Jason & John Hour 1 (3/14/18)

Jason & John
Wednesday, March 14th

Updates on Tubby Smith being let go by the University of Memphis throughout Hour 1 plus joined by FS1 recruiting inside Evan Daniels. 


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For your chance to win the grand as good luck. And medicine sports station. Cool it. I mean again was so. Listen I hit. Yeah. Oh yeah. You've got to. High. And low Jason and Jon many united FM ESPN it is Wednesday. As it was in the movie Groundhog Day with the Bill Murray. I have it feels like I'm about to say I figured you have doctor John Marin probably hasn't a little about it I heard of it something that said yesterday. And that is something that's very very expect to have some clarity. Coming up at some point this afternoon maybe even late morning here on the Tubby Smith situation at Memphis. There was supposed to be meeting yesterday there was not a meeting yesterday they're supposed to be a meeting today. I think we all believe that that meeting will go down below we will see expecting that news at any minute now. And got to be shown are but yeah we do have a big show we obviously could have some big news that breaks. In the midst of it so we will keep view up to date on all of that appreciate you guys. Stick it without us his vehicle on the Saturday. At 1145 Evan Daniels is going to join as Evan Daniels has bill on top of the story. Of course CEO of 44 sevenths size CBS sports. FS one he traded as of about 1030. That Tubby Smith is supposed to meet with members officials before noon at home that's according to a source they were scheduled obviously for 4 o'clock yesterday. The meeting was postponed we're gonna get to that. In just a minute and everything that could mean. In just a minute so Edwards join us at 1145 talk about. The Tubby Smith developed at what he thinks about all of this as early as some of the coverage recruiting AA college basketball has got a pretty unique perspective on this stuff so we will talk DeVon about it. At 1120. Five that's what Tony bottom hoping we're hoping to be joined by. Lil more I had a very busy 24 hours. He's obviously on the call last night and day had to fly to Dallas. This morning. As is military practices start and as we speak there in Dallas hoping to be joined by Len Elmore. Talk about Tubby Smith former classmates Jeff Hawkins now I think so yes that's true need and does an NCAA tournament obviously turner got underway last night. The bodies are moved out now that that's a good story there's a good so so we'll talk a little doubt about that while yep and out 1245 minute what 45. In all eleven. Is gay affairs he would join us at 120. Five million show that is a doozy show. In the okay and quit yesterday Jason Smith moon and there is no big. Well don't be meeting. It was. Hell happened in the jar if it was hard to understand. You know I don't know if that is intended for the time of the meeting to get out but it did move and so as a result. No that's why this town to me I mean just with enough. This is. Even if it even win the tigers are bad. There's just such a mass hysteria and around the program that's while liberal on the polls closed that yesterday Dick yeah it soon because you got and you get entire media crews outside of the president's office waiting to emerge. From the meeting. That never happened at 3:52 PM. According to margin out of Tom Bowen was seen leaving. President runs off whom the meeting wasn't supposed to take place until 4 o'clock right now. As is the case with all these things. People speculate some people do it we sort of a no rights both sum if sum it's informed speculation or some enough to own form for all the exactly. And some people don't know that it would just guest room well. What we've done on this show in this in the year and change of we've added as we know we always brought it who. Trying to be beaten you know whether it's that Tyler here's recruitment. Or that instead Graham day of the races since the current comment. You know we have brought you news time and time and time again this is. Coverage you can trust it's part of the in form right here and are they only in attended are sort of in an hour and our in our in our creed yes I'd guess this is the inform part. And and and what happened at that tubby stiff. The university admits that he say you know what I'm go and awarded Luby's and to hell with the all if you did good for him. I have a walk them down a place disgraceful are right and all those cameras out there yes that was there was there disagreement between Tom Bowen and president David Rudd I heard you talk about that with Hawkins well. Ladies and gentlemen. We can tell you. And we've got exclusive. What I'm telling him what they can do this over the phone not now. How in the world have you obtained this then. Well being and that we all knew that the sources meeting was at 4 o'clock. I had it done. Where someone bugs the office stopped. You are people who we dangerous created date is but it is a public university. So it's all pretty much above board right and I believe it in or not we'll save I believe an intercom lawyers you're telling me it picked him it pick it up. Whatever how to get there. Oh did it so just give you some background while Manny again the meeting was supposed to take place excited at 4 o'clock central time yesterday between Memphis. And Seve says yes it never happened at 35200. Never showed up Tom Vaughan was seen walking out of the office home and Teddy never showed up a guy got all that this. Intercepted. What happened at about 3:50 PM. Central time I'm sounded its explosive. And is what everybody credit Jason and John. When they use this in there in their stories whether it's mark whether it's Calkins whoever Gary he wants or at a CBS I mean this explosive. This can go to duke