Jason & John Hour 1 (6/12/18)

Jason & John
Tuesday, June 12th
Discussing the Mt. Rushmore of Memphis Athletes in Hour 1 plus joined by ESPN NBA Insider Bobby Marks to talk NBA Draft/Free Agency 

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And how much I'm much this means they'll I wasn't really sure like what two looks like him as a joyous cry like what was it yes he was happy. He's happy this has happened you talked a lot about like how he wasn't accepted back Norman had to hide I couldn't understand it does Davis keep everybody happy I was only days Johnny got death threats the you think you really have the Hyde for thirty days a moment of others don't know how much of it to believe about a letter or through but there is allowed to get to drill bit so I'm glad to where big John. On the show here's we have going on the show too. Day at 1145 sort of thought the body march body marks will join us from ESPN is a front office on insider. And make smarter. LeBron James the beef the favorite to land LeBron James overwhelmingly. Is now the Los Angeles Lakers they I moved to minus 150. Solvent and some bookmakers Jason Segal we are. The overwhelming favorite. So we were talking about that lots to get through Bobby marks the draft is coming up. I always heard on that Michael Porter junior Bryant win horse an interesting option for LeBron suggested that he should convince KD oh to the lakers have so we'll ask him about that and ask Bob about lots to get to bar commercial loans or about twelve from five beer talked to clay EU rather he would join us. From New York city's therefore run the US open cup play and I just missed each other you know I'm sure if we were there at the same time he would have. He's been out there now wouldn't a hung out anyway you know they he would have no I'm a drink her cup of coffee or follow you onto it or no equality. He thought I think 200 people on Twitter. It brought you on Torre answered and you know new golf it would mean everybody is gracious enough to give and so what fifteen tournaments every Tuesday of every Tuesday exactly tracks. Over to talk to quite Travis about the the Rodman. We have to involves this story and of course you know he is history buff so I'd like to get his thoughts on wheels on that meeting between what he is and I'm not one but he's number claimed at least they don't know what happened yahweh okay now let's just not go there are able to say yeah it's all and I know where you're go and I just don't know what else I don't want it won't. A set on his treat us as they're sometimes you win you don't know. Things. What he's gonna happen in his everybody please explain you know one American history it wanna ask me about Matt a mount Rushmore the other day had decided on the line party did who was the eighteenth president of the arts that dude I don't I. Ahead what is certain about what mr. mayor of your major yes battled that I mean that's now way you don't sit around home Brodeur close and all the eighteenth president. Do you get what we have stumped Bennett torch. That was started literally comes on and brag about he's his history buff himself but he can't even they do they get it they they gave presence gives the nineteenth then bay with several resident that lives around and live this as grant. The tribe and can you name the 44 president. Another Abe Lincoln was before and I believe what number was idling and what number president was already played jubilee he was before the 44 president and you know he's like four Ulysses S. Grant take a stab on number for Lincoln and show us. I'm gonna say that Lincoln was. What weight you said. DBs and their anger sixteen got sick the other gets its doors to start to share who is the first president. That not by and see. We have big show it's you being performed right there CNN has power particularly on the spot about mount Rushmore too and I nailed nailed a little. They're Oxley has a birdie putts autos by about mount Rushmore like everybody knows who is gone now and no way yes I did man no you did it. Does he does all the combative to start the show her look while that is. He said he was in history bottle and then he couldn't end a group president judges do you know you mailed six things did not they maintained you could not do it. You could you named Abraham Lincoln as the sixteenth correctly. Would you say it's okay do they think the nerves. Your number or wouldn't stop as well Ben next time to Vernon back on him. That's puzzles us I don't claim to do moderate but you gotta like when you put the mayor and his face and I'm gonna say is I'm two for two so like. I know what else you got okay Bennett let's go you're two for showtime you know you earlier about an idea about six minutes then guard contract this is gonna join us. At 1225. And it will go much better than that it's attempted naming me team president. They don't want 45 very excited about this a big big smack down lives is here tonight Jason decimal wears a pre party it kooky conduct if your interest that. I'll be there. Camilo me. Mean does the star on the in the pleasure Lopate Raleigh and Karen. Okay can watch it around there I think that the receptions good out there enough at least good enough with the computers and Edward just yeah smackdown is gonna be in town the night in south Samoa Joseph. All right we'll be here in studio. He is a large man he's an assassin. They'll be here in studio and I don't know how Qaeda between you know I really don't. I don't know always your final days rest interviews this is a little bit of a different one I think for you with a B so he'll be in studio at 145 who got you Koko B where. That's for your claim to fame Koko B ware did you did you got a housing do in my way to look at stake all text you know you know. Oca from downtown that's how I'm doing good. I've that I appreciate that debt yeah you should that is the show two day we have a very important order of business to take care of