Jason & John - 5/18/17 - Hour 2 w/ CBSSports.com's Matt Moore

Jason & John
Thursday, May 18th

Jason & John open the 2nd hour with The Rundown. CBSSports.com's Matt Moore joins the show next to talk about the NBA Playoffs.


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Would have put Julio Cesar Chavez and their job CI got a list bra your probably won't you on that. On Hispanic greats okay great Hispanic athletes out there ribeiro Doran. Jack you what you got it's it's it's below boxers and soccer players out Renaldo. Aka. Apps will win we have not even a question Ronaldo way in which the Brazilian soccer player oak Christian are all though. He's Portuguese others it's about a Hispanic. Please he's deadly Hispanic isn't. As. I hope you're right Jon thirty days. Of what is what are the Portuguese in Memphis program about the let us hear it is Argentine Hispanic because it looks like it is on his list but I look out. Now that's why I have a question about is Argentine. If you're an appeared Argentinian are used Hispanic. But on the flip somebody that. Complex magazine says no. Yeah here we go or here's the Washington examiner this Hospira team who got the Census Bureau is planning to categorize people Portuguese descent as Hispanic. But so mortality now Americans don't like that a bad wow evidently the leaders of this group did not try to ascertain opinion among Brazilians or those of Brazil are Brazilian residing in the United States even their Brazil has twenty times the population of Portugal. Them up you've if you don't like it you got up and I love it because it's the best thing going Jack. You're listening here's the kicker Gordon and this is progressives from 2013. So. That's fine he had reasons I would. And although bit where it would Argentinian is that is that considered Hispanic it has the data must be so yes. You put mess in there Ginobili and there are a lot. A message you know. What about Roberta comments that. Absolutely yeah here's the star yet died far before his time mellow. Half Puerto Rican. Counts is that is is karma that is half Puerto Rico U really another no he's like half like me my calf. They haven't won Rican you have the weekend days half black half would reach of wild another yeah. His daddy's artery I had no idea Carmelo is that is isn't that like. Our or is it that like I don't know but it is. But yet he's definitely hand where united is a known Hispanic name yet lately is that like a Puerto Rican name. Like is that a kind of weary cannon but yes he is definitely do have agreement on yes it's like a dark wed yesterday. As school on dark world and Carlos. Ethic Bagram this summer well I mean they're not as I think I'm gonna go Renaldo. I'm gonna go Renaldo kernels for you and I hear this is this is the best way I'm gonna go Julio Cesar Chavez Hispanics are descendants from Spain. So okay like colonized your country your history and now we're gonna actually look this out rather gonna make you actually do this. I don't have time I don't have time to look at and see what countries Spain column I don't have time. Are we only have three hour all of them yeah I was like let's just assume all of them OK. What what about big poppy. He's Dominican. Oh he would A-Rod Dominican I'll Iran's guys did you write your Lugar called out that this is this is this may be the hardest category to pick. This one yes. Oh even even hardly know the black why I gotcha yes there might be yes without a doubt it's like the rest of the world it is it is. So you Manny Ramirez and there's open there's a lot of bumps and they think there's a lot of Juan Gonzales is there's a lot of like Russian way of living there is everything exactly and I know walk Gonzales walk Gonzales is a mom Sarah a lot of Russian weightlifter names of people worst enemy and that that's me I'm not I'm categories and sumo wrestling too so don't just left the similar Russell's out the Asian category yes. I don't smoke Ozuna what about Pacific islanders. What about hawaiians. It's I mean that's sponsor people work there. Samoa and Samoa one of them want a black guys that we looked out who will be in that top fifty is Tim Duncan. I don't know. Guy and tell me residents fate I don't have to tell you that's not fake it's fixed. The belt we have the deal is with dates and every time we heard about wrestling fake it's fixed it's not fake it's script that's enough to watch and watch it because I've seen every script. And it's a new one you don't I know all the you don't respect you know all the stories aren't just in a mall you don't respect the level that led a schism. I mean armor with someone as big thing invader on television you can find this on YouTube asked him if wrestling is fake yeah debater like put the dude I headlight look just real firm to assist. Us. The other type are still waiting on who he's going to be at the right here I want to make this clear do you always a dead man he had about the life you are. Suspect. The level of atlantis' on that it requires to be a professional rest I had stated that ought multiple terms on the show Jon and I do. I respect the work they put on a buys the F lettuce is an all involve all of the reason I can't watch it's because I've seen novels grips are I know the girls not gonna get over the freaking steel cage. Now she's gonna get to the top and act like she's. Nobody's up there. As he's got somebody's gonna get that other girl trying to pull that down. I was done when I saw that Becky Lansing I'm done. You watch smackdown I watched it that night we were rooting for Becky. Friend of the show and his he has he's on top of the damned thing man who wish you wrestle a flexible less than dialects of bliss and then Mickey James intervened. That's what happens ridiculously huge it