Jason & John Hour 1 (5/21/18)

Jason & John
Monday, May 21st
Talking NBA Draft and more in Hour 1 plus joined by ESPN Draft Insider Mike Schmitz. 

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Preaches when 1000 bucks deluxe. In Memphis in sports station. Locally but I know we have. Oh cool thing Hulu. I mean again we saw today. Now you. So yeah. All right. Where throw Jason and Jon manage united FM me ask you and we made it through the weekend it is Monday. And John Mark before you go into the list of who you've got on our big show and Omar and big desks and I think we should do something appropriate right here at the top of the hour right here at the beginning of the show because it deserves. Yes a moment of silence please. Then if you turn the music down. For just conference. Thank you we lost a good man to man I don't know if you guys. Got to get a chance to listen. To the eulogy. From 9 to 11 this morning. Jeff actually did the eulogy for himself to death. Jeff Miller Willis. And you know I'd like to add a few things a few nice things. That I'd like to say about just welcomes goody. But he covered all of the did it did he covered every. Last one of the day it would be redundant isn't yet at this form repetitive absolutely love Jeff. He's a big part of why I'm here we're we're gonna I'm grateful to a Morgan miss him that a businessman he's been great hopefully you got your chance to sort of say your last piece of Jeff. As he moves on from this life. To a different maybe we'll take calls literally what you'd like to Belgium absolutely fifth and this could be like the more open and because you're not gonna. You know you're not gonna crap on the guy. Who's doing the youth right we're gonna give you may be a chance to. So it's open your heart a little bit more right now Bryant runner but I doubt seriously just moving on to have a smooth and I do believe that look feel and I notice certainly there are some people in this building were very excited about that I'm excited I'm excited for him other try to remove it on and and as I said over the weekend Nagle was. He is deservedly taking on a new challenge yes. You know an ad and he deserves it like does that mean that that has been a tough tough road no. The last few years at at the commercial appeal is as you said I wouldn't wish on anybody today. It ain't the CA we once and it right it's a shell of itself right and that would be hard for for anybody who takes pride in their craft stuff Jeff is officially moving on I will say. Upon a replay. A mail idea that's on the land and as we want it and have relied on the re do I think you told us he will leave a next week it'll have a battle we got that good they're calling Eli and all are here to there wanna talk about. They're true or not end here that we've we applaud Jeff Rubin on. You know but yes. I don't think we're I don't think where we can be as good on Jeff is Jeff was on just I'm not sure we can spend a you know I'd like it's been a great deal of time all we knew three hours long. That's what the Israelis don't jump on that Jeff was no better Jeff expert than Jeff. And I Jeff was good on just that thought so it's fantastic yeah I was very good on Jeff's a lot of nice things about Jeff Jeff that so we're gonna we're gonna may be touched on that in the rundown. Later in the show but here's what we got going on today at 1145. It was actually a very interesting weekend Louis Memphis Grizzlies. Weirdly enough even though they didn't do anything it was a very inching we can for the Memphis Grizzlies we're gonna talk about that with Mike Schmidt he's an NBA draft analyst. For ESPN. And as Jason has pointed out before. Absolutely loves him some Lou I love our. Love her and he spent some time with him he's he's been overseas. Watched him quite a bit over he was overseas this weekend. As Luca di judge. And that Rio Madrid took home the Euro league championship to finally won the final four and he became the youngest Euro league final four MVP. To add to that he was the Euro league MVP. And the Euro league rising star winner which is the given to the to the best player under the age of 22 bloom no I don't let me tell you what I saw on this young so let me tell you what's. Lou good dodged this season look like you're a league MVP yet can I get it being Bennett we'll get Canada day we'll get a danger euros in the country. You're a league rising star when the Euro league title. And became the youngest Euro league final four MVP. Pretty damn good year for Luka darn sure beyond my years John that's what we've determined say I don't like you used in the dead doctors drop for his accolades on Hillary's mantra doing actually very important as you did they're guys that dead duck it's great to meet I was condescending don't Elliot he's airdrop is sending is a kindness and not give me what you wanted to me and how does a lot of inflows and how do you mean it. Yeah I meant it like I said it. We got our OK don't watch it here before you get held accountable for what she did this weekend so we're a talk show. What are you main. Well I got reports he was watching somebody should have been more. They say that's a wash those things when your married dude. I did not you know didn't violate them and watch the royal wedding okay I'm gonna go and put that out their real start blow me and it's a class and are relying on the radio and it BS and deflect there's. We got some reflectors on the station manned and Ed Jeff can lie he's a grown man on his own film did it you're on our show. We cannot be line already did you watch the royal wedding no. Ever. Did I'll watch coverage after the fact maybe with your British bulldogs. You have British bulldogs in did you or did you not speak in a bridge accident you all and they're saying. Bit is an exciting Saturday. Or will give back to this you called other show Friday you said this sounds like something that would be all and that Doyle household. Asked what you've never been more solid there was even a real job. My wife went to a watch party at OK okay seed. And they we are not doing you know all the moaning oh well cared you know he's dull yellow black and I didn't want somebody. The