Jason & John Hour 1 (2/16/18)

Jason & John
Friday, February 16th

Talking Tyler Harris recruitment and Tiger Hoops in Hour 1 


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He drug thinking about a small luxury suvs and what I'm Corey has to offer the best value in America best buy your cause don't. Highest in customer sales sales satisfaction why stars injury and consumer reports ranks Buick best of all domestic car winds and high. Higher than BMW Mercedes. Yeah makes luxurious sunrise makes it affordable starting at 79 grade I was six not a question and I should you buy and I. And I'm sure the question is why wouldn't just see for yourself planned course Buick bestselling vehicles such as Memphis dot com coming to like four days ago. In Memphis in sports station. I mean yeah. Listen I hit Intel's. That you. I can go. Throw Jason John Legend and FA ME ST and it is Friday ladies and gentlemen well. We are one day closed the week and it's right here and John Moore and I got to start right here but yeah there are folks today trying to tell Will Smith that I'm they're trying to account. Tubby Smith out of the Tyler hairs sweepstakes brother. And I got one thing to say about. A willow they it's not being quick. OK Quinn and a now. I'm not saying he's going to win and get the bigger the better of me and muddying the sound bite that you know we feel we have usually. All right club down that's how I am so moved down. What that my friends I love to hear that Tubby Smith does not happen out just yeah enough. All right. Obviously this is in response to a report this morning go tigers before seven. That Memphis. Is that basically out. Or Tyler Harris we will discuss the merits of that report whether it is proof what it means going forward here momentarily. At 1245. We're talking to Mike Miller Mike Miller of course is a man Vietnamese. Or Memphis Grizzlies in BA vet. We will talk to him about the all star weekend festivities it was never wrote in in the pre born contest at of them had a somewhat familiar strategy who have been with a Mike Miller freeware contests but ultimately. Well I tell I can look I had I was hoping you would know above your head I don't need to look anymore we're gonna ask him if he's ever part of many festivities. As a blustery 25 that he wasn't three point contest what the hell with them you know to me. Plows and given a three point contest like 2000. And sent. Them here and at one time less this. Is it a minute he's been an C 2002 we finished last they didn't look like one of the you know seven is the last. Got through communities there's a video and its who have appeared in his house. Strain injuries like just. I think he drinks like fifteen and erode in the same spot pretty amazing. He's gonna join us at 1225 Mike Miller will talking about also weekend about. The Memphis Grizzlies about LeBron James and your team. Everything they can get decent if they can possibly dare challenge Golden State we'll talk them locally five. They don't want to wait five. Robbed Oster from NBC sports cars caused basketball for NBC sports are he is gonna join us. We're gonna talk to him about Tubby Smith about his error at Memphis Ralph Dawson was one of the one of several the because with the national media members who. Endorsed the Tubby Smith hire at the university Memphis was a band out that it could work. And we'll talk about it he still believes it can work how it. As sort of taken shape. As opposed to how he thought it would go M we're told him about because basketball scandal the that things drop and write that may rock the sport as we know. So let's get to the crop duster one at 25. Should be a big show today also we need to highlight erases arson. We will do that didn't tell Leo we must that's equities now now. I we go we caught out races I will be honest with you. I don't know that she needs our particular spot it's a woman she did a pretty good job of exposing herself up. But you know it never hurts to pile on a sort of these you know we like Apollo on this and abetted the race person is not me this is the spoiler alert. Thank goodness so we Rosie worried we were they put exhibit sheet if we could do that. And throughout the course of this shows that should be. A very fun day is not a fun morning. Play that well well first of all last night. I looked. High and low searched far and wide. I could not find glory. I couldn't find you failed in their homework could not find that you've failed in your homework and you got the dvd. Well what good is that gonna do. Mean hell. Why do you say come get my dvd unless you got like ten a mom movie's full I have three of your movies goodfellas mad Max. And and the one. With the with the big woman almost always famous yeah almost that's that's that yeah woman. Ratings are small variety of you are really you know it's only knows what you've got of this all of life is not a not a bad mood pretty good move I don't really good news LA. Like I was I was mad mex regard as you know. Terribly overrated film goodfellas amounts of Kabul Tom good causes could vote right classic but I didn't I get a chance to watch cooler RI let's us out of flagler road that was. Different that the different movie job involving black you that's an important movie this. That's the valued that right there and they're usually drive is big though melon no physical battle on. Boos was the coach I can't get his name akin to give his name either but he's like of a character actor Kennedy Josh some but it's just something on the you know Jai Lucas. John that the point is instills nominated. Film the guys. Many black was seeing coach Carter. Now that was same led Jackson wasn't just stop. Oca and what I couldn't watch glory last night in on this point about that everybody has any recommendation on where you can find glory Hulu it's just soldier who Louis thanks and he's got a we'll find out if I don't want I don't wanna be indebted to him. Hey art I art and you didn't see Gloria you know that appointment that was a bad night. And then I wake up this morning. To some terrible news some. Absolutely