Jason & John Hour 1 (5/15/18)

Jason & John
Tuesday, May 15th

Talking NBA Draft Lottery/Grizzlies and more in Hour 1 plus joined by Grind City Media's Mike Wallace. 


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John Mark that we've had circled on the calendar for. Lou all long time brother it is the fifteenth of may which means tonight. Tonight the Memphis Grizzlies will fire now down where they're drafting next month in an all important. 2018 NBA draft draft lottery night Betty we're here we're we're feeling lucky eighth. We're so lucky all right let's go then maybe let's get this picked all right here's a guy. It's about to take you away. It's a class this is true isn't great their loved his role underneath your video show alike. And eleventh 45. Let no blue eyes kind of carry us through film strip talked to Mike Wallace. I felt like Frank Sinatra and Mike Wallace would get along very well be too because their hat game. Is on point we know what I'm not sure who's spent. He always consistently effective. So we will talk to. Mike Wallace at 1145 grind city media about. Just exactly what this night means Chris medics said. The grizzlies franchise the pins on this ground. He's probably right. You could easily think he's right well the next few years do one next few years that constant rush the franchise you know. So we will talk to Mike Wallace about that and 11451145. We're gonna talk to. Bob Ryan look it she didn't all the big commerce well get up every now been elected dip my toe in the pool. We're talking about. Well if that's what the mob riot. Our series alone yes a jury's out on a ball covered came through tonight LeBron vs the Boston. Celtics as we authority has not pressed wood Jason Tatum as we all law. Well here in Memphis you are certainly gonna have that right basketball has its own and eleven are you know that's what we've putted the second we all know and love clay Travis would join us. At twelve day at the five we're gonna talk the clay Travis about. What else sports gambling intruder. That seems to be the hot national topic so we're gonna talk to plagiarize just sent him just an editor at 1245. I was there when asked him on the he thinks Tennessee's got a legalize will be like for the game and like where will be able to do it in Tennessee if they do legalize I got in no details just gonna Mississippi. I don't wanna that a Mississippi I wanna do it in my state Department of State to get them we'll be able to several years from now. I got so it was tough clay Travis about that at Wellesley about a minute what's revive. We've talked to a veto has and he once upon a time worked in the Phoenix Suns and off no. Now he's working it ESPN we'll talk about the draft lottery his thoughts on some of the top prospects in this draft made you hear that sound. How does that get you ready for the evening. Try to babysitting and about number one block bail grizzly look at to reside rumor that's all I got that not bad at that. Full disclosure we were gonna put together a song. So that to be instrumental in this sound new gun available disappoint you but. It did that you haven't got some didn't cut it did come naturally to me. It scared and did you get scared when I come I'm the president not and we all blue eyes that's our job is isn't just you know this is in Maroon 5 we're talking about here this is old blue lot because ruled an error I don't know and I did the right thing by the right choice but around. What the fact of the matter is is that tonight. Tonight me goosebumps are about I can do that it's not my call and that's caucus okay. Yeah that's that's that's Calkins MO he's gonna he's got to get accused of I would have broken government to have what I try to Wear it during big moments I'd try beg my aide. Mechanisms socially. Is to make light of them always without is always your ammo and really good because I'd prefer the moment is me anxiety goes you can consider the weight even. Of of a behaving like this because. If the grizzlies in depth with the first pick yes I mean they could it stay and whatever their window maybe they may be able to identify. A superstar. And the rebuild may not be as drastic. If they end up with the fifth pick what's good night. That's what it's America made good guy idea let's say Adelaide it's automatic gun deal it's over but. It's it's it's ugly when MB just so mental side and how does being in existence but. If we did slide to a fifth. Down these did you say fifth. Feel. Did you not one not two. Lesson and I don't. Grief following the. Did you. You know not not not that taking shots not. He's been an internal yes Pacific fifth used to tell us that it was OK that. Fifth was far in his fifth this far no shame in finishing fifth on two threefold Byron good night now dipping Gooden chipped it does not little she got everything right. It is not good enough in Memphis feels like fish out of me it feels like fifth to me tonight from Memphis would mean I didn't. No Lugo. No Lleyton and no badly beaten. And probably know Mike reported and possibly you could guard Jerry Davies they're Darren Jackson goes for about possibly live via their byes and have it every. About as excited about the fact about forging under the so Paramount thing he's not run away from back yet he seems to be rising GR yeah he seems to be Raza would not be surprised Eagles or appear well batted down its worst case scenario I that's that's what drives a lottery like we don't because we don't know whose every pick and wail like there may be a like there may be a team in them in other late ladder that gets lucky they have been Anita. A Wayne and they love Michael Porter label level Michael Porter has shakes a whole draft though he you know you just don't know. That's why it's kind of hard to talk about the day. But again. The grizzlies had the second best odds in the in the lottery. And conceivably. I mean isn't it time for locked the smile on this enables those Gannett amid its come its number number one we never had it. Does not like they need a motive to exercise I want to be mountains I do they do I want better news is you don't as weeks ago an album out don't we we all law and we have all the