large part what ever dated I did I don't look bad on fascinated certainly don't know that's there's our. Like headrest. They they did it up and at the watch part got a epics. My wife got bored left. Don't get back to local police anyway Mike Smith gonna do is a luxury I thought about was adopted royalty and the possibility exactly the new grizzlies royalty the good possibility. That is emerged from the weekend yes we're ESPN that he may be there at number four I know you went crazy when you saw that no audible lesson I have turn I've made a complete 180. On Luka especially at number four Schiavone saying that that Sacramento and Orlando would pass on him correct Phoenix gonna draft Aden and that. Phoenix are admittedly an entire amount would both pass on under a focal. There for full hustling which could be a very interesting development and by the way I think for those saved well written it off last week we did what that growth is I didn't look at dodges as you all wanted to you know smaller tuna be gone but he may Liotta out of orbit. We've got it like Jonathan the volleys and he might not that he might drop before so here we go so we'll talk to Mike Schmidt about that at eleven my god we've identified by the way and we saw misplaced bit in terms of best fit right now we still all that Lou could turn right yes for grizzlies here of course look at that as much a dead guy that will not change those mere idea for. Everything about this in memory of the good boy that would as the Dow albeit. Total blessing my early dip. Totally Barbara talked to Jeremy Wu he also covered the NBA draft. For Sports Illustrated so we will talk tribute at a mock draft our earlier today does not have look at dodges lasting until four but he does have Marvin badly going to the grizzlies. And number four so maybe you do all your dreams coming true maybe it's possible the grizzlies end up with one of the two guys who I thought they had the best chance at him I think that be great for the privilege is Leslie we're operating on in the south or how quickly things can change what Jerry Jackson or Porter yeah like you're figuring it's one that. Other gods are back and Howard Johnson's matter there. Or we got to get to that draft quickly we will have Wheeler the mile long for weeks yeah it has filed weeks yet so we'll talk Gentoo about that at Wellesley about and then it was weak fiber talked tequila gloves then. About whatever what the talk he lost about let's ask about Lou the Dodgers. To have your bird and a scattering for a look I'm really does look a Dodgers game muscle less about 247 right. I want to kind of put him through the wringer here who's where they need to be whose lower than where they need guys go outside and they got asked about what's what's the east I plan. Because if we can find out what the east I plan to. I would maybe find out what's happening in the high school batted James why he's back east if he yells reading. Think it's our time he's on these high school they got hurt among not a dumb hmmm part of this FaceBook group Riley who places getting our way so as he somehow some guy named car. You know that it op Ed just give you one name on the I don't know as well as I say kill Karl things that. What's the info. That's what they they some guy named kill cause they're really ease high school coach Paul Cutler of the I don't know that is less Q and about who that person if because Cubans in the group he sees it Q would join us. One at 25. But. We we do need to start with the news from over the weekend. On the court a lot of sports. Over the weekend medal of twelve months out of stuff to actually be paid attention to obviously the warriors whacks the the V Houston Rockets yesterday about 41 that that series is done for. Completely dispose and then I'll lose an oracle they're not and then I got a one game viva they're going down when they're down 31. And assist the bottom line no point. You going into what's the point about the work you know James Harden and cooked. But it. That's his life now slowly got combustion elements of but you're right I mean that wasn't much of a story yes and that's sort of expect and then Cleveland. Also expected expected to bounce back when you are bad boys and was more so from the boys right the boys had to bounce back at some other sporting yet so the most interesting sports over the week you were taking place in Belgrade circuit. The Euro league final four. Was going on many billion dollar and watched it as you know I could watch it here beyond that and I watch about I didn't either because I it has but had I know you had and I know before it took place that the grizzlies would have a shot him at four since I've. When I realize I can't have something. I don't follow up I put them I don't think that's kind of what champions do like I did OK it looks like gonna be there for a lot of law wanna watch Luke I don't care outside port anymore. But really had a great weekend. They got the win in the title game 85 radio we're gonna buy cheap. They had fifteen points on. Eight field goal attempts forces. Three rebounds they just lie and will they had a bunch of free throws and again that's one of things he does well yeah I'm into the free throw line he did double her nine seconds left in the game but ever again by then fifteen points four assists three rent retreated on. Again you're talking about a as a game that is slower pace is also a lot of nineteen year old and nineteen euros controller next game which for the most part. If you read about against more mostly electricity into the Clinton's half court and they're very slow in your yard of a nineteen year old making all of the laws are all the right decisions playing well. A look at that thing where yeah we don't have to say oh how good is Ronnie was indeed via the shot identity of the fact is nineteen as weather is his accomplishments the season your league MVP Euro league rising star winner yearly champion yet and youngest purely fun for MVP ever. He's nineteen. Sony dash Q what were you doing in nineteen. A stop a man that I can close them and again what we do it I think. Dot blown and it's the issue some back home are going