Jason & John Hour 1 (12/8/17)

Jason & John
Friday, December 8th

Talking Tiger Basketball/Penny possibilities in Hour 1 + joined by ESPN's Jason Fitz to talk CFB, coaching hires and more 


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To go look up that's the division one school that did it it is indeed a division one school John Bryant. Big weekend. From Memphis sports. And got a big show. As usual I feel like that's kind of the sad part is that it's not really do it weekend. With your voice and your energy right now it is brought always done that it's not really like a big weekend are you okay first of all. I'm I'm I'm balance you know until I mean you you can cut and tell that this was coming on. If you get listed you're down here around my octave level below. But job do the best I can't look up until about Lucic found through best I can't so I don't know what unsolicited like let's say god decor or something and he's hot tea. Hot he's hot feet. Okay your read on that usually I go on the show has donated. Jason Fitz is gonna join us. At 1140. We were talking Jason fits about hired Tennessee do wanna start the show by congratulating Tennessee fans on winning the national championship congrats. The only who wait. They didn't actually if you it's they just acted like it can't stop for just finally got a head coach they're happy it's been alone search John I won't long search. They did act like they hired Bill Belichick yesterday I think it's for real like they. They I don't have a then let me happy way I really take a dum bullets or the four others. Just like I've it is not that optimistic on that most of together pretty good staff will we just know how we know your philosophy you like dolphins coordinators I just like did you you don't. This job with the defense boarded Alabama down. Yeah like quickly volley good signs I mean. Who moved from Alabama had mid June. Those were removed its workers Cordero hadn't been used these are are you the only rule is the only one who he's working in the freaking NFL thing. Yeah all you get you want your record and how bad you go be successful and most prolific artists daylight you know. I was not like blown away by the press coverage yesterday but I thought it was just like a standard issue press conference. You know followed his vision is kept totaled more words relentless. Not gonna stop just kept since then I write different words from the same. The lever like he said all right like they say give them that may lighten up. I bet that's about as close as you'll get to nick Davis Cup in one word but anyway what's argued Jason fits about that at 11481225. We talked to Jeff good. Jeff Goodman covers college basketball levels of basketball for ESP. Andrew Thompson about Memphis. If what he thinks about situation here. We were talking about Marvin Bagley. About all of the prospects of grizzlies failed to keep their eyes on writing should be tanking for because that is is definitely where we already know what 45. We're gonna talk the coach of the best team in the mid south the best that's what's in the midsouth and his name's Gwen Cypriot. Good chagrin of the Memphis hospital we will talk to him and once when he five dot Austin Nichols about Coby Sam and about their three game home stand coming up. Lester get to with food cypriots are he would soreness at 125. I'd like to start though John with a place that. Just call that I kind of left off this morning dual layer it with him on his show this morning Jeff always does a fantastic job mum always listen on the way ahead. And when a question that you posed in his open. I'm also many posed to me while we were all on and got into effect in just question was. Who's gonna get back to the post season first time as the grizzlies it's a great question and I told him early on don't think you'll achieve its Korea's. But we're both Saturn worked that we think it's it's tiger's but in that conversation job. Are we started talking about how the tigers could turn it around and how quickly they could do what you have one of the things you bring up in something you have seen all over Twitter. Some we've kind of touched on something we've even asked. This gentleman about. It's Penny Hardaway yes indeed be the idea one cent that. Whenever this comes to an end with so be in again let's. It could be YouTube it could be years three we've all made our case is the way it whenever it does. But getting Hardaway beat the next coach of the University of Memphis and I'm surprised. I would Justin. We both agreed that anyone would would like the job. And you've heard we've heard we've heard it before say he's interest and now we've had him on the air. And we had him on the show John what do you tell us about. The last part of the job was open because this will start in the case pastor was still the coach and people were saying get paid any narrow kind of where you are. Right now with the program so does the coach and people are saying go higher Penny Hardaway at the east I have coach and former tigers great. Yeah pace showed the in the in the initial interview last November. With us that he was not really involved right in the search right last scorer but it would there is a feeling and I look I told some people. Disarm. Not the last times interest of the that this army he wants a path arm. Go back to import just surprised me. Tell me and think in that listening said he had talked to anybody about it why would you have still as a coach right now. And I mean talk to anybody overview of your cements the administration while with the answer you right now again they had a coach right now. A home he thought that they would not higher paying and that's where wanna start. I love come up with some questions. I've cut out come up with like four questions about it everybody in of his his talking about this so let's get it out in the open let's let's last sector let's talk about let's talk about it this is realistic. Okay what your question saga I've got a a mobile for questions that I think are relevant. And Hardaway in the University of Memphis asked what job I elected you got four questions honestly that's that's now what everybody yeah right like that's it everywhere jars like let's stop at