Jason & John Hour 1 (5/16/18)

Jason & John
Wednesday, May 16th

Talking NBA Draft/Grizzlies Picking 4th in the open plus joined by ESPN's Tim McMahon in Hour 1 to talk NBA Playoffs/Draft 


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To put it all on one and it's not Chris Wallace John Mark we know is always that's it cheap. You had an opportunity yesterday. To pray for your city and for your city to get a one pick and youth denied it. That opportunity you said no we got four. If thankful for what we got enough time I'm sorry your response I regret every you're responsible I regret everything. As a matter found prayer works as a matter of fact we have to be taking a swing we didn't it was. The war it was the worst. So we're blaming you it was the worst hour of my life. I was yeah there because those of that was a terrible chauffeured to start right like it was we don't know it later we're doing commercials should have been that long and they rehearse. Gosh I debate did they talk about anything they were going to do before the show. Bring back Jalen and I mean before about Hale's news that now we've got the eight at least they cut him off a music Talladega nights yes where everybody where Will Ferrell says I don't know what to do in my hands. Yes that's how I feel like bodyguards was last night everybody thought it was law only you know you just like. Now is it it'd surge policy or a player for. LeBron James. And then Soledad whose look and notes on my T yeah yeah admittedly it's a small thing. And then we got cut short an animated de LA parenting today it'll look like he should have votes is like. The last three they just ran there's you know I don't know she'd I don't know in my ability or LA Daniel I knew I mean we brought the matter how hard you knew this thing you're glad she she introduces everybody my boy idols right. For the first twelve picks spends time interviewing them Boston and Elton Brand does know about five minutes on him it was good lord knows she goes. Now. Wrapped Brazilian team get. The. Dallas Mavericks hey Michael finally anyway. Like this does is as the end though it was. Look like they got they got pressed for time I don't run blast that the Fed well don't do interviews in the middle of the introduction that's stupid well I don't have don't have an hour long span we all know what it's doing Madani and the commercials and all that but the thing is be thirty minutes at tops no class move through it yes absolutely so. And Obama descendant of having the the one. We would have said the same thing on if they got a number one pick salute are usually get on Saturday let's do it elevenths when he fiber and talked and admitted ESPN they love and covers MBA we'll talk about the night. That was for the Memphis Grizzlies he also. Is near the Dallas Mavericks who thugs and about that a little bit as there were rockets go right or two yet he has a clear about the playoffs. A bomb at 1225. Were to be joined by duck Zairian and ESPN. He he covers. The sports game. Yes and as an anchor or does as he's he's obviously. It is A it is a watershed time for that we'll talk about all that at 1225. At 1 o'clock out of our three will be joined by the may year were really a matter of our mayor of the city that's the bright minds and our mayor Jim Strickland Pritchard politics to decide for just a minute that. And talk to mayor strictly with animals before right I believe we have lost to get to with Mary Strickland obviously that it's at its of its a great time if you just put aside last night. It's a great time for Memphis sports that is true you know because you have for the most part that is true Memphis basketball is back with Penny Hardaway would. I'll check you've got an AAF team common check there will be quarterback by Ronnie Ferguson. Mound for the checked there yet it's come about you don't say that will be coached by Mike Singletary check. All right all fine and you got Memphis tiger football all point. Check you got a US sell soccer team common. Sure it's common to our votes and check its common. And in the grizzlies are are are still there they're still in town. They have not moved as yet check. Accord occurs meant rough so yeah outs yet yet. Yeah but so it's it's a good time to be a bit to sports may have certainly isn't that sports but yet so we're talking about all of that. I will keep Detroit talk to a minimum. It's been a tough time for trolleys when I think about those ranks. Tickle it took less than oh he took less than a week I don't like you know around the bay guarded there are I think the competition is thought that they could have applauded by a solid what's the I'm very ran over that thing I mean he really did. And then you get the big. In the folks when I leave the trolley and you know you re on to the gym and there don't they dig at settlement you'll get the tickets. Whoever they try it you'll get to take and they did revise fact that it. So we're kind of slowed this sale great from the truck and drive no doubt heard hundreds of Strickland at 1 o'clock I don't want what about gay pairs gonna join us. Live from about beautiful resort in Florida. It has lots of good it is. Is that even on vacation off from my job is not using vacation days you know he's just there and all right so we're about Gary Parrish. At once retirement jealously from our open is my draft has the grizzlies taking Michael Porter