options when all the well let's hallway outside obviously the other with outside I'll take two right now. And I'll be happy with too late if you say right now are motivated to pick or you can played out of negative but he got a choice to come around. The final minutes in the water and in very imprecise you make of the decision OK you're all scared and I have anxiety just thinking about it though you don't. A mail one out do you take Gainer dive you to do it want now woods did Paris has badly should be considered for the number one you know he says if he had and I'm one pick. He would drive back to sound like Mike Miller was on that train ten. They'll be a little late run of Marvin Bagley fans might as in my study take my said in my pay take Baddeley first and then Tzipi said if he in his latest mock draft another way he's got and taken to dodge it. That's the other thing. I really believe grizzlies in the to brace themselves. For if they get the number one pick for the number two pick in the could dodge is available that will be easily get out of it is going to go out of the things they get used to it could not be more obvious uncle. It just fits that plan a plan they have right now and gives you the possibility of having not. A future star and saw that a guy that some have identified as managers are loosely. He's been there and up over there in the second mostly in the world for years now playing with froze up on polished obviously. And now and not eight not someone you'd have to worry about okay maybe three years from now so he would have from all accounts is doesn't come right and NBA contributor right or what what is there are two got to be in three years disarm right but they're usually ticket types of guys right there the guys who were physically ready today. And then they're the guys who. Have the upside by it's there exactly and the potential and Don since he is not and by the way you'd. You said that the announcers call him Don sick or whatever they do not call him that. I was listening to the router John. Good look at it they're announcing that we we know we've had that announced he was correct the one that I was there was correct they caught a dodge it because they know we have the group announced we have mean if you are also established this. It's not. Don says going to be important not act on our niche. It's Don sits sits well got it like it's it's an issue only pars none haven't in this city has been nostalgic. I think dot sits chase. Dodged it this very simple. Aries do Ryan how's column tonic dot I mean that as a new one got it exactly just that F the Percy at the silencing doesn't exist deep saying dispelled the man's name. Arm. But but they're two guys there's upside in their effort and I think. Dodge it is is physically ready and I don't know how much beat the one thing with his I don't know how much better he gets from here. And that's the question that I have. He's ready. He's ready. But how much better will he get overtime though he's very young but physically it was on talking about in a 67230. Like he caddie is like you that he is what he says he's he's already assembled. You know remain so that's the only question I have a doctor I've come around I outlet at one point. At what point I was I would revolt if it's dodge it but now you add it becomes part of the. Nineteen is over his amazing I've read are you kidding me. Is that how much can become a better shooter he can become a bit you know a better team Eddie can get become a better a point guard in terms of what he's made being the playmaker and audio Gaza and the wing guy. Absolutely can I mean duties at that age you expect Madonna did that us and that's I think the point you make about him being the most ready right now. And that's something that fits the grizzlies best. Is that right now for their plan and listen it's a plan of some of us have gone against them planets but I think one that we all understand where they're at now we get it we we know they are. He fits the best. And it at it look if if if Phoenix they need to be. Like I've I realize a lot of those of look that coaches that look bad iron and Andy got the got to what we're darn it you're thinking okay it's a no brainer to take dodge its. They need a big you could you could have dodge it's available to. When Honda the op when I just wanna avoid is is. Just would just feels like so Memphis which is just an an an on going with you tonight you've you've got it it's gonna change for us in the city not but it just. Submit so Memphis would be sliding back to the five and you're out of out of the sweepstakes for those top three and asked the reporter and there's a topple. Because it sounds like to me. People were he's tough enough release in the back we'll see you gotta give you gotta get the medical but I put pull. Those for a payers as possible interest Jerry Jackson may be a guy that should be in there I just don't feel as good about him I don't feel as good about women Carter. They get all I'd rather don't feel good about any does Biggs after Bagley import are badly in dot one of those four I feel like that they got the best star power guys in terms of being a potential star those four. The other guys in. And and you we need SARS here with that first round pick if you're not getting them and free agents allowed. Have to go to Gary idiotic they we got geared to a madre fire. And here is I was like arazi go to this he would he would obviously it was said by odd about lottery out. So suns draft the very eight which uninteresting to me. I was for sure that if they got them one pick they were drafts are just soldiers. But he's got them go on a they have a big need for front court help yet. So then that puts them that was dodged to the grizzlies at two. He's got Marvin Bagley the third going to the mavericks he's gotten Obama going for which is interest. To the hawks he's got trade young going fop. So you get a five pick according to Gary drafting. A tray young tied Jerry Jackson Darren Jackson at six I destroyed five gets you out of it. I hope among all theirs if the greens are fathers superstar there or there are clearly like tears here right there they're clear tears so your