Jason & John Hour 1 (3/12/18)

Jason & John
Monday, March 12th

Talking Tiger Basketball AAC Tourney Weekend, Tubby/Penny, the timeline over the last week plus taking your calls in Hour 1 


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Right now out of seven to anyone creed changed when a grand got another key word coming up where you at 12 o'clock you changed when a thousand bucks for right now. Text screen. SE RE EN. To seven to anyone the chance to win a grand good luck now time for the Jason and Jon show. This news sports station. It's a real wake up call. I mean again and we Zalmay. And I hit. Oh yeah. Oh look. Where. Yeah I bureau says the giant I do not have been ESPN little laid off the beat out like come in. That doesn't mean it's going to be a slow week though John I feel a week of a lot of news. Yeah and in your words. I believe you put what was about we can go. Buckle up. Actually this there was talk all day so that was a weird week but today he's a ballclub a couple times had this is gonna delirious season hasn't it like it's been like I. I'd put it it's for the last round out. Allen moment without it was over that was back on that it was over again that was back on that over again there was a moment where like that we stood a whole week. Talkative people who were around and he wrote that I do and and that's one originally I said buckle up. And that event that's right that was the original buffalo that was weeks ago or weeks ago like it was like other the fourteenth are Valentine gave them a letter buckle up at that that was a very important book club I was the first went. And then snippets were a four game win streak. Again and they include a win against Houston without dare I gave him without Jeremiah Martin so look like you know what there's no way did you. We they're gonna be eight years three there's going to be a year at three. Tubby and then. Somehow some way. We get to where we are today. Now I'm sorry last week our show and heard a word of it gets up to speed on the time mind what the latest is. In the Memphis basketball situation it feels like we have been talking nonstop about Memphis basketball the last month there are two. Both basically because we have. But it seems as though we are on the precipice of great change them over there and we will. Did show up to speed on everything that is going on here momentarily. That's what Tony vibrant talk to as part of our five hour energy campaign to push you could sign up for those brackets. And out of the tournament is set of our energy practice dot com there you go the added value for. But once those gonna join us he of course is the former Rutgers coach is a college basketball analyst does them. CBS sports network work used to be. On the turner McCall and look little book little bit ago if he's good or is it totally Bob we'll talk about attorney with him about Tubby Smith with him. His final four picks perhaps move more sleep or if he picks the final four we will see Bob what's it gonna join us at twelve. Twenty five they don't want 45. The man who could at least be responsible publicly. For starting this fire huge and Lawson. Right here on this show he's gonna join us again. At 145 nuts and guts this is why you should listen to that segment on every week. You should listen to the whole show every every single day every single week but she should definitely does indicate a loss and every Monday at 125 because he always has. Some sort. Of information. And then job is he has his ear to the streets and so we're gonna talk them at 145 about what he believes is the latest. With Memphis Basque. And maybe get very delicate dance floor yeah it reminds you Steve and Osama here's. I like my favorite mental image. Is Q loss and at a rate. Do we get it done like nationally or some sort of what we have a techno music on his opponent I have you know so you know you're in delegates and Eric every I don't I don't doubt it embarrasses me as I introduce and I. This event I have to act like god the re encode Saturday of faith it's it doesn't. Can we limited limited FedEx like the party boy like on Baghdad and generally negative attitude doesn't admitted admitted and admitted to middle work on a that we get we get these nice music beds there where they were given day to work win the national semi I think they know someone scaled two key when I think about are nothing good segment I think party brave it's like X now it doesn't feel like pure Ecstasy and what 25 so it does it all right. Hear about the bond geysers of the moment like yeah all right all right fine especially since he's gonna be on the new staff says he's gonna join us at 145 will talk you are out. How what the latest and last and there's a decision being made today by had a big time recruit. And sounded did you ever I know he knows what's up with that so we'll talk related to do one toward to their level that I cousins heard the guy that's real cuts. And yet so we'll talk tequila 120. Five duke got miss. That segment but what we thought it would be. Appropriate to do today. No news on tubby. No news is that will be a meeting tomorrow according margin of course will be correct there won't be most recent there will be a meeting between tubby Smith and the University of Memphis. Administrators tomorrow. That's 24 hours from now so I don't think you'll you obviously were not. Hear anything official. From Memphis until then I did they come out late in the news may come out but you out there giving official until tomorrow permit but they did Tinder released today. Oh by the way it's such a full blossom season tickets are going up oh so well good tie the game that could tell they get that. Oh tennis I ever hear here you see the Pentagon up which only makes it. Well estimates and I'd say they're losing money but we'll look at a at a time when they when there's great success here with football program you had to be something you're absolutely knew this was on the yes I'm having seen a tremendous and it is variously. There's hope in the by talked about it. We did see we get the we're not gonna that a lot of time and maybe it may be different label would be appropriate to kind of get you up to speed with everything that took place. Over the weekend as we were not on the radio we lamented that because there's so much that happened my goodness of this over this weekend with CAAC tournament there. In Orlando. First though it started before then it started this time last week. We had chemo loss in on the show. Like we do everything on Monday and chemo loss and was the first to mentioned this possibility