yeah. Take a listen. Eight and Tom I don't take orders from you have a seat I'll stand less. They're gonna take my orders today because I'm your boss has your boss I'm telling you today Jeff. Firing Tubby Smith I'm not Byron Tubby Smith is a good man it is serves are usually whose team got better for the call is made. I don't care about what happened on the court need I remind you of the bottom line we are losing millions vivid. The bottom line Roger what no good basketball I'll pitch it up but you know they get wild this two for one you'll get out your table top five and wish you would if you think for once I got fired that guy you've got another think comet or just for the next eight minutes buy more Twitter followers all out ten years. I don't know a lot. I you know I. Yeah. Yeah yeah. I'm outside the door they you know I can tell you do it late that's all you do leave right joked how are you. I heard him out here arcade and look at your place anymore. We'll do this tomorrow though not yet come back here tomorrow morning. Wow oh my god so and NG an auto pilot Tom walking and it's only leahey all of it was that whole week now all of that the timeline is it's perfect. Wow I mean that that gives you a window into all the speculation about them not being on the same page. It appears to be true them. I mean you are on one hand you have mammals exposed you have right here. Boot who just is not on board with the Irish news hoot hoot who is looking at the bottom line it's in his best interest to protect. It up. The financial interest of the University of Memphis added though they don't have an. Reputation and the as a higher coats are after all this he doesn't want at the dude after letting go village hall of Famer after two years. Aren't there there's a lot going on here. There's a libel and on. Do we expect them to pull it back together today Jain and cooler heads to prevail well we certainly hope so. Again according to Evan Daniels they are supposed to meet any time before noon it is 1112. AM so. Again. We believe we will have news soon before this show is over in right we will have news and and and some closure honestly that the fans deserve. In the meantime. Penny Hardaway. And it's east I must things going our way the man many expect to replace Tubby Smith. Opening class eight Astor place they don't play they won fifteen dom are not in Murfreesboro okay Columbia a lot of eyes on him obviously right and make a lot of reporters that there after he's done with a well somebody I don't know if if if mark is up there yet. But somebody will somebody will ask Annie about they've met this dumb and he will say what he said last Monday. Which is our focus on state title here now and we'll get to that later amid until Saturday and suicides est title game is actually get from Ben you know of course assuming they make it mostly well well. But they shouldn't as you play eight and an undefeated Murfreesboro Blackman seem to they want you to know they have a players on the team not that I know of our guys they should win there. Okay figured they got if they don't win I'm gonna sit out. As bad nobody calls for concern it may not try to like sound the alarm reporting how I let him play. I got out looked only drama that the drama and a class a blaze that tournament is is can we make a moment as they found why haven is also playing ugly on the court right now they started 10 o'clock. That all of the drama there's always do we make your moments Arnold cluster let as a will be. East east is certainly the most powerful and they did it exactly I don't favor now we are that that would happen at 115 so in terms of what happened yesterday. And then again. We obviously I'm not gonna just refresh my Twitter every five minutes while we're doing live radio now I am I know you keep us out there okay bit thank you. In terms of the development yesterday Jason. The meeting not happening. It did become a little bit of a punch line around the country did. Right yet Jeff Goodman weighing in every day and as I've easily oaks karma supply show now we're afraid Priscilla if today is calling members didn't didn't Jeff Goodman safe didn't use Ortiz and circus is it okay circus and clown show. Right bring back past there that kind of thing. Less than they did it looks dysfunctional. As it looks this embarrassing no way around that I don't look. This man deserves some respect in the sense that it don't look we all know what we think's gonna happen here bout appears that the universe is known for awhile. Why drag it on and then yesterday again you you had potentially a scene where more cameras are lined up and down the halls of the administration building outside the office and tubs got a walk in that group for about watching a man walked to his execution down the blank look you need bread that was put it that I'm glad it didn't go down do you need a meeting. You have to. Fire somebody. A guy. Part of me like I had people say well that's what it yelled for a man has such classic like tubby I mean but like I mean you need to have a face to face with a okay there needs to be some of a face to face meeting I just think that's the way the right way things are done a good luck not with. The media right outside right right to where he's going to have to answer to a when he comes out. It's embarrassing I mean it that I'm with them on that it was a circus aspect and I'm glad for it. He deserves some dignity in this you know. I mean that's a class act we can go all the way down a wide failed to forget that or we know why we're here now your exact any deserve that yesterday not to be marched down from a budget cameras. And be discouraged. Right you know and opted. To close out the meeting the meetings it's been publicized again. I'm sure I'm home there my guess is there a few cameras back out there and I