Jason & John Auditions for Memphis Grizzlies and Hustle PA Announcer job

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Wednesday, August 9th

AUDIO: Jason & John Auditions for Memphis Grizzlies and Hustle PA Announcer job


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There's some news over at the Memphis Grizzlies camp they are accepting applications and submissions war. 201718. Public address announcer roles of hope who I believe for both franchises that means the Memphis Grizzlies and the members of I guess that means that dot com. I guess that make up calls a longer I was under the impression that that was a one year kind of say that's what I thought to aids and help and now added that he was the permanent replacement but he was fantastic like you did not only teach Trotter did the guy he was the original yeah I think -- they original. BA yeah yeah yeah and and you can Estella and you can definitely it's. Here at the similarities com. With with both of them but I guess John Paul is moving on. That's a big job the grizzlies PH up. Because in all seriousness I think that job means more to this particular franchise in that job means to most other NBA franchise at this point Detroit it means a lot Miami means a lot Chicago means a lot of question I don't know if there's another NBA president there where the PA announcer is so important and so much of the game right day day day to day operation because people I'd better rather him and you know and you know Rick what we're Trotter did and what he's been accused of doing is absolutely reprehensible. And he should be punished to the fought in the law. But what you can't deny is that when that guy. Did he is. Address announcing with the grizzlies and it was. Like there's nothing like out and it's sharks and stuffed it like it was it was terrific annual seems like grizzlies like that playoff run is the embodied by a lot of things like. Return voice is one of that we have right with the grit and grind it did kind of went together it was perfect. So they are looking for AA EPA announcer. With the Memphis Grizzlies alma for a guy that lol big job yeah big commit men and we have full time job already. You know our show we did to beware granted every single afternoon to put on the best possible product for you I don't think we could responsibly do that job. However the Memphis hustle also look at where the data you dance your games I know the guy that runs the Lee Anderson I always stay in. I can pull maybe a couple strings of we have a good enough audition. And Russell about the delays and gentlemen we're really about do we are about this just came out like oh god ten minutes ago and we're about to audition. But the myth I'll forgive us direct. Let's do it we're all good right now I have a feeling. You're going to be the best one I don't know my voice is going to be the guys that are injured is that Austin Nichols ever doubt that classic it's about. The voice you have to introduce Austin league's iron out introduced arsenic of course you could in China also nick Jason Wallace. Todd may street consider this mountain stage and Coca you've got my number. My everybody is introducing Alison Nicholas. Yes they are but again that's what we knew we demanded. And your big. And forward. At nine. Top forty recruit. At a white school. Rivals scout and ESPN. He enjoys the zinc in his spare time. He's fresher than doubting the Brian Dolan of Shelby county is not a best friend you know under you made. Also today. And. I will give you today for fashion you read over there. What do you they've been I was pretty get a little rest beat the boys I mean I don't think he needed a multi about that style that's going to be about I don't know what must about it very and that's my boys some rap music came out OK guys don't bigger residents of delta. On the smoke it's become out nasty. On the other way do. Stick by modules others build off yours mandated art. Missing them by hand or sweat. I'm sorry yard. Six point oh yeah. From Vanderbilt but which means he's smarter than the rest of us. You'll make big he had an attitude problem but in their best we call that's wag the book and his. What I need to. Volatile. No car. Yeah I think the fourth as well man I left off the board or is what you Abby episodes would save an alien with the board. Way to. All. Before. Like it's. No did no I did Jason give it to has been. We got up right you're like left without a nearly you do at your level out of bay who feel like love the it's eleven. Are we ready. I'm I know we are bottom overrated you tell us that fear. Ladies and gentlemen welcome to the Lander set ever cement business bustle of basketball he was the job. He's a 66 point guard the future of the Memphis Grizzlies and a 66 guard out of hot Atlanta Georgia. Number. All we. And and that was actually very well. I think you have fact you didn't know is number yet look at yet to look at Alex and Albert you. You false hope nothing is ever. He ought to go yelling don't hit back stomach cause the cell you sound like sounds very profound you sound like a mouse from space jam what he's introduced that Michael Jordan that's what you sell I thought it was stale. Not how I thought it was route I think you actually thought you bezel I think you have the best voice. That's what board that I keep an apparition of the three but the big hit drew more about you Daniel quite a lot to me I'm more about choking as well and our and our story and I'll let up my self busting a blood vessel yet to Jurgen really ran over there. Yeah and my voice is very raspy you might not like that it's not for you to settle a bit like the rock. That is selling or always you always go back to default is rock for you you go back to rock scene I I think the you don't necessarily have to do to raspy. I think I don't try to do the raspy it's is out K now I know I think he got aches at the government. I don't it up it'll or whoever did this six foot no I should have callers this. What if there's anyone out there you want us to take calls a dilemma on auditions. I have them don't sit there and a better I think I think all three of us had berries to specific and distinct characteristic that made are things great. Obviously I had the line. Stays fresher than Downey the pride and joy of Shelby county right logo you had the love on them like you to love and on he made it feel real good coming out for warm ups and you just had. You have the voice of the future point guard them it is pretty good I think you sounded like the most natural you do lanky man. I think you really should I go out for this job I think you just think you should. Not related I can make a couple calls. You got Tom now it do you think Agha just cut up that audio that we distilled summit did you gotta you gotta be about it actually Dhahran air holiday here you introduce somebody else look at. I wanna hear you introduce Ivan grab. Because I know whether he likes it or not is that is going to be in south haven. Somebody here you introduce I've been around I need to hit this against Israel to make sure it was I don't fully come. Ladies and gentlemen thanks so much for coming out to the way Anderson there tonight Portland in men's. Fossil basketball. He's a 69 forward. The future. Front court of them met this grizzlies. Carl Levin and now that's Mike Conley missed. The number where 55. My name and her. We. Unlike when he's that I had an army announced it on my name everybody can't be the future of the Memphis Grizzlies that that's what do you justify that don't you take it or not going to be the future boy got the baby girl that's false advertising Maine went out of the way the lives saved the Nader is the Israel and question. If they are man I think you got a chance is there something there if you are if you if you love bit Doyle we didn't let him out he's pretty good tweaked the grizzlies and let them know that the sergeant. We'll talk we found America's hustle we've got to announcer he's right here his name is David Doyle.