Jason & John Hour 1 (10/11/17)

Jason & John
Wednesday, October 11th

Talking U.S. Soccer debacle in Seg 1 then joined by Barrett Jones to talk CFB Weekend in Seg 2 


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I got another cash keyword coming up for you at 1 o'clock. The first beauty detects the word loans LO NG 272881. Your chance when 1000 bucks for 99 good life now time for the Jason and Jon show. This news sports station. It won't it won't bet. We'll play it well. I mean again the. Listen I take it so that you. And that really cabinet. So yeah. I just. Ladies and gentlemen. Is Jason and Jon 9829 FM ESPN and there's no way we were coming on here today without. Burying. CD. As a matter of fact I'm on Jon and outrage. Body and competence. Of the US stock car I wanted what you'd hope that in Virginia I am sure I know you're upset. And if you do your your patriotism. It loses. It's. With evidence last Friday. When you were tweeting about the cubs or something else isn't it about Anthony Miller here trading about it that he killed and eight touchdowns and some guy said shut the hell man. The US just 14 nil. And you said yeah day. In response so your patriotism candidates on bridal unvarnished and question it oozes from you are patriots you Wear your patriotic man. It's odd note today is very different I don't wanna do the changeover you either stay and try to colonists that now you're doing as you're gonna face the music the same way that Bruce Arena. The same way that Tim Howard in the same way that lay the son of a hat on this same way that Freddie do do you do. Jeff Hawkins came on today and blamed every white person everywhere. Where would the accountability for do you do. People back home. That just Andre why people I read Freddie do stories and every Sports Illustrated for Tony and magazine thing near there. Every year from like 20012005. And others do played in the US we're gonna FL. So you won't let you have just blame the white snow and us not today I think this is not a all of us is about a wide issue this is not a black issue practices that are rich issue this is that a port issue. This is an American issue I'm with you man. And we're gonna fix it. No word. We're gonna talk about it we're gonna track here's what we got going on the show today. Beloved 45 Baird Jones gonna join us Baird Jones an all American yes an all American center. And Alabama. He gave a talk at the Little Rock touchdown club earlier this week about. Just how bad a situation in Arkansas football is that right now it's going to talk to the Baird Jones is not what you Arkansas. Alabama. Rat poison. Anything else that might come up Larry Jones Hamas in the Georges going twelve. Of their deposit them there it was math there is we will talk to Barry Jones an eleven point about a twelve to five very excited about this. Senate slot this who run the brass door who I know was. Absolutely locked into the game last night like no one else whom except maybe you need. I have to I have to wonder if it was a blow for him golf. I texted Seamus last night to see become a studio and down a sudden you wanna come and talk about this in his response at being awful. Yeah okay well OK I'll be there anything Austin Davis is as Davis used to do though a look at the league on our sister station at an idea I made an appearance wants. Can you tell us how to fix it. Option he has ideas on what more so than you and I and who has yet to Yemen Syria Syria's bigger write in bed better ideas and that neither one of us. So we'll talk to Seamus. A totally by the studio I don't that is still a lot like Ireland is in an in a convoluted playoff deal I think they have like a 34% when presented. I thought today they have a chance apparently to make the World Cup I think. It's comic it's a complicated others Ireland and there's the Republic of Ireland and there's NORTHERN IRELAND I believe it's two different teams. I think I saw Ireland that Regis who use the and Ireland July silent on the on the ground I think he's right there's a NORTHERN IRELAND this was not NORTHERN IRELAND this was not just Ireland had been written content McGregor flag just take the education if that is not an education asylum on the not NORTHERN IRELAND was not that I. So we will talk to say it was Loftus at 1225. Gators at 125. So lots to get to today gonna be heavy on soccer gonna be heavy on baseball gonna be our our favorite I want. Our favorite topics here on data did not. You obviously love soccer I obviously love baseball we're experts in both. I'm on suvs were going to break it down bomb the US is not going to make. And they did that make the 2018. World Cup what I cannot believe it when there and I saw all that there was a 93%. Chance that we were in there were 27. Different scenarios. That had the World Cup had the US making the World Cup. Only one. Had the US out. And of course that's exactly. What happened. I mean first of all like they they couldn't beat Trinidad and Tobago. And that's where yet start they could not beat Trinidad and Tobago. Who might as well have been in cold running. What instrumental debate on a case. Lonely battle context this first of its and we like I missed the first like tennis again and this and I think because asleep or whoever to find this channel that the games on last night it's and a lesbian sports and now finally found and it's up in low light. Three thousands of channels that it spent any offers or whatever anyways. So I flip it on their plate and on like this if it's if it's like a track and field you know. There GA complex title although let's start with a pitch and a metal with a soccer field in the middle got. And there is like a thousand people there. If the game apparently Trinidad and Tobago was upset with a qualifying you know they were at the very bottom of the pool they did they also even their fans didn't wanna come