hope they're having hit an off site of an issue I hope they're having it like. It now. Somewhere private I don't know the folks volley room I don't care. He's had a somewhere where rooms on our campus town yeah Alex Cabot somewhere and name and other relevant involved have exactly their enemy because there's so lobbyists and an influx of so in front of everyone yeah I do agree with you referred to be some public arm. And well also says this forgot like Fred Priscilla who could be more obvious what's happening. There you know protecting his friend and tubby Smith and a former NL and a fellow coach miles and those guys expect. You know it's a sort of parachuted and not necessarily. Really know the situation unless I can get it you're entitled what he's entitled to that would look good if you feel like tubby should I got your period it's insane amid as we're on it didn't do it if you're you know you you don't know all the details Greg just look at the outside looking in saying that I don't read by hall of Famer right for age you coach that's ever done it before rat you could have that take Lester and I would also say this stuff. And and and you you could talk the national when I international reporter Memphis is a different job it's what John cal Perry said. As she will lead to what makes us unique you know here he said yeah this is a different job. You know and and and it's it's like it's like the game play the clip on I think it was Monday or Friday you know you gotta hug back. You know and if you don't this community will not support it in which we believe we laid out yesterday all the Memphis players that tubby missed out on or lost right. You know it's hard. To give people in the building. When you know you're winning in 1920 games a year and and it's happening with no Memphis kids. But this is a community that would just reject that fair or not like that's the deal what this has shown us is that. Much in the same way it was before the gruden got here. Still there's two proteins and I'll no question and this team is covered like a pro team help I don't think that. Tubby Smith understood that coming in here if you could be told that by talent by Josh but until you're walking motion you got no idea every every step you take. Most almost every decision you make as the tigers basketball coach. Going to be analyze and scrutinize this up but it was kind of like bad that that. No I'm serious windows had bars for and that's our thing out I was literally expecting to hear like you know some some. Cool yeah I. Again yeah you can't. Let's get better or reverse this earth this is what has proven to us that even with the grizzlies in town and we love the grizzlies this is still. It's right there and it's going to continue to be covered like approaching middle to your point that's what makes this unique and that's why I think friend maybe doesn't understand when you look at wreck at the bigger picture. With all of the details he doesn't have all of clearly I will say this but he's entitled to that ominous OK from the feel that as sort of as this has unfolded. Again we're talking about Tubby Smith losing his job for a week and a half now it's just it's been pretty obvious to everybody. Involved at hobbies I gonna have a job to come back to for about a week and a half move you know you may be he flirted with a title game repair its gonna change may be but. Didn't feel like anything was gonna change that bottom line as you heard with with wrote in the car in the in the audio there was concern about the bomb it is a good thing that he wants this job. Because. Knowing what we know about the University of Memphis administration right now and I do believe it would be hard big team to. To convince say qualified. Basketball coach. That's a good thing is job right now because it just is a bit ask anybody that's familiar with the leadership hierarchy mu reports The Who. You are some. You might because this thing set up for success as you know both now. Those are real concern is people are very big he can get Steve Forbes type what is your it's it to your points assignments on the grizzlies and what I'm telling you all on the next they're ex coach Wright because you have to look at the situation ownership situation down to the front office right not that your point. How stable are you write your time in front Iraq study in terms of an administration slash that slash applicable I mean they'll woken tweets about it every 48 hours about how of pal Tom bone at president runner just not on the same page. You know they were on the same page about how I would have thought we'd known they were on the same page about this particular decision you know and so. You know when you have that. It just it just breeds instability so to collect your point if you decide what if any are when you actually had to put together coaching search and decide on camera who knows what these two guys now and now there are pages there I'd trust that there are there other people that ride in and going out there who were Smart and who know you know what this universal again. They hired just in what they. And they hired Mike or about. You know a a committee and you know parent are hurdles of just yet know the brain trust over there so I trust you know. The powers that be as a as a whole month but again you're talking about a dynamic between the president me athletic director that is just Franklin not help. You just would have expected it to have improved. Overtime. When they know they're sort of stuck with the title anyway. You you would expected to improve and they've shown you know said that he would talk and then you know you see him together and that kind of thing folks taking pictures or whatever and it they've they've. It looks like they tried. I haven't been able to get we don't have an N as a Tibet's