organ for imperial. Your word grim real security S are better. Now almost as good as what Dodgers is going right ML how Obama yeah national holidays anyway Greg wow where does that like I feel like. I would give Luka the slight edge of well it but you are very good to leave your job though because I didn't realize humor and the survivor called correctly. You took notes diligently it's not notion Gagne had to do a top of the hour reports of act about what's gone a warehouse that are things secure. In the end and you did that every day the best they've ever say I know think about I was a writer I mean how I went on the right career at the it was like imagine those like a little bit of pro yet there was like I'd just don't feel like laughing and stop on this there was a little bit like not a creature was stirring not even a mouse like where you ride the subway that you have. Flowery stuff. Stuff they'd never seen before you think you are the best employee of a history of imperial secured. I had the highest upside. That's for banks and revered Jackson did I had a title lower ride or movement I'll let yes Luke is doing a little more than I was doing it but I ordained you're raw physically. You're very skinny. Like your view that you add add a little bit away in order for you to be the best in your yard a real big kick out of necessity Trent label we you don't in nineteen Bebo at nineteen. Sounds those drinking and moms know. I've spotted much studio Israel allows a lot of okay we started on this Obama got like small Miller plays where are you doing in nineteen now there's a difference between drinking my mom's milk and ask him for more milk missiles out of the fridge right right and so now when insinuating oh god that I was certainly hope not but at night he had actually think I was working and the University of Memphis telethon Abdel okay this is it pathetic what. I I have do dolls in Jackson working for you tell bonds are awarded for furry they pay me. I was called to. Why would say that's down all of your below me on the list bent nineteen what you guys admitted in the east. Yeah I don't know houses student in Memphis and that was deliberate logic for a living they actually had a good life in nineteen possessions. His mom again with Hillary is giving me a little break on the aren't that dry cleaning my delivery laundry like over finally dry cleaning. Aka that's a marriage that they're that's more and Lucas getting it done in nineteen nearly indeed they are and then the report after the game. Was that. The word around the Euro league recorded Java everybody who was later who was there and it was who has come on the Gary repair show. The word around fair is that. Died since may be available at four because the Sacramento Kings and the Atlanta Hawks are likely not just possibly consider. But they are likely to pass on Dodgers in favor of American front court player. Now what do you think is that work here I don't know if you'd like to. Oh is now working for Don should she know you start out last week we saw Dodgers eight and so what we hadn't committed to a new wondered if they're trying to dual posh and are trying to control the draft where I gonna do. Maybe they're trying to slot. And yet the ball and with this report. And look everything we've seen. That's why we were operating on the assumption last week that the grizzlies would be looking at Jerry Jackson junior for a do you take a chance on Michael Porter because we all assume dodged would be your own apps and the top three here we are. You know Jim good to welcome to bully goes over there. Comes backs has all the talk is about how now Sacramento and let it pass it feels like. Again I'm I'm I'm I'm being sarcastic here but feels like he's jumped in right with them and he's helping him at this point right in on Matt and I just wonder if we'll never know because we're not gonna get Duffy on the on the phone Duffy obviously is is on its agents he's also doc he's also a means agent. Also for the number one pick right every if I just wonder if they expect the degrees of the best. I think we think it. Obviously there and experts we've talked to have talked about how productive right now better to go play. With some veterans like the grizzlies have market might in the go to work out of one of these young squad right right we've got guys are still trying to figure things out come. I'd like to believe this I really would. But we were so we were so sure last week and so or most of the experts we talked to. I don't know what this I don't know where this comes from but again he's there with them right probably talk and Duffy. And I just wonder if they if Duffy and conscience feels like because of the best fit but they won't fault falls well I think mark being there is a big fan. In having that European flavor there dipped in a recount plays the same way. Right has where he's learned how to play basketball and we've got to and we should brings up with because we brought it up when it first happened. Phoenix has hired one Dodgers is all coach yeah I correct yet it it should be noted I think it's important to do so. He wasn't their first shorts. Right that was this first it and holes are OK he was he was more third tour so they didn't bring him all one. Wright is a first choice award and Adobe at dodge right he was third option. Right in and it's not. Yes we were operating that well he may take him but there's no. From what Britain and it looks likely to take a right foot looks like right out yet. And then Sacramento and at an Atlanta would be -- actually does that gold valued the too big a two front court guys production I mean maybe they furloughed you know maybe their look into it when I thought I don't know why but I could see is an area where the six segment of king's draft Martin back. Bad I mean their four right now are our stall and Zach Randolph and Agassi is an area where they definitely draft Marvin back. You know in the Atlanta I can take on how matters are and I tried and are we talk all we go another report lends itself that but are we trying to talk ourselves into him dropping to four is that Iran is this even I mean is this even a possible let