Jason & John Hour 1 (3/13/18)

Jason & John
Tuesday, March 13th

Talking Tubby/Tigers meeting in the open plus joined by NBC Sports CBB Insider Rob Dauster in Hour 1 


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On that come are going to be showing its animal we've got every bit a big set today hello Tony filed we're gonna catch up once again with our friend. Crop duster proud DOS or covers college basketball for NBC sports he's gonna join us and we're gonna talk to him. I about the situation in Memphis. From about Tubby Smith about Penny Hardaway whether he thinks it can work what it's gonna need to have happened to work. I never talked a little bit about the tournament Kermit Davis is emerging as the lead to candidate at Ole miss like. And if that body is emerging as the lead candidate. At all like that for the SE CAA it appears to be too good hires I'm a little more confident in Kermit Davis at Ole miss that I am that Managua because. I believe. Kermit can build a program that's all do live in the issue terrified I worry a little bit about that at Georgia because. Are you gonna be able to really good plot down Atlanta. Because if you don't and at bad job it's going to be tough to succeed a that you Saddam. If he does that it will obviously be a good IR he's got something to prove I'm me it's a how many coaches would Georgia be able to hire with multiple par fours that are residents. I would say none other than that myself. It it definitely is actually in that regard so we'll talk to rob us about all of these things. 11351245. We're gonna talk to clay Travis clay Travis of course. You can hear every single morning on 7:9 AM. From out kicked the coverage he is a juicy. And this website called the spun the spun have this behind that they they have a it is lovely turn of Minnesota. Speaking of annoying media person I was 64 most annoying people and sports media John Martin. A number two seed and embassies in the Brittany Henry region in the Britain making every region any other notables you like to advance in this tournament who did you like to go far well I think Jim Nance is sixteen seeds got an opportunity to be the first sixteen I hate anger on us. The problem is. It always going and who is it. And France people take her down sort of both familial. Odds are males the one I think he's going against for the nine wells advancing over I had to say it Steve A Smith won this two years ago I expect him obviously to advance of harmful okay they would my dark horse in this in this bracket. Is will Cain as the fourth seed. I like little people don't like will Cancun. I does that fan and in fact a lot of things they are somewhere and as cowboys are in explode. It just feels like it's skip Bayless like the younger version by skip Bayless blankets on their diets skip Baylor Bayless obviously also got a little Gobi from the storm of these ones who. He's a once in yes so we're gonna talk to clay Travis about if you after the final four the honor of being in this car today and also. The NCAA tournament I think he likes Tennessee obviously and he was at the SEC tournament so we will talk to him. He's also come on support this morning the legalization of medical marijuana in the state of Tennessee. Very important yes considering he will run for guys that are in things it's going to be a close vote so yes well I thought we were taught him about we'd 1220. By then once we've got very very very honored to have John Wolf. John Wolf while former Memphis tiger amid the State's higher at the time he's gonna join us and we're gonna talk to him. About the job you know we talk so much about the Memphis job and what it is and what it should be room but neither of us. Or anybody here. Ever award Memphis tiger uniform. You know. And says much we wish we could've as fans as they every war right now you have amid the state uniform. Believe I did and under turner one point an auditorium on number ten. Yeah I don't I'm sure I did have one somewhere other scare America they don't have the names on them you know it's his numbers I can't remember. Other telephone actually were real Jersey Jeff and played or at the University of Memphis slash Memphis state so I would like to get his perspective on and the job and what he thinks it should be what's it been missing what's been missing what he believes it needs. And nobody can speak to that better than John will say to him we'll ask him. I think was putting was a player still but he's been involved they you coach. So he knows that world he'd be able to speak to the Penny Hardaway thing to discover you know is beneath he knows what's above that your thoughts on pinning no doubt how that job would go opinion yeah absolutely so lots to get to a zone will follow we will talk to him. At 125. So it is a very very busy day on the show as usual and like you said. Tubby Smith and University of Memphis officials are expected to meet. Later this afternoon don't anticipate we will have any news. To break down with you. Today on this ship. So everything changes obviously we will keep you. Apprised and pretty like we do we entertain we inform. And we will keep you in the loop but. You left out left. That's on top of left at that just depends on the day as the week I didn't say it also depends on you and some people say entertain inform up with some people say we are eve and and we kill coaches and every let's say we have whipped it just really details on it yet so what was gonna go with the universal. Universally agreed upon things we did okay which entertain and inform and we appreciate everybody who stick around and rises every day but as we have some of that we have some time. On our hands and we're not talking about a coaching change necessarily. We get a little homework it's I don't wild since since since Jason I've done any homework obviously and what are you talking about our homework every morning don't don't include me and then messed real homework you know I mean like you mean like school