Jason & John Hour 1 (7/18/18)

Jason & John
Wednesday, July 18th
More on the big NBA Trade, Grizzlies, and Tigers recruiting plus joined by GP live from NYC in Hour 3. 

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Play or work because what color was the flight there if it was big coup is actually. In my eyes as food or yeah they're gonna. They have Shula should or shouldn't. Don't show after day after day after it'd been a blue. Doing all of that country so. In my career. The draft where you just ask my dream it'll never happen I thought man we your 37 or something you might be a you know still it's still jumping you know Duncan scored ten foot goals but I guess the dreams over. Not. Really you could equally likely it where there. Your collective can sit and you know it as you go any political Elam as always did and I was sentenced her brother not a problem not a broad. Ted Kennedy's that he is the it. Memphis Grizzlies summer league par. Since the pit pursued his time as always we're glad you're there so it was OK you hit I didn't them on the globetrotters. All right. Yes and I happen oh well that's what I wanna fight out there was that more mod dreamer you know is that a possibility that he ever dreamed it clearly has not dreamed about I did the disrespect like what really you want to make it clear and ask the guys that'd after your competitive days rhetoric. There's obstacles guys get compensated for it would have been a slap in the face about says it now. You know I mean I don't do it right now like for you really don't you're go play that got loads are up next and you say after his combatant and yes he was really bad mag. Get ms. page six of 41 of them. I'm them I pictures didn't pay social plan basketball period in my underwear at a 41 you don't do that Pelé you don't you know it's it's it's for the kids at that point. Right you know you're given back. And still get paid mountain path. These gentlemen plot replace Michael Wilson was my favorite I thought river let's look at we can lock that in welcome back Jason and done Oceana Phineas did. 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Again that number. 2758177. It's time to mode do win the next mark Malone morsels. I real quickly we cannot touch on this another there's a minivan you but there are thought to cause while fans will be relevant to. Britain must burger is making his return to the Booth to see that really don't announcing that and you know he's doing it live it was. EA NRA is. Oh please go and we'll back back back to debate. Talent who does that tally. He's going to be in the Booth for raiders and then when they moved to Vegas he will continue. That's the ideas though so he's in Vegas he has that data Vegas Portland where locals sportsman PC card is what it's club that's this what's going to be huge now that sports betting has been legalized. We can go to and a missive it was a little bit you're send him it's this Saturday holy cow this Saturday we go to Obama better not actually that makes it easier I was at riverbend. On Saturday. And played him I don't I would not hold on downhill dip and eyes and I hope I'll only take about 03 have I'm new at 93 that I'm not doing it with you and it was an out if you're a dead heat the godly. The good the best part was we got back in the car and drove did you feel accomplished for getting it done nine holes and McNabb Ballard wasn't done it was not home I'm telling you like that lets you feel like there's a foundation and there's a foundation there of let alone take you far off the rails or was curious how that turned out for you I know what I'm not turned out a lot of sweat a lot this whether request that ails us. As a side. As well so. They are Brit must are back in the Booth gradually as I've enjoyed I enjoy him in the Booth to you you might remember him below those loan. Law moved on I have long since moved on from Promos were. I usually gets in trouble. At least that's a pretty girl in the audience well ball. I'd like to take that on a date but it and maybe a little bit more offensive than that I don't know what I mean I understand I understand we'll congratulations Brent in my happy he's got a new gig which you rate with the raiders. All right so the big news though of the day today. Is that collide Leonard is a Toronto raptor he joins. Six got Drake in Toronto. In exchange for Iowa and Denny Green joined him in exchange forward Amare DeRozan. Jacob turtle. And a protected 20191. Round pick that will become if not made after the season to second round. Picks your initial reaction. While your initial reaction to this. My initial reaction was. Of course as I usually do localize in applying it to us in terms of the Memphis Grizzlies and so my initial reaction wasn't. A San Antonio on this traitor a you know like what Toronto do you hear about my initial reactions I told you generals. Dining room. This solidifies the spurs' playoff spot a spot that we had hoped to get. Of one that you still expect to be in competition for for sure but I think we both agreed there at the beginning and in Arlington and men agree it was a well that you know even if you. If you think the finish low that. Eight that but but but definitely locked in you know locked in as a playoff team now because you've got eight point one to 3.5 points or coming over you give that to pop for the martyrs Aldridge and final would make work right. That was Murray action that is not good news for the grizzlies I'm sorry Don but that was my reaction we'll good news in the sense of you know how likely a playoff berth. Well look we knew things were messy and sand and right now we're