Jason & John - 5/18/17 - Hour 1 w/ SI.com's Peter King

Jason & John
Thursday, May 18th

Jason & John open up talking about a story on the Undefeated counting down the 50 best African American athletes. SI.com's Peter King joins the show next to talk NFL. 


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This news sports station. I'm Meena can we saw today. Oh yeah. I swear you're politics and John Nash in Afghanistan ESPN it is Thursday June oh. There was some barbecue sauce mud wrestle going on news that gives as good part of that certainly looked like a lot of fun though they did offer us. You do know that. I guess we we are the positive. Then we had the opportunity when you. Yeah I don't like like you didn't have the opportunity used do you simply did not let it take them up on its. Why and apparently the rest of the Memphis media but no not just myself there's. No chance I would ever subject myself to wrestling and barbecue sauce and as they are really easily of wrestling fan you are fine you're in good shape you guys got down there one of media championship that is not something that only five years old in perfect shape you're not going to glorify yourself just these officers assigned view. Yeah plus cough and stories like people this great inside themselves a voluntary and they did people sign up for much of this aren't you love. And major protests are not sure if you saw Ronald little and we'll that he would about two actually shown up for guys that I was ask you this nice. That I already have plans but thank you and I live with what my actual live players thought it was my thoughts and plans I don't won't last night. Earlier this points. But it does what I kids that I even though who say hard admitted plans. Like the plans makers to make their plans like two weeks in advance there's always have a client today and I am not referring yeah I hate people that always have planned it doesn't I don't I don't planets yet despite your Allah my actual response would have would've oil when I originally touch on the email but I believe that it was there is a 0% chance I'm wrestling and barbecues RS and you the only chick if you wanna me to wrestle more refusals we would have to go back out when I was from a sixteen years old and I'm on a dominant. Now if you look at the age of 32 are not resting and have you solace from the forty year old man Jeff I was out there information Jeff was out there. Yesterday. Any chronicle all of this there's a triple threat match with women death because they only had three women now so they had to make a triple threat that you see this picture are you pricing while women wrestling in barbecue sauce right yeah nothing really jumps attitude. If you look a little deeper though if you concentrate on the picture and the woman closest to the camera. It appears as though Jeff has gotten a snapshot. Of her phone. Not yet in the picture oh did you look at dirty Jeffrey I did you look at an Asian look at the picture at some if I'm wrong. Because me and say and I had great debate about this yesterday just aren't good because amount of of got my page so on something. Yeah and it does look like you go a little piece of the phone there. Now failed. Stick to just do like the whole photo galleries. About I didn't realize those are called best pitchers to Mikey took all the phones they did didn't they are doing everything over there CA that they don't have anybody else badly animated by a simpler way talented man I don't know just at the photographers on allies say this is a picture of palms you try to get. Like it's the way the barbecue sauces. You guys break the pants there you can see there there. Anybody thank my fiance says it's untrue and it's just that in that particular part of the patients has not been very tough as dominant player. It's a shame that. How vigilant today and are you gonna look at the ball would you have for your call me easy. What does the sale as Jeff was hit yesterday. You realize that there. Did you read his story that they had to shut that contest now in the previous years because only strippers were signing up. What's your first participating now because it's a family event. Maybe he never beat their candidate they feel renowned there was no matter what their occupation is an imaginary story this. That's discriminatory and wrestling are things and stuff we'll probably coming off otherwise otherwise why would they this. I didn't Israelis and doubles coming always tell the stripper played a favorable diamond need to keep your clothes on it. If you because I think you can be in this event. Should they be alive today this is that there's no future black or Georgia thousand dollars for that style model might just get in the way. I'm excited and the new vehicle. I think about that part of the story to be a bit repulsive that they shut down just because for what we're doing it for many that would be the attraction. How does this ever wrestle in Myanmar. Always wondered about this all the fact of the blue like this yeah I don't monitored I don't know if it was I don't know I don't understand your news. I mean no I don't tell when it's your world has been so passionate. About women's underwear. Cisco and that's that's why he blew up to tell you that. I live action about to fall you could feel some real action and then the bomb blew up at I'm passion about the show Jon Dansby got a good show lined up for you today. Lastly did to Peter King. Peter