heart stopping. Stop viewing your tracks keel over type news Jason rice yes what was. According to him Mitt go tigers to 47 Brooks Hanson and John Jordan. Tyler Darius is focusing. On three schools okay. Well you Baylor as we knew we reported that in that scoundrels. Got truths eleven round here. Tennessee. While. Rick Barnes oh. And. Mississippi's. Date. Old. It's. All the rules cool cool cool cool cool to rule. That's my woods obviously aided this. It's. Total total total. It's engine. Where do you intimated that look good does things like that things more now. This. Was not news that I wanted to start my freaky Friday when it. Now we had said on this show Baylor was a real threat of Belgium Baylor was the leader they've been promising things. Got through all of tab thirty minutes a game. Ordinance yet nobody gets another promise. That there and not serve year aware. Baylor is in slightly better shape as the best one program then the university my accurate. And so here we are. Now I must say adding I speak for you as well. We both respect. The work of Brooks Hanson John resort called all they won't they do a fantastic job all day long and they do. And Brooks has been doing it for you know I remembered when I was getting and he is he was you know he had been on Memphis roar at that time for a prime about a year so he uses. He's been doing it for the better part of a decade. So about guys around and and he definitely knows some people. In terms of the accuracy. Of the report which is meant this being out of it. Do you believe that to Beecher. Team up with someone I believe. Our mustn't vote report. Are lower than Tyler shares Candice because it was news to me right and then we united come on here and I told you what Baylor first. Yep the way Dallas field and Iowa State's second Memphis probably third yeah and raising SN wouldn't say hey what is it was still at it. Because that they here's the key. Right now I'm not. Over at the you know Joseph Jordan Brooks Hanson you meet right now. Many of us believe he's gonna live with now. We try our butts you know to help put that on video try to butts off. Kind of we've price we freight we've done everything we can't. We've run we've sunk the news to me was seeing these two new schools as tennis in Tennessee Mississippi State and and I knew right there's been some talk Allen's been in here we know that but sing them is sick is as is. Proposes as serious contenders right for toddler down here here's. Here's here's what I could very towers can't. They'll solve story sulfur schools says structure our our home and here here's what can throw him out of a little bit of perspective. It would. Talking to a nurse's care for while I was at their own and then none of my talks with them yet have we broken down. The roster at Tennessee your house would look for Tyler there right. And none of those talks have we've broken down the roster Mississippi State and how Tyler would look there. We've done it now for Babel yet. We've done and now for Iowa State a better and we've done it for Memphis site and saw Martin and nick element of before you say so I'm not telling you that. Tyler here's and his camp haven't told Tennessee Mississippi State hey dad dad don't you guys you yell right in the fight all right there in there. But what until news I don't think there's seriously being considered social sort of towed to put our report that. That those two schools party ahead of Memphis wrecked or anybody else they may. I think it was got just as much chance again to our players and don't know what I would do what chance I think that is. As Tennessee message they do so so I got that's what I was that within and you know he thought the film has more and and Tyler here's suites that when folks write these things old topic we've gotten I know how Brooks and delegates as the plugged in I talked to the staffs at those schools right and I think what happens is. That more than stance boosters everybody they sources. I think what happens is those stats tell you. They were close or in their with the chair and so you you've or you put that together. And then John has admitted as much into that and you know not that no one's talking to Tyler. About his group member of Tyler and community would not talk it out about as much as you put that report together from talking to coaches and staffs are probably believe therein wreck. And probably are discloses I think. Now I will say this in their defense as an and we both covered recurring you don't have to necessarily toss the recruit to get information no you do not know in fact you know. Once upon a time Austin Nichols told me. There was a zero point 0% says he's won Memphis. You know vocal recordings flute but you don't those things there and every day and you reported in and I did also I've learned the hard way sometimes the recruit can be well. According weird weird as it sounds. Because there are motion they're they're young they're they're teenagers and there are emotional and things happen and so they can sometimes be be the you know of the worst source information their recruitment ray and I do think parents though in most cases are are pretty good. Arm and I will say there's there's an itching peace in this sort of does what it. What I wanna read from a field let me. I'm. And this is this is to me that benched in part Tubby Smith is try to get more involved and here's his recruitment as of late but inclusion on his list at this point. Is more of a courtesy to the hometown school more than anything and less there is a drastic change going forward meant this will not be where Harris is playing. When he suits up for division one college basketball program in the fall. The only thing that matters right in a recruitment is who gets the kid who who who is where. When it's all said and done second place third place for it doesn't matter right. There's only you. Or you don't in and finish in second or third or fourth it doesn't matter if you don't finish first you might as well finished fifth. You might as well never omelets and in the first play