junior okay so we will look bad bet that in targeted data with that yes on you saw way asset of mossy yet -- you set up in your seat are I love this search search selection today kind of like a silk. Like day after the draft you know your oh good it's better than yours. I got a lot of LeBron James not all you're done as wore short sleep tight shirts and you've got your tattoos are getting a little ridiculous because no one can see you would hear I'm sorry except me and it there this had a good time and where LeBron James shirt. Because it's they're down 02. In there are over it's over I don't across the 90 no now at home in the post and it's unbelievable I think of what was third at their record is something and Allie when they go to lower playoffs there's no like undefeated data that although they have lost so. That that may well be it for the bronze at. They went. Big show today looking forward to we'll also take your cause it's her reaction on let's go to our evening. For the show the people want to hear from the people grizzlies but we have done. We have the moment last night oh gosh we do this and Coca. We have they finally got through it again our happen if I got to a this is this is the moment when not at all came crashing down let's do it again for the Memphis Grizzlies. The fourth pick in the 2008 team NBA draft goes to. Go to this prison. So the grizzlies have fallen out of the top three. Live yeah. Okay. Yeah. Yeah okay now. That is dog. What movie is that wedding singer. Good lord that is dark. Well hey it's not that bad. Again it's it's it's not that it is not is the first only came in my mind my is not you were screaming last not as bad as it could have been ready to finish you knew this was coming you settles concept whereas Amazon yesterday were favored in the South Korea worst pick they could have gotten. So it's not the worst but it's far from the best. It's the second worse they could've done. Now Chris Wallace spoke to use several media members yesterday Doug took over on the phone policy Geoff Calkins on the telephone. And my understanding. And you can even hear it from from from Chris what I hear from groups. Is that they are excited about this. They really imagine that they really liked the fact that they got the number four pick they were excited when they couldn't very Tariq a minute are you excited about whatever. Oh you think they're just an excitable organization until we won't tell you I aside and look I'm saying that right. But I sat here and told you yesterday. And in part it's just common sense but five. I told you what Chris Wallace said not very different position because of the guys I've got group one through four. I thought five. Your dad was what we got we just went through the tears yesterday that's right that's where it's witch's tit for me that's where the tear changes so what he said an error by saying well you spin it like he always does write to me. I think this is right right now. If they got your Jackson had thought or who which I don't. Okay that that's that's why are part ways right at it that's who they think is a top tier talent and so there's five or more than right minds different so that that's where we part wreck but I think I'm I'm with him if you're in top four you're still okay and that's why you can that's why you're saying last night you know put the garden are they willing to listen you guys -- -- can be okay if you guys don't agree Dow on the top four I do not you think well you tell me that aired from listen you guys Jeff everybody else. Seems to me like they feel like you're jacksons and atop. I'd say don't I got my snowboard I've made on May sixteenth the date is gonna be Darren Jackson dinner key to blow it may. I was in August and today I was yes yes I am saying that I am saying the pit is going to be Jerry injected. I tied up you tell can you talk of a lot of people they will tell you that the grizzlies. He really got our client our respective roles are you know territory are respected journalist. You know at different actually really good we are not given that lineup today and David have a nickname. Now because he's got to be a grizzly upon his name and JJ JER hurdles say there's more to find out how come up with an abbreviated versions will easier to say. You know. Jayshree. Now I know I now taken on I go down with a lot of minutes with me now O'Donnell has limited his production and say that he is not a good player. And that he is not gonna tell you he's not a good player not stupid okay. Like I'm gonna tell you that I don't think he's the future potentially the future face of of a franchise possibly. I think there's a limited upside with him I know everybody says he's young he's got his outside and play on both ends that dude is a piece. Our agree and it's another Michigan State big gas well okay there's a couple of there Zach Randolph people been looking for that for years and years eight and drain mongering you can make an argument angrily a big love that that's more small forward in big and that yes I would say this though we got one of those he's not BS names DD he's not he's got another shot a 103 easier to OK so he's got one more skill than DD. Well it goes out and the reason Disco it is a big skill but he's a piece job and what I'm telling you is with with Michael Porter junior. You and I both know this plan look real shaky right now on this planet you