Jason & John Hour 1 (10/12/17)

Jason & John
Thursday, October 12th

Joined by Memphis Basketball Head Coach Tubby Smith in Hour 1 


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And even have a prize bull look at money through Friday from twelve to want the games online golf today. Data illustrates national comes. Jesse's room. All right I've got your chance to win 1000 bucks right now here's what you gotta do you text the word I'm sure red. SH RED. 272881. Breeches when 1000 bucks again your 11 o'clock keyword. They shred SH RED text shred of to 72881. For your chance to win a grand coming I have another cash keyword coming up for you at 1 o'clock the first beauty detects the word shred. SH RED. This 72881. For your chance to win 1000 bucks delight now time for the Jason and Jon show. And medicine and sports station. Won't admit it is real quick if I mean again with the. Listen I hit. OK let's. Hero Jason and Jon nanny to nine FM ESPN it is Thursday. Which means two things done. I'm one that means it's our permits that. You know excited about that I'm excited because this part of it John. We're having on future hall of Famer Tubby Smith. We have been looking forward to this for some time have we not yeah yeah it's it's it's happened and he's making his first appearance and attitude in the sense that you heard there. January. Panetta his first appearance on the tonight since January we are excited to have him lots asking about the festivities and at this madness tonight. Now we're gonna talk to him so we'll talk Tubby Smith at 1125. Or does not come tonight. How the cubs are good I don't wanna hear the self loathing bull crap is not what we do and as a game five John we don't know let's not talk about it to Mike Pence. Level of Disney element is on the go to madness and I put the cubs out of my mind. I think that's the best thing for me to do not think about the game five with the national vibe possible ending of our season. Think about the great things going on with this Memphis basketball team jock and at this madness considered whether it was a Carlos BJ Delmon. A young yelled took shots I took turns at Stephen Strasburg duck a lot of soft that he wouldn't. They used try to get out of what does the night against the cubs he was scared of the bats. Look like a wolf you must look like he wanted to not go to Allah that label John plea comes out there in shock didn't opt out. Article we lose that game before Strasburg even you did play asking yes you did say that but it didn't happen the way you thought it was. When I first went on to about -- area did not get this an attack hitting your time. So. Lose 110. For what until the night what are you trying to do. I don't watch baseball notebook I stopped. I'd so we'll get him comfortable when you watch we'll talk this familiar what we watch some brown breaks and honesty to this. We've talked to Tubby Smith. At 1125. To 45 we're gonna talk MBA with body marks five yards of course is the front office and tighter or ESP and lots to talk to him about it including. You know what he might do with this grizzlies roster room because that of is. Obviously a very. Important topic. Gather where four days away from rosters needing to be set so when he's near as Vienna there. How about I thought about doing our you know our your 33 thing you like going there what if I told you. What if I told you Chandler Parsons would be the highest paid reserved in the lead. Making 2.3 million dollars this season no backup best best out of thirty for thirty out really wanna watch when asked about remarks. I told you about it. You know you watch. We'll talk about that with about remarks at 12 point 5:1 o'clock. Feel Phil Steele is gonna join us he is like the Kosovo encyclopedia is now working with a ESPN we'll talk to a college football. With feels Phil Steele is it's always what they feel steel. It's Phil Steele Phil Steele adjunct we will talk to him at 1 o'clock about college football didn't want to wait five just little join us. He'll probably got back at that time to get him ready from of this madness so we were taught us in geared up talk we will talk a big night. Yeah it is going to be a big night. I'm I'm I'm I'm I'm not gonna follow deer trapped do you want me to be sarcastic you omitted such crap on this team aren't I was without no I don't know I don't I do not want to do that very you don't have to ask is it going to be a big night because we all know it's not really going to be I mean it's it's going to be what it's gonna be you know it's a feeling it's going to be better than what we originally thought it would veto or what that that's what we'll pick it was going to be with ought to be a mess and so on the U wanna stay away from that maybe you'd have less than a thousand people down there I found that and now. With the recruiting news in people's hopes that they're gonna get our hair's width. You know the of what was always there that didn't know this team which we have no idea who these guys are. Maybe there's a little more excitement and originally that's all I'm saying I hope so I don't I really have a few thousand and I think they probably well I think I probably will and we will be. And away pair tickets just to Memphis madness today on the show will do that at some point so. Keep your ears and eyes peeled but the news. The news of the morning and we had wondered about this. And now we have our answer. Tony Allen. It is going to have his Jersey retired all ride in Memphis Grizzlies they announced. In a series. An