Jason & John Hour 1 (4/24/18)

Jason & John
Tuesday, April 24th
Talking NBA Playoffs/NFL Draft/Penny & more in Hour 1 plus joined by ESPN's Jason Fitz. 

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Steve Womack in midtown to your home and Ottawa series today Steve understands weird things look movie and he's here to help you give them divert attention they deserve so when the shot clock counts down and be ready with a three pointers from Dell Dell. No not a 1759090. Chris Steve Womack agency John talked. This news. Locally but know we have grown a little things Hulu. I mean it's getting so. Listen I hit it knows that you. Okay let's. Hello pro Jason and Jon 99 FM ESPN it is Tuesday and we are plowing through the week. Yes pitting our way is still the coach of the university of us and yes that's all still exciting John they're selling tickets. They're selling flat billed hats. Things are just jumping off the shelves brother I got people in my direct messages. Like literally as of five seconds ago they can we start the conversation about myth this madness is I. It'll mean my god well you heard when I asked that important question of being Hardaway last week of availability about the importance of marijuana through what he did. He lives that it gives a little laugh that that's a very pointed it well Eddie said it was the first one of the first things he started thinking about when he got the job with the that's why I'm underlining the importance of John because you have some of those 2019 prospects of that building. For what should be a momentous evening John Mark but that doesn't go far down a liar and a smuggler way he was still buzzing about it and look at still all excited. One at at some point today since we're on the subject we can buy come up with. How to make that event right. If you and I were in charge yeah what would we did I tell you how you make a right to bring breaking you do look alive and also Dodd the late artist. Get them done delay in the oh I love having nonetheless there because that would make the event perfect. The mother James lies and we will do that maybe at some point to. David is a guy go on the show are you okay that I did swallow there was there was Jason fits in to join us. From Spain and fit love fits who we relate because we're there. Last name. In the show. But we have we have a guy. A connect helps stop there's bits and then there's there's your like this air Spain will you stop Saddam Jason's fan Mike Miller is elevated view yes patty. It has taken me it has taken me to a new levels truth. Of real we will talk Jason fits about everything NFL draft coming up this is a weekly it's still days away and I'll get excited and I always love the NFL draft. You know and and this particular NFL draft seems to be very intriguing that the browns drab baker mayfield number one there seems to be a little bit above the Muslim that. That the reports out that they are considering by her for the one bit and our next Jeffrey Wright out it is in this direction in our. Coming out 4870. Hours for the draft whoever Cleveland picks will suck at it another plus. It's just the that you can't shake it was just a matter of which player they going to anoint. As future bust but by the way I definitely agree with the philosophy distract my quarterback until you get one right under my. You know building around. A quarterback you know in the future. I don't know if is the Smart play in a leg didn't get a great defensive line men and great running back when you quarterback. Person forma you don't have it it's not one so we got one now hope I'm a stroke risk. What will say. Wilson not durst allow the jury is and we doubt we're we're compiling weapons for him every hadn't noticed ever notice of so we will talk to. Jason it's about Ted eleven. 25 a totally Buckley Travis joins us every single Tuesday play he I don't know if you've we have not. Mentioned it yet that. The whole country's been talking about it the the unfortunate events that took place over the weekend. I just outside a nationally while on our show notes. Obviously hero yeah oh forcefully for people lost their lives. But there was a hero in the store them feels like it could have been cut because it could have been much more than four people losing their lives why you have in Europe hero. And and shall juniors is now. Yeah happened just outside of national so we'll talk the clay Travis about that. At 1225. They want 45 got little national flavored and I so far we do the gist of this is national now I don't argue argued that. We're you know with the label the lingering area labeled natural flavor every now that they so bad even though mad man. And that it won't play five or talk to. Brian gels dollar of hoops critic I just asked him if John Kerry appears going to the NBA I was when asked him is judge would jog out there air play or coach in the get a play but coach of the NBA was a right coach in the NBA. When asked about I want to ask him how many cups of copies had today. Cut art curator does not out of course you I don't know. I don't think if he is always pumps he is he is feel old bill. And you just wonder if it's natural ought Jeffrey Wright is also an artificial always feels every marriage every rapper he's on three. You know huge cups of coffee just like you want you to army is treaty Jeffrey Jews a lot of coffee yet energy level I don't know we've ever had this conversation but. I cannot drink coffee. I cannot do it. It's just I I cannot drink hot thing a new 1 cup of the morning. Your wife makes it 40 am socially and I'll sold fashion trends and then I do like Bentsen's averaged old age. I find that one cup at night. Right. Right before bed cut early yet caffeine for all other lost sleep just fine but I love that cup that knocked. When I'm reading dude you are one hour after the show I don't get no right you are alone at several old sound like tubby for legend the coverage tubby. Like you that may be happening Ashley Mac did you have my cup of all yeah like that exactly like you acted as tubby you know first the calls home and it what actually happened was your decay and Toby right. Like you're consuming me live like you're walking around the house judicial authorities were in the coffee did you're good you're got her hot coffee that copies not the conversation we have that one day copies good. It's good for you to just not too much. And moderation everything and Myron thank