Jason & John Hour 1 (11/14/17)

Jason & John
Tuesday, November 14th

Talking Grizz 2nd straight loss/What's wrong with Conley in Hour 1 plus joined by Tyreke Evan's brother, Doc, to discuss his hot start 


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26. Love when you learn to adjust to grill. Reservations today. Sometimes just being closer mix you'll winner this like that guy you know who sticks out a seat right next to the casket every single tailgate party. He's not much for long conversation and he probably doesn't even have a ticket to the game. But for now he's closer and that makes him a winner same is true syndicate our red rocker bar and grill on south Lamar gaming and racing. No other sports bar gets you closer to the action and that makes you a winner Southland are gaming and racing closer to win this. We responsibly or else we call 18022. Police have a hundred W an assassination when Bartlett to be an assessment. Milton west Tennessee and east Arkansas never since. Station. In Memphis in sports station. It won't it won't let. More than man. It's a real wake up call I mean again. Listen I paid it no. Now you. Yeah get out of bed and oh yeah. Zero Jason and Jon and I do not have them ESPN it is Tuesday baby. Which means John neighbors men's basketball team will be back in action tonight thank goodness they play another game we get that bad taste and Alabama game. Out of our mouths hopefully with a win tonight against Arkansas Little Rock Jon and there's a little matter discussed. It will matter involving the Memphis Grizzlies John. They lose. Last night job once and while three I thought they had it midway through the fourth time I'm thinking they're coming off that road trip three and two I'm saying this is going to be good. Nothing that fourth quarter. Tyreke Evans doing everything he changed everything for this team everything commented that delight AT and a half points on this did you ever imagine. That we would give this out of Tyreke Evans that he be really. The real member of the Big Three right right sixth straight game he's a real one or one member of the Big Three six straight games over her points unbelievable. It's unleashing career highs from over all know from the field from three this do you can't stop his layup. You cannot stop his layup. But yet the prisons those last night we'll talk about a got a lot to get to this showdown township. Line and out form. Usually got going on the show two day at 1145 we're gonna talk to doctor Evans doctor Evans is of course a member. A team Tyreke he is the brother. Of Tyreke Evans we have tomorrow a little bit earlier. Us or is it easier yeah it was in the it was during the summer. And it was then when he told us Tyreke Evans is healthier than he's ever bit the best shape of his life. And employee was he right field line was so we figured hey man loses Bozell and held its of a run right now one I can't Dublin themselves. We will talk to doctor Evans about Tyreke Evans. And the run he's on right now at 1145. Clubs when he filed we're gonna talk to clay Travis clay Travis of course you could hear every single morning and six tonight on 7:9 AM out take the coverage just gotta give you an update Jason Smith meant. According to odds shark. Which is obviously it betting site they are. Jon Gruden right now is currently the favorite to be the next head coach at Tennessee had a plus 18. Right. I don't think John Edwards very the next coach Tennessee I think that I think Vegas is just taking your money there. You know with the next clip is that the next guy on the list the next best odds is through. But I don't know what's. I successfully placed cash ladies and gentlemen and you really got that done yesterday didn't miss very faint buzz thank you for that but yeah really I really do get that done so I definitely expect the cut to tell if I don't think we're on them diplomats and thank you for that that whole idea thank you for that now I hope my rebels are Frentzen and Michael had your I no I know I hope my -- is Iran is tell you what Las Vegas that runs on. So that is so that's those who thought clay traps about all of that he has a Jon Gruden daily diary and I bet you kill me for having the regrets journal. Back in the day who keep a diary about Jon Gruden guys aren't going to be as head coach probably yes so what's worse. Sparky. You were kids on the go clay Travis worst grown man keeping diaries and I plus cited journal it was a diary John it was a purple journal. Oh is definitely a diary film sparkle you know about the program I would I. I like that my dad's. Are your masculine guy that have a girl's section and you John David please send. Journalists are not Taylor journalists I have diary for boys that's out of this hour starred in the show today. It erodes hum well. Well again asset clay Travis is worth focus on Mac. You said Bubba got my old oil out of the girls section and saw John rug rats was a show that was accessible to all arms. We was it not before you're someone that knows right is right about hey old rug rats I am I apologize or derailing your focus John we know it's. You know sometimes a struggle for you to stay focused I apologize I just feel I need to defend the honor of my purple journal. It was a mail it was a mainly journal and I wrote about my hamster named spunky. So we're about to clay Travis at twelve point out and I retired about his diary we did without some big tobacco trying to get the focus off of mine who. All right and ADHD. So we will we will talk to him you know what real quick on that all may have known and and then I am so sorry I had I had a listener. A listener in my among us they bars on the I guess his name but he he recently it's just yours or mr. out audiences. Around but he reached out to me he said I was listening to you guys segment on on ADHD that day and encourage him to get tested. And now. He's on medication and where he made that no no no serious and as I did this but I do have you done nothing right you inspired others but you ever go on and you're just so good when that I was and I'm gonna get try to get through our aren't you every day. Without didn't sidetracked by U. Methods have proved to be a great challenge. On that I failed today will tell you better tomorrow when you got to 12 point 5 o'clock. Itraxx is gonna join us. It's about 45. Against you a little