Jason & John Hour 1

Jason & John
Friday, June 22nd
LIVE at the Wing Guru new location in Bartlett. Jason and John talk about Memphis Grizzlies' picks.

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And I tell you what we got a bunch of excited people out here. At the wing who grew we are 719 and I stage road and we encourage you to come it is the grand opening the way new roof. About a guy I don't. Is expected up our brother you've got a master minds into the outfield is yours is a little low until how to carry us there's no question about it. But now it's a great day were out here on the you re opening of the week guru and it is a great. My authority pop. India I need to say this so we're going to Fargo rather have art in this gestures something I don't know do you have it miscast yes but. On May sixteenth which was the day after the draft lottery yes you may remember or you may choose not to go out do that I came on this show. And I told you an entire month ago saying what the grizzlies were going to do this you do that there was a little bit in this direction there was about that maybe they should. Parade down a lot of chances and they can be attached Jim Parsons contract to the number four big learning through at all that all the subterfuge. What happened. They did what she says they were gonna do your job. My prediction on May fifteenth my goodness was that it was his gritty Belgian citizen married ms. may sixteenth it was the best we didn't know I tweeted it that night my data centers on the show lives you gonna come on his own credit report I've got I think I deserve a little bit of applause bracket you can you can you give any applause the applause dropped right about just one time for the one time tonight here. Thank you very very fact yes but he's got a guy is like push it he said. Right if you go you know low cut. And I do we do we'll be right today and we knew you gonna come and tells about and it's certainly that is a selection that has divided this city of Memphis would you say I would say it's divided this station I mean Brad Carson is going to at himself here is that in my oven gas fireworks on on what may have a little on the show I don't know if we can match that we certainly would try here's a vehicle on the show two day at 1145. We are going to get the scoop on Jerry Jackson junior from a man who knows him better than most and that is Brendan quit he covers. Michigan and Michigan State for the athletic which means he watched every single game unlike all the grizzlies fans who wore a protest in this pick careful. He watched every single -- you did that it Jackson junior that he actually watch a game I would just say that most of the grizzlies fans were protests this pick today have watched absolutely call rogue all of Janet Jackson junior because if they did they would actually feel a little bit better about it will break that down momentarily but yes like Britain equated to join us at 1145 at 1225. We're gonna have Geoff Calkins here just Calkins will be here at the week guru he's gonna bless us with his presence on the storm looks like Brad we're going to force him to have an opinion about something so he will be here at 1225. And then at 1 o'clock we're to talk to crop duster. Who believes the grizzlies were NBA draft letters last night I texted him this morning and made sure he thought that before I invited him on the surface here's what out of what they thought it would it would happening here is that a lot of initiatives I've just people who are just try to educate you know Memphis in the city of Memphis Grizzlies fans on who Jerry Jackson is an idea I'm down with an education you have that down for you to just take anywhere you want to take. I'd leave it up to us to decide what what is the mission of the side that information. On what is the what is the mission of this show. Inform entertain a list and I recruit in some cases unite right. Always travel be like so let's hope. Everybody's divide and today did value work and for that everybody is divided today I did talk to his dad briefly untapped well of course it is an episode number Bennett. I don't do what a brilliant for just a minute you don't think he job. Once upon a time not too long ago you had he blocks Jerry Jackson junior's dad blocked because you accused him of being in a way to work out here in mid this one on Wednesday were able to get through the whale he bought me here shortly after after the grizzlies. Drafted him. And he said I asked that I invited him on the show. And he said I'll be at the press coverage tomorrow see you soon that's the official comment that I got injured offensive zone do you think I was right. Now that he denied any never worked out for the yours but he did give them that his medical's finally finally last night before they took a drive that was that was nice yes there's a press covers 2 o'clock we will introduce Janet Jackson junior and second round pick Javon. Carter. And it's an illicit. I do it well and I don't if apple does. I think the grizzlies play is to hold opponents to seventy points a game and I like grit grind forever baby. I'll like it. I don't know we've moved on her very well you know I told us the notes I think I asked him out of it was that justice ordering would visit the vision we are open things up now about degree and I think you've got a standout in this league I think I try to play the warriors game. You're gonna lose I'll have most of the time yes that's served and candidates over the rockets game you're gonna lose I mean I it's like listen it's like what the hawks did last night for example they track that a bunch of shooters I did a 51 saint. Whether it's shooting. Whether it's defense whether or else it can be quite yet it's hardly accurate the rest is what they did last night in drafting Jerry Jackson junior at number four contracting Javon Carter at number 32 is they said we're going to have. A defensive identity which as you know Jason this city. Loves to do about that and these are certainly players that. That fits that. Approached John and I will say this. Division keeps changing right that's all of them I'm talking about in new and you keep you know I'm I'm not going to fuel this but I am gonna tell you. That. Fine with most fans and that I hoped either you get multiple page he had some shooting off on our love and here's what we here's a weak part job yet. You wanna start something with defense argued that looks