home gaelic is kind of felt like data and house compiling home. Blocked traffic and I'm like thank you do homework for the show every day I mean like Matt yeah very telling not the kind of sorry that I did for those that are not all go to homers and second for the Gordon. This but. Again as we sort of are reflecting on the Tubby Smith era of what went right what went wrong. There is a there's a very bold on the airline all of it. There is there's this one in the theme it boils down yeah you're absolutely not about the loss to US it's not about the PR it's not about. You know even necessarily directly. A ten dates. It boils down to one thing all that's got a common denominator in one thing only and that is. Tubby is inability. To land a Memphis player in his time here if there is no two ways about it. Well just think about there's been worn. That's done a in a way that you go out no no necessarily you don't get all the Memphis kids you don't get the top Memphis kids there's all the good ones are filter who did it went on got. Guys nationally came back brought back made him. Nationally relevant right now actually right teams you could get behind that because Memphis obviously Nashville right everybody's excited you're dominating conference USA. Everybody's behind it yet but every other coach can you go to Milan from fish to Kurt to even take price. And I was reminded this this morning and thinking about a seven Marcus moody all last week and Marcus reminded us I don't remember I don't remember Marcus was committed to Larry finch and then take. Picked it up he reminders is going to Tennessee with Tony Harris. Until take price got him flip them back to Memphis my point. Each coach and even even John knew it he knew it but he was able to do something those other coaches wore right but each one you've had just passed or all of them. Have been able to give the Memphis guys they want and that. If you are not Nash irrelevant is what puts those butts in seats that's what Peyton makes those donations keep coming. Min PN's. Have been the lifeblood of this program for years at somebody's inability. To get this done to not sound one and now what three recruiting classes record you'd have to you'd have commits right now in nineteen obviously there are happening the news last night. DJ Jeffers commits to Kentucky or you were not in his top three we talked to his father. You weren't even in the top three that really didn't have a chance he didn't you do you acted like he did have a chance my point it's always been done this way and hobbies inability to do it. Is really the common and armory and all of it this is why the places in full. Labored to your point about cow. Even cow had Memphis dudes Jeremy hunt Andre out particularly well this tip counts well Pierre Henderson Nile death like he still. Got Memphis kids even as he recruited nationally because he realized. It was so important that at least have a kind of a tent pole here in. Haves and let people know pay again bug me too I can get. Kids in this city right Andy any often days. It did. He did. And and and and what it got to a level where he didn't need to anymore but you're right he would even keeping Andre Allen on the roster you see the value in the right right you'd have all of south Memphis rooting for you pullen for your right well Estonia Burke same thing as America. On the he'd taken shape in chose. Other Memphis coaches hadn't been able to do that right because they haven't had that level that ability to recruit at that nationally elite level that counted but but. If you wanna talk about. The people the names that are the reason why Tubby Smith in all it. For more we expect will be handed his walking papers today correct it's a very select list of names. Al started off 2017. RJ when crusher who is now a debate with listen listen listen how many names are rattle off you've got an entire team here. And I'm not saying you would you all of them right but keep in mind Memphis didn't get worn on the go through the names that's what's starting 2017. And this would obviously be the time saudis put in his first recruiting class Jalen crusher was in Memphis this team camp John I was Bayer. For Ridgway sit there he's a baby now he's a freshman averaged nine and four. One of those players should a look at she did not Rob Brown as we know is that we've had his father homes now have Wichita State is a the red shirt before stairs. 2017. Also down at Florida Isiah soaks up Smith has wanted to get him on campus or visit could not get it done. Also a guard 2017 we talked about them William Douglas now at SMU he's a freshman there that's the 2017 class tubby one of those guys. King laid on William Douglas tried. Miss because he came late. Isaiah stokes couldn't get him on for a visit Rob Brown I just decided camp dropped. Golf. And and of course Jalen Kutcher and and look you could say oh what what an anywhere today not many people looked at him wolf get a better freshman season and Jamal Johnson if average in nine and forces for Dayton let's go up to 2000 makes me. Alex Lomax. We know tiger spent time on him Wichita State keep in mind how many names I'm listing off OK guys. Bryan boys headed to UAV that this was initiative 14 mark Freeman over south wind listen to this editor LIU Brooklyn's. We know the coach there don't wait their turn the team they're retarded your team the coaches Derek Kellogg are not that yes. He thought he was good enough come get Taylor Jacqueline out of brightens. It's Father's Day and get data from a local high school coach he's headed to Denver. Then there are the undecideds who had this looks like they don't have a chance of Tyler hairs with Tubby Smith looks like you don't have a chance. Ricoh gets that who's sitting there right now markets Moody's saying he's been the squalid John borrows his oldest division one athlete undecided you're not in on him. TJ moss. Still out there that's just 2018 now let's take it up. The news that last night you