kind of you know that was the point we with how messy they were you knew. I mean you've reached an untenable situation with quiet for a becomes magazine you know plays you must say that what it was that was good news quite frankly the for the grizzlies. Now San Antonio's more stable and a son that's not good news so so that for me not to talk about trades through which wailing that kind of stuff. I always lead. While it wasn't the the huge hole I think San Antonio initially hoped it could get for coli or they wanted to they went lag. Everybody on the way everybody from a lakers every young player they had every every good young player they had it wasn't that all they wanted. There are it. I like I mean you've got that you got tomorrow locked up now what three more years I mean it's at least as yours yet lower look at look like three years he does evident early termination of got. A good afternoon you got him locked up now and you've got two players that are certainly all star level players I don't know that tomorrow now will make it in the west but he certainly that level always have been doing the east. Yet the pop they're stable. Yes losing guys like our Anderson glue guys like playing and that's sort of what Tony Parker was that this was where was a fluke guy that's going to hurt them. But she did pop two stars. He'll fill in the role players they're in the playoffs. There are some people who say that they're both spurs now have the LaMarcus Aldridge. Of of wings and they DeMar DeRozan of bigs. In the markets and the Marta rose for a club that could potentially pretty clever way if it is going to be able to figure out how to best maximize that it will be pop and so I am with you. They will BA playoff thing. Now I think their ceiling is probably seven CNN but I believe. I still like the problem is there's a lot too about how good the west is that there's a young ministered to productive players this lakers team is not good. Overall like it's it's gonna get there. Is this is this lakers cast they have right now are better than what Cleveland had marginally. But better and younger and not as paid so more to play for and I'm referring to tryst in a JR Smith. And that instance who's Ramirez will be the words did you use who is second best player on the lakers coups mark. Picked a guy you want I'm not make good you know I like our. I'm like whose abandoning Vermont said it before but it but the NBA likes Ingram better because he's what three years younger rat even though because we came out you know cause lot of viewers anytime you could take Susan. Winds one to write this stuff has just heartless pretty good team this say about slugger Larry on the Tellabs was an all star pretty all star Kevin Love so okay. I understand I think. Don't stop there though because it gets an Alley does I think you are and they see fit now I think the lakers are a it will. This lakers team is probably a little bit better not by much. And it's getting tougher division to her side of the in the question and let me like you say in all this is still say playoffs I know you oh yeah I don't know yet lately if I may be it's not as good as you know it's still play out throughout the playoffs LeBron saying. They are 100% Eric playoffs but man it's going to be funny to watch him get there. I will run Helen led slogans that. Look I was Ramona we were talking to last week that there is can be fun watching goes and I'll try to ponson people laugh. Lance Rondo Iran doesn't do go go head to head with a seven footer economy like gogel forehead to forehead with him right away it was actually dream on but whatever the light that's the kind of toughness he has been only break they're going to try to push teams like go instead make them uncomfortable try to pump about. That's gonna be fun to watch here's what you have to root for if you're grizzlies fan if you really like if you really have your sights on the playoffs here's what Jeff 04. That Minnesota implode which is more bad that's happening but yeah like that's that's all I really don't like playing with within a realism here some Minnesota implode. Butler's are that you have there the pelicans come out. With with nobody would know Rondo yeah. I really think that's happening the grizzlies are better than them they just are I didn't I don't know I don't know off my thanks sailor. 'cause it's it's basically it's true holiday it's merited my advantage as and and Jewish rant. Who is is okay holidays and he bingo player but he is a very very that is that he he's emerged. As Randall yeah. Next I use it as slow you'll get production is here and it's not a guy you have to throw the ball too like Brody right that that Jack do you he just gets it and jump. Right and that's good. You have to hold that Minnesota implode that New Orleans I still think he's a very good drop out. And I see that the nuggets don't improve. Well they're going and I don't see anywhere they're not there argue got to hope they don't improve. That they're they're young and getting better at I've ever at a quick pace really well they've got everything but I didn't play well they I think I think Lauren so. You're in the category of San Antonio. Of Minnesota. New Orleans of Dallas outside it was a really good they'll make a big step they're taken to a job so. That's the tier teams are at. What can be the tenth you compete for glory of being born right the range will be eight to eleven for the grizzlies this year that's what the ranges. I don't think it's much higher I don't think it is low. That's what's your look at that millions more pumped up in this just well you're kind of deflated