King is the head football writer overexposure illustrate he runs the Monday Morning Quarterback which is a sex of Sports Illustrated. Peter King is gonna join us we have a lot to get to withstand. For a legend who including. To me the most pressing issue of the day and you may disagree. Is Derek Karr unhappy with the pace of contract talks that something that would hardly that would threaten dad drastically affect my life and you need to respect that. As a way that we can have an and a focused on John and you not ask a raiders question. Is it possible world wide I mean it's not like the raiders are three of thirteen you know they are Super Bowl contenders. There's there's nobody in the NFL that is more a threat to the New England Patriots in the Oakland Raiders Peary. Any objective measure would tell you that I'm stare cars healthy. They are the only guys are very relevant best threat interlaced I would agree with that I'm just last week and it appears. Our cornerstone. Is not happy with the pace of contract negotiated as one of you've got your secondary phase because that's the biggest problem we don't go just allowed for good quarterback and running back you guys are all find there whatever we drafted an alleged rights this is what we did I don't know I don't know if that means that the six figures units unknown. But we will talk about that Steve why who is a regular guest with Geoff Calkins during the regular season. He had a long Twitter thread about Colin cabinet. Where he basically went down and broke all of the film down. Of Colin Capp knicks games played last season and Steve Weitz said not only was Colin cabinet good. Colin Catholic was throwing the ball better than ever that's interesting because. Yes we've heard that he was slick dude he was he did okay last you hit six of those other four bit gala Solomon the stats bear that out themselves but this does say that he was as. As good as he ever was right in the manner that because I have a spot and he watched so what he watched all of his rep is it rocked every snap because they needed if that is what I respect the mess on C whites yes he's like he's on the NFL you know I mean he knows what a good quarterback Andre I guess for you guys who's also did you know I've done it all I definitely miss miss him but we will talk to be talking about that lots to get to. In the NF. They have no excuse me yoga we will do that when I took to get this thing about the hardships and kind Everett has been their at 1245 Matt Moore Matt Moore will join us. You know from hardwood parent says he covers the NBA for CBS sports who steel door as twelve point five we will talk NBA. Where if then once when he vowed to hogs will join us to talk about being down their but the seems like a barbecue fest which does lay's alma start today. Started yesterday I was living I was just well today that the reason why I say starts today is because today's the day where. And by start going down a party. I don't know yesterday yesterday over the yes Wednesday that fail this year they opened it to the public on Wednesday I'll get a Wednesday used to be friends and family night but they opened it to the public and your honor I think traditionally have traditionally its third day. And so this is the day when. You got around you know the minute I can I can add due Thursday again this year I'm all hometown Friday while I'm going tonight but. Again for the second or third bureau I've made the decision several weeks months in advance I'm taking Friday off so we wanna plant a reason why are we gonna we wanna say on behalf of decided to show that we respect that decision yes we support you if I think if you're gonna go to the barbecue fest on Thursday. Take Friday off work you're gonna be sound like I sounded when I got back from New Orleans. And it was yeah yeah yeah maybe do it and I did it zone affected every part of your body that trade did suffer for days and weeks almost. So all that is going on and on today's show. What do you want start on Jason well I figured you know and allow. And I am figure we come here we've we've talked about how great the barn as I'm sure everybody. Alone a months. I came across something this morning now found much more interest in jobs and fresh and much more they're much more fresh get at this point the only way you can talk about LeBron is to compare him to Michael Short read and you we can have a debate. That's for another day of listed on another day it's it's look I think that's a legit debated today really and I do mr. Michael Jordan on mr. he'll always be the greatest but I'm. We'll have that debate when the one I found I was on sort of his point the undefeated. Which obviously now is celebrating its one year birthday I think this week of may launch last year may seventeenth 2016 are very. They were two years as a developmental period they had but they've been been doing it now full time for a year. And it does some great stuff Friday at a fetus they've given us put it content they did the thing with Michael Jordan obviously re broke his silence and I gave up. A million to a couple different organizations into the greatest white American more basketball players gave us about two weeks worth of content they had the town hall thing with the Obama and one of the and that one of the things are working on now. I found as very uninteresting in July they will release they've teamed up with a survey monkey survey company and they teamed up