them occasionally there things we like to do on the show there are few things that we like to do on the show. One of them is named thinks we love naming teams we lamented teams we love naming children we just love that putting names on things. Another thing we like to do is talk to parents of recruits. That's another thing that we are doing that's a wheel house arm as his were really in our element. When that happens and then thirdly. The thing we like doing this show is help. We like to help people on this show when we like to think we do that more often than not. In order to help somebody today a very special somebody. Who frankly called out who called out for us. On to a boom what are you talking about and his name is Mark Giordano. He is commercial appeal tigers beat writer. He was that was your successor to my success he was your success of this process so there's a little bit of of heat there. But but we're we're gonna met Morgan amend that and we're gonna help him now you asked what would you how could you possibly help part you're not. While it's what I realized Rabin and you know on Twitter last night this is what he tweets I've been tasked. With picking up mount Rushmore. For Memphis forty husband let's not Sam Mitchell and you he must have this city not just the university. I'm in no way qualified to do this what. Four or in the case of Sam Mitchell furry people would you are we doing this for Sam RG and I don't really get three or four wood or coal we're gonna. Yes sales with a little bit more unconventional. We're all or they're gonna go with or so let's help out. Margie not out in picking and choosing a mount Rushmore I don't think it is tough as you know sensitive. I agree and now he said. No matter what happens he's learned through the process. That there they will be thankless endeavor. There are way more than four where the people form of mount Rushmore and that is true. Immediately listen it's like to submit this nights it's amid the sport's mount Rushmore you want to get the Memphis as a totally different conversation complete. So bove we're gonna keep this to Memphis sports we're gonna try to identify for. Athletes for sports I don't know I don't think law. To be on this to be on this this this this whatever this monument. So I think your I think there are three guys that are non English Lohan. Toll not a ghost Telus and tic price. Mark I've around your full layer reporter that that's silly to we're not plain silly right now we're playing real. I mean it's obvious they're three obviously and silly but we're I guess when a plants of any Larry Z Bo those are your theory right and a non negotiable you can leave your. None of guys get them off yeah you know Leary for everything he met from a social standpoint it was a good player. Came back as coach legend. He's on that he's on that mount Rushmore he's on that monument Penny Hardaway is the best is the best for everything he's done in the community that's player I expect as a coach probably the best pure basketball player ever come out of Memphis optical. And obviously put together top three recruiting class in three weeks on the job. He didn't bones and it always done these first look with pity beyond them let me ask you this would penny be on the mount Rushmore if he was not commit to basketball coach. I seals that he would occasionally you beyond and he's such a good ambassador for the city. No question always has been. It'll make you play 100% like excellent in my heart that he is the men's basketball coach yes and what he's gone so far back then you're exactly right that grandma or me how can you have a mount Rushmore without that Randolph. Tebow embodies us and I think it's not negotiable like these that I will play doubles that it what about Mike right they're just because he's your own might do you Jack Hanley in terms of you Barack now I'm not and I don't think it's down there I think there is entirely folks that would do there's I don't pick coming over ZE book thing cause of that he I had and I don't know so hard and we drafted him idealism to that debate for sure yeah. I its decent as I would still liens he balls away just that we all got our I had a hell now listen on the prize winner Mike Conley but he's not in this continental told Kendrick. You don't what do you do to won't. That's what that was us right now that's how we built in so we kind of all fell there in it was always that right we always on top of Blake it's us on double Blake so why he embodies us but Mike. He's he's the trooper is. Yeah I mean I'm not Mike's the trooper is it's going out to Jackson Hole Wyoming with Kanye West that is listening party dude. We if you can't go on his arm out in the Aussie did eleven yeah yeah that lets us know drafted by the Memphis Grizzlies are he was but I don't he's been nowhere else he's known no other home. But let's I just of the engines of his career has not been good enough OnStar on I'm down to spring of that as a doubles out I think there are some people that would pick Michael Z Bo I would not I'm with you. I have Z Bo on this. The question is number full that's really the only that's what it comes down to his order of the fourth face and it is the fourth sixth you know pity Larry Z though. Automatic it. First ballot Mitt does that mountain sports now wrestling expert better yet let's got to I don't know how you have a mount Rushmore in those three are on the question is for. And you know you're gonna have people who say Kerry met cough. In earlier and get some of that huge or golf Danica and and frankly that is just so beyond my aide. Lindsay he shot the 59 and are now he did that take a moment yeah. Mean that cost date but it was so before my time dosing before your time you know surfaced last. It's hard with the guys properly put in perspective okay they were before your time to well I'm nobody like I still feel the impact well later he faced today let's respect history will put him there