Jason & John Hour 1 (05/22/2018)

Jason & John
Tuesday, May 22nd
Talking Penny's comment on the Memphis students section and taking ideas on what to name it + joined by NBA analyst David Thorpe in hour 1

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A right now you got plenty of time text the word jury JURY. 72881. We changed when a grand good luck. And you. These. Memphis in sports station. Life and locally but no I mean we're all doing guru. Won't admit. You real quick get caught me McCain was out there. Listen I paid in no. Now you. Yeah. Oh yeah. All right. Road Jason and Jon 929 and ask them ESPN it is to use the people we reached Tuesday. Which means. LeBron James is not dead John Martin is even the series the Eastern Conference finals now to two. After a 111102. Cavs win last night John and watch courses where the greatness I didn't have it's a pregnant did you know that in seventeen question that Tara who was asked after the game not one. About LeBron performance Bravo we take if I didn't I know that I don't know another question count and did not know about that as one not about the front and outlooks yeah palm. I didn't know that he passed Kareem Abdul Jabbar for most loyal few holes that that no matter with your staff I'll get saudis he's a credible and it's a blessing that we get to watch him put it on display every. Every other night it is a blessing of president over doesn't that are usually I go and on the show two day at 1125. We're gonna talk today before coach Davis or tackle NBA with him what his opinion on Sam Mitchell. Who may or may not be for the university and if NASCAR is out they use that may. And I'm glad the may not take that as a matter of when life my death of us are real talkative over about the NBA about LeBron James about the warriors about Sam Mitchell. It is thoughts on Cheney. All that at 1145 at 1245. Very Jones will be in studio you're forced. Is a former NFL lineman easiest products. And former Alabama. Many award went won many awards are like all the award all of the awards are belong to Baird Jones he will be in studio at 1245 is on the podcast. In studio that's because blowing up Jonathan handle that you call that I'm pretty sure you call that other. I backed away at it the first time we had a he says his go I'm on a rocket I do the first time energy spirited BCS but I think that he was found for stardom John Martin. There's really no seriously anything is do I I'm I'm you know on the Joe's side. And likely vote the people that do things and it's easy for them everything that they do that's football or analyzing footballer. Doing interviews with us as a lot I'm jealous of all that that kind of talent bears that kind of validate your kids have always been LA took me about. Speaking of what's. I do need to make a very quick announcement that it can you can you got to cut the music photos as the official ID to make an hour flight you do talk about the Jason and Jon show is open for business are. The Jason doesn't it as well as well make that clear open for business we are open for business as long as we have confusing is all grown and as long as we approve of the product. We are happy to endorse or product but Jason most portly Jason about Jason. And myself we are so available we are so rentals cheap we are so ready to endorse any of your products we are open for business wanna remind people as is Jeff as it Najaf is as well but we are also good service as is scary and it's there hassle as it off or if that's true also notes that are so there aren't offered as. Are so marriage and traditional that you really love the music for that I just wanted to make sure everybody knew as funny man Brad told Israel he always had ubiquitous on Friday that you have to remind people. That you actually do endorse things. For money so. Get in touch with Amy Hughes if if you wanna do that on our show thank you John okay and then at 125 like we do Evers and as he's ever and politically charged different tiger Lee had Bayern studio as we move clay. Until once when he finds a medication and he is not technically on vacation each house bound in on the beach house in in Florida he's already very he's our guy thirty day. Thirty days where he has so we'll talk to clay Travis live from 38. And once with but before we do we need a lot we thought we'd promised you that we have a a a a mystery entire is in turn a derogatory term. It was on that the CA but we don't do that I think it's different now yeah there's it's there's more glory in the term. Intern absolutely I had an intern job and internal ones on Z eight there 59 stores in sixty days. You work. Well when you're CAF and that's incredible production are the summertime I'll tell Maine do you work. As a managing and in turn us and you tell me well I guess world world they don't find out are now so what we're gonna do now we promise you we would introduce our mystery in turn to you yesterday. And she is here right now bid please. I needs are now at the initial I need your help here let's introduce. Our mystery interns. This is dramatic very dramatic. All right so she started. Yesterday. We're introducing you today our name is Catherine let the sewer. She's a University of Memphis soccer player. Welcome to the show Catherine but let's finish and think you know so give us your background where you're from how ginned up in turning here. Am I am from Quebec Canada and moved to Memphis without speaking in a word of English Smart and Elliott couldn't speak. And and paid off a business needs and I was like there's no way act into communication I can't talk and sadly. This year. Acts it and that was pretty good at learning language and is I have always