Jason & John Hour 1 (7/31/18)

Jason & John
Tuesday, July 31st
Joined by D.J. Jeffries Dad, Corey Jeffries, and Goldstrike Casino President David Tsai in Hour 1 plus joined in-studio by Legendary Memphis DJ Ron Olson. 

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Would you really quit it well. I'm mean again in the film. Really got. And animals that. Oh yeah. If you Jason name's John 99 and then he ESPN except. It's actually not. Jason and Jon it's Ron and John Ron and John like this and I think that's a I'm almost positive that's like a surfboard shop in like Google news Florida yes absolutely yes so that's what we're gonna do today Ron Olson is here can we get some applause for Iran and my mom put it together ever about a very very live at. Jason Smith is that that is in Vegas right and so you know that I had. In radio what we like to do I think were required by law to do that we have to do charity. Events every year and I thought. Maybe we can make your life. Yeah I inviting you to spend an hour so I'm excited when I'm excited I'm so I Iran also is clearly the settlement from 1045. WR BR the river he will be in studio. With us for quite a bit we have some major news what a day to be here what a debut for you you pick the good Dave I'm AJ comes in two guest host on the show about DJ that's right that's right the DJ of course are Runnels and is referring to is DJ Jeffries of five star prospect. Who recently. Just yesterday. They. I'm from Kentucky while cal Perry is there than most -- and so beautiful it's that's the first time it's ever happened Ron as the greatest thing ever so here's a we're gonna do it just a minute we are going to bring on Corey Geoffrey C is the father. DJ Jeffers Rick talk him about the decision what is next we're Penny Hardaway figures and all of this. Got to be a just a minute 1145. To big guy yesterday because we got the news this is huge that's starting tomorrow at noon you can go ahead it's Annika. You can lose all your money on sports that's great I'm going to be there. Are you going to be I didn't wait you're going down tomorrow I wanna hear how it's set out yeah this is going to be the one the biggest things. Ever responded are you can't think about it you yeah I did you know ahead it is a huge deal yeah opportunity to see myself going down on Saturday and be in their. All day long death and then spend the night and then all day Sunday and take off work Monday. Wow that so they're gambling from NASA all right so we're gonna have to curb that and and then you know be careful but Deborah talked to David sigh he is the gold strike to undercut. President and CEO of C you can ask him all the questions get your heart desired weight will my action packed hours which is so yeah we there we do or take your calls later that it wants 45. Your your probably you've got to get your ad here you gotta they get into and out of themselves something none I don't care of that today get a haircut so we have actually get that America stands out. Without the Jason Smith. And Palin at 25. But before we get to any thing else. We did we are we are about to talk to. Corey Jeffries he is the father. Of the as promised. Corey Jeffries is the father of DJ Jeffries a five star local products to yesterday did he committed from Kentucky. And reopened his recruitment Corey joins us now Corliss thought our man crazy days yesterday. Oh absolutely. So some what was yesterday like. You know just after DJ puts the news out. Om did you guys was or was or foam blowing up like I mean what what was yesterday like. It would it would got a great idea love for mammal all the bottom line about the world where there and our. You know we come out slow in note I would and they actually have really got console college coaches you don't get called remote didn't need to stay on the regime. You know there'd be any you know I we outwardly we got album a little bit clearer idea that he voted we've got quite. So I'm not sure if you know this and you by actually Noah now Kentucky fans might have a real toss Joseph on Twitter but. DJ is the first player. Two. Oh you know what are the go red carpet it will look you know we'll let you know I'd check it did you know I checked in the home. You know what what they commit somewhere beg your that let it play an overall. You know. It and they go yeah I see if it would take me. If they have a different children and they can't let you know they try to. You know are made as a chip and yet he was getting good today you know they didn't get into that pod will come our way he would block. It was everybody is fired. Unified commitment from Loudon noted that there's no immediate good. You know we know that we played great trails well it would outright it. Did did we get global event and I made it it looked IBJ content of the aisle I didn't nobody could make Iraq seriously as Scrooge. Then I'll definitely absolutely respect that has it been difficult for you as a dad does have a C a little bit on Twitter and and and I suppose at some point like you got to dump then you know this is your son you're talking about as it has it been hard for you just kind of see that. The negative reaction from Kentucky fans on Twitter or is it is that just part of it. We did our you know if they took me a couple of you go out. Yeah problem you know home audio over the years that we we could be routed it. In doubt. It out to be religious and I don't believe it must hold on Intel admitted he totally did you know I'm really gonna hit it up. And you can't say that I got a little we. And go below slope right to me it worked out really drove it also. I would have been deleted it. So as good as soon as you ricin is Vijay told he wanted to go to the direction UN followed all your Kentucky people. I love you we are courses are gonna Corey Jeffries is the father of five star prospect here locally DJ Jefferies. Would you still consider Kentucky or are you guys this category and a different direction. Maybe religion maybe it would you know it would only have we can't literally it was. It's our job we're little we look at competition into the ring wrote if they can only accommodate