to. Do which they were released in July at the fifty a list of the fifty greatest. Black athletes and and sometimes we debate I think between was today so that they released this today. They showed you 6350. Wants to show you who didn't make the cuts. And there are some big time names at 6350 wanna arm is very interest in at sixty. At sixty so these guys. When the stock if he comes out these are guys that are not in this is sixty to 5160. Was Floyd Mayweather who may very will be who has argument you could put out is certainly one of the more accomplished. Do you know what I don't doubt he'd like we did the car in terms of the criteria old let's figure out by going through these names that concerns the properties as you would think would Mayweather would be ranked much higher than sixty given all he has accomplish parade but he has defeated Israel a lot of out of the ring stuff and I think I think by going through these names we're gonna find out what some other what some of their criteria. May be no that's not listed right now on the criteria consuming that's gonna come out when they release of July. I'll just run down the names of sixty Floyd Mayweather 59. Randy Moss. And it was Wear out a group this is what made it very interest in the mean and an end to John's point the criteria debuts at number 58. But Kobe Bryant 58. Look who they've got ahead of Kobe Bryant listens to these names on a real 57 Scottie Pippen. Let me since got a typical of the I'd put my head of Kobe Bryant Moses Malone at 56 Dominique Wilkins are ahead of Kobe Bryant. Russell Westbrook at 5453. Walt Frazier 52 Vander Holyfield. And at 51 didn't quite make the cut. Given direct. Yeah I mean to me why are those basketball players ahead of Coby. The only route the only explanation is that it's the eagle Colorado today that's I don't think it's a cellular taking and they're taking into account what I'd do it the entirety of these athletes Korea exactly like his social impact not to be got to be. Hum and so example they said oh yeah it's gotta be and again I'll I'll rundown sixties Mayweather fits in on Moscow beef up 58. There is not slated to close these sounds are most likely to six Dominique Wilkins for the fabros Westbrook before Walt Frazier 33 vendor Holyfield 32. If you want to wreck so. I brought this up to my colleagues here on the show this morning and I just I asked them OK guys. Who's the greatest black death button and we had a bunch of names we take you guys you figure going to be in the top and and and and folks listen you can tweet at us you know of who you think is the top like applicable to go through this. On some of those names obviously. Rafa back yet here's a mile and Ali I would suspect he's one I would think I'll salaries and I was gonna want on this what this list comes out jock. Number two solo album let's not rank them we know these will be. Guys at least in the top ten or at least the top finisher Jesse always going to be in there yet Jackie Robinson's going to be announced the impact he had come off on the field off. Jackie Robinson may be number or he could be number Jackie could be if anybody can be careful I Jackie Robinson could be number over mama Mohammed Ali is probably the world's how they get you most renowned app in the world aspect that's why I'm thinking. He's going to jail and probably arms on an energy put on that list of course Michael Jordan you have been in the top fifty he'll be there LeBron James we operate yoga. Topped warning yeah they tell Tony I think top fifteen Freddie ado. No way. But what bus trying to have this pretty good thank you can't remember reading of Sports Illustrated for kids and Freddie had been exciting things like fourteen I don't know that I Majorly permanently solitary. And as it. Now he was able us is that like as it eyes and out of thirty for thirty on him yet they're against big may have to see a play and I look there's. I think I play I think my story somewhere duty LA got huge contract like a thirteen year old and he seven he plays for the Tampa Bay route east. Is that it like I say and I'll say my pro Lee he's played this year because that that says to those fifty films sixteen. Wow I guess who got seventeen out of his client while Freddie ado. Serena will be on that list yes Serena Williams will be and of course some of her bill Russell's obviously going to be there Kareem Abdul Jabbar you expect to be a medalist and avid Venus is they're too big missile probably on the oil as well initially thought that it. Yeah so be it a lot of things out. Don't shoot you and you've got the you'd you've got to have sweetness on there you gotta have Walter pay all the great to be there how about and track the of rows or this was him or the Lewis absolutely horrible he's made that one and he's absolutely right Carl thanks you check Tom Joyner Kersey Daniels got to be on their very standards is gonna be on the air Rosen mentioned an early jump out there's hours Daryn Samoa it's. Women Jerry Rice is going to be in here somewhere so you know Cheryl Miller. Cheryl Miller Lisa Leslie yeah. Yeah I can Cheryl swoops up up that you all three of those are an alternative to outfit all three of those will be in there are but we didn't wanna just limited to that. Bomb wit and that's what what I thought all races all races well master race isn't as black and wind right it's everything but but if I did if I had to throw that you. Greatest white athlete. Who which is