deeply concerned correct when you don't have the president of the university and athletic director on the same page on issues applicants are. A hot that the concern is that it really hasn't it hasn't appeared. To improve as just like. Two guys in the corners of of a room at that can't come together. And I mean listen. So to your point it's a good it's a good thing anyone's right it doesn't need to leave it there he doesn't care about you know the administration like he just wants the job which is great and if he gets players and people get back of the building. People it will matter. How the president of the athletic director feel toward each other but if it doesn't work. You know how did you begin to navigate that. You know often so there are other things at play here which makes this a very very layered. And complicates when I cannot get over the audio from yeah it was tense it was Syria play overtime via satellite you mentioned a minute ago Whitehead is right in advance. Other yeah on telling about who we owned AAA it'll be all Memphis final Friday Phillips taken why haven sort of be like whatever season as they thought correct and peaceful world. They have rolled we'll explain why it in the seasons out of there are so William more time. Tubby Smith was supposed to meet with president David Robinson ammonia yesterday. At at Memphis. At 352. Tom Owen was seen walking out of David Rhodes office. And Tubby Smith never showed up. We X a obtained exclusive audience and we lead on this we really do we have ten exclusive audio by YouTube exchanged between right and go on before he stormed out of the office. And this is how went. Eight mayor Tom I don't take orders from you have a seat I'll stand lesser. You're gonna pick my wars today because I'm your boss has your boss I'm telling you today Jeff. Firing Tubby Smith I'm not Byron Tubby Smith he's a good made it deserves a usually is that they've got better for the call is made. I don't care about what happened on the court need I remind you of the bottom line we are losing millions vivid. The bottom line Roger what no good basketball or pitch it up plus you don't get wild guess at super one you'll get out your table top five and wish you would if you think are once I got fired that guy you've got another thing govern well just for the next eight minutes but more Twitter followers all out yet. I don't know blow I'd I joke I. Yeah. Yeah. And outside the door. I can tell you do with late that's all you do leave right joke right Jerry you are not. Odom did Saturday irritated look familiar face anymore. We'll do this tomorrow though won't you come back here tomorrow morning. And that's when Tom Moore was spotted outside runs office. Right never emerged he he apparently has a back door. Read as a little side Doritos out of those two need to have a Diet Coke together like. ESPN's. Hey everybody this is Kathy I can be death poster child for doing EO Leo wait thing I lose it that I get tired of the rabbit food navigated that I exercised its insanity. 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Judge let's get out of bed ESPN as we await news. From the University of Memphis it's like white smoke may affect the Pope you know to me we just we we. We're waiting with bated breath and we have none yet luckily. We do have one of the men who was leading the reporting on this from a national perspective his name is Evan Daniels. Recruiting analyst. Lee director 24 sevenths sports at an offense once as Basilan Saturday joins us now Evan what a homey. What took so I yet don't what we're just refreshing your Twitter lie and brother were white and I. I don't believe that's LO eleven budget the first one to have the story yesterday about meeting being in the way man you're leading the way. Every now and then you get lucky. That is true of sinister about it's about the session on its about relations at his home at some of them. Yield results right and in a case that is completely accurate I'd sell a comment let's talk about the story. What is your understanding of things as they stand. With a meeting between tubby and the University of Memphis. Act he believed the meeting is starting. Probably as we are talking right now so the meeting is Ari what it. I've yet but what I was told. Met them about thirty minutes ago. That the meeting would be before noon central time my hands. Believe it's it is either going on right now or about two. It's and that is ultimately we think we still do expect obviously. This to be a meeting where tubby is informed that he obviously will no longer. Beat the Memphis coach is that still the expectation. I mean yeah that's my expectation. I think probably everybody expectation. Opening a little odd though because. I mean they had a meeting scheduled for 4 o'clock central yesterday the president. President postponed it made everyone assumed the cubby it this other things I'm glad I don't believe that's the case. Okay alleged by the us it has. We were little obviously hear admit we were a little bit in the dark as to. And why the meeting was postponed who was responsible for the postponing some people thought that tubby just didn't show up your understanding is that it came from the emphasis I've. Correct. I mean how would that how does that make any sense. No it doesn't. And I'm where it's also some of these folks that are that are saying well this is turned a little bit of a circus or clown show. I'm having a hard time defending their right now how long does it take to have a meeting in telegraph they were looking at a different if I mean you're you're you're national guy what does it look like to you. I mean you're reporting on it but but. I mean it's. It's ugly. Yeah I mean it it definitely. I don't know the best word to describe it but it kind of made it look like you're ducks are all in