at one time endorsed. Right and not blow it up plan keep it together for as long he can't keep the ship afloat. You and I both those income Thom Beers and when Marc Gasol in my current part of its menu so major Jackson's the gaga yards in each of his I think no I I don't know I'd go get I don't wanna employ James Lester Michigan State ID is not a Dominick dude ending up with the number four pick blows a big hole into the plane. It is. I mean a player we have said most analogous yeah you know I want these agents and I was right. While bomb wait Null will wait till that day I was hoping they would get a top two pick I got that. And they did it. And they did not and they end up with a portrait now. I am not endorsing the DJ three pick. Right I wanna make that distinction is reporting that that's I just believe that's what it's going to dwell on the open border can change their minds between now and then so let me that's when I'll let me it would just work it out guys and girls should tell it a maggots they change their mind. Maybe. Open your mind a little bit cannot try please. Jerry Jackson junior averaged ten in sixth. For the season at Michigan set a nominal speak sort of but if you can instance if you extrapolate those numbers doubts and over forty minutes ago the average twenty intent. And five and a half blocks on the season did he was what six and twelve. I don't remember what his product and I heard this morning John doe sixteen a twelve or 49 or not far off Jerry and shattering the 40% from three I did it that's the difference between the news conference in a Big Ten. Over forty minutes. 22 a nine and six and a half blocks. So he's a like the Jihad colleagues outlook of deduct argue he's got a sac okay I'm not president's latest news well I think not I think. His biggest skill set and what he brings to you most immediately. Is his ability to block shots and protect the rent another four. Now for the Memphis Grizzlies that may not excite. I can tell it does not excite you. You don't you want out you want somebody boatload of strange dog has lost a couple more about how big he was formerly NC double determined on how loaded they were right so so things got spread around and that would mean why guy would have you know. Our low stat line it is not an unimpressive that orbit. I mean he was huge former it's about now at six and forge on and eighteen minutes and then. I was fit to play against Syracuse wow you've got absolutely a monster and the NCAA tournament when it Karen moats did not matter say as the beast I'm not saying he had a great year I'm not saying that at all and you guys are telling me that this is going to be the compliments. Best case scenarios is a dual running that's what NBA draft and that says I don't I don't see it. I didn't say I. Admitting he's gonna rebound he had six double digit rebounding games all season at six gold ovals at her four and a two stats really nothing to you guys. I just like to see a gamer to reflect the best player on the floor Donna in looks that's where they're about to those that fire for him in Michigan State but again though you look at it I mean he is nineteen years old he sent a letter I don't wanna spend a lot of time because on the wishing to be in the killing him because I know he's a good player what I would tell you is that for me you had a preference yes. And a little difference but but obviously it has it comes with a huge risk and here's what's got to happen. Mike's got to show everybody that backs are right that's why he's doing this comeback. You've you've got to see the medical's and feel good throughout your odds are gonna get all that information if you don't like it. Get out. I'm not telling you to take a look for the medical's a bad we've done that before now down back all the way out. But if he is their Jon there's some people that believe it two years ago before the back. He was hands down you'll be the number one pick in this draft divorce any bit about the number one pick in last year's draft yet okay. This guy is a potential game changer a potential Kevin Durant a 610. Weighing. OK I. This this franchise as we know needs wings. And again yes this all rests it all does on his back and whether it's gonna be okay but remember. Two will indeed but still that is 76 super patient with him up even if the gusted to yell even if you wanna be careful sits out for year. The upside with him far greater. Then share in cash I would this is what are you outside so much this is where I agree zinc is ten wing that can score from everywhere. Now you hate the the plane in but the played at the plan if the plan is to give back to the playoffs next season. Jerry Jackson does not help you there. I think Porter helps you more planned now I'm I've got to take a few more plan now and plan later I agree with you 100% you do you know he he he helps you. Plan now she went to the voters of course I'm still there's no question about it at the boring and une. And do I think that Jerry Jackson is going to be better than competent as a rookie probably not. So you've already got a got that established. And you don't have a dependable wing right now outside duo Brooks home so yes. Michael portage your elderly law via health healthy helps yes that's a big question. Just to give you a little bit of you because you I was in a while miner was. Medicine at the university met yet so. Michael Porter Jeter