was you still win the Max she intervened. I'll never predictable I'll never forgive her well I mean that battle mark. I want but I can't I can't quite quite a comeback was CJ gets about five or six and he loves it in did I heard raw by the ways coming back in August and then again in January it will be that it will be the raw. After it will be the one directly after summer slam will be a week after summer slam. That's not going to be a draw but he's coming back and enjoy a better. An article bedecked by January legacy jail it is out his introduction into the procedure I was public that I will we come back. A let's talk about this Lavar ball Christine Leahy. Feud that happened yesterday on the heard lots to get to in the rundown we will do that we come back Jason's on its benefit ESP. It's about that time of the year with a Memphis whether really gets weird you know how it is and they can produce some serious storms so perhaps it's time. 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Well let's listen I am 929 ESPN dot. This is there. Yeah. Tied to Saddam back with the every day at this time we do run them as if you're rundown presented by med insulin nationwide insurance. Today's stories from. Jason and Jon. 82 million of them. ESP. We're story on the to be quick with Islam because we've got a lot to get to boat we have got. Meant to eons we have got to issue there shout out Zach follows our stand up Qaeda vilify stand up Ole miss. Now the candidates don't we do we do and I'm gonna tell you why it called down hassled time we do yeah I don't care. That goes art is a shortstop for the Cincinnati Reds for those of you that are not aware of of our lead this baseball players of our major league baseball players that are from Memphis he's an outstanding players and asked. It's really announce he would had been an outstanding fielder in an excellent you know he's got the glove man that's why you've been in the league. But this season. He's had been the breakout season at the plate. And yesterday he homered. For the fifth straight game at Wrigley Field so be it in five games at Wrigley Field. Five consecutive games he has homered he's the first person to do that since Carlos Beltran in 2004 it ties the record. By a visitor to Wrigley Field so our very own sack those aren't as tidy MLB record by hitting five consecutive home. Five home runs in consecutive games at Wrigley Field. Unless I'm gonna throw some numbers that she's echoes are going to be all star this year. He's hitting 350 that's fifth best in the NL. He's eighth in the NL and slugging percentage at 60 wait stop sneezing fits in the NFL in is in the NL excuse me not the NFL we're talking about a Major League Baseball player. In all on it in. The on base plus slugging percentage OP yes that's what that is jock he's over a thousand. John Bosco you'll bit. OPS anything over 900 is outstanding yeah that a 1400. Over seven on 700 is average so I as you like your master he iron below average pay less they don't called the windy city for enough that there you go. Last. Last week we had Zach nailed down for an interview. Now apologized or listens because we miss the times that was our date scheduled 145. We had 245 down but we recording him. But we have rescheduled for May 22 and I look forward to that talk John as you know almost the exact cause our fan covered him when he was a tire bill. He's going to be and also. Guess it was to get through it because you seem very excited. Around almost. I don't titillated. The intoxicated maybe you have the it was you know we'd like outside of your titillated. And talks can make it echoes are going to be an all star original ideas from Memphis he went through all message Carville. Respect him. Yes. Next worry Jason gets to elated when he talked about that 'cause I love how you just don't know baseball. I don't put out yet how you got it out already you know listen to a word us that you said he has a 1000 on base percentage. Most obvious but good try though always bet on bases is it's OBS is on base plus slugging percent would ever do the same difference on ER. Your idol made a difference in the past and I don't care I do OK I'm very glad that you're excited as echo that I'm excited about having him on the Wednesday on the I don't know if we're gonna school as you know baseball. We both went to great things for me empty and absolutely cement BM. Is it Carville and what don't miss their local ish product so I'm her foreigners repeating things asset. I'm glad you're rooting for I heard that old should be proud of them all right so little controversy on fox sports one yesterday the bar -- as you know assault us. It has been making the rounds again which I'll I'll say this that we sometimes it is sort of like a cycle right Lavar ball will make an appearance they'll say something insane. Will will talk about what it's edited and then we'll say wow who keeps what this guy our. After we spent fifteen minutes talking about what he said Malia is responsible one Taylor yeah yeah put a monsoon though ESPN did to it when you're gonna you gonna apply all what what the law tells the Illinois Obama show NSW nation like to have that I think that's the silly roots. Say it's because I don't watch sports nation I think when he's on sports nation it's more interest and watch for muscles while. Bill anyway. He was on I person thankful for Lavar ball because he gives us a bit to talk about Jews he does think he says as summer's tough brother and we need more of our balls let's be real. So he was on fox where one in on the herd with Colin Cowherd yesterday. And as you know their current senate bids its car Cowherd through the gas left them behind the guest is a woman increasingly. And eyes she's the co host of the hurt and