to me like the rest of the league is playing high powered offense that relies you've got to have right to stop to slow that down you've got to have switch double guys yet you've got to have defenders that's what these guys off. But you tell me what are you of personnel wise you've been set up. Tried that vote direction you were going was about to open it up like to score boards now we're going back the other direction there's been a lot of that. John with this franchise as you know what it's like you're gonna try to reach then you don't trade rhetoric can automate yeah are you in the tank he had the thing well when now you're all in the tech. You know that it's just the constant back bore down to me. I know. He can possibly be the best player in the draft we'll talk for him when he's home value down on the guy if you argue all that yes maybe he can be Serge Ibaka that would be great seemed like best case here to me yet. But more meat you know where I stand on one since worn out what the wing player excuse me for not as a franchise has gone forever that's fine I think. Clearly that has multiple picks the grisly sold out this season for a top to pit. Right they did not get one they did not get a top three pick they got the fourth pick and unfortunately. There was just a drop off in terms of guys who could help them. Next season right that's what I'm. It's big clumsy but there's no way around that the transition has been clumsy very much so because you you you know a year to smaller market if you're trying to sell tickets are trying to remain competitive because you know that if you jump off that cliff even if it's time like you have said it and it's hard to argue that right even if it's time you know that's never easy because you can be like Sacramento and you can be there for particular used to try to get a you can go about getting there can never get back and so I understand what you have to separate philosophies classic you have the basketball at bay pitching generally -- had a business side of things and I think that that. That picked at number four pick. I think those two things are at odds I also think that is true yeah and that's a good fair point I think Jerry wins a junior can be a very good player obviously. I still I mean he shot 40% from the realistic and I know you guys take what every of the poor the per forty numbers but the love forty numbers are well great okay another twenty. Did six and a half blocks a game in Big Ten play like five and a half of Oxford and I want I got it looks it and I would have to decisions and I think it was six in six in a very here's another for 44 to five point nine files for yes that is a problem that he's the right but he is eighteen years old idea that he's aged and I don't think you're gonna have to be teaching that this kid doesn't have alligator arms you know like he's gonna be that a Lasik swings for quite honestly. You know it again. I think there is a place in the NBA you know at this you have assumed here I guess but I think there's an a place in the NBA for a guy who came to fade it reasonably close and especially its excellent and be shot blocker there is a place in the NBA for that guy. And that's what Jerry takes days. He's not for now. He's for later well he ever remember we were talking about before the draft how they're but they're a draft for now because the plan announced the win fifty games he's for later right John this is for the post Mike Moore. Yes obviously you're going to play then he's gonna get some time with more important to get there but if your if your pick in this this wasn't for now this wasn't for fifty wins well wolf this is for the future let's do it at that point to that point okay. Well John I don't for the edited that I'm looking for the way to try to buy into this thing it's easy to buy into it because he's he's personality you have these are if he's if he's ahead hell of a big man in three years it is he's got a great yourself a little while yet he mentioned JB blog boy got a lot of personality and so we already the kids start I don't want my players and he's made up for the fact that he didn't wanna work out in your degrees is his medical Marty forgiven him for that well no way that actually late yeah okay so sought out quickly we forget I've forgiven him for a while I think people deserves -- contains -- I think he realized he was dropping in the draft that OK here's what's though without the hawks wanted him the hawks wanted to the dirty like I. I think the grizzlies got good value and I do the best player at that point I realized look yes when we pin me down to it you can't back up can be traced to be taken JJJ Wright was very young and taken very young I realized at that point last night you can't takes regulatory young doesn't help you to fifty wins either that next season. That's that they're crooks well my issue is that there was nobody they could've drafted at number four who. Who helps them with their immediate claim you agree with that right okay there was window cardinals on our group wants dodge it and back clear off the board arrest big guys are bought yells and I'm looking towards future that I look towards future you know where I want future superstar but what we know about this kid but obviously struggled repeats we're going to be if he's well that's going to be the question I can't say you like. He's not gonna do is emerging are typically if it's a gamble which it is that it's a bit there yeah your your banking on potential drug testing did not have a great we have not seen your banking on the other than the box which in the blocks covered if that's what. Why exactly present at that point in that same why couldn't it the same gamble on sore right. You hate trait that's why you don't why don't you hate that hate is espousing words I was room that's ray's shooting will transfer. I bet that's the point I'd I'd that's great young guys need I think it's very young is some shouting and excitement. I think trio as you're gonna be a very good player or he's not gonna be good at all I don't think there's any in between with him. And so that scares me and we're talking about you know in terms of who's gonna play tray you got to play in front of Mike Conley he's gonna play alongside my confidence in we're not talking about right now agenda and that agenda some junior either he's insurers to. Some time for a would have got some time and you don't think he does become the lead guy out