got a micro dissecting. Which is basically it's a minimally invasive. Back surgery to remove. Herniated discs Dwight Howard had yet and it can cause leg numbing and and and pain near LA that's not good for he would you nineteen year old yet Michael Porter junior couldn't even sit on the bench. Because of this there where he got sort of that scared he got the operation. Port on my investing millions in any did about web franchise that has already got some cost Intel apart and I was there is something that. If if Jeff Parsons doesn't exist as a Memphis Grizzlies is easier we're probably not even talking about it it's like draft Michael Porter junior take the swing. But they've already miss on one big swing can you do it again. And that's kind of just where I that's the only hesitation that I got an exit at. When we on the stock plan and things that I am safe from the front and go out and do something I would check is I say totally wasn't that if Wright but we all agreed yeah it was a chance yet to take it didn't work out that doesn't mean you got to play it safe the rest of the way John. Look what you are as a franchise out Ewing close to the top Andre is going to have to change drastically. And you guys didn't say it is but for clarification we all hope that one of those eight and Don chick or Bagley Alston number four well we held but I do what I hope more than anything else is that by the end of this process EU can correctly pronounce his name. Don showed you don't have to now because of an argument Don (%expletive) yet doesn't matter anymore when I again that is now he's gonna to smear his name is going to be a king who caters. It and it can't you know in the suns take a now the guns are getting. Deer fox a just god we need Atlanta to mess up. We need to let just say they follow woods' victory I don't now that's what your bank and I was out the base of the lateral loads Magglio yeah match I think about is that it's going to be whoever it's dodge it or or and and dodges will not last so it will be back and unfortunately. And so yeah the no I I think I agree with ISI with you on then the right now what you need more then. I kids this is what I could see I can CJ three in five years being a very good player for somebody being a red protect our average in light. Fourteen and eight. It's been a solid player you know the real or for. Now the Doral authored it quite that. But debt might be as floor assist that's that's around is four after they act more Darrell Arthur and Abdul Rahim. Beaten us one thing and and do you think Michael Porter junior if LP is transforming it now he's got to blow me away in the workouts with the back I got a fully believe it right and here's the other thing. Tell me if I'm crazy. I'd rather take the bulls seven and what is it 22 yeah for before then take Jerry Jackson right there. Because maybe I can get some light seven. But this story. Maybe you saw bill is how low yet or maybe might it or call us back to seven there's a possibility Michael Porter would fault is that you don't measures there's a possibility you not want to pick next year's protected right hospice gonna go to Boston. You need as much as you can get now would maybe you turn someone else's belief that Michael Porter it looked you have someone else in the draft believes Michael Porter is going to be a game changer maybe you don't maybe you'd like to medical may do you use that. Let them come up to what you can get somebody dressed watch out yet you're still all right is that they could Jerry Jackson won't be there. But it got a lot more to Detroit won't either. I don't think they'd be right I'm seller I that's how much I want no part of Janet Jackson he doesn't help you exactly right now. And I'm not sure he helps you down the road when this things one when you finally have admitted to yourself yet push the reset button which we all those common inevitable. And that's what you've got left him in Dillon Brooks and not on me. I mean you're Jacksonville Ambrose is on enough. I think if you're you've got some options to do that trade with Chicago though you got the part of the player. They would just do give you 22 in and seven what they believe Michael forging is so yeah you say they would you ship it off. I don't think they can trade account Parsons contract. They just can't get off that I don't think there's any of that I wished her luck would somebody tell me why have the bulls believe Michael porter's in his game gender. But he's the next Kevin Durant and really it's just move up three spots that's. I'm out if what they do that. Without a play about it when I think he's in that top full range you think you'd think they would we got a bunch of young guys and you know what what what are we gonna get it wanted to we got a bunch of those. Young guys rightward. We need us we need a superstar they believe that that's what he is. I'm not telling you don't do it while soldiers that I'd rather do that. Pretty bad I got out there and Jackson did is get as many assets as Stanford team that. Quite frankly needs as many as as it is is indigo people don't think there's any chance that Jerry Jackson. I'm also I'm on a hot I'm with you right now on your reporting and everybody else that says that that's what this franchises right now bordered on tight and I hope that that that they change their minds of some draft rolls around that's well. Did you could