a time there is a Memphis basket let's address it close win or a loss up in his name comes up and down he would be better recruiting he would be better about a ten day and say god we don't in the east vs Kansas match I can always come up every single day it feels like so all right let's start. What it Penny Hardaway went the job that's the most important place to start would he want the job. Abu Ahmed a spot where now I believe yes. Dig it. We have to bring. It is. It's probably better if senator Larry actually our home. A tossed from the people here recently that I believe. Yes pinning. Not always interest but would like to have it now. Here's the thing they just be interest in right you have to have a plan. And I know he came on our air and said there was you know and wasn't all last hour I remember here about meeting Obama did miss homeowners and and I just don't while there was interest topic on both sides I don't think there was much of a plan at that. Now I think. There might be a player and daddy daddy daddy wore Betty once is enough that he started through now do you think it's complicated. Church complicated. He's Frick and Todd he's got an age you squad do. You have to that's complicated you gotta severed head he does and are you making the head coach with his ties with Nike and the NE AU world. You gotta cut at all. And how hard with the Thabeet would be would that be to do and I know with this that the thing that's already east right now we've got some guys that played for his age you squad. There initially ruled ineligible by the two double as the blade judges stepped in made them eligible James wasn't ram boy's. Those guys. I guess my point is those guys. They would being able to land them if you if you if you brought him on. Well with Brian's community you have read probably wouldn't do but my point is. If you've got those guys in the if you if you made any are where the coach. It opens you up for eighteen and nineteen. As he thought about as he openly told them I wanted probably not as he talked Izzy submarine's heavy right now and saying don't go to Memphis because I wanted. Probably not out openly at those players talk about it and said man to be great to play with you over there I'll start as would Jeff. Are we joked about it. But I think I've talked to enough people that I think there's a real interest there. And it would be more on Memphis didn't wanna do just in this Penny Hardaway what that's that's my next question all right if Kenny wants the job. Which you say you think he would. Will Memphis hired him. Would bet this hire him. I think you have to kick the tires on. I don't think it is absolutist as it again this is it is just opinion but it's starting point is now. In and that may be the answer may be you know but it because. He's so embedded in what's going on here with the of with the players. Because he is so beloved here. That program this city. You wanna kick the tires are you wanna check it out because you know both of us if you hired him in our way of immediately people call and try to buy our season tickets immediately the players probably that are even committed inside right now are saying. I'm goad the once he's coached the outs Lomax of the world. Probably saying hey man Abby was that your complaint you. It's the recruits are coming through the doors listen your donate your back in a loss since. You're in own DJ Jefferies all of a sudden a five star blue chip prospect obviously you're known everybody. The floodgates opened you know what happens when you got recruiting class coming in John people get excited yet people buying season ticket to get that's why you'd have to kick the tires. Because with Penny Hardaway you're talking about the potential of fixing it very very very quickly right I'm talking about butts in seats. And players good players on that roster and and that new practiced so so. What do you think that would never tired easily they did kick the tires than what they do it depends company's plan that's will we go back to. Okay you're assisted show a short plan now who are you hiring. Here's the other big thing with getting. You and I'll not because we have such great respect for him in the city and and from Aetna for anyone that's done what he's done to your. We each week we give him his privacy rights. When you're the head coach of the University of Memphis though. That privacy. A lot of it goes out the window over there then you are under the microscope then you've got to do you know media here it's every week with with you with with what the mob over the fence sitter on. Now the over the elbow Lori Walton practice facility had not gotten that name memorized and down yet very little slow. A home. Dude are you kitten like. Everybody's all live right everybody's knowledge but because again it goes back to conspire if you don't like the sound of it like. And as welcome animal cleanest thing up and you don't have specifics. Don't drive. Yeah well but you have to see how sick my feelings that pennies brother and a foreign to us that when it comes to the staff. It looked pennies. I only counts as he got the NBA how long you play you've still funny and x.s and l.'s coach. I've always joked around maybe it's Brian Hill got coached him down and Orlando you're yeah he knows enough people that I thank you put a great step. And you know what do you do to mental. Could amend this guy or Memphis to recruit guys you got it it's it's not even necessary to have that. But you get the film and will write you that you'd have a myth that whether it's Amanda locker room. You know me and see here somebody from here or maybe it's maybe it's a former tiger which you have that Memphis blowback on that staff would just be can I wouldn't just have all of this blood remembered just did that with the Arizona bloodlines for awhile. Those staffs were all like great. So you'd think given the right play and this is good x.s and though got to do would consider hiring him you have to -- you have to listen to and I give it a day Barack give today. I here is here here's where big questions get interest. I think I think you're right on both in fact we actually have a clip that. Lewis from last February. Penny Hardaway was talking