and he's an accomplished agent and they see if who's better that's all the wouldn't hold it will not mark an oft chairman called yet got what about De'Angelo. That's silence is telling may be that I didn't because it's not it I asked the question you know order with. And candidates eyes went to the ground my mom my around I mean I know mine. Well aren't all world before you can only guess the question about DeAngelo is I mean what do we think about DeAngelo is I heard how well do what. Note to go on an instance that talk. Lou I'm sorry I'm sorry years 8 years and am back and yes I don't I was not okay but it oh god what doubted he could play. Come on it until you decide you like yeah it paid almost heartening to say all right this is of this is a this is important it's a product that evidently don't have five face OK but can we just talked about and I want you are hard on LeBron yesterday because he didn't think he was hurt your hard on did loaded. Don't believe anybody ever gets hurt keep in mind. The school so it's got better just not bungled post position where he literally just parishioners and hurt feelings than anybody really better today than he Selma we found the route or connect okay all right so you don't know inflow argue. Now I'd. What do you do not only. More. And this is simple you are you so vote your yellow and that's Jerry lull. That's a mile of a journalist and a little bit of baggage though. Perino made what. I mean does he nodded point Bennett doesn't remember though it's a letter from back in the day and the same he has a little bit of baggage I'm the same pretty. I can't is that not the face of Breslin in Memphis and their history and Memphis he definitely is and so I. We think about Memphis who think about is he not the reason we're having a smackdown tonight I'm gonna in Memphis Tennessee. I'm gonna put on the Alabama would endorse that I'm good I'm Worcester law there as the fourth space because Memphis wrestling is such a thing. Yet there's Memphis wrapped there's Memphis wrestling there's Memphis barbecue. Like that's well put eight NM and wrestling should get respect as basketball men's basketball court yelled at but but. That that's our ads have gone all around him and so I believe that Jerry Lawler has done enough in his career obviously as long as he's with the WW we. And put Memphis on the map from arresting perspective I would agree. I'd I didn't and it could still feel it today. I think he deserves. MIT's that I mean are we getting WW events every. Couple months or feel like the I don't know who did them because Ontario recollect I feel like that WV little love doesn't wrestling he starred as an accident while tiger's startling tied to you know so that's that's. Does anybody had any. What would you that's for Windsor on different than that no law and without mine was penny leery. Zito and Jerry are you just say they're allowed because magnanimous here Simone Jones got his studio at all I think it's legit. The reason being too is because the body got two tigers on there. And that's the first love everyone loves the tiger basketball team you got two of the all time great tigers on their grizzlies are new more than the tires they have been here is long but you got. You're all star your guy who started degree ground movement of the you know deemed exact lift Arizona starter and then what wrestling is meant to the city in Memphis then we consider wrestling a sport here in Memphis what business or you have to taste I think it's fake but it I did spark from a you have to have you know did the greatest wrestling ambassador. Out of that decided I think I'm sorry are one of those right now to Rochelle students. She's a gold medalist. We just couldn't you're on there are a lot of people that are going to be mythic they're not on our regular I think there's going to be a lot of Mike Singletary may one day may contain no way I think there's going to be. I don't doubt that I think there became aware that it doesn't address not a minute this football player on the list you shouldn't bumps are in and tell us last. Our faith and how would you ever read that book is crazy and in Q is there I could see him as a Melrose more bus though. It's very cute that's for your consideration. So there might be able to suffers is the worst. Though what do you mean like the anti mount Rushmore for mr. sports that's in the wool the one you had started to name out. Yeah I was not yet and I assure you that you brought up some bad memories I do what those changes you said earlier now the problem is going to be I feel like it was pretty easy as last at a somewhat like this you have your pretty good for yet dead it was pretty easy guided by the four that I rushed out of mount Rushmore to the tools this is gonna be tough for that before that I submitted the margin out of first project. Where Jon Scheyer or have been. I was being and I was I was being crazy enough to probably get ready yeah I submitted John cal Perry. I submitted how to solve as one you should probably consider for. You to consider him for both expect an amazing thing so John cal Perry Pao Gasol. There reporter on the mark camaraderie off. Now Lou it's hard to find more the machine on there. He probably do people play a home pat what it's complicated actually have some real but don't don't have to be bigger. Write to how beloved pal before they that don't aren't exactly before fell apart we love them right absent loved him and you have some reverence for him yet I have around me. I've early on there I mean I was struggling to come up with a I was thing about like tic price. Should probably be on that list up and that was going to be. I would like to take all across the board I think cause on the anti price would be across the board of the mount Rushmore is so cliche at this point we should just do the anti masters and what's adding that's absolutely ginger so we're gonna take some calls later in the show on the anti