all week which was garbage and. When you say unprofessional did they just not handle the news well the day I mean it. Yeah they did a democratic that in parted the way I expected to narrow the vehicle efficiency army. About being handled it well you know I mean we we we don't get to a bullet slug it out it will that we don't we knew we. Oh yeah bit away and that we will wait multiple Lugar. So basically it sounds like to me from what your sand from there reaction that you know they're probably they're probably going and a different direction as well and as are you a nice is going to be the way it is. You go out. They did they let you know I'd go no doubt they'd be committed to educate people living there so I I don't look I don't know what to expect. How would know what they did there come. Now when we had you on we had you on the day that DJ. Made his original decision to commit to Kentucky. Penny Hardaway was not yet the coach at Memphis it was getting done but it wasn't done yet and you said at that time you know you guys could not look at ifs. When you make this decision but it that he. You would take a long look at it. How much of a motivating factor was penny being at Memphis how much of motive motivating factor was that in DJ's decision to open a back up. And below the level of global equity but I would expect that we already know to get out Riddick would not like litigate. Real quite a way to live very well you know that would have affected that. Not all bald mother of the game and you know there. You know there weren't quite low and I hear people praying and it. You know they came out didn't you don't pretend that you had a talk with Egyptian Shirley about. You know about no bid and the commitment of about what it would mean. You know maybe eight or whether we were written or. And yet it is that we don't you know bit the whole. Didn't think it would be. You know the old you are big huge debate it we go below do you wish they are you. There absolutely just sounds like you know I don't know much that you won against him I've got to Gomes says but it just sounds like. York your idea of being a Kentucky commitment and and and DJ being a Kentucky commitment it didn't really match the reality of what you thought it was going to be. Executive editor debt load unload it also. You know I gotta say let it could give a bluebird school week went O Edward getting boring yeah May Day. Big big day evidently good had been BA BA did talk slowly and indeed Walid bin gasoline and it isn't so. We poker game to do there. We are of course talked to Corey Jeffords he is the father of newly available five star local product DJ Jeffries are you mentioned Penny Hardaway did call yesterday. And Dan can you just kind of share a little bit was that was their offer extended Izard understanding of their being and Robertson it's about what was the conversation. Well you know it'd be so you know we I would are staying away. You know hey at least I think you know he decided we're excited you know it it is it pretty interest out there will be all right I guess I don't know yeah. In portage Ed do go to recoup these guys trading so not needed obligated. In eat now wait and that are. Got a so so were the other schools that you heard from in addition the Memphis. What made that mistake what is your mistake. Actually instead of the artwork the girl and so midget at this stage boldly and are good that they didn't go out in. I would talk to we'll wait for liberation job badly golf. Yeah I've got regarding Intel don't forbid I didn't know what he died about wreak a load so we shouldn't let their outrage. It so Josh senator's knowledge when he made seeing you create drag out guys you'll vote them out and we can do that would retread legally those big it would have been a very. So clearly obviously going to be a lot of great options for DJ is this. You know does DJ had an idea because as you know you're on Twitter you get it you know your your base you're in the Memphis metro area. The idea is that DJ. Do you committed from Kentucky tell it to go to Memphis it is that is that fair or is this truly sort of a reopening and a total reset of the recruit. Well go to Rio we undertake bidders in army Watergate it is you don't see what little wave that they're the forty no forty commit to do it. And without lo we do know don't take out of course we know we didn't fare so mommy and loaded the aren't quite the UK but still you know are maybe you can actually. We don't take a little they'll take a look at that everybody in the dip into risk but it. Any in May we thought we don't feel you know I mean it logo away you know would development that would go well. We are of course our record Jeffrey he's the father of five star prospect did you Jefferson. From Kentucky yesterday the first player under John cal Perry Kentucky to do so I'm just your thoughts on the met the staff obviously they have not out coached a game yet but. You know as you mentioned a buzz everywhere you go you cannot get away from Memphis tiger basketball Penny Hardaway if you know Mike Miller Matlock said Mitch showed just your thoughts on. On that staff and what they've been able doing recruiting so far. Maybe it is great big debate it could have possibly led the Coke. Look at that dad no doubt big Beckett comes serial liberal. And you would look like OJ you'll go right well actually give. Why is about Alfonseca blew it and then there's our development so I am not me I don't know how big do. Too hard could come into this camp they had you are going to battle Big Bang widget that it would say oh you know. You know it to pocket of hard to guard you don't go whenever you trigger an airbag legal you'll get some colleges they hold oral. Debt we of course our records ever again the father of DJ Jefferies our our dejudder in James wise and close at all 'cause obviously you hear a lot about that. On the a huge crowd are they pretty good friends DJ and James Wiseman. Yeah we get a pretty good pray that you let it. HL. All that well I can't dig very ever tolerate bag in Ocala. Well to govern their little bit and I'll bet you're not they would bet