they get into a little bit yesterday there's a series of videos that we're gonna play for you this is part one. Have you sold these shoes yet. Soda a good amount to be. Considered different amounts how many. Staying no leg when he went yeah. I'm probably more about her win every time she is the kind of answer is she says she's give moms who bubbles did you see this guy who got the ball and the global. I don't look over there because these kids need I'll. All right now I'm just sure I leave me alone I'll tell you for five commentator. So yeah she's a reporter for job is to share your report to whoever she won't behind what I saw when you come in all what's your what is your problem with me they're my problem is you or you hate her. Why would I ever had picked all the sugar per. Don't even talk to do balk urgency homage to what I but I said that I wouldn't Wear something that says opponents of same thing I can all do respect your great reporters just not report. I had them right to say when you have any wedeman in my whole welcome to big ball zone. Okay first of all one of the year. It's not prob with you is that you RAK terror Ithaca. You are right they are thought that was fought the like I didn't think that was anything like disrespectful. Well I think that part was I the fact he would look getter if she's behind him right like she's. I'd really like he could he took total around a long. To what I biggest molpus we're thrilled it turned out Tallahassee Orlando and you can anyone has who have already do with a set up by that was video that was partly. Here's part they're I think I actually went as heinous as like appoint her he's not a minute now and yeah and now. Offensive yeah I just said you know if he wanted you know work with Nike India's number armor to maybe something that appeals to women and. Legit I mean I don't I don't agree about some of the problems older and I thought it was a good. They wanted to go online and that's why if I'm not true blood I don't I don't. Owns enough I don't see I wasn't saying it is like I I would never witnessed what is being a little mouse and Donald Trump all next well. Well I think it and her to have a successful company you're gonna have to have women who like your brand. You have one is complete but anyways I know we can't I don't marketing consultant bobbled ball okay. I'd there's partner. No loyalty no credibility to say alma I used to not do this and hundredth. The whole loans as a ballplayer he is who use. Electricity and go back with I don't think you can come in only thing smacks. Now I. That's a little harsh it's going to be hard to see one of your. Eighteen different effect what women and people Fred or naive best resumes I guess in a developmentally defendants in needs and I got told I'm in whereabouts right now convenient and you look at yeah. We're not I don't wanna do you not scared me to death. Like I said a couple of days you guess is that they wouldn't wanna work with the joining me because he'd respect women and found. She's she's after you today I don't I don't but I wonder if maybe there are good but we shouldn't say it was who want to secede from Brooke I've never disrespect women. But I tell you what did that today you act like guesswork sums come until. Okay and it's okay do you do you think you pretty threatening us some guys who tried to and wears a we never thrill you know something's coming to me I don't know what I'm not a psychic. Bet we interviewed OO. There's out of our bus this woman in her direction. Did he of sensitive teeth that threaten our oracle after women and fat people. No he went after a fat person and a woman. At does that mean he went out after dead people and I'll limit I was so this low got to lay idiot or he rosary the wrong little ball ball does. And to be honest Christian who looks personally he we he's Chris Chris and we. I would be terrified of her two there's no chance in hell I would ever have the stones to go from talk to a girl that pot like anywhere from. There was kind of I would never have I would just I had an average round I would not have the company's go to talk to a girl that that beautiful especially if you W and up Cuba my name is Raj of like. Here's my there's two of that I believe are you coming Timmy both. Was she trying to give bush Alan I don't know when that under no slant and yes yes yes and I felt like it to me here's the other and here's the thing. And they see as she's proud of her opinion to say if you if you look at the two if you wanna be successful and you wanna have a huge company like a Nike and Adidas are not normal person to have her you're gonna have to market to women but that's what I think that still his choice yeah you don't want you don't want to market to women that's why it's his choice. Liking the company will not be as big as it took the body double eagle really bought an Achilles tendon does. I care about the kind of Saudi assets it has tried to make that clear that it that I kept digging she is not a victim in this situation should try. Why not come himself wanted I know it's unlikely it will but she waved at him as much as he went at her and I only reason why he didn't look her in the odd is because. The way to the set. Is is design she's well bottom is the only reason I got to tell you are fighting and he's not happy the two are just trying to do whatever it was set up definitely I'm certain silly to me that's beside the point yet you ought to achieve I don't think there's I don't think Lavar ball has anything to apologize for. He doesn't and I would also say this not on this if LaBarge if the bar ball says you got something comedy you. You better be careful now the only does he is a psychic every now says is going to go down the cubs. I'm not a bit odd