you know our league now so we were what we read about last night right. And it was a great turnout. We have to everybody and it was. For each of the close him out today was that it was almost all thousand of them tell anybody got a little trigger went up trigger today have a huge jumpers it's that it's amazing. Don't know you know but I realize that meant you got a great relationship but that. The Bentley now and it looked. Listen we look we want their dad didn't text back so yes and a wrap it up you get soft on that's what's out there that's exactly right but we wrote the book last night and if you go to my Twitter and you look at my pairs of you'll see the reaction of grizzlies fans they sort of bully they started going did have a total that I had was about as well because yeah you got sucked up at it I know you've got some dividend on TV how on first. Can anybody know two day. That this kid is gonna saw it it it about the kids. It ain't about the kids about what the grizzlies didn't do it's about you know you're looking for a little creativity your looking for at least to stay on the path that can you know that you. For me again it's it's adding she's being it's adding scoring it's you know it's excitement that's what this week is about now in heat and hot Abaxis you know. Bonnie marks all the weeks ago that judge it day it was the right plus. For me he said that for Memphis he fits right in fits you know he fits in now in terms of defensively he's going to help you fix it later because we do as possibly the most upside. But anyone in this round I've I give all that. I'd get I'd like that he can step outside and knocked down a authorities and he takes it on the streets was solid you know situational thing when he shot. Streets but brother can't get a brother get away. And a brother get away I mean how long have you been needing that how many years have you been draft and powerful words tell me they're gonna work this. He okay do everything. On potential OK at that gonna look good so tell me I should trust this or office that out we've seen that guy after guy that hasn't. But you don't know what we thought he'd come through into the three years and so on supposed to have no quest Izod about is what I understand 100 this market can't defend them like I understand your legs I don't I'm foundational out of jail that's a big thank you go through their picks the last two years and it it'll make you vomit. But I did it I understand how the deal it's easy it's easy to turn to crap on the front office so I understand that and they and they they are that are that reputation but I'm just saying like. There's a difference between the traffic Jerry Jackson for a draft and yet they gators in the second rounder is a different I think that you're absolutely right about it I think the difference I'm just not gonna. Go all in right now with what I know about this far off it's just how well what I felt the need to work also let me see it all you show me from people who know the kid. Is that he is the modern day in the they got it tiger I'd like your job on the allies there I just don't like the switching one through five you've got to have those guys the guy that can go out there and stay in front of a guard at that size yes yes I like that it's a theory it's a it's a piece. It's a piece when you know likely you're losing a Dan rather pick to Boston next year yeah. Could you have gotten gone for the swing for the suit itself it's good to have swung for superstar great just yet he's toast that you would have you would have drafted at forward given the way the top three wins there's no dusted while military I would like what it was a secretary stipulating no trail like to trade down and got multiple hits yes. Will never know what the offers were right so so throw that out the window right yes when you pin me down on sticking to it yesterday it's JJJ and train young. I'm taking radio. Okay well as well that I'm not taken trail and it went I -- bad about the kid and say you don't wanna say they hope you can succeed no foul I want to I want this to go well I want them to become Serge Ibaka rather than two to three years he's what he's one of the best shot blockers in the league and he's popular outside it and the reason gone past that guys to follow his like I hope that for his I'd just have my doubt his physical comparisons. Right if you look it is hype it is wingspan is dating reached. He compares favorably. To miles turner then LaMarcus Aldridge I see a boxing. And that's what he did that's what a bright best case they're OK I don't think best case scenario we surge o'clock I think best case scenario he's like Lamar to Sandra miles starter tonight. LaMarcus all of yes yes yes. Think it's about to shoot. What we're sourcing best case scenario thank you in the post like this that sued the studio and even a great he's got questionable legality to forty attend her forty in the Big Ten. Great shot like your kid mile hold off on the Lamar assaulted the market does just this case and oh yeah let's say he's LaMarcus is just all around us all this is a torture chambers and in the post eighteen yes he he's. Note again the Seattle post today that on dogging that he had I'm just oh I don't kill me for having questions about it. I should happen by Ambac and in the morning that this this. Franchise to finally going direction that I understand and I know this is it sexy for radio I'd get that because everybody has to have them made is already hot weather that you make it needs because of me it's likely that this is something people here and it's packed in Israel with its. But it and I got on this thing you have to decide here's the you have to decide who found out did you Wear the hoodie on a lot of guys that we do not share up one of them be like the studio here young people like ours box studio does that's what I'm just nowadays has taken shots at the darkness that oddity is it's these or lose chaotic today I just say that you're supposed to have an opinion that day after the draft within this kid is going to be whoever did what did you make also offensive or terrible. And I'm just saying that if you sound like you might be all of them well I I. If I have this if I have to choose going to be good or not I think he's gonna be good I think he's going to be a part of this franchise for a decade. There you go. I think he's alienated wannabes won four out well that's between him and god but he's here now