you believe Margaret juniors just going to try and change your keys do you think he carries the possibility. There's changing a franchise whereas you do not think that possibility exists at all to Jaipur. Correct that's fair that is completely fair. Now I wonder how much of this is sort of clashing with. And then trying to Eddie Eddie here in abide by the plant. I wonder about that because they may think that Jerry and is the kind of guy you can just plug in. And don't want to back subject at all he takes he takes. Big plays next to mark that's going digital playoffs get what are they can't believe he helps them right now. It's added to the point that okay he's a no brainer to take it for I mean does that to everybody says this guy's a project it's gonna tell you we're gonna be a starter right whoever you take it for is to be you know our chairman and you invest in their they're you have. Opportunity you have how well as this franchise they don't wing or tell me in his dudes that it's 62 and it bad backs healthy he could be KB. All right I was I was in my last Osama high school instead he's terrain ish yes but you really six tin and he's got a clip earlier. Anywhere on the floor and scored got to get better off the dribble. All right got to get stronger just like every other taken here defensively he's gonna have some issues. That's just about ever pick in this draft that they're he's got a chance to change that tends to change a franchise the only guy that I'm actually worried about defensively astray our. I don't like Lee Blake like fatally worried about. Defensively straight I think you'll beauty and we'll see what happens are grim talk to McMahon when we come back and then after we get done with the demand we're gonna take your calls. 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It paid off for Phoenix are right why did it pay off for the grizzlies. They didn't ask the resolute detail about what notable drop to cut off. Yeah I mean. The thing that I admire the most him is that even in what clearly is a defeat. Chris Wallace's very happy Healy is projects happiness he seems to be happy about that development. Well look at those local approach a total suddenly people who have second overall pick things. Wanted in the fourth overall pick you know me still bad but it's not like. Could be uterine brain. Similar to say maybe it was karma. From Memphis and Dallas for there to find out the. It is that are made Seattle slew over ricochet. Where you'll. Get actual war takers. A bucket of extra security yeah. It is well you know what's interesting is that now that. Obviously the grizzlies got the second worst pick they got a gotten you have some a magazine a lot yet some people admit this and it. This is this is why you don't tank it's not worth the tape and to bat right. You'd say okay won't would you rather have the fourth pick a word that ninth or the tenth time. You know so like yeah of course of course it matters you know if you're the importance of the trip. Well I'd look if you don't get a clearer for. You you've got a bad job do you believe Zain. I had really. I think what we're probably talking about. Although exactly. Origin of Jack's federal mobile and they all know. You know what pure to those guys that are in terms of how the group you'd like more local. Let me look good if if you draft up there that create that. All of you pay for you won't be able to get a guy who issue you know it is not a franchise players at least our long term foundation. Tim do you think the top three is pretty much locked and some combination of DR Dre and look at darts it's Marvin Bagley. You talk to block him although the top three I got I think would put those three big biggest bitch of a kind of a little. It netstat next two year and you know and I think that's going to be a matter. Kind of individual team preference there and I think those street as repairmen are grouped together and there'll be just CP you'll languished until. Tim are you of the belief though at least with Michael Porter. You know he's not top four top five. That you wouldn't you ask. I think when you talk about boxer or 30 yeah Netscape scary. All patriots do you Odyssey. At this time last year there there was talk about it it was too important overall pick. All at each baby like that it didn't work out so good as it was kind of orchestrate packet to. Talk our conversation. And actually you're gonna lose everything. Especially through the grizzlies franchise and turn you down by a by injury you know can you really dad Michael Porter junior. All right medical risk grows usually I don't think could be. Yeah I don't treat very clearly. Welcome what are gave little bag is something or do. So attempt obviously I eat you know well that the plane in Memphis as basically bend to commit to Marcus hall Mike Conley and and hopefully with Mike back healthy and a little bit more stability. With the coaching situation. And add a top five top four pick that they can get back in the playoffs. The do you think that last night's development blow a hole in that plan given that if it's Jerry Jackson junior. You know I don't know if he's the kind of guy that's going to catapult you right back to the post season whereas maybe an eight nor Don since I was more equipped to do that what do you make of that. Yeah I mean I don't I'm not old neighborhood local bass player you all are probably