I believed to might say my said he temper and he asked him about this was when pastor was going through right move and he was about it. The buyer bought out or whatever in Mike said he caught up with penny. At a before he's game and asked him what he thought about his name coming up. For Memphis basketball is you know potential opening in this is what he set. When you can remain everybody wants pay far away. I didn't do I miss all flattering but you know Josh is that a close enough support from 100% you know I do take. What the crowd know what the fans are saying you know not that's great for me because this all the love they have for me. But I support adjustment program you know we can't this victim at all because he's done a great job he's still fighting you know it takes a village it takes all of us try to support him. He's up and try to get through tough times and good times so. All right Nelson. Tough times that the university and we can't just leave you stranded like this but I do. Appreciate all the good all the fans that want me to be the next coach amid fears whenever that happens in order to be the coach and that's what every year. Whenever I hope they came around I am that I'm I'm Tauscher vulnerable here than a measure that idea actually came over the air. But it sounded to me like that is a man that is definitely thought about coaching at Memphis and again at the end whenever that is. As opposed if that ever comes out you know it's flattered and every dozen tea leaves out those who that was you know that was almost two years ago but still like. I feel like there was something there. The question is do you believe him to be a success that are. Like we've said did you get the immediate windfall money season tickets right attendants back up. Recruits all of that. What happens after that like so when when it initially sorry coming up last you know last bred for Josh yeah left. I said I was skeptical about it except carry the same way that I was skeptical about Jon Gruden at Tennessee. Kind of the same whimsical about Herm Edwards at Arizona State I'm skeptical of Penny Hardaway just as a coach who makes guys better. Well because there's no way to know there it's hard to know just because he gets the best talent god that's a good problem. You know that's a good. Probably our Josh always say Iran have more better tallies lagged route coach I would like that to be a quest great talent like kaine he'd make great talent better I'd like to just start with great talent. And I used to be a little bit more cynical or skeptical about it because. Again he had never really done it you know he hasn't been that he hasn't been on a bench other than you know. EU high school middle school like he's not been on a college events seven on an MBA yeah I've learned it at any did and then he loves to golf not that. High school slash A use slash middle school is that. But this is a 24/7 commitment in LA and I know pretty committed those kids like I'm not disputing that mom. Understand there's just so much more that goes into it at the college level. And that that was sort of why I had my question marks about it you know is he gonna wanna make those late night phone cause is he gonna wanna keep up these kids on Twitter and it adds to Graham light. Is he going to warranted really do that because. You can't just be a face. You know. You have to really be involved and he's Smart enough to have those workers around him but to your point though what we said what are we say about our errors and wasn't it wasn't just. Angel Esposito. Regret got to meet Tyler wanted to have the relation to their coach so it is gonna have to work yeah your point you've got activate online just yet be available in all our head coach emeritus and our stuff well and win some got to really be out the commuting you gotta be doing it as those in trouble you know you got to address that the middle that I all that and a good stuff to. This is my this is my counterpoint to that. I think there comes a point where all that. That unknown. And that uncertainty about penny I think there comes a point where that stop smattering. If he wants the job and he lets it be known that he wants the job. You know because of where the program is in wearable theoretically be did win pennies name comes back up. They'll be hemorrhaging money. Attendance will be at an all time low you'll owed tubby. Let's say I haven't ever this year basically just under ten million dollars over the next six years and you got to find a way to make that up. You've got to find a quick and immediate way. To stop the bleeding financially. And I can Guerin damn tee that if Penny Hardaway is in indeed the next higher. I don't know how that last. But season tickets through the roof recruiting through the roof. And these things would have such a a great economic impact on that university in their basketball program it change everything's does with football on so well right now would be hard to ignore it would be hard to not think about. Given where they'll be financially. So. I'm with ya I used to think about the end game. With a with a bit of the possibility of our debate not law how would it didn't beat could be like fits with the whole city turns on and you you're talking about a one of them wanted to. The from his biggest donors he's got his name Omar the at the hall of fame over there yet so what happens at the end if you end up having a farm you can't say about it you'll submarine you what. No you're at a point now. You're in a dark form right now. And you're at a cross words crossroads where the timings right if you did it. It be so huge at the beginning. Gilmore about the end I don't I don't you don't worry about the end because of the if you do a YouTube you're in it for the long run and you given him. A long time to have every opportunity right your way you have to well what you what you don't wanna do is what it's three years you fire him. He's got his name on a bit and stops domain he Danny starts submarine and you just backing yea you world's top stars Helen did you got a real enemy I don't think you would have the fire after three years you would you because of darn big it's the level of player that I read it won't matter add