on how they didn't want us out they wanna come out there is no one there and there was like a generate press of the channels I mean an NH indeed an offer HD channel in my anyways. There's like a generator going in the background I guess it's part of something there's generator running at the stadium pathetic. Dude it was the most annoying thing ever watching this game and here in his generator go on the Antarctic it's. Lol and our match. And then the US plane and. It was it was a disaster I mean listen. It's not like the US would have even come close to winning. The Tony eighteen World Cup they were stumbling and an even if even if they got and they assemble them right. And it would be they would have been lightweight fourteen where they were I think they were the final eight. There was a noble run into that into into what reports I remember well do you really I don't think you do I was Aaland. Jason's iron on that's what we don't need today. We don't need to do got hit into soccer for the World Cup with the only time I get into it now I can't. Desire for the first time since 86 were out. Well. The year I'll you realize what that means we're losing generations. Of soccer players. Okay. Yeah that's what it was then there was this is set back soccer thirty years in the United States. We were just talking about trying to be. Reached the elite status with the Argentina's and all the best friend who was told America we were doing that for years ago what we gotta do to reach from good to a leaked could just like you say we were right their job. Now it feels like we're at the bottom. We are we are at it while it's not talk about trying to be lead anymore jar we're just try to get back to respectability. 86 John it's a lot of born I was told Melbourne I was and I was five years away from being mourned. The last on the US miss the World Cup it's embarrassing. Is it really embarrassing to you are acceptable. So what what needs to Ari what needs to change. More blacks. As it is you can find. Right cause Trinidad and Tobago has them. And apparently they're still as sorry as they are they're still good enough to be our guys so we have to change. We have to do so. Your suggestion is more black people on the team. Black people. They have that neither fourteen. And I had Jesse out stories and employers Jozy Altidore is Jermaine Jermaine Jones own team travels all over this this morning. Whites have ruined it I'll stop. Oh my god I didn't have it exactly right about now that we have that we you know we cannot keep charity this false narrative. That white people have ruined the US soccer aunts and don't you have to pay to play the elite soccer conjure up the page point 53500. Like these trapped until I don't know we can't do their job. If you want our help. Let us Sam. So are you okay I I I agree. Well firstly. Is it like BP kept outside the United States generally speaking nun for every four years they Diego kinda. But wait a bit like it has to be more than once every four years if you really wanna put a product that it's like. When you try to get series of say Iraq is not to get by talking about today is like how do you fix it Taylor Twellman do we have the total mineralized play dead because he seemed out today tell a woman knows just a little bit more news that infuriated I. I don't know who was more mad though you know he didn't say any about race. But he did have a lot to Sam thinks his and he his was real John you know we're minus hit now total medal. Believe ever played in a World Cup he was he'd ever made a roster but he obviously with the system wide so hot he knows. What it takes an edit you know at that level. To be good. Internationally and he he he would amount offered a pretty entertaining and in compelling and real and honest orient. That may be if we would have gotten according to him four years ago or three years ago where that in this predicament so this is this is Taylor Twellman from last night. It's not about tonight it's not about your concludes. It's not just about Bruce Arena. As a whole US soccer is not prepared they have not done a good enough job of getting this group ready to play and keep in mind. The last two Olympics none. It states. Those players that would be playing in the Olympics 24 through twenty eighths how many of them are in this roster the bears got a big enough to. So a lot of people on social media right now one to say it's your big management's fault it's Bruce arena's fault it's in yield the law. It's thought otherwise and expire. Every single one of those players if it takes ownership for the rest of their lives because this is an utter embarrassment with the amount of money. That is a Major League soccer and in this sport. You can't get a drawer out on top. Against Trinidad. That you don't deserve to go the World Cup. And people always say about it's tough to get points here IC Mexico because all I'm kick the stop using that excuse since that this is you look at this team you look at this. They're going to be sitting around next summer and they're going to be watching this World Cup go long without them so what does this program doozies of this group did you blow up do you. Everything on Macs don't does that remind everyone 2000 euros Germany laid and the and and they all came. Honestly get September obviously got danced played the German sub. Football federation all came together with a ten year plan that's what happens how worried are you get on this World Cup if you are you here would have been to Germany rebuilt shop in 2000 withdrew that in 2000 Nero usually soccer. Certainly do lay an egg broadcasts of the making tea together. OK does that definition of insanity is doing the exact same thing not a result of it and if not don't change it I mean we. One in US soccer the what are we don't what's the point. Billion dollars plus that is going into Major League