Jason & John Hour 1 (4/13/18)

Jason & John
Friday, April 13th

Tyler Harris Commits to Memphis. We're talking about it in Hour 1. 


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Auto and home insurer in Tennessee state farm I'm Kathy. And the reason my name is on the slightest bit. The most talented team inside plus 9017777444. I'll better looking now lesser. Good we love that unfortunately so don't. You have John Holmes ads for all you know the only thing keeping your house together there's a bunch of termites holding hands. Night into Saturday night old seventh floor yeah. I've tried it and. In Memphis in sports station. Locally but know we know who hang Hulu. I mean can we saw. Eyes. Hero Jason in John 9829 FA ME SP yen bright. It is Friday. And a few minutes ago. This was the scene at Cordoba high school. It's really. But yeah. Thank you bundle. It's. Here's your. Being that it's. Lately. Movie yeah. That's. From Tyler terrorist himself. Because Cordoba. Teams that point guard is now in Memphis tiger it is official John Mark we are here. It boiled alive culmination. It's a part of it zaps all. Okay. We've got to get better. More times for. No morning to hit that button as many times as you'd like today ladies and gentlemen because yeah. Is a special day in this city of Memphis because it feels like for the first time in a long time. They admit this basketball. Is back. How there's commit to Memphis what does that mean. We'll break that down here's we have on the show today folks putting fiber to talk aired bossier browse icon who thinks higher tires and any other recruiting analyst. In the world so we're gonna talk tires. I Judea aired bossy about tires at 1245. Of rivals dot com so do I miss that also I don't know if you guys have been paid attention. Admit this has been home visits scheduled every top ten prospect in America love that to yourself. Is an exciting time excited. As an exciting time. Right now of the universe he lives and move Penny Hardaway what Tway Bob we are gonna talk a little MBA with Tim McMahon the playoffs are about to be underway so we will talk NBA were to remain at 145 but the majority of this show was going to be spent. On Tyler hairs it's a celebration. That's what the song says Eden OK we're to the more than on me you back to. Of governors of both. Are safe and okay. What makes me think about takes you back that is five times OK gotcha I gotcha. There you go ladies and gentlemen it was a it was a long. There was not a short ceremony. It was not a sort ceremony. It reminded me of Jonathan Williams the third. Debt. I don't even know what it was it was just that it was really a whole thing a whole bit. But I don't to criticize the ceremony we now get the ending you want that's true that's a good. I didn't have any skin in the game Wednesday three committed sagas like Ireland's business the top players. At the end of it all. Indeed announces four at the University of Memphis. Are joining a class currently comprised of Alex Lomax. And Jane Hardaway. No there you go that's the together it's in class right now for the university members it's Lomax. Three star point guard. Ty Harris forced our rivals consensus restart their consensus. Three start and then generally obviously. Pretty Norway sun on the come home this is big this is big. Because. To me it represents me or was first real pretty Victor yeah you know Memphis because Alan Lomax is based these gods on. You know. Let's we we both know hitting had a lot of ground to make up room. When he got this job and what's out there if you're coming out. 44 days he's been on the job and in that time and I realized without Lomax there's a there's a relationship there. Who was committed to which also obviously. Has been with any since the fifth grade is coached him. You knew that he was gonna happen I would still say you add back to this and and 24 days on the job he's taken two guys that were headed elsewhere yet. That were headed elsewhere too other programs been this guy's the best talent in Memphis this year for 2018. The best guys headed out of town. After 24 days on the job those guys are headed to Memphis they grew it represents a complete turn around. And this is what we said. This is why we said you had to make the move all of us respect Tubby Smith the job he had done but there was an opportunity here to not only get it turned around but again it's turned around and headed in the direction that everybody. Can get excited about and here we are here it feels like 24 days later Andrea 44 days after being our ways and their coach. Here we are recruiting class filled up and now you've got to Forestar. I call on Forestar I don't both of them point guards in the Volcker who doesn't make things Jason Smith the jays to a valuation I think our our data we know enough about these kids know when we can pretty much put him. Where we need to put tires let the city in scoring was the first further through the first player to do that in the city it's averaged thirty points a game for a season since rated quarterback in the that moon so that's got to count for something to out think I think out road I've coached gales his Cordoba are coach that he scored. 