rod real quick trivia you pointed this out to me before the show started. Little Rock. Lost to a watch top Baptist did us a clue I can't say watch I'll summarize what what you say how Muslims just tell all we should follow what what while I don't know if you wanna say it by the you know you have to your point though do you know who played for letting go plays led to Matt Stanley man remember the lost to them over to told Baptist watched Tom watch it all Baptist biting match Stanley just said we should. A lot of displaying with the I don't really struggle with the Mac and a I was Matt Stanley had seventeen borrow a whole Motley is dead and eighteen points. And am really amazed by Arkansas Little Rock I guess in a way that we. To come and got me you should give me a division one offer over here Arkansas little rock and managed even stated the minutes as if they're at all from the table. I don't think he says the Memphis problem but it is seven things seven Dana given what this dude. Are a Little Rock Memphis yeah that's just my thoughts are Augusta tired tonight we'll get that. And a little bit yeah. We had started argument here is finished up the five game road trip they are. They finish to enter which is what you thought they would do which is what you would take. I would take them the a I do I wouldn't didn't say we'd run a parade down I would Madison I would never said I wouldn't have taken that before the trip started up a would have taken period so what do they get to a third. But I'm not going to. We call the season off film based on the finish there. There are some games they go to war and there's some games they probably could aloft so like it even that's a five game road trip very long. On time away from home so I can forgive them. For. That OK couple things we need to break down and how to start. Out of sort of good owners are always been honest with them before we get to. About the good is. Tyreke Evans. It is possible when the grizzlies have at the same time. The worst contract in the NBA and the best contract in the NBA it is possible. You have to say that a dissident because you got Gerald. Wow who. I think wow may instead check out parts of let's put the brakes a little article did that does tell you this what I'd do you think is Jeff Parsons has played his way out of worst contract in NBA history opens. I think he's I think he's on his way and he does what just out off of that though yeah it's still not. Routed contraris. It's still one of the worst in the in the league right now OK and then. They've got the best are without a shadow of a doubt they may be LeBron right but that's that's a different conversation they get the best bargain contract. In the NBA in Thai reach Evans ladies and gentlemen Tyreke Evans. It is. I would obviously the you could probably trade him for LeBron and purse right now and like that that is where he won't be fooled that's where he he he's a stud like he is better. Then. Anybody including that front office could of imagined. I backed up a little bit with some statute a career out 52 point 3% from the field also a car or 44 point 8% from fruit he. For his entire career job he's never shot better than 47 point 8% overall from the feels his fourth NBA season. You shouldn't 5253%. From the field. You mutilated out of me offensively he's been on fire. And no to your point no one could have expected this eighteen and half points per game. Basically five rebounds a four point 93 point one assists per game he is right now you're NBA's sixth man of the year I've got more staff. I'm actually artists out there I'm I'm put him in the MVP conversation because on the levee give you some work well he won't let me give you some more stat book out it's going to be a very steady segment. Don't back it up he's leading the grizzlies and bucks plus minus player efficiency rating and NBA dot com's player impact as that was basically just. Takes into account a percentage of good things that a player does while he's on the floor that you analytic Tyreke Evans yeah I'm sorry I got like I got a degree in accounting like University of Memphis of this is I don't do numbers whether. Tyreke Evans has generated the ninth most efficient set of shots. Of any guard in the league. He's in the top ten of most efficient that a shot reef in the league any Eddie's taking 23 point four shots for her to such taking them. I just picking up he's taking them and taking Smart shots. He's one of only four players in the league. With a true shooting percentage. Of at least 60%. A usage rate of 45%. In assists rate of 20%. A rebound rate of 10% and the rest of the allowed numbers were based on numbers what that means is he's just doing a lot of things when he's on the floor the other three. He's one of boy for the league and all those numbers right up the other wearing LeBron James Kenderick yachts do you mean. That is this like he's in that tie every he has his usage rate his assist rate his rebound rate and his true shooting percentage. All those would agree combined only four players are doing what Tariq is still Tyreke LeBron Kevin Durant and yachts. In the entire NBA and this did is making. 3.3. Million dollars and just wanna go to his real quickly Troy Daniels he makes more mud and Tyreke Evans is not only about yet toward the end of who could not get off the bitch. But the Memphis Grizzlies makes more money Tyreke Evans Lavoy Allen Diaw is no me either he makes sure you have million dollar always somebody I don't know who that is. JJ Barea. I know him he makes four million dollar he should make more and Tyreke Lance Stephenson. Not Glantz parent Evans is what we thought Wayne Stevenson was going to be yes he makes more money than Tyreke Evans. Good lord when contract we've got. He carried yeah he's going to go from making three million dollars this season to probably fifteen next. Stock will be happy about dot will be happy about that whole family well and so just enjoy it. That's less than yesterday's better than left and right really had say a blessing. That's what he's been Tyreke has been a stud he had 47 last night really. Gave the grizzlies a chance to win. In the fourth there women Dylan broke or want and I'm giving anything down the stretch and offensively I mean you felt like. You felt like with the way Tyreke was playing I mean he was. You roll every time