reach into the 2019 class which is already started commit we saw last night with DJ Jeffries is committed to Kentucky were not the top three I'll go down and at the list sailor 2019 you know that's when well James wives and undecided. Many people think he's a Kentucky link Chandler loss and 2019 combo for undecided the thing that is got a chance within with Tubby Smith spoke. Tubby Smith got rid of his father. Malcolm dangerous power for jobs 2019 undecided you think he's got a chance with him he's coach Buffy Hardaway it's probably not there's a rumor that he might. Get to seven feet is that true. I said yup -- you know we like this that we thought that about. Undecideds John. That's sixteen guys right there from the 2017. Class of 2000 acting class all locals when you throw it on top of losing the lawsuits. Allowing Martell Crawford after the Lawson who walked down to Ole miss another local product throw in the fact that you didn't take making back when he had a chance. You have an opportunity after opportunity to get these meant this it's the kind of kids that people care about around here enough. So move them there and into their wallet pull it out and buy tickets. This is what you have not been able to do in this is why these names are YUB heads are walking papers as you've had. Every opportunity John well yeah you vote a law since you had an advocate you did have ended up believing right Marco Crawford the loss since. And nick Kane you know had interest in coming back you didn't. I just don't believe Tubby Smith put his best foot forward in recruiting this city that's just that's the bottom line I don't think he was interest than you could the most you'll get. I would not strike out. In over three years were ninety kids there's no way it's hard to possible. You know it's either from a business perspective you can bet that this is that. It's more than a team and and he got a team with a you have given a fifteen man rotation it would leftovers like any importance of recruiting members just to get one. Even if if if if Mitt is basketball more business and it's hobbies as C global company he's new to the area. Recruiting from your local talent pool or in this instance hiring from your local teleport it signals to your customers and for your clients just that. You're right true citizen. Of this very right you're invested in its growth the wellbeing of its citizens and the help of the local economy and for what ever reason. Tubby just thought he was above. Now he recruited the obligatory guys that he had to recruit two or three year there radiated point guard they had to here and I ended up getting none obviously. I don't wanna hit the pin nor was the reason you don't have any of these gasoline which was Penny Hardaway the reason that the loss and left was Penny Hardaway the reason that. Your noggin tower hairs was Penny Hardaway is the reason why you didn't trial indicating a pitchers now that's an excuse and that's why. You know when it comes when it's all said and done I don't think a lot of people will will miss this era because. Essentially Tubby Smith was paid three million dollars on average to make a bunch of excuses but when when he's hired John. Even with the narrative that he's not a great recruiter right depth having gotten a compliment as kids up to Minnesota. You think he's the most. A couple these by default I don't get right. I know you put you know effort for that certainly you'll get a couple these are just questions don't fills us all to you Matta said before he recruited. Meant this better when he was at Minnesota that he did what he was an epithet it's blew my mind Bob it is but you know what. It's done. And that's why it's done now that's exactly right but who come. To Memphis a place that's you know got as much talent as anywhere in the nation and an end. And misses this many times and and forget the misses him and what Alex Lomax now looks like Tyler shares. Not a lot of effort on some of these other ones you know that that's a thing about it is you can look under a rock confined to start got its our turn into a Forestar got one example Jonathan stark. Who's out to orbit is up a few years ago always with two lane is out the NCAA tournament with Murray State. There's talent. Teeming around the city. And you weren't able to getting him and you ask. You know why this is happening with the what I'm doing on the court. Look if you had guys on that squad right now that hagee nationally relevant Padgett top ranked 75 RPI can harm whatever you'd have people in this town will give you chance right. But when you don't have that. And you don't have any local kids but they're not gonna get behind they're not. They're not you know if if he has you know if he gets a nick came back in the fold if he gets its other mayors are now it's Lomax. He's here next year if he's got to tell players commit I believe he's here next year are generally good because that that is that is so important even people who are from here. Understand that that's my that was always our point are well they would say well wedeman toddlers on saviors I've been -- on somebody's not a top 10150. Guy. In a mock what would be of course that's not all that has that they need more than that to save Memphis yet. But this is goes back to more poignant you've got to have start having Memphis kids and Tyler represented the start of efforts Tubby Smith is just like it just for Alex Lloyd they've been able gap is the poor biz. New strategy Jason on top of anything else that I don't wanna hear from from the idiots who we're gonna say well what happens when you have have a table America's kids do you realize. That there was and it is ironic because it was a Minnesota SB nation site that did it big the daily go for whatever. But they did a study last summer June 2007 tape where they went through in they've found but you know per capita I would data. The best basketball city for producing talent the best basketball power we in America. The best