mount Rushmore. But yeah I mean let's just because some people that should be consideration. John cal there pal to saw layer reporter take prize mark irony was was of how horrible coach. Who else who Sheen has seemed to all day long. I mean machine goes and Chris Wallace how everyday Chris Wallace get on the song and I'm asking does he do we certainly is he's consideration consideration all you know our party has occurred while TDD. We'll find out after this week. Because he's right we shed in this draft. Well we won't know what this week it's like we're American Morgan announced did you see don't report from gloat about Darren Jackson now. That he's quickly becoming the prospect of teams outside the top four. Are trying to get in four and that offers might be tantalizing to the grizzlies. What if piece what do peace swindles. In our team outside the lottery for good player into I don't know we'll see I'll always have you look at turned back. Is there anybody else that were missing arts also because of this letter and determine who are. Who are into mount Rushmore is welcome back Jason John editor of and ESP. 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Broadcasting on anything you know succeeding yeah. Espn.com. It's. Incidental. We're back this and it's and I think tonight FN ESPN. And as promised to his. Bobby marks a front office insider. Or ESPN he's gonna be a very very busy man over the next couple weeks we appreciate his time he joins us now body how are you. I'm great guy carrier we appreciate your time we're doing well here in Memphis obviously in advance of the draft ask us in a week Alberto and about it but for now we're okay all right so we are officially on LeBron James watch. Do you think he knows do you think he knows where he wants to go it Enos. Now I don't I don't think he knows where he wants to go and you know literally true situation created seek. I would expect probably within the next week there will be some kind of a meeting between himself and his representatives. Hopefully that they'll lay out. Kind of what is options are going to be. There was a lot different than you know if it came to the freeagent. 2016 when we had that big salary caps spike on the and we had. You know 26 when he seventeen swift and quick wit room I think when you look at changes the options. And investors hoped to have a present it. Yet it's here with Cleveland staying home five years Q of five you know what you got there basically the core of that group returns and get he's taken draft. You know lakers and and Philadelphia have room to sign an outright. And then you have that next group. Jeanne. You know had a cap space to sign him basically would need cooperation. From. Cleveland to work out some type of trade him teamed up and that that includes. Yeah Houston and you know Miami. I'm not great but Antonio the net and really move a lot of pieces there. And you know with the addition of those teams do that you know what's left standing when he gets their you know like I used to and yeah I know that the hot name but you you're gonna lose Eric Gordon PJ Tucker and and and Colin most here. Well most your bench there hand. You know I don't know claim to realistic option option just got to give up so much step by. Yeah it's going to be here a through the process of being a potential I want where. I'm sure Woolsey who was named all post draft and now and then we'll move on from there to. Colleague Bryan went Orszag I don't know in what context was thus all that on the day leverage our shores that may be the best option for LeBron might be they're convinced Katie to join him with the lakers do you think LeBron only been written with that will reach out to JD you think they'll all. I think the likely it is that you'll probably hear Henry Campbell probably have to Paul George. Let's see if you know it there's a grouping there to go to moss and sore Chris Paul I think that's. I think that the lake that I think. Yet Kevin Durant made it pretty clear that you know where he's going let's not sign any non record you know he when we you know we we talk to my guess over the weekend. Rachel Nichols talked them into that any intent to we turn to gold stayed in you can basically sign whatever type contracts short or long term that he wants but. I think the lakers are in play. Only if one of those players. Go with him I have a hard time believing that LeBron would go there by himself. Because although I'm great how great EE if you are in the west. And you are not better than golden staters honest and. A house right raids and Lee exactly and by the way I'm in the lakers are now the inning and again worth three weeks away like just that but they are the current favorite right now. Overwhelmingly to win the bronze and I'm just curious that. Why the lakers why would they be the favorite. Is it the entertainment side like is that is that a big ask are they banking on one of the stars on these are disarm the cement about it go is that of these these odd make odds makers way thank. I think that's where you're looking at it I mean and they said I would be done that she's got to find itself in and Elaine for help because. Being in even guys let's say Paula forged joined him OK Brian they go there and you're with charisma and on the ball and training room just heart okay. And there's some of the best in the west members Beckham Don his last because of that I can. I don't know when I'm going and the fact I don't know what I'm getting under a young kids will get to play exactly lose guys have been there before. And you're you're likely going to have to change eight golds in Houston you know in round Q if you get out of round one. Well I I understand the appeal of Los Angeles. I understand that if they were in the I think it's you know it's Cleveland or possibly Philadelphia or if he can work out a date country which is not going to easy. Yet anybody. It is it's obviously not my decision on the LeBron