etc. you don't triple or. I think the worst seat should be read daily tee it doesn't debate that. Do we build it. All. I think they should look in the phone called command and I don't I think they should listen to people are nutrition markets fall Arnold. You know I especially look they're probably gonna go put a bigger strapped. Will leave you want stronger there were hurt her. I mean you can sort of the case should there'll be a scorer Paul. Can agree you've got a great ball spinach. But again I mean I don't know what is actually best case scenario here. I used to be giving the play also expect our wars rockets. And that's it doesn't exactly obviously pure. It's full closure dual players probably. Don't. Tim's been saying it for. Well the longest that I've been right there within John Maher and I'm glad he's standing in the back cinematic assault unit media scrum with Dan Tony and I know you tweet out a quote from and tell me if I'm wrong he looked and sounded pretty defensive he's Boggan tired of being asked about about his team's. You know mostly I saw offensive style does he have a right to be Tim and even if he does does he still had to adjust something. All you know what it's funny my dad told me. Being that it should provide so all those so prepared so we could actually cut the daily commute via. Here's where is right it is the best way should he could play. I'm BJ absorb the best social player in liege. And it if you look at the numbers. The deal was ridiculous. And Matt he looked each buyer like almost four purposely. It is that I support some deficiencies off the charts. I hated terms as a you know how are usually guys some guys want to lose Jennings or Chris Paul that the way they play at all. And being totally didn't stay down to find out a way to get some easy buckets or get farther away it is it. We shouldn't build competitive out hunger there that you made the best I'll speak their BA history. Biggio and finally get English so. They have been the one thing they weren't able do all a lot of college unusual soccer peachtree 03 shots for other guys. That didn't happen. How in game wore a sign execute quick orders. And outs of that happening James organize single shift would do to treat quarter. I don't go this way they can suggest that. Well just from the rockets computer error or just don't which differ. Aware of the case may be. But it terms or scrap it that the entire scholar got the 650 yeah of course conference finals about that laughter do you OSHA. You watch so much growth of some of great basketball do you get to see when you come let's just curious from a from a personal standpoint when do you ever get disappointed watching. Are not know how Brady's offense with but his effort level on the defensive end and how lacking it is sometimes just for you watching as the does it does it does it disappoint should how much does it hurt them. Especially against the elite teams like this summer and it hurt the other not. You know what if he's actually date. Clutch pedal down your the other didn't reputation won't be if you look at light. Post up defense. It is if you actually been released. Now the other night packing heat he had more icing as a decade now. It's about the rockets. Skaters they were extreme bias so that I got it or really have to carry it. Most of I don't know some peace we have regulatory keep poised a lot of of course he's in our. Soledad absolutely carry him that I and it is not at community. To play defense and he had lived up. All the aliens so often but yeah I thought he had that reputation there appears they're there. You're the low light real blood registry look we've actually been that followed you on because this year I don't get awarded general. Understand that if they expend so much it is curiosity soon took advantage absolutely confident that I objected to it and it. Tim do you think that is usually can get a game I mean I don't think they're winning an oracle can't can they get game two. You know what ha ha you're popular guy in particular rocket. Flew. More than yeah. Well I'll adjust that. But yet that it they get it to I don't think this is going to be these shooters the wars are actually it's a decent experience. Luka so you can Houston bound I mean obviously they have great players every day starting Chris Paul click felt so you think they bounce back from. Well had to be and now a demoralizing game one. Yeah. There's no question look that would. So they huge punch of the game. Four little pockets but I would I don't think this is fatigued useful well and all might be proved wrong about it. But I I don't get the community to just got to you know get sponsored indirect roles or. Tim if you were typically done the Mitchell Jason's I didn't start of the franchise which those teams take would you take and you've seen a lot of Donovan Mitchell is here. Yeah I think it off I'll take it down to it shall. And you are saying that Odyssey came into it excludes. Only Jeanne Moreau. A day which it should dictate how well they don't the Celtics are asking to be able future parents came here to market this year earlier quarter be so ridiculously good. Personal wall on Paul and I I think don't officials could hit it beat a top five players week as. Obviously tablet on the U you know he's so all the way through. He he looked this year. He's just as. Like the idea you gotta be faced the franchise in terms