that a coach is. The light are we gonna get to a point to where wondered as penny ever gonna make a final four. You know I think that could definitely be a question we're asking him three or four years. But I promise you we're not gonna be asking. Does he deserve another year. He's got to get players he's gonna get James wise he's got to get dangerous he's got to get Memphis kids. They're like there's just this great respect that is still so evident throughout the city for him it would be of it would be a it would be a more significant. Version of Patrick Ewing to Georgetown. They pressure you into Georgetown was great. But. I think any means more to Memphis and Patrick Ewing means to Georgetown that's just my opinion until a publisher so one. I mean that I think because Kenny like still a sudden stuck around. And in continues to give back in the city of Memphis the I think there's no question in my mind that he is bigger to Memphis and Patrick Ewing has to Georgetown as is again that's just my view so. I'm not tell me there's not a better car I'm just telling you when you think about like is that it would be what they're big guy out there who would get you those type of players who would. Make that. Significant at a financial impact. Who would translate into the season and I think any coach you are there will be a season ticket boost is on the on the road nature. A coaching change but nobody would bring the windfall that Penny Hardaway about Eddie not the immediate when do we believe like I mean people would be. The polls you bring up the hooks. Over the universe in Memphis if they hired and Hardaway and so. I think at you have to consider sort of the math of that why you take it seriously from Memphis you can decide that. Yeah officers entered the tires on us but why would you like I just told you you got this thing back on line that quickly. With the weight of you just signed up doorbell with the way this things gore right now you'll be in the best shape you've ever been an athletic department history here why would you I guess here's another question and this is an important question and one that we have currently considered. Why wouldn't the University of Memphis fire pit. Why wouldn't say if he doesn't have a real. And John there's a real question there what your your giving something up if you're Penny Hardaway. Something he enjoys very dearly and it's it's the the ability to do whatever they heck he wants. Whether it's you know when it was a mercy a little bit yeah I'm all on a mean dude so so this is on its own pay any. I mean do you really wanna give all that up. Right give up the privacy give up the web to be able to dip it in India and out when you want to you don't sit as that's over. Or what calling you up everyday were asked you what's won't rescue which player you didn't. West and it come out more we need more access beneath. You know that there's a lot of your getting up a lot if that's why it's it's more you've got to make sure he's for real. It this like they say this to say just be a face that dips in and its out when he wants to that I don't. Or to let me ask you this though why would somebody want a coach in middle school coach in high school. Coach today used. In not won a coaching college where there's real notoriety there's a real money particularly for him I think there's a connection with the old skits. Yeah Lomax is that like an entire time and I think it's the idea of coaching. Those kids at the next level of herbs. Winning a national championship with those guys he said it in the specials they've done on ESPN with with mayor whether it bad rating would be to take them all the next level. The win a national title with a yeah he's thought about that. Yeah I think it's a question and who like I said I think if you'd asked this question two years ago out of billing and I just think that's why was probably do better than you know an unproven Penny Hardaway is love pity. You know I know it likes the idea of it not working. But if you make that higher. It's gonna work so well I am beginning to kick ins educated about the and you can't handles so well before I don't know what as. Lead director thinks about firing their coach woman Hiram that I don't think out there that can't you just think you're making the grade I salute you don't you don't you don't have to do. Arms or wounded who are here you know but I got to end it listen I don't think Memphis has to be and we'll talk to just gonna by the spokesman fact I don't think Memphis has to be our job. As we talked about a million times it can be a very simple job you know I think there's there's a legitimate. There's a legitimate. You know reasonable case he made that Memphis can finish in the top three the conference every year being tired of it team you know sit me up seven times at a ten years. Have of sweet sixteen run mixed in there that's what should and that's the case. And I think everybody's happy don't you yes if you put it if you tell me. That pretty much every year that you've you've you've set aside a couple just for rebuilding graduation cycles because that's natural. But like. It in in a given ten year period. Seven times they make the NCAA tournament and maybe there's two or three sweet sixteen runs in May be one elite eight's last final four early rolled. That's a great ten year period Calkins is laying off. Calls on any make the ones which is in every seventh the staff. Is that vehicles every like 45 as a four bottles every 45 satisfy him with a total sweet sixteen months they were rolling audio Jeff with you. Man removes the masses I think that's AM very fair baseline for for university in the Basque. And so you know that that happens when you players and I know one man who would deliver them. As they missed hitting. And we'll see we'll see our six out. 