I'm not overbought I don't know about Levy's parents all of its personality. He let me I'm not allowed to view of both of Wesley Witherspoon I'll stop that little boy his personality now just. Does that. Does that playfulness when you say that I said does that morning to Billy 1000 yourself and a little that is there's little bit of that place that is don't you feel electric kind of got them come up behind you put a gravity is behind it okay not realizing you don't like megaphone because of athletic statement it is our realize exact out there. Editors young. Wesley woods who never grew out of OK as you this do you feel that you feel comfortable in this new staffed because here's what's gonna ultimately come down to this kid is is. He is a great valuable piece of marketing right and that's what I see I see what I'm not even with this horrible market I'm wondered about the did you see this big block of marble right. She is gorgeous and it's got great contingent was good but it's got to be chiseled from Mike you dated anybody and actually on Saturday to -- now and that I don't have that was not -- -- what we have that was like that little that was more like aluminum -- there and stuff like -- -- all adding -- and around the -- down there was citing witnesses at this is -- aluminum sizes of -- -- I -- you know I need -- out with masterful -- the to come in here and turn this guy to a Greek god so that's JD that's -- that's more star power to -- insanity is doing right now do you trust this staff of because that's ultimately what it's gonna -- we are talking about the point 2% of players in the world. And they're all awesome on some level. They got their for a reason right it's gonna come down again this staff which is made up of JB who apparently was instrumental in convincing him that this was a good place for him. Jerry Stackhouse Nick Van Exel Vitaly Potapenko right you like that dialogue that without you did you and they developed him into what he will do because that's the question. And that's not sexy. Nor was your defense is not sexy to drive the guy on defensive mental side. If a potential. Is not sexy but I do regret to inform you that that is still a part of the game that's played in the evening I can't wait to hear what our listeners have to say about this Jarvis and you know I know they're gonna say if there on the right side. Toward the John Martin side Woolsey. I let's do that we come back we're gonna get together hoodie it's very hot here Ahmadinejad that they would just go down. But we take your call -- you don't triggered me like this that they were all this fits that while I'm not I want I don't I think jaws is now going to be a a console because I mean yes she did you know when you're on the -- you always going to be a very good player at India I see it I think he's got personality he's on the right there was a doubt that the new frog or even DD is seagull which he's about to get FedEx of that group that he that I don't know about DD like that they go Vince Carter wanted to build another room for him now homeland stopped into this it's this is the end for beyoncé Davis. That without a shadow of the vessel because we're talking about senator Lazio lying let's go Jesus let's go live to react to beyoncé Davis after last night's draft so it's just another blank expression he has no reaction brought. I'm not all that you hate all do you like that he's not here that you've had about a guy who was the bright side with a B he had the opportunity last year to show that. He's going to be something in this league and needed sounded like he wants it spells don't I mean he does way more than the affidavit that does not even fair to compare that to the what the mission statement about the only thing they shared time that he let rip take your calls fabric three sevens and please call 35 last announcements that someone you know I depict. Do you hate that doesn't matter updated about Carter I think with the camera quick he is what he is lucky you pretty much know what he's gonna be it India. He didn't back up what are these of the east and Patrick Beverley fifteen pounds heavier and maybe a little bit better three point shot shot 39% last year and now like Heath I think he's a grinder he's gonna come in the league he's you know practically yes. 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The winning cures. Guys the standard 36 brilliant. Burns was about 75 words but this one has twice as many were left so that Jason can talk really fast that is fast though as the Formula One inspired electric Italian made records at. Auto body in doers he'd waited beds the can go to fifty miles an hour which is more than twice as fast. As the cars your daddy used to play around and unless of course your father's Mario Andretti but he's probably not his cards may have been faster but I always slightly. That was where John accelerated second Phil satisfy your need to be an easy pick it up into the burn out for the burn up. Under this contract is out of the world famous lines was fast Muslim that's the place as fast cars and the thought of on endorsed the live events extreme I imagine you drive. If there right now pressed upon those happy supersonic. League be split you at fast out of our north speedway event will always asking John Martin. What do you make support today my goodness is that we do root. It is great did not hear you 171 night and stay a little arrow buttons or this afternoon outside I could feel like guys acted like kind of lift up with this included back here but I you can tell. Whether announces that here onslaught. Absolutely said the audio. What I tell you there's going to be a tough out of it the history of heart I thank you did not at some point religion Jackson junior was going to the president or I mean what they juggle your African profit. Doubles start believe me there at some point everybody in at the draft party last night. They predicted this job. They predicted that you would come on until. That's not right so humble and you do the same day that if you were in my shoes would you do the same thing I knew would you going to be at some point we're gonna have to discuss Lucas done to just bomb. I mean that's a sign that we have that is not today I mean what did you see because I'm the agency would Andre Iguodala waited though it is unacceptable. We're gonna that we're gonna discuss all right so look forward to that the right now we're take your calls all of