Jason & John Hour 1 (7/12/18)

Jason & John
Thursday, July 12th
Joined in-studio by Memphian/Pacers F Thad Young in Hour 1 

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Major businesses team member of visitors and part time delivery driver position. You never know a position could be waiting for you logon now to apply for one of these great opportunities. As America's top virtual career feared dot com didn't click on pump at Johns under the employer's tab. That Smith is done virtual career fair dot com. Memphis in sports station. Life locally by the way it's doing guru. You real quick if I mean again the. Now yeah. Yeah. Oh yeah. I felt. You roll with Jason and Jon 99 FM ESPN and we are happy that you are it is Thursday. We roll into the into the week. When John Marin mantra of us who you on this when I came to this radio station but let me tell you something brother. If you didn't know after yesterday than you're never gonna know brother. Ansari England but what ever Justin Timberlake touches. Bit and I'm sorry about this too brother because I know you made it turns stud DOS. Yeah a new Drake officially. After England goes down yesterday know everything he touches dies. If it's an athletic. Outfit England. Dad it's not coming home yeah I remember I was say that. What do they say it's coming home. But what is that worth what's the origin of that I guess that's really feel like that's where I belong here I don't I don't think they feel like that's where it's gonna start ardea. And stocks soccer star in England and you heard just there and run I don't know where tigers are a because of course just I was doing a concert or they're going on nowadays that's coming home dozens of a concert there is like what will allow watched the game the other. There and it's coming home they've been coming though. It's not going home Houston lost what else is he touch to turn the dust predators lost the grizzlies out tanked last season. Yes can be blown love and if you want to. I know to come back and remember but no you're right announcers and sorry sorry that. Sorry what I was actually add that I was that they sort of borrow at tojo left I left the show and went immediately to Celtic which was let's play him my god. I've never been I've never sixth inning English people. We're real English people that are either in the city they're here I had no idea enough now they were all there there rob a Celtic they converged on Celtic and it was it was something to be a part of that because I walked in as Croatia scored. And in evened it up and audit and in life you have to you have and then he tasted and and I was talking mum mum and Joan Z he goes by Jones's ass I thought I was asked about you know. Some other things that we're not involve the game we look back at me he said. Might you if we chatted live late as as does Australia wow that he as an Austrian actor but I did yes yes he's a Muslim in a weird feeling you had made I think I think the British say naked ladies I hit what I say there's a moral I don't Israeli guy is an instance where you accuse. Kids do have respect for him but. Man it was quiet that Bartlett. World Cup final set it is going to be. Anderson always France are all over less favored on Sunday sell yet they should be fair I suspect the whim exactly. So they go are his heroes showed two day that's about you and get out of your welcome Oz I'll sign of talk this has been brought you. Jason Smith. At 1125 we're gonna talk to one of our favorite certainly one of your favorites. A man you have. Sort of written for for a long time now I'm sorry did you say ridden four yen little few real fun and we. Us in the long promoted us who we are starting this already had bad young is going to be didn't studio Hartford that he is the thing is the most productive. India declared ever come out of Memphis. What you believe bumble battle often notes I want to make stress I put it correctly say most successful outside talk he's Memphis is all time leading NBA score there you got to let me tell you. Some the older restrain some out today. Because Lou Williams who was born here in Memphis and had a crazy season last year scored 18100 points well in in law that was passed and Penny Hardaway bingo Smith an all time points and ambiance that's toward India. Lou Williams passed all because he had eighteen and of course here's the deal. Lou Williams left Memphis sixth grade seventh grader ran out of time elementary school little school around there a high school ball and land as we write. And I think more claims that I'm asked that I thought I'm ready to crown bad debt actually brought something from a make it means a lot to me what do it's a Chicago Bears. Us aren't as good drives are now look at it hanging in my and gave me lots of neat hum I thought. I wanna get one of these promo you know from moving into live up mrs. alzheimer's were so I wanted to more of these things we got laid around the office okay Huggins on a means of enemy Francis got the bears up. I'll say it takes on eight out of a visa bears fan now I don't know it's a good time to become one bears have Anthony Miller. But are in honor of him becoming misses all time leading underscore what a tropical marginal bears are okay well we'll see how that goes closed. All right lets you may be a bears fan Iran about a serial first it suggestion he will see we'll do that and eleventh when he fox Arctic that young and studio about his career about everything that he's got going Tony's still in Indiana pacer LeBron that is east free care as we've got to Mitchell's show you know year yeah we'll go route that young could do at 1125. It's up to five. Antonio Anderson is one of two of the most winningest players. In University of Memphis history along with Robert de television windows are you at him and Dozier and he has an announcement that he wants to make on the show. And so of feeling out thing in my notices because a slow yelled Sweden. Yeah yes yeah he wants to make a pretty big announcement okay the show today alone we're gonna have him on at 1225. At 1245. We're going to talk to nobody head basketball coach Eric muscle and former grizzlies assistant coach. He coached Penny Hardaway you're telling me this zones and in Orlando back in the days lie and he caught the tail and opinion in Orlando. Well at trial of great pity pose ounces announce anything at that point and you're still. Remember the former mistresses listen to he's been he's been he's done it. At the highest levels and immunize those assistant and now. It looked at about a team got the twins back the government barrels American just the second ever played there and brownies are they static are they got him in the fold yeah. They're loaded your prayers I'm on six in the country that's or the other part. They