appropriate this morning he's obviously come and back off on Friday and then again on Wednesday. One pre season game and then one regular season game. The opener for the grizzlies he will have his Jersey retired by the grizzlies now when John doe. Let this news distracting. From the fact that Chandler Parsons went scoreless in twelve minutes last night and has not hit a three pointer in the pre season don't let this news distract you. From the fact that the grizzlies may be parting ways with 21 round picks this weekend don't let this news distract you from that keep your eye on the ball. Okay which is Tony Allen's. Jersey retirement as the ball now but we are trying to distract his job is that what you're saying we are going to allow it to distract is here momentarily because. If it's appropriate here here's what's the Memphis Grizzlies had to say. In a statement Tony is is from our repair Tony was a driving force behind the grisly seven straight playoff appearances. And he remains a beloved member of the Memphis community Tony played with the level of passion that is on rivaled. He helped establish a grizzlies culture focused on toughness and effort and he challenged every player that put on Beale street Lou. To match his fiery intensity. On behalf of the entire organization. I would like to thank him for his incredible contributions to the grizzlies. In the unique way that he inspired the city of Memphis we are proud. The the grandfather's number nine Jersey war paying in the rafters of the next form alongside Zacks. One day. It's not pause to investigate state. I guess before. Chris Wallace also said the following. His vision and will forever be one of the poor who are responsible for the turnaround in the Memphis Grizzlies fortunes. And our surge in popularity. They would never has been seven straight years of playoff appearances the incredible electricity but it won't home games written grind to believe Memphis. Without Tony Allen's contribution to the team now. In the process Tony became more than just one of the toughest to finish in the week more than just one of toughness and his family. If you were troupe called heroes who is intertwined with the soul of Memphis like you athletes ever have and is it any city. Tony and his fame we will be missed but his impact on the grizzlies at Memphis will never be forgot yes I'm the one that brought him here. Actually no I had about. That last part but you know I I thought that it there just for Iraq just keep coach. But Antonio's Jersey will one day whenever Zach Randolph. And Tony Allen are dawn in their camp they concluded their playing careers. Which may be. Sooner than later they were paying. Next to each other. Inside that export and if you say. Anything other big congratulations. This is appropriate. Year delusional. Heart desires of this that goes up there he deserves to be a thirty minute it was Tony when he got here I started the run of seven straight years of playoffs it's. He was written grinding practically invented it literally with the words. He was everything I don't feel like they said they'll build the popularity for the brands people got into it they bought into it. The whole first team thing. I mean he lifted player he lifted that team up with his life literally could change the teams play with his intensity level you could see it every every night that he was locked in. You're literally see happen right for do you think that. We are embracing the way we did because like he couldn't shoot. And he was just like a defensive warrior. I think at that he was a perfect and we aren't in perfect city we are imperfect people like he's still like clock in every single day busts his ass right worker and got it done. Corporate and I took the took the other team's best. Player and it's all oftentimes. Either shut them down. Or contain them. It helped the grizzlies when the day I think we as a city we appreciate the folks the rolled their sleeves that are workers that aren't maybe so flashy the construction on artwork every night and Zach was of that mold a home builder and no one won the athletics won the most athletic guy in the world athletic nobody got it done every night we appreciate the workers and it was the same way. Grind you know come out like you said not the most skilled guy. But he got it done and particularly. On the defensive end is the best like at the united behind that Kobe Bryant's of these African best ever win against that's the UK like pride and Kobe says that like every three you have weeks. He's really somewhere he says Torrealba was the best guy ever look in every time he says that John it's a compliment to the grass it is there really is something we all take pride in Kansas City when Kobe says that Tony tells. You could you could throw Tony on Kevin Correia. Yeah no Tony on Kobe Bryant you get those Tony on Kauai littered. That's a luxury quite frankly that I think at times we sort of take for granted even as he sort of slipped in his later years in Memphis. Because of injuries each. Armed if we're gonna miss. I miss that when coli littered on the neared puts up forty but that's going to be hard and a man in devoted males career. Any any idiot did what no I think I'm. I think amphetamines and handed out I may have created no labels all Sony it was all downhill what do you think it was a dark down it was all Arizona got to ask OJ Mayo opportunity you Vicki after didn't want to existing. One that does that matter any hot guys after that he had lunch. Highs that's why else