James you know where every months ago but if it was me if I was LeBron James. If I'm gonna lose to the warriors. I would much rather do would in the NBA finals I would much rather keep that streak alive and as opposed to like seeing them. You know who knows maybe see the first round may be seen the second round because if you start losing in the first and second round. That's where your legacy starts to cut again please go to the files and easily Zulu warriors. That's that's forgive the boy that's fine that's that's at the highest stage but if you know resource Liz in the second rounder or the day at the conference finals to the war I think that kind of changes the discuss a little bit and that's what I would want to avoid if I was him. Not at either I think you're I mean I think that's funny weekend you know there where and it's a gain eight were killed get tips for final and around when he wanted to and good night. Anymore. And you know I I understand you got swept up by Cleveland. But came returning. You add the eighth pick in the draft you know maybe another year with this current group. I mean you'll you'll probably be in the same condition you know bought the will certainly get better in Philadelphia. Also and you know I I just have a you know I LE a lot here down the next two weeks I'd have a hard time China placed him in Los Angeles of course as you know since it must one of those guys in there with him. About athletes they are keeps in Philly and they can make that maybe it's the best that you mentioned they've got the money to do it if your silly if you're in that front office what's your pitch to him like what are you telling him what about putting adding years to your career because we've got another ball handler would been Simmons. You know you can at times you can lay off a little bit when you need to got the rim protector and indeed I mean that's it looks attractive to me Bobby what do you think. Yeah I've let it could be that we have great players in the prime of their career without Benson and show I'll be Dario sarge we still don't know we have with Markoff spoke. You got the tenth pick in the draft you still have Robert content came to tech tech and there. And these guys are in the prime of their career it's not a window that at closing acting dad daddy you're pitched. I think that's the pitch which you know I. I think to really get it there but yet that batted my bad but that's my page there and and they really don't have to do much to clear that there are some extra money that lake. You're carrying down that turned down that roster right. We are of course talk about remarks from the insider for ES ESPN on Twitter about remarks 42. Your colleagues that flow has a great piece. Up on Kevin Durant on espn.com now his dad is quoted in the piece and he says. He is chasing validation not necessarily. In today's rain count but chasing validation and now from Twitter users but. For this crisis appears from his super bad idea that you want to from Twitter YouTube but more poorly from superstar appears. Bobby does he habit if he doesn't have validation from his peers I gotta wonder after two straight finals MVP right. Is he ever gonna happen if he doesn't have. I didn't have a now I don't know if we'll ever get it and when I mean you got. You've got validation for me. And it's not like he went there and however good guy's coattails. Be a pound tinker in curry. I mean this is the guys all lived in the finals MVP the last two years and has played had been in a lot of big gain and then. Yeah that game three in Cleveland wasn't as good as the game you'll see by day by and you know all NBA type. Type player here so yeah I think I think this stigma. Durant going to Golden State in 2016. Wolf they let him forever and I think you cut the cabin debt. Kind of put the blinders on and really blast acted outside noise and worry about what he what he can control and there's nothing he can't go back in Indian history here. Bret as you know what I would send papers to hospital lobby I was critical given the red because you know they they had just a bit they were up 31 on the warriors right they were at what his last season with a than they were up on. I I do wonder if if they had lost in the playoffs to anybody other than the lawyers. And then he joined the warriors it would it would be a different discussion about him in the rim would like if the rockets for instance would have put that under out instead of the warriors. Anyway enjoy the worst I don't think he would have faced as much criticism Bobbie I think the 'cause they lost to the warriors and they were up I think that it provided a lot of it. Oh yeah I mean yet it can have had once every three game the next year and you know that you wanna blew into an inning in a Western Conference finals went. You probably should have won and you you do not play so what are your best gain you know in any game. The only game six I guess at home so that's that's the that's the criticism there that yarder went to a team that already won a championship. You know and it was a itself made team and it would have competed. You know what for another championship with certain without you would have won another one without Harrison Barnes and injured go back I don't know why I can't make that can make that argument right now. But you got any field that in terms of this draft on these guys if we said that those 1234. Spots gonna pay down maybe of all way down the five but. You know here recently your here and some buzz about Porter and maybe he's rising Bamut as well for you do you think they'll be a guy no maybe it's one of those two that jumps in many top three top four of those guys that. Maybe we had outside of it to start. I think Michael Porter junior is a wildcard and I do. Because. He was a pretty much a consensus top three pick in slower this year in started and you know any injury that in the back surgery. I am sure they'll be at CNET for the