you for your back on track and thank you for your concern is always coached. But yes your right to get on track on the NBA playoffs. Are raging on those some of your going to be disappointed that the first since out of my mouth after the lineup did not include the word pity I am sorry I think he blush would be happy. I am sorry we will talk about Penny Hardaway today rest a short. At some point probably in the rundown. So if you just wanna you know you can just hang tight to the rundown we will get together some news there about some of recruit they're definitely has some recruiting news. But the NBA playoffs you're just not been able to spend much time on them. Because of you know penny hysteria loop. You know and and rightfully so penny is the story here in Memphis but I mean listen it's. That that's all kind of set like the good of the team is basically said there. You know this coaching staff is basically set up the one thing up in Vietnam and so we start Shiites kind of kind of conduct. Turner touched it to the idea of what's wrong where there's some great games anime. You know be be the thunder jazz series has been very entertaining armor reporting about winning you seeming to have some doubt what you know your number you have a questions of national Gaza and days of the there's going to be as good as there by saying it's going to be yeah did I don't think you felt it while I don't know how you solve this coming what I did not see coming at all was a sweep of the blazers. Not about like that's the one that I can without believe like I couldn't Jewish holiday so. These so much and that series and Rondo continues to show you how valuable he uses of that right yeah what a career that guys and ended up and downs. Human what are you able Fulham before I got her when my bulls. Where we were rat with him before he got hurt lesser than it did he was still get anywhere you know between drew elevating him and everybody should admit they were normally I watched that series a watch a lot of that one but I've also found myself. Just watching Donovan Mitchell and this kid can't help but watch him and we saw last night I mean everybody's seen the stats he's the first rookie this or. A hundred points or more. In essence Michael Jordan in his first or playoff games I mean this dudes doing stuff that we haven't seen saw 1 this morning where the only rookies. All right NBA history to have averaged more in the playoffs there's or four games check these names up. Kareem Abdul Jabbar. Wilt Chamberlain. George my kids and they want more Michael Jordan that was only ones have done better than Donna Mitchell has dispersed organs offensively it's been unbelievable job and the kind of see. That's sort of the mask it taken off OKC and Westbrook. Yeah I've been kind of fun to watch about it I've been I've been very disappointed in Oklahoma City. Wolf there's him there's one person to be particularly disappointed with Anna and we've got some where we won't go to certain barometer you have one person that's there it's Carmelo had. My goodness. At some pride. Feels like. He PS such a cult following them Carmelo I know you can't tell the Carmelo people that he won't still you know still at my daughter is daylight incapable of taking over why this the F physical following. All because he started his career with ai and they went a little run and went to New York he has a bit like gay he's he's never he has not won. He's not been a winning basketball player how many years. For a and I guess I did they chose the knicks right by Cathy wondered beat the Brandon really tried the freeway what's going on they're not only wasn't that ever put in from around him quite broad but I don't know that his style now right shoe there's so much I so there's so much from him hold the ball they're so little defense. One of dynamic that that kills you. But with him now when he argued a huge point 15 points a game he's doing eleven of fifteen and there's no. Wright is a liability. If any has been put them in this series yes yes. Now as a disappointing exactly writes his way to mellow scratch out is that Oklahoma City with mellow with Paul George and Russ now. You know I thought they would be better. Than they are actually before I remember talking about not having her three Indy got sort of two yeah. Russell Robinson yeah I thought before the season started you know recalling what we kind of went through the Weston sort of try to pick who have Sloan who might be the biggest threat the gold state. I don't does that he's democracy like you just compile that Ty and Stephen Adams is that a nice citizen Dana and and I thought okay see because I thought. Defensively they'll be different in Houston but they condition Gomes you know they get go with a series and maybe shut you down a bit more defensively and Houston and death. And that you you they can't do that. They can't do without our area they can't do with Carmelo Anthony out there and we're seeing right now they're getting killed but down by a rookie and they're going they're looks like he's gonna be really special there on the verge lose in this thing. I'm five or six a question about other down 31 and they're down 31 in large part to one of the great stories of the NBA they see this comment when we may not solve this summer league and he was good Vanilla solve this comment yeah. 33 last night I have a massive seven rebounds four assists. This kid does that in any talked about coming up and kind of try to pattern his game and his energy after Westbrook and that's what telling them are used to get a mask off of Westbrook was almost aggressive player usually those are the yeah. I'm looking at one of the most aggressive players in the league. Right by it are no foul trouble and some of it but down the stretch the stage in a second shot here shepherd he's he he's assumed take over there. And and that they're keeping him so busy year in some cases and foul trouble dude I don't think he. He can't do what he used to do what. So is so it's been this is look it's been one side is obviously an enemy is you can't mention you talk and how good they are without it rightfully so without mentioning Rudy go bare what he does for them defend our jobs and that's the key for them at anchor was exhibit everything defense was so much easier because gas can go. They you know you can go even though our folks very tough and just follow them to Rudy he he is he. They're