got word that in her on word that wrong there were many guys just they didn't they didn't take place on a basketball court. I mean I was shot like that listen into. Nelson you've no doubt ports are only is it what you get embarrassed on a plane with your with your teammates there in. That's what it is you know you get you don't pay the money then you get your ass kicked on the team played a pretty your teammates you're right that's hard to recover from but there was. There's a pride. When you have a professional. Team like the groups there's a pride and just having right. But geocities look at how we got this mass for your book and NBA team yep but Tony. And that yep and that core for McCain just give them all the credit score faltered but Tony and Zach declared the front of the they raise their level prod let you know I don't know they did age and other residences that he's basketball they took they made its national quite frankly I remember like Leo look at the grizzlies work play and there's a sore winners I vs ignore us yet but they are playoff team before Tony and Zach got here at times but like they didn't really matter how do we weren't at all we want a story in the NBA at all right now we're just kind of the ones though of OK they're gonna make it every. I really able to not that good but they. They didn't captivate Memphis. The grizzly did that captivate nervous until Tony in that both got here. And what you're saying a lot of on Twitter today. Arm is and on the season DeVon Walker's Tweety is an example because I you know you see this sentiment repeated a lot my second Tony are getting their jerseys were tired for just what they did on the court but. What they did off of it they are Memphis and I agree with that late. I drive with a mid to the community and the fans it is is is no question apart I made us feel better about ourselves but we also have the light. Keep in mind that what they did on the court. Even though they never won a championship and even though they never made a finals. What degree is accomplished with both of them. Cannot be overstated. In fact I would go as far as say that what they accomplish here together will never be done here again. Able never ask what are the duplicated in new employment news right now. Do I think the Memphis Grizzlies are going to go to seventh straight playoffs again I do not. I do not think that run will be repeated. It if it is it's gonna be war I mean. Who knows how far from here but you can't even envision that happening again we take that for granted. Do I think the grizzlies will make the Western Conference finals again. It's gonna be a long time. That's there right now it's going to be it's it's it's gonna be if it ever happens again it's going to be a long long time Ed and in those two achievements. Might not mean that much to the lakers they might not mean that much or the Celtics are warriors park but they do what they should mean the world to Memphis. Because. We we all know the score here. You know we know how hard it is to build a team like the grizzlies built. With that unit. And and I just don't think it's gonna be done again I just don't. And of that sort of a person is retired but when I'm really trying to do is just pay homage to tell what they achieved here at NN and I hope that it's not taken for granted because even though it didn't result. In in a championship most teams don't. When championship just think. Right on that I hope that's not the sentiment that that. It's a senator from Kabul places that they didn't win me thing in terms of championships so why are we doing this you know why our standards. Are different than. And others well they're different than others because we've only had this. For limited amount times as we're just gonna start ahead but but I will caution you in the hole it's never going to be done again and I'm I realize when you're. You know you're you're. Do you know you feel like. You've seen at all. John got a lot more Livan do there's a lot more years while they keep that team here. In always repeat that since that didn't straight playoff and how tough it was there's one the won a few teams that are Diallo was held talks. Little spurt right dispersed on on our I realize how tough it is to do but to but to say it's never gonna happy and you're right it could but potentially possible yes. And right now they're gonna have to get they're gonna have to get. A superstar and everything and do that everything's cyclical. At some point I'm whether it's blowing the thing up in Boston and soccer and ending get a one pick or whatever but the body can come back. They can copy can always thought it would anything is possible that we've we've put him in Obama I'm with a life. Like I mean again if you on the taking for granted let's not do that what we have here could be the best that we ever see as like we say it but those values were possibly the best wherever gonna see in Memphis the Firefox and doubt about that. Four straight thirty win years quite possible it's that's what it was forced we succeed right. Bigger it may be elite eight last year was forced rates written that will never happening at Memphis like the fourth straight thirty win years may not happen in college basketball. Yeah like if you just see Dick ever like there's only team got bats well that are good at the mid major level they can take off you know. They can pick up teams you know so. I I just think that what those two accomplished here no question about and I and I think you know in terms of who. Who