publicly take a listen. It sounds to me like you were here and some of the stuff in the streets released this week I'll tell you what a surprise me. And about paying in Memphis the fact I'm still here and coach quite frankly it surprised me this weekend. The F are you hearing. What do I what I'm here and that that they're there's still some. Some hope there that you might be the coach admitted his next season at least from that camp like that's what I'm in the streets in coach how surprised here as we came forth with. Your serve on the same thing you know they're no longer this very thing com. Some people this close boot loader which is pro or other sort out you know. They're. Yeah. Any human moral. If so hard to say you know the judicial officer to cut you sold. No beat McCain now under third year right up to your hunter Guerrero. He got record in a way that you ought to go where there's there's field. You know. I won't global danger to your various you're you there's no great assume win against South Florida they go back to what gain real true. Peace council at a particular tornado warning is so I don't get it colonial warriors. Look you can repair the quarter where we learned a couple of years and years so we educate the tornado warning of hope under certain nutrient RT you know. Well curt Schroeder will be glued cost. You know you do get beer so I think it's it's just so hard right now are just really. You know say you will be we'll won't do good I know would. This comforts of factors. Is probably their money comes from agree isn't there a hundred computer expert here there's been viewed who wouldn't be so. Receive their money and they're not. I think everybody occur quickly DK on goal broke criticized the person who wrote the department so gold so that you got that could be it too so. What can also looking around here decrease spoke to beat. You know. It won't be making the move also. I cannot I heard the same thing coach and I'm allowed to use a Verizon because you just hear about all on the court for what he's done on the court. You know it's hard to say you can fire the man for that like you like it elevates so that was last week and on Monday Q and alluding to a move being made. And that was on Monday. Right so that kind of stuff to resolve and I heard over the weekend if they are the rumbling started we all that's kind of matched up or rumors starting on Monday to see what people were here and that's where the arms absolutely. And then on Tuesday and this is what it becomes real. Right it goes to the next level ground. Rumored to have probably some happening margin out of gets University of Memphis president David Rudd. Excuse me on the record saying. We will evaluate at the end of the move which was strange. Given that. I think you and I might have assumed before that week that tubby had done enough to keep his job. They had one they'd beaten a top 25 team and used without their Myanmar and they were playing well they did have a pick up against and it was about a cup of it is more like indigestion or whatever gas stride as. Against South Florida home. But it looked like. They've kind of gotten it back on track angle right and they had finished fifth their pick of an effect so that we all artists operating under the assumption that tubby was gonna act is we're gonna actually do this quality in you also we talked about this with I think that was the key moment where were road is called there has an opportunity to squash this. He here he knows what's going all among the penny talk at that point. I've been out there for 24 hours people were bubbling in the cities but bubbling and there's an opportunity right there. Put a lid on that I even if you know right there that at least that's not going to be your coach picture there's opportunity right there to say Tubby Smith my coach yet. Goodbye yet right in in in in the rest of this doesn't bubble up for the rest the week although it did was. I said dad it was like pouring gasoline on a far out. Responding like that there truly looks so he did not at all do you thing to shut down those rumors. You know are so big you need to you have to mention. When did east play Cordoba. That was Monday night so Monday night releasing Mac. Monday night we've seen the picture that knighted this and that's what I'm talking amendment added added up in the anyone in Broward news any didn't shut down the rumors either that I hear the north that is have to ignored a post on this right now right so than Sunnis are so Monday night Monday you get that quote from Kelyn on this show. Monday night you get the quote from penny after the game against east and I don't quite know what you get the picture retires and an Alex Lomax and you Tuesday you get. The quote from ride it's all sort of starts to coalesce and didn't seem like something is is about to happen and something is gonna change. Come breezing to see what happens maybe in this conference turner. They beat USF. Like they were supposed to do they end up getting that victory was that on Thursday they won that game on Thursday. By two and then Friday. You know that's the big one in a can they'd get past also. Would you be if they were fair they heard underdogs by four. Dramatically when. On a 22 foot floater from Karim prudent. That was shot it was unbelievable and I mean tolls and just let him dribble and all the way of the accord to know the one guy yeah it could do it from Memphis who knows that just. Watched him do it they just watched him do it limited props to bring implement what it's not a martyr me of that shields the shuttle astronaut and number well look like and that's exactly love it let us out report that was it that was it was at against Syracuse and so is Wisconsin was I was in Wisconsin in Madison square arm that's what. And so Ned this gets that win dramatically. Against Tulsa everybody's feeling good right joy Spiezio is back on. One. Twitter Dave well hello there if by is feeling good how you gotta be able apartment as when they're in the semifinals. And then. The attorney. Comes in Ricky left. Who I gathered there with heavy for a long time. He's starting to feel himself. Because he speaks to. It been all a little bit everywhere right yet to ESPN a little bit yup I did get done an interview here locally a little bit in the Ngo and auto margin out of it in that night and wow do unloads why the guy unload. He says. Basically pennies. Acting against tubby Smith and not sitting him players. He says Memphis promised him when they hired and they would be in the big twelve. And that it's not the coach's responsibility to