2647. Points that would put him a look don't teased interest list of Shelby metro scores all time high school scores. Put him twelve formal list. That's so that's that's top twelve score points up at Citi says is what he's one of the best parties on one most prolific scores we've seen in high school basketball you're you're adding him now. And how can you not be excited about it and it's also it's also and what I tell you are obviously there's there's beyond the court effect and in the end though figured all that out. But there's also off the court and in and symbolically. What this does for you. There was a time to write he was at our state I know it right yet it was at the Baylor. Penny Hardaway is named the head coach this thing gets turned around and now. Now when you see the news that they're headed after the top ten guys in 2019 gonna go do in home visits while that you see tellers of all Alex Lomax in the fall. It's all coming to pass yet just this is why you made the move. What does it mean. I'll tell you what it means Tyler Harris takes Memphis. And that's when he eighteen class from being 106 rated top 55 overall. And it's a dozen 18247 class rankings. Then it moves him up from sixth to second. In the America athletic conference in Tel here's commit and I don't by the way but I don't. Now they get another high school kid that remains to be seen and but they're not done. Figured he did more. Scoring help but draw sort of figure they're going to be Saturday there's no question about that what you gotta get back but this is this is. And this again and we've been talking about the last I don't know weaker to. And we talked about a lot this week's especially. When this program is where it needs to be home. It's hard if not damn near impossible. Took to it Ted declined the opportunity to be apart. Is this if your permit press. How do you look at that situation right now boom with Penny Hardaway is coach with fans as excited as they've been. Perhaps. Since the cal days and how do you leave that plugs are skewed picture and you know at this point Tony Matlock Penny Hardaway soon to be Mike Miller. It's kind of build a fence. Don't saying they got some good wooed and you literally see them building this fence and that and that in this is important it tells. Scott Drew. A Baylor it tells the other schools and and like we said yesterday I know I don't know blows yes will still stick their heads that hear that drought always scares me when you play it sounded like make too much symbolically this tells them don't waste time. I doubt about it I was Dallas. We're gonna give you war if you if you do you wanna waste all that mean we just saw Scott Drew will you know coming here on plane trips from Waco to see Tyler he's always overtime I was mound out. Was a look like now he's got a very confident we spoke yes he did he's wit. And look. Bennett was the leader. I mean you we we hadn't you know you have the statement from frank chairs the basis as I look we're we're optimistic Bouman is but let if you got two quarterbacks you. You weigh quarterbacks that the F you had to make up serious why don't you had a lot of doubt and what do I tell you win they went into that meeting with opinion Tony Matlock out there Cordoba the decision was easy the decision was made. Because that's the school that didn't have a point guard Memphis had what they love. And what opinions and Intel and I like it done that Barack apparently quite a bit they got this thing turned all the way around but again I would go back to. As as good is this going to be for Memphis on the court but since these people excited right now gonna be just as good yep in the fights that you won't have to fight. Other schools coming in here they can you know I'm Marty waste my time I'm going have to duct elements that looks like he's got it locked up. There's no question about it that's what this and the you know if you're not duke if you're not Carolina if you're not Kentucky duke it out ways to polish town because they're not big it's going to get back to those days. I've seen that beds where Josh had. You know America's kids and leave it until the end you know the first 34 years of judgment he has it yeah like they were there and that's what down that's that's sort of what Joseph represented that day he committed is what he represented okay. The top Josh is going to be able keep the top talent here in what went for those first. 44 years even even that class with a Austin up until that point I was yeah you're able to keep it locked down. Folks are wasting their time coming in here those are battles you don't wanna fight if you don't doubt about it and and Kenny sent the shot across the bow about turn in this one. You got to give him a man like a lot of credit on this because those are the guys that mean that first time and we said appearance older I know this statement looks like. Right now. Baylor Baylor Baylor on torment a segment from bring back but I told you going into that going of that meeting decision easy coming out. What a job well I I give them full credit because it would have been easy for pitted just say man you know we got too much got to make every guy Lomax a minute that's the one I got my death yeah right. I got I got my guy got my god it's gonna be my own car for four years. Pitch clearly sees something special had a lot of work to do get a lot of ground to make up you talked about it a meeting of tubby wasn't getting the kid so that was that it's he his. You're bringing in Lomax. So that's competition so you Arianna make it got anyway and by the way you bring in got to play the same position in theory. If he said you know what that's not too big to task for me that's not your greatest challenge I'm gonna go to kid no idea if they work or. You know he visited he had the meeting and stayed as long as the native state need visited mom. At work he and Tony Matt laden Ryan I just miss the daily that is about fifteen minutes and I'm I still haunted by that. That mystic stage you know so he did everything he needed to do to make this evident and so any any narrative about pay our way tonight on do the work he's not gonna do what it takes. That was shattered by