to you where he did from across a little bit this is cutting her off today get what they do him telling her to stay in a lane that's because it all the guys that almost comes to causes you'll win that you're a woman you don't know we think about shoes you don't know anything about sports and one do telling her to stay in a way like that. That's disrespect earlier that he's all format port he's all format. And any that it put it down that was wrong. She's got some sleep on the romantic I don't like I'm not like oh my side of it was so terrible for her like she's a professional. Radio host she says he disrespect women and fat people she's trying to get a headline out of a year and a black eyes clearly not what happened I think I am in love with her. She is a beautiful blonde I won't go there are a lot of things right now because I zero over here follow yourself for echoes are now mothers and daughters and yours truly bio says I love. Animals wrap. It's sports now we got to sets up and I mean for. Why we are we got to sets up and up between you and the perfect girl home and alerts that kings here we're gonna set something up with you and Zach I think he is married but we can at least get you guys in the same. Phone line I was like that a Coke with a bad. I'm sure that is exactly. If you like but that was interest thing yesterday the in the news we like to hear her reaction. There was a fourth we've only played for Seattle where Diaz a response idea okay is that let's let's hear it we got a little bit but let's hear the response. Look Harbaugh has every right to disagree with any thing that I say anything that any of us say. I really enjoy debate I just like it to be respectful Q and I debate we debate all the time it's what we do here. But we do it they're respectful way we don't threaten each other we don't dismiss each other we look each other in the night we don't need personal attacks about weight. I asked him a question that is my job as a reporter and he came back at me in a very dismiss said an inappropriate way so I had two choices I could either sit back and take get. Or I could stand up for myself and talk to him still with complete respect. And for the record of actually supported him being such a strong voice for his sign in and we talk more about his son anyone else because of what he's done for him. She goes on lots of shows he has this kind of stick about him where he's outspoken but with that. Comes. Room for being criticized by the media that's our jobs and what he's upset at me for is something that I said a few weeks ago on the show that. You know what he was getting turned down from under armour Nike and Adidas for these partnerships I said if he wants to think like a mobile and work with these companies. He has a look at what they do and that's the aim market to women you know women are the people buying their son issues. They make up more than half. A sales for these types of brands so he has to think like that if he wants to be this big momma says she was upset at me for what I said there and that's completely fine. But you can't come out at me and disrespect me and not look me in the in the night and threaten me that's just not expect. I did threaten you he did not threaten you. The eighth he did not threaten you these days that you got something coming your way back that's karma like what has already gone by he has played one play and our national television big dollar bridge security guards wade we'll march a lot. Like if he does such a civil rights if he does not a year Tina she said he was dismissive of her yeah I was there yes that was not disrespectful. In my book. AJ she's a 100% right which she talks about. You know who but who but who buy shoes it's you know like you know adults or eight weakened by arrows you ultimately she's a great when you're when you're talking about. 1213 14151617. Year olds. They just parrot heads and bottom. Q how he pairs of shoes my mom bought me when I was a kid and. And and looked to fire back and whitlock is the right thing to do should take the high road courses take arable whitlock had said his kids trying to get more street created by rapping I mean that's that that was an attack on his so it's got every right to fire back only got so whatever he wants to be a good plot came at him in this case goes back this is in some ways it comes as we had about tigers are last week. Right you can say whatever you want to an athlete no matter how disrespectful about how personal it is. But the second that they come back now that same physically that's not right much the second that they. Clap back. All of a sudden oh he just respected me he threatened me on how far we don't see we have to push the ridiculous that I yeah I don't I don't think he would argue at all I don't think anybody in any court of law would would view it that way. It's as you try to play the victim because in what look you're not what's find your right to save as it is is. But I'm not I'm not on her side he is so disrespectful stuff animal yeah exactly car count her certainly did not think of it like that I was able to step in if I think our caller's been doing radio long enough to where he would say you know what. This step backward one that's a little disrespectful he never did that so called. The great Jay-Z from the song streets as watch him if I shoot you are blameless if you shoot me your famous. A stripper to deploy plus here I will come back Matt Moore covers the NBA CBS sports dot com we'll talk there about LeBron James that the playoffs how much they suck will do that with Matt Moore. We come back days been done any benefit yet. 