drop. And so. But that the bottom line. Which I think we're all in agreement with is that. It feels more and more like a long shot by the day. That Memphis gets out here. That we all real and that is troubling my dad is the part that is a problem because you're gonna look up. And after three recruiting cycles. And Memphis is not gonna have won Memphis kid. And it's going to be that way in 3192. Guards are not didn't it it would this current staff here that give them advocated when he nineteen either. So you're gonna miss your blessing. If things don't change drastically. Which is in that blessing is that between nineteen class. And tell me we you can't ever go back to a not senior team has to be fully composed of Memphis kids right but you cannot have success at this job. You cannot have success this job if you don't give Memphis kids to the bottom line you can't. If you. Need a point guard. There too right at home in your backyard. Goes along with what we said the entire town both. 34 star types both could do the job for you wouldn't impose yet you have to get one of them. And if you've got to tornados happening now attracts so that you've got an NBA arena. And you've got a program that's got a national brand that still does it's taken some damage but people still know Memphis is yet. If you can't get those players. With all of that behind you. And and I said this with all due respect. You are the problem. Toward the problem because I'm telling you right now down you could go out in and it I don't care. Predict pinning you go get a hundred college coaches yet and give them back. And they're getting one of those two players now what do what do you know I'm. We followed this closely and we've pointed out their mistakes. Yet. We've talked to other coaches who said I would have done it a different way we said that before even talked whom you had an opportunity here offer both kids at the beginning. So you don't Murphy when you're not in one camp or the other right. They do that they focused on one got left the other one out in the cold yet the one guy strings you along for months you feel you figure auto and argued them. Big you have to change course go this that was a mistake was and is that again. On their part didn't need to do that should have just put the offer out first one that comes don't do it that's a mistake. You can't make those kind of mistakes and come up empty with these kind of police sources are unacceptable. Yeah well let me give you can give out of I give you an Tubby Smith in history with Memphis kids were quick. And I know a bit about global Andre lost not over a refresh from a religious here Memphis divert over to here Memphis directive given which got so. He lost the Lawson. He lost market Crawford. He lost nick Marshall. He didn't really recruit. Jalen cruncher who just put up 21 as a freshman for day another night and he was that he was after high school camp that first year was later nick king wanted to come back. Didn't entertain that he was instant. You missed on out Lomax. And more than likely you're gonna miss on how hair so not only has he not gotten a Memphis kid Jason. He has lost every single one on his or faster. If that is a place. Huge huge issue out on things they lost and he did anything good on how many of those he chased noting we'll have. He can let's keep failure well that know a lot on the lesser Walton a lot of led all right I know I get that. Lot of that some you chase the ones that are good enough you'd chase. The ones that can help you build a program. Back up quickly every single one of those you would have said he should've changed he should a morning Marshall you inside that I'm in a ferocious battles a puzzle he should've done more DiMarco Crawford. And he definitely should have done more the loss and whoever in Kansas. Like you have not only have you not gotten a high school recruit from Memphis. You have. Squandered every one that was on your roster other than Jeremiah Martin and he wanted to transfer you when I would have loved him to says the losses that commits them the comeback you and I know with the climate the way things weren't with the way they went out yet. That when tubby was that no interest in chasing you know I didn't of course and a perfect world yes you want them here. She realized he won them chase that's one suit every second back. 5678. Memphis kids. That he value of your your point is your point is is is is is good is a good one you cannot do this job with that kind of ratio. You cannot do it. You cannot succeed here. You will be doomed to tweeting about getting a win number may fifteen over a decimated SMU program but they have put until the end of time. Can't you recruit like now it's an exact one town one time and there's the program. One time and it will never be like that it leasing which you recruit like when you don't get the miscues. Is that good enough down the north Memphis Tom bonus and that much right now and now I would like Josh. Got a shag Goodwin got will Barton. You know I could sort of pick here and there he they would bet seven like prioritize maybe one or two out of town kids left. But go back and look at most of their recruiting classes there are all anchored by one or two or three Memphis kitten and we can take issue with the results. Right but I would rather just blindly. Take a top five top ten recruiting class and just let those chips all what the hell they may. And then you gotta get two or three year old recruit or get or understand you gotta get the wanted to target when you gotta get Memphis kids. You just have to at this at this job. Do it you in this climate in the power five you've got to get. Memphis kids able to try and they cannot be done without the woman coming you. Don't William Douglas they offered they came into late. You go look at William Douglas on there. That's not going to run around they allowed to go to whistles they did they were never serious about rock rap TJ I'm also got that they you know kind of laid all right I'm in Indiana offer from the past is back now they've gone back to him