put butts in seats he's putting a quality product on the floor and Tim mead Dow was. That was the moment where I had I had to believe there's no coming back from this but he steeply for these two parties yeah. Like so laid out the big twelve so two men it was sort of this is what tubby was sold to come here and do this job and this is what he got. And it and commit to your point third there's the tickets comment we're just. It it's not his job so take just makes no sense how you would say that about a head coach and program absolutely. Their job to put butts in seats to get people excited by you to put your actually you know. And talk has made this point to radio television appearance is all that goes into your paid well for under paid for that. And then the part about Penny Hardaway look even if you feel that way and right there that he's put some some poison the water in terms if you didn't guys and I told you won't Friday. In those earlier comments from left. Where's he said he yet he had put Pena are ways name in and out into. I told you did and the sounds like an excuse like they're blended in Norway and then he takes at the next level with a note and says it publicly but to the point. Even if you feel that way you don't say it publicly though in a city where Penny Hardaway is a hero and where he does have control players it's similar to that point. You start reading that stuff that seems like things to say on the way out. When you know your dog. Because Howard how do you Bolger you know your bosses to the fire like that say look you guys proms one thing and then burn up. A potential if you plan on staying in a potential guy. That's got players like I don't potential relationship I have a huge issue I was amazed at what the attorney said Friday night I think we all love. Way if you think Tubby Smith did not had any idea that that attorney was gonna say what he said. Eat your your fooling yourself. The same way that Austin Nichols family knew what their attorney was going to say. That attorney does it speak on their behalf without consulting you about it before he does it right right now there's like no attorney in their right mind would just go renegade. Other client if they wish to keep their client. So I have a huge. Huge. Issue with Tubby Smith via his attorney. Crapping on Memphis. Which by the way is essentially what tubby has done his entire time here basically just kind of run the program down that it's not what you think it is. You know I know you think you've yet to such high opinion that your program but it's not that they Kentucky which has been we always hard to do it's he's got near. I don't make him at the thought they were gonna get the big twelve and they didn't. But they still page you three million dollars a year on average they still gave you a big twelve caliber practice facility. With which you are doing nothing. And you've had every opportunity as we said we have them in terms of the penny thing to recruit players from. Team sent from and 33 am. From the Memphis magic. You had that up rob brown and we've talked yeah executed the kid from Cordoba goes to which Allstate yes they're not all controlled by the inning no doubt us and you've had yells options. We've kind of gone down the list of them we've had players parents on yet we've kind of gone through this somebody's recruitment how they've been late to them sort of blaming all on any. Is is is is is an acceptable. It again just like take shots at your employee I must say that the mayor has been perfect on either side but that's why I'm telling you when you start doing that it feels like you'd you'd. It's like F I don't condone what I'm not even like valid you know but again they gave you a top ten salary. They gave you good a top two facility and look in the in the nation it's valid and since the boosted. In fairness to sub I would look at possibly valid in the city can just throw it out because if they're telling you there in the big you're in the big twelve. The money's going to be flowing again right and may be either laughed. You know put up with a five year rebuilds or I'm sure that's what tubby told the school take some time I got to be paid a bit unsure they said. No problem we're gonna be in the big twelve the money's going to be Floyd. Another thing we'll have a tennis down there and sure maybe maybe it's drive first. But hell what have Kansas coming in here we'll have all the schools coming here in Dallas I don't attendance. And the money a B Florida that we can put up what this we won't be in the abstract as strapped financially as we. Are right now grass is going to be always which is why this is all happening but but sold so there's some errors but it was also already the big twelve. So the big twelve with a huge but he no reason to the jobs these are just stay where the hell you are no doubt no doubt but he was he was. He's not he's coming because of the paycheck. There again it is not exact now becoming a cause that this is headed to the big as well that's exact that's the point yelling at me yeah exactly that's the whole big he was compensated. At a big twelve level either they wanted to big twelve. That's so anyway the attorney says all that offering night and that's when you realize there's just no way that this can work move however. On Saturday morning. As Saturday afternoon atomic took off. Memphis plays its best half of basketball they played all season long it's been phenomenal in the first they've. Like you're just sitting there are left wondering where the hell has this team beyond over the what you're sitting there what fortress and everyone's proud. When you watch those players the way they play their first. I mean all of them from from from Korean Bruton took took took even Davenport I mean it. He Jamal had a seventeen Jamal who went four for four in the first half from three like all those guys that many of us I got my hand out some homes that don't work Memphis quade will still stick by that right. All on the plane crash is often a first half in what was the other thing the thing we had said. Well he is recruiting junior college players some big guys right but this won't be pushed around this year you sought and against her since he couldn't offer satellite is usually in the first that at least. And that and you're sitting at the at impact on think it. Holy cow Tubby Smith rise and again now. In total transparency. Are both we we have we have we have a group takes on this show this would have all three of us bit you in myself. And Jason and I said. Cincinnati's got a wake up this is not going to be some