out he was getting to the bad news into the back. Wait that's not an easy team to get the bucket against either like they got real real protective John Henson yacht is like there are a maker of bearing at all team you know fearless so it's not easy to do that and he was pretty much. Getting to the rim at will last night. But there was. Moments in the gain. Where it turned. And that is win the grizzlies went back to the starters then as now you are learning and get to the bad news and markets saw and when that happened. They went away a little bit a little bit I'm gonna say completely like. Earlier this season there was a game it was against the magic remember that was the disastrous Mario Chalmers and remember well that's when they truly went away from the hot and Tyreke I'm yet 32 that night. Right now I remember that would be like okay about that was egregious I don't know what the hell you're going to. Last night they went away from home. Maybe two or three possessions there. But there was a concerted effort to give him the ball late I do wonder if those two Richard possession though when they didn't go to him maybe took him a little bit out of his rhetoric but. That's the issue. My colleague in your starters right now but specifically might come because I don't. Mark was underwhelming from sorted but from points perspective moon but you do he had he had 86 bright a rebounds as he's doing a lot of things. Mike Conley something it's not right something is amiss with him so she points. Issued seven points did not scornful core I believe what we said down the stretch. Look this was open. The percent of five point lead with 739 left like I said no way through their fourth quarter film pretty good about it. The rest of the way they were outscored 21 and that made just three field goals wrest the way it was all Colin Brooks and and Tariq from the free throw line and from the field. The guys that were missing were obvious. My Car-Mart assaulting and you've laid out in oh you could say. Mark hasn't been as aggressive as we'd all like to link him to be we can all say. Has been a little moody is tariffs. You know on the ice those affected marks the point it'll moody we did we we can we seem to be asked those questions of bark every year up right you didn't you out whatever. Not not as concerned about the way he's playing right now or what you're gonna get from him the rest of the season as I am as we all are with my account. My currently Ned this is concerned he's he. Shooting a career low 38 point 1% from the field and this is that's worse than his rookie season. You guys know how long it took my calendar come along with it took him awhile to figure it all out. This year as well 333 she's may 31 point 2% from three. John I think I know the issues. You think you've diagnosed the problem I know we started on the hair would be able Farley and all that and that it's not that I have fat last night. I dove. Into the research at Dover in the books to find out what's going oh. All right let me tell you what it is what is the prime. It's that damn Kanye West and yeah. It is. Yes it is. Right now my colleagues on their clothes and seeing that we seemingly got without in LA. I called that like many nights as a some players to do is the most underrated player in the lead all right. How they don't believe I powers now with how. Remember what my comment last year had some approves this you know what it was like that I got this big old ship. And everybody's saying on the most overpaid player in the league I'm gonna show. How good I am homeowners shown that I deserve in big Mac's got a track that's a hell of a motivated. In video and do it he hit a bit of what exactly that series we said when every national experts you bring on because you'd ask the same question all of John. Isn't it funny how we're not talking about Mike probably in the contract anymore and they were like you know you're right cities that aren't at this point. My apparently now believes he's got nothing to prove anymore man. I love it if he's injured again people is that this could watch him last night at a low price I'd go in the hole as as aggressively as he usually does if that's the case he needs to be sitting. But it but here's my deal if if he was really injured he would be sick. Right because we know the grizzlies are cautious and indeed that's what we know about his team its medical staff they will be cautious I have to believe my Carly it's is decently healthy. If so then the question becomes what sales rose and 87 for shot some of the bad shots aren't kind of the guy you could have been on the take great shot yes. And god it was if he was missing from the outside. Would take the ball to the hole that's the thing about my collar mayor Charles Barkley last year was probably won't roll but he said Mike Carney best finisher at the rim because that's what my colleague that is that's just. And last night in other games you have not seen it he settled for the three too much fat a couple of games ago he was miss that comes outside cabbies drive against the that was against. Remember who that was against because he got himself going if he didn't do that last night as you said this is what seven boards. It's Kanye West but but but it's not us. It's about way of Kanye West John you know why it's. Suppose that even just Friday lessons. It's it's. It's through Kanye West that this is affecting what's life and it's the car dash for no. Hello we're now. Uh oh we're applying you guys. Where you were applied to guard says should pairs of my colleagues don't act like you can't believe this is real I mean do I need to get either and actually the list of athletes they've ruined this would be the first time in history. That we would apply the card as she cursed by proxy just by knowing six degree by being afraid his degree of club when that Israel ever having relation I wanna be hard at. Well we know it's a strong curse. You're exactly right bill let me tell you who's back curses destroyed. So they're athletic Brees Reggie Bush just memory of staffers running back in awhile I listen up it's smiles all of the grounds are round at Dallas receiver we've heard from him. Seen or heard from him to death guys just a cowboys doing nowadays a fan boys on the sideline cowboys game broadcast flag and Tristan Thompson's had been saying since slowed