that. Well I've got I've got to. And I I know these are going to be probably. Greatest white Ashley defaults are who you got there may be some reasons he buys here but I think this is a 100% sure especially when you look at the accomplishments to me the greatest way athlete of all time with Tom Brady. And I think when you look at what he has done Humber or anyone else. When you're cramping yeah when you look at what he's done it's hard to argue this and buys time is five types who votes have. Most of our quarterback Ford festival in VP most ever twelve time pro bowler. Four time NFL pass and touchdown leader as recently as 2015. And there's like 37 years old. He's the Madden cover athlete at the age of 39 elevenths you UB40. By the time it releases it is huge it's ever been done. I know there's anybody is even close to Tom Brady. I do I would say Michael Phelps is close. 23 what are gold gloves and am Olympics he's Michael Phelps is David Harrison put him top five. Might work so yeah right yeah no one's dominated a sport like he has. This dude did you go I don't look at Michael Bell's Wikipedia page keyboards monitors. For decades yes he owned the cool yeah I say he's native Pete I mean look what a couple of these Olympics it's like it's like to. Olympics I using what most people do it lets you put like bets and that is that is an individual sport three is really good. Four is amazing. Yeah and I'm pretty sure he's already been in four or that they were Tom Brady is that like key is done a lot of this with a receiving cores you would consider. Averaged just blunt manner gay he's done for Athens Beijing and London to Rio or only did he goes one more which he hasn't. Said it he had said no demo if he goes one more he's able wanna companies able one or two more gold. Document and at the age of like 35 birdies that would be it. Saying I have no problem with that I'd I'd say if you're gonna Brady I've argued I'm with you on Brady birdies appear only me and I think Michael Phelps is the war. The other one I would argue would be Wayne Gretzky yet crystal a great one and just he's the only player to reach 2000 career points only later restart 3000 career points record in these playoffs combined only player to watch to reach 1000 career goals regulars in the west combined only player. To reach 2000 career says regular season playoffs combined he won nine Hart trophies from up I don't know if you're familiar with the anti dancing it's the MVP. In and it is eight time all NHL first team. He's the only other jagr asked me I read the other one news if you're you're gonna go with another sport Larry Bird Brad I just say you took that back the top four is very confident about five and give me guys he had done it lately there you could debate. I'm I'm getting so I'm we're getting a lot of tweets here Bo Jackson will definitely be implemented as a player everyday yeah play everything Deion Sanders then Deion Sanders you have to take it like the military don't get points if you play on grass in terms of being an accomplished athlete if you played a lot of sports isn't that bikes had to make you a better actually let somebody that'll always want Arthur Ashe is a really good one out plus I wish I had doubts going to be in there. Best yeah Asian athletes. Who because we care about all that I as I say Ichiro. I take great when I say Ichiro I'm going with that yeah Howell. And I know he had those food issues yeah but come on. A daddy did god was dominant. He was good it was good Pacquiao. Was dominate. Yeah yeah like 1989. And says that's about it yeah it was a brilliant player not Tyler told the word doc you dominated. Out on and not against Jack I guess the big boys I get the teenagers had a hit truthfully your kids and a great athlete and a really good career he say by the group of Columbia are dead they're yelling at 2060 bells haven't averaged 45 and nine have peaks against the Hogan and articulate mr. Arnold I think we all star first international player Natalie really the bottom. Well and he was my number one OK but the other guy had on here was Manny Pacquiao. And Iraq have got to be a reason why had Pacquiao and I know that his legacy is there was a bit tarnished by his fight with Floyd Mayweather but he was the first and only. Eight division world champion and and and then with him almost to get some more. I'll say more but there's a lot that goes into office. Out of the ring right he was a lady of the House of Representatives. And in the Philippines have really done some homeowners and leisure as does not as though the Mayweather fight didn't tarnish his career he's lost their fight you also have you lost by a former Alaska where hopefully he's also like everybody back Grammy winner YE SI happened so late yeah I had yet similar in that fight and heard it isn't that part of that is there's certain it no question is -- your lasting impressions and was that this will not affect about Manny Pacquiao yeah. You might have hated on his jump shot from an early operated on Twitter yacht lab Betty I'll begin jumps out form is so funny. He was picked eleventh overall. In the first round. Of the 2014 Philippines basketball association our own draft first round of an intense 4014 about a key a basketball team he was the oldest rookie to be drafted. In the Philippine basketball association and let me tell you this he spent two seasons in the PBA. And he improved from year to year OK so in 201415. He averaged point