walked to the finals for Memphis at the naval wake up and probably when the game and Bennett said. No it's over well is that it's Blu-ray Inman and it's all good and it bleeds blue is right it was over because. From the very first time in on the second half man a moment it started well that's the thing is like. I didn't assumed it like right in the second half started at Cincinnati would cut the deficit debt and Annika the deficit light. A minute while 'cause I go right they came up that was Utley at thirteen point lead Amazon Richards what do you and yet come out and and immediately hit that three on the first zest and that if that shot going in all night. This game is about to turn a tad. Which is exactly what it did Memphis was playing on hard that first half no doubt they're playing hard and they've been so I think I realized by the that we're much more talented team if we play with hard to and play hard hole will swap this team and how they hold that mr. eighteen they have points in the end up going down. Seventy to sixty in the semifinals. To Cincinnati that and that's. That's kind of where we are in that's weary on season ends. And it's Monday now and aren't always got games post this week really hard rock has gained tremendous retirement and Marcus were. I don't think there's anybody. That doesn't think. This is over well. I will tell you this there's one little bit of news looking at two on Saturday night after the loss Tubby Smith called and this is for called Tyler Tyler so in this case. And it was a mistake when I got the call hard about a one wow did he what did he say what do what we're idiots that does he know what's or does he hear the rumors what would he tell you guys. And that's what they asked him. Like hey coach appreciate you calling. At menu here and what's going on is it are you due back at Schwartz won't Entebbe told them look I've been. Yet there's lot you hear it all right I've been I've been through this before. I still want Tyler he still recruiting Tyler to Memphis on Saturday night after the loss now. Is still still Colin as if he's going to be back for another year a point. Like at that point even if it again that's after the attorneys come out. That's after he said his comments who knows after you after that game where Marge you know asked him you know what your future and if you're going to be back you spectre bag says who knows. Areas recruiting from Memphis. Saying once our players today and I think they were. They were all on. That here they they're here he is you hear all the rumors surely you don't want and it does tubby know what you're returning to on Friday just hit him with a flame or are you gotta you're not. And here's a dispenser. I want you Tyler Smith is next these rights are you still working. He was still working it. Well I'd give him credit for that I get credit for that he'd obviously had a quote. At the at the press conference after the losses that he was asked you know if you think so that was its last game you know as the Nova Scotia he said who knows. I think the truth is. Everybody can probably see the writing on the wall right but you haven't talked to road yes they got you you don't. You think you know but you don't know in Asia and exactly so. They keep working you just keep doing very well and that's what he's done you know those are Bassett and this is this is a matter of win and Nadia. Memphis has made the decision. To move on from Tubby Smith. Pretty much exclusively based on financial that it is fair to say because again you look at that I don't court and you know they they went 21 games. And finished fifth in the AC. If the recruiting was a smidgen better they gravity or whatever conversation. If the recruiting is better than every. I think the attendance is better I think it's all sort of related in a chain if tubby feels like it's his obligation to help fill the stands that's. That would it would be the conversation but he doesn't recruit that. Better than what it is. And it is just not going to be inspirational enough to get people to block those take off and has not done. And so that's the bottom line than it is today and it comes down to it's it's a bottom line bottom dollar business. Everywhere you go. And there is no doubt that whoever is responsible for this higher. And it like whatever I think got out of Rudd president road Tom Bowen and everybody over there. Are they deserve an immense criticism. For the hire of Tubby Smith because as you've pointed out as out pointed out. All Tubby Smith has bitten here is himself Reich always a bit right which is not a fit at Memphis. At this current time in my arm and which was never that Memphis. When they hired so it was it was a bad decision. And it's no surprise that after two years or having to move on from because it never truly made a lot of sense. There and so those people who made those decisions. Should be held accountable for them and out and out and you know where I come down though on this were where you you sabotage a little bit from the jump already. With how you do know what what happened with Cuba lost it was in some ways it was a doomed marriage. And again that's that's no way I'm looking that it was because studies don't be tubby yet. And yet a situation where he would look he he's taking pleasure tell them going in the big twelve. The other thing you tell them to OK I won't won't keep loss and everything will be OK we've told me he's going to be a system will bump it back and Enrique because once they started its I was in you know that's in the back of their mind at all times right Q when was. Was told promised he's gonna have an assistant job. Things start to go wrong that season yet maybe you know the players maybe it'd tubby tells you one thing so it that's all the back about it set up to fail there was there was. Just was because when you when you lose the loss since. You bet I bet that the the court of public opinion has that that it's decided in Memphis. You lose the met this kid home and yet I don't why isn't this kid had to replace them yet and look at what you replaced them with yet you tell me I mean yes we liked what eventually became of this team on the court agree but it wasn't enough to get the fans excited enough to go to to go see him down for good it just wasn't. Worth the boil so I like what you're doomed marriage. It was doomed. And avoid saying they're gonna have to move on from everybody's gonna be fine. Right tubby is gonna get paid I think you know you average it out of 31000 dollars a week. For the next six years holy cow you would. Bad bad set up wounded that's not bad as not let the bad salary. But he 1000 dollars a week the next six years implode on top of anything else he may make as a coach and PowerPoint or wherever else he may end up. Penny Hardaway is likely to bring me back to Georgia on Twitter may be taught how to get back out loudly called yeah. Then you you're likely install penny and and that's going to be a feel good story for everybody at least until the games begin and whatever will worry about that when it happens. You can get some players and so at least for a day. A bigger buys going to be fine. We're gonna take your calls later we also have. What we believe is the final call. 