right on one little catch up but. This is a situation that they found themselves and in some you you have to have better success recruiting local. What was that they have none Pepsi growth as well they have no success. Like it's not even about having better success it's about having any. And I don't know if it I mean listen. I'm 26 years old so. A great like you know I don't go back to the seventies and eighties right arm but has there been any Memphis coach in addition the program that's had this little. Amount of success with the local community and the players there. Did we all agree every. From from sorry called the life love the program John from ray Draper to Rahim Shabazz to everybody that we have talked to. Everybody agrees this is a big time big big city but a small types of communities com and if you don't have the community behind you. Homework. And go to work or. And this is a kid. Who you prioritize. You had to really get. Yeah I had to really get our kids who grew up one bit tighter and it looks as though he's got one foot out the door. And when that. Becomes official. It is a huge blow don't we vote and so won't be a failure and that they will be. Will be saying I mean you need a point guard you had to in Memphis and you're gonna strike out of them if you don't get both of which says failure I don't know I'm under is a you know. It's it's fallen on deaf ears this point I don't know how you come back from that I do not know how you rebound and recover from going over to. In your city when you need that particular position filled. Badly are bad it's dialects that's priority position like you know I mean like. Douglas slot that here that's one thing debt edited it it being the position a priority you having to hear that are good enough missing both. That's that's. Tap it can happen and I and it and you just hope that. What you hope is that. Whoever's. In charge of making these types of decisions and people who might. Be influential to those kinds of kind of debate billion decisions and privy to them. You hope that they see that the bigger picture. And they don't focus on the minutia. Above. Is vapid win against the skeletal SMU team. That that to me should be good to best hope right now from of his basketball. Because this is about more than. How they finished down the stretch. In conference play this is now about. Your opportunity. To salvage. What is left of your brand as a basketball program there. And I figure it out here at your at your at a very. Pivotal moment. Tell me are you explain anything offensively don't believe you. When you know anything in terms of veteran making the decision making progress right when they see Baylor John yeah coming your latest hill man. Take your kid from new industry you don't destroy months of any anything you do have the time you've had recruiting him. You just blow that out and out it's a it's a new day I am because land they immediately behind that even under Josh man. Teams would not try they stopped their leg there I'm just I'm just not getting them that this kid. You know another sworn around and listen I I I am not saying do not confuse what we are safe release well I don't know if you agree with me or not. But I I don't necessarily believe that your team has to be made up 100%. Of a whiff of Memphis kids on the always you know I'll believe that I know that that could be an issue. OK but what I said when tubby got the job the way this works is he gets to recruit sort of around right move you you you prioritize home you get the best wanted him at this kid's pretty much annually and then you fill the rest of that. Void with you know your David nickel varies in your Jamal Johnson junior you know Mike parks junior that's how you have success at this job. It's really not that difficult. We shouldn't be. And as difficult and here we are. And Memphis basketball on the precipice. Of in a class where they absolutely had to get one just to remind people that the Braves still means something new in this community. My goodness if nothing else. They are on the precipice of striking out. But they beat SMU on the road. Then that decimated as the there without drama. That's that's not I can't point to then cite progress. Can get and I selected you're telling hairs like. I'm I am totally of two minds on the AA and in the interest of total in toll being candid. On the one side. I want the kid to stay home because I feel like he could etch his name in. In in tiger basketball lore while you're also found on the program course. And I feel like he's the kind of kid. You know he'd he'd be like at this juncture he be held open and right or wrong I don't know which we find out. But at least temporarily he could be held up is some glue and and potentially a hero. He stayed home he's thirty point score. You know per game in high school and you know. Part of me wants and it does take a moment and try to salvage the program that does that because it's sort of what trade tolls told us Tuesday. When you get the ball Roland you get their first labs and other Memphis today is that okay he went I'm going to it's been since there my MI don't know Jackson was that guy for Josh because Joseph went that's what everybody. Crist RL jumped in our. They're Jeremiah was with Jim that's what a fifteen as well he was right so is Jeremiah and the loss and they were the last class the Wilson's are the ones that convinced Josh I need to go out Jermareo little Brody said here's monitored those vendors and three going on you know three years since since you've gotten a Memphis kids stay home. I mean you lost guys like dale Fischer. Yeah obviously out slow Max. And and and that's when nineteen classes just sitting there man to sit there. All that talent and I have zero confidence that Tubby Smith is going to be able to get any of them we're. When you all boiled out and all of you when you boil down attendants season ticket sales. What do bulls down to John and I both know this is recruiting. It's what you're doing in recruiting. Because the players you give are the ones the fans want to come see