Jason & John Hour 1 (7/11/18)

Jason & John
Wednesday, July 11th
Discussing the Penny Presser and THE ROOM in Hour 1 plus joined by Professional Gamer Ben Broman to discuss his event benefitting St. Jude. 

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That's nine a one GT 189 64 collier real weight loss dot com real people. Real weight loss real deal. And medicine sports station. Life and I believe the Wayne. Really cool things too real. You really play it well I mean getting myself now. Is that manga is open. Now you. Oh yeah. Wait a shot. Wow all right. Throw Jason and Jon Anderson nine FM ESPN. It is Wednesday it is how they were getting through the week. Memphis Tennessee. You grizzlies were inaction last night against some elite John did not turn out well. They have little rest before hand but they did come up on the the short end John Mon of money for Haiti decision to Sacramento. They're just you didn't play exactly side and I can't lie to ya I'll watch most the segregating all day are sorely basketball is very hard to watch because at the end of the day you're you're talking about two or three guys who were going to matter. On a given team and then the rest are not MBA players like how much you wanna watch. You know fiance Davis go now on the floor lobby this point exactly I don't wanna do that hole you are a lesser just had a gluttony for punishment. And that's just how you get down from what I've I've got zone and second half yet you got a little bit so. Yeah there was a game last night and really mattered none of this really matters. But it did take place started to stop play thankfully go to those games matter live a little bit more. So it takes dad -- an idea it's like it's going to with the grizzlies have won the summer league championship before but Mariah Smith I do ridiculous dating game winner. Look at that turned out so anyways your sister what we'll we'll try to make the best and find positives and added it what would try to run a business. Yes he did you're gonna shut down. 1145. We're going to be talked we're going to be talking to. Big Roman big Roman is a professional. Which streamer. Okay and you're asking me you'll why are we having on a professional twitch streamer other than you know. Learn about how you become that's right a minute we're trying to get you some insider trading here exact procedure. But what big is doing visit charity director for something called guardian con which is going on right now. And and what guarding con is its. He's got together a bunch of the most famous. Video game and twitch streamers and in the contrary I'm following you know they and they've all come together yet. And they're playing video games basically 24 hours a day I'm alive well. Twelve are today and all of the proceeds that they yet. For did for this twelve hour span and I think it's our on Monday and ends tomorrow. All the pros he's gonna say you. Well that's also that we love there's your local time and guys in there is that there is a streamer. That that played last night. That lives in Memphis got so there are lots of Memphis ties are thought to bend about how these that they got started and now. Any have you can help if you are so inclined more you know I'll be asking how much money makes exactly exactly and it could be good for you could be instructive for you. So we'll talk to professor Brohm and that's what he goes by. We'll talk to professor Brahma. At 1140. Five at 1225 to peach jam gets underway AAR. Remember those days headed over there would John Maarten in the car. Really did that wants to. There was sort of live who we bumping them you're. A big Chris. Man all the hallway there and back it has big current crew was hot that year he was I mean and he's he's that you got me on that crit failure or else they don't have been very it is like the southern Joseph Biden. You know remain. Not not really any singles. Doesn't necessarily sell Mayo got and he's got some singles but I just such dale and I just has got to the got to singled out the good song. You guys that are commercially successful. Rapper. AME Agassi is three is it looked great that he's not mean a national you mean he's got worldwide like you collect all Gotti like Joseph about that yet Joseph Biden. It is like. He has a cult following. By says he's such a great lyricists but nobody listens to a I don't think that's quite big for it anyway they got a name itself rails and took me back to some funds has impeached and how we did have we did a good times and at peace and Evan Daniels is going to be stamped. Not today he's actually going to the Atlanta under government so we will talk to him. About what is weak looks like who we need to watch for Memphis tiger basketball recruiting and more at twelve. 25 minute one point five gave Paris is actually going to be at the beast and we'll talk him Coca ask him for his best piece of source talking about these guys go a number of things at 120. Five so that's the show today also. Hopefully the next segregate you'd oral history. Of the room. Not the movie not the terrible movie but the room but but the DI think Davis that room. The DI have been I heard mark mark Mark Jones talking about it as he seems to need to. And educational what happened with the room you don't think you caught on that I didn't hear of the meeting today from yesterday at the backlash you're ten and I'm sure most of you listening have probably forgotten. But the I'd say Davis did not. In fact. Ever enter the room that Vince Carter bill for him. You've we're gonna get to the bottom of it's like we started this or I get to where there are where the rumor originated. And mark. Of god. The room that was a room clip that was the movie have you ever heard the room the movie Jason I'm a panic room I don't remember the room well and it really was generally well Cody Ryder through foster's men and for my may have forced would have probably. Who was in the room and a member of the blue and what Tommy. What's his name. Yes so. It is Tommy wise though is not a wise yes so I'm not only just made admitted to disaster