me just talk on this night you know if everybody that you talk to even Jay Williams was saying at this morning down all his friends that are over there in Spain played against this guy whereabouts that dude say he should be the number one pick up. That's what I'm saying is that we really start to think or is this just. All smoke we really start to think this guy's got a drop of four did beat our report but we just try to talk ourselves into wealth I know the report stated digital credence if I just wonder man they've done is drop the four if he's this good. I got maybe a mistake. I think Libya mistake if what he taught older emanated yeah welcome model a look at dodge which they were just a Memphis it was you're not drum and bass or. And there's no way period and then and that I've I tweet this yesterday and like you have so many people still without his best with what their plan is right now with most of them to make this thing I suppose you can write other they are traveling and they would travel get one. You know I they would rather one I believe I really believe that just so like a really good fit. Everywhere in the really about Luka is that we know. The majority of people in Memphis have not seen employ. Right they don't know what he does they see highlights of him he looks kind of slows crossovers on super quick majority of people in America right and yet they have these these. Such such passionate opinions about him yet it's strange to me it's a little weird thing you don't have. These strings of opinions just write opinions you know about. American players if you haven't seen them look right most busy guessing most of most you can you can watch them play what I like is that. Our next yes Mike Schmidt would no partly who was the best well how. He would feed here well he said that is not easy that's the degree as would be the best fit that we did that in the best bet the best so we're gonna do it got the right guy we're gonna take a break and we'll talk to Mike Schmidt about Luka dodged and it and the possibility. Of him fall into number four. And being a Memphis grizzly we will ask him his thoughts and how realistic that may be that's up next Jason had done at a tennis fan ESP it. 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Get to know the number one auto and home. Sure in Tennessee state farm I'm Kathy. And the reason my name is on the side is because my talented team inside plus 901777744. For all. Lizard so if you want or need legal guidance and you wanna deal would trustworthy guys who will make you feel comfortable and speak your language can't judge an excuse Kenya and Marty you can call that day or night at 5288888. Dead skins king and Marty they're on the web at contain it dot com well. Everyone knows about five doubles a group goes on low Monday the most as a blue truck and bring it out Olbermann has. Now I think most musicians fellow entertainers. 68 million. They've they've done an agenda Femi ESPN and has promised his name is. Mike Schmidt is an NBA draft analyst for ES PM we Som. On the draft lottery show we were all watching here in Memphis he joins us now Mike let's go to our man. What happened and they certainly last year managers say you know I know you were your jet said menu back and forth between them American and Europe you're all over the place. Chided me as a kind of figured out you know as a trip for a couple of civilians like us what that's like that where yeah. Over to Europe yeah. Now I think that it's not too bad man I mean any time you get to go watch soups you know like I capable of. I I just got up and I were last summer so I'm not I'm not not very culture we're working on that all right so your your colleague John of the Gibboney. Over read a ESPN a drought express reported that Lou good god should there is that gro wing. Since that Luke died since may fall to fourth. If he isn't their ad for the grizzlies so submit their selection point two seconds right. I think I think you have to the media this second best prospect in the draft and I just really like it's fit in them prison terms of his ability to have an immediate impact and I don't think there's. Anybody in this draft more ready to contribute from day one than Luka. Just given what he's done up until this point. I think you wrote it if I'm not mistaken as we broke it down that in terms of long course fit you just said it but it does it I think even you even point out too if my comment play a little loft the ball lady and that's something we saw earlier when Mike. Most recently when he was healthy. You know effective off the ball we think it could work two week we're with you we think could be the best fit. Yeah I think it'd be really good I mean look I need. Somebody next to him that I had the equipment that happened veteran savvy and we've seen him. You know throughout the playoffs and in the early can't afford you really handle all pressure very very well. But there were times throughout the TV. What defenders we've got into a little bit and I think if every possession means it's all resting on his shoulders and if I ever do that today ending with the switch on pick him to step back jumper. That's going to be tough sell like you mentioned I think Mike Conley. You know we've all throughout his career especially with visibility they're. To shoot it off the catch now home yeah I think that pairing Q could really really work on both ends because. Look there's not gonna defend point guard being probably 92. So I think you have got like Conley can be reduced fat. In that spirit my give your Lugo or his agents and doors representation you know hey I am and I know that money Izzo is a little bit of a factor here right but the bigger picture right the second contract. If he goes to Atlanta or Sacramento or Phoenix. Those teams don't necessarily have somebody. That Lugar can play alongside right whereas in Memphis. You know you've got Mike Conley a guy who you know might be the best player ever be an all star and then you've got multiple all star and European. And Marc Gasol like I just wonder how much they look at that. Arm and almost wish there's an opportunity to fall for there with the