just added a former Memphis staffers lens market condor to good job here yeah now on that staff 1000 look at the stuff a lot and its connections will catch up with Eric muscle men at. Well I go to fired off and you and then once we vibrant talk to Jeff Hawkins like we all waves do he's back it's good to have him back. You would join us at. Well back GC twenty welcome I worked. But before we get to anything else the peach jam. Is going on Al missed it yesterday. All the pictures come out like everybody was there but us. We were not there. We only went once so yeah you keep saying it was only once and for that what you went a couple times and how will we went on trips together like I was sick I went son about those are somewhat 67 years in a row and I thought you were there for a couple of those you tell me just one that we win the Ford Taurus. Think geez I think to slumber I must been special town trying to make it multiple terms. I think it was is and I want it was actually but you bidding to be Jim more than one. Well now I think you're recently went twice that welcomes on you and the second time was nowhere near it was a Ronde Hollis Jefferson year yeah that was not a good year no. And then there was the it was my guy for the bullets that we didn't have a show amidst in a chance with the Josh Lola love. Kelly deliberate calculated that there for a year and although no bullets to wizards you mean wizards excuse me a love sounds like they got a stolen out of this tomorrow but but they did to tell you right you're right yeah. Our peoples and deficits don't yet though fuels up that's that's exactly right the and his name is James wise and now this morning he apparently got rejected. From the GameStop they did apparently got ejected. I undid the blessing legends were down big and he got rejected for summaries I don't know while I'll let them carry over his sister is obviously very missed about this on Twitter. Been seen heard sweet love is this does not appreciate the restive I think all of you because of color she did I don't know I don't know what happened I don't know what we're ultimately wrong having lost the only article probably having balls on her criticizing what do what do why don't we did Saturday and wife and by the Arab winter pretty had a very glossy on rob dot com or James Losman rate number three they're the only ones that don't memory number one so this doesn't like that corrects what I took from that I didn't write him. I didn't I didn't know him and no wind it was as boss you why you gotta make three but maybe it was an old saying he's out here is because we had boss the only on the glass or don't have to move this Ford go to your former appease Jeff that was the point right boss he's got Vernon Carey number one the the big guy Ford's son of the former Miami Dolphins offensive lineman. They got him number one and that's who was planned last night you James allotment. Going to burn surgeon. And so you know matchup that everybody it's a Michael nation and a Zaza and it was really an opportunity for James Weizman to prove he is sort of number ones that. Against the guy who's right there with him and Vernon Carey another big. And from what I can gather obvious I don't even know there's a wise and that you can watch I'm sure there is that I was not watching it but from what I can gather last night that's exactly what James wise and did. He had a great night against Vernon Carey the second best big man in the country up for some context boss he told us that every time wise and Kerry match right period got the better of him and that's why rivals has carried number one Wiseman three night it was a good battle apparently from what I hear but. Weizman finished with 25 and not so according note boss who leases have been the first time that he's. Won the bat yam minds Miller was there a might. Penny Hardaway was there are others and my dad lives there right next to cap and cal has passed and was there any of those guys and which had to be. I would love to know who said their own sect. A strategic. You wanna sit Red Sox captain possessed were James laden you know the point that all things. So James can look and see who's watched Greg on there's only two that matter this point on a gentle good topic I'm sure he was looking for work I'm literally there are loves arena has more than Hamilton means it and why and how you feel about them offering jazz watched him get off to do my job she was still fired up about. Orders they'd offer days why do you why do you you don't it's a big waste entirely digital that's you know second for Leonard Hamilton and stay I don't yesterday I've well whatever to your point. He's looking at cal what you're not gonna look at cal and that's even if you look at a penny counts bias on love and I'd love to know which coaching staff sat down second down that. Because I think its strategic levee sit down sec LA out we don't need to be here first we got this in the bag. I guarantee would I need to know I don't yeah I mean though which left. Notables Baier Jim Otto was there at one of the bills which staffs that I would bet I'd love that they sat down right next to each other I would bet you a sizable amount of money. That pace that now last. Did they strolled in. When mellowed out when they were ready and it led the game goals start with a gain on the pink polo juicy a definite and as I draw you like that draws attention to you can get off you pull off pink in the summertime and it yelled yeah raise awareness for breast cancer absolutely I'm a man wears a lot of pain so balmy and comfortable limit to how do you poke holes anatomy he's raising awareness for for breast cancer and he's easily noticeable. Which is is what you want to be what it'll always wanted to be in that room. Ever writes about Roy Williams blanket now and he's got every company goes one of these events it is amazing we talk about something he's wearing whether it is the flat bill hat. Whether it is the pink shirt out of profile on both Saturday. An issue and it and she watched too. She wants is a big when my mother was there right next on so obviously. It was a it was us is game all like I imagine not a senate appointment viewing for these two staff because it is building out the beat. A down today finish line battle between Memphis and Kentucky now the Kentucky media. Is in love with and lives well. Of course they are mourning he's almost led the nation yeah but but think about what went. When things are going well. Locks arms you'll have the coach in the media right when things are going well yeah. Sort of working hand in hand it no question about it you better believe Cal's got that media with all the numbers they needed it's that's why husbands people everything they need so they can continue to write