three points. Skipped bail those numbers. Six and a half minutes a game. It doesn't fifteenth sixteenth he averaged one point two points are in five point two minutes again I say I say Ichiro or Tiger Woods. Tiger Woods yeah you're looking to list so do the due to agents claim Tiger Woods or do black people claim Tiger Woods seemed to me this is well this is written. Not noises I was always milestone I. I don't think there's a house or racial crap comes and the lying homes claim him more than Asian both claim and they got that's got to be a fan I have never talked to an Asian person about Tiger Woods look what he's done for. Us Asians that now hear that much it's about it's not at least I. I was considered a black eye for I've gotten a submission to the greatest why athletes horse which got us back does that. Caitlin Jenner. But I'm she you have blow it seriously purposes there it was watch it and not know guns all domains that don't really yeah Browner as Bruce later why athlete of all time he's a great it's. I'm just saying you would you have an in year. On your white lists is among the greatest I just told you I didn't have a mama want to I'm trying to school you can tell you he was that this that's already in the whoever as you want to tell you he's better and Tom Brady but I'm telling you you Barkley came in general on the list may need to revisit this conversation and that's a lot here it is a lot of meat here we got to get to Peter King Peter King is the head and if our writer over Sports Illustrated we're talking about everything going on in the NFL. When we come back Jason John editor edit then yes it. 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Wrote about the Denver quarterback competition overrated in QB. Let me ask you this if Trevor Ximian wins this quarterback competition again and I mean this is a coin toss from everybody that we talked to it sounds like. What becomes of Paxton the Broncos shall we are going to. Do this every year ago when every training camp with an open competition right so Trevor Ximian wins again. What happens to Paxton. I don't take anything I mean I think that everybody. In the lip. You know and admit last year of sort of all the post Peyton Manning made him. You know the that Denver Broncos chose. Quarterback of the future. Who they felt. Had a lot of developing to do. He packs his lunch. And yeah I was told very early in this off season that. Paid for almost on the street. John Elway. Would look. At him but hey wasn't gonna treat any informant BQ what are gonna pay a lot of money forum. And it was very very simple reason he was convinced. That both Trevor saving impact and lynch. Could be long term quarterbacks in the NFL. So. Let's listen now sort of fast forward to now and figure out. Where we are on each of those guys. I think Trevor shaming him I believe. Probably has got a slight edge. Coming into the competition. Just because it is experiencing and because of the fact that that last year he showed that. You know despite the fact he was kind of a platoon quarterback. At northwestern. Nothing phases of the entire year even when he had his struggles. And then you know I just think that Paxson lynch basically now it is. 88 you know only in its second year. He's gonna have every chance to unseat Ximian. I was told I don't know right after the draft. Absolutely unequivocally that this guy will play. But I don't think. That Denver Broncos are gonna say about the first round quarterback that they were very confident in half a year ago at this time. Then if he doesn't beat out a guy who the Broncos like a lot. And I think he's gonna be a long term quarterback any NFL. I don't think he doesn't beat about this year it's all over four. Right right now mama I'm within a 100% Peter what this Tom Brady concussions story. What are you are amidst it in your take did did is is opening your husband's team in trouble here you think this thing dies down pretty quickly. That's a good question. I don't know really I think that. That all the NFL can do. If that's the patriots on his much detail. On the area injury report. As they can't. You know the one the one thing that that no one has asked about the law the thing that nobody is that they don't do an injury report after the Super Bowl. Mean. What happens if the concussion that she mentioned somehow. Was suffered during the Super Bowl. Well the patriots are under no obligation. If Tom Brady doesn't report. To them that he had a concussion. Patriots don't. You fit the patriots after he came to America to go into the locker room and say top commodity Jiri concussion protocol. Hey you know so and again I I haven't I don't know whether anything happen in a game or not I'm just simply saying that. That was the first thought that came to me when everybody says that age Zell is. It is either they're speaking or there's some great he didn't saying that the patriots are Heidi concussion. I pay you know again. For all I know. You know that he's had multiple concussions. And they never been reported I don't know I get no. Information. That. And and again I think that there's a good chance that it's gonna die after each site basically says. You know we don't know anything and end and look. The first time Brady talks. He's gonna have. Hey he's gonna be asked about this you know whether he Procter and many can't I don't know what the protocol is. With the patriots I don't know whether he talks during minicamp. Or