love with him through these individual track work out. The expectancy is that the have been the medical will likely check out or not. Heard otherwise. Yes and I think that the guy that you know we have emission projected to go right now extend a range of you know if he jumps pot theory is that bomb what does that do to that bump guys back I'm citing that kinda. That would be the end of the player to watch I think if you wore it's your man just. I would be careful trying to move back in the draft and you know we try we've heard some things maybe regarding Chandler Parsons as far as how. Attaching pick for to get rid of that contract and moved back and into in the draft there. And I would warn them to be careful because I think there is that there is a strong point. In this draft where you go from a great player and how five or six to a very good player. In that eight to twelve range and you know where this team is I think you need to get a great player I don't think you can you can stand forgetting. I declare this deal had your pick and you know where mark and in my car and their their twenty decree or you don't make up for a bad mistake with the Parsons contract by giving up with a player. So you're saying that there are rumblings that bad the grizzlies have been looking to get off of Chandler Parsons contract. Via the number four pick. Yes yes and if it is today you know that would be possibly patched and you know to routine that you would move back in it in the trapped in an eighty Kinect outside the top ten would jump in there so that. That that's where you know that's where I would be really cautious as far as. You know where you are four if you if you're mentally you know you're gonna pick a player I mean you're gonna get. You know you look at Dante cool word guaranteed actually you know Marvin Bagley guides like dad and I can come into play right now. Instead of may fall back out of the top ten in and look for a role player. I'm just curious as to what the logic. Behind that hypothetical move would be attaching tenant at number four pick because I did it like the cutter his is an awful contract perhaps the worst and in the league. But it's why you open enough that that that cap space what do you what are what are the grizzlies realistically. Able to do with that cap space it's not like they're gonna be able to attract another. You know. Superstar Tim SII just wonder what the because you're right as you have you have a prime opportunity at number fourteen draft a player that is considered as any series goes. You're not gonna in theory as a small market be able to bring in the same kind of guy. With the cap I just don't below but the logic behind that be just move it off the contract of Lillian and wiping your hands out. Yes there really isn't an opinion they're really the logic because. You look at it it is not like you're going to go into the summer 2019. And have a boatload of money gone bad because he's still loved sullen Conley. I'm on your book and you basically had overpaid Parsons to get there in first place when that passed by captain in 2016. And then had his Memphis team that had been bill before woods was really draft it's you know draft. Develop and retain. You know what might get mark you know you know casual yet Tony Allen kind of that. And the creators Jacqui gotten in any trading you reach in your retain those guys. But yeah I would be I would be just really cautious I think they are the likely to that you don't see that but that's. That's kind of thinking out there if if you're eighteen that is in that thirteen fourteen range. Is there a risk jump turns and get that number four pick but no cost to taking on some money. I do very Agile and get your thoughts and that's that that's actually very interest thing am I doing to your thoughts on Lugar Dodgers your colleague it is in got to think about it continues to get my hopes up. Bobby bedroom 'cause it's gonna be there at four and number I don't try not to commit to that idea because he would really be the perfect games. Do you think that there's a chance he'll last before and if so a minute that's got to be the pick for the grizzlies right. It would I think it would have been the pick from Memphis Rivera warmed up I doubt I think it's they would of won got a number one pick in the lottery I think that would have been the guy because. I I did think (%expletive) you know he's the he's the best available any kits which might come lane you can play my golf the ball out to him and didn't give him the ball Lucas and creaky Dubai first and you know I get the whole European where it's going to be a little bit of adjustment to indicate who's been in Spain and then the pros and she's been thirteen basically the limit on its own. And I think yet still be a little bit of a learning curve for him by. It is rare to get big guards in the draft and especially one that. Who is young nineteen late nineteen years old so. I didn't think he will be there I think you know eight is probably the likelihood they they go number one. I think get out of Bagley Jackson combination will be probably cute Korean men don't then Dutch which is right you know right there less. The lesser team I doubt that maybe jumps up to two and you know I heard anything yet to try to get a ticket headed you. But yeah I mean I think it and interstate pat that that the play you're likely will looking at. Body found one asked about a mentioned that he is young right now I think it was whoa your colleague reported that is seriously considering opting out of the final year of his contract I always thought he adopted because it's for thirteen point seven million. But I guess he's looking for years is this Smart Bobby you've told us you've educators is not a good summer B of free agent but you're looking re sound longterm and Indiana. I suppose that's his plan is a Smart about it. Could aided in their life you can get a deal from Indiana or team that your only gonna