was more important and who was more productive. I mean I think you know Zack Zack was of the more productive player right but I don't think I don't think you can do in the business of trying to separate host. Oh yeah. Mean you could do Tony defensively well there's no right up there with the kind of numbers act was put them he was at the top elite yes yeah I think for the end almost the entire time here yeah well for sure at the top of his game title one of the best defenders of so I don't know that you can do that either did you can't. Ever in any other thing the intangible went like I told you when Tony brought him when he was locked into everybody else play better. I keep literally raised it up your level of play. So I don't see how you could separate those two him exactly say one's more you can gather like together they're organic they do that they do go to get there and then when mark and Mike are finished Babel goal of their as well. I mean that's as it should be that's the way that it should be exactly that's the way that it should be. Here in Memphis but and what what this has done Jayson as this has allowed us. To get through to higher segment. Without mentioning it Chandler Parsons. That you would you almost do I think you mentions my may have done. We do have a Tony Allen our reaction video if you want a serious is this is the says this is Israel yet dead ages estimate up pelicans practice OK let's there. This is Terry Allen reacting to the news it is ours was first Dow's refreshingly modern day winners and there's enough. Nokia about. Husband and. So the most sound yeah and it's very emotional why he that that that's as emotional as I've ever heard him be wow. He celebrities like choking up is he an idea. While we have what we did do is we need. Boost that audio yeah for sure but you can clearly hear in that that Tony Allen is. Is a little bit beside himself with his nose and they you know like that's cool to see because clearly that this may men as much to Tony is Tony meant to Memphis and I. And he recognizes that how how bad do you think that he wants to be a grisly stuff like you can he he did not want to leave Memphis he would have come back. At the Abbott it would come back for not the next announcement. And they just decided to move bomb and and that and that's business and I understand that sentiment doesn't. You know develop young talents around a dozen when you championships but. Men you can hear and in that due to voice how much he loves Memphis makes me. Now you already respected him to make this year that shook up to not an album to hear that panel emotions voicemail knowing how much does mentor. No questions it raises the respect globally more you have formed that makes it makes it all all that much more. Sweet all right when we come back. Tubby Smith in a version of this basketball coach big night for the tigers as they put on Memphis madness for the first time. Really since what 2014. Am real real one a real Memphis madness we got tickets we're gonna get away we're gonna talk to Tubby Smith about the date of the program. It is glorious return united united NB SP and that's next station and done that he tonight FM SP it. Think you're pretty good evening in the pro football games did you come this fall in the 195000. Dollar is one bomb fantasy and take home some dough they're always waiting want to finish in the top twenty each week until. Win one on Monday night to promote cash drawing great finish in that time Indy for the entire season Sharon ten. And dollars and Pro Bowl games and are being 203 great games out in the entire 256. 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I've learned you look at issues I did a little bit since a little bit you know how much coach you know I don't know what they'll shoot. I I hear your clock. What you are what you know do your research is what I found out here you're far he's dry season man over the wing guru your little un sweet tea will sweeten low on the side. That we guru and Billy Richmond street Yahoo! you're over there quite a bit. Yeah obviously they're great great you know we've we will support. We will. All Holmstrom whose programs like those don't shared terrorists job in the world they're recognize you exchange took us to do we think we have a program edition greatly what we. Horrible to Kentucky's restart the program are years ago bring back former actually should that hadn't finished in Greece and I'm so proud. To be applauded this vulnerability is to decision learns best. Yeah there's a lot of great way to get old get a lot of parity it's. You better be careful if it is a potent. Be in the Americas basketball coach tubby did it say it's a political job at that. All that extra energy out in the public but then you have these certain always election. There's a certain question why jobs serve it was universities serve the players serve the community. And this bloody. It's never easy to conjure up the very careful of you'll offend people these. We're in this climate. This time of Little Rock country and Earl. He got very cautious when there's an old time coaches are used to being restrained and do things like it did when asked about plates or something's got the I just can't do anymore. You've been here this your second season now coach and I know you've done at all it at every level. It is everything you've learned. About this job I mean what what have you learned. In your time here. At Memphis. I have every program as sure. As you could. There is inherent in the bay