stories and put James wise I don't petals that's like when I was a retreat reporter at the CA. That's how I work. And I doubt I'll pull the curtain back a little bit you know if if us on Twitter that you know deficit offered a kid or sorry ago I would Texaco says they've what's his kids number one around about a bowed their loved that while what they love it because why did they love it because the kid sees himself in a story in Memphis yes OK amid the Memphis folks walk and the media that he thought it is an extension of the stat you've got to and the program of sorts a wow when things are working well this city really wants me there you know it did it that's just the way it works until you're exactly right. With with a prayer in regards to Kentucky media and as wise and this is what one of the Kentucky media members wrote about James why not us Melissa. The czar Kentucky's portrait of our car got wise men will be in the conversation for the number one overall pick in the 22 when he NBA draft Beaulieu. I'm not a maker of the proclamation just from watching him the night. But a skill set is so rare for someone his size. He was incredibly comfortable dribbling the ball he was comfortable shooting from anywhere on the floor. And not a pretty confident in the paint wise they would even dribble out on the perimeter make his move inside and pull about the elbow like a guard. He had several outside shots on Wednesday. So maybe when we had healed already said Paula towards it wasn't that crazy he's clearly trying to expand his game well that's part of the reason why people can't figure out what he is right on the comparisons or else who wasn't that bad didn't wanna make a comparison doesn't configure Aussie boss is. Arms because he's doing so much of that. You wanna while he's armed and look like I was just a standard be you know. Anthony Davis has been got to dominate inside and he announced that pop out a broad data sobs the majority of his. Of this towns in the interior you can't tell right now that wasn't going to be a guy that spends the majority of the time there you know it now will say this. He's further along in the air inside playing inside there. I'm under Jack's. While there. Jet dude you've already Jarrett is super raw inside again although it is super skilled I'd out give you that. But post editor is it's it's it's it's that there is not one that's it doesn't exist. And I would say why has been a little bit better and side of that now as he is he is is he is strong all that stuff what you know that's. He's still working on a high school but right to your point there's a dude that's. And so I think sees himself that's what's most that it's a lot somewhere they see themselves that's what I'm gonna hang out out here he sees himself as a parameter being a part. And so that's what it's kind of been up you know. Pins on who gets what NBA games go to anyone and it and if you're if you're if you're pinning. If you're Penny Hardaway who you have a great relationship with a new coach and for a year or east are dead and more on team Canada last year if your him. How would you not do ordinance YouTube obviously and look. You don't want Malone mine and at Kentucky tonight of of top guys pop star guys who have known. Cal's been successful with some of them Anthony Davis you've had some days go through there would have come through the go numb you know they go higher and the drafts Alba is also had some. Some failures I would say it's Elvis it was Wanda and Scott was a guy may be. You know in the sense that you know. Not perimeter big but he was a skilled big like to drift outside a little bit what what do we see from cal cal wanted to make them look. Big guy interior player didn't really work out what happened to Scott. Dropped in the draft and go back to the point if I'm pain. I'm using that for fur fur Kentucky yesterday someone play in the nation I'm sure there tell you if you do though the signature piece of the potentially the 2000 acting class now. But you know that you just another in a long line for them. For Memphis your your something different notes ever had a unless you do your talking up and Hardaway parade all American animal play in a country that lets you look at that there's never really had. A Derrick Rose again you know was he one. We've looked at this before it was not only was not number you that number is an ideology get in the more player at at at Memphis right right in and again I go back to where an NBA staff. We're not gonna blow it for you. Where whereas did out. If I'm pinning onto that all they won't exactly this is going we we've set this up already dead and and last night really was round war yet and you had a two stats literally sit there side by side and why as an army out of reach we have the picture wasn't shooting right in between and they got all eyes on him I mean it's go time it's exciting it's it's it's just fungi. To be back in the in the race for big dogs get in here we're we're in a race for the biggest dog in the country right yeah exactly it's exciting and yet it's all started. Ending being here we go I mean that's exactly what you know if you're gonna that's what you do you got to use it right but that what we talked about our are we love our NBA staff pitch yeah talk about what it almost roll a little negative recruit in the mix and say and say we gotta get thirty million who write it as kind of an extremely insensitive I went about its act violation of course I'm not that dirty but like you gotta get in the -- low Belmont point out that there have been days have gone production fell one point out how many they've had and how you're just another in the long line from it's it's different. Here you're special. And look we realize we get your for one year can be one and done right you're going to be the number one pick in the draft and we. I'm gonna have you ready to play whether or fewer risks than you would you have the Obama like for example are they the. You've you can it's I don't think it's talking ourselves into it either job I I think that kind of talk. Is really. What gives you leave it and I think it does it's what has Memphis right in the mix art it's it's why it's 5050 maybe even may be legal Memphis ways of the longer this kid stays here in town. Then go off the prep school right. And you've you've got a legit shot. Here I ever had real and I number one pick potentially lead to dozens when he NBA draft with a first arm at a college coach. I mean I amazing. That's that's the battle that this is why you had ours is bigger than than all means call with top follow dude is way bigger but this is this is bigger and install. And you know you look at you know you can even use like at a is that number one in the country but you know the name nick Richards