artist last year James reality of that degree as a brother. But it's not as like this the worst movie of all time right original room okay. Oca yeah its its its like one of the worst movies ever and they and they made a they made a or even it would have been caught say a parity or. Sums of spin off with James Franco last year what was the calls but I said it was there it's it was a basically just does that story had been making your read on the right yes yes it is very it's a terrible Libya. But this is not that this is the answer davis' term that he never when until we'll give you go history at 1125. Before we do that before we do that. Hardaway had a press conference yesterday we were all there was you have to me it was Gary Parrish. I mean it was it was the who's who mark Janata margin I was back from Morocco Joan and Jordan. I jotted Jordan was bears so obviously the heavy hitters. Memphis media were all there. For this press cut down on the day we qualify as heavy hitters do we have we have some audio of this clip and he talked about a number of things he talked about you you. Bravely. Asked about that John rusty power rankings flat widely using them from my questions like I'm delighted in his madness was the bad problems and as I don't know we are about bats say you bet that mean real defensive mode you know it was the best question that anybody answer press conference that in my opinion thank you. Everybody a disaster like you're actually supporting me today about Iowa and listen. I'm I'm part of this and I did not ask a question I was gonna say brother so like you not boom but. That was not our best performance yesterday as a media content it can you agree. What do mean it was not our best performance in terms of questions yesterday but you can't say ad thing you've been asked and all I was gonna say yeah I get an idea here amazement. It think this is takes me right back to the voting thing with you. I just feel like we we can't criticize the questions ask you do and write it out of course all I can't keep Jack Hickey part of what I paid projection. John did and didn't do it couldn't come up with a question forbidden. I was some still cells are stressed that came Levys if John just stands there and watch is little. Loss and it dribble and down for us live five summaries of five year old me describes all that's down in enemy. Anyway do you did ask him about this I did bravely and we have that audio. Let's go to. You know what dividend matters to me honestly I think that we have to grinding for loan and gives us instead of to be like you know what. They're they're not counted us. In or anything this year percent were younger stand there we don't have enough experience. Definition no for a facade as motivation for high. Were saying hey they're expected fourth of evicted right now BA. You know I don't I don't think this dispute but out here and you know we'll have to go prove it. Okay. Not every day you know we talk about every day we use everything for motivation because you know Jeremiah who has been here three years or it was for the year. I've never made in say turn. And of course the team last you'd make your soul you know that alone is enough. But to be picked eight in the in the conference is. You notice more motivation. To stop that was important. Washington all off. Every time I has been huge sum up. Do we not get jobs faster. The question John heartache I mean you can do all over jar I. He cut all my question about number eight it was the inning just put pennies answer audience artists like we're not even they are our kids like help Jarvis is the only wanted to ask questions Jarvis is the heart as well and made a media. Okay what and it is all your question is coming right after that when I asked that you cut off me to start out the eight that was not used it was no it was it. My son Abbas are always. I purposely cut it off because those like that's not Jackson's boy Jason did ask the question about Georgia senator told you I ask you don't even talk on this dude you got as good question I don't know it I was still Baylor I was still right there by Jason and I heard it I'm sorry if I have your question right now like yours. It's exactly like oh my second shot it was like my jaw and Rothstein let's go out rhetoric let's go and play because as one wandered into. You noticed more motivation the I'm staying home. Okay. All very very young you need your base of veterans sleep on it and when are your first mar our freshman dorm really well. But we can't rely on first you need your seniors had to step up in all aspects of the game so on and off the court. So they're saying to us that they don't believe those guys can do it and that's hormone like I say more motivation for them as well. Did you hear. Key thing said we can't rely on freshmen the reason John Rossi has got an eight. The reason that other people don't have them a little bit higher kind of where we perceive them as a top three team in the league death you would agree with that right top fives are. Servants of the beats up on about it and I'll be on salary I'm still shocked. I'm not I we have talked about it we all we all agree on the show that they are the most talented team in the conference to that point at. For the people of victim lower. Because of all the freshmen are bringing in most of the points you hear from Rothstein Jerry parish as soon as well as that. Look that's it it's not so much of a stretch of fingers to finish lower than we expect because they will be so reliant. On freshman. That's where I was yesterday. We seem to forget. Bad day. I could because not so it over and over again and penny reiterated yesterday. They had four guys on that team. Run through it for guys last year that basically averaged ten points per game or more in conference play one of them basically averaged warning and Jeremiah Maher and all those guys. They're all seniors and those four guys they're responsible last year a talk about Jeremiah marred even Davenport Mike parks Korean Bruton. Listen to me jar. There were responsible last year for 52 point