Jason & John Hour 1 (7/18/18)

Jason & John
Wednesday, July 18th
Discussing the big NBA trade plus joined by ESPN NBA Insider Tim MacMahon in Hour 1 to talk NBA/Grizzlies 

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For your chance to win a grand I'll have another chance. Coming avenue but right now he's got a little under an hour detects the word season SE eight SO went to 72881. Reaching its 1000 bucks a lot. In Memphis and sports station. Life believe the only real cool things Hulu. You real quick if I mean again we saw. Does the bank itself. Now you. Yeah. Oh yeah. Well Tony today. Hi help. Who listens Jason's. 29 F spend years in we certainly appreciate you doing this is a big day John Martin. On number one because. We've cooled down right there may have. Walked out of here yes they have a road show dumb Arnold the band grizzlies gulf. What are we don't always do John we always find a way to welcome back together don't let you know that's another that's what good friends do brother that's right that's what Brothers do I'm not sure that's what Mike and the mad dog would have Dunham. I mean you see that thirty for thirty. And they don't they did not. Personally like you tell us not become them let's on the Amman you know goalie Manny that I can wing it off and I tango. Arnold left the ring during your period you know you just forgot about it because don't get it's also important for me it's my anniversary of nine year anniversary of my congratulating. Him I'd like to thank my beautiful wife for marrying. Nine years nine years. Thanks zero in my next. Big trip. Next here about trying to put you on the spot but. Perhaps America let's find out my pockets now John give them a pockets now when I don't know amid a mean anything to race I think Greece would be had a really good hitter look they've recently we will do that before life it's. I don't know what it is in your trip next month earned two months the Disney. Yeah manulife five years Betty. And and amateurs the business this forty. I can't count could look good are they thought this special. And they lose a little bit every every time I am has its most other still as magical we got a big show got a little bigger news what do you think that the celebrate what is and what we get to the rest and no I wanna talk about the marred collide what are you talking about we do a lot of. Wish a very very very happy birthday. Two of course Memphis basketball coach and birdie you gave me. Hardaway today is his 47 birthday today so few of my mom and are you guys got hair. On Kennedy's birthday. Is that not a great. Photo album watch I'm going to party tonight on the Cuban and close our own candidates parties and no parties today he's been shall be with me today. Happy birthday and Hardaway that's of what I had no idea John and there was a bird they and that we got married on his bird I think that you and I you know that's weird the more hooking them more. I'm not saying it's faith dream man that's what would you say that it's a what if commands are due to correct what it may have lived there. I diverted to face what if man I got a big new Murray ever go to we have big news to get to and here's will be idle on the show to dad elevenths what about ten the man. Is gonna join us from ESPN we were talking about the trade coli Leonard is. I this could come as any surprise to any of you listeners because we told you this last week but Hawaii litters of Toronto raptor. The Toronto Raptors have. Traded collide later and Danny Green. To the Toronto Raptors forward DeMar DeRozan Dick Parnell and at 2019 protected first round. Pick we'll talk to take may have about Baghdad his thoughts on the deal. As well as the Memphis Grizzlies and everything else. It's happened in the west and Iran testing policies makes absolutely I mean you choose your debt David Aldridge and that's what I'm referring to one hell of an off season. I almost felt like he's probably like looking at. In what he visited the that the civil rights museum he was overcome with emotion it was I feel like I'm happy is looking at the grizzlies offseason like he's just overcome. With the with how savvy it to say made in Memphis in the streets up and we would call a sleep good off season yes I sleep good one for his jab and I think that's and a lot of low you know. Yes I think it's a solid available. I think it's obvious why god did what I did say that's what you like in the street or I get a week's if there in the suburbs you'd say quietly good there you go that is. That's the translation to quote a salute there you go we'll talk to take a minute eleventh without about all that. And more totally five SEC media days are going on whether or not or they air. But Baird Jones played in the SEC is a very successful as he's. Nestled Mo player my recreational team did get the win over his. And so we will talk to him because any bets on that aren't going to is alive and well absolutely if we disappearance I don't know if we win you gotta circle dollars and weekly during the cosmos all that's a big men and we won. Handily but. I don't know by mail that is I don't know that we never shook on it but no he will join us today. And we'll towns throughout what Aaron Murray had to say about Gary Pruitt you see that and former Georgia quarterback Aaron Murray he's that he does and believes every crew is equipped to run of Obama program cool and I mean that's held a thing to Sammy neat they almost. They almost intersected there at Georgia. A Jimmy Pruitt and and their right there might do little bitterness because of Mark Richt in that memory play for. Mark Richt and so there could be some of that blast will last Baird Jones about. That comment SEC cornerbacks nick Fitz Gerald. From a man Carol burns I let him out yesterday and I would argue live up is out of hot it's just it's equality class and invite the president you maybe you forgot their new coach and let them off the debt and so we'll talk to Baird Jones about the SEC if possible at 1225 at 1245 we're catch up with our main DJs and evidence there Las Vegas summer league is complete we'll