Google doodle that's what gets the fans excited right if you can't do that part of the job yet. You can't do with you had to succeed at Memphis can't. You can't you've got to have somebody on that's that can close the deal with the Memphis at bottom line. Don't you got everything you need everything you need. Bearing out what you got it recruited some have asked program that's whose whose best days are all the way behind it no. You've got some deport every they're trying to make this thing look like I'll forget look like it is a power five program at some basketball wise as you got Dole's kind of resources if you can't recruit kids and you can't blame one that this kid I'm sorry. You're huddling up so much they're not even tell anymore. There and seeing the facility I mean you got me enjoy the problem. You're gonna lose a kid. From Memphis. To Waco. Like are you kidding me. Like. We bet that inflated out there let's let's let's hope in a let's hope again and I both have our doubts. But John if they do you and I both know what happens when they don't you are wearing dark days right now in terms of I look at the future. You don't get him. It's Penalosa black and Liza is over. Done a thing because when we get back Jason Dunn and xenophobia speed. Interest rate would you rather pay on your credit card debt 17% are less than 6% APR. The answer is obvious laid stream. Because of light stream you'll be able to consolidate credit card debt and dramatically cut your interest rate to as low as five point 49% APR without OK let's radio listeners get an additional rate discount. For a link to apply with this special discount just text radio to 246810. 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Yes of course not true are referring to the fact that don't look. There's got to made that Memphis is out right but more so that you know missing the state Tennessee are serious contenders. But hey this could it brood that really just boils down Samantha view the kid is going to members or is not and at this point. Well we all agree on but it was a leader yet nobody knows a couple days ago really believe he's going to to Memphis and here's a here's what we want enough. It if you're Tyler here. Would you. Go to Memphis try to save it. Does that in theory is you know who he is who you can be right. The savior you averaged thirty for you at first met this player. In the hot and semi candidates averaged thirty points a game ahead and into the post season since rainy cold ever dated and a six over and donated. So you could represent that or do you don't like to play the Baylor and and just to play thirty men's game have a better as retirement. And maybe build the burden is not as much I'm I'm just curious if if you were in tires used. What you would do 5353776535. ESP and we go to Peter Peter your arm. I guess about an hour here at. I don't go to Memphis I go somewhere elsewhere and they determined and have the chance to get books to maybe play the basketball professional like. Now the question I have is if do you and administration here would get a tow truck blew settled parish Kurds deja Vu all over get but does this and initiation. Have the awareness and consciousness of just how huge this is how low things are that this movement known I don't know that I can say anything until the season's over there but but. But does this even those in legal for the initiation of our building on Dirk has I want to care about tiger asked all yeah. I'd ever and I and I think it's an affair questions here Christie Brinkley not great question as part of me worries that the the the inclination to want to believe that it's going the right way right. Is so profound over there move that they would look a win like the one they got on Wednesday. Without their best playing point to it as like this concrete. Sign of for an improvement looking for reasons not to fire to say yes I got the right guy and that I am deathly afraid of that. I will be completely out of Peter's point if they miss on parents I don't see anyway you look at that with what Toms told us on the record. We've had him on Tom owned saying that this program needs recruiter top 25 level that's what kind of resources of Seattle tumble in those guys to look at that and be that in denial there's no way they are. They would act now here's the thing. You have the balls go up to him until he got to make a change and it's obvious that the kind of guy that's willing to do that when it comes to his staff hadn't made in other places. But I made another place close to me had you not do that how do you not I think you're at a beauty if you miss on Harris Brett this recruiting class turns out. And it and it's just so disappoint you know very disappoint like like we both think it may end up being you have. Steve I don't know if you have to go to your coach to buy it we change if you if you you know if you ever put in a situation. I don't know why you do as they did their put there's a ways away for you put a gun in my head you said is Tubby Smith coming back for years there. I would say you know probably. But there's no way that staff will remain the same. No that's why I don't Wear on that with a bit of like there's just you cannot. Allowed the status quo be totals are in Iowa say on the part not only on the part of tubby can we talk about you gotta be honest with yourself and if you're honest with yourself. You're looking at that staff and saying you guys have not done a good job for me in recruiting Brent but also only part of administration and they've got a look it's part of the reason we we we we bring this up. Look it's it's not a it's not to fix things right I mean EU guys got to do that on your own. Born on the stock chart and John because somebody. Needs to hear somebody got to hear somebody may fear that this little this is unacceptable where you know we're doing our part man. We're doing our part people tell me all the time manually Jason you gotta you gotta let you gotta say yet it may take a stand. You know as you gotta tell people this is not okay this is not accept a sit here