top tier. Would go DR green. Lou conduct a mistake consensus wise up thanks so you're top tier is the I'd be afraid we got then you're second tier. Is kind of like Marvin bag leave Michael Porter of look at it any view to have the interview that he might be atop here and dad and aunt Janet Jackson as he's in the right ensemble and then after that. Massive drop off yes. Massive drop off and I think it's here on out you know and and you talk about your tray young's. Year counts expands your genome. Michael bridges. And and then that's another matter past that point. So but the good news is the grizzlies won't have to worry about them the last minute they're gonna have their choice. You gotta think they're gonna have their choice of the artery Aden Lugar don's it's Darren Jackson. Marvin Bagley. And minutes when no Carter my Obama today is that it's that you know that's that fit the one that bill if that bit from where you're just borrow. BA societies that statements right. Because there isn't any part of that's my job I don't think of it won't feel good and I've been a fifth best. Prospect in this draft we wanted to man this time Memphis let it all on to defend number one I'm calling it is time to get same deserves it yes. The fifth best prospect in this draft does not get you to where you wanna be. Right and that again that's the worst they can do but they did that no seven made it go and they have a I'd probably in fairness the worst president in 07 was fourth. And they still got. You know dad will probably be the best player their make an Austrian like comics dome. Even at even back then as love about smile upon them they they. You know they they turn that into something good. I'm not as confident that this will we blame. Elliott period now when I would've been primarily a pair now we're not somebody's gonna take the fall. I mean we can't possibly I'm kidding I'm an assailant good human and I feel a little Tyreke. Where we blame while Levin sorry about eight to arms a couple of wins there. I asked her as a surrogate a they did he loved and ramadi that have been in the one spot but I know possibility there all the hottest puzzle maybe we need him back but we want him back so we can't talk too bad about him give ourselves a chance. Yeah we can't we can't blame him though he's his door and using it right in Laramie is is doing suppose there's a where is all circle back to prove we've got David. Interest who we blame him from office. Mum always circles back from office. Could set him some more. Right if they get devoted traded him god penetrated him. What was that 88 where Italy seller has to Orlando and the sign that they get the fifth day I don't want to fix this way there was a possibility could've got more than you will close yeah I'm and possibly bigger ones still. I mean there's a god save you could've avoided five right you could have you could have two worst it would have been full yes I would there's that led the wasn't one or two new audience. Aren't they default so we do here I don't like they give likeness. I don't you know and talking until resistant mutant existence of the we talk about a church dugout where would it right. Where did break in terms of depressing days for wealthier a Memphis national chairmanship to tabloids always one moment I felt that it would this good this. Jump into the top five. Any embarrassing that the sport today on kitty imagine I'd be in the once we know once the draft comes around we see what we've done whether how can you imagine irony behind if if Orlando jumpsuit because they have the magic of the little pin doll I'm glad you brought this up because I think this has blast from business it is blasphemy we've had that we have thought he was a friend of the show yet. This man taken located up look any doll up there. Are you kidding me that's not shells should be illegal right now does not yellow that worth it because they put him and there are Orlando hall of fame who waited a bit depth. OK that's done led the magic hall of fame and a big deal. They've got to got to write a little David and take him out there are not as they feel like you're close you are gonna be considered for the Orlando Magic called band that's how thin it is. Moonlight they don't have that many dudes. We can't even get our got 3-D in there trying. You did try it was very important to you that mission dysfunctional process that he didn't hit. Greeted it is electric committed a guy like 434 front office guys and it's ridiculous do they don't realize that any of the minority owner of the mavs grizzlies I know I mean clearly they don't in inept to drop it. Yeah like I affiliate bay should I get the grizzlies are trying to get the number one pick. But I hope ED slaps that dull out of pat williams' hands up there is a flat out of his hand these out and do that and hopefully get to Atlanta to explain it so like dude this is not years that my bra. And it's not look nearly got us like in the grizzlies. Okay. They're inheriting any state. Yeah it's again it's gonna be huge I think it is good to be had a momentous night for their rights as one way. Or another. Some I'm hoping I'm praying for our top three pick you want and you want to I'll take a taco politics are prepared because of you that it be draft third. Bloodier Garrard as your Marvin back in time but I did you do with with Jack today. And he said Jerry Jackson might be the takeover Marvin Bagley god forbid if I have no please. That's that they have they're somebody give our saga doesn't do Janet Jackson on just don't want won't all of it was Amare does that is a better player right now. You know and again like that's the thing play offensively yes that's the plan like Jerry Jackson may one day blossom into a great MBA player but did you see what do you mean duke constant battle misuse state my his numbers were not good at all. And did about all these X Virgil that on the show like it not whine when nobody is saying you know I wanted to change and also the fact I'd others and others are very mongering and out there right but we have a missions a day on the team his name again they Davis and on this damn good on that I'm good on adding another NA Zach Randolph we're down two but I'm as good on adding another Michigan State big right now another project. Another project Michigan State big I'm good I'm passing on that note banks did leave are badly give me the production right now that's who I'm taken that's two arms but you know put must on the ground for. I won't come back without the Mike Wallace Mike Wallace of grind city media who talk to about his thoughts on. 