whether it's gonna be sometime in training camp but I'll certainly be asked about that and that's when we're probably getting your first. Eighty you know reel you into what exactly this was. We are of course talking to the great Peter King talked to that are at SI underscore Peter King covers the NFL for Sports Illustrated and in in QB Steve White. Who is a former NFL player from right here in Memphis Peter. He went out a long tweet thread over the weekend said he wants to all of con cap brings games from last season. Every snap every throw and said hit his his his premise. Was that not only was collar company good. He was throwing the ball better than he ever had that's just one man's opinion and that's one man's evaluation of course but. When you watched him last season is that the thought that you came away with the. And no I mean. When I watched it last year one of those things that I sought. In in can't predict was that. You know he was he was in a spot that for him. What they're really really good place and that is in chip Kelly's offense. Where. You know he basically. Woo we it was the perfect offense for him. It it couldn't have been better options for. Chip Kelly values a quarterback who plays on the run I are who can't play on the run and so many quarterback coaches. And so many teams right now. Are just moving away from them. And you know I thought he played pretty well we did the system but I just think that. He's still. Needs to be trained and still needs to do more of what the in the way the NFL plays in other words. Trying to be a little bit more. Playing from the pocket and playing consistently from the pocket but look having said all that. I IE I think it's. I think it's downright ludicrous. We're sitting here and there are. Whatever the 75 veteran quarterbacks under contract right now in the NFL and there's no place for Colin can't predict I think it's. I just think it's it's it's wrong. And I think that. That pretty NFL to say that. You don't politics doesn't have sent to do it this or whatever. I think politics absolutely SM to do that. What was there really Peter was the really no interest for it for Jay Cutler in terms of of teams that that might be looking for a quarterback who was a Jay Cutler. Not really being coached and playing football and more we think was. Won the case. I think visiting with Cutler is that. I think first of all. I would have no idea what to pay Jay Cutler. Grammy night I don't I don't have any idea what to pay him I don't know whether pale light. He's a guy who's gonna give you four really good years. IE you know and cross. He's got such a reputation. Of being a power guy. Which is there are people who coach skip and a plate with a who's said that that's full of crap. He's not a welcome white and host or anything like that but. That he's a good guy to have on the team and all that. But I guess I believe that at the end of the day. What happened at Jay Cutler is that. You know the tourists preteens. That had some interest or would have had some interest like for instance she stood if you're bill O'Brien and I think you say essentially. OK look I I kinda like Jay Cutler. But I hear he's a real head case and not me. Am not necessarily a guy who's going to. It is we live our version of what we do here is a team. And added that (%expletive) that's that's my that's my gut feeling him but I think a lot of it really came down to the fact that. Nobody really knows what he is right now. Number I think your absolute right to our team and unfurled her blood team not named Carolina. That's gonna make the biggest jump this season I think we all expect the Carolina can do that but maybe the next one down the team not named Carol I was gonna the biggest jump. What'd it say Tennessee if that's what. How could this be a lot because. I think that. You know assuming. Markets Mario it can pick up where where he left off. They've got the offensive line to protect them. They've got the running game you know literate that Gary can't agree to. To take the pressure off what they've added a receiver and Corey Davis now who. Ought to be able to. You don't ought to be able to make a difference. You know they're deep passing game and I think you know the defense scares me some. But in my opinion they've got enough offensive weapons and they can play possession football enough to keep it. 3233. Minutes to game limit the number of exposures you're gonna get on defense. And I I think I think Tennessee's gonna take a big job this year. If any other NFL team ready Peter had let a guy who scored eighteen rushing touchdowns walk I think we would all probably be pummeling them how do you not pay that guy. And I think we all know that this is somehow going to work out. For New England they're going to be fine they're gonna get back a fourth or fifth round compensatory pick and it's gonna be great how is it that that organization. Always seems to be one or two steps ahead of everybody else in the league. Because they don't feel any player on your team and irreplaceable it year after year after year after year. Bill Belichick is proven right now you know what Garret blunt is that good at coal lying bag he's a good possession running back. But I think the New England Patriots looking at him and they say. We believe that we can find players. World. Who can replace field. And right now you know again. Is the patriots were so many years they go into the season. And they basically