fun to watch but particularly dotted Mitchell young guys and it it got me to think and like it did yesterday you asked Mike Wallace. This is getting by like you know. If you look at the roster. Dome Brooke she got anybody young like cars you can get behind and see sort of a well liked for horrible way to that's why this draft a solemn boy had thought struck B allows watch in this the end of the Celtics bucks game. General and Jason. And not even then I mention them because they like they took over. But then obviously young as he is a young player so I don't he's yeah he's not like a burst your god he's very young and then Malcolm brought in brought in big shot him down he's right on the corner there it he was a rookie of the year last year. You know and young league man young guys manage your start to like that's sort of been the theme in these playoffs is is that is the next generation up you know right guys coming up in who the next spaces of the leader at a beach while so much fun watching Phil. And then you look at the grizzlies. And they have just. I mean. Struggled mightily. With identifying. Powell in the draft the draft. Now you got to give him credit for finding a guy like David Brooks in the second round in the mid thick around relic you got to give them credit for that. MIN and their picks. To be totally fair to them have not been. In terms of slot right now been great rock type they thought they had like that a top ten pick you know look whether you're stuff generally you wanted to whether he's as tough. They weigh about all wrapped she loved they had weighed balls in the teens that was a huge Mets right rose. But that's that that's all I can think about right is as great as these playoffs are. In degrees are part of you look around earlier rising at a young star and even the worst team Don I don't know and Phoenix and got our if you wanna get back. To the playoffs. Here's the great here's the rub. A healthy Mike ain't gonna be enough next year home. I'm glad to come and our realization it ain't gonna be an out it's gonna that you're gonna have good young some young talent or whoever you give it at that through our you know whoever we can't even speculate. What it would be right it's got heart until May fifteenth. You know because they made pick first they may take bit moot you know you just don't know but one who won't whatever slot you wind up in. If you don't draft they star rock and the time like this a good player if you don't draft they start. You're gonna be rebuilding and a year. A guy who's contributing first or second year like these armored Mitchell's been there read the grizzlies if that there's been such a big got to get one week and I don't. If it's local it's there if it's Marvin but you've got to get this in your in in your franchise this got it it's like we said. People's been sore. But I've been stuck on these playoffs because he's got a right I've been stuck watching the Philadelphia series I've been stock watching is because of the young guys and see your point you look around and we'd love for that guy. You know Dylan Brooks to be a big part of it right but you look at Dylan. And an end that we differ on this you think he's a you know 1112 career scorer guy that's I think what I think Dillon can eventually be I think we sought to even the year what he got the reps at the time yeah. An eighteen point I'm not good thanks LD great that's a piece. That is that right that's a piece though Lloyd Shearer and Mike lawsuit today just today like he's not on giving clearly you asked about they umbrellas just in paid I was curious to see if Mike would include enthusiasm mad Jason Jalen. And I was curious saved my who I look. Works for them. But I love it so much man that he speaks his mind right keeps it done right much still the reporter that he's always there for sure and even he couldn't say that Dylan's in that it indirectly any right now he's not hopefully gets there. Probably not going to do it. But you've got it that's why distract us from bloodless will be will do our it would it would be ever be thrust into a role where he has to become that. They edited BA that's probably not a good thing for the grizzled it sergeants and put him in three you tell me that they don't can't be the two. I think I think dueling for delegates who was guarding the other two I think Dylan's career arc a wolf is. You know kitty get up served fourteen points a game on a season yeah I think he probably collecting anything and how that's like when he and April. Yeah between April and any other that our guys that was that was influenced by that 36 point. You know output last game of the season eighteen possible pick but it is also like you you don't win at eleven seems low world. I tell you vote others like you can't put too much not in that at all and our target that nugget that. Mean it was out there with I understand I mean that I reached an out there yet guys. I was going to be taken shots yes he's given modes of the ball the shot and interviews the questions here's the question crack if you if I if I put it to you today. Are admitted under the same for you others say it was up it up put it to you today. To give me a starting five. Of them of the faces of the lead up front about rookies and first year guys right like if you had to draft the team. Five guys in the sixth man going forward Jimmy certain rookie and second years are ghetto element yes so who is a who's on your goes on your saint. Dylan Brooks on your team. No Larry go Mike Wallace of Tampa untimely. Death might get there are a wholly. Now this is easy they're gathered there are some guys on this list that everybody would do better just the right hands are correct that are just you can't debate we'll have some overlap of let it would have been going down as the what does this. This bit yeah it is offenders. Point guard is easy it's been Simmons is correct. Nineteen point three points per game in the playoffs and a ten play rebounds he's avenues triple double the free could well before games shooting guard is easy we just saw last night that I get 33 points as they've done the Mitchell right he's the first though players 400 points in his first four games since Michael Jordan. Never heard him. This might be where we get off so you like me you like my point guards are we all the same baseball guards death back force a guy that's he's that's about small forward. Wait we also Benson is