basketball city in the country at a crude level Generali which is basically per capita income is Memphis Tennessee. Memphis Tennessee is tide. With New York City. For having produced the most force are better recruits since 2003 that's 31. That's 31. Minute this has produced the same number a four star recruits since 2000 eatery reach. As New York City. And you have a torn in half million dollar prize so coach grant remain analogy you tell me you can't get any of these guys take effort data. Take deficit that's why this is ending. And for the people there what he did a great job on my arm on before it goes back he sure did. He coached guys up right it was it he coached them up any proof to us that the guy can coach his tail Lawton had. The reason they're not in the statins the watching it yet. Is because you would not re still ceiling behind a silly to get people excited nationally relevant that's it that's what people that would have got butts in seats and you have no locals are. It's amazing jar when you go through these names that he didn't stumble on awards who have just aren't you know out of default with the resources they've got to they're not out. You have the war to miss on this many gaffe if you visit Seattle port to miss this man is treated. And and and the first point guards combo guards senators forwards everything you need is here well. A year away the at the University of Memphis is never going to say that publicly because they really can't. Because it's such a taboo subject in the NCAA you know recruiting you know have talked about him but this is just as much if not more. Sort of dead bit that damning part of the Tubby Smith era this is the bad news thing out it's the fact that. He never got a Memphis kid in three recruiting class that would have to go out and rattle the meaning shake them up and get people excited if you have Memphis kids that does it Fordham. Okay he could be himself yet. Tubby Smith could be himself and just be the coach right if you had a staff capable. Of getting meant the skids right and I'm in again I'd go back available I'm not telling you gotta have a roster bald. I loved even Davenport he's been great for you I think Korean Bruton has been good for you you could mix it and but you've got to be able to get some of these kids Memphis fans won't have it and the one thing that Memphis will do. It will sniff you out man like if if these coaches in these players ever. Have a second of pause about you being invested in this community my. You know you're not good putt about different personality standpoint Tubby Smith should have been a hit. Right he's a burst while he's a black man as an American it's matter absolutely won a national champions yes you know that that automatically should get you in. It's greatly with most players Josh pastor was as corny. As you can may end in July 3 at even just would tell you that what he's just a nerdy guy now you know proper preparation for good sport performance like that because that is his pitch but he got players he wanted to get. Pretty much until the end for Memphis and that's why got as long as he did because he tried it because he he ingratiate herself from the community. And to be remembered that and that's why that meeting is happening today bounce and shake my pants then that could have been different. You get a couple of these guys get Tyler committed. It out of slow must commit a man you're you're in for years through a period but this is why you're not had anything to say hey you know what what what can be with a Mitt beat you up with a with a Memphis point guard in the gym coach guys that seem to have gotten better over the course of the there will and his office that's on salaries of one this is all done I mean. Clearly tubby. Is frustrated that come it came through his lawyer and in what his lawyer said about the situation in Norway and the big twelve has got to expose that they can you come into big twelve situation. But there's no way. That when Tubby Smith moves on from this game. If you don't look back in and see you back and say well that part was oh that's where I failed. Not get in the Memphis kids. Because that's I'm telling you it's become the nominee or all of it though and in the million dollar losses and the attendants. 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The ball when it comes to your insurance that state farm agents he woman be your point your keywords are two things like your house. Do you need to make sure you're projected to understate club agency moment in midtown beer hall and Ottawa Jersey today Steve understands weird things going crazy Andy's here to help you give them different takes it may desserts only shot clock counts down he reading with a three pointer from Dell Dell. 09017259090. Chris Steve Womack agency doctor off. Fans. Jason and Jon noted. ESPN and ask promises name's rob DOS recovers college basketball. For NBC sports on Twitter at crop duster joins us now rob when a balmy. What's gone on god feel like it's quite payment definitive they're going to talk vote won't pass all the luck this cartridge. Jason is anything relevant try to get some bread transfers well. Was trying to get through graduate and a part of it is that we had you on row I don't know maybe it was about a month ago and it felt like I think at that time that this was sort of in the process and Tubby Smith was in the process of turning it arrived he was you know either in the middle lover about to embark on that four game win streak which ultimately included a a win over top 25 ranked Houston. Did you ever see it going this soured this quickly. No I didn't and then you guys know what kind of like at Taiwan. How these guys that are being key if you look if you history. Every police if he'd been before Americans see kind of outlived expectations. I don't read program at every stop that he needs. Except for maybe Kentucky and you know he won a national title Riordan won't bother to total currency so well