tire I'm not allowed to you what when the offer was first extended config and all man shrewd PR move about and right because then the offers extended Tyler wants to come he can't he doesn't he can roll hall you know I mean because he's got his point guard. And that and then you hear about this meeting an ally in the in him telling theirs is gonna leave in a state its alliance are all those questions goes on an hour and a half. And you see it goes from okay. He didn't just is not just open the technically he really wants and I'm to keep going back to it telling them that Tyler is special that he can do things. That no one I've got my gym right now can do that I won't and look. That was the that was part of the turnaround OK that was part of it and I think what we identified earlier this week. Memphis it's not just penny in Tony and you don't seem to be might know those guys recruiting him. You have the city recruitment you have this week when it's going good that's what the city does for it tells you look we're gonna take care you after your career you have all of that going forward and that's I tell you what job once I knew that the way the rules that out they're deliver wings it was over racked up. Down. Down ABC and he did a proposal basically. That a try Draper scoop scoop you know he he he he he OC just going as good he's what is. It's what it's so. But now it was it's an exciting back. It is an exciting day and again it takes it takes me a business class from. Number six in the America athletic conference to number two and AC. From it in the early one hundreds and from 1062. A 55 overall and again they're not down there had done their daddy he thought they knew the moment I'm and he did the Maloney in the papers the best shooter on the team. Period exactly talking about a guy I know at 59150. Look at his frame means there was this was you needed done all of say what he did that at what he got done he was MVP of the fab 48 out there. And out in Vegas one of the one of the premier events of the summer. And what did you do John what what we're all of the experts we use ripping up on top 100 yards yet he was the first MVP of that under six foot since frank Mason you guys remember frank Mason. How good he was at Kansas now what I believe with a Sacramento Kings if I'm not mistaken I'm not telling you Tyler Myers is gonna totally but he can be a special. College basketball player win if he's shooting ability we're talking unlimited shooting range it's also limited shares also are minor. That this decision. Have to make the change. Was was not just about donations and it was not just about a sluggish with the US these are tickets to. It was about this. About these type of moments that frankly. The previous staff. Missed on. And that that this fans were where were craving right Mitt this kid staying home getting that it is unfathomable. That met this basketball went three recruiting cycles under Tubby Smith would have been at least. Without getting admit this kid without getting a single men face kit. Besides it's it's frankly other than the vote the end of those values it's been the lifeblood of the program it's what's kept us relevant for years is the Memphis talent. And and and energy and this is not a I wanna beat them tubby here because that's not what this is about this is this is a day for Tyler shares of forbidden art away in the winds at that but it but here's the deal and and that's we did this months ago. If you've got to coached at Memphis. Right that's preventing. The Memphis talent from coming and then with all due respect about coach. That's the problem no question that is the problem. David Rudd recognized it in again. There there's two there's two whip your hemorrhaging money so it's hard to gauge he'd walk in and not recognize that you got Jeremy four point seven million they were do due to lose but but then. This common. We can't we just don't want to have million dollar price so thereby says one best in the country. We we play NBA arena. And these Yasser commitment which Allstate. And an NN or whether I was state and Baylor apps with all due respect. You've got to make that change and and and here we are. And and here we all are so so again. This wasn't Alex Lomax. You knew when getting are we got the job you were getting out slow mice because of their relationship. Penny and tell him I like and I staff had to work. On this one Ed to a lot of convincing. When it comes Tyler frank chair side. As Baylor was looking real good they're told that John you're right it's the first recruiting win I realize you've got a lot you got Memphis helping you out you got the silly. But you're out of this one okay you rather slow Tubby Smith you got all the way back in turn it around. That's a what I wanna see him apply that. To those national gospel I think guys I'm excited not only see those faces of those guys CMA of those guys can suck up too by the way this also is gonna. I mean it basically sews up nearly picked to finish second or third mixture in the days while I told you if you got both of them you. With what the AC what most of those seem to lose at the top in terms of the upperclassmen yep yep they Houston's losing rob great. And since he's got Jacob Evans look and looking at the leak a figure Clark's out of there was a space lost a Tallinn. Okay they're there were bringing in the six man class would look when Lomax senate's panel Bachmann now. The AC lost a lot there that has teams lost a lot of of a senior players. Our unity right now under are going to be to your point picked up three. And and listen I mean this is that this thing is Roland now. This back because you're 2019 glass could include James wise men