got a hold a massive. Meredith and I know gotten soft I guess everything is gone as the craft hum on the list of over this one because it's kind of series Lamar Odom and nothing else thinks he says under pressure. Chris Humphries garbage all Mans and Kim destroyed them. One more John that you brought to my attention this morning right before we saw the show for shot McCain keeps them. Didn't realize he's been affected by the cart bashing Garcia and he was with Chloe before she very early in the game when it got the word. And so he was really down so let me tell you on social Mike's told us all about hanging on tiny studio and I'm telling you what was all of that studio from. Our dash in DNA I think he got his hands and that's a little much I did you ask him he's in it. Even the clippers are struggling Blake Griffin and now Kendall Jenner I mean I've Bennett. You'll want to put that generous in the car dash in Kurdish the same Mowlds. It's car dash in blood that ruins athletic career they are still members of keeping up with the card that machines they count so you wanna throw. Foye had a fantastic that we had in the react do we have a girl Caitlin dinner in there then. Now why why they had ideas I Palin as a ruined anybody nuns say in December 05 Bruce. You say Bruce was railroaded and I don't say Johns. He has been really wasn't that amazingly there's probably deadly was the world's greatest athlete a one point I don't know if you have cash flow and others say in this like when you have teams he reporters asking your son. How's your mom so maybe explain what does still my dad even those who. A debt that is makes it harder on your namely fears a solution because I that's why are we on the my college struggling when I haven't heard our our our solutions being offered what can we do to get him out of it OK so it's not a haircut. He'd rocket has some merit I don't care of multiple where you press that what we need out of Mike Conley I mean today. All right so we can get this thing didn't roll again about Wednesday for Betty showing me Indiana Pacers. Today hot shower or. A very hot shower it's a little later get that card this car dash India now you've got to scrub in their job yeah you gotta get under the nails roach should honor I'm not just back count that we don't then washes Payer. All right. I'm saying you got escrow you gotta get in the cracks brother in the crevices. Like my grandmother used semi get there with a rag and you brought in Robin wrote many get that door off. Get that car dash in DNA off because it's a very negatively affecting his play on the court. OK I don't know I got solution OK I don't know this and I think I would recommend a hot shower for everybody I think if they'd just a good thing divot you've got to scrub in the shower John you are some people does rope to solve all of us know in a figure like white people they just use the so. Why they would just use Iranians. I mean what I usually read like I have an I have a so why don't you use a rant was so lover and my wife uses aloof. You salute sound like you saw. Are you just love the soap on your body's outline I bought it from Aden Ali Kelly purses so more. It's a self buffer spit in the end the Soviets in their for a month and a half is it scrub them. It's true that. We'll give you can't fight it kind of hurts it's like yeah this kind of rough I don't know for that this feels good I recommend hot shower for everybody. I do think you brought up a real issue. Beyond the car dash in curse and the credit card Daschle and I wish I don't which kind of using DB DB owner you think about right it is realized. I think there could it could there could be a multitude again he's one of those ultraviolet lights on them. Like room raiders. Well good what's what what was the good point I'm what was the real ornament there well you have all last year he had a point to prove. You know he had a point to prove to the rest of the world council wrestling MBA I've worthy. Of this kind of Contra I am worthy of being one of the highest paid point guard late like highest paid players in the NBA com and what he did last season he proved to all out yeah this San Antonio Spurs series he took it up another gear. The governor that we didn't know he can do or not and a bit odd somebody you knew you you thought he could I didn't know if you could he proved a lot of people wrong. Right in your case you provide evil right. What's that edge is gone now move once you've done that and so saying. You know how do you continue. To stay motivated to their I think what we have seen as it was at if we're stipulating that it's not injury which I don't know they give it let's just say. I know Mike would play out that he's the kind of got a will play through injury right I mean we know that but we also another reason to be super cautious in this your free can point guard Max contract man. You'll sit him that he's really hurt I do wonder if it's complacency a little bit. I don't think there's what. I'd wonder if if he's gotten a little bit complacent you know he's grown their hair out left and a bit like he's hanging out Kanye West he's embraced the united may be famine may like exactly like I wonder if he's lost a little bit edge of the yen last year you know and and that I think that's fair there is a motto. That I subscribe to wonder about. There's a motto that I described in my life and I think it's one that should be shared by everyone and that is that the wharf. Is always. Scratching sin Jay said the wolf is always scratch what does that mean at the door every day. Jason you've got to wake up. As if that eviction notice is waiting on you right around the corner the wolf is always stretch of doc or wise he always treasure in my don't wise yeah it's got you want to evict you this picture apparently scratch and Jason because he's hungry. And he's never satisfied. At them ever. You've got to stay hungry and you gotta chase that greatness every day every year. You know. And I wonder if my colleague has let the war even though not as fast either go with the change the wolf is inside of his house he's hanging out the wolf the wolves got anyways the guard actions. You gotta you gotta keep them outside yeah. I agree without a 100% you gotta you gotta keep double scratch and don't and never let him and always keep the wolves at bay. Always stay