if there's always sheltering their vendors. And in my job is to change we've security issues like country. Go to dinners and stay out and clear as usual picture of restrict you know let him. And got inserted more amused certainly during ribera were good defenders same way it's been like so and and you try to. Couple mobile come the next so it local Wal-Mart wrote this over the biggest thing to do shells we had. This. You know we we. Do you marketing your program so neutral rare in the competition sure we retain the ball and they all. Only got a computer competition all the programs wound innocent tumble he was surrounded by as you see. Well and they know that I'm saying initial does all of those schools in this region. Then we have to what she was there and ending where you'll just switch most schools there when that have to deal total. Trying to track in the backyard. And so. Go to the things but over all the lies steal the two envelopes with malicious type situation dusting and just watching here we knew that it was issues. All know most. Will Walsh. Well I guess stroll programs. The most yes if we don't and how does support. This is that a basic social reform mama appreciate what they're subject to keep building. Has it been a tougher day than you envision maybe when we when when Memphis is asking NATO do we want sure you want to become wants to have. Come lead our program with that with all the people you got to deal with the recruiting and you mentioned the resources. The fan expectations that it was it tougher than the maybe you thought original. No well it's I expect always expected to tell you I was recruiting. There's so Q what is largely smoke these you know. She was everybody be doing it and doing it or doing a great job initial people. And we're gonna do it right away. And it takes how are you really address to build trust and confidence. Not only needed players for the new administration. In your hair loose as contentious. Media. It is that he's a little lol you are all right that'll be a little bit. Source that's best which all forms of people think or using more me and nobody can know why don't contribute that it should take. Let me as his own for your beat around the bush you know that the media here it has been our only got to include. Myself and my cohost job one right here on whether it's recruiting or whatever else do you. How does it compare. This scrutiny that this program is on under all the time this Memphis media compared to other places you've been particularly. Lexington. Total. Cash bonuses or most different you know as soon as. It always felt like. We're the media. Remember we're all used those sort countries and most also means could we can help you couldn't change in the region. This could actually job. You got a totally different job than what I have to do better. All religions so your reporting the news. Well yes yes that's out obviously. Can make fields farms. What position we're more concerned about who's looked unsure about move ask all things. Well Lou march shall in no mood ultra monsters function no more room I can. Or better don't seem to be great husbands good fathers total. This are great citizens and do it. Taxpayer citizen. I'll just do what I've got to all the touch something I'm getting old oh you're available to be everybody else. Well Russell won't boot. That's been so totally different Jed what she does this sort again. That's theft auto you know obviously and student Nick Saban talked about moving. The coalition Norton probably wouldn't do it as good you can talk. You don't have to guard against things like that that English again lead the or country. So are these what you accomplish was to deal with adversity. They needed to do prosperity until my resume. As Washington moved dot. Cannot actually do. Yes wait they also much subtler form cars and their dorms there other reasons for the season bitterly to a wedding. And as soon as always until global assault what does look. Always saw this I have made a shock or no food or. For a while also make you shouldn't ritual. Or more smog problems. So that's what I'm Obama. Teaching always this slow getting the business while splash actually shed tears. Yeah when it also draw that didn't for the current situation what I do and of course and that's what you're slotted more crucial elections showed up shall great British. I got a lot of emblem of all the it's a warm because that's what do. We of course saw consumer isn't it. Absolutely we are ports are gonna Memphis basketball coach Tubby Smith met this man this is tonight doors open at 6 PM you mentioned adversity. Vs prosperity and Nick Saban and and so when that same vein. You guys have been picked to finished. Abide by a couple different publications to finish last in the American athletic conference so as a coach. Do you do you almost appreciate that kind of opportunity. To over achieve a means you can't finish worse than last in the conference so do you almost appreciate that sort of that opportunity. What you gotta embracing it from where you are introduced. Wasn't doing kick person to countries who have been here before. I can Turkey will be due to actually going to class to accomplish before we didn't get older than last what we need to get close to the bottom detectives checked. And it Minnesota remember every time I think she is a world where our kids sitting over achieved just go to detention on the statement. Or did this just. This is someone else you know speculating all for it seems that we're usually