four of their seven point nine points predict a look at that to a percentage for you 74%. Of their scoring last year in conference play death. There are bad. That was one of the good things Tubby Smith left for you and one of the reasons we think this team will be so successful it's it's the same formula as what we think Kentucky will be so successful the top of the top 45. Is because of the mix recommended route they had periods exactly retreads the deed did the graduate transferred to experience. Mixed with the talented freshman. Yes Matt this is going to rely on some freshmen. Out layouts Lomax you there's only a lot of tablet or guard Tyler she figures don't get a lot of time off the bench David winter I could go and war zones and exactly. But don't forget it. About the contributions of those four guys that I could throw rate near the pro rate their thorn in there. In that percent would go a lot look I gave you points against 74%. Of yours going back. Just with those four guys here's rebounds those four. Responsible for seventeen point seven of the 34 and a half rebound Jefferson comes split you throw in ray neared goes up to 61 point 7% debt. They will be mostly reliant. Owned keep in Davenport rev Jeremiah Morton if fully healthy which we expect him to be got a little bit on that yesterday. As well as my parks and John you saw Lester good times they couldn't take my arsenal the floor did did it did so distant opulent. The great thing about the scene the reason we have such high expectations and many are always first year there is because he doesn't just have a bunch of left over from tubby. And all the talent right there in your freshman class no. The actual talent that's left over from Toby is actually good eye and those will be the guys you rely on mole I I think you're I think you can make an argument that Lomax will be one of those guys too because you figure he's that a lot a lot of time at point guard correct pistons going to be most women rely on returnees. I agree with you most for the most. Art I agree with either they're gonna be reliant on Q in Davenport I greet you they're gonna rely on their downloads keep them. Monday by Sheri parks is the only question that I have because I don't know. If you think back to last year there's no question that without Mike parks in the game. They suffer and they would have lost a lot more ought a lot of that was because if you put another big and there they'd be a struggle. My Mike was the only consistent thing that was then and he was that he just he's a meat and potatoes big guy like he's applause and just that you know under the William big guy and I just don't know if that is the type of big debt Penni wants to play a ton that. I'm not saying they won't play on him to your point peonies goal for him was to trim weight yet get more explosive that's now I want you exact that wasn't him last year to get more like a Chris Massey and you know that's it. You know go to school you don't love it I know for a fact Q in Davenport and Jeremiah Martin are huge part of their plans and I would say this though like. For example. It is not a bad I mean I think Maurice is an out is a freshman and then there's another one that's coming over and played some of Kansas State the genes out transfer. And that's another guy you're going to. If you if you saw if you don't like our parks what Isaiah Maurice wanna pennies guys yeah he recruited him he's a deterrence for against him not a freshman though yeah guy who's been through. I don't think it's I don't think it's like. You know scarlet letter though Ted necessarily rely I mean this is the number according to rivals it's the number 21 recruiting class the country morning 247 it's the number 28 class in the country few. Go back you know whether numbers when he recruiting class according to 47317. Now. Villanova some you know had the never Tony recruiting class. In 2016. Xavier before that George cents a it's not like. It is bad to have to rely on a top thirty claps if you bring a top thirty class those are talented kits. Ideally you'd like a balance you'd like that balance of the great at bat more but I AC ALC is that they have that you know job shooting back so. You think about sort of a disaster and some going off the rails that 2010 year right and we'll Bard and Joseph and Chris and dark I mean that was. That was a struggle they got together and they made in subway target but. You know they didn't have necessarily the balance that I think even this team had. And so. I mean to go back to it you know I think that I think the number eight projection is ridiculous whoa it's. It is pretty. And and I think or that we've identified where it comes from again people looking at this freshman class and saying OK there's been these guys gonna take them some time. And not getting enough credit due to a you know what what what tubby left you. You know treating his if it's Baier when frankly the ones who left her with a pretty good ones and yet and certainly ones that. I know and even in your mom aren't like once the pain couldn't wait to get his hands all daily I'm not saying it's a lot that's why I like that makes and that's why I think the expectations should be. You know aid I think it's foolish that this is a this is our top five definitely need a seat I think a team that's. As talented if not the most talented. In the days yeah and it is pretty disrespectful to Penny Hardaway two and not not even get picked and yet it's just disrespectful to the roster. Took to put another attorney laws that provide good in conference play last year daily they've they've made the semifinals of the conference tournament. You know they were up by it was a ten at the half on Cincinnati in the in the semifinal game. So. Those guys are for the most part the debt the best parts. Of that T I won't tell you don't know about it other than Jamal Johnson you know Jamal Johnson was pretty pretty key in that game but. Those guys are welcome back in their adding your top or something that they haven't had in several years which is a group and a big group of