liked he it was bad marriages. This big just he did it didn't work it didn't make sense. It seems like at some point you kind of have to listen to your babies when they you know the money out culminating. Why do you have the coaching and look. I think you can make the argument that he do Twitter job coaching he booked my blood if you war that is basketball. And more play in the AC. And more than the competition should be winning or should be in the mix for and every single season. Is it really good picture Olivia expectation that the machine what were the portrait movies correct. Another component of that says well you know what did a great job quote the baseline quote expectations are set to start. I waited and then the other side of that is that they were BO they they were picked to finish tonight you know and which admits his bass will ever be picked finished ninth in the AC you know that's the other side of that. It's kind of notes. It should and shouldn't have gotten to the situation that would do Lyndon. Maybe you expect. Maybe to two years and realize that. The mayors just wasn't working and started to get out of literally a guess into its third straight. All I'm. You did right and we'll give you cart because you you obviously like I think like most of us to kind of talk yourself into this working because of tubby credentials and you know the Memphis talent here and we'll get to that in just a minute. But you did right in your initial peace. The NBC sports at this is not a higher. That would invigorate the Memphis fan base and and so I guess the question is when it comes to making a coaching hire. How do you sort of balance as an administration. Making a quote unquote sexy high here that will invigorate them the fan base and get people back in the building. And then making that hire that you believe is maybe not sexy. But but just the right one how do you sort of navigate that. Why I think it if you're making a hiring decision based on whether or not 000 when the press culprit I can't actually that you need to make a decision that. You could do that not long term for your program and I. You know I think you can make the argument that it at a time that they hired Doug Schmidt that was something noble book and then. A decision that that could be made that would do more and more power problem is. I'm not politics when you've got split wood I waited Memphis basketball works and and in that city chrome look our school went to be rich college original pro ranks. It's just different and that that you need to hire somebody. The kind of understands why it's different and know how to make it work there which you are. It won't talk about the I don't think anybody knows that this basketball and and how. It works in that city better than Memphis they're above are voted ten solution. If that's waited this and that going out which I mean I think all the indications are kind of Poland to. Attorney in that direction. Well I think that media should implement the first week's very in my in my off basically you have told me. Now I don't think so well I think you've got to I think you've got a pretty good feel for rob I think that's why we love having you on a molested this. Until we will be 67 June plea other coaches older than him still doing it at a high level. If he moves all luck we all expect after today. And has done in Memphis at least do you think he ends up leading a six school to the NCAA tournament be only got to do we start with Lon right now for five. Do you think he does it somewhere else rob gets somewhere. And it's Doran. It depends on what you want to you know we basically seven years over there at some point you kind of to say it may be actions O'Connell Obama Dave on the on the retirement that aspect I know it's. That's not a bad way to. The car moved to get paid for not working American dream right there that's what we all all due to trade him outlook so all. I just wondered were going out like this might put a little a little fire in that billion commend you do wanna keep going and prove very. I think it might let it go or couple jobs that would. What her to go there the won't they'll sit back east. On the he's probably gonna have the consulate or negotiate to make sure that still didn't. Some of that money you're due to him comment I don't think he beat Memphis and look at accord could be triggered laughter. Give up that guaranteed money that you had coming from the boost for our own salary I just. I don't think anybody would probably has a good idea so well maybe ought to be in the situation movement is a paper about oracle just ask they're smitten quickly at the. We are of course talking a rod Oster cover college basketball for NBC sports and and doing their job rob you're plugged in coast to coast recover. All college basketball program so can you kind of help us define. We get told to write all the time sometimes he will say that the fans are crazy they think everything is supposed to be like cal was under cow. Can you help us define as a national writer. What you think is a fair measuring stick permit this basketball on a year to year basis. I mean that that at a very relieved right at the very least they should be. One of the four programs. In the American conference right now argued the bill that every year I think when you look it. But he's not competent that you should say that you called Cincinnati which closely and that this should always be within the top four. National Olympic organ that they can contribute their conversation well. I hope they don't necessarily disagree with you are given the amount of talent that is within their city. Defected they also have some. You know success in their history. And that we conduct programs country you can get a bit in practice facility Google Reader habits so yeah I'm lucky to Houston and return a conversation as well. And look at that's how often that's pretty good top five. I don't speak to the bottom of the American east anywhere near as good