been outspoken person sour and I used to talk to people knowing that you would understand mean. I just think it the language really easily so I'm thinking your undecideds in changed Miami during gets a journalist and man I have been regret my choice. Good for yeah. This began when you know you and John Mark. How how easy has it been viewed bigot have a media beyond all my way yeah I don't I don't always. Yeah I don't know I feel I France France is such a heart language that and there's a lot of similarities exist you and I guess that was. And makes it hello easy there. But I think that just plague being having no choice and learning it like I didn't know anybody here and there I had two inches. Find a way to end. Immunity system by absolute bottom guy or your loved. So what's so when folks those are saying you know they they guy has got swagger he's driven sauce like that stuff spills confuse you or yeah or you don't have. Well that's a. I'm not saying it's eight and playing bad. I'm still learning some of that and not afraid at some time equals that tells that I. I have no idea what that means then is a relic that there you go. Every time that students and we say some you have not let us not yeah and we will we will explain and if I say something that doesn't make phones. Town we will do say that dominantly. And yet you're aware of that I can you give us a little thing that oil was a little sample of your different. And I wanna know how can I caddies say I love mess they were opened for business that I say I say we're open for business and for him. Okay SP is business as a where it's him that and I'm just gonna say act. And then it's Boca is an I I elements is soda and broke into this one's for business I would say. Bring us and ran ads. However I would and however it however you would say yeah a leak were open for business or we're ready to work. And only half have I he alone and that fumble on that Abbott's botnet that was nasal yeah. As mayhem that is what we are yeah what did you say exactly I said that we're robredo Larry and where opened for business that love. All right let's look at a good start of the show edit clip that out this and send it today and he's usually a way. Our bottom line we'll welcome to the station or look into the show you also play soccer. Are you done these are career over yet and you have one more year we have one more year okay how successful have you been at Memphis how do you love it. I love elements as pack ice has Memphis and four of the university but also for the wave that team plays and and live had like eight year old and also an odds of eight year and a it said. Roller coast has invested time that and live in pretty success or trying to trying to get back we've been. We've been doing okay like we've been doing gave. Finishing in top top ranks and not in our conference plankton NCAA. And the past year and this year should be pretty interest in the Havel a strong senior class so. Your part yeah. Awesome you have a twin by the way did you add this up you grant had a very big detail here geology played on the team with a. Analysts and we had when he first started and looking at universities this was and like we were not attacking the letter you bad news that. We had different maybe we had to offend and is as of where we wanted to go and let my team wanted to play for. Fans EB should be though it agreed on the bag that if you had an officer. Somewhere else that I doubt like he can take that well I'll figure for sure I'll bigger my back and that would. And Andy and be bad got. Offered here calls this and so we're and beaten visited campus and we both agreed that we would see yourself. For the and here just. You know play inside and and this great city I mean this it is in so well coming like I have. It's been great low interest rates mean although it probably didn't understand his phrase right. What I do now it probably and I guess sound and a body into this the city's gonna love even more so we appreciate you being here and welcome as they saw us talking academy yesterday about now unum. It's played soccer in the AC NN what other teams are light and everything like that. L watching it guess because. I do not think you'll be shocked what does he think the worst. Well a soccer team is an AC oh gosh well like it did soccer teams are different than the basket like there is different in aryan side and South Florida. Now Heidi that's what I thought there would be South Florida Eric and Eric hit another good word Ed OK the east Carolina. Add another. And I and it's it's a terrible it every day yeah. I don't like they had a little vermin and threw him a question and I'm very very. They have some good players I think that that team that people hate I mean. And Abbott that team that. Themes and week. Care is how he temple and he ten they'll lie has contrast yeah we have now given some bulletin board material online and you add temple is not. Innocuous letter adding I would think not dance and lost my trash that. Let me ask that we can say is there an actual third well is that our guys that I need easily know that we have says. Speed and pretty Ed aren't likely needs M love it. Lashed him. Yeah they got Memphis probable welcome to the station wealthy while more alert Saturday asses are. There was another order of business that we needed to discuss though today and that was Penny Hardaway. Appearing on the Gary Parrish out yesterday yesterday came on the gave her show yesterday and obviously. Everybody gets excited when they hear Penny Hardaway and and he said something edged thing. I don't know if it was new but. He mentioned again the student section and giving that student section. Right