ahead don't allow that wall don't ever let that wolves had done that and I'm afraid right now he's let that wolf catch up. Got a little bit too complacent. So I don't know he needs to take a couple games off to get fully healthy would have to say I beat. I'm m.s are thrown out of that I'm in danger at that announcement that analogy it'll last night made no sense today makes all the sense in the world on the wolf. Is always and that and you could do listen right now you can apply to your daily life can't tell you what that wolf looks like in your job of double the new job. Looks like your co worker that wants your job. Or don't wants your rates all right yeah that's that's the war. And and he scratch and Richard dole come and he's come to take alien comment he's come to take what's on your family's table yeah. You can't let that wolf and soc. You don't think that's the way you go look at a little different from bigger there are your table you know an eight and in this case that wolf from my count is is to a new Willard or it's another. Parades all star guy Morse condoning what's your idea to get huge amounts that make this not been since I've been officially you've changed my detained. Thousands of you changed nodded oh my back money hungry my body that I may go by before the bleached tips. And in the count anyway just hang out and all that and change America. We continue to macro and I think we can still get a mess takes a look in the mirror and takes that option or say got sour. Keep their wolf outside until our home. What do you think after 537 terms expire after five ESPN. How how I just how worried are you about Mike. How were to you about Mike and the state of the that this is his right arm announced that a lot of people call them track or six and last last night after that and that's one that's where we're not going there are counting trash your call try to get him out slop your cause we get back after five years. 776 Jason Dunn adage that if NB SP. They guys might interest people swagger fire chief from Maryland heights Missouri and I love firehouse subs. Take their meatball sub for example it's loaded wall to wall with Italian meatballs and a zesty marinara went melted drove alone on a toasted roll. And when I say take your meat balls I mean it grabbing media meatball subs come voting go right now just six months. 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We go to Tracy in south Memphis Tracy Europe. Well I don't Spain might tell me is hurting you paying her being good air. I think the problem if you charm she came apparently no tar reduced clients unload good image. And recoup some point come wars are pinky terror succeeding his role to try to read you know try to keep him in there and you know. I think he still working are the boat take their what I mean you know they're paying my county deadly. When the game is really down alone I think here's some background and therefore I think. Very. I guess reasons. Their approach there about treasure appreciate the compliment thank yelling for these kids did take time. Advises I does not patient. I guess I I does that is plays at third there is something he says for food choices that go about working all the kinks have been you don't have a moment where you're starting to get it back you're starting to that full rotation back released what you expected to be your rotation back from injury so Mike hasn't really had that yet. And so you're you and and we know that Mike's always been a guy who. Looks first to get others involved says they'll talk about that blaster with trying to get him past pat trying to say now it's okay take three straight shots and then you can give the guy and assist you don't have to do it the other way around two assists around one shot like we know Mike is that way. That's said that and help explain why issued them also I would say a bad shot I was they work out the kings is more of a more of an applicable kind of diagnosis for big Mac more. Yeah as as opposed to you know as opposed it. My god this. I'm in the sense that is he comfortable yet with his new teammates with who knows is going to be on the floor probably not you're still yourself for trying to figure out what's the best to just give the ball to Tariq let him go the some of that there's some of that still to be settled with his team down there's no question about that yeah five to 5% of citizens by the five years and we go to. Daley's nervous Daniel was a man. No matter what no. Good they're good let's shorten sleep eight Connolly is basically having a rather played point guard NBA without being in a volumes score. It beat him big pill bottles cause you shoot the ball alive in their remembered the point guard spent on this type thing would go much. Diversity you gotta be able to get to shaft efficiently and are they either having a hard time they. More importantly. Mark Fowler is really the anchor. And Von duck he gave him a financial plan again the right way no one in the NBA taken over or not it is its option moronic to play and again the right way. You can't play again right way to take over and mediate got to take over so more on this anchor they do agree anchor mark saw much a point guard who desire to. All the shots when he opened an atypical we issued potentially shut tonight as well what do you get it together. But did well mark I need to refocus here he didn't jump right on the right person stretch are huge Internet. Daniel percent or edit the assessing to a sofa. Did you all as much right to it doesn't much less incendiary exchange this time it was between Europe and then you'd do in the last time you Danner got together I mean it was fireworks it was like you have this thing. Brother brother I respect you wanted to yell. If you look. Again I go back to what I said they open if you look at the two of them mark in my. You could easily tell who struggled more and make him it's clear that Mike is like a city shooting career lows both overall and from three. Yes mark could be more aggressive and early on we were praising him death row he was an absolute beast so I don't see how he's the the main problem problem a for the swap shirt to be able more aggressive yes the biggest problem I announce my car Dowd of this group they are there have been. Appreciate what you think you were doing it so respectfully. Always call it seat I