Jason & John discussed McLemore injury and Tony Allen option

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Tuesday, August 8th

AUDIO: Jason & John discussed McLemore injury and Tony Allen option


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I think. The grizzlies need to see need to send Tony Allen do you Texan has it will take time in all of its time Jason Smith says it's not time yet bill. I think you know if I think you're gonna wait too long. And year and other team's gonna get him and he's gonna end up with somebody else. When asked you 5353776535. ESP and shoot the grizzlies now make the call. The Tony Allen given the breeze that are banned signal prison grinds signal here come all you can never quit it. We even what you try. You can never quite quit. Great grind out on on its forever he's been trying to move on to wanna ask about the grizzlies and great grand days until now I mean have the thing with a gritty day this weekend. 5353776535. ESPN. In your mind if you were the grizzlies if you ran the Memphis Grizzlies. Knowing what you know about your shooting guard rotation now you could. You could if you wanted to. Slide Tyreke to the two. Don't like what you leave it should you could in theory nuts is still using my off the ball. And what about him what does that do for Tyreke and backup point guard than you got a big name is way ball play more minutes is about a point are like Tariq off that Bennett could you could also use Mike off the ball which is what they've. You know what they've what they've always sort of wanted to do her so there are definitely some options by the 53776535. ESPN. We go to George charge is Tony L on the phone if you're the grizzlies. Elliot Matt. The cat and it's it's got to move welcomed I doubt it. It's I checked that they had. That minimum the veteran middle America code you wanna take it good move wow. I think seven I think he either good enough player that up about bringing out. I think it is it is greater right now both are out go. Older I don't pay though the older he let that way we're you see it well. Did you train it though what what we do and try to coordinate all. Beer I led a double bullet too late it got a cargo. But George why you why you holding it against Tony on the he thought he can get more than a veteran minimum on the open market like he does he was about it weighed his options yet. From this little bit and I'm not I don't get don't let it Alec though it'll might you let it. We look at the reality here. I had out and I'm not in the it ABA I'm not a math major but I I didn't know. No one can give more than a veteran middle. I know that. Oil and that's how they. Well we are that's what how they come back together George appreciate the call Bob Duval George 3776 spotlight while that a good call because he agreed with Diaz writes is that the basis for what may try to get all hell could he didn't agree with you just said Tony Allen we offered you bet melodrama here with water and -- anything I don't matter. Circumstances dictate that things have changed. Adam Adam here on. Yeah it was alone. Then only out it though it just but I'm remove all thank you why don't they need him now they're hardened jar but keep speaking the truth. Watch out. OK Dillon Brooks he's gonna he's got to soak up those minutes of Brooks now shot at a present because a guy I did LP and he's. It's healthy so far about Tony would have another for the playoff said he now been played in the final game of the regular season which was pointless so Tony's body. Enemy's declared I'm that I pass dale and I'd and let me not rule revises by the grizzlies needed Tony Allen before all of this I was in favor of bringing back Tony Allen. Before this there for like ten mean a year so have you my number was my number was eight to over two years eight million dollars or year and that was that was in too much that was my. Offer. And they needed to before and I think they definitely need him now five to 537765. To five ESPN. Toby Toby Iran. Perry was going no there's let it was good liberal. Or is going romance there was relatively boring and a very. You heard earlier there are good I'll go to put out that grit and glancing. IA outbreak in a bag management does because it car or are involved. The man Carmona has been real yeah are we being a way optimistic about improve and get our little lower their ability. Every way we can't gamble on the roster right now let's beyond that in. Had an editor and lead our own and is seen that you know will appreciate having a more chains well or that the short day absolutely give to scroll. And they end absent in atop an all out you can have a moment so we're the chartered bank golf. The good a good point I don't think Toby Britain comment zydeco I'd vote for bring us a sense of the show. There's no question that Tony Allen has proven now is he a diminished version of what he was. Of course better wing anything media. C'mon now yes he is. Better defensive wing that he's the better guys on a better player than lane selvin Jason he's a better player than Troy Daniels. Better player than your available wings right now. Yes Ford of fifty or sixty games he's gonna play. He would get when he started he is a better name yet wanna put him in a different role not gonna get the same thing out of nowhere without the Sacramento Tony Allen would have been met Michael Moore Jason that made a starting. That man is absolutely starting to this is all. Under that this is all the medical Morse hurt right now they have we're