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Looking at a five vehicle mount O'Reilly auto sales is indeed a place to go home hundreds of vehicles to choose from in fact they have over five million dollars worth of inventory that spans over forty city blocks they have the largest selection of use diesel trucks and area is huge selection of low mile luxury vehicles and so much more to choose from every once credit approved 100% guaranteed plus. He'll fight any new vehicle car truck or SUV malveaux while sales we by setting one memo line there's got to wait for all online at MT while all those dot com. 688 now. Jason it's not it's not a videos he had his name is Matt Moore. He covered the NBA CBS sports that comedy joins us now met what happened man. And carry out hey everything is good in Memphis. And and I've been mean to ask you about this for a long time so now seems like the perfect time you and I have something comment. Along with a about another thirty million people around the planet and that is that we play over watch and you tweet a lot about it I've I've played all the time. Who is your main this would tell me a lot about you as a human being who is Jermaine out over watch. I've written order the metro lately that I typically and hang out day. The last book you look. But knowing you're urged her -- you're try and that is what you do well I cannot stand may I am a road called main what does that mean about him that what does that mean. For those of does that. That it inebriated opulence he's simply get big and they just want to horn in on everything trying to get a is always heard. Recent conversations that are are both. A that just cause well John just cause one time destruction that is what was my hook and I just I carry all the time that's what I did as well road dog players do so I'm glad that I learned that about Humana like a understand your whole lot better. Com LeBron is I think the road hog of the MBA because he is just causing. Had Vick every single night when he plays they have not lost a playoff game. Since going down 31. Is does that she didn't or less than the experience of the NBA playoffs when you have. Somebody on one side it was announced on both sides who is so dominant because that's the the narrative we hear now is how. Boring these playoffs are because of the sheer dominance. Yeah yeah I could live abroad and really kind of should be. Used to then even then Buchanan will go on every series with LeBron and you're never like well he's definitely going to win or adult. Very confident that's one that they're going to be successful because of how they repeat these are competent. Well LeBron at all it kind of a question because we have struggles. In the past you haven't had it for awhile now obviously needs are comparable to Dominic. Let it play out than that they did. It been that that the that the reality of it Canadian Rajon Rondo got hurt that I had upset noted in her staying each if you and they hadn't done down vs those verses of the spurs. I'm and they had. Had not such I shall rotation that for the rockets or the rocket does and what shown up at all in game six reality the opportunities were kind of some sort Gromit but just on the two dominant team. But there that it a lot of conversation into a quietly go about whether they're good little leaguer not to give the ratings are quite. Everyone watching it but Nolan didn't show any sudden taken superiors ordered not advocate that without question but in any answer. Well we've we've discussed this a little bit here on the show and really it and maybe you disagree but tell us the only thing that matters is. How good the finals this if if the finals between the warriors in the cavaliers is a thing like it was my. Last year then nobody will talk about the games leading up to them if the finals are. You know a a definitive you know five games one way or the other it will be saying how as a whole. This playoff season was completely a disaster Ryan and add it all boils down to how good and competitive the files is right. I'm on your YOK so. All I'm the final could be disastrous and applicable if they they are if they catch the warriors just off the cab. Or might burst out in a worst hit that then what do you say about these playoffs what he did a little lead Abbott internationally that. Okay sure era aren't easily that would play out and that's what matters in the final very pinnacle moment ever look at AG and I never run that started sort of match up wouldn't either LeBron vs eighty and and Graeme on and clay. And that. That that the rematch at ever wanted to go in Kanye and that's all well and good at eleven under. You know seven month of the NDC one and the murder and have any of those other teens what investment do you how because. About a lot about that in the NFL Tony I've seen candy the validity of knowing if everything goes right it's true we can make a run of the Super Bowl and. Much of that because the sport in some ways an arbitrary don't play there can you can decide I would adapt playoff. Would baseball you know it's a limited course that the but the thing gonna then we're forty teens they're at Buick maybe the for the year but he NBA. Next here it's not just well courier or fibers maybe even checked it's true it's true and they know that they're gonna win a championship. And they are looking to go to the back they can possibly do it hey maybe we can make it conference final and then get swept not even have a eager and ears either. And that I think there is the big problem in the final do you not pay the bills the rest of this even to the other T. Yeah of the LeBron vs Michael debate and it's been coming out now we've seen in you know we've seen people talking about it we haven't we haven't had an all out on the show yet because I think we feel like it's not quite time but I guess my question for your man is. That's that's a debate