realm. And of may be people on different pages. I get so be it political. I'm not sure. I mean battle at this point. Can you really going to get a direction on them than the one you already gone down I mean at this point not only. They've basically made it clear that I'd be happier guy long term. Like they've made it clear who they want to hire so if it doesn't go boom boom just like Batman gonna look pretty weird. Yep that's it. Let's talk about going down that road for you Evan you've you've covered pay only the AAU circuit you know has got that national footprint there. It is it a home run higher Memphis goes that direction hires they are what. Com. Not such a great question I mean he certainly a big name. Not only and then there's not only which his career in the NBA yeah obviously has strong. Ties to be a high school ranks to this video commanders. I get the biggest question days. You know he's. He had been coached. Above sea like DL or high school and I think that's a fair question now that said you got to get be able to get players you have X that we have. A pretty ridiculous background as a as a player and being problem at this yet. I think he does. Bite at the same time you know I think it's reasonable to. You know to bring up questions in terms of its legal. Having never been a college coach or that's said and are too. And the exact we are of course targets have been I don't know covers college basketball or 24/7 and FS. One Evan just your your thoughts on. Memphis is decision when to bring you back to that you know you go to college basketball around the country are relations as we college basketball coaches all around the country. Do you think it's crazy that Memphis is moving on from tubby after two years and one of those years being on the surface. Yeah it's forty plus wins and a semifinal appearance in the AC tournament. Sergeant Michael could actually domed. Think do you think your ear to your opinion of Memphis moving on from tubby after two years you know what do you think of that on merit. Look we have I think is obviously one quarter more than twelve games this year and back. Not good enough for. That spans. I didn't think that the net debt athletic department and the president that recruited Tubby Smith the way from Texas Tech knew that they are signing up for. Look I think that that stands wanted the sexy recruits in the second names and not on top guys. In adamant that every year Q2 to go to Memphis will probably goes something if it. And got an protecting a little bit about that all bear bit. Say it. If you can't beat a really good battle coach but he's never been a guy that's gonna recruit the top ten players in the sexy names of the top thirty guys. That was just not going to be what what you debt so we doubt he he always one look away with. It always one look what a lot of ways well but look look what he did it Texas Tech he gets in and Evans and that met let those guys where it got. So I I think and I think it's uninteresting move after two years and you knew what you signed up already knew what she recruited. But saint you know I understand expectations of members are. Would you say interest singer sounds like you mean so it. I don't silly the word I mean I get it humbled I get it all angles. I don't think you got to give a got longer than two years. But I also understand. That meant that has lofty expectations. And locked lofty goals for their their program. I mean we we bass various national guys you've had on the show about. You know what what is fair for Memphis fans to expect you know when you cover recruiting and you've sort of seemed that. The recruiting fall off for Memphis you know over the years so in your mind. What is a what is in appropriate expectation. From the bench. So valuable it just told me that he is not taking. The Georgia job. There you go system breaking news from Evan Daniels on the show that might have not played I don't. Yeah I do go ahead do your thing. That motto is not taken the Georgia job. Interest and and maybe that opens it up for a time zero and pollution problem or possibly. A Tom curry their priority is a a petition Brad Tubby Smith was literally a thousand dollar of debt and what are you what are you are you back with a established. I am yeah it bomber Ahmed Evans just weeded out from his Twitter account evidence that money is not taking the Georgia job in May and is. Breaking news on the show you our national news you you are stud Evans makes you so much you know what Ian Rapoport of NFL network would have sent a half ago. And you know got. And used it you know if I understood on the father and an and we appreciate you for doing that what do you think about targeted to Jordan do you think that could be a fit now that that buys out take it. All. Possibility. And I wrote in note that I obviously some inside there I mean announce I don't that is way too early to speculate. I'd be curious as Jordan like goes down route Laettner or grant College of Charleston and these forward Chinese the issue possible. And there's a lot of progression ceemea. One of the names evidence being reported that that pennies at least considered having all as insistent as Larry Brown did you honestly see Larry at this point Evan working underneath any as an assist and one of those roles consultants one thing right but could you see him in one of those roles where. You know he's going to need to be on the road recruiting can you see Larry Brown under any at Memphis. I mean it seems farfetched but who knows I mean I think Larry Brown obviously want to coach you know is in the back in this is coaching career. You know I don't know it's I don't know exasperation I get the possibility obviously a ridiculous got a. And then Kermit Davis to Ole miss that looks done do you like that it. It is done. It is done you can. Five