Malcolm Dandridge BJ Jefferies. Trend and watch her do which Hewlett pick. Just picked Biden pick six. If you've got this thing exactly where you we envisioned it being underpaid Hardaway as long as it as long as he is the coach we hope he is too. If you can get the top meant to admit this town looks like they've built the gate pretty firm Allred. You read that tough a couple. Few of the national that's yep you got the potential pop off you know your back overnight. Just like that. You're right back you're already Casanova to get overnight you're already a force and do you think you think they'll say do you think that take office phones already ring Tanya a bit Jim Jones a bitches blowing on now yeah. So here's are gonna do we're gonna take your calls by 2537765353776. Memphis basketball is back. How do you feel on this particular Friday the thirteenth just get a doctor Jeff fassero thirteen forever Jason John outage got a fair BS via. Tyler Harris. Nolan is in Memphis. And come and or device used to Harris junior Alex Lomax in Penny Hardaway as a University of Memphis thank you for coming home. With 929 FM ESPN. 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It was it just sort of a different vibe aren't you know there was committed or it was anticipated yet. And then and and has his doubts dinars or just kind of a different deal. You know I don't think that they indeed we didn't celebrate. You know Charlie Moore he was it for Memphis and you gotta go back to and didn't didn't you break Austin's news it wasn't was it and it was that was an announcement I don't remember about I had that bright he just call it wasn't like oh a moment to anticipation yeah overall there was gonna like like this was the better the last and that's what I was trying to figure right in this morning that. I he was the last one that just had the kind of announcement you'd you thought maybe you knew but should we really didn't know right. I think nick for a mic came six years ago in Jerusalem I'm six years ago what is the time go. Wise man let's let's not worry about the past Credo more crazy your right look I'm for it is all about the future at Memphis and all right now Penny Hardaway last time out here is committed and signed with the University of Memphis. This morning a court of high school. How you feel in Memphis we wanna hear from you 53530 haven't haven't expire after five ESP we go to Kelly all the way from Arkansas Kelli you're. Well hello there. I either way I doubt doorman I'm feeling good right now man out bank. Are back this sentiment with the rest of the coaches in the land mammal you know you knock on American. Legitimate doctor Alan man whom you know is they might in three weeks printed in Colombo on the WB got. To a bigger commitment than this period in pretty weak and so did bank. When you give him allude to ambush at the right now I've met some really good and a bit old Carter and and and very little like that scoundrels. No doubt. Kelly apparently it did you tell. Yeah I mean if you're if you're Baylor or really basically any other team not named duke Carolina Kentucky and unique not a plot. Because you're not getting a Memphis get again I mean that those days are over. Think about it and will reduce the cultural. When we had Scott Droughns had a really confident do you remember I haven't console Maarten on yup he's out on about a year ago and he basically said like our respect W death but yeah oncoming vehicles Memphis players he's thought about that Tom Alan Lomax. A home when we would have other coaches all and they weren't scared now they weren't they were scared. Now there's a difference a at least where you feel like for some of them. They be wasting their time even coming in here father's side that's worth doing no question offense maybe I think 537765. To five. ESP. Ed we go to ride in Germantown Reiner on. Pegged military out dunes are the current. Alms side class this morning talk about it in a sort of let it out flat chicken waiter trying to say look don't own our religion and out smitten. It's integrates feelings and the excitement. As a stand by a banquet and longer for the past couple years it. You show up but to be excited about. And it I was writing class this morning just want to check plot about a check Twitter that. If that they thought we had at the past couple years it's great feeling great debate back in a little work out in the future. Actually ran a thriller the college of golf but they're 537765. You're five DSP and how you feel that on this Friday morn I'm feeling good mamet's I like a party. I mean even though there was a little bit of filibustering. You know it it's the it couldn't take away from the excitement that I felt when tires announced for Memphis I was wondered would it be. I'm not allow my hands who's what we'll but the idea you know we don't listen you guys think you got to thank there was a lot of misdirection stuff out there brother really I'm just telling you that. Lot of misdirection stuff was gone my way last night trying to throw me off well I'm not saying you gotta gotta outside and buy it. But we put a lot of work into this as well. Ed Edward I'm what do you make this about us but we've waited for more we say we got ourselves a lot we did our part we don't we we worked on this we've recruited we prayed. Yes we Weis. We go to Mel and why did familiar arm. Now that's a we do not have meant I doubled up on some 53537. Evidenced by the U five ESP. We go to Lazarus Lazarus you're on love them love them. Jason John. Do you call couple months ago art form models sold on gentlemen. Told you about how woke up every morning and welcome them here in the cried. For a solid hour earn double