soccer new development that suited me. And every single person shall look themselves in the mirror about a way that's including myself. You saw her own ball for the program. Yeah so expensive ads and period. They look like I don't know man late. And I get where he's coming from on the are really honestly do like us and pushed a boost the red but we have been blower and he's part of it. And he was part of it pennies you know it it is embarrassing to lose to Trinidad right and not make the World Cup but a lot of stuff. You can't compare the United States and terminated. Like you can't compare Bryant that the soccer system in the United States to Jeremy. But we don't. Prioritize soccer the United States opt out there Arizona Cardinals went down their plan doubled that your apology told me it's blown out and it's more popular than it's ever been probably. But doesn't defeat OK but I don't think that's I don't and in terms of quantifying that I don't think it means that we are just going out and playing like it doesn't mean that you're you know you're playing more on your steaks and joystick doesn't mean they're out there in a plane and there. There's more you are there more out there and got more good ones play doesn't doesn't think just be plain on the sticks like the playback. I'm just numbers it's bound soccer just across the across the US in terms of participation that they don't play. You know bid has its expense in Germany there is no. Football and certainly there is no basketball right leg generally speaking failure like they had it but it's not. It's sort of convert it. You don't like their soccer is our you know American football and basketball and ushered and that's what they invest their resources into our best athletes in America play. Football or basketball and what it that's never gonna change but again. I don't think it's going to you can't say it's not popular because you got these new MLS franchises popping up in in bringing in 70000 people to games I mean that's. It is popular but like agendas popularity necessarily mean. Then we're going to field a team that can. I mean you would think if it were America. So any athletic. You know international bit we should be apart of whom because we have a nation of hundreds and hundreds of millions of people. Right and we should never going and we should never be left out because of a nation with one point 33 million or whatever it is. But I don't necessarily think that just because people watch MLS I don't think that has to mean that we feel day. Every single year competitive well soccer team and we hope or dream and wish you good but again twit we know where. And I'm sorry there's enough outrage to change it there was enough outrage when the the United States basketball team went out there and start lose and a with college players and you changed it. I don't know that yes people are frustrated today yes people really care about soccer down today. And and you know I I'm not one of those people obviously but there are people that are really out there like for those folks for them. Is that aren't there enough of them to justify a change this huge changeover like we did with basketball I don't I don't feel like the races also like there is exactly like tomorrow. This'll be dead exactly and then of course at that everybody will pick another team in the World Cup people get so excited about what you won't have as a people or forget it'll stop talking about it and we move on. What is there enough. Are there enough Taylor Twellman is out there to do people live about this I don't think there are are the deliver. I'll save you think you'll see a drastic people start going from basketball football to soccer it's not gonna happen just not NORAD is a country like this everybody hold it up like a big. About the 2004 United States men's basketball team in the Olympics right it was embarrassing. We took home the bronze I'm just this like I said and it it was always take your time that it happened since 88 and guess what. Everybody got mad that's what until everybody got out outrage and then and it changes expectation is change there's no. Why this is my eyes they should not win gold every single year I don't know about what is not an ambulance ride support for everybody in the country that's what I'm just so you if so what happened. Guys played in the 2008. Olympics there that was the redeemed at guys now play. In the Olympics you look at that he does a fourteen a means to fund marred area Carlos Boozer Emeka Okafor. You know Lamar Odom Richard died it's guys that probably should not have been on the team because their guy their wares and there wasn't the pride there wasn't the humiliation. Afterward. You know the problem with US soccer is on their guy did just that when there weren't on the World Cup team that are out there that we can just say are you play next time you play next go around because. We got embarrassed now though. That wasn't the case for basketball we got outraged changes were made and now we're once again destroying everybody. I don't know if that is tomorrow to Maine this will be dead yeah I. I don't even for the passionate people what I devils will be some feeling there but you move on right. I gives us an idea the World Cup to look forward to it so since there is no United States that we got to do this since there is not gonna be no United States in the most wanted team World Cup which does suck fox paid 200 million dollars. To broadcast our own small animal you will not feature the United States men's team. I think it's expert for the country because. We we do need. Some thing. We can all sort of huddled around in my group that broke away and that's not okay did not liberal you're not conservative you're not black you're not why would your marriage and there and like everybody would have been on the American train in the World Cup it's