get get the scoop on what's next for him. What do think about Penny Hardaway Jerry Jackson playing was all down mark hill and he goes on talk throughout that at 1245 and a 125 began re perished would join us. And we got thousand about that interview he had with Marcus Robinson who is the mental work. Of CJ walker. It's not a lot to me like. This kid destined for Memphis I don't know about you. Bill still even with the blowout that was the guns that that was the thing right earbuds you'd say that about seventy got off early minority be committed got the offered her impeached area. And but is blowing up is in the office rabbis still wants that as the priority it looks like it's an area you know because of penny being you know member of the Orlando Magic right making such an impact in the state of Florida and Florida basketball back in the day. In I just get the sense that this kid loves Memphis and so. A humble thought again your cares about that and more at 125. But Todd the news of the day you wake up and you see it. There what's most tweet that this happened more and run not like three animal always about a day and a helmet like the real world was someone like him three like wolves are the 3 in the morning sweetness did you see had been ordered tickets are. I mean if I was doing deals at 3 o'clock O morally damage is getting the news than he's getting the news to announce the deals and swung of they said DeRozan did all the night before. Ran and got in but yet that's weed out the bad bombed and Elliott or something we firsts. Deep sleep on yeah we do these pillows that's right that's exactly right so the deal is done. The San Antonio Spurs have agreed to trade coli littered disgruntled coli littered. And Danny Green to the Toronto Raptors for DeMar DeRozan take pearl. Protected 20191. Round pick one through twenty if it's not conveyed after 22 dozen nineteen comes to stick around picks. 350 threes when he dropped the jar for featuring more remote than ours are still would have been forfeit if you think he sleeps. Well one idiotic once when he 3 AM was when he first pleaded about it I think loads is. The best doing it is inherent. With family and so and so almost disposable as that car Kia like how heavily that's always say I had the keys of I think he's the best dornin. But I can't imagine his his his quality of life in terms I'm a mid a mid ams we got attorney. But like he has he is always so busy what's your locked in you can have a dinner and you wanted you know did a would you why exactly you'd in you have gained. Where loads it's I had been where woods is when you want to breaking news you can't just on Paula. As a matter where you are what you're doing what you have to consciously be talking to somebody you're looking for some than. And I just wonder for him when they expect every time he gets beat by sounds like there's like a mean of him getting done Donald so the big. But he got this one. And it is will be talked about last week with the with when the raptors became even with a win that in the eyes moved even for the radical quark a lot of you knew. There was a reason for that in this is why he is now a Toronto Raptors now. Aside easier he's out he's taking he's the Toronto vigorous president. But he he's taken a calculated risk here I don't think it's I don't think it's that big of a risk I think it's. I think that's kind of overstated recently taking it a little bit of a swing here with coli. But I don't I don't. It's it is if you feel if you filled a third their whole plan is to recycle lie which is apparently that is. That would be that's risky but I you have to figure that the but that it should it should be one a and one B Wright because Wright look collide at what is reported from both sides this neither player apparently showing much enthusiasm is the word he showed death squads are medically let's go the lakers down there have been some some talk out there maybe flippers to yeah but that that's. If you've. So the likelihood that you resign I'm sure he'll be there a year maybe you you win big east whatever. It but. The likely get the figures low so so if you put all year. Eggs in that basket that be dumb you better have a plan one a and one beat right one beam would be cap space cap space. Get a free agent summer 2000 I think well because they're that everybody they really going to happen I mean enlisted if you're if you're the raptors. Right a year you Geary. Are you gotta do that to Paul George Paul George was no doubt in anybody's mind a little earlier rattled and he was go to the lakers answered. Again Torre that that they had at that they and that's a bit of a year. Now it's about the colts and I don't know anything about the progress that hotel was refused to play with you mean like exactly like the other had everything working against them and and and no offense Oklahoma City but there ain't nothing to do what Oklahoma City brought before Toronto. Is that it's cold. But by all accounts it's a great place to live it right loves it yeah I mean so there's there are things to do what Toronto it's how Larry loves at cal city. Yeah I got other big there'd have been Canada. But and I can imagine there are lots of things to do there and so I can see a scenario. How ever remote right right I could see a scenario where. The raptors have a good season they finish says that two or three seed. Make a finals perhaps something breaks you know maybe bus and that is healthy as we think they're going to be home. Gordon Hayward are the same our retirees not the same right they can beat them in a seven game series. And and coli loves it and by the way they can offer five years 190 million dollars. To be more than I don't I think it out I think it was a better deal for the raptors. Then it will probably ultimately be for disperse and number go there you are failure I feel you. Because the spurs are going to be probably more consistent because you got DiMarco for years exactly now automate and did agree that the player. He is an and I energy so we just that you know. Tamar sort of doesn't fit today's NBA is occurring