talented. Freshman they're so this sets up or rate it Goodyear. So penny started yesterday. We have a man at them but you know. A Dunbar and me like most posters would do is to me what we do on the floor right but you could tell by the end of that answer they're using it as as motivation and and quite frankly. Are the best thing born dead because if you're talking about from a mindset standpoint you don't want them coming out of that tunnel that first time when it's real. Listen into suited so to me and you saying this is this is a possibly that the best team in the AC certainly a top five team may be top three. You don't want them in that mode you want them Phelan disrespect did you want them feeling like they've got a little chip on the shoulder so quite frank they end and best believe in any admitted yesterday using them as motivation and there. That's it's actually going to be eight bubbly good thing for the I now. Would still be there about a time were rated a to tip it off no because I think some some of these national Gaza below bit smarter on about the end and we'll look at them a little bit more on me to cover sincere or Memphis has John. You're top four scorers and conference player back from last year what you're doing a sprinkle an end some really talented freshman and yes a lot of the room was a big merits. Which it'll be it if this thing's going to be as successful as we think it's going to be. You mural iron out mostly all keep in Davenport German mark if they also going to be your stunts if this team fares as. Eight in the AC it will be a huge brother lemon yes we got talent there's a way around not even the bit that wouldn't even. Pity Harley's first you're not even excuse back. I'm sorry like Mitt is at worst should be fit in the AC. Given what they had. And given what they're bringing back and given whose common ground work for things like at last I mean there were the roof that see that's why you made that it is it is what. The president told me when I sat down with him. A month ago. We're not paying what we're paying to finish in the top one RI you know outside the top 100 outside the top once when he and the expectations. Are. Our our bare their laid bare everybody including Penny Hardaway understands that you cannot finish eight. In this conference now not this year we're not the first year and Allegheny I got rebuilding on every team in the league of the new inane and you know you want your biggest loss Jamal Johnson absolutely break we'll put you just rotting and you know like every team in the league lost a ton this year John delete is going to be. Down from what was down last year if you're if you're bad coach between this roster with the way the league looks you should finish no worse than sick at your Beck notes. Our group. So I mean Wichita State lost everything. UConn is rebuilding with a first year coach Medicare template de Rossi has got all over Memphis give me a break so. I I was gonna. I thought I thought of the number a thing where they B I thought that was one of the more instant physical I'm just a couple of things came out yesterday he is confirmed we knew. I think that have been said that Bryan boys of the addition the former U rabies are neither former. Houston high and then east top player player for a Penny Hardaway for one season. Hum he will be. Joining the team as a walk on we knew. Any confirmed that next year the plan is for Ryan voice to be on scholarship which is something that I think we've both expected. He here's what's interesting about that. You have five guys leaving right five seniors leave and so five open scholarships and a manager mark even a Mike or scream Bruton Rainier thorn that's five open scholarships. Keeping my ram boy's gonna be a walk on this year but any that's golly next year that's what penny says don't put Moscow that's wanted to (%expletive) Malcolm their average that's two of your five he's the one to make you have right now for 2019 so right now as it's there and yet. At three Scotland's. We scholars for next season. Now could that change a little bit yet you can change a little bit yet Jane Hardaway said no scholarship we'll see how that plays out this year this has got to figure out what's gonna happen with his novel right now Stallone's scholarship. As far as we know. But right now it's it's sort of tight because you've got two of those earmarked for next season to those five available for the five guys leave and earmarks for Ryan boys and for my commanders that leisure three B no draft wise and we know the reps and mark weir no director Matthew Curtin. We know there after roads are on Walton of several guys right now as we see it. Looks like they hit into this peach jam this week knowing. They got at least three. Debt you know maybe he can play without will be get up to four possibly five right now about three and dom but that some you've got to be. You have to apply that to how you recruit. You know what I'm saying I mean you'd firfer they've got more offers out there than that yeah so now you've got to sort of prioritize. Your domain because again. It boys this is why I wondered if you needed rhyme voice. You did you tell me now that he talked about it yesterday how much he loves and played the year he's. Ryan voice is a great glue guy the other side that every program what would wanna have here's my question though. From what we know about what the recruiting in 2019. Right. Hurt. Trim walker those guys do a lot of what Bryan boys goes yeah don't stand there and and I just I fear for Ryan voice but he will always. Being a situation this is look this is a good prop map for Memphis where where you're being recruited over well he he he I don't I would like to believe that he knew that. Before he made that decision he just wants to be apart some special exactly. But that that again if he's on sky early next year which I plan according bidding yesterday. Some guys don't become somebody can't comb right some of the opposite potential is there and say yes so. There's the setup that was that was most of the don't most of that fifty minute. Process as they head out for a their 1 July evaluation period as a staff we come back I am very important. We're gonna in India in oral history of of the Dionte Davis room. Because it was the star of the telecast last night on ESPN's Jason Dunham is Femi SPF. The championship boxing is finally set to make its return amid the synthetic form on Saturday July 20. The big payback within five extravaganza and about legislative life. So official. Affiliation. Championship boxing. There will be in attendance to watch them. Seven time. Champions control. Hit fox and time. FedEx store on Saturday night July 21 my. In several new. Lives when he first. The party. What sense saved captain told torch for this my dad and yes he is running for congress again gusto voted hundreds of times what they see below sea. 