that there I woke up this morning and there was a there without spot in the year you. Yes I took a shower and I did not shed a tear. I heard telling her to make his decision and I cried for Lee weep tears of joy. Oh my god we know the child a wife scoring now apparently. Thanks do his part or head coach today. At solve this alone back on the map. That Penny Hardaway ever is under way. Gentlemen this and I am very excited about the future thank you. Yeah thank my last thanks to figure showering this morning very important of those lanes of I dean is very important and yet we do know tires that last word the word we we we should know his work better for that he's admitted treated and now he's attacking a guy on the lives -- has the Baylor. Might you sing a different can correct correct stared scales of likely a bit of villain today. But the good news is all forgiven and forgotten guys saw this error and that's what have as the Memphis tiger effect we go to Mike from Memphis my hero what a brother. Well I don't blame why do. It's an exciting day. Earth for tiger nation we went and rare air and so you know took some boom and just so excited we doubt her title I democratic campaign and make tamales or get a real. We go faltered or failed OK we did people also want tiger to. Yeah oh I I had great YouTube product and I don't brother Albert Belle shoveled out how would work that's what a football folk do. And we love our city and I don't book yellow belt city you know I love my city pretty muted come and so. I will be looking for. Mike thanks Mike yet I don't why I mean there is a spring game on on the ad they'll Liberty Bowl and this is. Lit it is they it is today what we did in Memphis man great weekend. 5253776. By the 53776. We go to Rick Rick you're on. How was gone all I am I really enriched. Man don't do a good man how well look in the job and I do transportation. And that would that announcement came all the we'll come to Memphis and I actually am looking here. Or did you really shouldn't there. How much it'll chairman of Myanmar where my dad no wheelchair we've all clapping and clapping like we looked at a place man. Can that tiger thought back. Yes they are as they look at what this is doing really are associated particular retailer being reduced to tears over this. The passion is strong man I'm happy for RC news. It is as strong as it's ever been I was I was there on Tony I mean they said Devin he tried but I don't know way as his phone. Couldn't get it can get a connection so we're all scram went whose please can we watch that we watched Tony saw large connects I mean that there must have been a you know 2000 people on that thing there goes starts. It's Craig's. Is back it's just like that it was dormant it was like and wrong we were what it used to be like you talk about we were headed for dark times and we work. We wondered would grizzlies and tigers. And it's like some light has come home. We're both do the group didn't get a good bit at a completely weak you know good things happen to Memphis as sort of hard to believe and love it from us that if we go to. Okay how they're going to go a long time listener first time caller. So I'm not from mid did and the I thought there would be a matter of University of Kansas Columbus but I didn't let me all I did did you live and amid bits for the past several years. And you've got app you can now why did. I found myself so excited. When I heard the exciting. And how I called up or not even have lived at the laws that's the prince of war and like I'm just really excited for the stadium would get a duplicate it sorry opinion was genius. And leg just exciting even from someone who's from you know somewhat of a rival I'm excited for the city of their kitchen to see what can happen. So not yet decided he would do to keep it out. Brother we're having to add your name workers and that get out of much respect to by the web and cardinal made it absolutely you just can't the power of his basketball you can't escape it if you live in this town. Obviously you did ten years yeah. It gets in your man you don't blow you go find out and Mike Miller on those message boards to. We go to in south these embassy in Iran. Hey Jason I do and I you do need to. Well again eluded to get there is not a question is that tubby says there any credit in the bill that you you do you young men and ebitda gluten critical. Just to be a bit dismayed. Yeah well thank you Ed thank you for the car and the answer is not know but held now on Wednesday and I'm gonna raise my hand here. You don't like to be selfless that's my come up thing. Once you be that way to bow to raise our hand here and say we did. We did our work was more was that more effective than Tony's yep I will agree with that's what I went and that's already Landon says well. But but anything that W -- due to thank we had to overcome tubby. Kind of arms and I like 'cause if tubby would have you know -- at a price got to give you to just prioritized from the beginning. You know so we had to overcome a lot about the 537765. Your body ESPN I'll move off we go to Calvin Calvin your own. I was going around the downtown. Crazy. Period they. Cannot bear it no matter where. Or how it is bound to eat. That are good. Yes that is Calvin Eminem what more needs to be said it is all good. All right it is August pinning got this done with one staff member. One guy has won in three weeks it was hit and Matlock work in this. Prioritize it from base in the minute they got here the guy loves you Kara Anderson they got you a thing Kara. There's they had Jane take care of it was all Tyler Harris. Full court press to guys. In three weeks or get a low low credit too they