imagine more of them all that's the last world is instead of us yeah. Just active and thankful thank you so much we had a very close or hanging up all territory it Jeffrey midtown era. I'd say a year might color these spiritual development. These if these first world parliament right now when you waking up and you got people beaten mule. Turkey saw it and everything that you could go back and all my cousin when it. Our good pain when he did come out in and really had to do what you got. Other people don't want stuff. You typically take a big secret would go on all pretty neat I don't know what's going all greatly and appeared via video yeah. We need you the same bed he gave meet this sucker what I would have had like eight. I'd need to Debra what do you look back what you said no Mike no they're. Do you get a toy again how can it you malignant attitude homework. Is that they if they win a local boy I haven't got a little you know whatever he would dedicate it to there might be a low rate ever okay having annual. Agree I agree 108. And not just in his eyes about you know but but also in the way he's complaining to officials the season out of work. It certainly did in his defense Mike's never gotten the calls right now not the ones that he deserves that he's a high level elite level guard the NBA he deserves to get the calls. But he's never complained about the issue you have seen him more frustrated with the ref freeze non calls and I've ever seen him before so his point. The focus just they make it eight hour Mike Conley they don't want we're used to. But don't worry about college has played ball so it's because he waking up in the morning and eating Turkey so damn Turkey's soft cheese to go back and watch a grizzlies appeared main aspect or magistrates swine. Straight paid. And get the targets aka out there we go to a mall with that good bacon. We goes to press shop press guy you're. What you Jason and our building. I think. Their job already stated that you know when there Conley didn't have this Max deal. He's having all these squares I get out around it now I've got it back to you wouldn't get where our current eight. Alt and escape. We got dropped and. It should get you get out get those scores that's our command percent to elaborate golf circle like it and a lot of 353776525. ESPN. We go to. Cave man. I don't know how alone we don't wait too jumbled up dismiss prospect. We got to do somewhere it must admit I mean you don't make it make a lot of money. Down on from this well and you know when we blow on this in the glow in the team up already after two. They I'm not look it up already but how long we gonna wait. You don't I read what not a number that might. Should be put up. He's got to do some about a let me get this with a low around look up this sort of ladies can't wait to admit they've moved. The tragedy won't do some bout might where he got to come already got around rough. That their daughter and an avid racer and I haven't thought what are you won't Mike what do you tradable. Can't Obama. I'm actually a ball outfit no doubt but I reached Oca. I look what I want to do it shouldn't doubt that you got to come already got to give it typically bought the game could go on him. Gentlemen I need more instinctive thing board today does north then Amanda presented on. We're gonna go from North Haven to south haven Chris Chris and south haven you're on. I don't. This simple man he took it will result. Their share. Based gas cartel. This year Erekat right click so well are we split so that Iraq can it all you know I assume might you know. You know he yeah yeah it was a group but he looked erratic if Alex is it looked okay your card or pension that you know it. Can't duplicate this get so caught only hit. We have to get people. There didn't get stronger. I could not a big gap. Also love good and college you know how big nose and they're saying don't actually hear what the waiter the typically don't dish air they've put a bullet broke so it has got a couple of. Presume that's interesting. Gets up early got time for a couple more here we go through Lawrence in Hickory hill Lawrence are on. Yeah how ya doing was almost. Well. I gotta go what you feel weird you do don't doubt gold card this year and we have. Eventually ended all the camera in it at the get involved would do whatever they. Career gold down field in the room getting the card dishing dent will look across. Lawrence of kids Chloe wanted to kick it with you you'd be like not go I don't wanna hang out you. Are more capable of being at least. He goal yeah I watched you got any got athletic career word now lords Allred you go risking our law. And I probably more many cheap trash shoot back I don't care if you use your may have first lords we appreciated it's gonna do great gave no we our show. I personally cause we got time for one more seat that's so we have to remember keep in mind that while we sit appear we sort of say these athletes have brought these curses upon them some bad. Dude if Chloe walked in hair if any of the other court session flash walked in here. You already know you walking out arm in arm with them about these three men men and here we got. I am going image onto. The refrain we go to Justin Justin last word drama. I don't post to just. May god religion you know one thing that's par until March right now. He did very good good conservative credibility. He did just that you'll I don't know I give it just had about he had a baby as you know. It's been unless we come out of the slogans it yet they've been like you know. Seriously might not be initially. Asking me about basketball. It goes they go or go a little although love. I think if this is the baby Larry look look it's right now it's affecting Jeremiah Martins and the baby thing is we. And just an article you may have just hit my. Every day in your wedding day right now yet kicking game we go out. But Jackson you know it throws off your whole routine thing right on it throws off your own team for months for years all right time for voters. The sleep thing I'm not I'm not that he had the baby last August I mean yeah I'm not I'm not giving him that. But yet he does he was fine last year ready today is going through some sort of debated into the month work our blaming miles. We're blaming miles from my struggles. I'm just I mean I had claiming that