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O'Brien federal credit union it's just like to make it banks have lower loan rates. Better checking accounts and didn't charge crazy fees visit O Ryan at CU dot com. 929 FF 688 on the W limitless and 929 espn.com. Obviously is an adjacent. ESPN. Combat and I got some cough drops. These are. What credit these delusions John another little bit less strong and in the the typical call. Yes so a valid reasons so much. But they're 53776535. ESPN if you get to a point where you are the hard way you considered hardly hardly at university of do you think about being. At say we need to avoid another early offense situation. We got this really abide by Doug Sanders at an urban legend. I really got Arafat go where they really he had delivered newspapers there. I don't know in my understand our winner John Allan Baird is that RC yeah that's a horrible way to do that. Or we also so well last you have to do is like not fire him at the hot dogs may become in your office the next day. And do it like a profession are the sad when I think about tension that. The thing I think about most is how quickly. He deteriorated from a health standpoint and in low key heat he that was some of that was happening while he was post but I mean. It was like they took. His. Hardaway. It is truly loves his heart away quote about the U maker of no because like I mean he just went down mailman and it was it was like I was alive I was there it was definitely not and it is right for all the supplies enough doctors reluctant senators to a study you'd these dividends do you consider that an end avoided or do you desire and say you know what we're not gonna we can't worry about me and we got a we got to when a high level fathered by 3776535. ES in regards to Peter Peter York. So how will. Articulate a case for not Harvard penny even though I still think they should I do think you'd think about the end for the following reasons. Denny is our most. Visible vibrant and successful NBA while British backed. Any I would imagine is a very generous donor benefactor into the program as well. And any of course whether he's coach or not has always recruiting ties. If you are the AD who hires Penny Hardaway or have to cross that bridge to use sacrifice severing the connection or the public outcry it would probably be. Are much worse situation than Hillary Fitch because of all those additional factors NS that that we're on the Greg so I wonder about that the worry about that even though I still think you do have to do it there are reasons board against that. But we we can't afford to not do it now but you do you do. If you are somebody else like Steve Porter consulate you'll have to deal with any of that there's got. What about your brother but you also don't if you hire Steve what are your muscle when you also don't give merely be the buzz or that you know financial windfall that the immediate that I like those guys we if you hired those guys it would really be like all right this is going to be a building process over like five years you know and I. Let me ask you this and we have to get all that makes sense but again sort of take it in that it's related but separate tangent. We have such a limited pool of ambassadors for the tiger program yeah you're now combining. What would essentially be to your coach and your most gifted alone into awarded sacrificing that it is fair argument to try to expand. The pool of tiger alarms and tiger ambassadors beyond that sort of touch is that and music are credible case. No other effects that it's a good question Peter appreciate you present gets kind of like used in response that you don't Marvin Norwood did what Peter brought what it's kind of like they tell you don't like don't. Believe where you eat them. Got to face it after that kind of applies here you know with petty like yet I didn't push if you have a hard hitting like. You know. It doesn't work if he is so right about it would potentially be uglier because Larry at the end didn't have his hands. And feet in it firm has firmly planted NE AU world that have the control that it doesn't yea you worlds are much difference which is not like you know one of me like to piggy still have liquor shoes that are very successfully as you did you like to have. What's he worth. A sickening and that he's still got the issue deals like a Penny Hardaway now why don't know how reliable these networks they may have any Hardaway network. Let me could get this is the richest dot com. Forty million access. A lot of money a lot of money about 3537765353776. Again this is the question. If you get to a point where you're considering higher parity hardware in the next year so. Do you do you avoid it because of all those reasons we just talked about you don't want another late that situation you don't wanna potentially. You know isolated or alienate one of your most visible booster and ambassador whose owner and an error and got to concern you player or do you do it. And just another because he's gonna give players but you won't ever have to worry about that day I don't know I think it's a fair question we go to Weston midtown Western Europe. Well what are being bing what what NATO problem you're rounding the may have GO. Mary Pierce woke. The local culture yet there it is it is both dual they're not only didn't sort of golden boot but look spoil it got. He hall. Well almost certain goals and maybe several. Oh you can look at it may have ruled. Can do we have also independent. And embedded in what we're gonna have bad you don't Sheikh you don't make dramatic way mobile windows. I think about it. I think was the first it because I think the difference. I got in the middle was a little bit people you don't. Well not development could well start a couple of different. As are good members of the call was Embraer I think the difference now. With where it was wooden fence was was the coach and in inventing your same thing the coaches turn of the local the local coaches turned on instrument players. It's a popular talk popular narrative a home. A high school coaches are in control like they used to be a kids recruitment right so is just a couple guys gotta be cool with right. As far would be cool with team bad. AQ are you you're gonna be cool with who every handed over to and team had the team any organization over to your so. You'd it's added it's a different game now we have covered through more we're gonna go to Adam and Chris former Osborne we have a we have a guess Comerica we got to get to. Adam you're on. Audience that they're bad about you look at data and I want you greet you