year deal arm which omits any and I think it's tremendous fire that's not shock the current status but for the middle all he did you honestly. He would have been a tremendous they've hit Georgia to he recruits LaSalle he Mahmoud every lucky we're gonna I had the pleasure for transfers to characters. Our junior college kids and that's what you have to do all that you have an edge. We are of course hard evidence of 24/7 and FS one here on the show got more things religion guns and you are busy man back to Penny Hardaway because one of their one of their. You know reasons for excitement about him is sort of his access to players and and you spent time with him may have seen him up close and personal. With the recruits do you think that is something is access to recruits on the EYBL level that will translate to college. Talking yeah I mean I think that translates obviously relationships are major factor in recruiting and and how he you. I eagle about things and met the collegiate level in recruiting he's got to have talent and is it evident that ES relationships in the city of members and also. Around the ninth circuit so. Yeah I mean I think you know there's a lot more to it just that but it. He obviously had its name recognition to. He's a former NBA great so there's name recognition and all that. Yeah yeah I think that former recruiting standpoint is going to be able to burn and things are table that maybe others can't. And I wanna I wanna ask you specifically about two prospects before we get chatting here one is DJ Jeffrey's right here in the Memphis area and olive branch just committed. Two Kentucky. Their son. Believe that and is that even though on our show you know members are spinning hard way they'll have to take a long look at it there are some who believe when Vinny is named coach he went flip. Do you have any indication as to whether or not that's true does Kentucky love them in a resounding Cal's ever lost occur a recruit at Kentucky. I don't I don't think Kentucky would have taken that a lot of I guess that would be pure speculation. They spend a lot of ceremony and then. As you know yeah yeah they did you know Tony Barbie isn't gonna Kentucky and they can't come to. So. I mean that I'd I don't think that they would take care that they didn't really like it. That's and then James Wiseman is the other one obviously behind and renovate it and and keep people in Memphis believe you know pity gets the job. He's got a chance to get James wise until Memphis. He's not a typical met this kid because he grew up in Nashville. The did does that seem like a leap TU. Firfer paid to be able to keep him in Memphis at the University of Memphis or what what do you think on that situation. So it certainly possible I think Kentucky the leader and as well not indicate they had them for a little bit too. So there would be a round of make up I see your pretty adequate Gorman high school and you know there's a relationship there. But I don't think that any going to Memphis. Hypothetically would guarantee him James wise does put in the position yes and Kentucky also and they're pretty deep I don't. Everyman a frigid water and other very very busy at this time and thank you great work. I don't have you don't have it is then Daniels covers college basketball court for seven. And asked and it's like owning everything now is on everything does everything there's lieutenant Aziz in Georgia yeah. Again he's on the show he believes. That the meeting has begun move Doc Holliday just we had a Tubby Smith has arrived at president Rhodes office for the meeting. So ladies and gentlemen boys and girls we are going to have some news here. Any minute. Any minute it will be made official which will be closer not just from of his fans but fort saudis that his family and they can move all their lives and have him won't their surge or good for about and we get a fair I stopped fighting and you know they each other including from president Rodham tomba oh my goodness affect. So there you go we we are you wanted a little more will have back join us at 1220 it's off back in a minute Jason had done anything out of ME ST it is the. It's very hard it is you do with a vehicle that was tiger's been music from my. Voters in those seasons ago. Good night tonight. Visited by Obama just eight days. It's an eating Kroger brand baby spring salad mix it's like summer fall and winter don't exist it's spring only your round so fresh. Super fresh babies' brains are. And make Kroger brands where I. Then eat affordably available in Kroger. Kroger brands and more during the digital coupon. Download your coupons at Kroger dot com and yeah. Same transaction. 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Possible it definitely is OK here's the latest on that his basketball the meeting is going on as we speak of the scheduled for eleven got started a little bit after eleven. It is going on as we speak between tubby Smith and the University of Memphis most well that's our reporting it I have been told. About people that I trust. That the offices at the practice facility. Of the mavs basketball staff have already been cleaned out and they know what is coming. And as soon as this meeting is over and concludes. You'll see a prepared statement from the University of Memphis come out instantaneously the minister startled by the California. Apparently. You know wrote a text from someone that's in the nose of a new struggles at Tony's house this morning and followed his car roads. A from the bank. But sometimes ya just don't feel like you could tell me the passion Berman has basketball is is not and that I had about a townhouse right I do think there is a that is why you don't need this thing to go to a second every day everything about Billy. I have friends who are in TV right here and I respect him. But