as the bottom bureau of alcohol look at the publishers. And it and we didn't mention a program like temple in no time trying to get a golden did. They can be the cup from odd looking did that probably should be making more like 610. And suitable determined that certain other terms so. Not just what most were short note this should be. Eighty program that is always in and around the popcorn fought in every couple years put together team that's in that ten top fifteen range. Inches and he works every couple students to make a run need to devote special a look at how well college. All abacus. Sort look at that you layered look you confident that they did you calm investors are kind of in the same position and I'm not gonna secure and then try to pretend they're. That you can't ever gonna reached out to be reached when you're in the big east. And you're never gonna reach sites have been reached when they wanted to tell all but when you have all stable of best ever to hit coaching a program. When it is it'll be good is as good as the big east was then you should always be in the mix up parents are cooking whatever. It's the opposite situation I don't think it's the same situation almost destroyed now. Without our cal Perry blood. That doesn't mean that a bad job of and so I would think cachet right that this sort of a parent should know that cobra and a. How important got to be able to say you need to give a guy that is going to be able to give us back to that level and it won't be able to did you keep fighting going around the program it's. I just don't go a long way to put it is that. If you have people outside of that the thing that's gonna draw people draw whose jaw clenched but this. Is that even though you're playing in the lead they'd be you know a little bit off oriented and you're not necessarily one of the blue bloods you're still going to be calling for 17181000. People might. The critics Foreman is did you Wear. Memphis basketball on the Memphis Tigers matter more than just about anything else or please note sent him crazy right create your own you know we didn't. In 2000 people wanna be salary you know in this city where you matter more than just about anything hills they have. You cadet program back core porn porn that is one of the things you can tell forever right now are cut. Robin before I get before we give the sermon you you got me on you can't think about UConn is that a situation where I heard Seth Greenberg say this week that he thinks well the thing that's killing them the most is that they're not the big east right people the fans can get behind these new robberies that Arabic is is. It as a got a grew up following him and as a fan you got do you think it's that that they need to be in the big east is oppose the AC or they just need somebody that's recruiting again and they can get it done again as a big brand name in the AC. Well I'm not committed to your audience say that I would enjoy watching you can't play SMU as much louder and sort of why allow them. And Syracuse and Villanova and if if if this was a vacuum. And we were talking about the fact from the Pope all opened in the money then I would say just but give little football program called Jordan's big east and to be well Compaq of course. That was the situation but it it's not seemingly at Q could a new reality Ed and I didn't you call for all it. A joke it is. Honestly I couldn't name one player that ever played UConn. Pepper tablecloth. You're gonna end up being like a backup quarterback towards her Beckett the only reason people vote and he's even got a rare but that didn't go on the double play and that that that video that pickles are older column. So multiple lines so. You were a little bit put the bottom line is that when you enter new conference this competition tuition is wouldn't be used to order a very and I made this point. What would what's going on back pockets are now it's never gonna beat Ole produced ever gonna be what was. The reason that that content group what it was because it took thirty years to come to build those tribal you can build those rivalry again Richard good if you commandant dish. Quite the same people make whole month cars that the tires and eat yeah I mean you can't it's like. Gain early in the quarter end up being like. Top fifteen teams into over the course of the next two or three years because just classic short put twice a year the gold over time it's Peter it's contested its fight going on the war then those games of the different age she title. Good all of some people get fired up and say I'm you can't play at Rosalynn and so. The wage developing new rivalries and that didn't teach children that way. He's being good at play games actually matter your other teams that are good in that beat him it's never going to be what goal big east wasn't that we're going to be fine gets paid. What when you think about like how does Pittsburgh you complement each other doesn't necessarily. Make certain terms of a country where those programs are and what they've appeared that the league game got better. People remembered those games and they got a fighting about BBC the next on the big plate so. Don't wait until that back up is to be good and had a team did not leak dirt so. It almost able we're in this together I mean you read. Got it is going to be a sit com on it you know you look oh. As you go to Asia were bogus you did you fix you got a message you got a really good basketball league no doubt impairs his attitudes like an old big east almost and you've got a really good lead. Somewhere that rom or whether rob we're gonna fix them both tomorrow. We're gonna yell at each other. Alike as rivals. Yeah I could and then we can begin fights on the radio the leaker com reactionary talk. Well let me ask you this we have a couple more things around the country when asked you about but you know given that Penny Hardaway looks like he is going to be tubby Smith's successor. Do you if you had to say today as