the grizzlies draft selection. Last night 5353776535377. Ticks to go first to a man became famous. Yesterday after his call it is John for east of Memphis John your own. Yeah and what on John. Well I gotta say you know you expect the worst cultivated through bad they got the personal me volley question. Doctors got to look at Alden. Not great. The other window quarter look like a more ready basketball player overall please make you get a little bit ordered that the prowler. I did hear Jack who do your life. I don't I'd like to hear your fault or repair. Threw that ball players. Yet hasn't presented we don't want a little bit of a much better or roll back or there's a lot or altered food. Children. Yeah okay John appreciate that so John asked us. When Bill Carter first Jerry jacks that are I brings a villain and Wendell more ready now I think if I think later as he wanted out but anyway you know he may be more ready now but. He doesn't have. The upside and the potential. That they're Jackson passed. And this is the bottom line like I think Jade Jagger could develop it gives you good spacing because he can shoot it down his jump shot is very coldly. Many here spooky looking it's weird but it goes into it it's like Alonso I don't know if it goes it goes any shot 40% of thing is that. He gets the shot off quickly. Exactly and that's the key like it is ugly but he gets it off fast so it doesn't look like he's about the changes look you better not change this one's career I don't take away shot. But it is what it is that I don't think we'll talk show why you ain't got no alibi yeah window Carter. You know he averaged thirteen and half the game only took 13 game you know there are people because that space I have we're red their and other people we talk to you you've seen it from the experts believe in the car is going to be also. I'd intelligence. No chance he's an all star no chance when they're Carter no chances and I'll started no clue us one down but another one down yes my bump when that when that little car and Arnold are you saying this guy you say what a car's going to be it also don't you want. All the experts say well how could do to get an all star there's zero Toews window callers going to be you know so I know a lot better chance that he's in the east job I don't see it got to draft the probable. I don't see all your book. Sort of until the bulls fan here got to remember that five to 537765353776. I know the answer questions like Wendell Carter better because quite your closest. We'll just press right that's right that's right but I'm working on that I'm working on I was working on that I know the answer but we're gonna bring him on several months last year on pledge. Claudia don't man yeah. So yeah. Well I guess that whole thing I'm a mixture between you two just. Just literally exploded on the middle be out mr. may it is Jon Heyman that. Lot of raw talent young guy a lot of build up. But that's that's the major says you know if we had waste of these first round picks if we hadn't you know of the ping pong ball jumped on the forward worst case scenario and other top three. You know 88 that was just a combination eleven I don't honestly just been disappointed because it's just he's stood for Russian man he's gonna fit in well here. It's just not gonna help us next year are these zero point zero chance of a feature Michael Green out first starting spot. And then they traded Michael that I don't you think you know he's. Right there were literally billions in contracts. Well there have been new and yet if he'll be back in Iraq get rid of somebody it's obviously good for the fifth Delhi after they distort I think that'll fire last month on a lighter. You have on fire went back to defense that's that's great but boy I got to be on and I hate about it on the computer thirty win beaten him up. Local and National Guard members regardless of what we feel that in his home we should say too I mean. It was that it was the Tisdale decision to go away from her grind we don't know that that was an organizational. You know we don't know that was an organization decision grit grind was the reason why they made seven straight playoff so I understand why you might wanna go back to that he would as as the as like tired as it feels. You chose mark over his putter is currently down to what really happened right exactly you showed you chose the aging center. Oh will be 34 next January who's got an option on his contract after next season you chose him over the god that you told to solve had a new vision have been the the players' coach the one everybody love as we see how many job opportunities again after this death. You chose marked their chills along the path and so episode for a syllables that this. You shows then we with his youth you've done just what pledge said you burned up yeah we'll what you burned up trying to be like go sleep straight big medical you're trying to go back to what she knows. Works in Memphis deaf blind and up exactly. I just don't know if you're going to be a success again without we go into his lead we go to Mike Mike from the airport your own. Hooked on Soledad president Larry let fly out. Home message coming out and say what it would do so uninspiring. We got four guys pick and it would appear can do don't even matter to Michael Beebe about what we're absolutely surreal or are the red beating out. That's a number of pool CA. That's what number of full were kids is that it's just be ineptitude what I am trying to be positive. So it and I will be no wait and see I'm will be judging campaign wolf. I. Yet we understand that for sure we understand that completely weavers in politics for coming out last night to listen. I gated it is and it's like oh my goodness what has done well that is that standard we love Sammy has showed any thought he would he brought saves a decade ago. There are big angle and made some some saw the blood vessels washing sneezing wash and zucchini senate thanks to earlier amazing. If you spread your legs and you have got a masters sure at all and I got big tell you what we got an out route today Iverson and a bad thing about San he has an accident as legend the legend anyway I found this time the resolved to everybody's all out and I figured this out 3537 Simpson's father found the SP into we have time for a few more. Whose next to his next. On the line. Who's next who's next and. Randy Randy Randy you're wrong. Both of those young's