me well no understanding that under your your objective is to just get rid of that that Boston pick and then let come what may that's kind of what it is. If you can't compete. And feel like you can you show it. But if you get to a point where confuse the bottom line is they finished ninth whom they're not carried it down if they finish eleventh. That that that's different. If they finish eleventh and their however many they don't quote what could it be eight to ten games out of eight. Yeah I think you take a much harder look at what but by that point though let it go through this season in my opinion before they make a decision. And I don't think their push and push it any I guess they reserve their right to do it dependent on how bad I will take a I don't think they would take the walls of this I think they'll be it above 500 team at the deadline. That being the case. I don't think they will they will not blow it up they will not go to. Well a thriller for what you want from this franchise that's good news for you. Bad news for me because if they're competing it is good news for me. And but again we we we we do fundamentally Zardari met his ears up about this more. Yes they're all on his heart went out and as someone once say cool doing. When Ali the paper job and come. Existed to join you to do radio show you. Along be good news Hart yes a wannabe or be something valuable to listeners to reverend listen present. But I I'm I'm also a competitor to him and that's that your are going to be good right to measure and and when I come. We're replacing a monster lets all face that guy I was very successful only very successful station already. Right there's there's some guys doing it well here and you comment. You're new to a brand new radio like me you're not I am. And yeah I wanna be good. I want to be so good John wanna be the best and I think maybe that's where like. If he wanted to come here I mean you just do a radio show right in what is gitmo I don't three hours of good people good product and as far and it's okay and that's a life that's a living to make a Livan. Maybe you sleep good tonight. But for me. As good as all these guys that have been on here. But I want mean you'd be number won't. I want to go to the top I want to be the best radio program eventually cause we got miles to go with most get better certainly me I know that. I wanna be the best. I wanna be look we're all its senior yeah. I don't know where we are up for Marconi and world for Martin and and maybe be you don't know who all drive and each other maybe that's what it is you know it's a standard like like but like a daily meant you're gonna be over the course do whatever you rate you raise each other's level. But my point in all of this has to go back to our our thing yesterday. I just who would like sit here and just competing and being an okay show. I wanna be the best show John I was just meant I respect that was me but. Which which all due respect to the ones they've done it before may have been outstanding I wanna be right with them and then I wanna pass them. Wanna be the number one show brought. That's the way I operate is just like I I sold so we were on two different things and I know you. You don't see it not and so that's worm that would that. You'll sit just be average radio show well because. Can you compete in years and you've got some people listen Jon and everything sits you know everything's good people say see you industries is the man got a good show. And did you feel good about that but I know there's there's there's competitive juices and I John Martin body because I feel better about our ability to be the best. Then I do about the grizzlies that's fair. That's fair and Singapore. But again and I would tell you there's a way to get there you you would say it's impossible for the roses I would tell you know get assets to draft picks and eventually you might get shipped. Someone. Yes I know there's only one of bras that it has been in a traffic. It is did this analogy is it was a bit of a draft pick and rest of the week is that it was a fantastic they relate find. I'll fantastic pick up there was a seven derailed it was a free agent pick up within drag artists nowadays it as a freedom in Iraq we went yet we are we had Anderson. You're now you're better than that brought on what you love Donald bell Slovak build a missile up some on all star Bennett on his way to allow physical and a while you have been that dip into the all star let me ask you this. Do you wanna be a glue guy all the allowed Bennett what do you wanna be a starlets are show. We are dolphin on this and how legitimate is no no comment Wikipedia are hard look at the that humiliated Baird today maybe. Well this is your way out in my they have us that inning Romo I know it's all right there every week but again though I you make a good point it's different you you feel better about our chances are going to do them because we don't have any real limitations of the day when you talk about small market don't know limitations that the grizzlies had pleasure that was the basic argument yesterday I realized so it's it can't it is different in that sense because they can't attract. Let the radio station could attract cute. You remain near. The grizzlies can't attract the jays on my bailout but WNBA and our guys are big guy named Jason Smith in the NBA they buy give him yet from a food. But I think the base of my of my argument is go for some weren't right some you know and summer. Well that's rocked around myrtle with the Toronto Raptors went for it with collide Leonard. They were come they were gonna be competitive