these were photographed by the way all of these injuries were documented and in one case I believe there was or another witness there. Just imagine. For a second but for one week last summer as particularly with his beating the crap out of his girlfriend repeated. They kind of are different and so Jerry Jones talk about what exactly are you upset about why are you furious at the week. Because honestly. This is a light punishment. Absolutely for this for three damn good one time isn't right but one time I can understand you losing your rage whatever are about block. Repeated offenses like that in the same week. That's normal for him clearly normal. You're absolutely right generation because this could be discussed and they ate it should be with a Ezekiel Elliott and then they obviously dumb what's what also is include my goodness what also is included in this letter is his incident at the Saint Patrick's Day parade when he. Remove our heroes our own about people have been slow start that sales are group just haven't fossil follows an appropriate. Did you Baylor program and you. I mean it's an appropriate it right I say it's okay now there you know I mean listen it's another slow for everybody's drinking out there whatever sort of appropriate. To a public but we knew that I mean that that makes them I didn't think that was sustainable this three now I get it you put the two on the all of them together yeah. Point your making wow I he loses eight million dollars. Because he's missed some time in a million dollar guarantee to get on the town and I was and harmonize and was a million dollars. And I didn't I did lose zero issue with him missing any time. Our zone is it once he misses games that I have to pay back some of the signing bonus money yet for each game has to have to repay about 240000 dollar he must have no further adverse involvement with law enforcement and must not commit any additional violent violations of league policies. In that respect he should understand that another violation of this nature may result in his suspension all potential banishment. From the NFL one that made income openers the bar thing the bar remember that one in the people's that he had someone on that and there are enough Norway as about bar that one wasn't and there are no that's our finest about. It's just about the apartment the apartment in the incident that week in July when we was inside beating up his girlfriend. Unbelievable. Unacceptable men absolutely for a week he's as terra. Does. I mean yeah every part of her body. I'm a six game silverlight yes it does you know it changes everything yeah. So six games or is he Hugh Elliot. And what we talked about certainly for the cowboys that is gonna put a new amount of pressure on. That press got you got a GQ profile yesterday. That asked the question is he ready to be America's quarterback while he's gonna have to answer that. He's gonna have to prove it the elements in place and the person says John is this the I think he's gonna let's doesn't kill the running I think I think now is the time. You put Romo back if there what do you gotta go get Mo back my cowboy guy she's in college now stand alone it column number nine. Did Tony Romo back in Dallas cowboy blue baby let's do it through this is when you lose credibility is seeking federal. We know back consistently things like this no no no wrong then no you're still long now you should have dropped back isn't you're gonna see a much different version of deck press W doesn't have visited his good friend oh yours don't you're still going to be right on this just weighed down alive all Tony Romo. Let's get him out of the Booth. He had me hit into a don't need right. He's back in Dallas cowboy uniform. And you're always had a 133 the first six are going father who couldn't. And I can't wait till Darren McFadden just balls out. You are crazy is that almost trading take home grown at all last Friday's game injured first quarter trying to get paid all star of style. Yeah added not happen and and I know the horse and eggs areas. I for more zoom into one that's the shark and then six and I we come back NBA two K eighteen is. Coming out wins. All time teams for all thirty in BA franchises. We're gonna thought about that and maybe come up with the grizzlies all time team for the sake of this. Video game we also may revisit big new grizzlies uniforms which look. Release similar to the last ones lots to come in the rundown Mike was gonna join us at 1245 Jason Dunn added to not offend ESPN. Yeah. As Gerald plundered got you down we'll take a short ride to big savings is Steve Jones president does you Graham and win Arkansas. Did didn't bring a big do you want at the price you need that forty minute drive we'll see your point myself a new car. And that's a lot of money Steve Jobs question does he ran then keep it simple you won't find anything fancy about dealerships the size or sensitivity and that's how they've passed. Savings directly to you. President does he bring. I suppose it will give you the car burglary and yeah. I did that bring in the saving some green and Russert dies you plan. Omar in order to win. 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