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Corner some avenue right next to Hollywood feet and we fell tools we called a stored directly at 9016926200. Votes they PCs by Michael's arm of the best matches store in Memphis. Broadcasting on an 829688. Yen and on line at 929 espn.com. Part of this game strategies and tell you know particularly. Grueling day on Memphis is sports station now 82. My. ESPN. Yeah. Yeah. Loss they would use their. When you feel fresh spinach you have confidence they got swagger like Ben Doyle does everything it can look Chris. We all know the midst is crazy hot and humid this time of year it's easy to lose that little swagger and crispness. Which they had to keep you do with holes Clijsters or an outburst and we'll keep you feel and so fresh so clean in this Memphis heat that's important. As well look that way you wanna smell the way we're here today they partied like John Maher likes go through it just can't find any. Outdoor festival barbecue whatever it is. You wanna make sure you stay fresh they fly home basically balls vice crisp or in person or try to beat the Memphis heat look cool while doing it. Allspice your sport offers superior swept protection that's the difference. Kindle or BD QB did little spies her sporting persons perfect wing man. Keep it fresh and clean and all the outdoor festivals they pardoned Marc is we've got going on in Memphis all summer law. I we're back Jason and John notice and they and they ask him very similar in themselves. Last night during the summer league broadcast Mark Jones. Talked extensively about the unpaid days in the room. That Vince Carter built for him. In his apartment in earnest house I guess house and you know we thought it would be a good time to kind of Trace this back and get to the in and remind you just how. How. And how different from the fairy tale they actually is right so let's go back so this was last may. Let's that this was last may if you remembered David this there was still the coach Herman that yes I do this last may just after they finished up their first round losses Antonio spurs the playoffs from those of the playoffs and do. Times aren't there times are better back then others don't get back. But David Tisdale was on the jump and this is the first we heard about. The room. For. Normal moral or Wong and longing. And it's just going to be one of those days sorry bro you gonna semi audio right weather segments departed the term problem John not as it doesn't use its Honda announced on those things and as Soledad I'm sure we'll be gumbo franchises it's just going to be a battle. And we're gonna have to fight through war and it but it but in this clip so. They follow you cannot force fortieth yeah. The department. Loaded there's little cut. Manson and hang out well and stay the night and things like that well. In nonstop all at the guys who complain there and he really held this is your big time I don't think we wouldn't even made a fascinating I mean you. Are there I mean it's it was such a great story right wow he built a room and as measured pretty FA Davis. The camera loves his but the story of her first is that if it was this is definitely says yep. And then we asked the RJ Davis about this room. And media day a few months later there was such a story of such a great story and we were uplifted by it is like a veteran showing a rookie know how to live how to be professionals and asked. And so we wanted to get it from the FA Davis had just how much this meant to him to have this room built. By a hall of Famer and Vince Carter at media day in and this is this is what Andre Davis at the same. It was tough. Last season where were you really living like one of the roads and into zones not. That that was not true I mean he bloated slumber I haven't won all the way to let me he built it for you that you never really went there no room. And number one what do you got. What it ideal Michael bedroom or did you build a house for it snows have been. And he said yeah I think I'm gonna build this for you do until you get into and he mentioned and boy he never told you live in mavens Sloan on. And I move yeah Dixie said it would with a jump that's what he's what I don't understand hey man builds a little comfort you. He doesn't tell you that the rule is for you to help. Yeah in the world aids homeless are not reload that Obama also just motive. Why did he build it for him that. I mean. How does as a starter LaMont an elusive. Music genome on the seems. Sometimes we'll do you do for for sure how does it never understand those. Okay well that I'm assuming you have your own place now. It's all right do thank the house or apartment has an honor. It's the puck did it in an infinite it's gonna ask where it is. That's enough information from I don't know I what. Well I I got the last event you guys that goes it is always hard to do those trying to take you under your wing who's there who was who's that guy gonna be right so there you go who he has confused as I was. That day he I don't wanna just confusing here and Gionta actually talk that much he never we really open them up a lot of words if he he'd never got a chance to go over there. I could explain so much I really think it does I really think it shows you and this is not