there's a line between. Reporting. The news and being invasive and insensitive I feel like. And following the man from his house. Go into his house part of viva towels all under the obvious whether they don't follow him all day long it would mean the plan yeah I just feel like you know have a little bit of you know empathy for the man you know get them after the meeting that's fine. All would you whether I follow you around to view this as a last the united you know I just thought I'd just Oklahoma no I don't know that they I wanna be able to have time to gather myself and then do my press conference with those folks imagine if somebody leg drove to your house and Riley and followed you out say like was that way for you to leave the house. In Raleigh and go down your slanted driveway and get into your Mazda yet and drive all the way from probably. Europe plays a war will tell how long would feel like a little bit of an invasion of prophecy that I'm excuse me in May well try to take the gift of from right here. Takes about eighteen minutes the long drive into the long drive for the might be followed. Yeah I mean yeah I would like a surge hubby lives where likes we're pretty ace out why can't they just have to meet that six or 7 in the morning be done within named tubby can come around to his statement Memphis can have its statement why I have to do it at the administration officers from everybody right why you have to do it that way. I like innocent soul ceremony it's unbelievable when I don't I don't get this does it need to be is ceremonies as it is yes you know I I just I'd sort of you know sometimes I just disagree with TVs and TV news as you know as yet just TV news do Sami and I don't know anybody like commercial appeal Calkins Indian auto upon it from his house to the you know I its final wait outside of them the office like I have no issue with pat. I'm a sailor go follow him from his poem from his home dude to Memphis like it is like a funeral march in motivated and grimy. In. You know I have an issue with some outlets remember the great floods. In August or elsewhere. We discover that when world harvest was like stop and I would not have any more morals on that land all our show is Al EO John you know on your resilience once she is a treasure you know I'm right riser for the zoo you know I'll write about it though you know write about anyway. We are awaiting news again. Have been told that the lockers have a clean up last night there was Zito was basically. Re tweeting he got a couple of weeks that we're nice and he retreated about them and they were bared farewell ask. Literate a couple of them. Vince at turner says coach has to jurist Zia coach thank you for your hard work in May blessings and prayers thank you again for being a real Memphis tiger. This is from. I don't know who. Spurs with so blessed to have you here and so grateful for your energy enthusiasm and commitment. Thank you coach you have been a tiger you'll always be remembered and appreciated and I was you know what you know what Bennett. Hit the applause bun from Joseph Esposito Jesse. He deserves so I working his tail off now that this is obviously happening when no one's won one game blend in all those players all of that to an house say that I himself Joseph Esposito who again. If I'm picking a staff from scratch would probably not be on it. But of them of the assistance here and even now even think Ali who include. What. Oh is it done. Yet you're not just waited Tubby Smith said he is no longer the Memphis men's basketball coach out so there you have it. The news just broke. Tubby Smith is officially no longer. The Memphis men's basketball coach the Tubby Smith Eric ends after two seasons. After a year where they won 21 games and a man made it appeared in the AC tournament. Semifinal. But. It was not enough in recruiting and it was an idea of. Isn't about basketball it was and coaching and what happens on the floor in the end it was about the bottom line about the money that this university is losing. And and and I think Jeff has laid out well. It's not just money that affects that athletic departments might the effects own university you keep lose in the way they are and basketball or eventually that its student fees everything else your article on that. That's what this comes down to is dollars and cents more so. Then what Tubby Smith did on the floor more so than the forty games he won all the games are what 26 that he lost donated it's not ordinance when he does not allow that anymore it was about the bottom line. It was and doesn't. I agree with the decision. I agree with the decision. I I've I understand and I am not good am I gonna change that just because today's the actual day. You know I believe that Memphis is making their I wouldn't it was the wrong hire to begin with it was a bad mayors to begin with and so. After two years recognizing that and moving on from as a posted delaying it. On December 1. After they got beat by fifth WAB on FaceBook and remember that if we came on the very next day. And said there's not a way through the Tubby Smith financial there's not. Because you're gonna lose. At least one point six million dollars. And grizzlies Monica's attendance. And I studied accounting as one or warm right one point one last year and in the 800000 for most out of the next just kind of steer the next when did you do wind up being. Millions and millions and millions of dollars literally moving between the grizzlies. Pay out in between on the lack of disease and they got 1718 fiscal year that we've still got a seat that you expect that to be down you saw how far attendance was down almost a third this year. What was a 49 year low. More money had been lost and and their there's money that we haven't seen yet so to that point. Dead on there's more that we don't