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You say no thanks and you owe them nothing they walk away you don't overpay. There's no harm because that's why should carmody was hurt for a five point 87654518765. And on the web redeem his group dot. Com. But they 5% at 65 to 53776. We do have a a final tubby call. That we will indeed play for you at some point it is emotional so be prepared when you say I mean this is definitely the most did this when took it to heart strings. And it's been here. So we will we will play it for you at some point. Today on the shuttle we want to hear from you five to 537 so it's expire after five. 3776. As we kind of a guy I guess assess the Tubby Smith there now that it appears that it is. Coming to an end here in the next 44 to 36 hours. We wanna hear from you. Who do you latest at the feet of more tubby. Or the administration and adding to the Thabeet. Extended this did not work. Who do you blame more about the 5377 takes by the 53776. We go to Cornelius and supplements Cornelius Chirac. Yeah oh court daily share on them. Well actually the administration Amin this guy army he adds they are track record is pretty much consistent. And if they. And you do you roll the dice and you won't let them and it didn't turn out I mean he didn't eat it and are. Now do what he normally does. That's safe system and that's how he does he eat snacks and it shouldn't change or adapt to a new situation quite bad he does what Toby donuts. And that's it system. But should should you not be should your written it's did you not at least be open to that. When you realize that you may need to. Yes and I agree with that big you know you have didn't you know make change. And if he permits it would actually you comment that you have to be declared that seriously. May have seen now. Yeah actually that you know get outlook to people who never say get them know you you know you can't be standoffish and everything saying I am dictator coaching magic. You know you have kids you have to adjust and you have to get into the system of Memphis and be a little hand. And if you know you can't beat them doctors. And expect to succeed here. We're Penny Hardaway you know he's homegrown. Let GM parts one part will. Why are now closed to any year you put much in the seat and you dislike and pity everybody wants a solution on a glittering every bank and he'd get attract a lot of attention. And bring her coach and everything. But apart so good at is. Can you win that college level and these special agent had that they use and the high school level. Dope that's the part two addict you know if you advance part why won't automatically aspect. And that's going to be the excitement and everything big and that can walk. However at this same parent part so you got to win and he had only that they expect college level. So I a you know waste any harm a way are you prepared that you are quick to do that and. There corneas is a good question man appreciate the call well laid out yeah but they're 5377653537. Sevenths if it was a week we may do this at a different time. Sort of I guess. Pro and con. Lay out those four penny we made it at a different time. Right now we wanted to kind of here who as we're sort of do when need be the autopsy of the Tubby Smith there and at the University of Memphis who do you blame more. Because some people have said that we have not. They've not heard criticism of the administration and and I don't know who they're listening to. But we have been critical in out of the administration may have that they have not been they have not been. I fully resolved it by any stretch now. And up until handled some of them here or if that's about eighteen months seven months about. What happened at the beginning of this that I think at a large impact in all of this look back look at both of the losses are still there. Right and we that we could talk about how they win out right no you won't call look at it but they're still there the season looks much different. And what I'm telling you is that if from the very beginning Q and isn't promised the assistant job right that he was that he that he was. And isn't bomb down. Then you're probably still there with the way things roll right you you got his kids probably sank many did you roll pops up right so you got raised 1000 dollar raise from 10240000. But the did you Rome I told you going to be assisted writing start to go home court and I'm out of here dead man had done us wrong and that's what I'm Janet that's what the administration comes and that's we're tomboy and right there. Has got to be to got to get that worked out before. Affords its before tubby Keeler and or having worked as an answer other 537765353776. We go to Darryl Daryl your arm. I yen let me show you guys are getting a first pitch Beckett pitched Orchard Park we needed for a while we'll tell you that number one Dara. Number two app outside. And personally and I'm an old tiger I was out there for maybe two to 86. You know back in fact in the coliseum today he's our man that. Love it. Levitt now. That the administration dropped the ball on this Sunday was a bad ire from many warned. And coincidentally at instead of front month Romney and tell me that they're contained any fans outside are morons they'll. So well when they practice there again so we share they they did practice that it isn't there a table of likely be the head coach there but. Bad debts and related but dale thank you for the call preset and appreciated that a regular. I would tell you I'd I'd just as they as an exercise. Last night on Twitter. Google. My Twitter name and Tubby Smith just to see what I said about it when it was higher when he was hired. And deceiving held up our eye toe weighted. I treated for the record. Mitt this fans in my mentions seemed to be universally opposed. To Tubby Smith being hired and this was a win from this was a win you know he was kind of a bag of what between Lubbock