lose a little bit. My team get your caddie it's I would be careful and I need you'd better have a safety net before you opt out I'm fourteen there. But the hard part is is that if he had so. And does not get a long term deal or at significant money. You're stared at the mid level exception right now that are paid sick so you're gonna lose five million off the bat right there. And basically your pet your playing years two and three for six million dollars chief and I think you have to be you know I can you have to be he really he's airline your hate to have security and you really got to do your homework. Would there be a deal out there for one year at the number that he's ducking out of possibly but it. You're not gonna know that until probably that the second week of July based on what happens with the lakers what happened what a team like Dallas yup. And you're not a good team I mean you're on a playoff teammate Hugh Hewitt how we have to go to. To get a big number you prior to go to either Atlanta or Chicago war Dallas Sacramento maybe CNET umpteen better still that that rebuilding mode. Interest Bobbi Mae can't that's there's also his you know you're very busy man appreciate your time. Thank you out yep he is body marks we must discuss that news that is incredibly. Interest thing the news that body march is Sarah's that he is heard rumblings. That the grizzlies. Have at least entertain yeah moving back in the draft by attaching Jim Parsons. Through the number four pick. We're to discuss that and it makes sense to come back Jason Dunn did Jennifer and ESP it. 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Com all right we're back Jason had done anything out of any ESP NN. We just had. Body marks on the show the suggestion wasn't who who said that he's heard some rumblings about the grizzlies possibly attaching Joseph Parsons of the number four pick. Moving back in the draft getting off of the Chandler Parsons. Contract. I'm now some people have said this is an old rumor I don't know. How people did I not miss several were completely if it is that doesn't seem like it's been discussed very much publicly you're the way that Bobby kind of said it was like it it was three. You know it was a fair bit of music so it's it's like Angela schizophrenic here yard. But yet the way to body kind of talked about it was. That it there's the reflexive kinda in a way. And now as he was reported that it was going to happen. But he's he admission that he heard some things that might indicate because we're looking to do that now. Obviously the grizzlies would get back at play here. At that. Salary or a group of players aren't that would match this hour day you wouldn't think it's player and I think it's a group if you didn't players that's going to be. We as the nano you would get something you get some some. In exchange for until Parsons. But whatever that is it's and I had taken a landlocked that money back don't yank his terror pars as a for united for minority in our so little less than. About acidity to clear cap space this kind of get out of that. But again if you're if you're getting out of adjust your schedule again and you're giving up the option to get a part of potentially franchise changing again potentially franchise changing big jet. We would would since does that make why don't know what it would make sense fourteen to trade to do that to take on two years until Parse all that money yeah. And knowing what the what the likely returns going to be yet out blows my exactly a lot less than Albert Lord has said Jerry Jackson junior had a fantastic work out. With the Phoenix on. Over the weekend. And and that he might be kind of prod the kind of prospect if you would have traded at the top or get outside of obviously tough for the lottery whatever would have. But would would it be worth taking back two years Joseph Parsons who. You know who knows what he is at this point we we do know all right thank crying wolf or what's the ceiling of this sport to Europe at twelve and six in in pa in in five we'd we'd know it's gonna it's it's going to be. You know. Unless an average return on what you're getting. No question about so again now. Now you brought this up and when you when you know it is new to us. Incomes of Bobby you ought to make you run it through your mind it does it seems who's gonna for the grizzlies why you throw away the chance to. To change you know get a franchise and you'd be good for potential why you. What if John. If somebody like. What does the pick isn't as far damage as you take what the what if it's the bulls at seven willing to take on Chandler to come up in on I mean I mean is that part of is that too. Are we still have that it's stupid if it's if it's seven. Don't think our body makes the point that. Looks seven parade is where the picks about starch out Dickey started eight. If I'm not mistaken that's where there's kind of starts changing go from top tier right yep we got to one B and and then you're often though I'll tell you where nobody else is there and honestly about tell you I mean seven is and tell me of you who they've got a drab and it has. And the kill bridges seven doubles. Well they get ESPN's guy Troy young or the bulls at seven. And I announced about it with the and then and then Cleveland Cavaliers selecting Michael Porter junior my point John would be that are more liberal mom creating this does test you. What you'd get Porter. Porter junior down later seven inch right and we hear the word that maybe he's rising what do you get the seven and internal books. Does it doesn't make more since then. I mean. Yes the only way you can sort of start talking you're right there's an air that is now he's there's no guarantee that moving back. You give Michael Porter absolutely not with a special with the news that we're hearing that he is one of the risers and Bobby just confer no confirmed that the maybe this guy does go in the top three. And do you