that they are tight or anybody did what I you know would then boarded that they've played. Well Jane Bailey. But others did they play to get to double its feet great. Oh yeah beat beat you at its Allstate hey you you know they played doubles so you know I didn't have been the although we've been seeing a very old 120 car. How familiar are you with the the other prospects that Memphis is going after I imagine that's something that you have to consider. You know as a parent you know you one of you want your your son to go to the best situation for him. On how so how familiar are you with sort of met this is other targets and and and how do you think DJ fits and all that. A bombardier and Embraer should be well local. They didn't fit elite with any it'll warm welcome like they already married not they'll proceed people make the right play. There are legal legalized playing in eagle don't put that little bit that they divided it earlier this quiet in those guards play this battle. You know you can adapt beta one of low income debt contribute. You know we've we've we've saying trim and we we played we trended you know that great you wouldn't care and they'd like it can't complain with trinity Bilbray received there Walcott. You know make it bacon bacon we know Leo flout nobody says so is that it is always the problem branded bar. Dead at the end of daylight at everybody as you look at the MBA like it are there you are their positions anymore you know everybody can kind of do everything at this point. Wouldn't we are or saga to Corey Jefferies the father of DH Everest. Real quick wanna go back says the decision to do commit more time because you know obviously DJ was asked about it every time played basketball game you know. Are you gonna consider Memphis have you heard from Memphis and the answer was was no way in and it was note throughout until obviously yesterday. Were you surprised I mean were you surprised that DJ wanted to go through with this or could you could you sense this coming. Just your thoughts as a as a father we know when it happened in the process. Well I'm glad but there's actually economic you know 88 you know. What I got worse and about a week or you know I made it feel. If it was originally which led it is our border not beat which we run into which you. So you know our Google and I I know I know what it's like network airwaves you know what he's it would be at which you are. Other gear dare say he's already bored they're not in the started it about it. They can't we begin the local calmly called apple does what he did that it. If there were it would be the bigger it would actually read it. You wouldn't get the scoop. Edited by the Arab for the Gary would add the news if you look at who don't know who hate Hillary. OK I get. I got you well at in terms of I guess what's next do you guys plan to get over to Memphis on an unofficial in the next couple weeks of what's kind of the idea there. Yeah you know we Lugo get oh all of this solo where nit bid then I know admit it was steady. And will they both voted to provide that we know for sure. We will we go look at kittens and legal that you know don't do like good that they don't delegate Tammy you know make them different make a legacy there. Not a day that court man I can't say how much Cyprus has come out and breaking it down manga to catch up enough hopefully we can do this consume I appreciate it. Yup he is Corey Jeffries the father of DJ Jefferies recently available five star prospect that it did you hear. They didn't handle the news well let's see and I heard the word unprofessional. Of fashion the oh my goodness if you were one of those who thought that Kentucky was still gonna be in the mix I think you've got your rants are. Date the other day out EA doesn't sound like the Jeffrey's family has any interest at all. In nine and you know maintaining that relationship but there you go listen. I get it. I get you know dads say and we're gonna take our time we're gonna make the right decision this time but. C'mon. We we I think it's an obvious that we got to officials Memphis and Mississippi State I think it's I'm feeling pretty good he knows who may have is is a recruiting year by name he knows it didn't you know DJ can fit in. You know I think we learned a lot that interview I've come back. Jason John Eddie Jennifer and ESPN. So I want to bounty the other day you know the farm to table restaurant on broad it was unforgettable I have fried oysters because I always have the fried oysters which are seriously the best I've ever had at the lamb ribs which are unbelievable even at a town where ribs are usually associated with pork. 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John and Ron Ron and John attitude I have read here we're here ES VA I gotta tell you that I admired your restraint I did I I don't know that I know how much you could ask a question of that interview but it's your title is a few hundred tell them were honest I sent a letter drone that was a lot I was like damn man I appreciate that I appreciate that and thanks to Corey Jefferies. For joining us there on the show. Very honest and open I thought I had. At his hands full of them and what a life they're about to get into well I mean they'd do they'd they'd literally just became the first family to ever do you really are dark out there to talk sauce and that's okay that never it's never happened they just change in going to change that they had to Memphis yeah it has happened a couple thousand but never Kentucky last year would that have happened. Now with Penny Hardaway amend that now with Tubby Smith now is what. Don't have to rehash that I know I. I understand though that so we get it out of me and so okay it's a couple things that that DJ Jefferies. Father quarry. Just talk just about number one. In the most huge thing I thought. Was that when they told Kentucky about the news when they informed on cal Perry and his staff about the news today commit. They wanted to jump up and down and say oh yeah. But not all but. I mean you got it he said they were unprofessional yes. There's I nobody likes that you know give bad news I