or anything because they're from the dot in Iraq from three dozen Yemen terms of that but long range shot just that that much ones early not consistent. But duke 31% from her. Yeah. And it in the rest of what the rest of dude is big time scored misleading as he would do to get the last like 1214 times a game do we have time to look up he's got 26 point seven all along drops the basket free throws yeah couples is going to maximize that you realize he's a valuable Marcus. They're going to be. Consistent we look we've we thought. With what they had to write downs its wares with quiet they'd probably be battling for playoff spot be close you mentioned and yes there's one of those teams yeah grizzlies would be battling with this. You figure the rig right you how you think they are and I don't think they're comfortable yeah and on top or our product top five at the -- the big have a lot of questions around lightly might be Alibaba might team is speaking on I mean they've got his pop you know DeMar DeRozan who was a good player I know you got to give him good players even though he denounced are in the west. No he won't and also on the west. How does the particulate how old have been exposed Halladay calling neighbor are you gave back on a one year deal let you know what's money gonna do that big a dozen questions well Moscow Anderson build up in a day that I did before but I. I agree if you like just the legacy of pop what you got to give him. If you give him a 25 games or you've got to give him an element he got a Mosul around that you figured he's in now out of that to that point so so I'm not ready to say raptors won the deal right now but. Today I will say this. I like it for Toronto right because they capped out. You know you yes you were the ones he Lester but we know damn well Boston's comment rather talk to guys at the Philadelphia 76ers are coming up and so. And you sol when the going gets tough for Toronto with this. You know with this group this construction of its roster they fold up. And the number one fold a man was was was was a bullet yet and it cost way Casey's job quite frankly now clearly. Toronto Utah energy dumb of them you know maybe one to blow it up clearly looked this comes into this thing with coli only comes in developed played the last couple weeks here right you had no idea this would even be a possibility for you. Right. At that point I think they're thinking and clearly. It looks like DeMar DeRozan is thinking he's back in the executives acorda whoa should told him at least a mark you know recently were not trading you. They that they were standing pat. But there's stated that for what. Three C four C five is that a with a soft guy with a guy who's going to fold up probably with the going gets stuff that's why I like it further it would have been a win big with DeMar DeRozan I'm not the way that they. They want to write so I did it four or their market the trade that said. That said. I don't see I don't see any way that if you give pop. This accused in another draft pick OG if you give up all of this. They're back and and this time. Takes me right back to where we were arguing your state going at it all the stuff would basically blow Oberto the grizzled Gideon are not turned playoffs. Brother to me this comes this comes my way this is another spot locked up. And you're so you don't you sit there look at what really is a government is it going to be enough. Like you know one analyst my main goal hikes when I woke up this morning shook her head because all of a sudden netted pops got to a point five points for yep and they're looking solid again and they can myself. Or would agree is gonna fall all the my main goal this season if you receive the west where you put congress. Well that's that's a question. And then will do that my but my main goal this season is to get rid of the Boston victims of that's and that's on our net with the NASDAQ I'm with that and they will accomplish that. They will achieve so there with able not finish in the end the top eight of the lottery winner yes they get geared toward derivative. You know did you get home court advantage in first runner up I I don't think they have a chance to. Double their wins from last season I think they have an opportunity to do that. But what I get them in the playoffs what will you participate in an exercise with me of of receiving the west really quick would gladly welcome. Well let let's have you do it because that you're the one who's who's that are I'll do this purified me yesterday on this unless Cisco gold warmup once if you agree Boca. I got Golden State is the one yes. I think mobile homes is gonna take a step by got them there. I think that's Smart yeah I got a warm sensitive I've Iverson's back don't forget that exact like the moves they make I think Houston on the other is taking a step back. They're going to be at the receipt as a losing a reason that if I could even go for but I'll I'll give him for Rico they with a one seed last and they did say go say to seven games I have the exact same thing she stated okay see Houston and then I've got LeBron lakers jumped at a fourth. I do to them worded my billow high but I got him afford to. Using all of they were five last year 35 again they're young and good exam defensive minded maybe the best defensive team that in the NBA. I think Denver's gonna get there there at six time. Portland gonna take it massive step back they were the three c.'s Lester Ross there's no way they went out implicate got him at seven this is death that you've got to seven out of seven as well and then I got was a birdie eight seed. Pelicans come out there that they're gonna finish every cause that night seeing Rondo was so valuable for them yep he was so what I but I did add Randall mesa Mirotic so they just doesn't believe they'll still be some I was the edge do you know what he was sort of remarkable memo that fell off and I'm telling you that's the kind of impact that do you have do you reserve about reported. No you know I mean how far we don't go well where we're gonna show you some stuff on our wells that