personal this is nothing like against the active. But it really tell is a lot. You know about the guy when he had a room built for him by hall of Famer. And he just didn't have the chance to go over there if he's like take out like you're. They like ghost and then wait boy like go play some PlayStation and introduced like are you that this week. Are you that the idea of what did you get out there one time. So bad bill and then they. Come on over nope never showed up. Miss like Matt got a great idea of it is. Albeit leader almost take beyoncé under my wing I'm Matt Arnold bill little room or my house it's. It's gonna open for help bring him alone you build the room it's they are there its rate there and guess they never follows through right. Who does that I don't know I don't know how does that John I had a wish I had an answer for you. Like. Go to of you know if you told me John I'd go to your room for you and even if it was in your Raleigh home in enemy not even in a base. Did you arrive home is sizable but it's not a mansion but if you told me that John ability ever in my rally held yet. I don't go check it out on it would you do with the play that where the burden shirt like this it it seems so symbolic. Because we keep watching the contact again I'm watching yesterday in the second have just watching him because there's no Janet Jackson out there for me to watch I'm trying to seal and trying to wait to watch the out they finally did it yet right. Finally get to the wrong man that was built for him. Follow through come through all all these flashes let's see it finally come to fruition. And it it never does it is just it it's this it's so symbolic it's you never went out of the room it's an added it's not happening John and a Obama being too harsh when I say this. But it's a microcosm of how oblivious. Beyoncé kind of looks on the court. You don't mean he kind of just looks a little blip on the court and it's like. It's Vince Carter that is a legend that is the guy who. You know who. Who created. It popularized. In many ways the modern dunk contest. You know. And you couldn't couldn't get over there or it certainly he went after. I mean but I guess not I guess you don't that's was gone I made it it's at a point now where word word national folks that look we're familiar with the roster. But don't watch you on a nightly basis. The stories out doors are last night is sitting there because she's talked to a few of the coaches clearly that she's done a little homework and she's right there saying. I don't CDS be consistent effort with this guy the problem that we've seen now four years it in and all of us have try to tell you know some of us that are. Note if you wanted them to your point you'll be partial did you want them to break through absolutely rooting for the kid regularly it just doesn't happen and when you get. National guys folksy and now credit you know hadn't been watching like we've been watching Brett do I mean that's our. It and I won it for beyoncé right. I don't I think the problem is I think I want it more for beyoncé then beyond wants it that's the problem. That's the whole problem. It's like you wanna just grab him shaken and say Brothers the NBA you've got the best opportunity ever. And it's like here. It's almost as if he you're just going through the motions absolutely and it's it's fraud it's frustrating to watch particularly for it when you're in some relief and you see guys that they're bussed in their tables may just trying to get a taste of the lead and to that point. Yeah Dante's everything you want to be physically he looks like the player you and but we can't want it. More than he does Democrat I'm I'm I'm you know somebody just with him he was a minus nine last night he's consistent he's been in sailors plus minuses yeah. In the some relief for the grizzlies. And it just as a game like that light is going to come on the one line I see is on on the pick and roll he's roll into the room and any catching a lot like that's the one time it looks like to me that's when he gets in the third time's less by John amid and Russell Brand put an apple little snippets of video on beyoncé I had one I showed you guys work he there's a little small of 5050 ball up and he goes at it with like one hand it's right from in the in the case players grabs with two hands it's is that you know this is my ball I mean basically was though. Was the way to do it it's like. Do do you wanna be and so there again it feels like and then you again. You state grad in there. He has an opportunity last night to start because Jerry Jackson junior is being held out of the game yeah. What does he do it gives you seventeen and eight but you can watch read and see what what's when he needs he needs more strength is getting pushed around look at the skilled but he has the skill chart and more importantly he has the want to. If he screws up you see him make it it looks like man at my bad that I think that I did that beyoncé does it it's it's. Oakland will get you know I do on and you know. No way it's like two different approaches to and beyoncé is the one I wish I wish redhead DR Dre and ice here absolutely. And a and it doesn't he's not like like. You should be if you're literally get all right unless you have a lesser of you know first year rookie. You should be in theory like playing for your life you're playing for your career. And for whatever reason I am we're not seeing that urgency and it's on it you're exactly right here's the thing. You see Dillon brooks' talk about. Man you know you know all of follow these guys around follow column followed us all see how the pros who would match because that's what I wanna be a wanna be a pro and what's that do that he's endeared himself to mark. To the point that you get an invite over to Spain with Martin played his game with Al right you're around him mark appreciates it didn't what do you do win back there. Compare that to DD. You have a leader Annie hall of Famer. Build a room for you and you never know exactly there is no endearing yourself to the leaders that that's