a guy that has never coached at this level as an assistant or otherwise. Do you think he's going to be closer to Fred boy Bart the whole Bloomberg at Iowa State or Chris Mullin Ed saint John's. Well as it kind of depends on whether or not yet the motivation. Allow it to players the motivation want to be good. The thing that gets me and happy you can call commented Terry Collins conversation as well. Is there. What's. That the money in the bank account everything that Chris Moore in the civil like. Put the matter because it's adjust on the yeah just got some pretty big comeback. A big deal to be on the view Garden City gambles you this article or welcome whereas if you borrow and hire a young hungry assisted. They don't have. That they can kind of you know bank account fall back on our way to go to work out for them there. They need to they're never gonna get a shot at you and you won't you can ship in order fame or success or whatever what Chris Mullin. Kevin Ollie. But Kevin Ollie if you are illegal foreigners they're coaching job in the NBA in no arm fall and that bucket of war is right. Maybe you won't predict your own bed but like it and and so my question is. What Penny Hardaway used is their diatribes for and to say that I want to be the best and and it it doesn't work what is it going to be Joseph you know I. I don't necessarily know it is I don't I don't know probably don't know most owes you guys do. Arm but he didn't even make it right look at the work event that the I think that that could possibly be like that that'd be great marriage of a skill set or directly to any who. Is supposed to be able to declare whether or not he ejection wouldn't be able to DD Jeffers Connecticut Kentucky can't go there. All the mention those client what if he can give players from implement this and all the sudden you reported your best to ever do when it comes to coaching leery ground. How can you know coach of those players and develop them and then chill the mob what it takes to be able when the level that it doesn't really give much credit but also you have to count comedian. And you have more coaching cachet they didn't they just about anybody else so that could really work out I'm I'm I'm excited to see what would happen that would be okay. Think about this rob how good does it look. If DJ Jeffers amidst the Kentucky and then hitting grabs him. Yeah save a mirror and not play any play it I don't play for pay any obviously would team that is a youth group about okay you go commit to Kentucky now. And then not slip you have good does that look for bid for pinning his ability give players coming right off the bat right you you set you've you've you've sold them. Right you've got to get that anywhere out the stake about that because I don't know that that was done you know remain. I don't think it would be either or not think. I think that this is rupiah would be quite and it starts and I don't wanna recruit ever feel a little crude terms until care penalty to be be complaining about that at all. Hmm I rabbits let's talk a little NCAA retirement while we guides I've got the right final four. Cincinnati's may get it okay just just deal with it they're there they when they turn it on they are hard to be. North Carolina's make it Duke's making it Villanova you don't have to over think this help correct is my final four. We have three forsaking its own. One that we differ on is the Cincinnati dear Carolyn I don't know. Don't think they basically want to do what Virginia don't try to tell you for the big game down grounded out and you're never going to output jesus' just a senior it's so. Would have Virginia they're. So I have North Carolina pencil in my father afford that west region I'm not. 100% sold on that we're gonna end up well because I think got out of all the regions that you have. You know dilemma over the meat company you can pick coming out of the U sending do do you need pick up coming out of the bit where I can rebound. I would say Virginia that you pick coming out of the south but apparently Donna Barton probably got a bald sounds. Able what did you. AAC steps. When it comes to the west. I think Xavier. North Carolina Michigan that you're. I don't think you really get much more even than that would come true fourteen plug it feels like target how much of scores. The talk my talk are open to anyone of those fourteen. I didn't have a farm for I'm. I don't know much because they got my two year old make a decision for me it'll never going to be able baker city. In the and that same and that south do you have Tennessee dorms with six thing. I do not I am loyal struggle. Yeah really cool ideas whether it's Bob Wenzel the former Rutgers coach has told us about that look at Loyola Chicago team you're rolling them tomorrow. I'm not here's apparently so sincere. Really good defensively and it if you can if you can keep. Mind these courts from didn't going to keep informed enough to arbitration. I think that you're going to be able to be good and I think that that of oil wells or like get upset and integrity of the big. There just aren't doing that for me and I think that when it comes at a higher seeds the teams we stick to make the world who want they're gonna have. More cow right right I think if all things equal that Condit even developed under helps you or got so. But get I don't know what that does sound disrespectful but it feels like Tennessee which is the most are all right they do what you do then hey have. That kind of call elite level talent. And look credits and I'm not trying to take anything away from them computer could not on the team Ukrainian yeah he. So what big dogs have been unbelievable to me but I don't think it's free. Organic at twelve and SEC a preview articulated are. That that wasn't a creeping. Deceased so credit to them for the seat that they've had quirk I just I don't I don't see their I don't see what kind of CR Mulva. The redwood bandwagon which of course made the turn the united