grizzlies. Pietrus drug I guess I can't speak to what. They're hoping to do what they're going to do I think that anyone that gets at this point. Obviously in Phoenix you know I think. People at this point see beyond her age men and probably the front runner there envoy you know there's there's still a month ago I think that's what we ought to keep in mind. On there there's still a month for people who do their homework and then obviously with Igor because of being there you don't play it may be somewhat of a factor but. Yeah I you know I think Memphis is attractive in terms of that talent in that time line on the now obviously with Marcus all. You know I mean in the Spanish troops and and all that on the I think it's offended by you know the thing about Luke gave you so personal to me that I think he's gonna. He's gonna go to have an impact immediately you know wherever he goes but. You know obviously having some better means and you know whether it's Memphis or ballet dancer. You know a situation like that I think. You know can you say transition a little bit. Do you think NBA teams are over thinking this I mean you're talking about a guy who just became the youngest Euro league final four MVP ever obviously the Euro league MVP. He's a champion rising stars award winner but up a triple double in a league where treble levels just do not have been. And then you read the report a body the fact that he might be there for our NBA teams over thinking the idea of Luca. I think so. I think she. We I mean we've never seen anything like this you know I think everyone's trying to stop process that that that information you know what what does that really mean that she just. But an early bloomer type of kid in Beirut who has just been really really productive that the Euro league level. Or if she you know a transcendent type of guy. Who's gonna continue to get better and get better they get better. So I think people are trying to process this just because we haven't really seen anything like this but. You know drafting a European perimeter player at number one or number two it is something that happens all that often and I think. There's probably a level of comfort for some of these guys wish. You know a market back we're Jerry Jackson dinner you know a guy that they've seen you know 1015 cost times but. To me when you look at it will come might be the safest prospect in the strap you because. We haven't seen any of these guys do this against grown men. Pat the Euro league level the second athlete in the world so you can nitpick and you can say he can't create offense can't finish you get there and all these things but at the end of the day. Mean his red and HD short cellphone. And I think I was younger than trade young younger and able all but he's younger than Michael Porter. I think if you put a lot of those guys any issues. Are even though they be starring parameter. I just wonder how does one or two my Al wondered if for dream and Memphis if they if you think you know reading you and they named in the fifth really fill out. How good does that would be in senior phony report that is one of us here in Memphis of or dream and you do you. Do you really think he drops the fourth and Yemen you said he's won the two best for you you think he goes in the top or. Our age you know it's hard for me to say definitively at that point by you know I think as Jonathan reported it sure it's a real possibility that he's there four or five hurt. I don't know there's going to be any trade scenario that shake our people trying to locker trying to move down. Not bestowed I mean there's always a lot of moving parts. But I do you think you know people really like Marvin badly and people really like Jerry Jackson and I think. You know all those guys are are going to be really really good pros. So just a matter of preference but. Yeah I mean to me here you know this kid what you done so far it is special and and we we see how the big imposition has evolved in. You know we gave with golden stated in Houston and start all that many big. You know just riding in the mind right now so I think you really have a look at it. 68 playmaker who can pass dribble shoot and has incredible. We are of course under Mike Smith's cover the NBA draft for ESP and you've obviously been back and forth the last few months you've covered plenty of your early games. Can you just gotta give us send a sense of our listeners a sense of how good that league is we we certainly hear that it's the second best league in the world but how would you sort of convey that. I just think if you look at the guys you know who are over there. And playing at a high level means Sergio you'll you know adults just she made each. He could step on NBA court tomorrow in me give you. You know fifteen and made up adventure I mean. That there are a lot of these guys you know actually Udoh and can Burge and these guys. A shift a really really high level in terms of not only the talent but the product. And you know you see it with college guy to me. It's really really difficult I don't know the exact percentage but it's really really difficult to play in the early can mean guy true. You know were borderline all American that the college level. You know they have struggled to kind of reached that level they're so to me it is done questions netted the second best league in the world. If you just took I was curious. 