this is asked big priorities absolutely one of his two right it was was amid this madness and ten students that that Yankee. Yeah are ignoring that so Penny Hardaway literally do repairs are yesterday and and talked about that and this is how it sounded. How do you connect arm with the students on campus now to get them to make it look more like it looked when you were play. Well you have to give them look at Baird and you have to give them any attention you have to let them know that they are very important to you. And dad are that there need they are really needed out CNET news student on chip it in a restaurant around can't bitten they're all excited. And I think it's I think everyone OK we need to give you got together. We're gonna give all of the student the student that we can together and you know I talk to them about. In her you know come after the game Barack yet can't hit we're talking about it. In a meeting last week about what do we wanna make the student section because we need to give a script they can hide in the unending. And we my outlook bring back wooden bleachers. Some old thump situation in the face all the political hatred in their area because we're gonna meet at the addiction to beat. Five I mean crap to be energy lie. They're fighting back not that other credit are going to be what you got to make your students go like. Figures part of your game and that's what we wanna do. Yeah I think that's true that I will say this as you know my life's mission before coming over here was. Guilty people are students specifically to go to the games I remember well my sort of big expose today right back in 2011 miles of the daily helmsman. Was about the student section bearish at out remains yet you have the students that's right that's right I mean we all kind of had our spree of bank one that was my. That was in my arms I was actually I found that I found a PDF version of this story you're kidding me two dozen still later it's only in a PDF format PDF form. You can't buy access and on the company website anymore. But back then RC Johnson who's so that led director. You today attempts was so bad. That he considered cutting it a lot of hats as a big deal from 2000 to 1001 to sell those seats than out anyway and if you would have sold those seats that would admit 500000 dollars in rent I remember those additional revenue up. Arm now. Student section attendants can we acknowledge is a problem athletics or. We now I mean in terms it just you look at this organization -- and there's nobody in it Donald nobody's worked problem but there's somebody it's certainly not full job Pratt and save it close to four they've been displayed their mini yes there are many times he looked up there and sometimes they're the arena back in the there'd be full of sexual or not. Right now I would obviously came after heard the tomb of do people talk about the admit this and sex and you know of days gone box it will look like it was the best in the I would play on the opposing bench it was amid there was a it was a real hurdle for the above for the opposing team but I mean you did you give as loud as you want in the timeouts you could. Give it to their head coach Bob loved and loved it right of the point that I knew we had a back and forth going with a yeah arm those with a dazed man. And I moved to some of the Basque sales as a student and yes I did the fact of the team has been bad the last three years I think as a measure absolutely. The cool place to be but you don't. Companies and as an example when I had Marge I don't think I don't think you equation is simple. I don't think it's good team good games. Good student attends an unnecessary. Because that's kinda margin out of and it's we did that earlier today and and that's what she would think fundamentally relatives David they would be better right than it is today. But actually I had some doubt on that so of their 2000 seats in that student section ground as of 2011 they cut off the tenth terrace level I don't they have. So their 2000 seats possible got it and Derrick roses a year here at the university of the year in which they appear in national champ knows that I. They only averaged 775. Students a game out of a possible 2000 which basically means 39% capacity while. And this has been a a real loss season. Yeah this that this has really been a thorn in the universal allows us you're side since they move I think it's a I think it's a location issue first formal look you know I think that's because at the coliseum is a little bit more centrally located probably was closer to. It's a camp then. In just a blip doubles right fit he's addicted to and I think since since moving downtown I don't know what the pyramid look like I have no I don't know of how how that look but I do think it's a location issue in today's day and some of it below collects and also some between about just that it got the buses and spoke to give people there on Iraq when it's the cool place to be. They will be either. That's always with a gun oil up auto I think it will be a massive Nvidia are with me and we all know we make in this thing dang cool to be a part of it as he has and you feel like the students will be our Mort I think it'll be a massive difference you don't think so too considered interest I think it is your right it's going to be an event again. Memphis basketball and they get Tennessee gone this year so you will be better. Can we name this thing. Can we can it mean you're the blue crew was not out of the blue crew is the students actually make that I think the blue crew is they grow within the student section. It's about that sounds right yet it's not that's not what they call all of