yeah. In so it wasn't a question of do you go Porter just stared down immediately belongs. But I'm if they went four and I I've. Advocated for the Chandler Parsons acquisition room. That was the way of going for it that unfortunately has handicapped of them are going forward which makes the rebuild. To bring it all back around inevitable it's just a matter of win you have to just don't if I can believe. This is where that what this is this is where we part if I can bleed to more competitive foreign season that a bit yeah. That I even if that comes the risk of markets all walk all or nothing nothing after that I'm willing to do that Oprah and and and you are not. And that's just kind of where we are we are less Lebow author John absolutely all right we come back Gary Parrish was we'll get his thoughts on coli littered. He had on Memphis basketball recruits. Mentor yesterday it was very interesting we'll talk about that when we come back Jason Dunn to Jennifer NB SP. 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To your tenure here you are the station is nominated for a Marconi rewarded must feel a little bit like your you know your your child's grown up to be a successful. In all adult. Or time elect and neither seem to call playing they're getting and that's something that I expect hitter ever envisioned I'd. Really didn't think in those terms flights did you think about not what I deal but they're the people who actually run it built. Our debate about where we were. And where we'd call it is it's pretty. Remarkable are you know when I came over rushed I was the only local self reported sick and everything else shall national ESPN a missiles shortly after the inflicted. From 92 reacts and it will do you right they're like he tweets from people. And they would just be like. They would just say awful things about me. What's what still happens obviously delighted. It was like sort of the same people that didn't seem to be sports sites. And what time I actually direct mentions this god. And I was like no are we consider our continued listening to rely on the radio just leading crazy things that means our direct questions. Secretary which come on the year. But pretty eager to call a number that you call in our talking on here and he actually get its act of what what is the probable made a difference what I don't like Stew we know each other cadets feel good about. Hosting a show in your hometown what were you grew up its could be somebody that you had a disagreement lit. When you were told me to be your goal you know I had a do we know each other a little Heidi lately so much detail how he united slump ready to react and killed 93 yet and so. We started dear. You know what people just frustrated that they didn't have their rock station anymore and we started with one show and I can remember. Again there are new courses are ball you know what candidate it'd be sort of laying out a position toward the station. And it wasn't necessarily we're gonna add more shows that that there wasn't anything we discussed. You know in the beginning. But it was like hey if you really need to do its job well. I think I could see a day where are your gained four point oh shears. You know in that you know and it's some comported civic. Because both four bit stations started before we started. The sports talk radio had never done on the council members anywhere I don't care who your favorite post was. You listen to grow not. They never got ratings are great but at two this year was like a month certain number of sports talk radio Memphis. Like you were considered the king of sports talk radio you could do that. And so we were like okay meeting would be a good signal we can do double left. And I don't have to tell you guys all these years later like wal bluntly warned him that they are rating more than double digits you know so we surpassed all. Expectations. And to see this now has four local shows and sit just one. To be on the air from nineteen to sixty and local traditional tortoise six. And to see it be recognized by Arabs are relevant and armed. You know big herb. Staying that recognizes these types of things and radio waves it's kinda cool editors didn't sit around and you know taken about it all day long but it is kind of a cool page it to hear what I did hear about. I mean think about it every day Alda sound. Yeah the head its sides really all have a big about so I appreciate you saying that give me a little for. What are you guys are taught America a little like you know it seal hitting under the station has never been. More coalition to. Then it is right now. Not back. In two towels or not and not back in 2000 Jan 2011 or any other year then didn't right now in the year 2018 and and you better part of that in just a part of that in the air to part of that it sir. Eric Eric I. I started the local children are doing now I wouldn't pretend that it would be. What it is today if I would still the only person doing your show locally comported say executes ye it's one of the day guy I believed him. And endorsed like whenever I was asked for my opinion. I can you want a wage. Average local is better than good national. When it comes to sports talk radio also let's try to add. Local shows and in a game and Brad and and the people in charge. Like it like this subscribe to that end they've made good hires and all of this is the result of. Why do you think it would last thing on this and good god I do appreciate your sort of media to countries like we're regular lower and that's okay like we deserve. A day to do that why do you think. More people are listening to the to discuss sports