have to. Elderly person that's all we are you have civil aviation attention bunch of guys that had among small. Now Jewish school just not a smooth at all clothing. Children. When we have a great transitions and you. Is getting stronger playing together. They walk old wounds and concluded you won't play unselfishly. All of them. Are willing person's lungs were a lot deeper in the world last year. Probably conventions are okay. All talk. So often during the trial so we actually well sort of bridge whatever comes your way your role as wage you allow all the distractions. All the you know this June. And that she's lived in regard to take jazz all your goals have you I think it as far as motive except for years what are yes. This is at least with the. I have very go to obviously tonight that this man is big night guys are met this perform and again doors open at 6 PM we're gonna be given away at their tickets here. On 99 I know that Tubby Smith did not handpicked I hard Memphis to perform OK like I get it we know that we'll. And that morning I get up pretty epic get real in the coalition want to know if it's if it's tops your bimbo know hello all their great. If you if you could have chosen your personal favorite though and I'm not talk about whether recruit them talk about for Tubby Smith is personal favorite. Who would you have chosen as a performer. Fly all watched dual Morris coalition Lawrence well this year mobile phones and trust you took a great job on this hour. I pray they don't show boom children go. For a big concert was unbelievable. They rely on social shade wearing their Obama trade right there are no Jason Garrett for those last act wasn't that good but politically incorrect. It is well done did you get a chance to go backstage with broad out for the no camp Whalen is obviously a massive supporter of view in Memphis basketball you have bad -- ten to go meet bred out. You know I didn't Jamal what is sold to support that move. Good thing because I didn't go to the backstage. Quicker. All the situation might need what somebody just look at it but if you're loaded with those whoa but it was. It's sort of a virtual mobile gentle actually. Coach has recruiting local event we we've talked about it I know you can't say anybody by name. On budget but a lot of different characters a lot of different players obviously prospects here Abby found it to be. All of them were among the players and the coaches have been very receptive awards dinner goes to get it to patented multi. We continue to do you. We must administration won't be warmer and more important or this is Laura if you work hard every job. I think followed more also do it no hazard to establish. You know what to. Texas Tech it's suitable two or three years and Garrett were rewarded their own work. So we'll miss Minnesota look forward and a symbol of this program interest field. It wasn't their bank moves like Millard had winning records in the haven't had been formidable former told you well the last few years sorts. So also a lot to do a whole ideology. Great foundation battle just passionately in good shape well there are some things that happened to a exclusive look. What we do all we could reach out to the coach is sticking their differing. Sentencing listen. The events around Salem. Are obviously as visible as possible on whether social more generous than we're going to about it rules. We're all of those who so what are ring. We're several short guess what movie will be the the national media you know we've got mobile or more useful than there. As they don't Omaha Ashton games. Source such as the wall we always wore. Yeah you bring up is what. I was there isn't just bring up you know going by the rules who has or has obviously been a hot topic in college basketball the last couple weeks and listen we've talked about your recruiting. On this show openly and whether we get we agree or we disagree with how you guys go about it there's no denying. That you do at the right way you do it by the rules how hard is it to be in this business as long as you've been in this business. It to be a man that does it the right way in this industry when it feels like there are so many. That that don't play by those rules. A lot of them all means yes a little more emotional. I think they'll sorting through social might want to do that stated that they've got is that. It is Jerusalem become a whole load those in the direction blown assault should tension don't let them are conscious emotions multiple. Well hello to all of my fortune or mustaches who all else and that's the role of imclone Charles let alone since it. We must circumstance. Anymore and they have may come a total of fossils mobile. We've moved in next first. They're political. Little toward efficiency. Yeah. I didn't really. And so they have dealt socialist hagee national gradually losing almost a level also turned all our problems much he's. A walls Moammar amicable towards Republicans support. I know I know exactly where there were good players will as well the first. That's how I operate my dad on that long to all of those reasons seventeen kids fall. They should board the pressure and that's what people do all that trash. Told him for this community. Rings so true struggle with depression that. Go get a firestorm over the course get a clear picture out just. What should be a mixed there'll. But that we can help Grohl and he's don't prostrate and you'll want to be that great charge Columbia you know or have good career here. He'll be but the current