the students that right. It's a lottery that's where you have to spend money to while he's around anymore but you had to spend a certain amount of money. To join it was a lot but you you know you got some kind of personal and what they work. Shirt but your pocket where you live liver. He seemed like have a billion and yeah you definitely feel like you're not a burden you are gonna smile and generally well those guys it was a pleasure. As a fund Tom Brennan I would say out of their day in the golden you have an a himself read your team about let's not read your rep your record taint. Maybe we maybe we should name Obama considerable contest salaries have been pretty big deal what do think about the wooden bleachers. And glanced off I don't get that I'll be honest I don't understand what well until to a door usually he's just trying to make it have some significant that is start if so whether it's. You know what. Whether it's bleacher rural so whatever his. One has just. They're yum I'm glad you brought that music just as we just feels like we shall be number one team dolphins in the morning demon defense of all the delay the number one thing wooden bleachers and what with wooden bleachers are. Let's try a little bit. I thought you guys are still old standard that is what are your thoughts scared I wrote Graham outfield and say I think a little funny about words believes or did it. Predictable answers aren't I mean I don't really know what he thought I am not sure that I do I got up I imagine land usually armies like Trevor well he tried to back farewell with the bleachers with the fact let's go all right. What about the important part of this. Is helping Kenny named the student section not concede that. Avant reports are right all right all right. So what you've got what it funny that very what you got there's over one million lame. You're laying submissions from you too we're gonna how we get to some real ones that we can really help this program you're gonna have to give me a segment to think about it. There's no yes yes grab to get the David Thorpe yes I need to think about my god the timing more seriously. Because I'm proud of this morning there what you hold on your name I mean I didn't name the AAF team with along the boundary Wootton put their videos music makers out of Memphis here. All the cars with a men we are great leaders. I at this hit our viewers in the same area yeah our little club I'm nowhere close I wouldn't help me get there aren't very good man all right so what we're gonna do is gonna talk to David or about the NBA arm and when we come back. 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Other warriors good or bad for basketball. Well outfit today introducing. It might side of the pretty serious sophomore I call. And I quote I hope alive and our offense that he can work done by the Turks. A new group of sophomores who looked our city is really based on what they do it without the rest of their courage. We've got a mixture of and he actually built up inside and then the warrior who waited right now. I thought worked that this system we're using they started the other team their services so I estimated output in Beijing. It doesn't always great like I'd been thing. We can in this series if they cut these candidates who were you Baltimore aren't those. Which is what you do want buyout of any type B it's so long he's been a little bit fatigued mentally. To get much of the year the way they play it was breathtakingly beautiful about. Well worth it because that's the thing it's like it did the ball really never hits the ground right I mean how can you watch that did not think that this is a a beautiful thing to watch. So I've record fifth I think back in the day wind river what I've probably talked about this amazing article by hijacking your wallet cult summertime. Which would be if he she it will start with each telling. I'd be a candidate churches played about about water in my life when they put their router BE. And bad guys Jackie waited a year later when it got accompanied with pop. And learn that they're based out of the bottle in your walk back after getting beat Miami. Bad it was kind of the beginning of what I figured he did not involve the local and state does agitation. Lot of little bigger people abroad appeared Rick Salomon incredible corn ball back which would. Even the routine that a rocket into the wolf. Property Kevin Love their credit they did Alter the quick jumping up and play probably in Minnesota. And god they can duplicate the ball back they got a lot more ball movement a lot more clear improvement and what do you steady if not on the ground. All that much so and others David what the rockets to prepare a little yeah right. I lied about the way they play and I think that David never never look better. Coach what's so what's so Rodman. Ray mine green matchup look like if you put those 782 win bulls and 9596. Of against this team. And how does that series come out man I'd love to watch Robin's very much go out. Imagine you'd have both on thrown out before they're before have. So so the first question is what are rule because. It ruled that the rules are what they were back then. I think I think you are people worse or better outlook which is warranted but not at these. But I I think you're the closest series if it if you took that bull team and then teleport them entombed right now with no time. If they can go anywhere but I look from what are your game and in ninety all the way to thwarted in. They're able to get a lot. I've been hurt the other day. I hope we play whomever can without some of those teams really we played the game and a very small piece of land. You know