mean you've I'm I'm sure you've received bad news in your life and once I did what was the news. Can't share with you it was. It was really obvious go to bed or was ahead. It's expecting them to. Thanks for them to celebrate. Now but I mean you understand that it's a seventeen year old kid. And and he. You know they just changed in his in his hometown. Much the same way without slow Max Wichita State he was committed it would start a sign of Wichita State wasn't just committed to signing date. They needed out of slow measured just our state and they said you know what. That's your mentor that's your father figure pretty hard away where I've got to fight this don't. Go ahead and again it isn't it's in the same conference on the look art there's going to be so much fun I can't wait. I'd like to be over two University of Memphis right now and person charged this season tickets are there do they have any left. One night out they've been a ticket tickets are available Ron on your job you know go by hundred Anderson wrong RUC's Taylor and now. You think that if Obama Iowa radio biz man I'd write dated I like to hang out like to know people that have season tickets but does your when they get sick I go. OK or when the wife can't make it doesn't mean Iago like I do you didn't -- got -- you've been in radio how many years 35 years or Ganassi and take it well he's that's pretty that's a that's an indictment of the industry of well by now you can't get season that I can say what I'm honored college buddy my own I get off this show today's if you want to going to commit OK don't have a yes this can be so much fun yeah as the best entertainment package anywhere and DJ signing. TJ come onboard Detroit yeah yeah I think yeah Friday as committed Vietnam's looks like a good possibility of guys have to that on that front DJ DJ Jefferies has heard from any hardware. The pity her way to called yesterday and an end and it's I and it's just it's pretty obvious they eat. No each other you know DJ played for penny with team penny before was blessed that he legends again. And so there's an understanding and this atop when he kid you're talking about here are ESPN. He's tough he's number he's number nineteen on ESPN. He's number 37 on 247. He's in the mid forties on rivals dot com so it's not like there has to be this great. Reintroduction. You know hey come play for me it's hard hat and and already they know each other well which is exactly what Corey Jeffrey sellout if we're talking about the Mike Conley. This thinking about going back to college in new. So big you can do that around he can know you care I mean at least if he signs back out of commission the tigers and we're gonna have some fun did it does so Ron Riley get to two way deal gone is that what you're saying it brought Ryan thinks that my colleague Kim K and he still has had an eligibility rise of professional bass player I know he just warm ED go back to class is deep commitment. Now he can't teach you what guys like him to come here give them money back he makes a lot of money Iran he's already made money in the NBA can't give it all back it's too late so that it was gonna have to settle for James Wiseman I'm ready for wise leader had sort of for the number one player mound in the country his dad also just setting case you missed a DJ Jeffrey's dad. They know James wise and they played with him you know since they were young. They notre and watch Purdue's atop a team player that members as a record and song and in Vegas this week. They know CJ walker. Another target and they and they like all of them. And that's good news is. You know you. Think they are kind of do do the same things on the basketball court yeah but it's all about burst. Tilly in this day and age of Basque while you gotta be able to you guys get it ahead of the ball got real rebound the ball used to everything. And so it doesn't sound like they're particularly concerned about that at all now's the me so much when you know what else is good for this radio station. I mean this is like. Sweetness for you guys it is they are not gonna honey wait none right now this has been the best thing that's ever happened as. If they heartily at the map it out and actually is man that has been the best thing ever armed. And what what it what it does show is it shows two things one. I mean you've got to give ground war and in the penny verse John cal Perry. You know ward you've got to give around once it's have any yeah. I mean because what what's your gut here now I guarantee you what you're gonna start to hear. I just mark this down remember what I'm saying right now because I promise you is about to happen. You're gonna start to see the spin out of Lexington. That bad DJ Jeffries was in good and germ that can tell you though they were gonna get better players are you gonna hear about the date and listen they they don't hit. Top teen kids that's that's what they do. At Kentucky but if you if we're to believe what Corey Jeffries just told us on the show and I have no reason not to Newton on this was not a situation where. Kentucky went to the Jefferies and we sat and said listen. We're gonna go to different direction you know you can do you commit must we're gonna go to different direction this was a situation where DJ and and and his spam we felt like. The loyalty. Well that means the loyalty was not being reciprocated. To the family so therefore they say you know what if what I wanted to hear we afford or wanted to hear we don't like it that we don't like the way this this is going. Where it had to pursue a different direction that's on a level of service such a game really has such a big game and it's. It's a game that John cal Perry normally does not find himself and that's the right that's the most impressive thing about this is. This just does it it's never happened to him at Kentucky on their season was it wasn't really that electric pleasure as well it's never been about like what happened season the season up there it's always about the fact that. Like look at how much like hit his Kentucky. You know players who go to Kentucky and Khaled I think the numbers to