and instead this is okay and this is going well. We're doing everything we know how to do ladies and gentlemen but we were notre tell hairs are you good are you gonna try to be that savior. We go to Melvin Melvin you're on. I guess I had no it was a little. Won't try you know you don't try to play our economy could count. You have gated. You're about my comrade nationals are not garner he wouldn't it is kind of this time I rare. Species would you if you look doubt he she look Jeremiah adore it. We are multi rebel without regard arbitrator. Could actually call me why every DoubleTree you don't get out of it like Kobe Bryant had. What you go to Ohio out of gas or not our daughter our culture and local fare better can she had company. Well you know patient and you already started litigation may give issued Erica I beat Australia they'll. If globalization hey you don't try you go for you must leave the Fishko it would make people go to the get go cart at. The Wimbledon. Never let me ask shows that Lebanon out just to levels bought diocese say look at the exact same for the golf coach that god told you don't have a dog in this fight is made to meet agreed Iger what's your sailing unless I haven't let it play devil's advocate here. What's what if your if your tires what would you prefer. Fifteen minutes a game at Baylor and you make target thirty minutes a game in Memphis and you're you don't you're out on the bubble. Well alienated followed by the number of terms saying this year. I mean I have been historically like they're just the tournament team. Like I mean that the odds are there's going to be in the term. If I mean they're waiting longer to load our our law clergy are people who. Tight shot JP I mean Colombian male mobile will be direction you are sure to be able content like got to be honest they additional brutish club initiated the ultra. A bottle bulky and they want and what I. Like the quality of care propagated deep Derek G Carroll auction or what I think she allowed nick your country's car. They ideology lateral trade book forty I would go to bigotry that we should all be negative earlier when you know there's. Okay did beat that you noted that the nation's big weird bad libel to abolish sadly Al. Yeah I have but he got a local governor about what they're slight change which they'd probably get your water don't know what they don't they what are called condemnation. Then Melvin for that comment appreciate that thought right now is a good and I and I would say this. Negativity. To meet. Is it in a weird roundabout way if I'm a coach is a good thing because that means that. Those fans care about their program there and there is real passion there and when there is passion negativity can just as easily be turning their like. Gushing positive at which it has been when Memphis was at CNET here in 2008. Those dudes got it everywhere for free they got drinks for free they ate everywhere periphery and all that's obviously a violation but like that's what it. You can have you can be on top of the world here. Because of the passion. I just hate being associated like we're some part of the mega tiger it sucks like that's. No we're some part of keeping it real bright in all I'm saying right Annette Annette. There were caught up in this or that somehow what we say on radio affects kids and an end and word problem for tubby. Give me up right now it's his job to go out here and get these kids. People are saying about him on the radio what ever know if I did negativity or is it being regal and don't wake Hawkins wrote about. You know the plus club incidents that did affect our cal Perry's record one way or the other day and that's it like. I would much rather be on here raising tubby absolutely I'm a fan of the program Reggie you know we're John and I stand on as we wanna be brazen and went on to say hello the job in recruiting you're using everything you've got we're keeping it real were not being negative though. The problem is they're recruiting negatively they're recruited or Lee. And we are keeping it real and and letting you know what's happening 5537 citizens about their 53776. To go to Mel Mel you're on. Pentagon tells. I grew go to called wet weather where achievable in Madrid complainant saying negative things about the programs. At this base and a madman. So it throughout won't go to Memphis allele that you don't Visio and can be the problem. Negative stuff that happened that is does not include so I think my town somewhere else will know about Perez I'd go well when I'm happy there. What would you like. What it was like a brochure that folks be sent out the program and I don't know. It that this could become a lot of sky geeks did narrow but it doesn't play and honestly. What. Basically it is that this first you've got a good relationship you don't solid bolted I'll bet old prospect of being. You know regardless of his unless you get mad he'll play of the but it didn't come all okay. Our family got the complainant could uncooked compared power plant make this doubt they're back and I did I'd look at the list to I don't. It would give if you don't want but hey welcome home. That is seen. I go walk wrong. Because ES scholarship offers from schools like Baylor Tennessee Mississippi State. You can pick earlier this little old age did you get caught two of. I want one question for you. You know you look at this thing you watched the way this is going and you think this is all headed in a positive direction the way things are right now. It didn't argue the at least I went around saying in Honolulu local and that's how did that television doesn't cubs losing record. I can't see particular angles and record the SEC. Get on a particular. About it. And also the food they play it out who they play out of conference. You know I've looked at interstate fifteen knows America. But I know some doubt whether it's good to see that the outlook client state local political elite coaches and nothing else to see it. You know yeah well what have people complaining. Because we watch the games that's what I tell you hand