brother. Due to violent I would not let I doubt my new round of Susan so spot I did. Couldn't help but feel that we drafted ashamed at three street drafts read through and will address last night so who do you yeah. Tell these fees. Are rare and really got layups I mean we are to get Mark Green it did this thing that we had of the spartans could feel with the fourth spot. We need a star of school or somebody could put. Feet in the but it puts and it continues. And it would be able and other role player. Okay run up front on this site I don't know what John stuff try to give it to you but stay with you found out he's that you write on them because you can't. It just think things like this when they're just so far for reality out of mobile market Kingdome where Randy Randy does not argue and I don't know how many these companies like Israelis back yards a Davis still get his one year at Michigan stadium he cared there. Take a gander. They're playing good saves it was a bit about the go to zero or 48 all right so you Biondi took or zero threes you cannot even come. Payer Dionte Davis and Jerry Jackson junior Dionte Davis averaged seven points a game. At Michigan State when you draft them if it was understood that we generally was mainly an editorial report that but he's not the same players the are they Davis Freddie that's irresponsible for you believe that he's much better. Indiana the point is that the out of the project I'm maybe a better bonded but another one that should tell me to be riveted and you're 808 yeah Dave's audience that he had to be ready. Nobody ever said he had to be ready efforts are Jackson will be ready someday. Whether it's next year or the year after I'll so come on I mean it DOT Davis comparison doesn't make any sense to me whatsoever I mean I think you are you seeing the numbers that I'm looking at right now set and a half a game. And points father to have else what that assists. Didn't take any theories that there is just a difference in in play here in about the difference is the one that you one and we got time for one more who's that who's up next Josh of these that was just wrong. Skills of fellow liberals my hello hi I'm excited. Personally. I've been out there. A lot actually I'm on my personal board. I am tired. You know I if this man speaking it occurs god let important. You know he's been comparing and the awkward Beattie. I mean it is sort feisty out it was the size of this student that they're not even close the same players physical guys is I. Every way better neighbor Michael Gregory. That many if not even going to be a question what they get a manner and ancient me hello this pedigree you know outer band played her curse. You know one of censorship played under our. So this kid you not eating he comes from you know had a money. He's not hatred in this first shaking go crazy. You any losses that put in the work. You know I'm pleased that the court pedigree jobs he's got the category. If dad befits a vacuum and it it's impressive I have watched I'd move the seat that's why he does my. When you impresses you about what was more homogeneous. He entered the he has great touch. You know here's my take I think it's a fair question why he could sit on the floor why it was more about why no why is it about problem could be anecdotal it could be the situation he was that it college how many times have we seen guys pick a school. They they don't do much in their year at at at wherever they are they get the NBA they develop like that's just. That can happen and I really do believe that's going to be the case here Richard Jackson just received the call who's up next. Toby Toby Toby Toby was several of. I was going on them young. Sorry man and I wanted to come out literally booed or whatever I don't ever let martyred so why aren't. We interpret them a blowout. Lower heart murdered. I what are they are just part of Wal-Mart thing is DiMarco greens party. They're revered that we get rid of the Michael burn it Lautenberg in group. I don't understand that we need guard vocal score we need guard. We need guard play I don't let the whole. Like other Mississippi that we think we got a syndication release saying we don't go we will not even look that I assume are are ergo don't. I don't. Don't feel cheated if this guy can be miles per hour flight in two years three years accuser her protector he's average in sixteen dead and three blocks a game you don't get it there like you don't get the vision. Dunbar half our house. Probably work okay what Ramirez didn't let me ask you 200 what our government permits would point out what it. And anyway Summers what a joy love them. We hear your common courtesy I don't know about what we'll do that after that it does your ass and that a couple errant tax. To this point there's no I could hear. Oh but it didn't fall or last night you knew that was gonna change. That and you're you're thrown out that you're your act like you can't trade back but we don't know an audio caller that's tomorrow office adjectives thrown that out windows if you can't you don't have that option. But you know I think people wanted to see you. Try to get multiple takes try to maybe be a little more creative and I don't think you can tell people the wrong for him that way you don't think it's creative to draft the guy that could be you and the Atlanta we're obviously shot today and I both know where the papers say from three. And I both know where this things hit. Instead of for what it's going to fall off but somehow I think the kids how you all you want us moms in the past clearly they've made a statement last night they're gonna try to bring the pass back. We'll try to relive the past. That's it that's the state should be OK so if you just think nationally. The only national guys are killed us pick last night on the beyond us is Gary Player. He's the only national guys solves that had an issue with the pick whether it was you know whether it was rob DOS or whether it was you know our next is pretty Quayle like guys who had seen him play a great length nobody was coming on Twitter until the hundreds went on August night and I think that matters John hum not we're not telling you don't think any of us have told you this it's going to be a bust. No nobody seems to like it in Memphis that's my problem. You know why they don't like it because because you have you have more needs than another. Big guy in the middle that may be ready in two to three