some papers back side here like blaming the car dash in its first well that's my own first third slashed on I don't know I'm just telling you babies sleep. That's of his real I don't give anybody had the child last August I get it today liked it it they've activated and still have needs Johnny and I could navies raise itself I don't want to I've got far more needs early in its infancy but it does maybe a year or two down the road like they still have needs like when it's a newborn it's like you got like all 24 out around the clock might. So an interview was great last season. That does not explain the miles does not explain the second team so. I would not accept that. What are projected no effects on marriage and rebuke I reviewed our other pursuit everybody Colin and on. On my Connelly I just hope whatever is ailing him. He recovers from. That's just what I that's my hope that you will and soon might it recovered from there he's always bounced back because you got to you a you know Oklahoma City is not gonna be out of the race. For much longer who knows would you talk. Like they did a worker is James always somewhere about the clippers are on the table make runs at some point you have to think art. We come back where talked retired ex brother doc. Docs on the other side Jason had done attitude benefit yes it he says Jerry you better ratio. Was actually anybody back in the eighties it seemed like all old people have did you. You know it's like the other you know skeletons in the closet course. I also developed want to touch me now that the. Show weekdays 4 PM until 6 PM 829 FMR ESPN's. Do you have persistent knee pain. 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You know what it is Tyreke Evans. Had twenty seven's last night he scored forty or more in the last. Six games one of the revelations of the NBA season his brother. Is doc Evans. And he is here now Dodd was good better present time is always. I will grow everything is good in our world so we had you on earlier this year when Tyreke Evans obviously came over and and you told us on the show. That he looked as good or better than ever but did you think that he would be this good. Now let as I ought to it's so you are popular early in the shared in the oh yeah we'll see a better salary and I got right. I cannot argue. That OK I thought well eleven games in the season but destruction what we. This is what we predicted that he looks like because. You know I'll watch them work out Boston you know go through it as we had some. Stripping conditional out there and see if they're probably grow. It it will be W crate this year watched actually aware. Eight you know what slogan they have the worked out. Everything looks so good he did you have to bow throughout you won't be only outlet so. Alicia try to is different I don't watch play. A lot of games that is it law they should've won but I think they're getting together only eleven games this though if you. The right source emphasize there's still figuring things out in terms of the the pecking order that thing and M and I'm with you man you did you were profit you told us can be. He's in the best shape of his life you you couldn't seem 44 point 8% from 30. Yeah I know I saw the unstoppable at our room. You know what that order for there being no murder yeah I this it's they have different for a shot or get better. I knew you'd look at the ocean in order we'll come back on me if not it's not working yeah explosion but. You know approach but even oriental but he still got nobody knew he would be. More of more predator and more about or like you won't yeah but he did it in and the good thing about it. In the game learn here now so peace is being held out of organized or no it doesn't force shot bill O and Israel patient where there's select. Why why it was believed so. I guess the word is skeptical about him this offseason because you look at it was what we did I mean we just look at some of the south everything in the NBA today. And it's just embarrassing. Like who's ahead of him in terms of salary like he's he is without a doubt. The best bargain in the NBA possibly the best contract in the whole league. What was it Ahmed that was a lot. It's as if it's true I mean you can do about that but. I shall not that grouping of course out we've got work. It happened that they're on a deal because. I mean they've seen it would have wrote the yeah yeah of course you know like they don't want it but a lot of money in order don't they don't look at it. So all week if we didn't think that the deal would look at where we always we want more but we didn't we thought we understood why so like if I could try out here. I understand that I get double the pay a lot of money for you argue all the outlook. Right now so I'd. And guns I I'm not that that but. You know and he's currently worth about 1517 year we know that let it took an injury like that you know well we don't know what you get booted up and prepare our money. Right and that's why it made sense for both parties right. I mean as well as the perfect in a perfect situation for him in for the girl. That's part of what do about it we were like OK you know what was indeed it is all that doesn't put you on the offense in just like hey. They order you know what he can do usually order Ireland. Everybody which are capable. So. There and they see who are over. All know. Can we get a hometown discount now we have we have widow murdered and where we are not getting the run going there just yet amenable I'll let let's let the season play out before we are talking about that we are presided out. Yeah if you would Pedro a couple of the well you know what we would expect that we respect deal era. That's how does that say you know you gotta respect. Absolutely what will cross that bridge when we get so we could suck it dot Kevin did talk to doctor Ivins a brother Tyreke Evans. Here on Jason's done OK so obviously we were takes a little bit last night I know you're you're live and every game. They lose a tough one Tyreke was awesome in the game. I'm and he said afterward doc everybody has to know their identity we come into the game and everybody thinks. They're gonna just get thirty points we've got to know who to go to and through the role players are I guess when you're watching a game like that you're watching Tyree do his thing and then. A