did it you're right a low calling Tyler Harris Iraq market and tell him how much you wanna be you know wannabe with them let's be part of some special so. Give very little doubt that I Ortiz yes bad bad bad backcourt is exciting. It is Alan Lomax is a running back. Yet at written exactly the ways built yes announced it will peoples of the 59 think he's tying two he's not where he's listed at 511 we only owned about nine to list of violence if listen it probably multiples of that the fund yes he's 511190. According to Memphis. And I tweeted yesterday made a running back you know hit me back from mr. Dana Williams big day in new at a very actually was sort of bag of lesser mental. I believe that is a bowling ball so like yeah like it can work with both aim at him in town on the floor at the same time. Will the will be there will be challenges defensively when they are on the floor together. There will be challenges defensively. I'm sure they are always root take on John Chancellor made it clear how much one of us do quality can be an out again no Smyth download access it should be point out is an elite it. It is it is a very good defender. A very good defenders are capable of of being on 616263. Guys I just see like what what I see and Alex Lomax and you can correct me if I'm wrong. What I see in Alex Lomax is the kind of kid. That is when it's February. You know late in the season and a tough conference game if he's gonna we knew that he's gonna make a play. Like when a matter he will give their nationality or get a stop dead. Like like like the ball or something like that just did his nose and greater thing about him is he is both on floor leader unbelievable floor general but also blue got in willing to do the things you're talking about all the small things. And home floors it and Steele didn't stop taking a charge. They get she wins he's willing to do both that's the great thing about our former I can't wait to see these guys play together it is a debate and then Jeremiah Martins do. You know Bob Cousy award winner next year so I mean there's definitely a lot of media eyes and Obama almost the balls will meet. In his fans may play slows you had to change his game or about ball and he and look back so that's a good role for him this well ball he showed he can take anybody off the dribble right he's got the best that now. All I like him kind of moving over to them off guard. Maybe kind of via I you know. Yeah we're already getting ahead of us says but you gotta figure that Lomax is gonna start from me while I mean yes come on again I'd go back to access this Cuba's small has been playing up up like 23 levels death the player gets the best in the country so O got Caldwell got Gaza right this is there a moment we go to Mardi by the Marty your. And I had a guy but more great great great day great day at the way it should be like it always should have been. Well and I and I I wish I wish tubby could listen to loose the show notes and listen to these people that call it. That are so excited to get that I still don't think he got like even though he's got he probably still doesn't yet. This and think it's just another job at that the past pennies pink Caroline. We got a good football coach Doug about a lot code or a dark so hot dog at Goodyear and give all the rocks and get geared actually hopefully of them here after that what whatever and I did it also manages to get that. Yes it is Marty for your car I thought about 3776. Other five EST we go to Jeff in Chattanooga Jeff here on. But I didn't know until the. I know them well no delay about it most of those things are turning up on. Try to come back a little bit. Yeah I am I. You have a bit there's a lot tell that a month. They've sought out low so that doesn't about a way in just very slim though the way I showed up so that the absolute peak well you know that this may be that with everything it was then. I doubt very slowly start to see it atrophy away it. It's almost worse to not have me hey it's not nearly as bad that it is. And we just became so commercial and apathy or lack of open book tape provided just in this year higher note itself was the ability to. Create hope this something different some thing. That we could attached to another to just wanted to Erstad had. Turning that hope into a practical reality of our back should be able to do something with this. You know we have put our heads that's what we go to the today. Jeffers had a comment is absolutely right that's always talked about was hope. And now you you'd backup a hope you got it with with the goods are very no stopping it now. Amid it's off the rails broke now let's roll in the headlights. It's about to get the minutes of England that you had to get my Miller up in here officially like he got going after top ten guys out there has done today I really do I really are because they need him on the road. I'll just keep the good news coming Jim oranges you become I can't I can't give you any right now but Oka I mean again they know that's happening date that either to Florida as a road or not two as of last night I know for a fact that they were working diligently. To get this thing done of the day on what they wanna do moment wrote absolutely so I really I really think it could happen today I really believe a good out of that but don't know that for a fact yet a check on that patty pump. On the case we know we go to a couple more on this Craig from cargo Gregor on. Thanks so much love just show you Barrick and great great news com I'm ticket growth watch in the target in the coliseum. So that's huge basketball fan and mild you know my loyalty went over to the football as we get better and I really literally