on its international and there's no argument there. And we're not gonna have that. That's a dangerous but now that we know we don't have it. We need all adopt a team of social and OK now you don't we don't want to have the same team here you can root for whoever you want why have you want to. I'll get things started off. I adopt Serbia. Because if I don't my father in law will kill me which had good reason in and take out money caps he lives in Serbia at right now. And if if I can I if I do not adopt them I would have to pay for it with money so I will adopt Serbia officially. I like it I have been up all unease over the side and as well. I wanted to go with the Republic of Ireland but they're not officially in yet so I don't think I can do that yes I'm gonna go with Belgium. OK I've been to Belgium before beautiful country in the Belgium and the Belgian man want it just vacation years and years ago -- modem when it's a weird way years. Say were going to Belgium well in windows Franzen are you give it to you you or your and national infant style but noticed but Belgium. Because I like Belgium and they've got great beer there they've got great chocolates and waffles and yet and 08 and I'm pretty sure that there are really good teams so. We're going Belgium OK and that leaves you Jason and I can't wait to hear your reasoning for why you adopt the team you choose. I'm gonna go with a team from Africa. What's the best thing from Africa have been well I'm only seeing two wiser additionally there officially qualified yet aren't necessarily pick out of the officially qualified pool so you can go with either Egypt or Nigeria. Man. All on me. This better. When against the agents but why. They have more. On the I don't know as a I don't know I don't know that's going I don't know if that's true it's I can't confirm or deny that that. To get it also for year idea that you yeah I think you gotta pick. Pablo Egypt did you guys. Yes OK I love Egypt you yes guys wanted to be an archaeologist growing up one to spend much tar obviously sticking into the pyramids looking for. Gold. That kind of thing you forgot yes you know that the egyptians they buried. Themselves they buried their kings with gold John there you have it in the after life sometimes servants gold. I was and all that stuff is a kid I'm going back I'm taking it back she King Tut yes I'd take out that yes I used to like Egypt. Did you want BI Indiana Jones make me wanna be an archaeologist grown violently and our guys like I was super fascinated by. You know a egyptians into your career result of the mayor wanted and there on the ground and final hole and go down and get some gold IC we'll -- -- junior college. OK I EG OK Belgium and Serbia. Mean we're all gonna be hurt our team and Andy card now yeah what worst seems it feels like oh well I totally accidental and gentlemen the whole thing is Christian the techies still play for them. Adjustments not only helps him. Does that now I'm sorry if they or he does not know OK I will leave we figured it out but what do. Actually trotted. Fix US soccer at 1245 more yet what was said was lost this comes instant expert I'm sure he has some thoughts. We come back though we're gonna take a break from soccer we're gonna talk a little college football with apple may retain. Football with Baird Jones day Jones obviously former senator for Alabama now doing work for ESP and he is up next they've been done to to benefit ESP. They guys might interest people trying to fire chief from Maryland heights Missouri and I love firehouse subs. Take their meatball sub for example it's loaded wall to wall with Italian meatballs in a zesty marinara with melted pro Malone on a toasted roll. And what I say take your meat balls I mean it's pretty medium meatball subs come voting go right now just six bonds but don't forget the reason firehouse subs is driven to make the best subs anywhere symbol. 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That is out and 99. I'd take that done tonight events ESPN. Very Jones. Is a former Alabama linemen. Now does college football worked for ESP and he joins us now Vera what's happened in brother. What we are well all right help us make some sense in this World Cup thing man are you outraged. Now the how to operate I don't care about very. I think you know they do a lot of fake outrage today too young to get the more I think about it. Yeah I just think in order to be outrage and I'm not talking much you guys that are unfamiliar. Known as you're watching habits than to say. You're gonna act that matter which a lot of people are. Until he you know put some into you know radio watch the game like ya know like he more than just Tim Howard to be the nonsense. Do you did you play soccer when you were brought up the bridge was that it. While the kid you know what. What what what its suburban kid doesn't put soccer growing up to the kids down walked right. And then about what age had you given it up. Given up. You know and what about. You may have found a germanic decision. Really remember this is kind of like you have one here this certainly people all that I get I had no idea I mean how I really can't even. Offer answered that question I'd probably like third period yes maybe get an estimate. That's our problem our again our our our our best best apps are better athletes they all go to play for an excitement. Trust me you'll be playing soccer case I mean it yeah I guess so that the perfect for all the climate but. Those are still so I don't think. I understand your point and you're probably right but I don't pick up all that category don't get motivated professional soccer player. I understand so moving on to college football I know you spoke out earlier this week got a Little Rock touchdown club and and and obviously Arkansas is a is it prime time topic over there. What do you think of the