and your brother lets his re in yea it looked like he had to be a bad. OPEC or acute care they would appeal just somebody at the back Q&A culture. It isn't about coaching is about everything else and committed itself say people who actually coached entered meet if you look at bad. If black or had a bad thing about it gonna be a bit of fireman Ed hardy got a bit district get out talent any company had been occurring it's state money under its coal mine any got to take take that essentially. I can't be scantily on this level not of me I don't don't think coaching I told you better go out at all but everything else are. Bill so if there is characters according to Becker's ability. It's got a situation MBA or causing it is more everything else right on target the good job Matt hill so I'll I'll I'll. I I think it's about bush added a note and those are some questions that I considered you know a year ago when his name came up but. Beyond that. I think there's some financials to consider this is my stance on an avid down purely to get about the financial impact. Are we're gonna go to Adam and Chris are about promised at a mural on. Seven general doubts about. I think they want a bigger question back I that we did this what. It at a we ever get back to where we are right now me and I'm never I never thought you're thirty. Where you're at in and do it incorporated up the at all it bit the bat real. At a pretty safe bet that thought and that and that question. Had we get to the sport and had a we never get there again well. I think you have to look at the latter years of Josh I think that's where you have start. Number William in my you might have to go back to when he when he got the job. You know you give the give the keys that at the time to an unproven you know 3233 year old coach and I think either he does a great job earlier this ten year. But by the end because it transfers and the lack retirement success the bread it's taken a big hit him. Suspensions. Things of those nature of that nature. And then you follow that higher up you you'd get a do you get a golden opportunity you don't have to pay him ten million dollars get a golden opportunity to hire somebody else. Anna what sort of mocked when they just they hire somebody that was yet say the wrong fit. And I think you we know that that's the thing it's like it's it's not personal you know has nothing to do with tubby as a as a human. And here's the thing a that you have to have someone in that job who believes truly believes. That this is a top ten top fifteen program mean and and and and you treated that way. Tubby you may very well believe it any may feel like he's treating it that way. Here's the difference it really is that. Because of where you are because of all the talent because now the White House as you called. Over there on south campus you've got that things weigh in on four and five star guys yup. So it's just it's it's just a matter of it's just a matter of having a worker I'm with you there shouldn't be that hard it shouldn't be that hard and then last we're on this go to Chris Chris are on. Whereas in Melbourne. You could probably give team needs a minimum being calm you know sort of put up for the first few years and he can look at some current rates. And the most important thing the other I have to and so that's involved with AE basketball. All the key is on the scene all the time more durable clay court colts eighteen. You know it eats you could look at it any in this video message to anyone other readers black. It's negotiations most of you probably get away quick and you know there's a lot issue called. Only these years are so connected with it because that election I think the report that it soon as she Oprah pork belly. Four have been essential in order right now boast a whole pot is so he got a younger generation. Who called field to OK Peter the issue in any guarantees so yes almost original Q how are you on an expense account. Indeed Conan go look in political year. People can't hold us at the moment that got the difficult economy hit a ticket touting it they did the right person. Obviously keeping irritating for a reason it's so much talent at this school it's ridiculous joke. I have to eat some days and I mean certainly the degree thank you. I Christopher's of the car we got to get to Jason fancy marriage or his conversation. A little deliberate talked to Jason Spitz whose new show starts on your stereo. On January 2 with Sarah Spain Spain and that's who talks about Tennessee job. 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Good to excellent credit play today and get a special interest rate discount. When you go to myspace.com slash fort bend light streamed dot com slash sports placing dot com. Slash sports central Tikrit approval rating from zero point 5% ought to be discount available only we usually don't require a loan funding advertised returns and promotions are subject to change without the conditions and limitations applied as a monster.com for important terms and conditions about western loans using to fund it. 929 FF 688 am on the WMS as a I had 929 EST. This is. Another tonight event he has been. As promised his name is JC bit. Is this Forsett also upset host get a new show. On ESPN radio debuts in January it's called Spain and fits these cleared out Jason what's going on there. 