say we're not exactly sure what we're going to be. You know by the end of the year but but right now if you look at what they did it in this offseason. And you look at what they did especially on offense. First of all they get a feel stretcher that they didn't have before. You know inbreeding cooks. And they. Essentially. So easily got two new running backs. If you are gonna pay for Mike you blissfully case from from the Buffalo Bills. If you're gonna pay for a guy like you loosely who date beat back. And you're gonna you're going to try it essence. To say local little rat we're not married to any running back. Here but this is I don't know about 511210. Pound guy and then you also take another guy. From Cincinnati and Rex Burkhead. Why don't think anybody really knows very much about. But he's one of these versatile running backs who can play a lot of it a lot of different styles of offense. Maybe receiving the ball or even he didn't get a chance to run and all that much in New England but he's a guy who's almost the same. Physical stature as. You know ridiculously and neither of them are quite as big as blunt. But I just think the patriots make due to what they happen once they sign jealously. Unless blunt was going to take. Fairy. Qaeda leader relatively speaking salary I didn't think it was going to be back. All right so I'll come right out witted Peter I am in Oakland Raiders fan I have been that way some thousand kids so. I've lived through the three at thirteen that lived through the two and fourteenth Art Shell reunion tour I'll lift the wood off. Now there are conflicting reports about the greatest thing that's ever happened in my life Derek Karr. About his level of can tick with the pace of the negotiations. This deal is going to get done is an ad and what it does how rich is he going to be. Oh I don't know I mean. I pay at the end of the day in my opinion. Is the enemy 25 million here 23000027. I don't care I don't think anybody cares he's not gonna go here how I look at this and here's our you should look at it as a raiders fans. You know at some point this year. Gary Karr is going to sign a contract with the Oakland Raiders. We have barring any huge upset he has signed a contract with the raiders and he's going to be the quarterback in his team's first at least. The next four or five years. So that's that's all that I would be concerned whiz. In this story because look. The Oakland Raiders are not going to. Have a situation we deer car like Washington has with Kirk cousins. Where they end up doing stuff to take them off so much that. I now have serious. Reservations whether Kirk cousins is it ever going to sign anything other than a franchise today. Contract with Washington. You know there's such a level of I don't wanna say it's trust but or disrespect or whatever it is but there's such a level of OK you don't think I'm good enough says. Pay like the great quarterback except bigger then that's fine I'm not gonna take it personally I'm just simply gonna say. I'm not going to sign a contract. That you want it aside I'm only gonna say country that I wanna science. If I've got a little bit of a personal question this is a longtime admirer of your writing and a guy who used spent thirteen years of newspaper here in Memphis and it may here is my deal covered sports all those thirteen years the final six is that all of us we'll be better. And after a while Peters felt like I'm writing the same story over and over again whether it's got its injuries trying to make the big comeback at the seams trying to win the big deal and it. I'm never sensed that with you and that's what I wanted to ask you for awhile now is how have you done and it's a jot how did you kept it fresh. All these users is it taking a longer vacation like what is it that's what that's worked so well for you that's kept it's so fresh and kept your writing so fresh. Or one of the great things about working for Sports Illustrated now editing this web site the MM QB while still rating also. One of the things about that is that. You know I kept Sports Illustrated 1989. That was back in the day when. You know Sports Illustrated ESPN were probably head to head to ahead for most important media entity. In the sports world. And you know obviously times change at ESPN got to be the 90000 pound gorilla and everything like that that. For years and years. Exports to Russia never forget it and maybe ninety year 91. I went to cover that Dallas Cowboys and Michael Irvin solidly in the locker room and he said. While it's a Sports Illustrated game this week. You know that kind of stuff. Really helped. Our writer and really help somebody in the media if if you know when you come to town to be used to to do a story. That people think it's a really big deal so that's that's part one part two is. As I grow older I have said to myself. I need to do some things and I need to really work hard. To try to do new and different things so every year that I run this web site. I have tried the best I can just figure out something new today. Hasn't been done before 2013. Richard Sherman of the Seattle Seahawks became a columnist for our site I went and I eight IA urged him to do it. You know we had a long discussion about it he said he would do it. So that first year we had the site we have thirteen we had. Richard Sherman and twelve other players wrote columns for our web site that was new was different it was fun. Then any intervening time I've