version that's festivities or we don't do it practically morally Laura Bush. My dad is Central Asia blue don't you ever think of coaching pressure. Hookers. I usually just have. An agent wouldn't shall be I don't pay a bill more reluctant blog oppression and traditionalist. Once they're certain they're. At all. A coach you mentioned. You know early on your tenure there and terms of recruiting that that maybe Memphis kids didn't grow want to be Memphis and more motivated an end to a large degree that's got to be special because the world so much smaller now social media could have gone elsewhere have been successful. From the time that you've dealt with now. All of had a little bit longer time the deal and some of these fizzled recruiting these local kids. And you still feel that way or or is there an advantage do you feel maybe they do maybe there are kids that that they grow one to be tigers had given advance for me. Oh yeah although I'm sure. Little League ball as she says she is when you show us where you live who. Such. For a veteran was attractions we get them on the addition former players from our Turkish moral wheat growers more convention here especially lunchroom all people won't. Or more they understand it and we are well. Shia children's alone actually looking local wage. And you have to be careful it could have been you know won't be retrievable. It's going to be killed by what we've. Yeah I think players are very receptive to. What were legal. Forward we're establishing here. Would follow play holes formed against you gotta they've got to witness. It and see moved him appreciate your own soul. I saw how special award an old old consciously or intrusion. And we're going to over look that beautiful actual trouble. Our schedule it true that little changed from June gloom good order in the future game. Or would do emission of flu like Wichita State we all those things play a major role in the outcome of the policy responses a little push there's a whole. I just. All rated things that help you with important so that will be academically. Spin doctor. Brazil will resume he does not just movers and go. All the apologies and won't or shouldn't we back. And then local foods as well. And then finally coach what what do you hope people take away from tonight. Sources say. Or or group of guys we've all witnessed war machine. Well a lot more debt is all about having abortions startled to Baltimore gas strong tradition whether it's. So they had narrowed much size you're at a gala actually most all blue didn't play but it should level cheating can really help us this year which will mark parks and we won't sit yelled. No way should take into certain to create consistent that. Didn't loans little shop cohesion social evils should change a small world war. Change can shortly to do so or that's what we've got you real patient you do that you. Can rebound the ball. And we don't born fast break more. You can do dual language of love you to break. Jim Mora rivers return guys have been staying just interest starters won't do no flashy looking literature started returning. Would we can work. Or little movie emotional war. It is junction. We will flashy. Coach we appreciate that Tom will see it out there tonight and say don't. Do yup he is Memphis basketball coach tubby. Smith pursued him join us again Memphis man this is tonight doors open at 6 o'clock I heart Memphis is going to be there. Gabriel McColl is gonna be there. Tyler Harris is going to be there. Or give away a pair tickets later in the show. If you want to get down there and get excited about your Memphis tiger basket pro ball program. Back in a minute they sit down and it's been a ME ST. Yeah pointless and selflessness Arlington these members Frasier. It's healing itself David Martin. Branch Memphis she only knew as soon as pennies now. Number one sports station. Do you have persistent me pain. Is need pain affecting your daily life you may have an option medical researchers are evaluating any investigation all device for people who still have knee pain following meniscus surgery. You'll receive treatment from an orthopedic surgeon who specializes in sports medicine. Your physician will monitor your treatments at regular follow up visits using advanced diagnostic techniques. If you were thirty to 75 years of age have had meniscus surgery over six months ago. 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Last segment was good to catch up with him again that this madness is tonight at FedEx one doors open at six what are we gonna give away these tickets Jason. When we wanna do that we'll do analysis just upload. We'll do it at the end of this sacred Europeans who have stuff there that if you want to if you wanna give away if you want a pair tickets. A team that has managed on on down going down not this I'm not watching cubs gonna go around and put Obama on the tiger's taken off the cubs. And it's no this team at a table CJ down we already did that meet the tigers bit them. You already met them. You already got to know them I was introducing them as two of the listeners are this is actually. Me seeing them play you know women doing much of that you hear what's going on inside the pit and an open. Not you know other than that first day there's no opportunity go there see them play. John has to be enough to actually see them off the court it's okay but it you'll be down there you'll be down there you give us a end and you can just gonna give us a full report on some goes fans are men out and