him a chance when I want Bangladesh outlook yeah question. Do you have a brain. Then yes you. Hey man because of the political commitment in Atlanta yesterday that would whistler Nicklaus did okay and he got from seeing it. Was the most and closed it out. Don't what to prayer and just can't figure out what to do all tapes. We say thank you very much. As good Mel good one miles going to be cool would that brother and fellow man as he did you have a right to feel that way yeah but if you look at that what's happening right now. And you told us that we're the ones that are crazy yeah come on that does good meld that very very productive we go to Darius out that the scare era. I a year red deregulated problematic. Part throughout bush. It's on this weekend. It broke out ahead of our local fame club or Scott Drew built all. And what the heck every pork say they're campaign. All of right there recent trial bow. Which is strictly scrabble once we can alert you that he said he didn't see it and distribute it occur. Make sure that we program a couple of critical. I mean ticket sales. This calamity. Over crew. Nobody want to go to guy Eric I mean why are we what are you read it make it did take a look at it. It widow if you ever ever. I mean I created Mark Green yeah I hear you're right you're right he's right there and look what I've ever had got a good Carlo pivotal where we're your opinion. Our go. Mommy instead this is an upstart program they are six and seven in conference. And they have nine new players because tubby chose to have nine new players and it was yeah earlier this guy plays. That error gave his guys then yeah he's got to get his own guys in their coach Robin let me tell you would eat what that looks like it looks like fifteen and eleven and six and seven in conference that's what coaching them up looks like. And it went it went poorly conceived got to look at it because the other one is perfect we all are clearly more here yeah exactly and are you look great people like their hair color that you're good record color. Mark Varnado. Only. Regret they saw. There are troopers say the got a no lag here ever buy hard that I got loads and there. Mike did a lot of guts he would get is as and you hit it colleague that's. I don't look at it gets like aired it out Maggie and I visited any. Arrives in cry that was not a good game yacht and enjoy watching again. Are you heard me will also about thank you very much and won't that you could give those guys credit for he's back in the same breath. Note this thing now look good right gutsy win is not out of balance anyway it'll be a few more you know we have time for a few more thoughts on the upstart of his basketball program we got to learn some new today the last word of god we go to Weston and mailings and Weston your own. Dugout I love the show he's folks are crazy. It looks terrible and it's sad that we're already here recruiting Tyler air strike. Move for them you may lie and I mean this guy if you look at the big picture is sad that we're having do. Why did request the pretenders album yet. Another. We know we ought to do our part. In. Tell he's just the gatekeeper. Let's go play will build our kittens it's influential. What about the people that are now routing form that our fans know Memphis they're rooting for Memphis not to get Tyler parents. In hopes that. That that leads. Who Toby being fired if that's what were. People are applying them and it's so weird place debate right. It is aware placed will be there when you're in that spot how could you look at it and say. Upstart program and we all the way my what exactly about this. Programs that first of all stuff say the study's first year this is third recruiting class so like that that's just like not as nonsensical. Like to come on units at pitches short no it's not his first year he took the job April 2016. It's about the B April 22018. Okay he's been here for two years from now. If you wanna say he's got a brand new team he does that's true. But today like. This was all you know by accident like this was totally. Brought on by him it was totally self inflicted and and so this is what you get. You make your bed you got laid it broke we had time for a few more we go to drew a title drew you're on. Generation journey good dogs oh. I Jay college any college are actually now why on God's green or should challenge here's what about you and your version of the right and engineers to test. They're being looked to be a hero to be amid this my whole body god be the domino right that starts at all and it's a back turnaround man. Detonation in terms orders or be in the hometown kid you know then you said that much more pressure on aluminum already pressure actually challenge. I use that as an absolutely fair that is a great point I think it and look at this form because of where the Iraq. Because we've got all eyes on Tyler they get the expectations you have on next season we I'll be expecting to go there average 35 and that's just not him. And it's unfair to him but that does is it that spot because your crew is been so bad were all look at that this guy and say yeah holy Moly you know that to your I think it's a great point up there'd be there'd be a lot placed our kids' shoulders and we don't know if they break out of that. Well you better walk around the it's a it's a great or. You look at a guy like Willy can't our high school which a man you have and how Lilly was coming out of high school Manning to bicker than other some other variables would dare Croat a couple of players they are but. Own chant chi Chang and then he really didn't. He produced but he didn't come out a level that you know technology you know I mean yeah. That dramatic project I mean look what the expectations at the Joseph those first couple not so it is a five stories there are no doubt all American. Rhonda with a meg not an American McIntyre in in Yunnan though looming if it's just Tyler ran and ran over how to take it to Islam el Tyler got enough. If art gets over two more go to John in south havens on your. I got a little bit about