511 of very cold stream up in Connecticut I you know Nashville. Warmer and prettier in Connecticut that's got to say but today. What I like where god is actually like its thirty degrees in Memphis right now I think it's crazy I can't I can't handle this. That it that it is part of shut my dad and I won Gila. A big picture quickly learn night they did bungle and get through anything didn't go to Nashville where. Each hour period and put up like thirty delight partly it doesn't everybody of those walked. Well you're officially a Bristol man now officially it is being done now and that you you're done with the show national you miss most about. Living in the great state of Tennessee and I ask you got Nashville fits this bill we're supposed to hate you guys so about the. I'd tell. We we understand that we got a lot of love from Memphis we are not done enough. A little of that I think. If they got me my wife and builds clearly rooted in that could certainly travel on the importance of how much he loved me like I'm gonna be. I don't know be spending a lot of the year you know in Bristol he'll come up. As he did you know as you keep. It appropriately and I can talk her into making the move all but you know it did. That they don't miss the most about local radio well stated is we all know this site. There'd be an impact like BT deeper recession when you're walking around the game and I'm reluctant to indicate how would you everyday like. That's one of the most sincerely moving thing that you can have had a radio. And on the national you do don't. I'm not gonna get back but it's a great opportunity I. And debate at chips. Absolutely right it's only right and that's just yet not laid a lot of success it's only right that on your in your last week. Doing local radio and in Tennessee that Tennessee hired a football coach. And and that is chairman crew it you know the way our I was watching some of the FaceBook lodged into the press comes in the way that. You know some Tennessee fans arriving as they as if they were hiring. Bill Belichick I guess that's to be expected. Given that it wasn't alone surged what did you think about the higher end and do you think it will be a success. 44 Tennessee fans. So let me David like that all of that going down as I'm starting on a national levels that may. It may look like it can be found the smartest guy in the world it could have been could be. One area formerly edited her. I think I think with a tolls searched. Okay it can be a win and a loss all want it to win because they got a muddy. They they're not embarrassed by the program they they got somebody they can have a little bit of a little bit of excitement for and you know Tennessee log and stood up and made a statement and exactly what they didn't walk right or wrong. They stood and made a statement. I believe those people ball that they can hit. Did go to bed and program back for years. And I don't think it's much crude Bennett a deep into Gordon. I mean I'd have got to feel a little bit. And we have no idea if there's one right any dirtier coordinating defense of one of the but maybe the greatest coach. A whole time of the college level and his period that Ricky who didn't even know let's hold off a little bit on this site. Almighty god we got a second coming into deep and important how many people were lining up with all of these other interviews. Many people were lining up to take him over eight Chip Kelly or over a you know even neither bank of higher need to total wind. All of the other places now hired a coach would have rather had a good bad. He said the burn you feel like the brand's gonna end of it taking it if it hasn't already what how does that looked is it is it recruits is it not being able to recruit as easily as you once did. In terms of the school let me we've always said Tennessee recruits itself doesn't matter who you got his head coaching you. You say and that's that's gonna start to go away now just because of the latest this thing's been the last couple weeks what a dumpster follow this whole thing's been. I think it more than just gone away I think its bid any take the coach. Can win headache high high level or a coach for the tremendous personality. To be a resurgence and importantly help that they would compared and its. Do you know I Alabama allegedly bad for years before skating came back. I understand that one bit of social media age the beatings and the tendency of taking to recruit. And we're talking to much about this recruiting class that were ignoring the fact. The freshman sophomores and juniors right now that are in high school they're looking at college football programs have won the dumpster fire program hired it to make terrible way. They did handle it insurgent or lake beat you can't help we needed your software right now you're thinking man I love the bulk. You're not suddenly looking at an opponent pretty good. Brad Faxon yeah that's a great par boil it for us if you look at Nick Saban is coaching tree you know for every Kirby Smart you know there's there's a Derek Dooley you know for for every market audio there's a gym back away from you know so it's not like OK you weren't honored. Nick Sabin you're automatically like a football genius and it's got a war kid out its history. Oh yeah and it's noted an Indiana. NFL level every time somebody that was to go to the Belichick get tired why we hear you can either take coming up Belichick and it never works. These these guys are are are the best at their craft or reason we are courts are there. Jason fits national ESPN radio host is new show. Was there Spain a stated that starts after the new year what do you think what the best tire in the SEC Jason they're a lot obviously get more enjoyable fish or do you think was the best. Well you'd pay. I mean if you take bets are off today in value in. And I just think the way everybody was just tracking and calling to get their hands on Dan Mullen feel like that steal at this point I mean Tim appreciate. They've had tremendous success I'm not taking anything away from that but 75 million dollars. Original Fisher at NA NA and the immediate expected results for that kind of money you're gonna be unattainable in the beginning to get back on the deck. You couldn't get a bucket by Alabama and they've been on a regular basis so I would get Mullen in a situation where. Florida got a guy that they're excited about they get a guy. They have no idea if you landscape and they needed to get somebody to keep calm everybody down quickly because last I checked Georges so have dates. I regulate every five star quarterback in the country. Now just recruit or just just commit to Georgia every year low they're they're in they're gonna be good for a long time so. Florida needed this I think Mullen didn't turn out to be a really solid hire for them. Wells went and NASA centers and just. All right good good question. I got Clinton Oklahoma's big game and and I think I just you know what I'm buying into so much this baker mayfield died because he's under watched the media did. They be my I do jaded with all the rooting interest