give you full report. We warmly we've added I'm just going to enjoy brother fund is going to enjoy it and fast in the end what did you enjoy and give us a report came. Comes from mausoleum courts are going at my pad with a canal that day and that the trustee pad the blues clues let go in Iraq and go anywhere without it's got everything I mean and I wonder how much information is in the first and notes and hear about. Likes Tyler and so Alec sometimes when we have guests on last season Jason will just write things down in this pad yeah. And do nothing with it like you just write down its its secure repository for useless information. Also our bank statements under a balanced life. I'm like we have Jack if we have if we have Bobbi marsh on the show it to us when he found we asked who you'd cut. You're gonna you know right down. And you get it and what are you talking about what do you do it right down bodies and answer an on nonissue or are you do write down our gas into sometimes. Did you not occasionally if I feel like it's something we're gonna go back to hit yes we never debut and hit a follow up for something you do it happens quite often it's like a little journal there. Metallica albums are off a path I'll make him comfortable. I applaud. Earlier today before we get the tubby Tony Allen did the word came out the Tony young's gonna have his Jersey. Retire at ethics form. Once he finishes playing and determine used was one day which means whenever you them point. It would hang next to to Zach Randolph and I would get a lot of people tweet in a lot of people tax. That that Tony Allen was very emotional. About this news and we've got the videos are in case you missed it. This was Tony Allen's first reaction to the news of him having his Jersey retired and FedEx or Wanda. That's that. If you want on about no more because Hilton fell from two years until there's and you can't you can't be first team. With tears theorized they Sawyer it's well that's the you can be let us and then we don't like to admit that there are times when. Makes you feel good music lessons and oh yeah they Bartoli like she your mentor he probably never. Dreamed that hit his Jersey would hang anywhere. In the NBA I he'd ever you know he wanted to resume in Boston that's fantastic and use abuse of part of that team and a big part of that team but. You know he was you know he was it a journeyman really I mean like that's kind of it was an inserted into the and about obviously found a home here but. You just never know how that's gonna go his first year in Memphis like you can find consistent playing time so. But that play probably was one and okay like where might that we're not going next. Indians on fire and home here in Memphis and a community that completely and totally embraces him and loves them. No matter what. In his Jersey's going to be hanging inside of it for eternity. Yeah the feeling he had envisioned it all ending here as opposed to somewhere else and you can't well like yeah I think a sort of unspoken yeah like. He of course he wanted to and wasn't I think she'll sort of one day contract with the grizzlies and he were tire has a prison plus or not so even on his Twitter page so he still hasn't. He says you know I used to always say currently grind and are grinding for the Memphis Grizzlies you know. And is his pace doesn't. The only evidence that he's a that we have honest we're crazies at pelican is a picture of him holding his thumbs up in front of a pelican sign he doesn't have in his Twitter via you know like right. So I still think I still think it. I think it stings dale. That come opening night he's going to be in FedEx form budget plan for another team you know I think that still burns them. But it is cool even as even if the even if the divorce was a little messy at times. And what it is thinking crazy hitting it I mean Elliott crazy but like it was her clothes from her feelings they're there are. And there always will be. But clearly didn't like I said Memphis men as much to Tony's Tony meant to Memphis. And I think that's that's Korda Steve Cooley here. When you hear and get as emotional as he as he got that video so once again congratulations. To Tony Allen a worthy. Recognition. I think if you if you say you're giving other. Wise your. Lying to yourself. As who you know may never be that good again I mean there are potentially may never been this good again and first team defense enough. When's that gonna happen again so and of people twittered last night word I think probably drawn. When they suggested that that injury Ayers and could be even the next Tony Allen. I saw that on I saw that last night I really did and that's why try to avoid like this cut conversation for as long as we came because people are completely irrational about us. But congratulations to Tony Allen on the word the in the and the did well deserved. Recognition Jersey retired for eternity. In fact form they're also going to be given way those. Greg ground forever towels. On opening night we love so let's say it's a good move I sure you get those tickets from advanced degrees as we're gonna give them a wage as not promised we're gonna get a wife 53537765. To about 3776. Caller number one. First targets a pair of Memphis madness tickets. We'll come back the rocket retirees or beef and did you see this the rocket Tyree and it's not even a publicity somehow my except that Iraq arteries or be fined if he's acting as the best I think as ever. 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