now is it not mean and others one time where wasn't where supplies said. And Michael Jordan not the greatest ever you probably rolled her eyes at him but is it not having now not reached a point where. You can have this debate in fairly and rightfully so. Yeah I'm happy I think there's an argument could be made and there are people that. Who actually. Spent a lot of time thinking about these things and care about these bankers feel that. It definitely conversation they copper is the Google dominant. Three championship. How much he led his team. It overall gain all the accomplishments. I'm hit consistently hit the scalability and reliability all of these bank Egypt requested any of the the mr. back. He came back down from 31 person there that he threw in the black community did a whole lot for him. Particularly the context of what happened absolutely coming back from down 31 which no one had done in the final. Against that team put him on another level the problem is going to be if you earlier this year legally preempt Ivan o'clock. And it's going to be hard for him to patch up. And and get that play because a lot of people look simply going to be. If you want to be Michael if you look at Michael Jordan he did happy at least six. Yeah and that means three more idle and not a lot to do with where Italy is that how property is. Where the cab Iraq and how old he is back is gonna be difficult they can't put it going to be. Get a column which he's he's still got more work to do what you just curious what you think it is James Harden story within. At Indian sued for allegedly orchestrating this Moses Malone junior beat down and allegedly I guess watching and possibly on are now watching it on face time. But you think gaming and this is yolk from label stick to it to hardened what do you what do you think of the story overall. And absolute net and you hear me is you know it was in the right side of things settle it without it no charges were filed. Com we don't know what's gonna happen it found each. It doesn't delegate in character or no Harden but I don't like the bad that we know exactly. What they only share certain part of a suburb where media. What did not afraid that you that person I did honestly do not know I'm definitely gonna gonna play out anti Indian well below the court what court records indicate. And at the valley you know take some. We are talking to Matt Moore covers NBA for CBS sports. Dot com we were just talking about Lavar ball and his spat on on FS one in the heard. I just you're you're you're overall opinion of him and the spectacle of him are you. Entertained by it and lose one now BA yeah I could tell that was like of fatigue side there Matt I guess that may tell me everything I needed out. You know I got the brutality planning ahead in the wall. Yeah that's right there are replanted my hated it all together the guy we're happy you know this election and here on the seniors are gonna get their. Look up everybody gets. To be apparent in their own lives. And they get that make good decisions and you know you can make an argument that what he's doing a good. And you can make an argument of what he's doing his bat. I'm I don't really understand the whole point of the I don't think it's going to be successful I don't think trying to shake things up a lead and three billion dollars than. Part and trying to work your way and here's my thing. Eight concentric you'll hear from India reporters and other Albert the Spaniard. What are a lot influence whether or not we take on the ball that's what GM does that they're not gonna be influenced by that I keep it if you get player to be the best. Where to take what people take from that is that that group that you are not going to be an issue not the same because they're different. And then the Aegean that they can lob the ball in the bass player of the branch I'd have an obligation to take that player because that's what specialty. However is not what that's of the GM. Taking on global and more hardball with cam me you are what are increasing the chance that you get fired. They get this kind of going to be a problem or conscience. For management for ownership it is going to be an issue he's not gonna stop talking he would not gonna stop trying to bully his way into the spotlight. And that's a huge distraction for a team it's great that you wanna do the right thing for your squad but at some level I kind of think Ian eagle capital. Yeah now what do you think tell me what's gonna happen with two Michael Green on the grizzlies keep them or something that offers so much that the grooves can't match. I can that they that he's gonna make a runner. Because he's specifically working to meet you need high profile defense the players. That could hit from the outside cook of Brooklyn. Why would you not throw out. Has seen offer us three year contract. Purdue Michael Green there are three years old finally at your picks backing and are actually building he fit in Great Neck and Brook Lopez. And you have nothing to lose it would unlimited cap space to confirm what that one wouldn't you make that kind of an offer for god to help you and on occasion there are all gonna put an end. I'm not that need to be for. You need to understand what they're number of doing it neither side is that 161718. Million in nineteen the lead in what and number where you're just like. No we can't go over the so this guy you have to have that values each time it happens speculates. Because it probably gonna get tricky given what he does in today's NBA contact and how valuable that it. Yeah that's gonna be inching to see play out for the grizzlies this summer he has met more covers NBA for CBS sports icon Matt always get a guys I had thank you. You're never died and got