done other musings and now my big thing. Is I've started this series in our site called 244 hours so that every every month we're gonna have a story. With somebody begins football we've done that I'm show after redone patent law. Holmes I just beat John Lynch in new GM of the 49ers. Where you spend an entire day with this person. Yeah and you have video Wheaties so in other words. Worried that draft through but the 49ers in the first round of the draft I admitted Lynch's hotel room as he works out in the morning I. I'm talking with him. To work in the morning and so. So acerbic kind of things would you say keep it fresh if I just had to sit back and do the same story that doesn't hurt. 34 years covering the NFL I say oh my god help me but that that's what makes it's fun. The ability to go out and do new things that nobody else in our business is doing. You said you spent time with Jon Lance do you think he's going to did it turn around all accounts they had a fantastic draft do you think he's gonna get turnaround pretty quickly. I you know who knows that they have this fantastic to have that competitive Rubin Foster you guys know a lot better than I do. If proven cost series really. The second coming of Ray Lewis or if he's gonna beat to beat up or. You can have a bad shoulder wrap off field stuff. DOD BD toured that. And hey look all of this depends. Uncool quarterbacks. This tape Francisco 49ers in 2018. If you hunt because. I don't care how good it she we have I don't care how good it GM you have how good a coach you have if you have a quarterback. You're not winning more than six games period. And so the 49ers. Have had a very good start ever lynch slashing at him but. It all depends whether they get a quarterback. Who's gonna make it competitive consistently give the Seattle. That is the key ingredient every single time yes Peter King he covers the NFL for Sports Illustrated runs the M in QB Peter. It was a real honor thank you so much for some time sir thank you Peter. Hey my pleasure thanks for having me on fellas. Did you he is Peter King one of the best ever do it doesn't legend and covering the NFL we appreciate Tommy at the spin moves up will come back. Revisit our raking system we have the decide who Tiger Woods belongs to the this week I miss the most pressing issue of the day so far also later in the show on talk about. This Lavar ball burst Christine we all that the use here and why I think. The whole thing is ridiculous that's coming up later in the show Jason's done at a tennis fan yes it. Officer CF store for them to. 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In the midst of trying to celebrate all races you once again revealed herself to be a race is stop yes because you did not celebrate. Hispanic at Ali got a whole list here we had to get the Peter king's the you can ask your stupid raiders question now was not a stupid quietly and ladies say on it. He gave you an Aircastle time if they didn't care about the number he didn't care about our. He's a big Karabakh the number you stay there. I've generators and then their all time does so he wouldn't figure bandwagon well I have to say that what you think about that contract situation for my guide Gary Karr. Don't care. It you. Do know that I'm getting corn hole boards with their car on them right. Like I am of legitimately ordered them. From I think Victor tailgate and is so long arm divided yeah. Invited to get waiters logos a lot of volatile I want Derrick talk he's throwing the ball like he's got in the pot and stake in the pocket. It's a beautiful boarded you're not invited to enjoy the fireball or the Cornel board. Finally that oil they will be I got a fire ball they will be legendary even if you like blows out his knee in his career ends just be like for ten years from now you have dare call or corn hole board several be releasing artificially uninvited. Metro bragged that he thought the tarmac at a Fokker bit and I got to fire ball it was it's eight it has firing it looks cool night Johnson thought hey here's yet. You know it's like 85 degrees outside when you light a fire full benefits for optics did it it looks good aesthetically it's like who I hang around a fire when it's 85 degree this is symbols that I think it's it's like it's like having an apple want to give a fireball a lot of firewall for his role who wants an apple watch it will put people wanted to dabble lodge I see some people Wear them I don't have a good time I feel like you're Amish because I think you would just you don't use laptops. You quite a laptop yeah. You do not use it yes I don't use it well not you know yes I never physically he needs. While you try and they don't have a digital go to the grizzlies games should double grizzlies game while I have kind of got out of this race he's juice. Everybody's list of the list of Hispanic great after good I'm glad to hear that it starts. With the first thing euros or nine down I've got to. He's right. Atwater and now Iraq. I don't know. A case that this is arson is an area joking about Hispanic that's not a joke about John Paul Stephenson the grizzlies PA guy and he I'm when he was doing against appear. And this is what he would do. He likes saying a lot of these these foreign guys names like Sam is out on the this would always stuck with me. It or do. Now. Can you say it every job in all its everytime I hear water no horizon they're an early see it that's always what let them go. Com.