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Little old phone that this is sports station at the right into the NFL Obama ESPN. I do isn't John back within 99 FM ESPN. And up next right now as name's Mike Wallace he's in Chicago for about tonight's draft lottery senior editor contributor and analyst for Grande city media. Could follow on Twitter at my my check you read stuff the grizzlies that come. He's the man that tonight is gonna slap that little penny doll right out of Pat Williams and is he not Mike Wallace you don't do that forced tonight David. My vividly clear in my mind yeah. You might not about what they think they are brother Wallace can you go back after yeah. They did it that says that's bad parliament for that forget about it man I mean those that can he's elevated itself. In Memphis and you know opinion might be let's talk obviously not that way for sure. Oh my god Chris managed to be and I'm sure you know very well said yesterday. That the grizzlies need to win the NBA draft lottery not just got a good pick. But to win the NBA draft lottery to save their franchise. That that seems a little bit extreme. You normally exchange you're seeing just. A little bit a lot of extra money will what did you mean by saying in the franchise well I don't really quite understand. From that standpoint I mean obviously I don't know there's. Element maybe maybe he can go to that extreme that there was a LeBron James or Anthony Davis or something like that that the top there's jazz but I mean pretty much you wanna do value. In the top three no matter who you you know choose among those top three projected guys and then if you enforce. You know you have a pic of some guy that can be quality role players on the hope of winning it saves to try to have nothing different sounds pretty stable right now. What does that mean also a brought this up so does Mike Greenberg the other day said that the reasons we really get like where's all this disrespect coming from all of a sudden people exceed that. And I can markers still here and where they top five pick. These guys I mean we can we can go back and forth but they could have shot they should be back in the playoffs. I don't understand all the does disrespect is coming from all of a sudden Mike you know one year out of the playoffs I don't is that though the tank you know they got mad at at the tank is that what what you've what happened. I worked. Not me you know I wouldn't say it was yeah I guess is part of dispel some of these guys are coming from all of the national level would pick was there to you know I mean before train an efficient. You know but again is that France the one to seven straight playoffs two years ago is the darling of the MBA yeah when they had Golden State down to line economy before Tony Allen got a certain. You know Golden State took off at that point so. You know you don't want season where everything I could go wrong went wrong and now you're in the position now where it with the number two overall seed going into the lottery. You have a chance to turn that around a little bit but I'll that is going to be too extreme to me this routine that still has you know to quote peace is coming back in addition to the top five states. And before mid level exception so you know the somewhat to play out before. I'll leave doomsday predictions. And the coalition. Yes I like hey man let's relegate Phoenix before we get seriously please write sad and Sacramento ballet and enjoy it right there where you're there has even announced that it mastered this our load the grizzlies were not here by choice. My countless sort of homework have you done into the you know some of the prospects that may be available to the grizzlies and and do you have a couple that that you know you can talk about that that may be alike. Me and and so you know you've heard the perfectly or musician you don't need to Oman my due diligence. You know I'll have I do have access to some areas bill arena but that. Over there where the back. All operational decisions are made so you know like a little more access to that but based on what I do we do is do my opinion based on analysis and what I see this scene but it. You know them but the bottom line for me is we've had debates you know on it. Terms of our classic immediate crew and some of the other media local league of well you know who the guy if you had number one for me up. Eight non patent guy you know go ignore all the way just because I think. You know he's just he's a player right now that you look at physically and in production wise and you say well how can this guy. Or franchise at this point that credit he played the same position and Marcus all pleased. Having said that though I mean look Tim Duncan played saint division David Robinson is going to lead you've gone away from some of this before. Humble but you sing it franchises make mistakes when they thought about. When they shot away from duplicating I've known shall portal would will go back and draft Jordan called and you know image after the vote the blue week and it some other regards having said that. You I didn't you can ask you know the reported from people. You know from the media Jordan granted immediately wanted to get blue afforded the message from example. What are your feelings Michael or Michael Porter junior and end of the risk reward. Situation with them wary of where you know my or. I think of well you know to a lesser degree I think all curry Irving and carry only played like ten games of the eleven game that do something like that yet and yet that the year and then. You know. He didn't really need that one year college and you know he had the injury that knocked a mile and a quarter at the back situation. That's what makes this