22 what you think care if you just took Luke off of Real Madrid in this hypothetical universe. And he played for Kansas Brett and he put up the exact same numbers. Would he be the number of good draft. I'm not mean I think it's so easy to nitpick a player like him. And I think it when you Seymour sometimes you know seeing a guy thirty times 35 times going to practice it. You know you never know how that can shake out yeah but. I mean you look at attention that a guy like you know trade young has gotten. In the states with what awaited you played I think it would have been potentially even more it will cut we're playing you know division one basketball. I don't think there's much of a comparison between. Division one and high major basketball in your league. My UF pick somebody who stood out the most who helped themselves the most of the come out Chicago. Side dot that you mentioned there was really good yes on nova. Site Kevin herder. From Maryland's only played one game but I think if you guys stay in the draft. But probably go in the first round I'm Josh Cody is is the name I think. Towards look at Georgia Tech you know 64 with a simple wing span church and guard prepositions can make a shot plays really hard. Javon Carter you know we'll blocking everybody out so. I think you know maybe not a lottery level type of guy obviously those they do you played but a few guys tickets you can rally for sure. We've all sort of operating the last few days under the assumption that the top three is gonna be some combination of of blue dodge has yet create an MR badly a third. Just sort of going with that if that is the case and focus off the board and batteries off the board. The grizzlies. Who's the pick is is it Jerry Jackson junior Evan who makes the most sense for the grizzlies have that sort of plays out exactly like that. Yeah I love Darren Jackson I love it you know maybe he's never going to be. You're second or third option on offense but. He kind of a modern big Latino looking for you can guard 125. Which is everything protect the rim went off the ball. On May conflict spit the quote that I think. Yeah actually fits Mexico at Marcus all fairly well. If you look at the color play a double big lineup just coach. You know he can guardian for his he can protect the rim. And you know he's not really any debate before looking markkaa operating in those that post spot to support that so. To me I think he makes a lot of sense but I'm not sure he's going to be there. Just one might your opinion odds that that Michael Porter turns out the backs OK that he has a long career as a KED type. Wing guy that you know over twenty points or what do you think on Michael porter's career what's he gonna do much. I've really up in the air I think he's the most interest in prospect yup and in terms of where he's gonna go in that strap on back there are really really tricky. You know obviously K it is maybe even you know pop to sure we'll count the player in the NBA so if you that then you know he's gonna help the job but. I think she's you know gonna have a career. Isolation score type who can go get his own and fight again if for him should be able to do that you cannot be healthy. And don't ask is there a Donovan Mitchell was draft in the sense of local a late lottery guy who you think can can Stabenow situation and and blossom DC guy out there like Donovan. I love money walker let me guy who I think. Could be that type of guy you know got an independent cheers in college or color. And I think money's gonna need time in that regard I had a injury you know kind of going into the future and I think we're sort of a little bit. But I mean we're talking my guys almost 65 of the six love we expanded to shoot on the move inch is explosive and space I think he's gonna get better NBA player when he was college. Now life good thing because he he told June that he doesn't believe the earth is flat. But he does believe it's an illusion. He had to get that another what. That's a new one. Yeah he's either very very it's just been KD beat a great kid honestly you. You sound very you know forward thinking and it has I think different theories on things outside of basketball but. You know what it's me or it must count big guards in the draft. And downed power lines here Jalen brown a little bit in terms of you know it is personality when he was coming out. I think June got you know who was knocked a little bit for. You know sometimes. Having shots than anything of that nature trick maybe not that degree but. So I think you guys who couldn't you know really really blossom in mid level regardless of his off court shots. Mike I got one more for you if you're sit there for and the guys the John Mark just talk about Rafah border Aden dodge it's all those guys and you're looking Jim Jackson did grosans. Do you take care right there safe pick right there or the bulls off in your seventh wanting to come up to four do you take the bulls' six. I would say Jerry Jackson I think you know he's the top three. Talent in this draft it and I if you know follow Memphis some looking for a young guy who kind of fits the modern NBA and did you Williams cleared in the draft you have pedigree so. I think you detect. What Bagley is I mean offensively you'd say it's hard not to love. But you can you look at his block numbers right or at less than a blocking game he's never. Probably going to be you're rim protector in this new NBA what do you think about Marvin back with. I like Marvin. You know I I'd definitely has some questions about. The defense did impacting and impacting more than just in terms if you're making other guys better as well but. You know to me EP Connor reminds me either white or rich man's junk tolerance. Or there's a little on maariv varying terms of like. I think you know Omar was explosive movement and they're an aggressive score maybe not always an elite absurd defender. But a guy just based on his explosiveness in touch and scoring and basically you only intent on any given night. So I think he's gonna be that type of guy any you know he has this agility could get better defensively it's just it's something he's never had to do. So are there there are some lacking thinks there might sound but to me I would prefer Janet Jackson type. Got my medical awesome man thanks for low slice your brain man. Our guys appreciate it like you Debbie is Mike Schmidt NBA draft that was four. ESPN. Very busy do by the way I read a report today he from the ring your. Kevin O'Connor who said despite a recent report we talked about last last week on Friday. Looking at right now. Because it sounds like they're never an arsonist bigger player if well and we know they're loved and Jeff's engine so they may and down the back. They're taking your life that you are you the more we talked MBA oh general Ed Randall now. You do I go zero Lloyd there's guys know being one down he Donald drop it and sound like Ali and the experts love him too