year where we are going where women have got the grizzlies as. Tenth in the west. Dude I've got to missed it in the west. But they could finish knife and if things with a seven iron just got red in the face yesterday while not because of the debt making the playoffs or not it was more did that was more about the philosophy. I'm not gonna predict the grizzlies making the playoffs but tip they can weigh between I think sit in the west of being 38 to 42 wins easily. And I think that's what they're going to be I think that's likely where they will be. You like that. I think it gets it in accomplishing my goals you you like that it it accomplishes the goal of conveying the pick. And that's what that's unfortunate about all this excitement yesterday meant well I mean you. I didn't I decided to make an out of that out yesterday I am excited in the sense that the team is better. Then they were with beyoncé and the Mac and there's no question about and so but and I know you've come November and if I didn't hear it in your name is on something you know you get like maybe it may be the pelicans. Are worse than that you know maybe it it it it does that netted the drop off is more than we can project right now. And the grizzlies can be not what what I'm saying use the soft as this dude is as good as fold up its shares used when it's go to death this is bad news for the grizzlies I still think the spurs could have gotten a better return. Like it doesn't delegates that I get on that one a mother load at all I mean that's on sale like that does not feel like it's this insane in return for to mart ever don't while there and that's and a third player in the league as you went about it as I heard you point out we point out militia you do this morning we've done at a time to begin with. Each day that passed they were losing value and it goes to show you when you Trace stars. I'm Italian as you love saying that's human had been always. Believed let down I am pop going to be huge big spurs fans love this deal. They are they also had the ship Danny Green out Laura Germany spurs are still hoping they could smoothest oh right well and maybe maybe no maybe not may be at this point down and we don't talk to murdered admitted this one out infield they've reached a point norms aren't right what I nose or get them. That's what high levels quarterback and a mobile live and you know it ain't the same united Gortari wouldn't leave in his prime and he's got he saw no it's not like dude you're getting your back in the playoffs bursts you're welcome to Marta rose is a star in the NBA and your your -- he's not he wouldn't be my preferred start in my mind nor did Oskar. Free throws contrast to the basket exactly and so we'll see we'll pop does but either way it definitely does change some things in the west and and the Eastern Conference as well blasted a man about it when we come back Jason and done that it's united and yes it. 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Under Obama you will girl if if your heart was set on living in Los Angeles but work took you. To Toronto how would you feel. All circle while owners not that enthused about it you know I think it paychecks pretty good in trouble actually pay a really nice city here on. The winners. Orders might be a little bit tougher guy who would throw open the Balkan. Southern California. But sadly fascinating to see how that plays out and obviously. It's the raptors company into a situation where the raptors all of a Max contract which. You know or any kind of a weak people last year I would imagine that would be the case. They're gonna have a huge financial advantage over the lakers or anybody else all of you noted according to play walking Wall Street and out of the bonds. Not in the east obviously. They're the after the finals is much more wide open although certainly the Celtics center as well some of the crib up. But. It'll certainly be adjustments see how that played out in Iraq I think. People are radio bit on the world. I want. Can't exposure we get our current pretty reliable downloads in the packages people match here still when you're talking about can work. So to get Balkans sixers get involved that they did put those pieces on the table. 47 win team gets added you colonial sore looser regulatory report card games school through concrete truth people. And 88 you know a 22 year old big middle knuckleball kick it was extremely productive. In limited minutes last year hasn't really are outside. Optical disc. After this trade certainly. Anticipated spurs won a playoff appearances will continue. Yes you have that I think you're exactly right now I am is that in your thoughts here. Because there are reports and really it's hard because I don't think anybody knows what motivates coli Leonard he might be the most mysterious guy. In professional sports that but there are reports. That he had no interest in playing for Toronto. And and could sit out like do you think we can actually reach a point where. Collide just as decided I'm not playing here. Well look and I like you said you don't know. And frankly don't know book called it an error occurred is congress buys her. He's his own coal and you know we're going to take advice from upstanding member who has a letter to your clients and I think you have situations like. What should have been a beautiful long term it's almost completely all part of our butt load. Yeah if you want. To leave police some on million dollar on the people and further tarnish his reputation. Oil. You know I guess I guess I've I I cannot imagine. A worst possible decision. Why Rudy. Would be shocked to pick up that point. But I was shocked at the end of the relationship this first shuttle part of disastrously two bit. About I realize that this opportunity vehicle while only opens up here in the last couple weeks and I realize too that it's a players league but it can we classify the firing Dwane Casey now from Toronto was a mistake when you. You know when you look at that situation was that you know sideways you figure with the law and that's a day we know he was a