interest is going up in Memphis like I'm I'm just curious as to your perspective. I would like to tell you. That. It's because the quality of radio so much better today than it's ever been and I do think that that's true. Gain in in some ways. I would like to credit just talented deep deleted sordid tale and and capture audience say and I do think that that's. A lot of it you know I don't just host. A successful radio show in Memphis site host of the most successful college basketball podcast in that. Country had started. You know I dug tunnels for CBS Sports Radio so like I died I. Dick is clearly have been able to get to do something. Like. I think it's the money to united signal is a big big big part of it and probably the biggest part of it is eight it's said number that people have no need for a poor. You know I grew up listening to 92 nuns it wasn't a sports talk station but it was programmed in my car. And I can't tell you how many people. Armed when I moved to 929. I would hear from him and say. Also cool here on the radio while I've been on the radio talk to your earlier you know it's 73 nobody knew who becomes. If you're talking on the radio whatsoever on eight and seven dirty with all due respect to people who do that. Nobody knows you're there and other militia groups are bootleg live. That would nobody listens and then they get an zero point zero in the ratings and indeed in my card you know a few dozen in reality. And so. When you brought a signal like 1990 just exposes you to a large audience pick you have to keep. Like it they don't care like you can put. That the worst. Television show in the war on NBC. It in prime time. And everybody will see it right but it exactly know what exist but the star quality then they'll go scope finds something else and so. It has signal I think expose of all of us to a larger audience didn't. On sports talk radio ever been exposed to expect in this market. But didn't you've got to have post and can it really helps. Who can keep both audiences didn't Cole told what worried and are another we've we've you know from 9 AM to 6 PM been been able to do. I would do this again we went in September. Wait I like popular right now I really do enjoy I know what that's like you know you you complain about lack of feel like dares in his little boxy like he's going out. But Dell I didn't ask you about this I don't know for whatever reason their walking has been buried. In tune with what's going on our show and I appreciate that but but but basically it sounds like to be that they're woken believes that Q loss since appearances. Our on our show. Other reason why Penny Hardaway has cooled on the idea of recruiting so Lawson to Memphis the usually that's really true that any actually. Worried about what Q&A say on our show or do you think that's maybe a microcosm of something else. I I think and I couldn't yesterday that we will whatever had gone into. Or whatever has pushed Jimmy to a place where he does not wanna recruit Chandler loss and I don't think it's any one thing. I think it's a variety of tax. I think it is in part because they think they're there and you know they'll have to recharge its last. Undertaker and so we'll look better players and make every actually month I don't nobody months certainly had a chance. I think that's. If you know nobody. We have got relationship between Guinea keyword clearly soured for one reason or another. I've heard some explanation that I know you guys are too. I come at any. I don't think it's helpful if you were a college basketball coach in a market like Memphis. And one of your players dad is going to be on the radio every week but that's not normal again just that. Avoid Williams doesn't deal well facts you do also doesn't deal with that. I really only Americans don't like you look at an entire country. So it's not a normal training and it could obviously turn into a bad thing. Let's say Chandler gives base you Becky you know gives based on our. Of you know all of a bit of a Monday night or whenever. Aimee you've got him on the next day. And he's questioning can anybody get it could be problematic. And I don't know that let's say general also work artsy Derek. I think he beat a lot of things you can get over budget and at least not to acts. Did you wait a token currency ended a lot of recruiting every day. You know Coakley the pros and currency of everything involved when it comes it took personally the student athletes. And if it seems clear for whatever reason aren't getting it weigh the pros and cons of Jim Walton decided to conduct weigh the pros and we'll go another direction. Accurate what I would do after that before blood. I would say that that that Shaq has been incredibly savvy. And successful recruiting so far. Anesthetic and I think they deserve the benefit of the doubt. But when it comes to recruiting debate I think they urged the benefit of the doubt. The group that did you deal like this collide DeRozan trade for one side more than the other year. I think I'd like it what for Toronto because they get a better player. But I don't hate it to disperse. Or at least I understand it from dispersed perspective you know did Gregg Popovich is. Is. We only got to coach a few more years. So why is he just got or coach and rebuild situation. If you could argue that with Tony Parker leaving mom who may be retiring. You know I Kauai on its way out this would have been a time desolate Kauai. For picks and young players have been injured starter rebuilt. But when you got your head coach who's. You know we only got a few years left to coach any also wade decision maker. Will be in