it's so spread out and if you watch the game our mutual rhetoric if you believe what brought you the paper at each other or you can't let that. About one guy under the patent and what you set out. But you better be because you guys to victory for a spot. Earlier tried it's notably street report even though my company's ability that you hated so question for now but you have to. You couldn't wait don't we we can play dugout so. If David I cannot imagine what George what do into the eight day because the guy who are out spread out. The Florida forget that much of this report to refer to be spread the I can't I don't know what you do get him there which could help. Aren't so the ball call the triple wide and got hurt running downhill they don't look at their problem and it just conditioning or you don't like. Well it's a grip on its grip on LeBron cavaliers obviously even things up last night they win in this thing coach. They don't win in six. Yeah I I thought the Celtics were the better team after the first game. Ahead I thought awfully young guy who plays better gauge for what the writer too much to get security right. They finished up last night it's actually. Did it for a moment entirely that the problem. Will pick a topic like cavaliers. Also quite the rockets also like a warrior at its formula that you're walking your dad you can't get blown out. In that direction it recover. So are under that bought the home that much thirteen. They didn't bother because the closest game of the series apart and that is corporate America but all the preview you're down to broaden. If you can maybe get people in much better be bad so I think also left I didn't really check you to win. I just let them very very bad plays an important moment that they got to wait for them. About coach tell us a better world the celtics' future be for. Having gone through this post season weathered hands and in this series or the next having gone through this post season and having that thrust Jason Tatum in their report. They necessarily wanted to with no calorie. We know Hayward I think it was Bill Simmons who made the point that this is sort of like grad school for Jalen brown and Jason Tatum and you saw just sort of gravy how much better what their future be as a result of this particular post season. Yeah and so if it. Took it a question about what they actually tied because there's really an option out there in the Indianapolis. I didn't trading options whether those young guys war. A superstar like Hawaii correctly gave the bubble I don't think they get it he did it's. Or tomorrow and cutting that figure out drug cartel into the creation but you know what I mean they can move no doubt that they can also moved. I'd like Hayward entire Theodore tired reading room and they're darken your son on both sides and I've been on tour a lot about this recently. If all options shall be explored. The one probably don't have if you ever want. Did you out of Brian Gay and especially if you're waiting period which of course is in doubt now I don't part of the question a couple would you go there are 20. If those guys waited series and then when they gave it to get cold if it's impossible or you didn't. So dugout they're not going to go back to being role players next year and then it shouldn't be near bear. Those are the got to those are gonna make an oddball crowd interrupted only I love a palpable and are you ready routier's. I've greatly mark not not great you're great you're gay gene young. I think that at this particular could have an embarrassment of riches but unlike Golden State where. They got the walk out of that short a little bit tighter groups together there's there's. If that you're fit anywhere where there would be appropriate role player to talk about the role player ought not to read your plot but the answer your question simply. It is not what it keeps getting better and before I did not work however a book when they get shot you guys we're guys that keep removed. It took particular it's off duty he cracked the top right now. Do you think they've got to keep I read to beat Golden State. Obviously now. Okay no no no I I. I can even make it on this and usually I read now. Before you get sort of dead Marbury the quote beaten yeah I think I've got to take. I think you have betrayed him and they would be willing to trust them the and remember each year when brown at your page editorial went in the that the page if you don't have. Out in word end an early on the books you've got Max money available lockquote guides. And of course corporate gotta you gotta fight someone your corporate catching. I think she defeated all of our level player he's brought there in their gut player extra you have to create about that you didn't look at a guy like him hey. Strong guy I can argue to trade Parametric Asia. So it's uplifting writer way a wanted to get our. I'm with you we are of course on the great David towards the author of basketball is jazz my co host here brought this up it's beginning of the show. Tyrone Lue was asked seventeen questions last night. Not one of them was related to LeBron james' performance. Are we taking LeBron for granted here in the I won't say twilight certainly is has many years that play but in the latter stages of his career are we taking LeBron James from granite. Well me I want the press conference truthfully if certain yet sometimes equipment. You know that that happened because you are you going to sit reps fraud in the and then you will always so good they were always rave about it you're used to doing. A great deal east she is so ridiculous what you Dutch summoned. They come my way I'm. I was reported today. Calipso is