good coach he's a Frieden coach of the year. Like us that I know that the timings all but. They fired a pretty darn good one they fired him because of the Marta rose into the I mean that's. And now I don't think I don't think there's news this is. It is more this whole situation I got some you know obviously obviously dale you know we'd pinch grows younger player also in new York and that was brought but I I think and I looked or a Eric and I think he's equally -- For Detroit. I don't think buying interest imagination do either lose out of the raptors but I think they fired him because LeBron game. They're at it fired and because. They kept running into a ball and play all soon you really didn't crippled by a game all of daily somehow managed to lose games they led the entire lives you know are. Lived there at the end of regulation will also return never recovered from that. Yeah local court. May regret it felt like OK you know we got to make some sort of address. Changing these usually usually make at that time. Was fired head NBA coaching little. Winning coach of the year and certainly Luke has been the most successful coach in history that French. And but the mayor is like oil and that looks so similar to us that you'd see what you've been you know you'd. You said wow I'd look at that and say man it sure looks like fizz and Marvin. To that point they get back how high would you put the spurs than that you talk about a armed with youth you gotta lock amend that or work that you know grizzlies here we're trying to find out where we've fallen all this. Would you put it we've got an eight Yeltsin with the way this test is now I mean you know I don't talk about spurs out is that. You know where would you put him with this new with this the how high did would you go. Song yeah yeah I don't think very legitimate anger in I don't think they're being given local home quotable it's close well. But. I do think that's a gain this could end up in the playoffs are modestly below the warriors are. You know I was toward children who drop down a couple notches we get to everybody else. You know Lockett. I think the wrong. Coker what's around them the ball in play in business on court you know probably the first true don't you all around you tells you exactly you know radio Utah didn't. You know when I I think Denver Cutler could not. Yeah yeah they you know Lou especially Millsap stayed healthy you are now until older team I think and tumble out out on home. You know put. I honestly I think the grizzlies in the mavericks' sure. We're kind of in the same boat where. Last year blues not believe everything went all but the McCain people being honest movie seems. So you know bookings GAAP rookies. And obviously they shouldn't excited about error Carolina draft. That the group do you get back Connolly got. I think it seemed to be drastically approved include real potentially in that. 500 ish range and that might be good for about sensible place in the western golf. I'm a Frazier right. Similar talk about it earlier how how big is this you know for Toronto because you think back to just one year ago when Oklahoma City acquired Paul George. Nobody gave them a chance to resigning and he was homebound Palmdale native he was going to play. For the lakers they basically this summer committed to spend the rest of this crime. In Oklahoma City so so it. Do you given a chance that for for one year with co Y in Toronto that Ted Mehdi loves the colts are ready falls in love with the city. The given a chance. You know I had I do think you have to at least we can't lucky. You know and the raptors. Are making this deal hoping that it it has the chance. I'll but I think it's also do it feel like maybe they plateaued. This is kind of their will their one big swing. It's it's strike out that you've been kind of we do go into rebuilding mode. Will say via. It's I understand there's going to be the comparisons to Paula to order quad beat. There's a lot of similarities in that situation. There's not Russell Westbrook type eternal though right. In ancient law joke and you know quiet is not a social. Yeah I think with whom you talk about why is Paul George in the Oklahoma City obviously. Russell Westbrook who primary reason and that's not joke how. You know how spectacular basketball player you but it's about the relationship with those two or how are you quarry is really guys that formed a lot of strong relationships and then and certainly did tune into this state that have. And then in any stream that won't be easy where he comes in disgruntled. Yeah that's probably. A little bit too optimistic but you know that's the hope for the raptors Andrea again it could definitely pass a picture either Rutgers. I'll logic to rehabilitate. Exactly who our or sought it fit in man coverage NBA for ESP. And all right bill in the blank for a stem the grizzlies offseason. Was. I think it would do very a solid all season and there you know like our share Jackson junior has absolute star potential and we'll. You can admire I think. Guess more sort and is also very I mean that the portray him as he could be. You know guys appeared for the very big name is gonna be really expected to each circle each caller. Both speak positions in Arkansas based support knock down. Three point shots and also if you eat he's going through that it will be a good player. And certainly had a chance to beat. There the next franchise cornerstone and young guy who all current group. Our potential and not reflect a trait that is may well. I think they got rid of a couple guys who. No walks and forestry guys in the got 88 great quote. I can get simple guy who I think we'll come here and be nice complementary piece innocent person clearly all the playing god. And then no calling so I'm only you know maybe. They'll pay a little bit but. I think there's something noting that that cannot calculate your second to greatly dot oracle or the salt sees. Is your game faster and slow most then I got to ask you. Not mine. I'm fine how hard you know my my my David. Is more late career forced Seattle without being. Okay