of charisma you know personality. Work ethic in adult care for all those kind of things. And he's got her own as an impact kid responds. To challenge you believe crunch time or you're it'll play all did the kid. We're used to do you respond in general you give some as you keep your would be absolutely phenomenal for in the next 1250. It certainly looks like he's got the chip on the shoulder of other players what to make some kind of gives you that Westbrook. A kind of approach are Cleveland dunce and what you saw last night you saw that Tina walked off the floor got nothing basically from. From anyone not named below vote Korver and and LeBron James a they'd done they gonna come back when to a Cleveland make this a series against. There when you wasted forty poor little or double or. I still won't change it bottled. I do change incapable. Of iron is digging it'll get a couple of people. They look at that happened to be kind of road games and I are considered tell you a little bit blown. Could we do came back from 31. Down to refine its. Wait a little slow and I can't simply inserted all of but I have. JR's I mean he's got to get some JR's good enough and image you see. You cannot get it is. Forty point triple blow beat feet by double digits. I guess. I don't since then is they are really good as we LeBron James in Houston does that make sense Syria. It's a beard makes sense of the rockets I don't see how it would old law. Right right on the world you don't. That we've ever been I hope it doesn't. Can't see them I can't see big big big. Lou good Ryan Anderson not so much as soon as what we're. Aren't. Mica. It's going to be and staying especially I can't imagine. If you're LeBron going back to Cleveland that is. They almost anything sounds better than than that with that roster so should be very actually tell you all and appreciate the time of the we appreciate so thank you is Tim McMahon covers NBA for. SPN. And welcome back. And is now with an unfortunate but why oh yes he has there's no question about those like it's too late at this point oh yeah we're we're all at this point I'd welcome back Jason Jennifer Jennifer and ESP. 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Perhaps it's fitting them that we celebrate dads and grads everywhere by giving them a gift card good any time there's a need to prove. Who's faster son or father you conversed long line and are bound speed dot com. Or in person 639 and I'm Shelby if you drive. They look like you'll spend more money than you did your dad would be proud of he's going to be crowded and gradual thing man that's Smart I. Writes when do Smart things on Obama nor speedway and events where they asked. What are you lace and Ford today all right so the phone lines are already blow enough we haven't even asked for cause yet. It's amazing they're ready to take Michael Porter junior 5353776535. ESPN. Orchard have you pre ordered Jarrett Jack and Judah. DeVon balk whereas probably by thirty big Deborah walker has it gets those jurors and 535 ESPN. 5353776. Now. Oh what do you think and at and for what it what's what would you like to see the grizzlies. Do we go to Josh and he's Memphis Josh your own. Yeah oh sacred job a layup just down my dad. Say the baby Abby and institute the death tumbles portrayed by big fight is. What you do when with the brother. Let me finish the first time we could not look at it couldn't be here this students such a roller coast yeah thank about the beginnings threatening wind. Am partners conference. The channel partner Jane where like all my we're gonna make a play ultra shirt well you know. If it happens if the rest let's say there has been straight down so. What number is you know it is that normal fourteen to be in the playoffs and they get a number. Number portrait ride over all though. And I'll tell you wanna go edict if the back sick out. You do have to go where ordered. Because you know what I thank segment I Manny get real I mean this guy. You know it effect opera man and you yield on the on the perimeter would best. If you know they're like they're ignorant he's my. He's got that that. Let it is not that Gilbert he's got a shot and he can BP movement that the sector when it. Absolutely born in the league you you need bad guys that it's actor right. Yeah you need to gallery you don't fully could be the franchise changer. Absolutely but I intend to actually he got exactly what he would be one hell of cornerstone of the Tibetans and he got a great mind. Goal on every good transition it seems so it can't or however that situation and I ate some more about quarterback you can picture excel I want counselor work out the this typical you. He's been you been doing this stuff his whole life man he's he's known as one of the best one on one I mean if he would teach an old man yeah it no doubt about so. You know I'll trade could be happy either way man. Just like download thanks guys across their parliament with your brother five or 53776535. ESP. And we good mood to Hank in midtown Hank you're. I meant on what I'm sorry number I bought it sort of bigger or just back injuries people. Going to be a backer not nearly as serious people bureaucratic or current. The bureau with the doctors and the technology stock or about based you can recover from battle awkward W your credit or I mean. Are currently I don't hold back at that age may be able you're you're a