fortunately. It in that a loss of what what do you see. On the floor what do you do for our own body old as me update you know obviously. We passed a little brother so I'm watching. Oh critique this format and all that lucky to watch the game a lot in the shot selection don't pass it whatever whatever it is because of the game. It felt like that shook his rookie year every game I extra rapid gains say hey. You've got to be more sure about this you gotta you know so I had to pay EO Robert whatever we're talking about. I am a lot because it was so let me let you respond like that you've done everything I guess you're right and left. I mean we talk every day well. Last night. This little fortunately barely got to see how it got hot air out oak tree there are quite. You don't look all that sort of all in and fight. Think the how to look wait a little bit but you know I got sick enough I think young people there early electronic figure out. They can tell all that would make it. Does he like. I mean he's got like this squad right he's what we've world that he's got he's got to have to concede and and the way tells us he makes the connection he's got going don't Brooks right now. It looks like he's happy. I'll read English I hope they're what is it about together everything I say they hate our two on each other they say it and other. Like it's just the whole different. Whole different scene. And I think that's why I think it will be a problem. It will start with what they're written you'd think they gonna be a problem. I have a party beat some really changed right figure it out matte no what they want in no order Bible it's a quarter. So I think that's a good. I. Yes I've got some tweets just through the last couple games. And there are people who say while when tyra what why here why do we have a losing record or why we lose games. When Tyreke Evans is our leading scorer and and there are people who say oh he doesn't pass he just plays iso ball. I know what I would say to those people but what would you say to those people. Are you in the end result we hear about people of Puerto. Because again you know that's a little brother and I'm biased but. I think if you have very cautious you know what that is what Roosevelt. And couldn't understand that I if you hold onto the ball longer than some people would like. And what they watch the game you know he he tried to make the best that. It's all want to. They gave Muslim a that would gala was. When they had there they are now I want to had a chance that he only about. And there was they distribute them to pay. Object of their mission to help all of them go to their may have been tortured back the majority of the bonus. Because they've got the layup or out there and it's so tricky for the wanna gain but he can't about the books. And we opened the rig which if you look at it specifically and actually that was the best record this good chip that there was slot built just. It was vital national army force ball in the middle or available at foot. Doctor you know I. Do you view liked him in the sixth man role. Our I mean that it's it's just where it affects about me immediately that affect the order brides. Is it even if you if you if you watch it gave us previously and as. How would go go wherever it doesn't if I don't it's not like Westbrook and oh god that. Commented. And could at all sure that right away he likes the the next analyzing gains achieved what score Lawrence Eagleburger than any single daughter she is gone out yet then the late in the first quarter. And it out and it never aura that. That's what he. He keyboards were to go there about what he's done he had a lot like you watch you. What you are relatively more just watch it wouldn't in the game and he won't he won't get started right away don't feel try to get it can make somebody always been that. Go take a child killed or an open three and I have the ticket until it passed because he's trying to get them involved the governor know what you can do but to me right. Good achieving the shot back. What wide open let you know is rig in the crap. Well he's he's he's he's done he's off the ministers are now right like I mean I'd admit this month you've in his number enemies. Only one game he's played in thirty minutes and he's off the minutes for church and our eyes and. I got that should I was never on and on yeah I think that would. I don't let it change or more rather we eat what they're automatic so you must clear. Policy towards orbit or. All play well. I think they just wanted to let you go may have given eventually given a situation. Like this let alone. Clearly not very. Well cautions being on the coast the people and they thought he it'll all of the medical actually Gary is at Malibu. So I am actually lie you know they don't they know they actually care about is it natural as. I should go toward them and give a kid and tell what you are 82 games sergeant at. Which we have. Actually died in May it's always good to catch up man thank you for the times that you diving for your brother. I'll bet that you got there and I'd go great there. Yes our bloom is doc Kevin's. The older brother of Ty re Evans always get Casanova and had a Graham obviously. That he is making the most of his opportunity here with the grizzlies. On that one year deal and you you heard the number fifteen or seventeen million and he said fifteen in the open and I think I did that's what effect and and that's what they're thinking and now. It's like haley's comets come and it's gonna go. And we have to enjoy it while we see it I clicked on takes the sixers take some video land I don't know what she had to do did enjoy something. But you better do it because. And you really you know there is these guys similar situation that so 88 just hope that you got to get two years have been back more. You just hope that we have to win the title this year I think it's had its say it's an hour never type situation and no doubt title or bust I would come back. LeBron and it is. Like full heal in Madison Square Garden by did it weighs. Really fun last night and I'm gonna tell you what I know about this tall letters recruiting situation around and got a load yet little update as little update our. That's next days and John did you benefit ESP. First as a complete surprise to the game DVD. In week and every thirteen ninety.