that's respectable that's the bears were the. It made it respectable it is not high speed darken or. Yeah I did did you mentioned in terms of caught Kyle Anderson and you're rightly get it it does feel may be a little bit. Over overpaying for am but I mean as you know it's and that's what shift. Have to do when you're when you're the grizzlies you know they've they've done it that it's been worse let's put it that way. He's twelve yeah he's 24 years old. You know aunt and that he's a winner you know I think he's a guy you install right away and and he improves your team what do you think. Yeah and looked nothing is it just other very unique solution to create and see you're not gonna get a bargain. If it organs spurred maps. That an antidote to that is the way it goes there like that you he's 24 so well I think what there is. What they've done that diplomacy when you cannot put themselves in position. Two to only move along once the the end of the last couple of grit and grime mainstays or you don't downsides. Although you know either another uniform work on what I want and what Connolly Gasol or jerk. Your best players in you know I don't think Anderson the franchise cornerstone guy who's in historical player in the market that would Gentex interior. I'm me. Hey eight there's there's certainly every. It has the potential for and it could develop into an all star that you can build your team running. I mentioned before for him. I mean that this ceiling for him and he needed defense player of the year Lucian hold put percent from three point range. And you know it is also good to score. As a traditional big men who were talking about it's only ten. Defense cleared the year type and how he absolutely has. I already at all. Our potential so they've got into pieces warm to meet you build around. And wanna do is you or the most important pieces that they should put rather sore. What do you think should be the goal for the Memphis Grizzlies on board we have heard we have Harlow were tense thing we have heard obviously there's a fifty win sort of missive from the owner Tom that seems. Probably a little bit far fetched they owed the pick to Boston is part of that Jeff Green trade its top eight protected this year. What should the goal be for the Memphis Grizzlies tonight. You can make a note I mean they don't want my bike through my advice. To our economy this whole block it. See more what you might. Be able to kitten you know crowds so our legal or create a Western Conference and realized. You can be drastically improved. And still locked. Up still not in the in the playoff picture and you know hey it as much as I like what they've done with the young pieces they've gotten this year especially. Jackson I just don't think that the time line projection console. In I I think our time Jackson's develop missiles and you know I'm Amy might be retired wouldn't even live in Spain call anybody certainly eat more lawn to the beat her. I don't think she an impact player. And then things look I think ultimately Jackson is going to be a senator sleek army that is in primary. Play power forward this year because they have more salt but I think it's Jackson. Hole potential be realized with him being. He's very close will sit irks me you know that new age very rare stretch I could also be. A dominant run protectorate. So a lot of ways that I think have a Gasol on the roster. Also stunts the growth of the strategy trying to deal. Or on my home you know a politician put him on the block last year when he had pulled out recently that he had. I'm more time left on his deal. I think they should put him on the block again. This year but it it's also you know what what I think and what's gonna happen are probably two very different very. Tim one of us so agrees with you wholeheartedly the other ones are holed them all a little bit to the IQ I'm keeping an old number and right Soledad has got I'm wanna roll with what are with what you're saying Tim because I'm with you 100% and let's roll with the scenario that you just laid out that maybe the reserve. 500 ish maybe a little bit above. You tell me. Does mark opt back in for the 25 nil or does he pull look a DR Andre Jordan maybe go try to find you know some other team I get a two year deal. It what do you think he does he think he that is too much to turn down do you think all of you know he loves women do you think he goes for maybe the championship. Yeah you bet as big a great class and yeah and then certainly. I'm not considered the clear why can't I go or scroll sure we'll have to could be in his head. It is saying how would we do know that he was extremely frustrated as our. You know with a lot of things could happen in that franchise you know Levy he's. I'm very disappointed. That you know basically use a wave goodbye to go to the brick right there obviously. There have been coaching. At least one coaching change really good. Sit well you know home mom but I often walking see a memorial coup you know because she's so there's most of that database up. So hand and look I'll be honest I. Next to market is going to be a law better. In this huge market to the mosque will be flooded because of all the guys locked in Australia all the guys who. Signed one year deals. You know there's there's a chance just look at their big men to your calendar absolutely on the market it'll see how old he comes back. It will be shown something with a warms my heart so that's another big auto market and people all second hole. You know it capella. Singapore and put all on all firms or lip on his goal of the rocket but that he does right eat eat eat they're so could be a market now with other with how well that would. Would be hours and and so you know for him to not can't. Especially at that age I think there's a very good chance he beat you'd be making a major financial sack well. So mild that there there's a lot of variables in play there. Yeah that is I mean I think my part and I kind of disagree on this I am I AM at the point where I can't see market 35 turning down a 26 million dollar. No matter how much yeah and