did. He's they topped when he senator that committed to Kentucky let's hear your could have freshman it's although there centered 611 same kind of simple wingspan multiply like James Wiseman. Averaged five point two game western Kentucky well Marky you do. No I mean who. Yeah I mean so a good so we've supplemented and daddies and they'll find examples through that's you know that's kind of did one of the benefits of having a clean slate. You know after Penny Hardaway you can just heard about things that you want to do as opposed thing that you have or have not gotten you know and and so. There are pros and cons to that you know because cal could just easily say well. I don't had to promise you some that I had done. I've I've done this right your car towns to me you're Anthony Davis to me your DeMarcus Cousins threw me a debt that's who you remind me of you combine the best parts of their game whatever makes news this crap up front what he'll do. So there of there's a flip side to what you what you care under rate. Is the relationship he's got with tech took staff they have been one hell they have. Longer and I was all anybody yet they've followed around the world. Literally not to run a country they found all these international events there everywhere. Mean they've been on him and that's it if you're talking about advantages and we just talked about what you know Memphis potentially having a few yep but one of Kentucky's got does that. They're the they're they've been in that in with them belongs to London with them all I ask you this if Jane Weizman commits to Kentucky. Right. Will Memphis fans. Will it be considered of the first major disappointment of the Penny Hardaway air. Yes or well I'm always has been or are you kidding because I was expecting a year you'd ask that question a different way other cohorts would be a discipline wasn't he wasn't the coach though until three months ago yes but he coached him in high school charm. I was able to pull him from Nashville one's worth two east John. There's a there's a deep deep relationship and I guess the better question is. Did you think Memphis fans expect James Watt like they expect paid out to do it is wise animal when the country. Do they expect it not take another inferred dog fight now listen they know that the possibilities very real John. When Tubby Smith was the coach Wright we were saying this is one of the reasons you've got to give Penny Hardaway because he can get you jail as far as that is true and so we can't get here and now right you're right and that does not get Jane's wise and we just go all out. That is about it all right and if our am tired elevator or in the resource you're you're right here this is part of why you hired any it's a it's a it's a law why aren't really why you pay to be Smith ten million dollars go away a big deal. Absolutely a bigger role you're exactly right you're exactly right so so absolutely that's the question and the well here's the deal rocket shield as a little bit differently. Will life go on you'll you'll have a few haters write this award and it'll tweeted us jock and oats we begin repairs shall tweet to everybody that a lot they'll say it was gonna get him all that pennies the right move to make Rel use that is the rule. Am go to Beatles when he too damn focus very much to that yep okay did that say what are you also we're gonna watch Manolo hole on this one part of the deal. But also those will be the the people who are reasonable because you see. And do their and so well we're trying to wash it feels like you can look it looked like the ultimate right never heard of 2040 Jalen green. Greg Brown. You know like they based don't forget about my man Matthew Monroe who I believe is 20/20 I don't wanna miss -- it is when a tornado out of white haven while they're very heavily used point 12 and he is on the come up a guy all right now he's one of those guards sixers got a white haven who would broken bow Lester complain much but not your point. Just it if you miss all Wiseman brother don't worry about us and quite a country like you did it wasn't for one year you saw the post ever have a side the normal by the country of your Memphis. That's true there's not Estrich here's the other. Whoever gets in given for one year exactly Arnold it's it's the nineteenth when he sees that yeah you win ash internship with a might you might not but the odds are you're not that hard it's so hard to do particularly in this sport. OK and lets you had to get Derrick Rose type guy unless he comes in and does dominate and if you didn't the other top fifteens like a trigger while sort of match you heard in and I get all the top players America's Bob this thing go roles will be successful route with or without James why. Correct but yes it will be a disappointment job well if the battle rages on. This week is this is on stuff you buy your daddy's it's it's like Batman Kentucky for the number one player in the day that talk about the PGM once last year. What are we didn't mention it and say there were impeached him. Because Memphis was cream players that play in the peach just once say they did anyway I really wanted to she is with them there or did you coach showcase that's what they went like that goes honestly I'm pretty sure take. That's where Memphis and their staff once this week they're the most prominent AU tournament. I'll play some right now it's good to have it in battle with these fools let's go exactly I will come back that young is gonna be in studio. Lustig gave to a fan he's a very very wealthy man to stop it in for about what fourteen million dollars yes we will talk to bed and about that the Indiana Pacers LeBron going to the web will be done she government mayors are you're gonna get amount we're about airs and lots to do with that young he's up next Jason and Jon editor and opinions. You pay Jason Smith here you guys know that I'm the father of four year old and as the father of four year old Chris for Jason Smith basically had to take a crash course in the world oil barge and tell you some it's not the same as when I was a kid. Here's what are those big box to a stores they're gone. The Smart move now is they had to Wal-Mart or America's best toy shop we see Jim Warren is Paul patrol mission crews are you went to Wal-Mart. 