very very successful start. We'll never forget 140 point game they're never never hardly afford for that site and editing and best more than what a lot of these guys could ever have their career. Do you think that gave you triple double on and yeah equipment that we are watching guys. Ordered that two players of all I didn't pay what I would the coach Charlie Jordan era. I want him why aren't immediately knew he had been shot against Georgetown. I maybe you are I just. I've watched all of that our coaches went Jordan to resolving all our. I can tell you without any doubt. Spending would tell you that they know what I'd go to another facility teach you to get scared that if they could talk to you brought to regroup side. That we are looking at an obligation nudged up the parents brought half magic up due to a popular at the all time and let you do it says it. This guy's got a pretty good at the end like I broke the record right promote your vote in the Marines went out. If you're probably recording directorate at least you got to recruit the Detroit score all time. He's searching prior. Touched on this here's the do you love James Harden in the sense that you know you love watching remember what when I'm watching them offensively there're times words. It's like your book it's like jazz it's it's beautiful to watch defensively though. There are times coach weren't worthy efforts not even there and you're coaching you're coaching kids do you how do you break it down to them we love what he does offensively right but the times man work. Where that efforts not they're particularly against Italy teens we get exposed like is against Golden State how do you begin to break that down you. Are you of James Harden fan not vote for me. The lack of effort parent if it hurts the any chance he has of drawn me and what about you. That comment I guess it. It it's so I would try to create debt debt and it give up fight guided amounts it in an NBA game we just saw last week our colds. I hope you'll probably want to actually I think I've really walked more than anyone well. You can do everything. That you do you don't know who are all so. I did art equipment that well. And so in 81 when they first got Chris ball. If you board negative I'm not part of the going to move to get part of part of what I loved about it and walk and let the battle wanna do what. Our heart we'll be able to get more rest I'll let you airport be better to put the player I think Kyoto treaty. It's just that the case I don't like what happened in the wild but occasionally. We gotta let it get duplicate slew. They're very good at not less you know he believed that he might pardon I paycheck taken too many bad shots. Because it would have been the key. And Ed also not given extra effort he gave to do more and that required energy that I think it. It'd take it away from what he's like. Oracle wanted it he felt like David Goode kick started unbelievable and it abruptly that showed a lot about abroad could look at their targets. Yeah for you obviously the series and he's now tied 22 I think we all assume the wars represent the western conference for you. Do you want to see LeBron and and you know sort of rag tag group of cavaliers take it that. Step one more time would you like to see a new team in there within and the Celtics. OK so first of all I don't agree with your credit at all I don't think you'd you would like yeah I don't. Going updated figure a way that people make about Al. LP and that will be talking step curry and in a lot skated it more Mo looked more bad folks so let's back on court. Then they get by the go to Broadway but I don't know yet. It that would just one incredibly nuclear core to help for curry. Eddie doubt about that routed to get paid whatever and I don't know that the double play lucky I think you go to Richard Land that I. Are not detectors go to 27 I was out even he could win it I cannot get any doubt about the right got to ask the question I do you ever think about. Everything like that out of the burden for a player to get a trip to them. I'd I'd I'd whoever makes it all watched these jacket players come and watch it might well baked goods are trying to break it down recorder on the court. I think bought into it it'll be incredible. But brought got accommodation I got to put a rag tag what they've got Barack activate it apart a bit different products. I'd like calculated there aren't any court Kevin Love what we're seeing Kevin Love up I really appreciated. Without being utilized to good that he could beat. You're still a great player and the article why I don't think I've grown to appreciate coach Lou I picky. I've I used to think kidnappers coached are probably wrong is probably about averaged out free coaching all deep playoff games. Can't help make it even better aren't god vehicle poverty look at the coast later on. But I like what coach lute done I think I think he can rally she did that way because he didn't get to another one but I thought David I'd I'd be thrilled. Thomas Luka have you watched have you had a chance to kind of get a gauge on him you think is going to be a star over anything it takes and sometimes where you have a look at objects. Yeah well for all or what you eat what you did this year but there's no clarity into politics McDonald's. This note but not how our bureau did all the time I want to elect yesterday. Is it just. And there's no. Teenager that will be. And we feel that we are you guys realize that goat goatee destroy any college he they would loot that they hate. I although I am not convinced that the tot he wouldn't get to be competitive at the bottom team. To get on the bottom you just really stick in the