trying to figure out the weak growth and while they had to estimate been an act more toning down Mitchell's been knocking on and and in their toys got hurt. And now they have to make a different choice go to Terry terrier on. Bring her you know what's good man. It kind of commitment it could tests how long do these old Leo Stallone. It's totally remote travel a bit leading low poll. And don't we don't go according to ensure legal all of this could take. I didn't know as a particular. Go a U yeah what are even basing your statement on the same thing I am. It hurt so do you want to today's last year we did a year unity and hurt. But Jimmy you Adam won't do let's say that he got her right leg a man's body is not breaking down you wanna say they he has heard in the playoffs that he has in the last couple then that is fair to say. But the seventies it adds more bid more prevalent in Italy does her own according to its just total was not really apparent to remove all these. Real or oh it's not real Terry appreciate the common good call eye on the back actually no I doubt he may as Anke would use how it is these these are not true that you you can save. Oh he's older and he's aging and he's not the player used to be that's fine but to say that he's on the bits well he's on the court that's just. That's not true. Is categorically. False. Hank you're on its fax has buys Britain now. Adult cells. But it did and it's not time to let Tony go right now what I have because well mark and Mike early routine right now we need a better product out there this to treat these younger out west interior. And leave deeper on the core right now so struck on electronic. Not time to let go we need somebody around at whisper in there year's Hank I like it is only going to be whispered in her years if you start. Well he's only our hitters. Go to other content accuracy walk the walk tall bald like him more broadly to western Europe's hubris Carter went Big Brother everybody but guess what good people or both gone now we Sweetney they took us your pattern in the league right now. On the seem to tell to tell us what's happened is that herbal. And causing any market Mike's job to name a study found out now thank appreciate the call final 53776535. ESPN. We go to col code you're on. This isn't I think we have we have Mario. If you secure than we can fly over the back up quake hurt like targeted to. And we have all these young guard. Which hurt. Developers bring Toni back just doesn't want to lose our prayers and we have we have weighted average. We have way and we are doing broke they would just you wait you're young guys with these veterans. A player Mario Chalmers or bag apart doesn't develop wade volley there because if he's played he's a backup point guard in wade Baldwin isn't. Is in south they've. But certainly stock went through pedestrian and that's. Yeah it would be atop it wouldn't. Yeah he would if Mario towers on the roster then he's in south they've because Tyreke Evans is playing backup point guard. Our deficits are back he's a primary ball handler off the bench period. Under. I don't think either side what they're gonna do because they're gonna soderling thirty tracking it here like Turkey sandwich you know yeah. Once you decide what we're gonna do. I grew tackle and I think the decision is. Bring back Tony Allen and stave off RT five clear what the decision to stay off garnered high winds. And bring back Tony Allen be a tougher one more met duke last word on this make it count. What took talents that Jay and I disagree with mandolin is now thirty 36 whatever it is yes. He's the heart and soul of the fifteen party consultant for years. 88 it's not all about point. Get a one year contract yeah it was a team option provoked you know proven veteran. That's that Matt he can do all that all of it man I'm with you on center you have that many can be all that Matt appreciate the comment I think and again how realistic is this. Who knows. All I know is that the grizzlies now have a hole at the two. And all I know is that there is a guy who used to be the two whose new needs a team. That's out there. And who has seen his second get a big contract. So. I think it now listen again roster move would have to be made. But any guys that you would depart with well that's brain and writer Andrew hair's not that Diller Donna players John no it's not it is it's not a good. Is it sound a move on. What that now callers have spoken most of them with me but I'm remove all cannot develop young players but that let the play it was developed big Mac and nobody's hurt now again not out for season that we I don't know that I let's not act like I'm out does steal copper season but I got (%expletive) but you know there there is always the chance that with a foot. It came linger you know that now I'm concerned I don't write different surgery when it was a Jones fracture the exact its credits close suns aren't best. So I'm just saying at this point it is not that subtly overreact and like he's out for the seas are done. Because then things are different. Then I agree we do things are different do I think they're gonna bring back Tony Allen no I don't think they're on the minds on that ship has failed because because. Big mayor Michael Moore is your starting two guard Bryant and they assume he's got to be back before. He's going to be back before the season really gets under way he's gonna be fine but is saying like there's no that's there's no guarantee it that's the case brought. And come in on plane and for that.