years that's that's the reason why I wanna you wanna see you John we talked about this it looked like Golden State in the you see we're playing in a different league John what what difference does and I realize that division. From Memphis you're doing it without Micah Marshall that additional you know it is it was from a long time ago to try to break him. That's what the league this right now. You really think Britain grindstone we're beginning it's going to be the thing that comes to believe it's the next big thing it's what's gonna slow down these gold states and in Houston we'll tell me got big for a minute another before admitted they did for a minute they were sort of David Kryptonite for the Golden State Warriors. And it was because that's how they able to ever be Golden State or Houston play they're game. The only shot they have is to become a defensive juggernaut. Men and that's not going to be easy obviously against those who is with. I don't I forgive them for taking a sort of you know the opposite view we got time for one more we go to drew a title or you're on. Mark yeah. At this past you have a man. You this an enemy and I like it looks like he believes we say I didn't I standing reach that we expand the shot blocking ability the ability to guard one in five he shot 40% delivery lifted out of my league Yahoo! I think dollar hate because you just don't like the grizzlies front office which I understand believe me. But separate the brilliant. It is possible that this kid is a good player it just so happened to be drafted by the grizzlies. I mean I agree committee. He has potential to be a good player yet yes you know freakish athletic ability. All over Britain's made it last night. Hobbled Jane Decker yeah I mean I'd trade that flared. You're shooter needs some etiquette and the ball you don't need another big man on man got I regret Arkansas. Jan Michael grade drill our beyoncé date. He's. Only got out of its way they're not. That was just a little line which you've got a 51 at school. Let you can't just say we have a bunch of bigs that are not good quality out of its. Well that's been a problem for them out there was that we get for last night that they could have taken that would have been good but you're done you're telling you you're talking like baby had no trade options I don't know. I'm still enough to figure some I want from a pool side we're gonna get a you know what I wanna do it I think would be good if we get to know the kid from somebody who covered. Let's look at this let's get let's its mark on your Jackson you know it's it's Smart because a lot of covered it on down that what's done is done. Agreed he's here it's in the series coming in we're gonna press count and I think you you're gonna do. Here's my prediction I like the kid's personality and win the US prediction is there Jason Smith by the start to see we're going to be a bracket college or and he is gonna level he's gonna follow his charisma. Is he he's funny. He's charming. I think Jason's gonna levels are rooted I think you guys have a lot of media days only see each other new events and growth and Obama and asked him if he's alone what are you gonna say almost I got to know me as an immigrant stay out of foul trouble for a hostile. On the second digit. He had another found in the NBA of that molehill type here's what I'm excited about they finally drafted a guy that's actually gonna play it as a relief. There's not like comedy without injury molester so I'm I'm excited about that makes it and let's get excited we got one that's gonna play in the summer of I don't know martz that let's go it's Friday that we have a swing gurus anyone that announced they drove I want to get back -- to quit covered Michigan State the athletic that's actually what he does that we see every day that Jerry Jackson junior has played we're gonna get his opinion about the pick. When we come back Jason had gotten into an event yesterday. I have to tell you about this wonderful program I heard about from Jim and Fay Jones agree Max experts call home it's for heroes on the way it works as anyone in the military any veterans anyone in the medical profession any teacher any police officer any firefighter by the moment of the program to get cash or check the thank you and I just a little cash reward of home cost 150000 dollars in cash reward check is 1050. 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He's he's ready to 9 PM ESPN radio talk time masters and anytime anywhere and save us today from the office and at least one Bartlett. Don't we on the West Memphis is a sports station. Pay zero castles and got great golf here in Memphis mortgage. Nancy is Mira meets. Broadcasting and he's more. Sixty GM and online at 99. Some years. It's been well. It's open. It's only when it's. Big risk. I didn't know. They're really tell you get Dale Junior. Remote area. Those like I think there. Go so now you realize you have. I'm glad that this isn't it time 99 FN BS the and we are broadcasting law. Out at the queen who rented an opening blowout. It's is out there. When you're talking about real quick I know Brad ridiculous for this but we talk about what Sammy just brought because then they always have to say what it would a week it's -- percent he got he enjoys that he's okay known as McCain though it's an air Jordan I'll angle on assurances it is not -- having to take a picture of you are not worthy and hopes to see that it came over him they gave me angles on the so and so you've carved out a little niche for yourself yes I have Wilma blew one last night to draft party as you know you've finally lifted out in an address that Jim Jackson junior and I don't think I don't think you can certainly Asian wasn't much about it yet you didn't think it lived up and they keep our use of zucchini and some squash I guess you brought us and obviously hasn't gardens of former the yes he did and my goodness as a bonus programs. Sammy thanked him. You know he's when he's close now so this is. That is a lesson in humility for a lot earlier this week and what it would find some more lessons for these jobs are yes there that aren't so little quick we have talked a lot about Janet Jackson we will continue to suck ledger Jackson Britton Quaid is gonna join us at some point today. But they also had made as a second round selection which was Savard Carter. From West Virginia and he came on our air at that element into nine what their castle