lets it just goes I mean tragically off the rails. He ain't getting close to 26 million and M on the market and that's. Well and look at that thing is it if you really want out of their service FAA air it reaches that point which again this is. This is a lot of speculation Iraqis have. How do they didn't learn what this. I think the mood they're pretty it would be adopted the name and try to look train. It would be understand that. You know if there's trading placing his agent get involved and help. You know. Won't be waters but. Yeah I mean it it's hard to see you guys act that each would go with as many players are going to be on the market and I aimed at least two potentially through more big who behead him in the pecking order get the kind of money. Exactly Tim I just as a man thank you for the time great stuff. Your version your version if you it is 10 am mic man. Always enjoy him coming on and break in. It's down juice mark speaking of which did you say something it yesterday as results. Yeah I mean I'm not very familiar with with an Adams cleaning Ernster with a refugee crisis but apparently. You know mark is over there not just gardening not just vacationing on a yacht but like. Helping out these have apparently helped save a drowning woman he was a part of that that group yesterday that's incredible. Here's the thing about Mark Hurd. My what you thought would cruise how this whatever you you you admire him you love them you love what is contribute now here in Memphis but you you love him because he's a man. That cares about humanity. You know I mean like it there runs deeper within its not just about didn't the chair to win a championship or just you know being in Memphis front. But he gives back he cares he saves lives raises money you winnowed it doesn't saint Jude. I mean the guy's a humanitarian duty and that's. That's what you want him to be. You know that's what you want these players to be is Decatur and not just care about you know not take the and not take the money Enron and automate mark mark's mark cares about people and humanity wants. And as he is a great he was directly involved and I was a great person like that like you. That's a bad debts is like but let's Ameen special so is Mike Conley what we've we've got a special group of guys there that could give back and care and all that stuff up. We've been blessed on that side of things. In terms of the people we've had come through put on like that mrs. prison uniform no doubt about it there's a very dramatic picture on March Twitter. That you can see any says frustration anger and helplessness it's unbelievable how some evil people Urbana to their deaths that seek. Deep admiration movies I call my teammates at this time like he's really taken up that that causes is priority it looks like Rihanna. For sure I will come back lots more to come here on the show DJ stepping in to join us at 1245. Also. Very important news to me and and I think a lot of others the Madden 2019 cover athlete has been announced Jason did you see who was. Now we'll get into that a little bit later here on the show Jason Dunn editor of and ESPN. Summertime is here you can tell by the humidity it's basically unbearable outside and it's idea about the best way to beat in the C that's by grabbing a country club salad or my personal favorite the southern salad at the blue. Monkey the salad is massive fresh greens tablet prices fried chicken. Crispy bread green beans and finished with a gross imported peppers red onion. Tomatoes instead here in moderates like Jesus served of course but their house made. Ranch dressing they got two locations as an out it's called Madison avenue in midtown at 513. South first street downtown and we can take him out. On the left and blue monkey that just downtown that's blue monkey have this guy. So good to pull off this summer downloaded who might get a coal and of course the southern salad. My team should be doing karaoke every Wednesday and Thursday cricket team and win some very light music of the blue mug you bids on Friday night Jacko Bolivia and Saturday. As excess. You guys smell that. Not so nice owners the smell must. The smell funky. Are you can get there where it's easy to get their way in the summer towns in Memphis because of the heat and humidity. Ultimately got to avoid that avoid that must. Duels Clijsters or at a person's gonna keep you feeling fresh and clean. In this Memphis he would hear debate party in outdoor fassel might be at a barbecue would John Martin you're out there you have a good arm right. Maybe you got that's those little Spain's an eight yard right as yet menus in your old spice peers or in part but don't be Dag act. Don't be that got all spies for sport and burst and offers superior sweat protection meant. Don't let that you beat UB would goals by spears or her purse for it's the perfect wing man man number top gun. Keep it fresh and clean it all they outdoor festivals and they parties barbecues we got going on in Memphis all summer long. Speaking of golf this is Marty foals and you probably remember me from holiday gulf was green woods or plantation. I'm a PGA life members and over the years I've found whenever I advise shell Rose Garden with Marx men's store about his golf game. Where there was about a equipment for a swinging you rarely he still couldn't hit the ball out of the paperback. Mainly because he's been so much time selling a house that's why people often say when you want the job done you call shell done. 