my whole life or mid. A town where both football and man and all of us that yes it can happen there are places where you can have both the majors sports really good during that time is now here and I'm just excited so should. That was my two cents to work. Crier British parliament and then less than one at that point to this scenario scenario downtown here on. You over there from. A man I'm a big they are you guys so that they want I personally think him and that a lot appreciate. Is located at all the guys earlier. Equality and and there's something about home. About poultry company it's gonna take our clear winner kind of got too seriously Mahan in the words of women the great I. Adding. I appreciate it appreciate that brother absolutely man presented by the cause then I'll be got to take a break we're gonna talk to Eric bossier rivals dot com about what this means for Memphis. You know go forward and how they can play together and when asked about some of the kids that they've got a new home visits scheduled with and if they have a realistic shot at them but today is a fantastic day there's no question about it. And thus the celebration you should feel good about the direction of America's best approach so welcome back Jason Dunn at each benefit ESP. And. Lou. Is that he's going to do repeat again. Thank you for coming. Nine bed ESPN. That poses for. 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But he's actually stay in downtown pairs of course is stand in Memphis going to be head over to the University of Memphis. Next year joined now Alex Lomax and Jane Hardaway in the class of 2018 speaking of which. Memphis is 2018 recruiting class did you notice who's number 44 all weren't on rivals with the commitment of will limit fees and other pairs. Are not done they're not and John to that point. This is being done on the fly no doubt about all right with one official assistant thank you are right you get this work done you're moving up in the recruiting rankings on the fly. Right that's that's a pretty good cleanup job is and not it's OK I don't the one you really wanna judge career on starting is 2019. Because that's always gonna have the most primal and that's obviously all important class got so many studs right here in town. And the notes on that looks like my Miller's on pennies on national obviously but to do this and 2.4 days. Is impressed well it's very impressive as your point with only one man by your side Abumrad law. And I would venture to say that there is no no first year head coach in the country that's got the job this off season. Maybe I'll tell you I know for a fact it hasn't happened it's gotten to top one for the players. And that client does what a fascinating class and and bruise on the duck it's it's. You know it's pretty our president to be honest with you what have what is happening over the university Memphis right now. With Penny Hardaway and frankly you know that's what the program needed it needed to have an unprecedented. You know run here. Given what we're coming off absolutely and that's exactly everything is delivering that's all you can say pay Hardaway is delivering. On the promises that he made. He's got to get players here is gonna get town there that's exactly what he's done in his first three weeks on the number and I give him full credit for that again. Would have been easy to just kind of tapped out and say you know why it. When I got to be able to get them all too much damage has been done and never crew meant. The two quarterback situation would have been easy to just had a tap out of that recruited right out here. I look at listen you needed time especially when she wants. You really needed him most of all transferred out here when that's one on one of the one of the few shooters. And got quotes reverend shooters. I wasn't great last year but he's one of the better ones one of the more dependable wants. If you guys that they can shoot the ball on the teams won a few skilled craftsmen who bomb. You needed top layers and JaJuan Johnson walks out that door unions was scoring punch you can get and let's I realize now with with Lomax with with. With Tyler with Jay and Hardaway that looks that's that's awfully guard heavy and we know. They've got to get on base they've got to get some depth there. But keep in mind this is that you're not gonna go you're you're not looking to go to the number one recruiting class the country this year. All eyes on 2019. So to be able to do what you've done already this for eighteen and a be able to move up like you have no doubt keep going back to a man that's a that's a heck of a job openings on an ally and then to sort of candidate Ted suspended forward you know the fit here now we don't the one thing that we don't know about pity is how he's gonna play. You know that we don't know for sure I mean it looks like. It's gonna be passed up tempo you know you know it is part of worrying doesn't that's what Lou is with team penny what that it's what this release does what he notes. There ought to be anything differently it's only half court slow every day so I didn't John Thompson authorities so in terms of what you envisioned with Tyler here is is it. I mean could you roll out a lineup and a disaster the question could year old out of line up of a low at the one. Tyler at the two. Jeremiah or did you could and they will. Against some of the I get some of those things BAC of some of those those nonconference. I think it'll be a fun lot of to watch you go small as others get up and down absolutely right if any thing. The national champion. And I'll have to imagine unit does is even close to that yet our very lives Villanova has shown you small ball works