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Back and forth in it's now. I have a lot of business from all started out once that is this second string to starter edged. Again mr. here's it's not you know bra. Give rated photos you know. Like about the basketball like crypto currency is that it's or did entered broke up prices don't grew light to do out of the occurrences are OK there's not a governs with the threat or use I haven't really got into that but. You know these tech startups. Start to really get its he's forced platforms now live with. That's was really in big you know my son he wakes up early on plays for tonight and this is summer is just today and he's he's related to a slow you know there's plenty of very fluid and it's he's platform. I just really started out and so a lot of different stuff on the sprint and out of almost marketplaces. So Mormon and are doing different things so you know it is this a good thing to get into you know because it's is they hit in this industry Glenn you know if you do hit. If you really hit as is seen a screen sat phone wanted to or my friends he made it 25000 dollar investment in its appeal peck which was just acquired by Amazon yeah he made two million dollars of that employee owners thought. It is a lot of different and it into with his take industry you know why he aces is all the cars and is an open doors like when you're an MBA player. Yes definitely definitely me. It dosage course that it gains. And you know it is the best thing to do loses you know may go have fun and multi accused and then you know mom laid on you know again it could turn into some type of business investment or some type of business relationship and just I've been doing it. You know for the past lives slow views up. Just suddenly go and in our students of these different rounds of life and you know are being named you know go from you know talk include your little less than those lists the localized though. You don't wanna be guys who who started you know from the struggle and you know as you know previously army Easley made so tough has been successful when it. I still wanted to be able be it while tolerance life. Let's all look demands that we got an and we do I think we knew that about you early on that whatever you did you know whether his basketball news of the big time basketball career but the dude it's on the sky was like taken. Engineer and people like it but not a great and it's like you do please note this is a natural light up realm for you to get into serious flood. Yeah me of a is is more along. You know the video game platforms. How they're doing it you know we've. Dating game legalize the stuff like there's no. Gary is this something did hear about it these are really trying to look towards the game two especially guys live in a little bit of bridge. That's behind this a little bit deserted as well look I got it Osama you realize that this season just completed your eleventh season so I'm not mistaken you passed. Oddly Penny Hardaway Bobby bingo Smith out of Melrose Place for the cavs I think he's got his number retired with a cast you pass them in career points. A hum. Bigger menu got a round of applause or so that something's gonna make this official. Out of Memphis as any of about that that you did it this year brother you can just it I mean if rebounds points. You're the best ever come out here feel ha. Listen to me though is the is that as good list of players this came out and if it is. You know loves the death. In does is there's a Cecil I'm blessed to have a long career and have been able to play. It you know. You know those guys this is his name you know okay bingo. Those are some bad boy is. And they've done religious. Continues. You know just a spouse friend. You know we are note in his don't want it at this is what you did it he's. It always have the best look in when it you know his the diocese dawn. Nobody attended a you know I'm just gonna judges have fun longevity vulnerability in Minnesota and joined in joint best on dishonesty of DC area. Straighten this out former you're born in New Orleans which you raise an episode you you are made in U claimants I claimed both a client over what goes on a lot of our families who have New Orleans you know but you know I was businesses. Is the place where you know I went through struggles ahead I absolutely don't want to go to the tough times. And you I grew up here here's one that everybody you know my family is here so. Always it would Amal my day you're already a formal law passed in no my wife's family is here. We we all my cousins myself. A lot of people here. We'll see here's my thing on the list like Lou. This year like scored 18100 or so he went up to like 111800 what do pat would protect the C lewd and playing well so we don't claim. Lou see you go right right out of high so I think as he moved often like to six or seven great it was raised white Gordon had known that a man and he's let alone not opinions that come on our that you love. I'm not counting Elizabeth is instrument but you can reserve the right to claim both I guess you know but I think and I don't. Think he does I'd so love I know he's got Hanley heroes of this that this is actually and it comes face serious and I'm glad tiger is right and he. He we actually from his cousins me again is what is left you on a long long I don't want as a war that it. Jim so player market yes why doesn't this sound when your dad is he's sort just the and loosely and all the top he's now the top are clear and they came out of that outfit. I think advantage. You'll hear it was up. Not exactly I think you'll know all the you also file legal cause they know I thought oh points or that you are. Majority view yeah Atlanta's order used by. He's known. Exercise is true close though he's he's still claim the. Let I don't like it though. I don't like they'll listen so so in honor of that I wanted to do something very special that Memphis is also are only scored in get this some out of my man cave now I'm not sure. It's a lot to me that I'm I'm not just visiting so cargo bay this brother I mean it means something in me wanted to give you substance that's the assault. I'm happy about it seeing Al take it away but what does two live out for the site and I know. Plans you do claim New Orleans its but she will accept at least on behalf of the how little how apple myself how little totally certain because from you man operation. I I is everybody's favorite this. This and after this let's talk about tomorrow a little bit after this season without a calculator this correctly. You will have earned that and see this is like a you can look this up so I don't think come on come out of school here you will have earned serve. Almost 97 million dollars you ought to do and so far you're your four year contract heavily with Indiana congratulations on that by the way absolutely. Alms you know the site loaded better by the UK for you yet you all authorities yeah that's our authority president look you look good so we expect a level. Yeah I mean I expect an Ottawa that I expect it won his servant you know they give it to you so I got to go through my loafers guys and once again I saw that on Twitter like. A fresh outlook like the fans try to get delivery