in Memphis you know when you get a deal done are concerned that it's 44 hour period there yet. Where it was kind of felt like it could be a trial balloon and I remember the good the reaction be in pretty one sided. No I mean we don't want Tubby Smith. Someone say that some people have been pretty consistent about Teddy from day one they just never believed that and perhaps that's why is that it's never off the gradually never thought it was and its bristle at the buyer. Well we have to do ourselves a good talking ourselves and toward more so than Toby saw him to a so no doubt operations and there's no question about it we kind of had to buy it for ourselves into some of us did I was one of those and so what was gonna stumble. On to recruits because he's in Memphis he's gotten the ball you know hot the two columns out of Memphis. He's got a twenty and acme dollar price so be on the way it worked out but that was the point right we were all kind of talking ourselves into a red and then telling us. I was gonna work and while I was gonna work and it's about they're 537765253776. We go to Raman in Milledge and right in our. Hey there there I think. I totally agree we would say I'm. When when you look at the way totally mishandled. The luck of the situation. With there being they get you get the latest toll it's either the administration. You know they they bungled this from day long and you've got to do your homework when you fire hose right 'cause he or amount every opportunity you know these guys the oldest had no way or another trained a lot. You know they they don't do you can do that make you think they're they're not gonna change how they've been moved into the homework and and hopefully they had a lucky with the football coaches point eight. Echoes of the thank god they got lucky we can't let it is if you you could put them. And agreed to lead in the same mosque neglected to do when he felt that the bull mismanaging the everything they get their hands on top of beating this man did take whatever we do you would agree but if you got deleted defeated the administration. Women showed by the way better pics look a like number one impact every day it's looks more and more like number one I mean you got you got fans from. Other taking teams that are that are. Angry. At degrees is because they're so good at this. They're going to do and a first season can you imagine what the city to potentially be life in a couple of weeks of off if there are ways is saying that coach as we won't believe what probably happened. And then you find out you're hearing you're the one they command the city at least have the best odds to get out of this best yeah I mean it would it would be great. It bigger. Regret five to five through 776 by the 53776. We go to Daniel Daniel your own. Coming out well then. Now what no no effect you know in reality it's reality impaired. The media that are are so low glad to know Dublin I'm above a blank true get. Gary keeping you make any kind belatedly did nothing everything it Chamberlain be bid for the club not police in a championship there's something a little bit. Played income probable benefit he wouldn't say. And he probably won't their ultimate pinnacle of success that they're either come forward and what kind of program put. Are lucky right now is kayaker they'll probably my ability picture of minority business owners and contract our Tom Penders. You know because he's not in the chance you can get a chance without the trick will be front runner not because it's very dangerous book a look at the best I don't think. I dale mayor Daley is of your way to a man's son's got a bar to make a case sounds sad to some news is going to come out only ask does he need some closure I have I have been. Work and at this radio station for five years I've been listening this radio station for longer than five years. And that is the first time I've ever heard caller Daniel. Sounds sad. The passion was there are still there when he's down he's he's downtrodden. And it'll it's our job Jason to lift him. So we need to try to do that at some point can we get Daniel back happy again by the by a 3776525. ESP or go to Peter. All the way from Manhattan Peter how're you. I'm good guys I yelled at them well. So I'm in candid with everyone else are quick there's more on the evidence of anyone else who hold them accountable mean it CD they. When a player to coach holt of the camp or blame the coach he had been over the gavel but yet been. It'll be another like this report in the big twelve this record that we have now with a big. Conference we beat the NCAA tournament men and puppy thing just doesn't work with a cover charge to get into the game the higher for people outside terrified that we'll just. Tubby albeit not adaptable to that end in the non or. Witnesses changed you know because this team is varied and at their Beck. It states blue collar that grind it together and sort of over performed at the end except. The good the tigers border this city that is that the only thing that sort of showtime lakers desk traditionally historically. So it still continue in that respect because. That he would expedite getting the outlook for the tigers that this sort of specification are not lower the expectations that you feel bad. Cynthia wrote CAC was so galvanizing although. Did that and just these economic update with DA AC in the party were a aren't saying a lot sub par five and then that the stands are aware that about sports business perspective and there are tickets or else. And actually Peter thanks so there's an assault on the call 5353776535. ES it by the way do want to announce. DJ Jeffrey's father quarry. Is likely going into the show and 1245 he's got a big decision to announce tomorrow did you feel obviously the five star prospect. From olive branch and is deciding between three schools tonight. Kentucky Alabama and Mississippi State's we will talk to his father. At 1245 naturally people are already losing their minds about this because these are Jeffries was one of the prospect that people can link to pity. And people right there are you ready to fire pitted as a result we two Corey Jefferies 1245. We go too deep south they've indeed Europe. The home of our own eyes the last time we get we we put this gentleman on. Fireworks ensued hopefully it will be a little bit less. Yeah eventful. This go around but got a murder. Merrier yeah it's a mark. Are you going back at it. I didn't look like everything's right sir how are you. Are right. Let let time I was on. A little bit I would let say it is clear that we can ever give