and by the way for guard. Small art form our products and small ball that it works and it will definitely work. And it's about you know winning a national check. In the AC. All right it will work so I'm not telling you that's what it's going to be mainly almost four epic you'll probably see a more traditional lineup. Usually in a game you got Jeremiah Marin look at you know out of respect what he's done you figure it's gonna look like Lomax Jeremiah Marta to at least start to your Tyler coming off the bench but yes I can proceed with three of them out there together while wrestling at some of those at both those bomb teams in the day. I still listed as let's talk about the starting line up next they're less is pretty blessed just project we are now there's they're not done yet you won't give you have some fun they're not done yet but. Let's just assume they're like what they did Jordan Brown do what they did John Brown obviously he'll be a starter to get mad moody obviously he will be a starter but kept. Let's just golf what we know right now because of the grad transfers that that is a factor was I didn't come and they will start they start. They're like here's the deal. Net Dix and a whoever it is mammoon movie they're gonna pick at the school of sovereign most. I have played out exactly that's what it is they're not gonna go somewhere what's what's your for undergraduates rely on the aisle and he did when starting position there's a lot of us if there's a lot of it to go around it maps anyway. So let's assume this is the roster does of Ed terms of known commodities in a low we agrees gonna start at the one. Mean. Is it gonna be Jeremiah the two and so okay so Jeremiah that the tells he's healthy and endings are so what we both think. DiMAGE who did the major responsibility of tires next season a six man. First man out of it. I think you can sell to home. You can sell its whom with what what Daunte my man binge since Australia what he did not it absolutely even so obviously part of you already have. To some extent to be able to give him. That was the concern tied Tyler and at camp. Felt like. The resource and go to Baylor this has were effective with the ball lions they were offering thirty minutes a day exactly and that's why it was a very easy decision before you meet with Penny Hardaway told a memo yet. But to that point we have seen it work. Guys you need big scoring and Villanova should do not anywhere if guys can put there he goes down. Right. There's an opportunity for everybody to eat yet everybody can eat yet. And I'm sure that's what can always tell those kids. Let's hit until Intel that famine or take care of yourself and to be there sitting and sit him. You know fiance informed he didn't 1213 minutes a game that sir he's going to find a way to play him in it sounds like there's already. Obviously there had to have been a so someone based swallowing of of purple pride eagle would be when used for light of the all the way out of place of the moment. There had to be for him to make this commitment to him to sign up so they're ready looks like the ray don't so towards him. Embrace whatever role you're gonna have form but it sounds like. Surely it is told that roles and be pretty damn big Jamal Johnson averaged 46 and a half minutes a game next season those all go to Tyler. Like that's how hairs I think. I think we Jamal left. If you're if you're Tyler hairs is scared to say OK that's even more option absolutely because that's a guts coming back plates when some minutes a game though is America's assault or you'd better appeals impression left to play here Alia with him out not out just like what you said. I didn't all the minutes I don't I don't know I don't look at you have to ask him and Bruton. Coming right bitch with some pot gluten is your third or fourth point guard. Yeah there is more. He did well you did OK I forwarded what it was OK as a backup point guard showed he can make plays a target they want but nobody had to step up and he did pretty good job but you'd but he's not a natural point guard though is not easy Cincinnati game he's very natural all ball got that makes them tough shot. It careened like dude is that's an awful lot as your fourth car not as your first guard which is what he was last year when he got to my got some punch off the bench now I agree. You know what what are you looking and off the bench right now you've got Currie Bruney got raider Gordon probably coming off the bench. You you make your big that this is concerning well that this will I'm sure that's what the roam around minutes and we all see it and you know they see it. And they've been for five stepping always been sat in fortify steps ahead of assault. Others these 24 days he's been on the gate and I suspect he's already on the all right so it's Jordan Browner. Or graduate transferred bigger whoever they know they know they've got to get some help if you're like it's a little too early death and I think now now it is because of that I like to others the right now arsenal right now do you could put all right even the slippery you will keep it up for America great right now you can put right near the three okay because of the way has plenty oversees about can you upgrade the actual problem look I got to get what with a grab transfer whatever but right now anyway you look at how the waves by aliens are out there raises all right right now BA low. Jeremiah. Rainier even my heart. That with with some good with some good also been scoring. It's gonna come in and provide that's not that's not an I wouldn't say that's a conference winning starting line ounce while the job's not done much yet and I mean if you're just out there.