Jason & John - 4/20/17 - Hour 1 w/ The Washington Post's Tim Bontemps

Jason & John
Thursday, April 20th

Jason & John open the show talking Grizzlies and Game 3 against the Spurs. The Washington Post's Tim Bontemps joins the show to talk NBA Playoffs. Jason has a rant about the Tiger Basketball team 


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Elbow always has the delicious murder of the day Elmo the best burgers and more money 21 Madison avenue. You know 82 millions and ESP since yeah. We an offensive emanates you. Investment this. ESPN. You have until 1115 detects the word. Should it HO OD to 72881. You have a total of fifteen Texas Fort Hood age ode to 72881. Of for your kid 1000 dollars and 99. FM ESPN a could be another Castro 1 o'clock Ben Hogan Amir Katz professional had funneled cash reward today for you at 3 o'clock pretty good right now you have it's 1115 to text the word hood HO OP to 72884. One that demonstrates that do apply good luck. Okay. In Memphis in sports station. It won't it won't let. I mean it's getting so. Does that man hit it knows that you. Minute gap we now. We have time. You've got to read. No. Where. You go to. They can borrow from the now. With Jason and Jon and Giuliani FM ESPN I'm. We feel like I'm coming here a little trigger today and is the number one for this game fully comfortable with the win it's like. I made some good food. University of Memphis basketball program as did you see me on the mound down 101 feels yeah. And I'm tired of it. New Orleans that John and I thank you all last last week a lot of people did like a lot of people. And that we sound like a combination Omar didn't see. That's all right I don't care I don't care if we told people that the storm was over coach that there were bright sunshine days ahead. And now we're back to people smear him I'm not gonna have if you think is dale and hassle to our panel rant. Now you've got one I doubt that you're gonna rant. To tiger nation. You know and get some of the naysayers. Of this program some of the people who are you might argue going out of their way. We have taken shots at Toby. We have taken not take your time here I'll be we have been honest about tubby. Let's stop there whatever you can call and honest with some people of the college shot whatever yeah we've been on this crazy people well they are and zionism. This is on deserved this is an accurate the news about Matt Stan held his jump at either the we'll touch on later. Right it's beneath does right now right now it's all about game three it's like it's like division to stuff momentum on them on that one deals streak come on down. Come on that 1835 Mariah woods come on down come see me say to your face that Memphis lost the division tutor to a lot of Los recruited to sensitive. I'll spit at your feet if you sit in my face I we will we will look. The term and find out who's crying real quick yeah we could determine who. Whether or not that has lost an actual recruited division two yeah we would get to that later in the show but ladies and gentlemen came early. Game three is tonight. Come on down 191 deals streak on any kind of worked out perfectly more perfectly. On 420. So as we get ready. For game and Hillary would point me down at FedEx Forum. Let us also celebrate a day that will be observed Ed Overton park oh yeah all day long. We'll leave. Okay. Okay. Ball. They don't know we. So we'd. Panda cloud missiles today over Ronan park thank you to rose or Stephen A Smith for that brilliant entries to drop into roles like that brilliant mix. What's next. As my favorite part I he sort of make it a girl he. And serving it up there I was at the one day and you you can go to Overland Park and smoke legally I don't gossip anonymous as you noted that it's understood rates it's kind of an understood thing nicely every time I've seen it's like two cops like are helping. They hit these cross the street cross poplar avenue to get over gun pork. Yeah I mean I think it's so crowded there's no reports of people onto a lot of new blood of Jesus live over there walking distance of the walk across the street. A pick and Alabama but there's a lot of people over to Overton park smoking weed out of Apple's. But he's have you ever heard of that known or heard that it's complicated by the governor as that's a very complicated way go about it. We saw that apple. Out of understand that but there are people over out depart probably doing that right now today on the showed Tim bonds hit to about that covers. The NBA for the Washington Post we're gonna talk to him. About the grizzlies about they've been bill's rant about their chances in game three tonight and we will talk then about the rest of the NBA generally good series. Over the Washington Post now where he's conducting postmortem about NBA teams as they are eliminated from title contention. He will be doing them for every team I don't care. And so unfortunately sooner or later it was the grizzlies pull off a a miracle he they will be the next