well that's hard might say he thinks he's top three I hope they go into a mental work how a rich man's John Collins is a great compares a minute I'm on the but it's a wrong spears and the like for Bagley yeah I wouldn't want that a while like the Margaret better yeah later you are of that today marks our lives rich -- judge Collins snow banks passable. But yeah doesn't know of Jens they're for the student loan I have no like that's what I've I've I've two months ago operated on that that night he says that mighty beautifully I thought I had so much conviction about like low light in this draft you know but the more and more I think about edges of Mike John Kerry perhaps the plot never. It's gonna what you do well draft discount what everybody does is they had this question everything about myself what I try to put a hole and lower what do you can't let everybody's poking holes in their about it it's easy to do right now that's what this time a year since then the more I think about Bagley is just like that point nine blocks per game well he's got the T Rex I'm and you tell mom put me he's really got to Denmark's gonna teach him. Now that will help him. The fact that mark and Mike made a good point he is athletic enough. It's not like he's slow right he's athletic and loved and moves. Quickly enough lateral league that he can become a better defender Jimmy didn't he medical reports it asked to do that now it you know you're at duke. AJ figured out for whole season there. Yards short not a big shot blocker you have that stops Rio. But he can get better like I walls are resort not draft and top five if you think he's out of your defense it would be foolish to pray our normal short. Well that's why don't believe in him as an NBA prospect he sixteen with a 63 wingspan. He's going to get eaten alive and well aren't as moderate as long as Sony's burly six Wannstedt 6361. Would what does that say and do you dominant shoot sixty aria. Which I guess as well not every every plane in sandals led by duke 61 though there sudden I got his downtown you can drive tree on your own peril. I just don't think we're Lou Dobbs I'm rooting translates. It does but I like what he's going to be he is the question like to see where he is not everybody else step step step and that's just not gonna be gonna tell you what he's all Mandela's ton of threes do he might shooting translates radio will never be an off shoot and pass there's a place for usually. But I'm I'm I'm called on him that's the one guy that I would avoid at all cost that's just me. I will come back Jimmy will gonna join us at Wellesley viable talking NBA draft with him thinking lawsuit. At 125. Back in a minute Jason and Jon and attitude at a ME SP at. Graham and I didn't want. All very good guy he's a guy needs any of these. No chance to win 100000. Any season coming up. Hello. 29 FA ME SP. Imagine celebrating all month and enjoying everything that makes this city special we just welcome the whole world in your backyard cookout but now it's time for us to grill implement the so original so were kicking off grilling season. 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They're the free time in a row winner of the Marshall feels Memphis most best mattress store the nomination round 2018 started. They're upfront afford again please go to McChrystal starts common nominate them thank you and your four years in a row John Martin launched almost a disease. Is 479 B Kirby. Went ten that road if the course around the next I would feel Jordan called directly six nights if sixty tiller under I. We're back there's been done any threat if any yeah SP and we have been talking all morning long about the possibility. Of who could dodge it falling. To the grizzlies at number afford Jason has come around on Luka dodge that I have come around on Luke Donald is just fall at some point you're just you your. Yeah you're talking about production. And there's just that. You know I don't think it's. An accident that this kid who's nineteen years old as as achieved all of these things right. He's gonna for the NBA and in LB of bombing I don't think the pores in Houston do that that's that's the difference right in asking your I think the only question and we talk about his media guys about Luke is. Hal how good he can be. Right the floors good which nobody will be good ride but how good can he ultimately be you know or does things what I've gained enough. Right for the post mark in my bag correct and that's and he beat that I'm sure you evaluate that as as if he's there for. Go ahead and pre ordered doctors to seize he's going to be Chris. Art so we talked about it before. Before we got to go on. And that is who we lost a good man over the weekend as a base loves big storm at the right now. As the grisly traffic it's that they are always camps that are coming out. It's just talk. We lost an incarnation of him yet over the weekend. We've had him. How has he been here 22 years twelve to 22 years we've had when we've had a great privilege. Of being able to read Jeff call. At least at least for a time those days are over. So he can stop blob on the radio we know you all how he can definitely in their place stuff on meridia he'd rather area. And I need him and always listen and others will come back to him in any Jeff he allowed. A lot and that's okay Betty yeah there was an it was a weird spot for everybody the only. Game one they got okay you know I already announced that just yet sensitive time and you made it you made it you basically you're OK okay and then seeing though you had to scoop him. Saw you tweeting about it over the week Andrew you I they've come all stop commercial appeal wrote wrote about it. When our Friday before I Twitter number what did you write though YouTube you hinted to is some extra info and virtually no resistance this EA even said that they sedate then he's moving on to pursue new journalism opportunities about all we reported I don't Friday and going and not say we're a much added some information as well he's like your new channel. Or no pact on all of us who knows where you don't you jump the gun about it OK okay not ever I mean I have no idea what