bread below my error at Arkansas I mean he's 27 and 29. Overall. He's deaf please sputtered as of late what do you think is the future and end and what the future holds for for bread be the markets are. He had an upper corner of the the literally a great group of people there out of collapse of those guys. I think. A lot of people really realize how passionate Arkansas sent guard they're really. Really do other school in the talk a lot to kind of he's touchdown club in the duke quite a bit of that kind of stuff and it hurt corporate functions and I really thought that I enjoy doing. But and normally at the beginning what I do that ask. You know how many. Alabama fans we have you kind of breakdown of the crowd east and it fuels or. And it was my first time ever. Where are literally there's not one Alabama sent in attendance. Not one person greatly himself it was a pretty much all halt fans I got a great. I did I get a great broader another feeling and as you would imagine there are doing great. You know I think it's been really disappointing. You know when you look at the security now for the past two years and prepare the only reason you have to look at. Are improving are they heading in the right direction of the courier going. And they any good in a good direction I think. Yeah obviously if you look at the results this year. I think that's probably their big concern is they don't really see a lie or hope at the end of the tunnel right now. Now you I think. I think a bright lights spread Alec readies a great guy. Yet but what when you look at. Who at Arkansas either bread and butter when he came as they wanted to get a power running team they can run the football because at all decline. The chairman of all namely when you can't run to pull all your running team. You know that you end up turn afoot to become the game and also now and then you get. Destroyed back there are so. You know I I don't I mean it's extinct there. They seem very much in disarray right now and it I wonder if it's really tricky situation is because. The font hit the flawlessly that the buyout after the season is. Yes so much blood and half million dollars. I don't know what's gonna happen down there but there's definitely a lot of unrest right now. Yeah no question about that bear his Georgia good enough to go twelve and up. We think. Cool I would say they definitely are are good enough. It could happen. Yeah obviously they have all learned on the schedule that Adobe. They're toughest game remaining. At the game I'm really excited about watching I think you're kind of and in some way that is the battle we're kind of who we think is the second best team did hear it now they Auburn play better better YouTube parliament they really. Have kind of you asserted their stride they really throughout kind of early and did little offensively. You know we talked about it. With a defense like that you can have time to figured out that there's sort of figured out on all fronts. I think you're gonna forget you know you're Saddam. And the only guy who has a lot of talent but it really hadn't played that much hope all right and he really certainly more comfortable on the offense and I think they're very dangerous so. You know Kenderick undefeated at belligerent or to win a national championship I would say yes the more I want him. Yet they're playing with a lot of confidence right now I think. Well it was assumed that they're gonna go to that second championship and we tell them I I don't think that's safe assumption. The more and more out the other Georgia they really looked strong. They've made they're doing a lot they're all but one has really improved. From week one of the feet and in particular from last year. You know I think we'll start to feel a little bit of old nick joked about it maybe maybe not quite what nick Joseph wants blood but he he would look a lot better these last few weeks. I think it says I relive a when he got hurt really bad for my experience it's kind of a competent saying. You know I know very locals say that but it just seems to me like. For whatever reason sometimes it takes a oh while only gonna get that full confidence back and to me that Schobel foot you have that confidence backers now. He's greeted different guy out there and make this team a lot better. I demand that we are four socket to Baird Jones meant the end. Former Alabama linemen now to have some Cosmo work for ESP NRA. Alabama I'd I wanna say struggle because they won the game but I guess they struggle by Alabama standards and get past Texas a and M and and after the game Nick Saban so I'm trying to get these guys to listen to me. Instead listen in do you guys mean the media because that's like voice poison it's like take our word rat poison. It is this what Nick Saban has to do. When when he knows and everybody around the country knows that Alabama is undefeated they really haven't even been tested. It's just what he kind of has to do to keep those guys motivated. They're kind of hurt that now though I'm part of the problem really. I'm I'm one of the rat pointers. Protests particularly since. I'm on the a monthly jump Joseph Moore award committee which is that war for the all the London. On the line in the country are bigger than that so we just nominated. We had kind of a mid season. Honor roll kind of deal and held them all on the list and so. Jokingly opened thing you know there are part of the route forty rat poisoning grew because or gets diverted for Alabama to be on the that is an honorable. Yes. You know. Definitely. As you got it's it's all part of the plan. You know I always explain to people like six David doesn't. Like kill off by accident ever you know like he doesn't. You know there might lose his temper he as much as it might seem that way yeah he's got a plan for everything he does and every time he gets frustrated or angry. Frankly