time. Not long ago when he worked out yet endless and everything you just hear he's a dollar against which you hear Bob Huggins all of them Hamas is a lot of us a lot and I'll ever coach savage that's been got to mean something he is a couple would you say junkyard dog like dude and also been about this yesterday. A before the draft of he he can set a home for the entire game. Defensively you don't see guys like him he's literally one of those slots the floor dudes in the oval we'll get a hit somebody so deep. The rest of the team wants to create and act like he's that gap there are few guys that can do that on the defensive end. Gary mongering is one of those guys they give you that raises the level of play itself and everyone else with a defense exact distance like that he's you have your Beverly with a look with a good shot if he's your he's automatically what does that all weather event. I do. I mean Charles Thomas is gone that's major Ayers and prayers have been go to a he's gonna have to play to these if he's he's my god all you identify bad weather out so we give you told me look I love the kid a lovely does the simply told you're watching a lot. I liked obese kids do. How well the problem obesity is going into this draft well bodies showed little slack I got a guy that you try to you know here's the thing Kobe doesn't fit. Grit and grind it again if you if you debts you've clearly made decision you wanna go back to that. This kid fits grit and grind he fits that right and I understand that he just feels to me like you say just a solid top windows update and wetlands at all yet and yet the fact of the matter too is it but I can't tell exactly the most durable player in the history of the world we -- so if he goes down I think you feel a little bit better about him as a backup point guard had the slot in the starting role then I certainly do defensively obesity and right now doesn't -- it's he can't create his own shot like clubs and -- -- -- seventy today go ahead you know that's not to be shutting -- on those shot 39% from three his last two years at college so you can knock it down I'm just telling you getting your shot off the dribble getting his shot that it athletically right at the basket you're not gonna sealed oil well was that it doesn't it what was interesting for me I don't know if you noticed this but I was of the grizzlies drafted Javon Carter. At number 32. Our Muslim what's the overall and that's and then literally not even 240 seconds later the 76ers. Submit their pick of jail and brought him like they could not wait ought not to dredge in the front so so so that will be that you if you go if you wanna give them back up point doesn't have the hawks she's if you wanna get another backup point guard. You tell me brunch of time. You know such as these certainly is certainly a leader winner. But again it goes back to it and look I'm getting a little credit if you've got that -- again new vision fought back to great round what you got players last night that fit that there's fraud just wanna get one -- let's stick to it and stay with right not that I don't does that matter to deliberate the Dallas -- cannot wait to draft dodger abreast of the pick later so that doesn't matter what you know about I don't know lots of obviously -- -- -- -- -- -- -- go into the to the maps of that will be interstate but no I don't think -- -- celebration was right there yeah you -- -- I would have liked him a lot -- -- wing -- -- -- -- he -- -- -- forty percentage -- -- -- three point there. If Tyrus Thomas is the guys yet that I don't coffins love rat I. I does that have too much conviction. There was that the best pick for that spot I think again. Is who who would've been you how big was the need for point guard again I don't know a lot of backup point guard right I mean they needed to identify and address that. The grizzlies need everything we saw enough it was it was in the with a undefeated they're that juries it's it's again if he's doing it affect your outlook does decide what did you have fun and rapid a point guard. But he has been clean forever right forever you know. That would have been to eighty a visit Libya didn't have stressed it yet are. But again job on or network pharmacies are way it's written rides the wave yeah it's that what that he took it that this is the only thing the grizzlies have known that worked its successful era I know why the same for office and happy to have what are the chances you reform that. What are the chances that comes back we know how special that was read what are the chances you get it back to like it was many organizations have made the mistake. Yes a try to go back and be something that they worry in the past yet. I'm hoping this is not all of it that it and at least we're talking. This is the final today it like it does is it reversed course and its military this thing down you know if if we get to a point where it's forty games in the grizzlies are definitely out of it. That you know that's happening that you know the grizzlies will make a decision where. It's total terror download right you know so this is in no way final. But they're gonna take one last gasp that it and they're gonna take a gas and one last edited the way they know how right which is on hundreds and I hated it switches through you know a guy interject it is not it went through the five blocked shots. You know I can't I can't beat that I really trying to. If it was if it was. A different philosophy and they were at a point where they already unloaded markets are like he wanted to do last season. Then this is like well as well take a little details at least take calls for example but that's to do that they're not there yet value will be low they soon will be probably but they're not. There yet our will come back just call it's gonna be here live at 1245. We're gonna sit on offense the object we're gonna ceremonial we're not doing that and and on he may have them on on offense will come back to sit down and it's an amphibious via. Weather is here in Germantown hardware pain has all the equipment the tools you need to complete any warm weather project plus a small engine repair and don't forget after all the hard work is done. Germantown hardware team has all your grilling. Largest selection Weber grills in the mid south in the big. Green Day for all you Baghdad's accessories to stop by Germantown hardware okay on the corner of Germantown parkway and popular.