week in Chicago and not just important for today's lottery. But the next three or four days will quarter being here and he's going to be poked and prodded and tested I'm looking forward to talking storm. On Thursday or Friday about where he is an and that I think he's probably the most intriguing. Prospect that'll be in Chicago this week because obviously Luka is not going to be here he's still in his it's Euro league season. And I don't really not an elected not to console Porter will be the most intriguing prospect I think in Chicago this week. Mike you made today news and how much like a minute and they obviously are not like eighties dominant from a physical standpoint I just wonder the planned for the grizzlies as we all know seems to be you know get a great player in this draft. And you bring back a guy like Tyreke Evans might sell the yen down market back that's out that sudden conceivable playoff team. If the pick is eight and though right it is is he the guy that gives you most ready to get back there next year with Marshall in the fold. Or does a guy like Lugo when you so clearly have we needs help you more in that regard. Yeah I mean you know if you play and that's the best attracted the grizzlies have to answer me which trucker they're gonna be on this because there's talk to be on both and he. All the while playing for the next two year window I could mark. But also establishing yourself for a nice traditional. Transition down the line I mean one player I think clearly does them more so than the other I think eight ms. Moore look. You know 23 years down the line kind of guy in terms of maximizing what he did he's a big secret should contribute right now a major is not a starter obviously. Problem that you know it from conventional wisdom go and in. Whereas constitute the doubt did you can plug and then let the two orders three. But there's a big man you know it looked easier some phenomenal trades you know he obviously uses a ball handling data can get you triple double. But I'm just not. I don't. Do you see yourself is not it's not battles here. I don't see overwhelming NBA app fanaticism I don't see one skill. Is a definitive NBA huge issue that there will be some apart. Like that's for a lot of these guys so I mean you know that transition instructor on nineteenth I'll be giving up is gonna come into the league next year will be even Jerry Jason take them. I don't think any more than being. You know commissioner junior org you know let alone Donovan Mitchell. Obama singles no doubt that we're extremely extremely ready for the NBA good these other guys I'm not sure. At nineteen with some of the physical limitations that they have they're going to be able to do it but I will see we'll see you don't don't don't rule out. The possibilities. You know I think Chris Wallace is called cities on explore. Do is due diligence would trade credentials to the I don't know where it is going arms up so it's all coming out of use of the blues that I have at their disposal. Lay wanna keep grounded though there's one other prospect to a wanted to ask you about an and he seems like another type of guy who could fit in pretty much immediately and how the prisons and that's Marvin Bagley. And I feel like he probably would be an upgrade at the four thoughts on Marvin Bagley disorder how he would fit alongside mark. Yeah his production while watching and that they got washed a couple of college basketball but I do do a lot of you don't but looking back in the last couple weeks you know this is the guy that he's like hey you're the double double guy. Not I think you rolled out a bit and it should double double column. Physically I'm not sure how well he translate at the four right now. If he has some of the defense of questions coming out had been planned that for position could only gonna get more exaggerated come into the NBA try to place stretch for. So you don't we will see where he would remain a lot of he's got them the training camp Obama what I wanna know is could could welcome back to become might interactive and you also plant help agent Michael Graham yes long trauma bag the better of south better player. But it be ready to come right in and play the thoughtful position religion Michael great comfortable position. Good decision he police force that's going to be the question why they're so there's going to be there's going to be some adjustment period. For for all of these guys split you see which you also see some of the holes in all of their game trek. Yes totally great Mike Wallace here on Jason John listen we know LeBron don't play better tonight in game two against Boston are ours teammates. Going to be good enough might to still get them through this since he willed them through that Indiana series basically all result is he going to be able to do that here is the rest of us that vote now for more and that's what I mean. And that's a great question before the fight but I do have to say that you know we will be gone post draft lottery show car. All grew dark content we got all kind of watch parties going on across the city silk if you listen to check out reviews dot com and finally could be a ball and our coverage. Throughout the track heading into the double talk the lottery pick in the draft as well hey listen there are people. Austin and being a more along the lines of what Indiana the lawyers for the for the car cavaliers in India they should've won that series you know I'll bet against LeBron to Ronald fool me you know the big pool for the raptors are thought they were ready. LeBron do showed his brilliance and establish again I don't think he's going to be able to wield his team. To beat Boston. He's gonna need gas to step but he's gonna need Kevin Love and JR Smith and even Jeff Green and come up and have some big games. Because he's not going to be even if it often can absorb a great game pro Abbas and Leo when the game yeah. Because they have a little more adept. And no doubt frankly are not afraid of LeBron I thought to Ronald got fearful. Economy would like typing in the ring doing it paid eight Oakland that don't want a look bad the project but I won't markets Smart and full this