the decision's going to be I want I want to win thirty games are won fifty games. And I think part of Rogen does it it's you have to look at the games they love 47 without coli last year though it seemed like Egypt I had talked to mark wrote the you can go insanity. So. I understand it considered Tony o's perspective. Even this you know it they clearly are on the wrong side of the deal in general but they were always going to be they had no elaborate. Some tunnels perspective it's Sox for the quarter rose because he didn't commit to that city. Key gauge show real loyalty and he did take less than a Max deal. So it took to stay there or he warned to stay there stated. Could be a climate where. Players are constantly looking for something bigger and better. All wore mock. He didn't want black he knows exactly where he was acts and they look like two by all accounts and our socks but you know ultimately this in the desert and if you're running a business like going to be a great that you probably just got to do what's best for Youth League guard lists of what you might assert that somebody leaks are in the past. That DeRozan cal hourly paying it would just always gonna you won a lot of games but there's nobody would discourage really take them to go toward. To Eastern Conference into the NBA finals. If there was ever a year to pull toward doing that it was last year the connect got ripped away by LeBlanc and eagle LeBlanc called. You know people that the Celtics are better people think that sixers are better. What are you don't want. And so can conflict of more. And little else. For a true game changer if he's helping like one letter what are you get some. You know statistical analysis. Projections stopped. That's saying the raptors are the favorites to win the east not stupid ball and but there and I conversation. And you know everybody always talks rookie long term plans sometimes it's just awesome to have an awesome year. It the alternative is just to be what you bid. And so it looks like it if Scolari is it helping him in themselves. They're gonna have all from the air America particularly NBA finals and they'll take a swing at Golden State or Houston or elaborate. As to what happened after that happened after that but. At least if they shuffled the cards a little bit and it does make at least in the short term. It makes a record better. And ultimately it won't matter that collided wanna go to Toronto because he's gonna have to play. He's going to be there and what you got to play yea you got did you play when you start winning. I don't know quite capable actor yes I've never seen express it but like our. I think they'll be a nonissue once they get it there. But the way it does not playing it's not real they can try need every game he mixes. Up into its full twenty million dollar salary. I don't care how much you don't wanna be in Toronto you legally get on twenty million dollar stock what you plug it could help it will be good. Well of course honored to dairy pears you can hear every afternoon for 263 his great work. At CBS sports are common in the last so let's turn you back to a myth as basketball recruiting because you dipped your little toe weighted yesterday. When you had Marcus Robinson on the show who is the mentor. Of CJ walker was a very fascinating interview and I and I could not help but come away thinking. Like damn they did this. That this camp loves Penny Hardaway and it felt like it would be. A little bit of an upset if he was not playing for him. You know a season from now was that your read what did you think. I don't alert a couple of college basketball. You know problem just to get him hired as the case with any of these we context they're gonna have to beat some big big boys for procedure walker will be. All the skipper James likeness Kentucky's first you know purple MacKey heard it can exist spurred CJ walker it's gonna beat Texas and and global and and and Florida. But they clearly are are in there they got a chance and I thought. Access to some hair you never know when you guys know that when you get somebody on radio who's not used to being on radio. You don't know how that's gonna go like we knew NG it. Block it wasn't forced on radio that it is so he does or greedy guys know how that's gonna. But when you get somebody who's not. I don't know part of something that we'll talk on radio you know you don't know how to go and I thought he would also like he just like that telling stories about. Growing up in the Orlando area and remember he came into play here and and being. You know starstruck. Beno like actually saying. Who moved a cynic and I couldn't believe Penny Hardaway called me I couldn't believe. Well I can tell my high school sells one day you'll be on a phone call with Penny Hardaway he'll call you let that amazing. And Edmonds started to spend time actually explaining this CJ complaining years what he means to Orlando Allen played. And then CJ being. So like I never would the idea that any came to watch him play all completely glossing over that like Mike Fisher rescue of bear. John Carroll terrible there but the biggest coaches in their country were in the gym but like it that skinny black circular wheel to cease CJ walker. States Peter Walker according to market slumped and went back to the huddle and said coach. The expert that that means your presence is making a real impression on people and ultimately. There that it largely what recruiting at the Alps and you know you all get nice facility you all travel first class way yelled play on television. Who have a kit warm place for war and we have got one of its former teammates