think a team would move would. Just to move up its four spots how much how much they value their guy up there isn't it you will know they are and I know lottery spot and you're talking about it this team coming from like the bottom there at exactly I'm at a point now. Can you write this off as as is garbage because that would be the case right where you think progress it is still feel like they could it possibly their guy. Right down at seven clippers one or so twelve and thirteen no. Right because that is definitely in the other two year but if if if say there's truth to this and release that they could get the guy at seven that's the only way I can make sense of it that's all under one could argue with you that don't make it held a lot of sense at all for me. If you're worried about the albatross that is the terror Parsons contract. The haze in the barn so to speak. You're RD halfway through it well like you said when you're on track yeah like an N know what big what what big name free agent we don't yeah I assume you would probably bring in guys on one year deals on and on expiring dryly uninspiring contracts. To match the salaries and hands so you get it but it but. What have the grizzlies historically done with cap space and I think you shouldn't go after guys and mustard I'm not saying you shouldn't. You know pursuit but it is just harder for the grizzlies to get they have to overpay. You know and I'm you know I'm sick of that -- and possible -- yup Monday at the money and they say to keep their own is what the grizzlies are true it but it just sticking with that argument though just got to stick with it. Absolutely not there's there's no money. Right we we're where we discussed with the with the with Bobby that it is a bad time to be a free agent. You have some money. Right and so so you become a Memphis to become a lot more attractive though jar. When you've got it and it's a tight market little bit blue eyes through a little bit different as in the past were everyone's had the money you get channels off okay Memphis. It usually not a high priority destination for create just what you're a little more attractive. Now because no one's for the most part they you know there's there's 678 teams that got money Jacques addressed the least I salt I. Not essentially it's an instant rumor I would say you if you're doing this UK slide down too far because at this is real you can't go too far I'd honestly. I'm in the return would have to be if it could not could be just about getting off which are pars contract. Like it don't because you're losing that has got to be the main instead weather could possibly change everything yet in an accident restarted its so. Hypothetical that we don't even know what the return might look like you know it could be. You could get a good a good player or a 22 good players and retire a there was there was that they did talk about our own Kevin O'Connor Karen of our podcast. You mention and the 1213 picks to buys shares in Niger Ghana as best as too low for me. Well going to let that image seven point to a puzzle player for nine holes it's in the Obama dismissed the Celtics the bulls think they're gonna get they're gonna get steals them right now. I saw I think it if it whether it's Michael forging a drop in some like that are there. I think they feel pretty viewed I think the deserted and hug and a better spot for the we thought they would be when the lottery happened. Heck yes you know because there will be. Edit look at what I told a huge difference between this Arafat somebody's gonna drug Chris said that we all rolled our eyes are we since I sat here and told you it's real huge difference between the four that hot spot man. Just in terms of of of the options guys and people wanna trade up in the top four. Made big time difference. I would also say Sudan analyst memories and it's up Shawn bridges a once what are you know had you you don't know what the first round pick in in nineteen or to like dependent on how old. How you do during the season you may or may not have a first round pick next year or the year after and so you have to keep the ones you have. That Erez premium as the number four pick because for words are young talent. You you know you know my view a map we don't have much of you know and you've got and we need to use my know everybody is scared of the of the rebuild myself included but at some point like you have to acknowledge that it's coming. And when he does come you're going to be. Some what equipped. To not be like the Sacramento Kings and he wanted to learn or fifteen years Zach you don't wanna beat the Sacramento king again. So proud of you because you are coming all the way back around a Masai lamenting the entire time. Now Jarrett Jack you'll get here it if I told you Jarrett Jack needed to be more proactive are about what about OJ Jerry Jackson the figure for the would you trade down which you do the deal. Hey oh yeah outs of their from a day ago. If if it's bulls I'm not going levels clip respects. But it did it why do you do you think the bulls earn trade. I know I just hope I gotta tell you have occupied Italy authorities do there's the one of the teams of multiple picks right you've got to watch out for those you've got to watch out for the clippers so yeah. I mean you're looking at them but not look I made that point for day one once we knew them what the pick woes. I said if it if if I just got JJ jet for me. I realize all these experts say could be the best player in the draft all I'm I'm I'm just gonna stick to where I was on Jay if he for me no. Because I'm taking 23 years down the lack any seriousness that it doesn't sound like it to me Philly has multiple picks. What are they have a lot of picks they have the fifth day they have between success against him look ten too low for me from my first one they've got. But that's when they got four picks in the second round so you know their move enough I don't know do we.