year. Beautiful Bulldog man you've got a lot of friends and the judicial morsel stepping right up to it as well sort of conflict potential. Still not quite ready to pick a gift for getting this series but it's Google's chief economist for sure. I'm right with my with and then what about obviously we've we've made today here on the show before me last night the warriors just sort of I don't know who it was I don't know who were talking to today somebody said it was a little bit like Deion Sanders the way the warriors do this you know they kind of just. They have a playoff have you and they they sorted their quarterback to throw it then when they do they obviously take advantage and they did that last night with Houston. Is anybody going to stop them ever. Yeah. Probably not I think they're gonna still be doing that do loan due is to leave for the next fall far you're the one thing. Yeah it was one of those situations well look at that began last filed like you know work. Klay Thompson really you know involved in the game and I'm looking at you got 2420. You don't look sick and they found a way to make their fourth best player. Palpable dislike their best player Kevin Durant is absolutely picking guys apart he's been doing that both series. Part of me is just as much about love Houston and I love what they've done and how they know put their system together. He's not going to be the warriors playing Golden State basketball they're just not possible to duke. And they're not gonna do play a lot of Longo and I shall either show. You know look. Obama played this color layout they didn't do a great game from Eric Gordon you know so it is just sort of become color and one of the other two guys between Poland and Harden could there would have a hard time I think this is going to be a lot easier than people think it is because that is so big that they can stay in that triple double play Golden State basketball are. Are you of the mind that they're that the Golden State in this form as colonel constructive like good for the league they've bad believe Mike is a town like an avenue of good yankees when they're good everybody you either love me hate him and it's good for baseball that he. I do you look at that. Does this coming up. That is a that is good for the leading many countries you generational. One of the greatest thing to law can't play a mean we were lucky to beat a neck. You know I mean the older they play with. And they're showing teams how to play basketball move the ball could play defense. Sacrifice you know I mean and if you could pick any of those for the top four top guys in either the Hampton's problem outpouring and whatever you want to call them. Remove them input either anyone of them on another team and they're clearly the best player or the best prospect of acting but yet they wanted to be together. To be great together and I think that's what makes until cut social strong. Right you can't make shots like the Golden State Warriors right but you can try like to get those shots I mean you can move the ball like that's what you can learn by watching the warriors. You know. You know what you know where you don't plus. There's this situation thought about the same like you can get to a replay of what you can loose in the dark of the rhetorical the state is great is because it Iguodala turned mongering and Klay Thompson as inappropriate for fox. Compared coming into any other than any other team that's there one or two best player you know me but they're you're 345. Million and you still you still come off the bench what are some lyrics concur who can do can you still confidential that David West. You know I mean who knows who dislike the play deep playoff basketball he knows his role also looked upon accepting the roles and continuing to play in there and everybody beaten nestled in the you know the common term answer them everybody know what no matter what are they gonna play the ball. Un everybody is Eden indeed Mike appreciate the time is always bring back the number one pick Matt. Which or where another homicide I don't know what you look you have to remember that black guy would. Bob the united broke my return. Is Mike Wallace covers a grizzlies for grind city. Media when we come back we're gonna talk to legendary Boston Globe columnist. Around the horn panelists. Bob Ryan game two between Boston and Cleveland is tonight we will talk to Bob Ryan about that and more. When we get back Jason had done anything and if NBS yet. You grow your team. It's so no room. 1800 no sweat. A little nervous yeah. We'll success. 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Tune mill tonight and they do it Bob. Ten day course and anybody can. That you are their own they're coming off to a good about themselves but no history your history at Boston is all about history. And among the thing did happen in history a two blowouts that exceeded this one. That turned into game two nightmares 1980. And one Celtics won and 82 which usually they've won the first game against Gupta looked up in the Eastern Conference finals won 21 to 81. It looked into it at last series and seventh 1985 day on the condition Memorial Day massacre they beat the lakers won 48 the 114. On Monday on Memorial Day in the next game was Thursday Kareem Abdul Jabbar and had a horrendous game. At least direct had gotten student hotel room degree days and it came out on Thursday night it and I had seventeen rebounds which is the most we don't see it got a minute and ten. Years or should alert is magic showed up. And they won that game and they went on to win the series in six. And granted that's the history of other teams against other people but just the point is. That you can't get cocky with the course gained victory are in it not matter whether it was by one or 101. That that is definitely true when you look at this series though Bob what what can the cavs do. To adjust I mean obviously the brunt woo LeBron will have better days than than game one he wolf he will be brilliant again but outside of that. Can that be enough will LeBron being brilliant again not enough against the Celtics. A little glimmer they had was at the end of the third period