on it. I wanna say Oklahoma oil and so that's when I got does right now. Do you think. After everything we saw with the converts him some games at Ohio State being left out. Do you think the I know would there would be some time obviously in between. Anne and we're talking maybe 78 years down why do you think. This expansion of of eighteen of the playoff do you think it's inevitable at this point because of you know the covers jettisoned games sometimes matter and sometimes not. Yes and I think it should be I mean I big beach and expanded. And I've had this argument with everybody over the last couple weeks and most college above you're totally disagree with me. But it and one of the best thing about March Madness that you can feel like an anti Hugo and an upset of Michigan thing right how much do what we want to see. EPS give ticket and may be dogged. They're just butt kicked. I think it's certainly about the power five all did. An automatic bid you have a group of the group of five gets one automatic bid and then you have to that large that they can go to the next few teams then. So that gives you the chance to reward conference championships did you give it 10% of but a tournaments dial that give you the opportunity to at least. See how the little guy can do we live in a world where we want to beat and did she win in the first tremble wanted to blue blood when the national championship. Coastal balking at that exact system by expanding in the playoffs. You schools every time we get to talk to you on the titans are they in good shape Jason you word you tell us about how bad at all since the lions didn't. From time to time at times this season what are you feeling this is a Jacksonville's division you fill okay on titans and when the net. The south. It's Jacksonville divisions don't typically are week seventeen and I think uploaded and so now do I think. That this whole thing gonna come down to jags titans week seventeen but let's not targeted for anybody that's looking at the scheduled Peña the two guys play the field this week. The titans play the rams. And a couple of weeks and every time they had played a dynamic offense. They kids trash can yardage they give up huge yards to wide receivers like they gave up over 350 yard. Tom savage last week so before we go in and you know I'm still I'm still pumping the great on this thing and then can be excited. Because they're going to the playoff let my mind as a wild card but you know like I went the last time a really good and 115 game at twelve and fourteen in that range. Went into the off season came and we got a lot of holes to address and that's what titans internally and the people covering him are also incidentally is proof positive that they're just not great. We were talking about this a little bit earlier this week Jason and and everytime I watch it tightens. I feel like there's just more there for Mario at a you know I feel like they did that the playbook in the played college and it does not really out accentuate his skill set up like they're just kind of holding him back. Do you feel like there is another level there for for Mario or do you think this is this. You know the right system for him. And this year they're certainly better be I don't think it's the right system formed any guy I've talked to around the league they're smarter and I am continue to say they've. Did you know when his contract comes up the year ineptitude of the non. He could find himself from the thirty million dollar range or you didn't thirty million dollars worth of value out of Mario right now. No so you're not getting enough other quarterbacks. We are not given up on the offensive coordinator I think did Terry Robiskie got into coordinator for the titans. Yup he's been doing a good enough job of utilizing the weapon that they have. A day off and the blind double kind of figured that package we talk about all the time I. I look to do the weapons in general and when you've got DeMarco Murray and Derrick Henry who approval put a pretty good that's for the most part or not they're not running the ball consistently but they're doing well and you've got Delanie Walker and Cory David to the fifth overall pick. He Kiki should give you a dynamic offensively either the quarterback good quality offensive coordinator spot. If they're gonna have to figure that I wanted to do a bet you anything it's that they'll take the bet on Mario that. And their Robiskie grabbed the. Absolutely Jason Matt congratulations on all the success mag good luck with the new interest rates and I'm rallies. I appreciate god Leon LaMont David won't do any time like. Presenting math is Jason fits did you realize by the way that. Mario Oda has a higher interception rate right now than touchdown right. He's got twelve picks to ten touchdowns this year did you realize that and I didn't realize it was that high. Camille have four interception game against prior. New real quick I think he makes great points on all of is spot on what he said about the titans and also watching that game my sighing seeing Marchand Lattimore just going off for the saints. I think they messed up on the draft big men and then it's too early to tell with Corey Davis if you haven't seen anything this year he's made a couple good catches. But you took him number five overall there's a lot of names behind him right I don't look good against Julio all my at all. Yeah all night these big enough background and. That is the best guarded by Bjorn who we are here earlier we also got his a little bit the united yards but yes I'll do it a couple of he had appeared that. Yet that picks so yeah I mean I I would get marred those numbers and it's kind of baffling. They will have a lot as a coordinator next year they did a new coach and a noose the philosophy I don't they don't go that far but they will have a new offensive coordinator without don't like the playoffs the level that's the issue and Tom Brady will. Slaughter them but as conservative offense well man I hate it I understand why. How can you pay marches Mario thirty million dollars when he's given you. Ten minute touchdowns twelve picks us only to play announcement he kept. 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