Donovan Mitchell right and yet he's dead right does the right answer number and what they already did our small force to be little. I'm going Jalen brown yeah. The stud who don't now I think is I've got to. He's increased his scoring average obviously he's needed to with carry out with Gordon would have. But from fourteen point five points per game in the regular season to 23 point eight the playoffs. So broad but I don't think there's a meeting where they can keep him and I got Jim Graham operative. And I think he's yet this I think Bill Simmons put it best like this is. Like grad school for him because you know do good good good the Celtics are so decimated by injuries. That whatever they do win these playoffs is a total bonuses just experience for Tatum and and brown and he's obviously risen to the occasion saudis greatly if powerful. You know this is tough. But and this is a little bit of a flyer but I do think this guy's a stud and he will be going forward with more opportunity and that's the motto sabonis. You know I really think any IDC had nineteen Musab Al yeah he had the nineteen point game that outburst. Was a game for. Against against Cleveland you know I think he studies FO as I have to have some representation. Oh my fame and or how much of usability here right I don't wanna get stamped out completely I understand so I gotta go sabonis here at the Y I think he's you know I think he's versatile. No he's he's if you can develop a three point shot in this league. Filled its otherwise gala got I think he he's got a case developed and by the judge has to be really I can I like the big arm but I can tell about how shake your voices is the wrong answer the right answer not be a power forward have been allies you feel about this with. Dario sarge you remember the grizzlies tried to trade for a web at least they try reportedly so at least got to shoot your shot look out of Dario sarge. Listen to this in the playoffs. Almost nineteen points per game and seven rebounds per game in the second year this dude is real AAF. And I like when my power bill you got a boo you got powerful well my small forwards Jason Tatum but you guys and when asked me my power forward. Is Laurie market and out of the Chicago Bulls. Yellow eagle I got all eyes among Hamas starting lineup were about a little while when it Tatum in my. Small four instead but yeah mark and eat averaged 3636%. Or three. Twenty plus points five of his last nine games so we came on strong at the end of the year I was Rome out of his star is on the rise is. That is his nickname is the finisher. Because he's from Finland yes I did that pretty good the senators not debatable. That's not for or persons under Gaza's enjoy or maybe beyond and I've soldier's six Mansoor beyoncé Davis. Although we'd love to be not a message is actually. I love this guy's game I think he's you know he's got so much ability it to moma are in this NBA and there's thing he can really shoot the three ball. They hand the ball and played for an off the ball on the if you take his averages from December 1 to the end of the season fifth averaged eighteen points a game. The morning at 6% shooting 41%. From 390%. From the free throw line. Four rebounds four assists a game. Is dot. He had it he also is the case for most improved player. Honestly from his rookie do software sees itself. I think to mummers aside and he's gonna lead Denver back to play like your big loss since Wednesday's entire it's it's it's been been it's starting three. Hum. And been a point this out to me out and realize that yes he's ever afford to have the playoffs he's ever do that though imaging we talked about that six rebounds again. For the shot 43% from three in the right season that is impressive this and the way he went after yards how physically was there and of -- got this tip at the end of the game but that that he is fearless Jones and Tatum and out. I wasn't prepared for that yeah it's called who's a sixth amendment. Sect in America of course. I gotta disagree Islam and there. As kind of depressing how we can pretty much you very much easily. Dude he could add a forty some point game yeah photo book I become widely when he was that he was headed game where nobody cares you stop taking a dump. On deal what do you yeah let's go to another guy the other guy McCain Monty ordered into the year I. He is not top six American and having him as a sixth man the whole foods are given a run through it is coming Jason's items don't take them down low. In any other duo Brooks and they perfectly good good play I've got take so much a player is not your sixth man on the you know faces Little League tomorrow. As much as I wish he was sick you bad mouth and don't Brooks but the point is that they're so there's so much talent I get one and young talent in the NBA. And it only. You know underlines how important. That first second third fourth fifth whatever it is pick for the grosses as this year what are you doing for my pretend. I'm watching good luck charms and got a new prayer I think and I don't maybe I should price and it's worked your prayers go out Obama threw for two. The brunt of the prayers yeah I know what the do wonderful lottery that. That's a good point. Good point I mean come back Jason fits from Spain if that's what Jones who talked. Little NBA with him get his opinion on dust on the young talent of the NBA were talking up a draft of the titans. All that more Jason Spitz when we come back Jason's done at a Jennifer ME SP that's what. It can be unpredictable from extreme cold severe storms and tornado winds of perhaps it's time to go ahead. 