just not a Smart approach. John as you were coming up. When you're making your way through the game on your fast meteoric rise. What did you do I sought out the OGU solid amount. And did what Dylan Brooks is doing you just hung around you called Dan walk in pairs Calkins all of it you were Foreman relationships. That was a Smart approach. This dude doesn't there's a sense of urgency and I don't CO. A decently Smart approach agreed Vince built a room for you never wins but you know what maybe what we can do. A little bit later in the show is pick him up. Menu Assad man like I've tried what we've done everything we can that we may turn it over to the listeners maybe we'll let them try to pick of the Anthony Davis. Because he needs a pick me up right now maybe they're great people of Memphis can help them we may do that later dog to shake my own shaken but air power that be careful of that but positive. A positive pep talk. Okay posit what he needs a slap in the face I'd like to make him angry and play hard like some guys are motivated by that all we don't know what DNC is motivated by that's the real issue here. I essar and try to find out. We come back ever talked have been bro man he is a popular twitch dreamers get over 120000. Subscribers on YouTube. Over 240000. 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Wealthy via video game streaming one of our loyal listeners told us about this incredible event that's going on it's called the guardian con. That's going on right now. And that benefits. Saint Jude big Roman is a professional twitch streamer and the charity director. Of guardian Kahn and he joins us now professor brother I'd go and. Okay how are you all. Well we're doing good we appreciate the time so tell us about. They exactly what this event is for all of our many non gamer non twitch inclined listeners what is guardian con and how do you guys play into it. Shirt so on the security director of guarding con guardian Condit is H share you can. That is both physical and on line that raises money for saint Jude children's research hospital. We do events throughout the entire year I would different communities online and I'm twitching YouTube and FaceBook and Graham. So far this year we've worked with two K the creators of thoughtless. By the creators of pork free digital extremes and that we get an activation summit. Ticket for extra hours earlier this year called clips for kids and that gave raised. I think Blake fielder and 50000 dollars why in 24 hours yeah. And right now we have a we called a charity marathon so sort of think about it like a telephone yeah. Where we have biggest streamers on twitch all string on the same channel. It's been going since last Thursday and it ends tomorrow. To go on 24 hours a day for seven days straight I'm all raising money for saint Jude. And the loss in these are normally then. Streamers who would be using this time. To stream themselves for 'cause it's their job and if their livelihood and their volunteering at this time that would otherwise be spent four ready themselves while the volunteer for the for the. Yes yes absolutely creates its you know. We all work together to bring all of the communities together as as leaders right that's kind of local Karim Khan is. You know every gaming community patsy you're at people that are like oh look I'm going to be playing this game I'm gonna be watching this person play it. And so our goal is to try and bring together the leaders that every single gaming community that we can't and kind of put them on the same place freedom moment in time where we can you know all gathered together and Shea say the same message. Today actually. We crossed over. One point eight million dollars raised this calendar year while. Just happened. And that is more than the total our last few events combined. But a fantastic and this is all for saying you. All for seeing you'd love that you pointed out. That either these are people who work basically taking a workday in donating. I think that's you know when you we're very sensitive to that as. Content creators right if you're not. Stringing or your not making YouTube videos you're not you know making enough money you pay your bills are up under I can live in Florida could eat. If you're out stream you dirt you know you're making money to pay your goals to the people were sacrificing some incredibly valuable untrue that. In order to raise money for this cause two tremendous effect we just have had. And the cat man he's one that appears streamers on twitch a curious one. 108000. Dollars in four hours the leafs. That's did act yet average donation of 23 dollars a year or donation ever seconds over the four Albert block. Other it's also more together to include listen been out I've gotten as John mentioned I've got a a four year old boy. Wife I've got a wife and I got to fight this morning and it's been about him have today. About him having the iPad too much how much can I tell her. That it a person your position stands to make it a year giving me a ballpark felt so I can give you only got a bad idea it's like give me out I had done it. Most the most successful you know you Coopers and torture murders make a six figure income from doing that won't or. Yeah it's not it it is. It was just as competitive as any other entertain them based industry you know just like every kid that oracle Larry the crippled. Every kid that that takes a rush or guitar to become you know the next. You know the next Picasso or you know they're not the next Aerosmith but if if ironically compared you know if you have. A kid that's really good at video game there's there's nothing wrong with investing in that and there's actually questions you can ask what if your kid with a charity your kid like. Mom you don't get it. I am so good at fort I ask them what their global ranking it Alter your school bus and if they're like. And if they go like Arnold will and like they're probably lying if they can help you like oh yeah I'd like ranked. 