little more apt to recover. Better from a right that is the that is young and are doing this you know it's 45 as opposed to him nineteen right you're you're doing that are leaders and hope that. The recovery process. Is easier. That slogan of America opened them. Folks I mean what would create the possibility of American territory under this order direct. United for I mean I don't just seem I don't try young fits them right now. I just I don't try to I don't think I don't think it's an art. I agree a 100% as order at all. You end up and I'll say this right now I don't think trillions gonna have a great pro career I just don't know why you wanna stand on the songs all eyes that is don't I don't see it. The guy just the second half of that season when I know everybody figured Omaha area on them like and I get on the right in those dudes get on a limited rain break my shooter. Ideas you can shoot pass the leader his voice or his. This lightness of stature worries me. Because he's you know after I debt that is my biggest concern with them like what or how will he be able to adjust to the the musicality of the NBA announced that is physically used to be not like super super athletic either right on exactly you know I feel like he's well he's he's a system quarterback that's how would sort of them have that quick twitch down I don't know I'm not a huge fan let's go to Terrence. In the best part of Memphis AD rally on. Oh. Yeah conjecture and all Michael forty below those guys. Would give us additional time. Does god revealed that now yeah. Hey we might look trademark. Hello world trade might. This it is starting. While we wait Null you've got good character literally put out at first round to Golden State it. Since you push in the blood and rounded up that room. Don't usually so finally. There's been somebody does. Will we got today eleven validated yeah. You guys have like your own language you know you guys have your own form communiques alleges that looks a lot. National different language. It's bad and I'll breads and answer on rob his strong point here. A our saying is we kept the Tate Michael Porter junior writer Bob is still easy up O'Shea a Euro. Rudy Gay chaser outbreak. Chair green note if they ginger inject without and never heard or and so most. I'm with you brother OK we had another Michael Porter junior on our setup an array Arafat. Lot of you don't even consider the fact that he could be Shareef no. Allied with the callers I'm Shareef would have a couple more dominant games at Michigan State last year there now down okay especially retirement but I you either 537765. Or five. 3776. Or go back to back rod is strong we're told just what I saw it pop up again Google backed Iran with a Matt met here on. Iowa Cuomo ya know like 0% while we like I go. Okay our goal at what you plan about mark order could not bigoted back turns out. You know we go a little yes. There reject it Jarrett actually. He didn't seem like he doesn't have that goal kick back there you don't just go out I wanna go dominate the boards. And that's same thing I've seen it DRG daily you know wounded body. Dionte has is no reason why. He shouldn't have a ten or fifteen every barrel. Game you know what Egypt army support the. And then not being with certain amount set for our wood our assessment here maybe trash if people still do that why we're out of Michigan. And you don't ask potential. You know. Or hop medical alongside Michael Porter and can. He may they may get drafted but they're they're shooting guard. The issue add you know maybe give them that you can't or not sure what it may well big name Matthew. But he may not get drafted put maybe he shouldn't he ask a glimpse of the club rather play outlawed do you also. McDonald's all American Chuck Cook Turkey trip certain and then. It is warm more. Player. He's got drafted and Tony toyotas. Or or it's right there permit so it's you you're you're really belong yeah. But it also dominated. Who dominate in all college player there. Bless you know now admit to issues of Scott. You know we're just maybe the bulk resume might be willing to take a chance of OJ astle Chris he had that fire the trouble of its. Initiation. Audience. And in these are dominant player so. Upload now that's all we gotta get some I was there we appreciate the call though Bruce why. Rice won we will pass the message along to Chris Wallace he just wants the special I was assigned Boehner into. Art. We're downward and out around one Dwight David Mario your. So well well look look below our call we appreciate you coming at you back amateur I got three point oh on. Hardball. Good book he beat by go to their urge commentator loud and getting our government an important start but you don't. They engage Chela public Patrick JR Collins lord though the country Erica. Enough already got a hundred billion dollar law although only bit players are Kruger trick or you fight colds might. If you won't repeal don't we look at what I mean I don't. I'm actually I'm a little bit closer. He. Can stay or might do it. The oak. The public is that they're. Open to create an Africa are well. Oh right. And oh tomorrow. The acquisition bit on some of the earth. I got frustrated and I miss Lawson went out of range that we appreciate appreciate the call father of five responsibility though 35. ESP and we got adds a quiz in Bethel groves quiz are on. Know about. And Lou.