go billion dollars it earned in the MBA yeah like it's because they go to Kentucky. That's just the symptom their pros and they go to Kentucky Kentucky Wesleyan early numbers in Memphis or Douglas community college. But it does have a cal gets all those players they end up being you know successful pros and that's just the chip you use in recruiting. That's awesome and so fun I love again but what I what I promise is gonna happen now as you're gonna see the spin. Out of Lexington. And right now he's number 1937. And forty some then in there and each recruiting service. I was talking to somebody last night lad just last I like to say names but just last night. Who in the and they told me they'd they are ready when dropped they already won a drop David Jeffers in the rankings are promising. Why big 'cause. That's what happens. It's just what happens when you are raped a prospect and you go to Kentucky. Like you're gonna go right in the top fifty to tight. You know top forty or better say good bye then you proof. You're down a Sega that's just the way more sense because it's a tall politics wrong I'm I know you don't you I don't have a lot of opportunities on your show on on the river to talk about recruiting rankings now I just put the Suffolk or credit but so we're gonna this is a new world for you but. There's of it's a politics game because the guys to. The guys who do the rankings whether their rivals ESPN two for and I respect all of them I do but I understand the game the way the game is played. You're trying to keep coach is happy. Right so in the future you can get information on on future prospects. When they're visiting when there are now you some say about it and so it behooves them. But Kentucky is going after top five top ten guys annually and those are the players everybody cares about. So if you're of recruiting analyst which should do is you're even if you don't think the players necessarily in that conversation. Lugar put him in that conversation. Tim Curry favor with the staff going forward if your kid don't you wanna go play you don't wanna sit on the bench with that appeared in wintertime. You know for years so there I mean I know yeah I don't wanna go to school and play right away well that's certainly what. And that's only I don't know I don't know what their ross' situation necessarily would look like but I I'm sure that is part of the and other factors in the things ago went to this. So if you look at what this means for the University of Memphis. If I were betting today. And I think it's at least gonna be a four man class you can bet tomorrow they'll strike a candidate Martha and that's that that's a great observation. You did get the best in the business. So are betting today. I would say the class look like this. James Wiseman I'm open country tire trend and Watford number fifteen play in the country. DJ Jefferies number nineteen in the country I American dander too is atop. 100 each and level guy who's a role player good rebounder physical. That's the class I think achy always at war on or or two more they can always make a word but if that is the case. That's a tough off class and that's that's up top five class. For Penny Hardaway in his first full recruiting class and then it was gonna happen. Accountant arch. We're going to be sitting around watching selection Sunday like we used today desks and like and then start arguing why did Memphis get shipped out to the west. How come they're not in this thing you know. I miss all that some might Charlie's it yeah I miss going to somebody's house to watch a playoff game when he got forty people in the house scream and Holler and every and the baskets mana. I I missed on a wild wings enough all units this crazy packed. In their just people don't know about now minutes that's been missing and our town's been SR I thought I'll it's obvious fault yeah that goes out of goes back to me energize your question all right why didn't Tubby Smith hire penny the first thing he got into because there was no way penny was gonna take that job why because he wanted to head coaching job. Well. That's evident that that's the that's that's the and he wasn't gonna take an assistant coach on job. What he felt like he deserved to outright job because begun and maybe got you know feel for things for a couple of years we get Tony's got on the moon becomes amber well I mean I I guess in theory he could've done that I know what it's all worked out just a bit because listen if your him. You got to access to the players. And he put the squeeze on coveted Tubby Smith at a local recruiting this time there. Oh and he wasn't going to know Tubby Smith was going to miss out on Tyler hairs and Alex Lomax. And and penny convinced both of them. To come here. And that's that's the that's the Penny Hardaway affect us Macy and you know his dad also Corey Jeff resided are present also notice that he's been taken official visit. To the University of Memphis as well as Mississippi State. But this is not listen it doesn't take you know rocket scientist to figure went out and figure out what's happening here. You don't you don't. To go to Mississippi freaking out there there's are article are better other guys that can believe in there is a result of that onion. On I mean they're so I guess what everybody saying now is that James Wiseman who I who I guess I gather are their friends and because you just ever everybody's friends. If I don't think they'll play together daily so I don't think it's like. Oh did you Jeffrey was going to I think that's I will say I think that's a little overblown. I don't they James Wiseman is is is basing his decision exclusively on what. DJ Jefferies do these indexes don't you know I mean I think he's he it's I'm sure that's a plus. For James wise and he got he got a god he played with an A you sort of there at at the University of Memphis and me. It would it would it would it is shaping up to look like it is. James Weizman was teammates with. Malcolm dangerous and he's high school weigh in on the AAU circuit he was teammates with DJ Jefferies on the AAU circuit he was teammates with trying to Watford. With