Arab nation. All I'm incompetent so yeah we're gonna type the tweet that quote out rademan that's going to see a bunch of try Guardsmen we love having you thank you for the time about whether around Raleigh news and thank all the dirt. Doctor Ronald is rob DOS or covers college basketball for NBC sports anyway and I love having him NASA guy on and telling us. That we are not crazy thank you for having got whenever refreshing to hear so basically corn crop duster. Who covers God's best on a national level. Says Memphis basketball fans expect to always be the top or at least be in the AC correct. To consistently be in or around the top of 25 moved into occasionally every few years I get a lawyers aren't. The sweet sixteens are your top you know I kind of run and when you when you have a game where tiger you have to be situated in the number one basketball city in the world. Shouldn't be that heart. Cindy that are so. Bezel you guys are wrong about Tennessee. Let's try hard man army combat as slanderous. To their shoot the ball unbelievably well he's not I'd give don't usually say yes that they're not four and five star guys like that's what he's saying yeah and Rick Barnes his coach these dudes out do exactly right they got a bunch of shooters around Williams's don't feel like I said it is a recipe for success that's like what the that's the good the Tubby Smith supporters pull out the moisturizer watched film. Of Tennessee basketball. Like that is. And that is what they love that was uncalled for foot it was funny. They chose to join us at 1245 he didn't pose a very interesting question Jason that maybe we should tackle at some point. Which you. Would you be OK with pat obviously being married to faith. Her long time you know however long your married but find out later. That she was cheating on you during that marriage but you get a hundred million dollars. That is the dilemma right there and non edited the delay and not really a hundred million dollars think about it. They about quite shells were doing is a totally buyback committed by the Libya some news on Tubby Smith gets that we get bad taste Madonna Jennifer NB SP. And FM ESPN these medicines Ford's place and Memphis is number one sports station covering. University of Memphis basketball life coaching decisions like hello this is tremendous news for stationed there. The only story 1990 S when ESPN. You always has the water down cheered whenever you get into the shower the bath tub he always make sure the water is not too hot seat you don't get our. And same thing as truth you're thinking of selling your home. 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It was and was it pumping have been publicly reported yeah and we were gonna do that we're gonna leave that that other people to do that sell for a card at a time is when the meeting is going to happen. How long do you think the meeting needs to go out. Not all. I mean at the bottom wage a full. So what is beyond me let let's ask don't you know that's what abuzz wondering right while I was just take its along you know like I mean when we that we know with the fate is it seems inevitable at this point why's it taking so long to tell Tubby Smith what his status yeah like I don't get that and there's no doubt about what's happening ladies and gentlemen like there's is there isn't there's not gonna be like some arrangement where pennies to coach in waiting. There's other NASA changes that. It is ending and I even I even know for a fact that assistant coach Joseph west Zito is telling people he's selling his house. So like a man you're everywhere I am in this how do you know that I have sources who did he tail I can't everybody said I wish I felt like it no secret that this is done it would just zero moved across town which I guess he could cross that is the new you know is that there at restaurant you don't there Barrett how point. My have you do you realize how insane high point. Prices are now you got its for a two bedroom one bath 950 square but I would like 350000. Stop it and I'm exaggerating a little back to is John I'm I'm I'm I'm exaggerating a little bit but yet. So joyous Zito so we've begun so's house so. It's it's done this is none ago situation where others it is the it is heated partisan game is he going to be able to stay or not it's. It's also announces what will we expect an hour would be named head coach tomorrow. Either that's going to be a process as well know exactly agree yeah do you you don't expect. Tell pay to begin their coach until. At least after the state tournament rest and that would start win our starts this week probably their first game is on Thursday affect ago when three games Thursday Friday Saturday once they turn they played here and I'll talk about the open around a while that's a Murphy's burrow through all one of the market broke things up and I want a seven looked familiar but I don't wanna say it's one of the most liberals cost. Maybe an undefeated want to but it doesn't matter John because I'm a big picture should be played on national circuit for national title. The state titles not and for them. Well Gary was saying yesterday if you're any light or if you're Memphis why wouldn't you drag this thing out so you can kind of operate still has likened. AEA you coach him and local high you know you're not under the NCAA rules if you're named head coach. I don't know if you're not name a head coach yet you cannot. You know kind of get some players on board or write out what like the I wonder what the that's what cal did remember. Before he left to remain the Memphis coach fro while always at all so you get though if there's an American and they don't yet know Jason he was sockets he was waffling. Cows while stop he was extra it would it's black and black lets up on Martha's Wear black with a decision and it was excruciating. For. Cal. He was not recruit what are you doing this for me was he was he was at odds with a bizarre and funny like there's there's.