it time together Libby okay. We don't be political let our play US we didn't go about the usual I don't know if you do all know but it is always better if he universities. The legal back and look I would but they're all home. We got blown lead active and Larry Larry the job. OK well good enough there it is yes we are. It will play out though is if aren't ago Laura so that particular Arnold's blog at saudis and what do you on there. You're dictating what you love or run him out of our name. The first question. With all probably know without apparently don't look steadily. Where it hurt us it's also has a fair question without our expectations you know what our experts Asians on the city you know this premise. That's a fair question. Brought in or so where are we don't even terror. Although given that got. Not good news. That is I didn't two years is gonna get more in two years because he's been in. But let's not Paris so you I would go to type it. I'll look but I don't ever call me Murray is that he's our players coming in and he's going have those fans those those stands pat and so the money so unless you hold. Movies are. But I thought we didn't bring you don't holidays. I mean it does. Right Murdoch Murdoch wants one on days this year in and are you might have been down there but that form for the most part was empty. And I'd I'd love sport to be enough Murray in for that to be enough into the scary and all but it wasn't it wasn't enough to different it may end in John here when not to get you in the fan base excited enough the group. The ball well they did what he. But I think about it you always. Look at it if I didn't do not there. You can't even whales and Eagles didn't want to become console you. We'll see that's where an MR I appreciate the call Betsy that's where. We're not to get into the fan bases the fan base vote out and their end its alliance. And you've got to find a way to p.'s deadline that beast right that's what Memphis has been trying to do and I I just hate it when people did not get that part done I his take where people would just say I'll let fan bases never ever ever gonna be a peace somebody -- got to try it's one of the best fan base is ever won the things when they fill you up 181000 strong down there's no best advantages like college basketball know quite I'm not gonna sit here and called the Memphis fan base people like to do that. People do look at that but said Davis was just on with Geoff Calkins earlier today is admit this is one of those fan bases that has a right. To high expectations exactly. And so just how we did down here and and what we do and and I don't know if there's any coach that doesn't understand or believe that. He shouldn't take the job we go to Toby Dwight David Obey your own. Pitched ashtray was gone are the her wrists arms is ghoulish and urged straight. This is absolutely so be smears are all in we're being at rightly or simply gives anybody else ranks and this is absolutely ridiculous let me there are some things that the administration could've done better. Bernard mandate basics of Leo for a situation and if I'll ever way it. They'd give issue to play is what I will say Kansas and raving about it they're basically a right now UniCredit had a senior point guard. Ali had to do from where hate school received a kind of taken his dog for a walk two blocks and when we recruited to look at castle he's our school and head as part of Barbara couldn't get him and returned XP just wouldn't delete my. It ought to say is like. Did OK at the end as far as he's he's been so Erick you're there to talk about odious may have basic expectation. We don't have expectations to be our top tier program may redeem you Al Gore which have been able we do have a certain expectation. Put everything in gardens Florida see and well our floated in Munich this. It's just get somewhat of players out of me it was legal Chinatown and are seeded Purdue is blue billionaire well right below which are the best boss looked like so swear we've made our fight is built largely played basketball until you actually you. Sir it is so arrogant that try to Chela that we should I don't know what type the best possible might win which our group looked programs are okay where are they didn't see the ticket legitimacy and making money put a university making money literacy. I can go deep and determine a margin you've got players come right out of our city major impact placed on other places. And utility so what was somebody else's church until they are we supposed to wait is called tight terror. Of course not just this year. Of course last. Toby appreciate the comment I think our seventh at a 6535 is a couple more on this. We go to Waltz in Arlington wash your own. You know the ball. Just a couple of saying. I am totally agree that idiot and laid it beat the ducks. But I don't think they're Peterson. It began a unique brand basic. That there's a whole bunch of older people who've been around since the one you take that Payton. Didn't lower circle. We were completely aren't dropping. GM. That's part of the problem. I think. So. That's that's just my opinion. You don't want wiring in going Twitter or FaceBook. And the people who argue the point about company or any ones who have their programs there are eighteen to 1988. And I think there is being done wrong so. I think that bit. As something to do with as well so. Never thought percent amid a call and final word on this we go to Dodd we get to Doug. In Jason's. Residents of Raleigh dug your own. So what bloke who know couldn't sleep anyway. Our report regard take orders are are here reward saying it's okay good good colts he's gonna give recoup particular group code. In Peter Baker for a day if he had really good recruiting classes and that critics form is full. That is just gonna be a good team even if you prefer our coach and it out artists paint a pretty. You're you guys. Couldn't talk about. Absolutely dark art of our groceries took off that I think are just hearing what we have in terms of the people that pennies considering reaching out to for staff there I think that's what kind of calms down those fears are without him he can coach royal latest name we aired today is Mike Miller about that. Now I feel like I've played Mike Miller would be do I believe it would happen I don't know but I do I do think. He would be like the guy on your staff who's the political. Who commit help bridge the gap between penny in the community is still say alleged he had this is all the events he's at every met this game is there a grizzly game. Every high school game does