it's because he plan to get frustrated. You know it just kind of how does that I ever worked so well Foreman I think the team really always respond well to it. You know if it does things you hear in the media like that kind of speeches are speeches that he Doherty definitely given the team so that's. Presumably. They give them that they met that you get killed so I'm sure even you probably use an exact or at least opportunity. About a rat poison everything so. You know it is I have to chat psychologist he's. In my opinion you know pick. Greatest sports psychologist guy I've ever been around to get you really understand what players need to hear. Carol attic keeps them in their mindset. The right way he really had a great feel for that you know take for example are not close yet what the game that. You know Robert Foster had a really tough because every job to pass then fumbled the next task. And I think a lot of people probably expected Nick Saban they can apply them or their. But he didn't he brought him over and encouraged seventh you know kind of data on the blood and then you get not an encouraging word so my point has. You know he really had a great understanding for when the time as he had to get on people in the blast them when the time has. It come alongside of a guy and encourage them I think he's really great at that. I don't think he gets enough credit that these people pretty much just see that one the woman right there you can see the highlights where he you know whatever get mentally get better. But they do on the butter way to the other kind of well let's say you're member. But but you don't as much remember those moments where you gotta came along side of the guiding cars are so ill and have a good feel that he kind of always know which buttons the coalition. Yeah I don't I never question it could have the results always seem to work. Well Laura subject of Nick Saban tirades was there one that that you remember more than maybe others and in your time Alabama. Kyle is saying I would say probably the worst tirade I remember it was actually. To that you talk game the Sugar Bowl alternate that was probably. But finger he had ever seen him. The halftime and so yeah I don't. I mean they're they're definitely have been a few. I'll go like at center and they they really come to. Generally they kill us so we can after a loss I can ever remember big interest like at the only down river lost. Our last game and see them when I was there. But normally he's actually. Very encouraging after losses at the time to read the most angry. Is well after when we didn't play well. That's really when you'll get after it. Yeah. America or one particular but yeah I have been the brunt of many of them clearly it I've talked to a lot of people. There's got to share this failure that almost a weird. Feeling like the first time it happened here and you get kind of shoot out. You know there's almost like a validation to a yeah that sounds just overtaken like. Paid. That considers yell at me and I'm not a guy who don't like affected by that kind of stuff that there were followed me so it. It almost to me like. While it owls were picked favorite time he would take out how that data chew me out though that product until he's a lot of people but it honestly feel that way. Major around the law that you know like you know he definitely wasted time you know guys to do you know they have potential so. They beat it beat your you know your poll that means you know he he. He obviously you know what you did it. I think you have potential did some good further additions. I don't know whether or talk a lot about the put guys played with a separate article Fenway it's. Really funny kind of sensation. That you obviously you'll be yelled out but whatever your penalty area well I guess now I'll officially. Come apart a club. Has Taylor has gotten better so the point you know how we were coming in the season we're saying all this series got to show that. But it can be a quarterback not just an athlete playing quarterback I don't know that and Johnson brought up in you you probably agree on others he's been tested. Yet in that department because they've been so dominant everywhere else but have you seen enough improvement from him to believe that. If you get to a national shares of game he can make that that that tough throw do you think he's gonna hit that he's made those kind of strides this year. You know. I think you definitely gotten better and I think Brian tables multiple line I think talking to people they really liked the way he kind of courage to not going to be here understand progression better. Yeah media beast all the best actor around you know it. These don't record at times. If Philip he had a better feel for the game this year to get the sense that. You understand progression peeps yeah yeah understands kind of where to go to pull all this work crews that are kind of on time in the you know last year polite most of the completion confirmed what kind of turnaround travel around and and throw the football and that eventually we guy came opened so. This year I thought there'd been a lot more kind of timing or where he understands what he's looking outside I didn't there's been growth. Yeah I think like you said you know that test so lots of really hasn't shown up much. That I think I think if we can I think they'll shut down the stretch. Yeah the passing game not that perfect it's got a long way to go. It's something that you know we got to continue improving on but I do think that I think it has potential to be a much improved from last year. We have we're so ugly gray beard zones obviously a lump from Alabama does cause some ball work. Or ESPN. Have you seen the new Florida alternate uniforms very what do you do they have like the scales on what do you think. Yeah I don't know. I'm not a huge alternate uniform