troops city. On the AAU circuit last couple weeks. So like that's the thing is that James Watson oh all the players basically admit this is prioritizing and try to get. And and that is aid that is a huge. Huge plus cells. This is this is a terrific day for the university of the way around. Validating. Right accord at that nobody was ever I don't think the jury was allowed on whether it was that decision to move off to obviously it was validated. But with every sort of development and every sort of passing day is just reinforced how. Great a decision this was they wouldn't have had a chance with the Dave Jeffers. No the last three or four years now and now they they literally convinced that guy what I'm not saying directly but indirectly just hitting a lot of ways presents. You know weigh so heavily on the Kennedys all on the walk away from. You know I powerhouse in Kentucky that's a big deal is. It is I've been an end and it's never happened and act in a match and that's why John cal Perry netstat for so flabbergasted. Who do you think that conversation tablet I'll ugly you think John cal Perry dog custom I'll yes he dug 'cause is everybody even in capsule to hook it. And that's that was the unprofessional hearts how they benefit. Cuts that this is that they were a cords every that they were shot to your point guys like you don't you don't dance in the street about it now but it's also here's a let's say exactly why Ty cal Perry was so upset. Because if you did you committed in just gonna Mississippi State or wherever. Like I don't think so I count their buyers as much it's because he's going to Memphis yeah it's because the message it's the message that that sends to Lexington LA exactly what are the chances of Memphis in Kentucky playing basketball as well no none that and it's eight and a half blood now Steris and certainly and I gonna happen do we need a minute turn at somewhere oh sure. That'll happen. I mean the NCAA. Will put Memphis in Kentucky in the same bracket I promise you they get they both get aren't actually trading day will go 100% in the same narrative but no right. When I do think this does is it sends it it it. From John Carroll appears perspective. His fans they they may not be like open arms. I'd with a broad bird and mashed out the window because it's not I'd like to. But nick this is about to beat them bird DJ Jefferies. And and the whole idea. About getting that commitment from BJ Jefferies early on was there for per account to send a message to pity that hey. I can still come in your town in your city and I can still get the players that I wanna get what that he did every today's wise and now we're seeing. Hold on to society you know I don't even know penny never that worried I mean Kentucky's air but they're they're moving beyond all that I mean the way they're recruiting in northern and erode all the time there like of them they were just in Vegas. Notre recruiting players look complacent when they're not just looking in in Cal's backyard. They're looking all over the country and all of our work and they get noted there's no question about it and and it's a national program yeah it is a national program it is and it's all because. Of infamy and hard and how come I'm sitting here in the wing do room right after we don't believe the wager over rumor like that better than we played. How can we don't have an ego wings so rod sir is standing machine or stuff seriously I knew you are a diva. Like how my god man I mean you youth you have this idea you're like yeah like I DJ Jackson Kentucky like your idea of BNN's portray it does not match the reality it doesn't because you think we get like cater to over here I'm not three sack lunch to work area here yeah brigades at a mob melee heats up that a mom and dad is now siding with the wing guru is listening they could have some stuff in here about 1233. Founding get over here earlier it's happens in Vegas Al AZ this out who else is in Vegas Jason's visit our although I didn't know and on SO. Fiscal anyway. Huge news for the university of messes and then if you missed if you miss the interview. With Corey Jefferies we will probably play it again for you a little bit later in the show I want to come back. It's a big day for you. Because all you do is pester me about picks and and and now you have an opportunity to just go down at Utica. Can't wait and place your own bets that way I have to do it out of the table anymore. Because it will be as of tomorrow you can go gamble. And Tareq and in Mississippi we are gonna talk to the gold strike president and CEO David side when we come back about what that's gonna look like. The sports book is are those installed or not have burning question one and out and I will let you ask some questions in this one all right all right so that's gonna have we come back David aside from goes right on the other side Jason and an hour should be brought in John that it's not a fan ESPN. 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David's side is the president and COO of gold strike casino into Annika they are evident big ceremony tomorrow at noon. To celebrate a very big day in the life of Runnels and many people like Reynolds in the mid south. Legalize sports gambling in Mississippi he joins us now David Howard you. And I got done we are doing very well how excited are you for tomorrow and just. You know the future of of your casino and for Seneca. Now where we're incredibly excited I mean this has been a long time coming in keeping a close eye on all the developments and push. If you that we got bad news that act soldier killed and and we knew Mississippi what all the forefront of legal I think gaming easily go on the Tuesday gathered but a lot of work but we're glad it's finally here. Well this is an absolutely the most incredible thing I've I've never ever thought this would happen. And it's about to unfold tomorrow Dana are you just stoked big time. We we are still a lot of that excitement you know. Sports betting that he knows not just about gambling issue of the new activity and a new amenities he could provide our guests and you know we all know export thing