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How you can earn four times of fuel points on gift cards and Kroger down. Funny Kroger dot com limited time offer restrictions apply see store for details. I'm guessing and 688 years now. ESP. It's. He's been. Mrs. Ford station ready to. ESP okay. Jason and Jon and it's another Emmy ESPN has promised his name is Jason fits. Is this force that are on slabs at ocean Fairmont Spain and fits every. Weekday right here or not if you nine FM ESPN as soon as he peace signs off he joins us now Jason how are you. Man I'm so it's spectacular how you got to do a better word we're doing what assailant then man you're absolutely killed in a listen to you every night. Well I appreciated. And the wild ride for sure you know we met I think every time we talk is they're sort of like holy cows all the gone down in that. If you suspected sports parents that chat the double bagged the Adriatic an examination you know you you know sometimes little. Well look fat cat shows that they're getting ready that it that even though we were we were doing their trousers are about to go on there. And what are the other people involved in the project they're treated can grab I look I took. Only child not that language we did got an Emmy nomination right is immediately replace the starter radio or public. I got to focus fear that they actually itself. And grant or death because I am because I hear you on the radio I know it's terrific on stansted but unfortunately I can enjoy it because my wife does not let me have faced them. So this is run one on skewered. Smart woman visited you know. Nothing good nothing good chemicals that I'm bothered. And exports and product that's okay I'm tents other Sam I just wanna watch Jason their thoughts on the Emmy nominated that's almost acts so that's perfect you just gave me and excuse to get Obama photo IJ's we were just talking about sort of the all the young talent that seems to be coming through the NBA it seems to be the story. Of the playoffs so far if you had to pick one of these young players though whether it's Donovan Mitchell or to Ellen beater. Then sevens or whoever if you had to pick one young player the NBA to sort of be the face of the league going forward. After the changing of the guard with LeBron motivate. Until now parents sent down not me it's not even. A close conversation the body being has. You know a couple of months ago I dug in on all radio today. At some point we got to decide where we are the cavs and I made that decision and apple without out and not because they'll grumble because of all the other pieces you know we. We give so much benefit of the doubt to LeBron that we just sort of forget hey you're asking arson and then he got and that's do you think they've never done before just because. There with LeBron I'm not willing to do that and I think it's. When you start to look at what the future looks like in the east particularly. If Philadelphia stacked theirs that we know that the the other piece to be in the base belief is having that personality and one thing we see every single night or were cut highlights and trying to figure out what the big story is in the NBA. If we watch and we waits we wait to cut the 76ers highlights. Intel indeed it had a chance to talk to the sideline for us because we know he's gonna give us go over and that's when it comes down to when you duck and they can believe. You're not you're talking Domenici are also on the commercial boutique. He is not only on every poster because of what he could do. But he did end up on every poster because frankly he's gone to block that's why people it's one of the reasons people of the sixers. Ray it's and it's not enough in the in the age of social media is just be awesome at basketball are would you actually have to have a personality to be good guys a measure of Kauai Leonard. If he had a personality. Like he would be up there but the fact that he really just focus on basketball you don't really feel like you know him outside of that. He kind of gets forgotten about. Well that's why we're constantly talking about the quiet. San Antonio drummers because frankly he's not speaking to anybody so that everything that make some sort of closed off that is part of you know what what sort of define him also forces us haven't educated get a what's gone on in that situation and deep doesn't have the personality cannot take. Look up and and that's accused attorney. Look at look at the NBA now a you have to look at caught important state. When you talk about petty wars when he talked about how these guys don't like each other Twitter. They have figured out that they are individual people and that they're bigger than the brand it's on the best and that's what separates them from. Every other sport and in a world where we were so bummed. Usually go about late December teams forming. I think what none of it anticipated that this much young talent would come into the league. It now you can have 456 super teams in the next few years city doctor only get better. Which of that which of these two which of these franchises which you would you. Want to run right now just which would you more prefer to be they've got Boston or Philly you mention that Phillies quad and it got everything in front of them. They've got the young guys they've got a they've got money cap space then you've got Boston that's got Jalen and Jason Tatum obviously coming into their own. Obviously you have Karim Gordon back. They've got all those assets which situation they both are great right they both look like teams that are gonna dominate here in the next few years which one you like better. So I like where Boston is better because right now if we can we just simply injuries away. Often clearly that it got so lost opportunity for the Celtics they could have been a new cream of the crop the debate has never had a shot to do with the injuries. And like you mentioned they're stacked their draft over the next couple years. They hold their own debt. So they have the rare combination separate though and except for the future that being said if I was from a player standpoint got to pick what. I think silly because there's less sort of pressure of what it's like to be the next generation oak. So I mean if you think about what it's like to be in Boston. How do you separate from the history around that keep you don't so you're looking around like somewhere where you can just be you don't know much about. I love so if that. The grip on Jason you mentioned LeBron earlier we were talking about his matching suits and then lived in the team's matching suits when you're with a band. Did it was there ever a mandate to Wear the same exact thing going into the venue or are now. Never motivated but my god man we order like on the reduce The Today Show. In Rio for the Olympics and major at this solidly Beckett they had a particular count they wanna rebel always. So we all had addressed in the same I'd look like like some bad Star Wars now and don't like this and we're not unlike. Like and he walked probably come up and taken me to comment was really really well what. Well what I think they have now. What do you think the psychology we actually were trying to figure this out what do