Foreman because some somebody it's sweet happy birthday bad let's give this guy contract yeah you're like yeah this right here yeah as you look at Jerry Lewis it was he stated today but what exactly and in a couple of drives they don't do this publicly you would talk about years. Oh yeah I mean you know like a light Indiana like who were built absolute highlight the team elect socialite model. Arms levels on lead is untainted kind of hope hope you are new culture all of our viewers leave. And eight is just one of those situations where you know they you know they made this is a word there you know so don't pay me or is. Does decide to feel things out right right now. You know way in a situation where. You know you know they wanted to cap space to be reduced things and they're gonna have a lot of cast faced next year or two dollars haven't haven't a lot of expiring contracts and red. But they have a lot of young gases. They just one of the biggest things it wants now these are assets are gonna do which is. You know Smart move back. You know GM and president of book to overcome detained are attained it so you know those considers overseas last year. And I'm not mad with the way daylight that you know these are the things that Newt is a basketball and you know I guess that I know what I have to do and I'd system hasn't told him he if it is today. Not to say that I'd I'd dvds as I want one player. You know it happens that it is today is a business and I understand the business that I'm a warrior jumped soldier a note I got to go out and duke and you know. I'll look it is you know war is always prevail when they're they continue to work on Saturday. Dominion pacers forward and in the end that he's young what do you think of the additions we know. Tyreke Evans well or better I think McDermott as well what do you think the additions that some some pop off the bench I think. Yeah me I think you know Els wanted to the true as things that we really needed we really do. Of or less than that we wouldn't have a good bench we had a really good legislation and I think you know those two additions. A went through this is America eloquence and sort. You know all. I think we've really just because going out there finding guys you know she's there. We knew I was scorpions and and play maker which is our Tariq. And you know we got Colin Quinn you know you can you can bound to pay to make that makes them on their range jumpers. And he can he can provide a little leadership also with the sickness I think there's one of the biggest things we we love big. You know we know he's part of right hands off Lucas cradle. You know it you know Dell's of the study actually called me First Amendment and let you know he was going to be back you know our best bet respect and written and yeah and no house there are very upset about it let you know on the standards that we both understand as we don't it is and you risk your luck omen and now. Yeah a reality lousy lately about delving I think I got everybody you set Tyreke about like four years. So death it is great but the good thing you play a hostility on only thirty years old and I still have a long time before. What's that feeling now for you guys LeBron finally left the east right you guys went seven games with them could easily gone the other way. And you gotta feel like me you have had in late at night and these other guys. Feel like there's an opportunity there's an opening there for you guys. Avaya we Ali we felt last year there was always open. You know who do we get fills those who loses laid out and went down for an infinite series but on the we took it upon ourselves and go out there and and play as best as possible opening in I think there was is that. You know in a series you know we lost four quarters. That's all sorts. Well yeah our snow okay guys outscored the cash right obviously we love the theories there and just the look on everybody's faithful who walked into their locker room. I do that we have something special there like everybody was down here about it was a sick. Islam does that have been a mission right elements were bound them the year for here this guy who doubted it feels good deals death live listen you know to go out try to take those guys out you know but. You know LeBron is a muscle within itself you know but. You know we still could be a we we really. She'll and I sills and as serious and really you got to still looking. Gunmen broke in do your part if we really we really. Kill ourselves in this series and took ourselves out of at a certain kinds of a series we. We would have secured his I think Willis gangs. Five the supply them if we secure it is again faculty came back home and ended a game six of somebody that. Do you replay moments are you able to put that behind or does that why do you replay in your mind a tonne plan. A me. Every time you take allows you separately those gangs and you go back and watch films whose competitive. You know what does. We we lose that it would happen we do we do we kill NASA set ourselves in the foot and we knew there come back next here. You know it was don't even tougher and we are focused and locked in and everybody's work Arkansas. Like guys have been in the gym also alone they don't gossiping give him narrowly I think we. We had. Some young guys coming a little earlier this year and we event. Com sable coats two veteran since there's Hawkins thought that it guys and then when will we got the new guys we all welcome and welcome them and so wrong. So it's. And so important to come back to go in the free campus we got a Mitchell's son you do every single year you come back and do that. You do go to the Susan G. Komen every year an and honor and in tribute to your mother. On why has that been so. Important to you Gaza left to do free care guys ought to do every year. You've continued to come back and give us. Well one you know noted that it camp situation. It knows where else thought of me but he so metro. Was the first vast talking about who wins who. And then in the president heart can't get a proposal it the first who kind of settle in to us individually and yes sir. So metro on echoes doesn't do you hear just gaze vehicles there and elevate called and asked me it would I like to have Mon cal with innocent metro system oppose. You know static in you know because I had to do it alone already but. You know just good deal with those guys and sort of be a part of the episode Mitchell process has been around 2530 years. I've been there houses they're very static you know. It wasn't a fact of god knows I have a lot of campers and Filipinos motorist. You know their respect that I had from those guys are Mosul coaches and all those old. You know people lived and worked in the school system from an. Government me wanna