they had 1231 got a on the fourteenth. And they did not start Justin Thompson know that this is as good who they started suggesting it was almost guarantee you start. Which means that either JR Smith took out courtroom mow the bench but the point being that that they're looking for something not a constitution that's not the two Peabody has hurt Boston in the past. And according to tie little. Either owns metrics and statistics records how corporate better than anyone in the wake up which ones being taught to question why you didn't start the first game but that's not the rich at its core. A inquisitor and not the not all about the last. But on an update when and conscience confident you know it'll get roasted for not playing Thompson touched it second guessing what you don't hunt. That's number one. I'm not take credit for this pollen dot com when echo we can't twentieth Dana Barros 114 year NBA veteran former Celtic among other teams. I over the radio yesterday here are TB and and he said that what he expects but he thinks or what but the bond might very well do. Is post up more. And and operate more and and and orchestrate their offense a little more and enact. We're not at that point rather than the other issue the basket all the time didn't post up at all we'll see how that goes on. What can we do know he'll be more questions he would not be the facilitator and keeps quiet on the sparkly logical each. He's not gonna try to get to the book and generally don't do something to impose his its its own personal will on the game. And and even setting a that it gained 82 scheme that one doesn't say how I don't know. But he Jews came in one such as dealing Al games what's quite yup first couple of brown took the title by. OK you know he's been around and I respect the judgment and they beat dutchman at that waigel knows. But got the Celtics from their point of view is that keep on doing what they don't. I mean that's that is that the way they played just the way they wanna play at their peak a stifling it was good and and the offense the ball moved to an end. And you know hasn't talked with resources to make initially in in in the beginning on or Curtis Brown got a local great you can score I don't which can anticipate. And scored 36 points in the first period it won't write them. It as good as the young guys that and the good ending the war Tatum are rosier as as also as they've been for the Celtics. Would you call me crazy Bob if I said that I thought Al Horford has been the MVP for them in this post season just a rock. That he's been in the middle of its veins or someone else. I don't know if they're doing this would you agree you love it or my pre. I assure you that we're the team to take a boat and beat Google publicly eat we eat the tourists cents a that you would be situation yes they are so they're so respectful of balance so appreciative. Of this call will grasp of the game of basketball which does not have to include gaudy statistics are. And everything but when it is actually you know positively available in this show we can get to 26 or were they even thirty points yes he. But end typical Al corporate box score typical one with seventeen points 1011 rebounds spots which assists. I can tell you about these are passed before the test doesn't tell you about the extent doesn't tell you about that clever and switch it doesn't tell you about the now that's right enable ground Ortega to get the beat down at doesn't tell you about running Elaine appreciate it I want four point 31 if he didn't want to make it wouldn't be we are good if we don't look or what all that stuff and and just in the intuition. And they didn't and not and doesn't tell you about. That pat on the back of that whispering words in the locker room and huddle. He is the Big Brother of this keeping the indispensable. No doubt Bob what does Brad Stevens. Ranked in the long line of coaches that you have covered in your career you're out of you put together a Bob writes 125. Of the totally needed by then if you had one where would Bob Bryan should he have Brad Stevens come into that. But you talk about the whole league. That 49 years just start currently. If I think coach has impressed you the most. Overall it in different varying circumstances this is competent. To I think that's pretty safe from the I admire what you actually did because I know that the key to success much like that are actually I did not cover let. Good because 66 had come want to not a cut in the red. Also as you can imagine president. But modest coaches. Is managing talent recognizing. Eight not manipulating egos stroking. Putting people in the position to succeed Jesse always had great teams. And but not everybody see people mess up good genes and because didn't they get in the way and don't know how to handle a couple of an injunction which could never once been accused of that although they certainly not at Chicago. I eat kind of faded a little adrenaline will kick known to dust and I thought it was coached. But doesn't I think that would do this helped quite frankly have come and come to Boston. You know that day these. Well that could function. And Casey Jones and another ritual won championships. And then they're all very very different people the best cure coach to practice even Celek. In terms of their. It did the there I don't know the authority in the technical ability and there. And and then the preparation and hope that was it but it's what they wearing a personality that debt that you could not it was like a Billy Martin couldn't think. Yet still why are they take to develop it and 838. The rest of them to get a map to an amount they want construct a Milwaukee never should happen should pitch left and then they'd let the good cop bad cop. It went from hot to coordinate that Casey. That was necessarily the time. This guy is not like anybody else he's totally himself. He is technical expertise is unquestioned. It can't be coach's job is to get a message in the cellar to the that it got so. And I think the key for him is that while he's authoritative but not if possible when they come down and then you know then. Call out people and then. When do that. It's