the guys jealous. We're gonna go home. Yeah got a flyer blogs here in Memphis we know that can we nail down what were too Smart man or he's got to come block or really rather not he's got a couple out of Smart city may have visited. Got a chance. Brad they're the ones that Bob yes what do you think it's a coincidence they broke the news. What are you talking about you gotta Smart they Memphis or go to one vicious flyer. So I losers throughout ridiculous I though there's 2000 delivered always go and he beat the not announced on a show and a room. Then so aren't are more than enough that. Our let but will be Dillard are you get a break and is on Asia now I don't know how do you want to get as though I'm not gonna do that it's not my place to do what man who's in the that we Bora camp. White made news in Memphis we break that. Yeah bass well I just I'm not hooked up about all of our Hawkins can't shoot basketballs so we we don't we don't regarding that we're here we're gonna let him. Do it on his arm out what do whatever you write from what do we sent him about while I mean let's that it is definitely the end of an era. You know and that sounds cliche. But immediate viewer if you grew up in Memphis and you love sports there was one man who you could now wait to read the next day. And that was that was just amid a big series that was a Calkins every. Well how many of us have the Tennessee article caught out in in our highs absolutely. I mean that's why I was meant literally priced either framed or put up in a book in in your favorite you know or newsprint product that's out got it went home almost of that I read as a kid yes I mean how many of us have that article autonomous kamikaze on after the jump did I see when I'm gone using the restroom and bathrooms all of a town it's framed is that if that cards that caucus column from Tennessee it's all over is easier this literally a staple and that column has been a stable but it's not just that women's. As he. As he whim went through this morning I mean there have been thousands of thousands and and and what I hear it hears it you know because I don't have any flowery prepared. But here's what may just so great right we trusted him with our stories and because we did it because he told them so well. He became us he became Memphis and I think that's why did the only listening to just talk about Memphis and and talk about why he successfully is successful because of the people that trust absolutely and he when he took that trust right. And he told that sort beautiful. And and that's why we love him that's why he became Memphis our voice for Memphis says he told our stories and he told them in the best way possible death and no one could have told them better. Period don't get told about it. The one thing about it I was also minute job admin he was in he will continue to be what Israel and have always passing alone well I'd that bird this version is dead ever okay we're talking about the version is dead correct to have that version is dead I will say that we have homes out there or the one thing I've always admired about Jeb is. Not only did you know I don't know why it's good to get emotional and I thought they thought I mean it's not going to be are you okay. Now yes I'm fine unhappy louder clothes you guys are already said my tears broke. Party said by two years two years ago when I left do you remember that. I was about. Not I think god did this that they admire most about Jeff. Who's our weather is is that he knew what to write. And wind to ride in an honest I'm gonna get any innate skill for that incident with the CIA popping mom's better and I'm not sure. If you wall. V I don't know I don't know if he'll be able to still have that in his in his new life I just can't. I don't know I don't know that carries outlook for eons from you know prop man among Amtrak and cut good and that's one of the things I always always you know loved duds such writings which may or may not continue who knows I don't know. Who can tell. Who can ever his writings continue he said Adam he did give that away at aka I have what we wanted to do. Don't know if earn around town to do this but wouldn't do care Monday met. What would you like this at Jeff has been has moved Ali's is different life now this. Incarnations dead its debt and and we would we don't have any other night you as you said he kind of covered the gamut today. Rhetoric that there's really nothing else we can add that would be better than what Jeff said about Jeff metres was terrible and I've got. I mean you you know you just minding woods hackable yeah about that are totally right I thank you know you don't like what to write in when the right court stuff simple man. Brevity is soul of wit. Okay what we would like to do is give you an opportunity to say your own peace. About Jeff Hawkins as a commercial appeal journalist because those days are over those days are over. And that version of Jeff is is dead so far I think 53776. By after five ESPN if you had any thing you would like to say about Jeff into jet after the CA Jeff it's in the casket. What would you like to say it. Now the issue to see if if if anybody has anything what if no one call well. That will be a sad case study recession. Though it's. It really is maybe we should have thought about this before we walked in the would have no one call Nissan may they say nice things about well maybe they won't get rid maybe there are also intimidated by. How do you follow Jeff on jail for. No there's nobody had better talk about Jeb than Jack. Like he was so good for two hours on Jeff. We can't say anything the topic we have a call we have a call my dad's out and it's Jeff. It's digest its sides how about everybody who's ever did six. By the five ESPN what would you like to say about Jeff while it's Toby. Let's go to Toby Toby you're on. Capable lawyer. Is we now know he's a great columns I enjoy reading I wish you terms in the CA. Number no where and it just that are harder to expand a little bit. Be theater he embraced fascinating. If you did know he was a permit that you would it not sort wrecked on the bus on the way that you wrote about. Number two world.