print in those those huge I was very happy and static Susan G. Komen you know obviously you know mother she passed from breast cancer so. And yeah I hold Susan G. Komen. You know survivors and numbers. Of course and do tomorrow hearts and I try to do something you know each and every year you with Susie called weather is so host and some some loss of opposition gang anymore. You know even Indiana we're doing stuff with Suzy Thompson announcement also is this is deaf to some apple closed due tomorrow just because this is what's Mohammed and other people about it he can close us you daft cast soon. So. Is thousand movies from. It's one of the reasons this city loves it's one of the reasons to a level of those reasons I think and that in some of always on talking to people about you have always point out. Marijuana when you and I and we talked about this. Or one when I see you on Twitter I'm following your wife Lynne because basically you guys are always together our guys with your family got your two sons here mrs. young is here in the building you got to shift it. You don't go anywhere without your family and so as a as an Olympian. You've always been a guy that you know you can point to and say man this that this is looking at all you know he did the NBA life if he did it his way. With a folksy let's keep that tight circle in its seems like it's always you always got your salmon with. Yeah I mean as his house there is no hanging out there every in as it goes all the always thought you know it is keep your family close and Dixie. And you know because. If you have a lot of he does is kind of hang out. And I don't know I don't want you actually all the time date and down on the mile and I'll do. The hanging outside. I'm glad that's over time you guys saw what. So. You can't write the selected track the you know he does he do in my family are always my best friend. And Belmont pops on some light that is nobody other than that that's how they keep it. You know some cool calm cool on you don't ride it's. In honor I'll in another thing is all white people feel my hero will pool by not like I try to stay. At a and I like you have you have you created. All all on the dollar like. Yeah I know OK we'll know what I can do. Yeah Obama's capacity is always been great. As you know I just wanna contain uses TV ray just continued to have fun being me and you know and yes sometimes you know when you have so many people like so many voices you know it. You know it's a black cloud a crowd of space right I own my crowd is faced a lot of you know like the kind of gave that they can sit back relax a little bit sometimes yeah. Let me ask you this do you think. Your shoe collection. Could compete with mind. Just heard it for sure well I got I got on I have got I got I got some coal mines. I got. I got a couple pennies I got a couple pairs of pennies. And I got doesn't crazy eights crazy days that it is minds if it says and I got the new project Robert Lang yeah. Homes Huff is why it actually like you stupid right. There have they don't understand the gravity rooms and cesium. It was is that about their reform. Added fassel a bit. Five unloaded nearly you know we have a lot of stuff the stories are also thought. It is sue their where would you say issues as you and you device made you weakness who has been known she's likely consoles until well Hezbollah free throws out. As I. It's always give it angler yeah let's give us this very a Nike sponsored athletes us are so you'd almost level of relate to but it but it doesn't act. So let's like what's the proudest shoot you've got like what are you most proud of what can. Outlaws it why do this is the first she'd actually. Probably. My first one of offers and Yates are somewhat. Oh and only day. And they were low price will pay for it anyway like 600 dolls my guy who. I'm. The cool very Jordan elevens OK Gabon. I had to I wanna go so bad you know when I was under so. Well I had a chance actually get them you know our base our government and I still have those two Tuesday as the process of shoes from 1000 high school. I laughed first and bronze. Both. Colby's. You know barrels of Clerides and cold loses the flight data have all a lot of a clear exclusives than different color ways that a lot of hoopla are not able to view it. You know exists I'm just as is I gotta gotta gotta the uses of Buffy now the Nike versions though I had yeah. Yeah I'll yell on the need it'd be used to VA and happy I still have. Hold it was like a brown should be in pollen that I see you and your wife like we're prepared he's a first a meanwhile went on a date as solid all men are like you get that after you got paid full audio. Not a big keep it out and have they ever is not what I actually God's at this I broke into it I guess I guess they I guess they carried out he got outside on the you don't or less than yeah we. And I came up a little bit gathering and a little bit got a couple of because a couple of local basis. He. Pebble this man was brought your friends don't argue gee do you mandate but obviously Augusta is that a lot of my entire herd always is live no narrative he's seat itself to though darted out it does a good thing yes thank you keep money that let you know spend the renegade you try not to DA does sometimes you know you have the you don't pay in order you to view lower down but. Yeah if you work it in because again you know they use you know 23 times a month. You must be proud of what that pro what's your program has gone heard obviously coach and an I'm in the program direct your fathers involved you guys take. Guys and you've done this year after year it sure you've got to have had stars like Tyler shares of common highly rated. But shall have taken and his Gaza Clinton right now to while one who's who's who's risen 5060 spots in the rankings. It seems like you identify guys maybe don't take the ones everyone wants you take the ones you like and you raise them up and by the time you're going in the better prospects literal Vickers GO like go to on the list. Is we which are going to churches and go get it yeah Muslims dolls that it stretches a year after year and you don't believe these big the good thing is the key is that we gave. They understand that they have to work two to get weary and that's one of the biggest thing so would Tyler you know he wasn't always you know you write it well you're right I'm always and and he just continued to work etc. besides it is just the team to work the zero Vick contained to work so efficient as workhorse work. You know he's I think that's the biggest thing you know we we want to put a product or out on the court pick and they're don't want to work in this complex heart you know you. You know we don't we. We give guys. That can be top ten tennis