guide to be honest. In I don't know it's just not my thing. Like I kind of like. The traditional look I've never been holed up at organ in the notebook changeup combination. They Galvin who went out there they did an alternate Jersey one time and had. A quarter inch counts to foreigners around the neck. And they'll let you know that the older alternate jerseys so. That's the only time Alabama's ever done that by the way against Mississippi State. That's the only time. Right and then everyone back sell our I don't the like traditional look I'm not about that. But hey you know I guess whatever people like him I think. They hope Palin had been put in comparison. To the how horrendous this terrific at whatever the word lived up the color or cute or discussions are awful. On Thursday night football. I've had a wonderful like young but I mean they they can be really bad so. Yeah I think it got that handled all that stuff but. I guess what there makes it subsided. I don't look at all the attention the jerseys. Yeah I'm just curious if you have a theory on why Jim Harbaugh had noticed our lady why he had barely get it done against the big boys against the arrivals. I think one and for now gets this since they don't house they sisters do you have any any thoughts or any theories on why and they don't get it done is the divorce. The idea that I think when you he I don't look at much it current theory and and stuff like that is maybe. Others do but I I would I think it. You know you look at mission the mission literally fifty cents. You know the John of corn is not very good that's my theory about they didn't win this year I think we'll stick a lot better. The other there update replaced eleven starters on defense as good as they are. They replaced you know they got a blown up I mean they just don't have a whole lot of experience I don't I don't think they're. Quite as good people they were weak one yeah I think we didn't really realize that Florida yeah it's not that good either yeah oh yeah they kind of looked off the week one and so I didn't say that I don't really know how much they underperformed this week. Because I don't really think there. To the cal or that maybe we expected so yeah I think when you look at Harbaugh and general. You know the guy has. Some very interesting antics. You know he he is one of a kind actually my purse here this year. Well there's an enhanced. Florida and I got to me it would have been protected media everything you thought children. He's pretty much the exact guy you'd expect you know he's just a very. Unique person he he really after you a lot of excitement obviously conflict only. Put in some type of video vault I guiding your that kind of stuff than. I don't know I don't know exactly. Why it yet until we get it done in I won't say I think. And argued and I'm not I am not saying overrated. Brigadier church but I do think that maybe people prematurely cut output and an uncertain classified under the U. Our I don't think you've earned I'm not saying he can never get there. But I think what people thought about that there's and also all know they look tar ball and I'm not saying that you have maybe from a period whatever standpoint that it. I'm just saying from a resonate standpoint. I think people kind of forget like he's still got a long way to go go through all the be considered in my opinion one of the leak digital art. Yeah I agree the body were absolutely it's not there you think that you think he'd be in that -- our and that always sort list but the body of work we got kind of destroy America is right you know because he's a flashy the NFL hi Jerry and yet by greatly bear man we have prisoner of the grass stuff has always been thank you thank you better. Thank god always fun have a great day in you can go back here. You're a soccer. Over outrage oh yeah we brought the then present you look at look at all the fake outrage when I. Appreciate if there is very. Former Alabama cinema he is not kick it not give less of a crap about. US soccer not be in the World Cup I love it because I think most of the countries a couple of deaf but. In 32 zone you NBA Matthew you really match today I don't guy right then I don't know journals suggested most of I agree if you're one of those people in Nashville who pretends to care about soccer you know once a year or once every four years yeah like you don't matter. I think I do think there are out here are people that really are invest in and and there are whose. Listen. The US should be in the world. Folks like us finish and yeah this should get an upper right jobs and save the birth of the word my. They go to the countries you're golden egg a look at the teams that are qualified for the World Cup the US should be in the world kind of like you gotta be good enough Egypt is in the world com or cubs Albert right. Clearly. Clearly it's not a given we've got to given we've got the fake weddings are we've got us. To pick it this art apparently you are good at this Jason you I mean you're you're you're you have been on fire today this. Going touching in my inner Josh is the the polls you get the pulse on American soccer man more blacks. According to Jason Smith make it cheaper for us. It make it. Dude it's not that expensive as a kid I mean what he really need from families do what you normally do soccer and all you need a soccer ball you need and it's expensive to play in these elite clubs that people have all. I told you. Okay people upset him right okay grant on Twitter says I'm bright I just didn't know I was right why it's so expensive. Why why is so expensive why it's like baseball right if you if you're one of these travel and things for those who don't pay big money right now that's that's explain why would you don't have it like I played adult. I play adult recreational soccer. And it's still like Arnie childless a couple of