that I'll give way to make or more fun at all part of the world the sport bench and really what of the past time for for the world really. And we're excited and now we can offer something new and hopefully bring some more people down to the credit check it out and we're also investing in making sure we're not only are export batting. We offered rate environment people can actually watch the game right for the canal to put that down they cannot spend and spend the afternoons spent the evening in perhaps some wings have a beer and washes it Richey details. Sauce so have you guys had to install with a bunch of new televisions like what sort of gone into. Being prepared and being ready for sports gambling in Mississippi. If so this. Or betting itself is a lot technology involved we ought to wanna make sure that we can take bad that they extracting them comply with all the regulations so we we were actually a little bit lucky we have eight. Kind of rational and outlet kind of a quick serve clay you kind of go and get a lot of great student and eat it there. Data ready taxes paid out. Absolutely perfect or to set up our bedding and Garrett and we have a pretty large dining area that are ready had a bunch of TV so we actually installed an additional seven by the screen. We've got to keep working easier if we had quite toward its when he fights you need in that area. It's perfect it's right adjacent there won't say a sports betting that you kind of just go and could place a bad and then go not too far ordered some food order a bucket of Beers and washed into the rest and it really worked out for a. So if you wanna come down there like on say Thursday before all the big games said. We need to good that it can now place your bets now all your favorite games and just and then go home right. A threat out civil. Yes and it is and start starting tomorrow at noon you'll be able to come approach than any day seven days a week will be open and he could come down at all the that you want. So what what is the events tomorrow events and obviously you want everybody down there for that what what's the plan for the big event tomorrow the other person bad at noon what's the plan. Yet go so when you are gonna have hold weight media coming volume also invite a lot of our most loyal our top customers. A sort of property. Come from members of the community to all come down we're gonna do you know a little bit of a small press conference and do a ribbon cutting. And try to throw a party in Munich default are able to have a deejay who drink and we wanna. Going to celebrate the back that. Finally the eighth in our property has legal or static so I'm gonna have quite a few folks over to join us we have young anymore given that this native who's gonna come by. Kind of a local sports celebrity to home plate the first batch. And we have a few politicians while joining out it would just make sure that we make and then and to get the word out could do one of many people to come down Checketts doubt whether tomorrow or there or afterwards and trying to fuel we got. What it would pit throw yourself and elect the middle of September 1 of October on a typical Saturday dinner how many people would you project that would be. In gold strike. Playing in all the games that there. It's it's a good question we probably should do an over under on her people shall we had a there but I that it did a lot that they could be I mean I don't at Sunday at all you dirty though we we on the board got up in Atlantic City. And when they opened up just exceeded expectations I mean. I mean you know not a sport that that particular market even exceeded. You know just not per month what's been going on in Las Vegas sent or hoping we get something similar but it's gonna be hard to say I mean age. It is a load of a track on the week. We had a date and the property a look at need only nation to support that in the entire region granting the dispute is going to be the only state in the Yankees he reconstructive tore batting at. We need a lot of great interest. So I'm hoping we're gonna get along lines of people coming age is nothing more than to put the future that's down there are gonna come by and check it out but they really anything goes and what we're happy. No matter what we would happy to be able to open we're happy to be able to offer it. And even addition to keep people coming by putting a band checking out the gamble will be content without an article world you could go up forty. Another geology here and give any numbers journey stats about alike how much. It bedding has been gone I mean he's got to be massive numbers about. The people there are using their cookies or their friends or whatever I mean it this is seem like it's kind of an underground currently goes on. Yeah. You know it took a lot of analysts are out there and asked me how big market really is. It's a number doubt they're thinking that you know as we legalized we're getting a across the US for more more states start adopting yet. The market to be a six billion dollar doll and it didn't turn to the amount of revenue that that would generate. You know a lot a lot of good here because you're you're you're now taking activities that are. Right now really happening and in wade aren't they are protected are really good for the consumer. You're in you're doing it in much more protected regulated way that's gonna generate dollars going to get rich community you know the can get good or bad but still gonna be. Seeing that go on underground you know we we know that but now he's become pride in really good professional regulated option for customers so. You know any anything go to him right now obviously is what they've always been big in about you know we owned. And operate a lot or looks good doing it but we secured the company so he was doing a prolonged time and that's really allowed us stich you know really be the first tomorrow in this state you know hopefully done. So really two draw for the Mississippi you know we're hoping don't open that today so tomorrow we get there were the top. I we are for senator David side president CEO low of gold strike casino. There