never an ego thing if people know it's Endesa until the show is about him there's never that problem and not get that happens to a lot of guys that they. They seem to stipulate that the coaching situation show that he does not do that at all and I think that's the old computer access. Bob I'll ask in his arsenal most respectful way possible but you look at this team's future of the Celtics and all the assets they have. Do they need do they even need Tyreke or do you need him if you're if you're trying to be realistic. Okay we wanna be Golden State the next couple years yes we must have been they got so much do they were do they need and they need to be tied up what up I. Max deal with carrier. It is their problem is that we've seen this historically and other sports. I'm not mean I can give you some baseball analogies we've got basically playoffs and then they got beat Max contracts and turned out to eat a lot less than that in the long run. The guy here who complicates the issue that why you even asking me this is terribly here huh. I'm Terri was here who was taken advantage of an opportunity. As well as anyone could possibly have. With in the actions of a curtain. Is keep this good is he this TV guide you wanted to hang your hat on and then watch it try try to be what you wanna market loose here and see what you get from him. Because I don't know how do you combat that she's gonna be a good test of seasons next year whether they win this series or not they backstage they claim they're playing with house money. Don't already so. But this year they're gonna have an embarrassment of totality which is inept and and how do you get those here can be happy go back to fifteen minutes a game. AA afterward but the way he's played I don't know if you can't or their issues that connect it together in response shortly could play together wouldn't get it back court. But he could do that. They're better defensive team right now than maybe than you are good with the working on exactly I think we all know that that's gonna be a very very difficult decision for Iranian endowed. A pocket aren't you glad and company two to one particular I'm sure they're not worried about it right now on the but that's a very astute question. For sure it will series does good we have to do whatever is suitable for the fool's gold here. I don't know you know I don't know although that's going to be just seeing him in Mexico kind of market that people really questioned breach. Coming after the big question are gonna have so open about that. It is of resigning Marcus Moore and they usually need to open the whole thing that's got no one else does the question is how do you monetize and not just a question for the league not just them. How do you monetize a guy. Who is to maybe the number one not statistically oriented compatible player an entire NBA how do you monetize that he had. And then it's up or do you go with that. Two when he's not going to be twenty Portuguese guy but he he is special it truly is no need him. And no doubt it that's going to be very interest you. The scene where it's headed toward their their quality is what we know Chris comes to shut it in the decisions that. Well we are or son of the great Bob Bryan here are nice unite FM ESP and Bob in your mind and you're the man asked. Other Golden State Warriors the best team as a collective that we have seen in the NBA. There among there on the direct to cable there in the short list where there were never that the cable. You know what the 8586 Celtics host such a different orientation did you actually worked. I'm in caper are the team that was hard court over under some major was ninety clutch against the team that debt it has says it has completely. Popularized the three point shot beyond all measure. How would that go. You've got other teams that lakers 87 look into to the polls seem to want 72 are they not be in the discussion. A couple of San Antonio teams that don't get. And company owned this team they're different routine is different became this and it is actually how I wish we could have thirteen well I wish I could have that you have a series. The eight by 86 Celtics are insisting to see how will play out there be some nights when they take it all those crease and they win by 25 and in the next night. Bird parish which you know what part of. Can't end them exactly you step back. I think they have them and eat it evens remind queen with BB deuce you're responsible I didn't like those guys and it would win and then you know it would probably 07 I don't itself. It to look to see it stupid or never they're that would be one of the historical matchup of all time. Bob before we get out of here you mentioned very mongering. Do you appreciate. What he does or are or do you try to Korea. I am on record I wish I could prove it to you I think I'd like to say I'm one record which I identified him at Michigan State as an expression of interest to interest in court. You know I don't GP allotment that she and I look this guy and I was really surprised when he left the 37 match blogging on this site as a player all the time however however. When is she going to grow up what is she going to stop the nonsense when you're going to stop doing things strategically that's when I break it if you would lucky that they didn't cost him right away. I and only necessary and I'm not being hyperbolic this guy who no matter what he accomplished as it is we are totally. It's going to go to this great and if he's going to have to a quickie eat them reconcile with the idea. He caught a team a championship my. This topic or actions cost them a championship. And and that's you know and he your question at all I mean people know that the act. So how can he risk any kind of may have been in this huge I can't believe he'll do it up. What type of player out like this nobody he's the ultimate Ku get it we talk glue guys all the top you know how good the ultimate cougar. Ultimately I mean there's nothing he does everything well you're some quite another region Clark guys. You can decrease secret he can post up he can run the court he can get and he can make some. You know hustle play. Is your best passer and.