the. Heroes never dies C that is that out that's an over watch slides there you go that is dropped in all content on not so I had hit the nail on my head on you on road dog man. So much has got to be heard in the got to be bright to name our road out though is that he's he's an incredible character if he's incredibly he's got 600 HP. He hit it carries around this graphic on that does amazing damage up close. I'm Italian man you're missing the boat on over one from undoing a thirty million and counting how many hours a day in your blood and his doctors too many. How many job well and it just depends like win. I I played a lot more when I was doing just showed as. I didn't work as much right. Button in a today. I I play for an hour. A puppet an hour on average today now weekend I can play for 34. John profit targets will fall on select its affect your performance here on the show I will tell you. Okay good. An homage to stop I am a diamond competitive player. They're not are you addicted I guess is the question on that day to play every day that not a date that I can tell myself not to do it and I was addicted. Grand Theft Auto houses they do a play until three Adam Frick and mourn try to go to work I was more afraid I was Mort it's because I'm glad I'm out of the call of duty world at war. That's on the that's the one that nightclub dirty it's called me today. It's awful I've heard you say it's terrible that a zillion years artists it's a carcass of what it once was. But yeah that was a man mores is he better than. The I've never patriotic he plays on PC Boca sign up we have PlayStation got so it's a little different the person Matt Moore joining us on the show today. I will come back. Later in the show we'll tell the Jeff Hawkins about barbecue wrestling and we may have this LeBron discussion. On that and more coming up Jason John I tennis and yes it. It's just LeBron this cast to include. Ceres well last June. Might give money in the DA's findings until 9 AM broadcasting on 68080 am this is now 829 FM my ESPN's. This is doctor Lucas Troutman. You've probably seen and heard an emphasis in the middle. Epidemic of Dili painkiller and heroin addiction we may live list. Worked with breathing at a church with someone who's suffering from a punitive action we hear about people dying almost on a daily basis but Billy addiction can happen to anyone may be an injury alleged ankles and you can't shake. Any pills treat your depression make a film on. 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Bob Bob good spots and informed him as assets from other showrooms twelve point seven Ridgway road and take care you. That upgrade you always want a girl born crisis that needs attention right now. Can produce a report thousands of missions yeah the most sudden pop pop 55. Title back Jason good. Time managing editor NBA's DN. As you guys know we are big hockey fans you on this show the match I can name at least three current players. And I think year and say about and so. You know almost 93 just from the predators John we stopped we are way air. We are obviously very away with three are well we know you can't if you watch it old. Once it only just UK are here last week did you say did you take it game seven in the hockey over games and an NBA. Your hockey buff. Dan how he buff I compare because he doesn't until game seven in the initial the most games of it was a little doubt about thumb and so we're. We don't need to be told that tonight is game. Four we're all over it in the Western Conference finals I NHL. It's it's gonna happen 7 o'clock. Instead be on NBC sports network thanks doc. You have to think me and just doing my duty right just. In the widening the masses on hockey now a drug deal that allows we don't want part of it when you when you think about this game. You know I have to agree with Bernie Nichols on this what he says I don't think that Anaheim is gonna be able to keep up with the Nashville they are nimble they are quick. You know. I really think they got a lot of speed on that roster aren't so hot that you know the way the way to stop Nashville. So Nashville is to be physical with them you know when which you have to be right. But it started to hit something that can't catch. And so I think the speed is definitely not the biggest advantage for the predators. You don't win that the penguins. You know they made that that. Amazing run to the Stanley Cup finals last year how could you forget of course it's almost like that it's pretty if they almost a mirror image of that. When I think about this Nashville Predators team. And so what I'm gonna do is I tweeted last night. I treated less our deficit expert on this I treated less amazing I it is actually did last night that. The young guys in case you missed it in their playoff suck because the cavaliers is completely rolled the Celtics and it was another blow out. I had a couple people tweet me and say yeah I just watch hockey. In just if you if you don't like being David Wells board this white guy abort are you are you bored I'm bored I'm a guitar Watson LeBron dominate these fools so. What I'm gonna do tonight. As I'm gonna watch game four. I'm gonna commit to watching game four it's gonna be the first and only hockey game I have ever separate its entirety. It's gonna ever you're committing the yes I'm gonna watch it it's at seven NM gonna watch it and I'm gonna tweet some thoughts. Affirmative I'm gonna tweet out and allowed tweet this game is that I know absolutely nothing about hockey other that I watched rocket now. Growing up bet that you'll that they added that a good idea for our showtime which would it be our lives and our future is that a good idea that you tweet about hockey you sure that it's gonna come off I did it made aware were