on campus and Antoine Jones and obviously can even larger than life figure. In the Orlando area basketball scene that's all stuck it they're seeing some beneficial. And they are quite another to not probe to last Thursday but now they are like all over it. And they want getting campus and they get on campus try to get commitments have been your commitment. And whether they'll get better not Woolsey. But they'll get to visit in the game on campus and when you can actually who when you've got a young man who. These court when not a place or pennies may still matters. And a man who is his mentor who grew up idolizing Kenny. Or Becky Becky B negative stuff on I learned a lot from those in the market yesterday came away from that. Again taking I don't know work you do walker goes school but I know much as he got a real real shot here because of armed because the ten. There's no doubt about Gary's always appreciate the comments as you. So it is scary parents always enjoy our visits with and we'll come back wrap it all up Jason and Jon and it's been a fan ESPN's. Memphis is known for many things. Marty you being one of them. But did you momentous has twice as many wing joins us barbecue places and the number one ranked one spot is the wiggle room. We do two things better than everyone else first. We have award winning and unique sauces like comes suicide. Garlands of Russia. Memphis dry heat lemon pepper hot honey zing them now no wind and our newest flavor Nashville half seconds we took our wings and premium peanut oil. Which means you wings actually tastes like chicken and that the fried pickles they were done right before your order. Is proud to be the official win partner of the Memphis Tigers before our founder of the weight room. Themselves Billy Richmond played for the tigers we're also proud to announce will be. 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PN actually tweeted this yesterday that I do think it's true if Penny Hardaway can land the commitment from CJ walker and honest Ali I'm predicting right now that he well. He's just nineteen small forward. Forestar guy probably gonna end up being a five star guy and was all said and done. If penny can land him it will shut some people love because to the extent that there are still doubters about him and some live at the B. Sorted out on the court right what I need it. But I do think there's still some skepticism about him being national recruiter aria I think my most of these national Gaza look at Memphis and OK there's going to feel a lot about our guys out of Memphis like are they did back to the days where they were getting five starts out of the as the some they're among them exactly those folks CJ walker represent the first real time they've done that. And in the talent outside of Memphis boom. Antawn was that one into right number one's mother your your that's your son or what but does not ranked where currently right but right now that he you know I am and there's so much. What sort of around him that people kind of just wrote that off. CJ walker is a stud. And and and if you can get him in the fold which I mean. Listen I was told back in May by somebody that knows him and his coach that he wants to play for Kenny before you that is before he blew up but. On I don't see what that would change. The U wanna be a tiger. It would it would. It would be watershed moment early on I think in the Penny Hardaway error. And it is just you you add another all around town trying to thanks so he would be the first. I don't think in terms of recruiting. The elite level guys their own they already had ties to those guys correct thread with their A you were tailoring and Mike Miller and Matt Harding heard trend then Mike Miller best odds ends wives and and and so with him. It's more so the first one that's a national recruit that we had to grow and yet auto quote note attached no previous ties and attacks just who threw his talent and his land his admiration IP on Orlando you have but did you you'd be going out starting from ground zero B a huge get even though he loves you it would be a huge you know he wasn't one of the guys who back when we were talking about all the possibilities that doesn't I think last. His name didn't come up. There but if you look up and four months and to do walker is a member of the University of Memphis says. Two dozen nineteen early signing period. Wow I mean you're released hardened his dream again. Tomorrow Richard and John you know me on the dreamer you are combing the dreamer. I ordered a one seed order and I'm unloaded three about certain thing on stem Andre about penny now. I will dream about what they can do because it's much easier. Could tell it to make a deep on the term that it is to consistently make it Ebert in the NBA policies as we know that's not. That's not news. But they're on their way they are on their way to if you miss interview. With a few walkers mentor the GP show you stuff with Jack goes to bed. Out all right that's gonna do for us today as always Jason Dunn is for them do you buy the weaned guru stop by if you are. Hungary face the timid man. Thanks to Baird Jones thinks deejay steps that they support too scary pairs Eric halftime is up next effort right is filling in for. Him that's got to have for us for Jason and Jon and guards. He is ready to 9 PM ESPN radio just Damascus and anytime anywhere. And favorite us today from the office and he's more or less. Tell your best Memphis is a sports station. You care about your car treated took this weekend. Love your goal to take twelve that you trust. 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