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That long drought ends on Saturday that's right July 21 it's the big pay back its 105 extravaganza didn't fight show presented by the sight of like the king like promotions that's an association of affiliation management. And of course you have Floyd money Mayweather in the building you'll be in attendance Saturday face former seven time. World champion a future hall of Famer of the Marcus chopped off or X. Takes on former WBA lightweight champion Vivian Harris that's in the make that's the main event the twelve round rematch the idea of world title. A money team that I have its fighters there as well charms Holyfield and OKO bellows. And Bob I'm female world title holder even night going to be in the building and on the card as well. Floyd as well hosting the fight after part of core convictions and after ten years Memphis we're back in the fight game of the big pay back its tickets now. A pathetic form box office Ticketmaster dot com. Or like to conduct dominant for more information on those after party tickets for Floyd can VIP whose you can visit like picking dot com or call. Blanked entertainment at 9017790389. In 7790389. We're back in the fight game Memphis. Life has brought it back to Memphis he's a Memphis native John we're trying to do a big and remain a fight amber at. I don't box that already are girls right tonight what happened. We still got our on this week I met him and I she's she's Friday in very intense training right now man no way slow down or toward the other day out there. There aren't what we need to get her on because she's you know very fast thing MB. You know boxing this week in in Memphis as regards to work Saturday. Then export the big pay back every article I'm a figure out a way to get down there man. Must llamas you'll be out of town of not is this weekend at the ambiance out. Amazing there are Intel Macs it's semis in Vegas is next weekend I'll go up there. None though on the waiting in line that a bass part I have not I'll have a I have a waiting able shimmer but I'm I have I don't think any days are Osgood it's a national. I did the drive there's there is a damned. Not a Florida day when that's down the road DeMarre Carroll has tweed. Or Memphis here's what's between he said no matter what. When I think of Toronto Raptors basketball. I think of DiMarco well my lower we use these people lead us how he deserves a statue. DeMar DeRozan liberians are untrue what do you think. I mean he's just get that Vince Carter statue first exactly but yeah if I'm Ben Morris Peterson's two errors now and run a Moorestown go before the rose McGahee scored a lot of points and I think the course for its like the clown when he plays look about securing places daddy told but than that has been fantastic. That franchise. Slugger Matt. They're from former Metzger is mark Caro. Can we get a Peja Stojakovic stats and for a good weather for cup c.s costing him more reserved as king I know he's a chain and a but he did play for the for the how about Turkoglu can we get a Hedo Turkoglu will now Helm is well let's unload some of some relevant it appears. So I could tell what we were doing there with Tim McMahon John what we were fight. And we were using timid man has sort of them are little middle gathered at city and our fight and looks like to meet Johnny agrees. That. At some point clearly a blow up he's ready to do now him. But he's with you and Marc Gasol and I'll be able to opt out of point five million dollars exact and you'll be back to go one for one. You get a point I get a point and here we are once again imagine that perpetually just on the fence imagine that I was on the financier. But he had no I think I think both those things could that they can easily be that way but it. It plays out. So they go about our turn because mother Toronto Raptors that we need to immortalized. There aren't meant. There really aren't that many and I'm used left out a big one true. Chris Dodd should know well okay there's one by Deborah even bigger not true friend of the show. True. Damon. How could jam it. He's huge up there's the right game in his famous that's why he was involved a light Tyler Ennis and now here bro you're right absolutely man yeah hurt Eddie and I love him brother made Atlanta's starting lineup figure out she's a celebrity guys they have to come before. Advance Damon. Like those guys Chris Bosh bosh was a you know Sam Mitchell. Sam Mitchell get the statue before DeMar DeRozan the most scooter. Yes you get Sam Mitchell on oh on one leg room. If they're core four statute as badly you forgot about bang my fault man my big baby don't never forget you think he's met you was also do you think he's most remembered as a raft there. Does laser. Rapper orders that I had the one thing with the blazers media member and all that and all that stuff but guess most remembered his beloved in Iraq and I love Damon has a grizzly. She's loved to win and Portland minutes that's area it is and what. Dude Colorado and action figures but it won't like it inside and out he's still famous there for sure you're exactly right. Although on nine and all those guys about are those guys before DeMar DeRozan without a doubt no statute the mom sorry now go get one and Sam. They eggs exactly knives are you dumb not a fan you won't get one there either you're I get one of our guys with hard. Yes you're not a fan of the martyr is are we come back positive to end the rundown including this crazy story they have been in Memphis. About carjacked and this romantically. Involved lay out as the best I can put it it's like a romantic carjacking. I'll explain it when we come back also. Some some old racist tweets that I got some stuff from the all star reliever that your gonna I'm now we're number that's all star game down in the way that you understand thank you and and also the man you guys in nineteen cover has been all collapsed so lots to come in the rundown would do that we come back Jason and Jon does that offend yes. He is ready to join us and ESPN radio just Damascus and anytime anywhere and save us today from the professor at least when Bartlett. Don't look best then this is a sports station. Wheels in four and 1 in back pan am spider gives you the confidence to fully embraced. Federation of opening right now for a limited time get a select 2018. When an animal or get to a dollar rebate on select 2018 models does that Kobe motor sports and Alan Branch Mississippi today offerings July 31 2018 for participating dealers only subject to credit approval there's an olive branch motor sports statistics. Online at OB motorcycle HTV dot com. 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