won't come out we've got jobs tomorrow Monday's judgment is pretty good. And everybody is telling me that this is a massive story of el got got people are changing their Twitter avatar is that the Nashville Predators blogger John I try to tell you got this last week we took their Don Baum was to our lead men to hardly. Too early you want to break it down you know now you want to have a lot gas like what do you think about. The goalie to dial it usually it's a big set challenged from the has been outstanding yes I am not doing that with you I'm not talk I'm not gonna sit here and ask somebody a legitimate question about hockey that's ridiculous and I gotta pretend to be some hockey expert or not. Quality of what I try to do all that as you would you showed Billy. Mike Fisher he has got a big challenge on the moon and oh there ought to have a clue what daddy means. Yeah. You do yes you do but I'm good I'm gonna watch it and going to tweet my thoughts about it. And I'm sure we'll talk about tomorrow. Do not fail us on this I better do it. They're ready some humor involved because I know you're not bring any you know hot takes an inside on the on the gang. Yeah like what gonna be like where's the puck yeah it out even though yeah. I think it's amazing that this is something that I've never gone but it is have you ever sat and do an entire when I told job watched pieces and parts of the senators on this rose or not only sits through them he goes back three watches them well. We don't I feels like hockey news and I'd go back and re watch that you texted me and said you re watching that daddy James said. I didn't realize you realize I was messing with you dude. Now I was a player council square midtown. Alumna region it's that I know you could read the Texans a third it was flat clearly has got achieved it was last Thursday night I was messing with you. I had dinner second lot of with the play Elsa knows where. Isn't the bigger story like welds on the bigger sort of an -- I do care about who sings the National Anthem tonight not a bad bill I was going to be are they gonna be just say this jays got he's been fired yet only good as least at the never wish for someone be fired or I'll want to fire you guys go he's fired a sense of thousands that please tell me in Yemen fired he's gonna he was gonna get himself fired he was doing it was taking you're doing a good job of going to the press about how. Now you are there no news he needs to stay in his lining up maybe that's easy to you know I love all ball he's a tell him to stay in his lane. Yeah they both deserve clown suit while I think there's a Wii and it spreads we can make it 31. I'd bring one right up 31 the U you're you're all over this hockey buff. Yeah let's let's let's series right now to one Nashville or make it make it 31 tonight at 31 tonight are you catch enough which is one game closer to a Stanley Cup final. Think they can't decide look I growth of our group of penguins fan I group like in Pittsburgh and Pittsburgh got the best team left blight. That the play hockey piles and how they do which is we're so the three best teams in the Eastern Conference this year were. Washington. Pittsburg in Columbus new. Pittsburgh had the play Columbus and the Washington in the first two rounds wanted to do I don't know I took is that much higher than using huge penguins fan and intelligent kid and he said weeks he explained it to be windy nights I still I can't remember what it was. But yet it's crazy but they had to go through. But the number two or number three years and then the number one seed in the first two rounds. And to see they got rocked last night by Honolulu also for most of five nothing to Ottawa last edited as on around us how score but like they have not looked great at all humorous in any of these three games they have not that great at all and I almost think they might be worn down from the first two series of your the breads I don't latest Danica. Pay attention John pay attention but I knew it wasn't it was it was OK I was here an hour and not contact he would if he goes yeah I think I'm out on how to read about or just from watching them that the the first three days a series I think they might be worn down a little bit. Now that deathly day that press got to witness that. I actually the rose actually grew grow a rose or 100% on that I do think that Pittsburgh mandate is just it's tough you know it's tough to go through that take the road that they had taken a new name two players for the penguins I can't name one Crosby named wanna sides of these girls because of that and I'll come out and no way come our way. You know it's getting molten. You never heard of getting mauled and not part of market. Assays and I learned more than burglary Phil Kessel. You know and I Phil Kessel dude there's Phil Kessel. I can name as that three players in the entire NHL. Some don't watch this I'm gonna watch tonight. So Emeril live tweet you bomb out what are some are 99 I can't wait I have no idea what I'll be watching. But I'll do my best understand it a lie the united guard brochure will not see any of your tweets. A loaded you what you did it last week month Odeo is going to be the press reporter are you giving you guys are based on the rundown. I don't care. How you will care when they putts their decision to be sometimes weights of the Delaware don't worry they will be. As there I am a hockey expert on the Amylin out like all about Nashville went in the NHL the when an African Stanley Cup. I'll onboard jamming in token I don't know what I'm doing one. But I mean in Boca you know what you're info but you're absolutely sounds good will hopefully we'll have a 31 lead to break down tomorrow. I come back the Brian James continues to runs through.