into Annika aside it's got back from Vegas as must first time in Vegas so I saw the sport spoke with other of all the boards and other futures I mean is is that exactly. How it's gonna look there at in gold strike. It it will it will be to some degree I mean we had to do look pretty quickly we only had two months to get it up and running like you mentioned we're lucky that we are pretty good space port. You are gonna keep god or to get your budget screens if not gonna be quite the the scale this side of what Utah Vegas because those are designed as a Orr spoke from the beginning right we are in the preliminary stages of working on designing. Kind of a longer term facility. That once were able kind of finish that will be able to share with the public. I'm so does this really go calling the provisional facility right it's gonna be great gonna kind of get it through the next year and we're working on a kilometer from that. Probably will be more like a traditional or to book although one of the things that you know even in Vegas were trying to move towards is getting away from just the support really export option be all about sports and sports should also be about chicken wings and beer and a bunch of screen to watch a game. I think the future really gonna be a combination sports bar and sports book. Which was starting to do a lot they get the two of our properties and yeah cut a more agents for our property to. And at the end of the day later you're projecting you certainly hope that it will be you know turn out large crowds with you know I can imagine on an NFL Sunday cut on Saturday March Madness and I could see our can be huge. I did the day regardless of what it is it's it's you know it's a breath of fresh air right like it's new life or for your casino. That's silly and you don't know a lot of a lot of what were called before it opened the truck and put on an out west which and you kind of customer you know we we we we get really great. Loyal customers who have been coming to us for years and have a great time and we take great care of them. But you know the sports you know the average sports bettors probably you know usually on average a meal. In the mid to late thirties. That the custom of the probably haven't come down at school track and allow Libby never been down there or hoping and now you know we can attract customers need to do the camel brand awareness to the top of mind and beating tiger the competitor to south. Absolutely Davis I appreciate it meant thank you for Todd congratulations on which should be a very big day tomorrow. Appreciate it gentlemen thank you for having me. The army is David side president. And CEO low. Of gold strike may do just out to you I am blown away. Outlined by year by your preparation and an entire interview I mean your your natural you can done it alone you really could do you were ahead of the rest of the show me that things going to be big and overtime and the I don't think they know how big is enemy that is going to be here well like when I think about it and we talked about before when I think about tunica and sports gambling. I'm not gonna go down there like for farmers and a football now but I'll go down there for like a Pompeo and frisky bite buddies if I get a first place bonus or some then. I might go down there on you know cause was Saturday NFL Sunday in. You know double. If they do it right it'll be well received this can be fun that's America loves football and they love that nine games and it's always been there always will be yeah but but like the biggest scale the largest scale time you would go would be that first weekend of March Madness mean to you off. Fifteen million dang thing about that all day you just take off Thursday Friday yeah and despair in the week in and tunic you know they'll just keep going to see unanimous on baseball announced budget did you could mean you can always been our future is like for example in Vegas you get the grizzlies 501 when the NBA title he's one throwing money I'm thinking Monday that fifth at a everybody for their dollars you know you made a lot of money and now Amador. But at ten dollars but I'm a hundred dollars K speaking of cash we get a thousand dollars you're going just few minutes this guy's been radio alive and and I think he knows that clock run run is coming over from a place where their heart breaks and so when you it's okay -- -- and I easily get immediately reduce then it's time to be like hey Angela XTO that would Israel Iran we got a break we go to 1215 and if you like this you nonstop talk and I have to get good at least seven out goodies that gives us how to get this guy drink -- Karen get me some waters around. All right so we of course got Runnels and here studio from 1045 the river you can hear mornings what Tommy awed by the time was in my hand action we were supposed to monitor six who we've she would come on 530 allowed you to exhilarated that leg up on everybody yup you're like David side go strike you when you first run first one day I will come back let's get to in the rundown Larry Brown. Had you guys know much I love Larry Brown he has he's got some he's made some public comments about Penny Hardaway. Oh Lula go over those are here that they did Doyle has compiled a quiz for you. If you fail it went to leave the guys just were determined to competence is yeah sports America sports quiz Memphis sports is we're gonna all we're gonna put you up to a week ML Jason had done that it Jennifer and yes if. We'll see if he's ready to nine a ME SPN radio talk time masters and anytime anywhere and favorite us today we have the best and at least one Bartlett. William fast Memphis is a sports station. And he is Kevin Johnson here GM Bruce Chris steakhouse in Memphis so what's good and Bruce Chris oh are tendered delicious USDA prime states for more. There always is. Speaking of sizzling it's that time a year or seasonal three course menu inspired by this season's first nuclear springing up followed. 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Shopping and I kid just got a whole lot easier with the new clicked in college service all the.