NBA right now particularly love coach you know whatever. I think what they would are apparently felt that if you don't know about forty point in a forty minute game. To condemn what occasionally I thought what's it yesterday I talked to a man yesterday who did and it's very very healthy starter in the ATP. And you're into the it's finished we were relegated. To play video really that you're familiar complicated second bet. They're not totally different chuckled and easy to point cartoon he gave maybe it did before it got really go to game because to me. What makes objects so good is likely to where it's not just one particular skill to be a winner we do got a good one pod back. I hear people talking about their lack of a political wherever it out well I would ever dealt rapid fire just got a lot of Renee Powell Ari. No whatever you Kyle Lowry of the athlete or sugar didn't work either give it up. You're the winner of selling what it felt great and he wasn't tall and whether the shooter you don't multiply it all started you with the probably the best or second I wouldn't bet are magically are good at that point he's so I deduct it has also architectural. In a way to get hit it shows. How important to cal poly or I it's up back to run. Is it battle chat derby then yeah effort you've been invaluable and he returned to broad I'd open to what you are. Now I'm a big fan coached well it's always a pleasure thank you are on. It is David Thorpe. Ryder author of basketball is sad as a the beautiful I think it's safe to say the warriors will will be in the I think it's a guy I think I said on the news that he comes at a from the your coach's perspective Reggie never was a series is over until it's actually overly we'd like to vote. We'd like to project rise and I understand that they've got a good chance wouldn't. Golds at 116 general and oracle is an NBA record no one wins and yet nobody it it is a postseason battles you and asked if you harvest bread place yes like outs and they are not going to limit their fans are rad and what's ovals and look I have a nap on favorable investor I think the likelihood yes strongly is that gold that's the ones who restarted he feels about theft of the got a light does go out and I think it's our difference anyone offend but the rocket -- yeah by saying it's over get letters that I might get an idea and I got aids these basketball away that I really appreciate it as well liked them on an education no doubt about it are welcome back we're trying to name the student section deaths we have been every have been so successful. Everything we've ever name Memphis it's we know we named him the what we're now we didn't do it we try had one close to that a camera more of his O'Brien Citigroup but that was when we got from my while Obama Oprah. A you'll agree that football star and Memphis it's it is that it says double meaning as you know. I think I was on a regimen at lower permit this music makers. You just the Tribe's future of these are joke highlights of his music makers because they're gay you are the master could be a baby that diver with a pot. After an internal football team it's all the music makers Cameron sounds like a bunch of little babies also like it's better. Don't do magnificent let's act. She doesn't like this is until let me be nice and our friends way Laden's own. You don't have to placate is just one of those you gonna tell me something inference there I thought I. It is better. Out there and and name out there. Thought community organizer that even freedom I'm alone aren't as good as the hotels are we all Astaro internship we are off to a great start on this is our mothers don't go all right. We'll come back and try to see we can all come together on my for area or sensitive I'm saying it's. 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The law more sort CC is everything you can lead from sales of sparse repair remember remote distance. With a zero turn graver more from commercial equipment company they're easily found if it's our twentieth Shelby oaks drive all you do is take right off somewhere avenue the located across summer directly from. Far from Butler you come up directly not a 12758177. Can that's not a 12758177. Shall take care via. Yes he will eyes Baird does going to be in studio. As large man of his studio at 1225. We will talk. About whatever we want I guess with and his career which has been pretty cool to see take off death in the media industry he'll be a studio at 1220. Five the before we do that as you guys know we were talking about it's. Little while ago other student section in the and the attendance of this insects and it was basketball games has been a topic of recent conversation. Awful pending heart weighs. Interview on the tape her show yesterday. And just give you sort of have a quick reset. Vick is music golf may good god how life goes on and doesn't like provides you throw me also we we agreed at the blue crew is something different students I did a book I was at a different in the sense that yes the we're naming them at the students actually had a correct last week and I thought I'll mean yeah on the whereabouts we may well knock out and out of him. They blew them when I turn on an island counties that are Padilla says there are gonna have all the energies of the blue crew hits you out now yeah but it Tea Party started at the delete other data about what they say. There's like edited the lakers. Allowed him that I had to deleted that he's OpenId leaked it out believe that we believe are due to a since section attendance has long been brought the case at all this. I do people it is just like I hope they do it as a batted aside I'm not a