know for the whole fiscal year this remember that was a year ago and they ballot. They know that number and that's that's for the goes into the equation in the end. I I've said before and I'll say it again if there were two words to sum up the Tubby Smith there at Memphis it would be not enough. He did not do enough. With the community he did not do enough in recruiting recruiting here's what is the key you know I think back to went out as a student at Memphis. Obviously Josh should have just got the job I think Josh his first year was my freshman year there. And I remembered being in the UC. And Josh. Would come in there himself there. And throw. Like I know we've basketball's not his promote and like that's not I had the best of that's the issue I don't know I'm here you know roads are again yeah that's part of it out we'll give you I'm telling you right now he's recruiting at a decent level. And getting some Memphis kids that man these are going UC and thrown around corns. And say get down that call going to you don't call when you're liberal or basketball or look I don't care through it we have and I photographers and telling them afloat I don't I don't care if it was still beats from Mardi Gras not Izod I don't know him. A poise that's on him if he is recruiting and hot bats where Wallace. You got to get Memphis players if you're not nationally relevant if you want butts in seats down if you want the people Decatur right. That's that was the also an issue and Dodgers recruiting and yours that you didn't get that you know all he did it and that's one part of the reason why I got seven years and there's no doubt about it. There's no doubt about it aren't yourself some cushion with some of the things you can do. And part of that's like Johnson did down the community part of its recruiting at a high level. You earn yourself some cushion so the times people asking well what a minute are we are we reaching expectations you're getting more time. Because you've got hope right there you've got recruits coming around the corner is all this of this will be the year. This will be the year to get the second week they're more willing to wait on you when you've got to hope to show them. Recruiting buys you time. It just does it's a fact. You know if Josh is first recruiting class if he does a good show it is a guitar it it doesn't get Chris Crawford in July Kendrick and will barred. If you get those guys about LA base 124 games his first year and played a better schedule than tubby played this year that he should have taken USC but it was that recruiting class with nick in Austin and all those gadgets that told that was telling him and everybody else. All we're gonna get more than of this is the one we're gonna go past and that's. Lot of people and people we know by then by the way we knew we kind of had an idea that hey maybe judges and a great codes absolutely we're willing to have to to try to see if there and because a lot of look at look at what's coming down the pipeline exactly. And Toby had been able do that I'm telling you right now we're talking about year three and whoever the next coaches. We've established this. We've established this Penny Hardaway did act. Leased or whoever the next coaches. At least five years but if it's pity especially part of the reason I believe that's because he'll be recruiting at the high level we just laid out exactly and I Gary go to parties allege he's on he's a program legend yes that would help and the other part he'll be out booze not the program onshore making appearances. And doing everything you have to do to build in that cushion. Of people wanting and willing to give you that time can it beat explicitly stated. In the next coach's contract that he is responsible for the attendance we don't need to because everybody in the country other than tubby Smith and his attorney understand that that that's the job of the basketball coach so believe me can you get that you won't need to have in the contract. But it is official Tubby Smith has been fired as the university of of his basketball coach ending a week and a half long. Sort of speculative out when I was when she didn't tired. Like when is this going to be down so that both sides to your point tubby and his family that whole assistant coaching staff agreed to remove all in Memphis as well and we've also started search via us we will turn the page obviously now that Tubby Smith is out as. Memphis basketball as head coach again and after two years forty and 26. Once we won games this year appeared in the AC tournament semifinal. Finished fifth and they're picked to finish tonight. But it was not enough for Memphis fans there was not enough for the mid semester is in again. Me saying that I agree with the decision today. I am in agreement. With the I understand I mean I understand our wish you could have gotten longer but I understand the bottom line and you cannot go into another year experiencing what you did or worse than this season. Amid an absolutely murdered you know you again you got any right now at a crossroads and ready to come and you know you have it in the timing is right so I understand how we she could've had more time right but I understand why it's happening and again yes the administration deserves some blame. But this ending absolutely they did two years. There's a bad on both sides deserve blame agreed to decide and administration so we'll turn the page all throughout the show today Lil more gonna join us at 1245 Gary pairs at one at 25 back in a minute Jason's unedited edit and yes it. This BA's Memphis news sports station covering the Penny Hardaway still. And at least one word to this Memphis. Boy Blake provides a clean and climate controlled indoor shooting range and retail firearms it's your point blank. That's why people are talking of.