online and talks like potential blow it off I don't we we rather have guys as you'll. Just sit outside that Taiwan Malaysia and we can't we help them and Olbermann Olbermann making its assault and and as being grateful of the past you know 678 years and we've done with a dissolves his. You know trying to nominate a close look and tees and this is how things that I have done it and some of you work so me in the sun so. No date they get a feel for actually how pro athletes as Israel is Oscar loses like you know. Do that this week but even that it is about the campus of most of all work out the long day with a counselor. In I easily go 8:9 o'clock in the morning live. It you know did speed agility work and that's how do you know all right out today get on the court. Plus fumbles such slogans drill work and now Michael recognize who is also there. So it is just continues work. They have they have with you gotta trust the process I guess the biggest thing there are a lot of guys that you touted her process right now I'm not a guy that's not just don't gets out of process lasted you know much about Islamabad's capacity because I can go zone and worked out by myself. And some people need people and it's dealt with you know want to allow one of those guys are going and you know turn retirement he's still alone. And is going to work on a hallways ends of this craft and I think that's the biggest thing you know you gotta professor craft and I love preferred Democrat. We are talking enforced in campus a sport that is so we got to get a man here because he's got into his can't that a Mitchell high school did what I asked you this though. You still you're big in the poker I tell you how I saw a picture you playing with a bunch all white folks I couldn't they look like somewhere deed indeed Indiana. Us and my book also who you're gonna flex are also well who was this table all white people you look like UN old folks home do you spoke of well this season the seals over housing Indiana and you know accuses the school are girls. You know my wife she actually knows that I tar out of place those who knows how to put a little bit. But. Sells like and a local believed all car OK I'd that I go to is there is a freely satellite. Well I abilities they lose. Let's go out this cleric who days you know they did it set up a little. Low balled now little or like a little restaurants are doing these food and sit there and play poker and and you know talks or some talk basketball and India you know a lot of thank you know they're talking you know it it's how to score just laughed out you know tool is that all of a little bit delighted that would have been caught. Her patent act yeah well it is today. You know it is good solid this funny guy you know. You know it just tells me up effect that it had brokered a photograph conveyed their economy every week. Job as far as Soto what to do weeks and the second time actually and we made it to the final table. On elitists. Not a clue eluded her Earl Barron is real goods like he's played and how are you barrel again now Earl Earl is lie he's legitimately be gone by he's going to actual. Vegas aren't allowed to audit nine. I'm not not yet on an epidemic that bigots who. I will it is a one day you know let out right now like to sit out of argument value in the business yeah yeah I'm kind of pick figured this whole tech industry out right now. I got my first one they said nix so next Saturday my first big poker man's night twice Alabama brought. Spoke I did what what I'm what's the big advised is going with a blank face poker face my first hour. On on on you do I just sit there in the news is being all like movie Akeelah smooth does and you phrase are you hosting. Now my hope my gifts to one dollar bar and again you. It's like you feel left out right where they then took us out of there like damn man you are coming up probably fool I've come around scared to come around I can't arrived by post that I thanks for everything you do for the city given back brother thanks for the time coming in here with the Fam and everything and you as a Roland. Of brother thank you congrats to won't miss assaults on Hazelwood did you. If you want to claim it was founded throw freak three campaign did exactly and I can honestly can't accept more than would have loved back in the day let it out there. And I am an idea and I had a colleague of mine let them know. Thought you had a tall exactly is that he's young Indiana faces or we love him here in Memphis Tennessee that thank you brother I keep there's there's will be back Jason's our 99 a MES geared. He's he's ready to join them ESPN radio to. And anytime anywhere and save us today we have the best and he's more or less. William best business news sports station. Okay yeah. You present several. Hello my community and as a doting day. Yeah home page devoted son. Thank you I'm John Noonan good neighbor from. And then the people in my life I used to hear in my mind at the door but does allow enforcement officer. I have to get news that people never expect. That's the one. I always period. There's it and lose it a message from the Tennessee highway safety office. Super close Chela. You said traffic is crazy this morning. It's all right we'll get there has distracted not make you completely crazy I'm freaking out that's because that's Cass told you to expand insect protected mansion. What's trendy new traffic increased changing engine. Cleans your engine formula protective layer and swing. From the moment you start it's fun push for faster on easy I'm talking for twenty minutes again sometime. And plus one and back and I am splattered gives you the confidence to fully embracing. Acceleration of open air right now for a limited time get a select 2018. When an animal or get to a rebate on select 2002 models is that Kobe motor sports in Alabama and Mississippi today also raised July 31 2018 for participating dealers always subject to credit approval there's an olive branch motor sports at 56. It's good. Live at OP motorcycle ATV. I don't page Jason Smith there you guys know on the phone little four year old CJ we have got a date that are important date this weekend that date. It's over all marked found that the way to keep my son happy. A way to keep madam my players to buy him toys I found that brand name toys are best I found that I find those ran into is that the best prices. Over at Wal-Mart you may have known you probably know for loans on the almost over there they're low low price as you might not have known. That there America's best toy shop they've got every brand name that your kid wants. For most Lego Jurassic world toys to those. Those Fisher Price was hot wheels my kids get into now loves the Super Mario Rossi stuff as well but also got all the video games.