you think the psychology was between. Leo well behind LeBron saying armor our unaware the same exact suit same exact color. Going into the religious unity is that the idea there. I don't know I'd like to think maybe use it lifted until like ten occasions in court not support the they being captured there but I don't love. Like that that's one of those moments where what what LeBron does sometimes. Either rubs me longer feels so manufactured at eight you've go it and tell other guys that they have to lose their individuality. You're lucky you won't let sort of thing like. I don't understand how that make you look better basketball team if utility. And you know frankly dictate that early in the series Anita. Would you have them turned NFL draft a little bit nip it in and titans in particular viewer choice. Between you've got right now with Marcus Mario or any of the QBC anyone of these big time names of everybody expects to go on this draft. Would you keep it the guy you've got to would you take more of a baker a sand Donald Josh Rosen. I keep my Mario and not because of the Mario it is necessarily I don't think we double Oreo Asia. I'm not as comfortable as a lot of people on this draft class I just. I think the fact that you compartment fatal flaw in each of them needed something and we're just sort of ignoring that because we're desperate for quarterbacks in the league that beat. At the end of the day the fact that you can't get fourteen to agree on who the or are in any particular order and weird me out for the you know we're I think. We Turkey in today's culture that Peyton Manning vs Ryan believed would be an actual debate is trapped at right cricket bat. And and so now we we got to look at it at some point and say these debates and appeared I don't know that we're not looking at a Barnes took us out of this. Thank you might be right which one do you think you feel the most sure about. If not I I think I'm gonna say Arnold. But I don't but I don't feel comfortable with the the other one I feel like we're gonna end up missing an arm like Lamar Jackson accepts personal look at these are gonna be there. Yeah editing and I think. Ultimately Lamar Jackson sort of follow that there's this. Spot where there's is that perception around him that he doesn't take to reach quicken up and you know as it is obviously you didn't do great. On some of the textile company and and and so I know people on acute that is a big difference. The guy can play. You know and I'll be the first to admit up all of us sort out the stock up with a shot lots of last year I was really wrong about that so I keep looking at is saying what do I really won't about in this one and you know I feel like maybe it's one of the guys that we're just not paying attention to that being said. I would not touch Allen with a 300 foot pole I don't wanna a quarterback with accuracy issues from Wyoming could get to the world on fire though. No no and no one. Yeah I agree every article slugger Jason is hostess benefits you get here right here. On did you nine FM ESP. In weekdays. Jason does does baker is confidence did you did you like it. Is it a little too brass is it puts you all the way to the fine line between you know having enough confidence in that and having too much. Well where are you with with baker. I love the confidence frankly I think we always ought to look at a pox. Like they can only have justice and other companies that were comfortable about. I've no problem with the confidence but it you know I don't know if you guys check out these Sports Illustrated piece. There's that thing that bothers me is it now that he's not playing either he can be really bad advice or he not handle India by the candidate either way. That's what worries me like what he admits openly that he just didn't spend a lot of time with the chargers playbook. Every pocket the article in Sports Illustrated how we're just been little bears are completely because after defeats. I I kicked it a lot of behind the boat. When you know that you're being perceived as certain way and you don't do anything about that in the process leading up to the track that's what scares me. What the titans. The biggest need what are you addressing first with that I guess that's the number 25 pick you in their front seven you going linebacker or inside the dangers. Yeah I'm going linebacker. Get on the linebacker. All of a concept to be OK with but I really think that they need to find. A linebacker I do think there's some truth to what we're here at least not for the next 48 hours that they're gonna be trade now that there are I think they want them down earthquake. An and I don't blame them I mean if you can do little value it's an exhibition you picketed the bottom of the round. I don't see any reason if they if they think it is. There's three or four positions they can address one knock down so. I also I replied everybody every year you keep your eye on page twenty to 38. Because if you're sitting at the top of the second round and you want to trade up you could that actually hear the contract you eat your heart so. If there's somebody your load quickly in the bottom of the first round. You'll over pages to get that extra year's security on a contract so I think that I actually grind them down and down. And then Jason got last year obligatory writer's question do you like what Jon Gruden is doing I mean it definitely feels like he's gutting a lot of it. The roster do you deal like what he's done so far you feeling good. Well not so. And the team's gotten older Atlanta athletic and just a man you know I get it up I I think there weren't there were a lot of rumors last year that there were divide in the locker room. And guys were sort of saw some things differently and you had to be different types of personality he got by Crabtree purses got my car. But I I don't love anytime you're looking NN saying I think look better than they guys but I just didn't start getting rid of pieces. And replacing it iPad you don't pick the team is any better to but it blows at the end of last season and I think what happened is. We get into the off season and it's like a bad relationship the party you get a week it appeared the eulogy. About that but yet remember last year was bad and then you look at. Up and down on the roster like I don't think this team's. Any better so look like another waste each year with a defense look. Player of the year candidate