the Melvin said only that you know. That tubby just needs time would be chucked juxtapose that against say somebody like got them will laid LSU. Look what he's done in years to look at recruiting class they have coming in compared to where we are now. Did they taught me I'd just I'd totally reject. And lets you have sanctions or scholarship limitations of things like that. Then then bit now gives you the time thank but did an idea I never denies and so I was any resources shouldn't take that won't agree. I exactly and it especially when you consider that the reason here in this is because you have players transfer our graduate Erica the NBA they do what's right. And that's straight on to other innocent with the quality of players that actually trying to sort that bad no question the question out the other question. We're guard tyra is either good basketball player but there's maybe ten to fifteen guys a year that the period seemed to come out of high school may be on her. Now again even lower carpet about it top one topped 115 in a couple of hundred once fifteen got it going early look at. And that's the only got a method is gonna get that's that it's just not a good look. It doesn't even leather gonna get him anyway so yeah I mean that's it it's. So pretty devastating blow through your monitors off and then last word on this we go to jail right Jay your own. I can't look good at all. So just for say the call at O'Reilly may and it's good for to get Jason some represented a lot of people. But I earlier this bill I don't come around you that that there are double. That. Partially. Like. It is a he's Sean that we we did the best act oh thank you went to junior college concluded that they think that they. I was in your highs he can't you had him on campus you can add the chance to watch him. Muslim or not. Okay well and he can do you think that technical bid into the court. Yeah slugger whether and oh yeah I don't know although he looked a lot more mature but we thought our league and he's gotten it out. In Dayton. I'm I'm I'm he gave up each and are added. In Connecticut. Are there a couple of miracle at best. And then going to be assists in Memphis and a going to be in the system that was that they have come it is they gonna happen but they are crazy the color yeah version agent Jack I think that exasperation. Speaks forever one. Throughout the city in the present don't try chancellor of the stats this Everett and 843. He was committed to UTC until. They don't Dayton comes along. Instead every opportunity to have both look at him evaluated and say you know what we can. That's where we can make some kind of look what he's doing and paid. When it would have been doing right what is specially for the mayor of relying on go after those highly rated them as kids as a lot of stuff comes with them I wanna get into that Democrats would impart reported. And abetted by telling the whole time as our kids Ford is up there he's Dayton's now a sense and they don't William Douglas and is that tubby kind of kid that relate. Is it us and you know some happier news. Can I need anything iced tea is sixty years old today. Job. Was it a love iced the nobody at me do the best anyway everything wasn't supposed to make it out of his twenties. And he's sixty today. And he's you know a great recurring figure on lawn or just released an album I think world body count there are granted and. They got a ground once they got a Grammy. If they're going to be wrong what now on the main part of the show but they got a Grammy for how to birdied I say. As sixty years a milestone we're not celebrate miles. There's been around since ball mountain. What are your favorite or not Brad Berenson movie's been around is that you want an earlier era and now. But he is no GO is an OG for sir I we come back classic get to in the rundown including. Man a grisly just can't catch a break. The year they try to lose as many games they past week and is the year where it's probably the toughest to do that. I was trying to depress the alarming owner of the I don't know what's normative and it was women who have fallen on Fridays a table which cover about why can't prevent. Yeah when you we did it when I'm when you dance like nobody does nobody on this so once thought I'm going to see it this weekend. That's not good enough for today the show I know you didn't even have and it's to go see you do give that day on and look over half inning did you watch blower I contract gonna go last I had to watch the Olympics. Oh yeah thank you for these via locked in on that can't wait for your Olympic report Saturday by the way I saw the medal count do we suck it we're not having a good Winter Olympics of what terrible. When the ones we want to win man oh man now you really fit the medal count right now and will we do we can somehow get any time we we got some. On our let's put this out a look at there in my fifth place right now and I'm looking at right now as far as the medal count who are they behind. I think Norway was one of I know you'll be up there yet act. Suite a belief Canada and of adult Canada look at look. Is are acceptable but those are like Winter Olympic type I mean they got the snow and everything you know. Yeah make Canada Norway gonna have an advantage man. 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Any votes Curtis and easier to take a back seat skin on the chicken shooters they're perfect to share with those special people in your last juice from six pieces of my Kentucky fried chicken now an extra crispy dinners twelve hot wings sort of popcorn movies so ready to eat dozens dead and Israel later on my friend Joan and hit their kissing. You there yeah. Thank you and sharing any AFC east yeah Mexican cheers it's there and do. Participating Casey's own. And politicians present. Institutions extra caterers say now TJ Stewart knows he's all night gift. Their favorite jazz albums its own party cost 550 Justin you have. The only. That's already animals or animal flat spending money need creek on the desk from City University is going to be perfect.