silly do do nine. Students have passion about this particular subject I've seen some tweets press I've seen some of the slums they. We got to get it going Odyssey means something to pay any I'm just curious does it mean for the to the larger. Fashion when I have an exciting student section right I mean you wanna have something that's proud of some that the the television cameras the ESPN cameras and put their their cameras on right now and you'd have a intense sensational because as a non student has just expand the program. You'd appreciate you appreciate having a full student section that the rest of the country sees. Others values there so yeah I mean I think it's a night I don't know which about beyond what bleachers and there. In army whatever that thing full. And heaven and have an unnamed right I think there's purpose like you're not gonna that I uniting and being voted for when we if it's real because the grizzlies is Angolan yeah I mean that's that's a section I have an election. Anyway down. Fitz has been back that it has been bad they're normally always under 50% capacity they have 2000 seats then has been bad everywhere lately that's tourism that's changing a we're hoping to change this now you think by giving the student section a name. You make them feel a part of something well like number tomb of doom I that was I think there are ways you can get two people to the games I think you can. Like what counted right with the television. You know ask you know so you're giving away free TV to suit every week Ilya just as I froze. Now that that won't work work to GT. There origin present Bennett right up as and they went crazy they did we couldn't do it here as an off campus stadium. Yet they don't because it looks a little slightly different message than that helps. But you could do like a partnership with Bloomberg you can make like you can do all these things or take out. In convenience of drive and we design and have been injured coach a betcha they come as the kids love and yeah the students Le pen but you believe that naming the student section will will automatically you don't need we need only know wooden bleachers yeah you don't need nothing different movie all you need. Is a good name. It's rewarding to you as a one of the things we do wellness show or I'd do well. Well we twelve pick we do it while Ari norm I've got ten names how many nobody gets hit Davis has a really put some thought and this I gotta compliment immunity to NASA's cronies got Suzanne says penny should name it. Coach finish amendment so. Suzanne Wright pitting artist that he's a brother have a contest to help folks because all he needs the help Suzanne. And that's what we're here today it cannot be honest tonight is there they did territorial now. Other numbers feel a little bit disrespect because Katherine started blasted. My AF that made David Miller riots that are being a little bit a little bit. Out and made team indeed there's a guilt on this guy he's got injured see I'm disappointed how could you possibly not have one you would only hope is one is decent and here you're absolutely right to Africa. My gosh are you got kid. Let's let out of the lane as far as lets you to blames go first Ali have Warren good what is it. I only got warmest we'll just oh well can't get a one course there's. It's just it's all right he's the latter day you landfill is like pounds he just is real good that literally I'm OK hang on I did yesterday Justin Timberlake is not about not. But at. Heaven and gives them. And I don't have a name I have read don't be scared I have the name it's gonna get shot down to say that the student section. At the university of his best home games. There you go Bennett's much does. Is going because. They need to show the way he put he turned his hands up how silly that we've. He knew how silly that they only made a silly face into the silly hands up and that is the feeling like Kia Motors and I don't know and that any. Do you play any of what looked like right there the white guy remote you that's Muslims and all of a plus I placating unite his he's being goofy I'm not translated to the grizzlies have such a little bit late US wasn't saying he's in Michael's jumpers. You know just make any is like hitting people like this the people around him these other people around him there's other aussies don't pay our it and these people. We need to make as is loosen the penny not just the University of Memphis. Katherine just told me she loves it though with her oddly. Yeah it is not just never gonna drop the hammer on ethnic instances. There. Exactly. If that's your big middle others other Fred's hammer and pardon Friday's big Canadian and other debated here repair record company. Because forth across our side that is they're the name but you guys from places you lose then what she got. Are not getting into when I got some sin. Come off well I are in my personal about that runs throughout a steady at one mile I'm not I'm ready okay my first one is tiger trap. Know that sounds like no we don't we don't that's how would you try to trap a tiger right. Obama settlers trying to trap us they're not tried them we're trying to drive them I found crash tiger to. Never. My phone blow number and you better come a little better hitting good blast and you pay people better. Tiger traps on school yellow Ron Paul animals better than OK I got a day to use that brain power I I can count. Carnivore crude. Universal scientific part crew carnivore I I don't it's again why I have a right yeah. I got a decade let's get some ads involve a lot of lord who is as a lot of FedEx ferocity. No awful. Ban on lap as you decide I want Omar I don't know Omar so.