and supposedly your future quarterback when that I think in ten years will look back on on the beginning of this process and they meant. They wasted how many years with those 2 guys in the morning got anything going. I got my stomach hurts him well when he when he said when congress that I wanna go back to 1998 I didn't think you actually mean signing guys who played. In the NFL at night to united but apparently that's. And we're the I mean not beholden to the same fire the technical baker to let you got to understand. What the perception is what you're coming in expecting it into the media you those people are saying yeah Eddie he can't get a decent. Completely oblivious to she was pummeled by the late. I'm going to be hosting a medical trapped show there's been tried a it's not on Twitter ESPN do the first ever draft should Thursday and Friday. On Twitter to run to the duration distracted me at. Somebody Oxford Mina kimes steel gates Michael junior so we'll be breaking down everything happens so if you're one of those that like to watch on Twitter. You can get out there they all over the years can't account we hang out talk. I don't Herbert hope we don't hopefully you'll have some University of Memphis prospects to break down and they got a receiver Anthony Miller coming out to review who was going to be a day too early date to pick self will look forward to a Jason approach saying yeah. The blood of those don't do. You keep your. I. Jason fifteen minutes in the baker may fielding which is such thing went with the chargers play book lucky he obviously had a meeting and and work out with the charges and he admitted afterwards that he did not. You know look in the playbook is much he said of what I can tell you is it is a concern. Is a concern because so much of that job in being an elite quarterback is in any let's Tom Brady your Aaron Rodgers or Matt Ryan or whoever would tell you. Lot of that job is preparation. You know and and. What you'll you're rolling your eyes and you I am yet you euros about amiga because look do you think you think people aren't big they don't play those orders. I just brilliant but it's like there's no PR firm that would tell you that that's a good move right there's none. So the only way the only explanation for that is your mortgage charge. That's the only because. It's stupidity to say the jet menu but it because what you just simply dead air around an area around that narrative gets out that narrative gets out. That's further charges and you don't wanna be in charge. Why I was always an article immediately I just don't let I don't understand I'm with you I don't understand the point of putting out with a I should've gotten their playbook more right before the free agents have not you've got everybody telling you all the right steps down to the suture gonna Wear write downs of what you're gonna say all that stuff and he comes out with this that's what I'm telling you it's got to if there's. If there's any explanation it's got to be. It won't notice Annika. Or is there LA. I told you the guy feel best about in this draft is Rosen late into the quarterback's Rosen is the guy is you know he's just he looks NFL ready like how good is he going to be I don't know but I feel like the floors high within ourselves and stuff we'll send our own a concern me on draft academy is just a little short snippet but they had to do something more there to stay focused. Right yes they focus on the task at hand. And keep you know pick up these numbers right while this guy screaming in your career. Our while all this noise is being made around you. And he looked up after he was done. And he put up two fingers he only got two with the numbers it's Yugoslavia as a problem concentrate sounds like weight gain and I'm hearing things have your heard that name. Needed no you put on a headset some sort of training for Olympic athletes to keep you focused on the task at what this is I didn't look like he's doing very well that's what her hearing things as they put on this headset you click a button and you hold the blood to you're here it's like these loud voices talking it and you have to like read your partner's lips they're saying the Senate's. And you have to read your partner of political and yet the focus on it it's very frustrating game of yet like eighty. At the first or second attempts like you're taking from it's crap that's out of the celebration here sounds good sounds like an argument. Right because when the person and draw it right god you're angry. That's it that's what that sound a satellite of an exercise in frustration right there about it on the involvement that is Ivan we'll come back White House will join us at 1225. Days and John and his benefit yes it. 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Pop in Indiana AJ Bosnia and abuse he had to do I am too young folks today you are menu or even even as you sit you are probably don't live right. Right and you'd be read a newspaper. No. Enough ninth. The name of their own hands now. We played some audio yesterday. John Ross team. Of CBS sports that it'd abided to podcast. With Penny Hardaway it's funny though because like. He started talking a good idea out there's ready to play a base our podcasts. John Rossi with that he did by saying. You've done a lot of national than local media. And I got to tell you I haven't heard this question it's it. Well it infinity become pity. What you gotta be kidding me really you don't know the answer that question. John that questions never been asked deputy before and that would even on as we all right. I mean like I feel like that is like but that's what people do for research for reasons as well to discuss the Wiki page and in that owns what about his grandmother and an impending death we got after a bit of common knowledge it just in fairness it's a car it's a common story here we all know it it's it's told to us and our former born as -- you were told the storm Allison byters old behind them that's sort right exactly but I'm John Lawson and brokerage our council for instance in order whatever if but if if I had a good at all as Wiki page there like you he has no excuse tougher skin tone when he was young and that's where you're killing a National Guard for not knowing that. And for being. The grim and others like everybody knows that answer they do here in army many camera doesn't take a lot of work upon how well did you are wrong not