hundred for the bucks I mean DeVon walker. Yeah again I don't know why is Devin walker not planned soccer. I went at collier belt he could be out there helping us right now he can be helping this US initiative started young to be held in the CNN's. Yeah maybe so I don't know I opposed the safeguards like ten bucks if you would give one of those guys got some from level three or we go out there we we do the low watching it very inexpensive sub two years. It it's up to use these days you Asia is the best player out there I will tell you that was played three years old he's won and around kids out there kids bigger than him. Dude until he gets the ball on a break. Where on this cold aren't there any Americans in the Premier League. If the odds are yet within the premier Li oh yeah let's yeah I am I'm not yet there's there is definitely Americans in the permanently there and there are many there are many that there I think there are there to help me help. My son healthy US soccer let's get C data that rarely let's let's sponsor CJ. Have a that. Maybe start that young it likes basketball. That's the problem are you just drop Davis Love is gonna join us. 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However didn't have a golf home nowhere I could call home. Found that forty years and this life from at riverbend links back and you watched as the old white border. In the program there crystal were they treat you like spam produced a kind of had the feel and it was. You know from their noses at me for the heroic play into that their software and it'll be that way for you to. It ahead down there make the weekend evidence in the casinos you can just head down spend the night play a couple of rounds formats and also course in awesome shape we look at. At chambers of Bermuda greens everything's beautiful about relevant links go hit a month. Get a tee time Federer battling start console all of. Kyra back Jason Johnny Janet then ESPN. Since last indoors at 1225. Before we do that. On talent there's I was talking about Tyler Harris. Today omens have Calkins and RG sounded descended below nervous well I mean I I am a little sorry is this man up publicly brands but I am a little bit. Confused I heard you I'm confused as to why I wanted to come and they're calm me down we have not. Heard anything. Of of of note the last three days he didn't commit lays on his visit we haven't really heard any buzz. Sits so what's going went off. More Abidjan on. I talked to a wheelchair so many others that yesterday. And I asked him I'm sure but so does that well every hour trying to protect from a maternal lockdown as of yet there are. The other thing. He said was that right now. Their thoughts their minds right now. Dealing with failed a lost in the film of a believe Tyler's mom lost her brother on Monday so that been going through that. That's kind of put you know obviously kind of put us us all of us are on things done but they're dealing with that right now do so worse that hearsay and you know what looks like it's alone that they got a lot going on right now as he did tell me too though that I was they must find out. Sign up and people have said that I was they backed out and I'm not sure I can tell you. Exactly what Iowa State you know from their camp Obama told anybody in their camp are seeing their dad you know Joseph Jordan said the dam of one scholarship by the of the got to do is are coming in this weekend. But if if dad is say the firemen and then this is just enough I don't there's still fight to us still do possibly an enthusiast I used to possible leads Memphis. And and I hope that we'll give it. Give everybody you know if not sooner what about Memphis madness he did it really will be there for right. You would think. It it depends on depends did you know I thought. Depends on a Dallas woman there that's what depends on. Do you still goes low prices there I don't know because we what we know is both of them are going to play. At Memphis are gonna get both of now that there. Here's here's the spot if your emphasis is sponsored right now you're telling Tom Carter we definitely got it got to get it because if not if you're not a commits us and we got to shift and everything else Lomax who wanted him in here for a visit so much about but this is that are we said as much last week that as much as you know room they've they've they've made up all this ground and recruitment of Tyler mayors we said there and a great position. Also in a pressure packed position right announcer you're right here neared. But there's still a possibility. Not saying it's it's a very high possibility but the possibilities your car this with neither one of them which you cannot afford. Which you cannot give us an idea you know that this is calling Tyler left him in bed verified at the column every hour trying to lock it down. And I think right now they've got a lot going on obviously but I still expect this from any town that I hope it's gonna come our show John so what I certainly hope so it's six we come back less. It's a grizzlies are back home tonight pre season game there Vizquel had some of the comments yesterday that we will get. In two lots to come Jason Dunn and it's not a fan ESPN plumbing work. There's something you hope you never need however it's comforting to know that there's a local company that can service any problems that arise day or night owners Fred and Jeff have over 24 years of combined plumbing experience at 901 plumbing was convenient 24 hour emergency service now I don't want plumbing experts are available for residential commercial and industrial problems anytime there's financing available on qualify jobs they're licensed bonded and insured evening and weekend emergency services available to all 9012354200. Or go online at and I don't want plumbing dot com. 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