not want this bar and I thought either you like what's to be a coach and yes I did. I think that's an assistant coach John you know what I'm asking a democratic president's job is to Mike Miller as an assistant command of another man worth millions of books as an assistant coach Kevin Boss. Being told you gotta go to this six gyms today to go check out these players you tell me Mike Miller's down for that three out of 65 days a year I. I think it's a good question but I also would tell you that might hit every day I met this sport that's what I was gonna stay out of biggies there for just as a fan I think he's their learning and trying to daylight at the field are gonna talk a good feeling that he wants in the coaching like oil and you know how highly he thinks of the Memphis basketball program right absolutely we all we all know that him to have him. He he played here when the programs that have seen it so he knows what it can be. So I just sit interest thing with a mean has this just technically speaking as a U program where I am too gained a wreck with opinion leaving the Angel how about what it what if what if just under. Completely thrown us out there what if then pity staff looks like this. Penny Hardaway is that coach. Paul Hewitt that's where I'm going OK I'm with you so far Paul Hewitt as is lead is his associate. Tony Matlock and that's I have better tone Mike Miller. What are they about that staff. That's a good stats it's. That's a good staff man I'm missing something. Look I'm not like you know like in May you know I know all those bad what's your name I need some are needed young grinder. Then I'm gonna reporter addressed out of as that third assistant us so but I made but but Tony Matt Light and it does is there is the routed around a big in this situation is Tony is that and he's done it for twenty years and years all of that but I'm talking about a young guy. Right and look whether it's like Josh Rasner or any area it was found out somebody that's gonna work. Nine day right they don't they're not married they'll have a family like this is it for them that's round they could cause you're gonna need that guy nomads you're gonna need to grind yours yet. And that's what you that's what I'm thinking that third spot okay so I'm always a room where were my goal we've had all the show. We've had several assistant coach on the show we got on not try to get the job for anybody but I got like. Tournaments he got a 40 a guy light. Jordan made short short I NC I did a guy like I mean I acknowledge it but again I'm going young and grinder guy that's all they do they're married to this team literally Dole's guys are out there as a race matter I think no rentals iMac while not a fix but he's gonna have. You know he's gonna have if you have Paul Vuitton and Matlock a we it will go light a Blackberry where security kick in my door out the stuff not kicking up is that I love the name if he wants to grind come on down Mike if you wanna give them six gyms are I don't really have three staff members Jason you can't have a host you know what does that get had six assists asking real questions here I'm doing the interviews don't know who's right and who's not who just sees it is kind of sexy a lot like to be a part of that and who who wants put in the work I think Mike would get missed again John this program. You can't be Rome this down to the point it didn't get back to that word joke right national national headlines penny gets it in and it fails. Do we could go off a cliff do you need aid that will leave this to work do you need a national record on the staff or his pay that won't be any is that all he was that. Tony Matalin and all over there. Now I'm a grinder and that and that last roll. Can Tony met what's others until he met thugs gonna get the lives and not grimy more. The point is look Tony delegate that's why some years I know he's not the glue guy on the end of the study had been I'm not saying that's got to be a grunt guy. But you back that's what I'm looking forward the way to staffs of with Paul Hewitt with Tony -- a look at it but I isn't right. Let me tell you what my won't let me tell you we're way up against the but let me tell you what my and my main almost number one concern about a Penny Hardaway led program would be. Too many in BA guys. That don't immerse themselves in college. That would be my I'd like they did a number one but it's one of my top concerns like who's the NBA guys that you Tom unlike. I guess the people we named our what do you group who these people like OK I I'm owed a Larry Brown. You know doing that in 2018 that would kind of like it sounds good. And a lot out of love that we there's been compared to some concerns with that rankled about you know what would might be the grinder. You know any other NBA contacts he may have that he may wanna bring on the staff. You know that would be sort of my concern shot doctor death shocked doctor like what what the hell are designed either gonna do that boasts it so. Easy jump come from though a bit out I'd like. You don't wanna have you don't want to have of the people here that don't understand well that college in Memphis that's all that's our that's our problem now under. Well there's a global one the problem now is understanding Memphis. Exactly and wanting to be immersed in it and wanting to be this and I think that's. Right now after tubby Smith and that's that's kind of the thing that we always question about him. You know there's Josh Josh immersed himself ready to hit it looks that he did it and it it made him nervous sometimes parties like everybody liked him. On the IBM mail to do that here announced arteries one bottles empty seats if indeed it is are we come back Corey Jeffries the father. Five star prospect DJ Jeffries who was announcing tonight for Kentucky Alabama Mormaset stable join us at 1245. Do not miss that interview should be a very interesting. And then this gonna give you chance to win one Kate. Don't miss that candidate they sit down at a Jennifer and ESP. Is there any other dinners you can win a beautiful it was tigers could conceivably. He's a get well. Brothers and cousins and go. Since most good night tonight. Visit by Obama's outrageous. Snell the perfect time to start organizing that messy garage or call that you kitchen pantries and if you think about what it doesn't get repairs for the suggestion and that suggestion is to check out more than calls it which is locally owned and operated and a business that conservative damage in the mid south since 1995. More than clauses in the showroom in Cordoba. July.