to get right. And that is what does a very obvious I'm I love posing and as it is is it's good. Well over a bridge is something that no one's asking you it was like what well something important there's a reason either run faster where did you get that name and molecular know what is that your New York out there and got. It's kind of Boston. It is this little nudity is gone back and forth will it put you who work on there's something there yeah I wish that we should give we should get my my my grandmother. It well we've had our own she was not my grandmother in law all mother was money well. That's an accident or you're right there anyway. In the podcast he also says you know who better to coach one and guns than me in my Camilla. If you're trying to get to the NBA. There's no better to get to there the media might that is in a slight to any coach but we'd been there and we know what it takes. And John rusting tweeted that quote. And Kentucky fairs came out. They are mad. They are mad coach doc let me read you some of their responses from Kentucky Branson this tweet about Penny Hardaway is in out. Sort of his saying his philosophy that we can get we can coach when it does better than anybody let me send orphans and my middle. Who's buying this is from U of K wildcat who's buying that bleep he has zero experience. Cal Perry Kay of proven they can do it over and over again. Again penny has zero college coaching experience zero. Well this goes injured nor am I haters and cop and bad man. His Reynolds bleed blue 24. This is the dumbest statement of the day. I'm already tired of this dude yeah as a coach one game six they're tired of pretty electric to have Elian love it. Or whatever got the sort of tired of his dude let damned rockets this is JD distancing. It's. Powerful powerful. Because they have coach so many of them. This is from Stephen ray PE husband dad UK grad and AM structural engineer. Pity you last played in the NBA 200710. Years ago when the current seniors had barely started elementary school. I don't think they remember much of display all I can play its world as far as his last two years and half. Of season three years lame argument that kids don't know who Penny Hardaway is is the dumbest thing ever. I want a fine no clue what it's funny not to form I want to run a positive tweet from Kentucky. Where's the proof is from draft cats where's the proof big gamble. This is for. The real JP. 2323. Cal Perry says hello. Dan Biller is he dropped. I would say. Is this for. Whatever it takes. W McIntyre of never did worse hash tag BBN he's a thirty fan. Oh well neither one has been a college coach maybe get a year under your belt before saying such dumb statements. The standard they are generally you don't even the third grader he viewed it doesn't even move your your needle on your radar right if not installed angrier. And let's let's say let's let's be real let's let's. Without without shoveling dirt on. And they weren't talking like this one's obviously it was a ghost no problem is when Josh bass was the coach why because. Now they see you as a threat note now of course they hate you know Quinn now of course your dumb and this is dom and Memphis is taking a big gamble. A because they see you as a threat I didn't the kind of big kids that thereafter no and that's why this happens some 500 presented Jefferies Matthew hurts like you warm right there on the Q you might make this is going to be a thorn in. In Kentucky side and on and he potentially well yeah it can be a form we don't it's it hasn't been yet at some point it has the potential is going to have to get one from now. In order for that to be true but he's got dropped. He was gonna trap eye in basically every kid their goal unfortunately nineteen. Has a Kentucky Oden yummy you saw me try to get national vacancy went over there they dentist and asked them Regis I want him. You know so they have basically just say it has has to tell you are kid perfect wherein there move you know an NI admired that to a point. Right at some point if you're gonna go head to head with Kentucky. You're gonna have to get one or two right in order to for to justify. The resources. But. He's gonna test I first bought coach K has been a thorn in in cal side the last several years he has you know to skirt Kaye has stepped it up there's a time there were cal. Basically my knowledge basket yelled at their for the ones but after the one and downs and the name you know coach K whether it was with Jayson Kato Mark Bagley. You know blister Laura he shot that he has and RG bear it. And down on the arms race and and die on them so like you know K has definitely shifted the arms race but here comes Betty. Because he's a boy and a (%expletive) anybody off. In the wood in the way of getting a player which I love which I appreciate you gotta make sure you get one or two I just think it's it's it's its award reviews within me. He's fearless. And look we heard it on the in his media availability last week you know he's talking about national championships and a Jeffs on that a lot. You know he's he's also when you talk about recruiting. He talks about the dukes. And the Kentucky's. And the Kansas is basically in battling those folks right he's not talking about me now you know Arkansas wished Allstate four player. Our key did it the way he envisions it arm release for more of what he's told us is recruiting at a at a level those guys correct and that to mean. As fearless as now you got to be careful to your point going back to we've said this the entire time every selective and I went all these battles you wanna waste our. I'm all for this all of the feels this animal for those folks in Lexington and you notice right now that means you're doing something good there's a question so I think you know I got in the stands between me this this article that somebody and in Kentucky wrote this is a good that this development does it just means that is relevant and that's what remains. Through the looking down rendered their I'd probably like to see nobody likes to see Memphis relevant right outside of Memphis they don't like that. You know mid dispose sustain its place much did tell me wrong that's what bands that. In our great but now they're going up against Kentucky. Or James Wiseman. They're going up against Kentucky for DJ Jefferies. They're going up against Kentucky and present in the Q pretty trend in Watford Gurney amiss anybody.