805 globally Mandela maybe it's worth Mercury that skill set you know. When I when was this the career I wouldn't wind is what has been Roman say OK I can do that this is this is me for a living like at what age are you did this become a reality. I'm. I'm 31 years old turn in 32 this year got to assert streaming in 2013. Just for fun. To kind of hang out with my friends so what I liked about which would actually environment that I don't like oh like I can just. You might Internet connection and then it's like I'm playing video games and how our forensic. So that's kind of what got me started that's. I lived a pretty humble life. At that point I didn't have a lot of overhead expenses soak. I ordered them to switch and it started and made enough money which was just for placing my forty hour week minimum wage income. I mean a whole lot of money on pressure and I decided to go all I'm with what happened that that kind of power starter for geek. I was I benefited from a situation where I didn't have a lot of extra expenses you know so I could techniques that we eat. And then you know going from from their peak here just a matter of like working really hard I extreme. Told to sixteen hours a day every single paper two and a half years without a day off. Who. 1216. That is every day at the grind or two and a half years. Actors who have served notice this measure has been. Because like for us we work in in sports media and we grew up as sports fans and we got would you do this job a daily basis like. You lose a little bit of you know maybe that childlike love you had for sports again it's your bill it's your job of that so do you still. Look at video games the same way you did before you got paid to play them. That is that they're beautiful all right Kara pointed analysis right when your passion becomes your career sort of change your perspective on. On what how you look at that. I definitely would say it sounds like you know I've gone full time and now aren't I cute gaming compact for a living. It changes the way it's like a prison that I look at. Gaming through right I still enjoyed it I'll. Blood when I'm looking at everything I'm always looking up like. But this can't be good to stream like with this game because in the YouTube video the like I'm trying to track museum like market sentiment towards. Yeah find out whether or not. You know make income applicable to be a bad time for my community and things like that academically so enjoy it but the relationship could change a lot. Yeah we are what are we are talking have been Roman AKA professor run an on switch she is the charity director of guarding com which is raising money. For saint Jude as we speak so why saint Jude there are a million chaired he's out there you mentioned you're in Florida saint Jude is here in Memphis why saint Jude. So I switched and and the Internet in general is it global. Entity right so any charity that we wanted to work with in the beginning they had to be global they have to have like an international mission. And benefit you know to get entire planet and we needed to pick something that sort of pass the Internet Internet incredible that this of them tacked. You know. The have a hard time believing people just do things cuts so we we did a lot of research and he should be. Not only. Perhaps kind of all of those float is the type borrowers qualify for lack maturity he wanted to work but long term but he exceeded so far. You know they take patients from all over the world that researchers distributed for free. Billy in that particular and we basically dollar and consistently received a total lake there there isn't a single aspect about the charity. There wasn't so far above and beyond what I would consider like a standard go to charity that there was no way we couldn't. She's down to work it also they are not represented heavily in the gaming space yet. Which would acute Tucker you were like okay. Whatever we do this is gonna be a big opportunity for the charity and I'm republics saint Jude was just a great choice. And so it just for our listeners who may not necessarily know. Is every streamer who's doing like a three or four. A normally if if you watch a stream people just kind of donate whenever they want is the idea here like it's I've seen somewhere. One there might safer 5000 dollars like I'll save my beard is that kind of what the idea is. Yeah I mean it the other general like you know donated donate get what you can't my education about charity. A lot of the the folks that we work with third that that shirt so extreme that this here has gone above and beyond you know shipping off their beard. Dying their hair pink. You'd be putting on. And the tetanus and offline and he was dressed up as a unicorn like just a lot of relief and a little wacky stuff. Two can make your era can make it fun right quick that. As content creators what we do it's we put on a good show and we try and make people laugh and have a good time. So I've always been a big proponent of the best show is gonna raise the most money and so many people that hear have taken it. At that level and beyond. Because I imagine you have family members maybe even some friends they can't stand you cause you're doing what we'd all of these are so jealous. I mean seriously you're a mean that I'm I'm just trying to imagine huge explain in this one to the folks in the parent's right and they see that. The money you're all in all golf all debts yes if that's the like I was a better as the fan. Thanks. I think but I think that for my family they've she. It's been we put my family they see the back end of everything you know they know are open to our aid them. But the fact that I much connected sunup to sundown to like pick it apart and you know that are a little bit less glamorous the other work parts that you're operating. But that you did it and it's only a little uncomfortable here like. Hanging out with them you know something some of our neighbors and what gasoline like flip video games for a living. And that's like they'll they'll just slowly push their children back inside. Cool and you don't need to hear that and I. Rebecca. Town and so that's also finally.