one of the next few teams that he will write a post or an. And I'm actually to see. What he has to say about the franchise going forward ask love yes love them 191 Beale street so we will as just and a we will invite him bonds have data when 91 bills to last about a number on them them. At eleventh we're about to toll 500 or talked to Jason Wexler Jason what's of course. With the Memphis Grizzlies it is a big night down there's an idea the president of business operations and as is always a fun time there's actually a really nice piece. From Kevin artist dias in about. The game ops group. With the grizzlies and behind the scenes looks and I and I already said this I said this before I'll say it again I don't think I've ever been to an out of market. On NBA game. And I actually I haven't but I know that. This. Particular crew. Is puts off like that like you always are entertained yet when you go to grizzled they've they've war and they've won the award or the NBA for force for the game out further guidance I would say a lot of excellence awards two of God's got a titan games I've gone to. I've gone to St. Louis Rams games. And it doesn't even compare them it's like it's corny. You know and any lawyer well it's awful compared to what degree is due degrees entertain you. NFL Olivia dog teams have been to the brother professional sports games I've been to have been embarrassing so. We'll talk Jason looks about what's going on downtown today the game what playoff basketball means in Memphis that's a twelfth when he five. Mark Joseph Crawford committed to Ole miss. Yesterday new. I think we knew that Johnson's he told us that his mom went off on planes comes to him yeah I investor and it does that he would. You know so that's got to that's got to weigh into the equation as well but he's gone all miss. And Donaldson number thoughts today were in Memphis tiger Boswell player would transfer to go home us but us while there will Soledad. I'm really proud bed of our retired. You're proud of our database growth so much and good you know three hours that he's been here. You know at thirty minutes this has been so good disease is is so good to see is we will talk to Marco Crawford. That one. We will do that I was taught why that is the play and yes that is the plan until it when they announced that they immediately last night they were excited. Eighty Kennedy and Raymond Chandler has decided graphics ready to embark on an old masters I don't know other German team that's what you Susan for I don't know why are out of it last year pairs that very question yesterday out. Yeah I don't know satellite CDO like Terence Davis down there you from Marco whether they've got the point what colonials the point already got a tough Tony recruiting class are. So don't you know for a savvy folks I'm in Geoff Calkins will join us at one and 25 so is a load did show today. At a game Gary and ladies and gentlemen you know score. It is a must win games him stretching it is and it was it is a plus in game tonight this one if you're gonna win a game in this series. Right yes this is the one. Got one it's an 830 game on Thursday. Which gives you ample amount of time to get downtown turn. Mom and and honest a third thing is a great they'd do that to do forget it's right out of business on Tuesday or Wednesday right and idealistic antenna right but because. You know that you the next days Friday and nobody gets anything done on a Friday anyway I taught you can just go down their turn up. Black out. And get crazy you know this is the one we like it but Cooper or lift yeah definitely use Hoover or lift there's a question about that we we do not condone them drive and on the show. But yet this is the game like I know is just said business had yesterday in his press conference at the form of the before practice. That he knows that that this is going to be cranked. And we're really just going to be bad draw at I mean that's what's going to be well that's the hope you know angry drawn because what you hope. But it is forty corny. So yeah Ed note yeah you know OK we know in high they get nods to mellow you aren't you don't I don't hit the ball before you come to the game. Because it you know you can enjoy and afterwards frank enjoyed parts eighty partake I think afterward were major energy because he wouldn't you know I've just heard that when you partake. Like you'd just you know you're not gonna be in the mood a little slow fig two gig go addict Oslo where rats and errors you know like I need I need you to be happy. To be drinking and I am for the appropriate energy. But it is again it is they it is a must win game tonight down at FedEx formed if you want to be competitive in this series. This is the one as you guys know. No team. In the NBA actually get a lot of digging for this allowed unifies them like an hour and a half looking for this but I found through my extensive research. That no NBA team has ever come back. From a 30 deficit I guess they. No team has ever come back from a 30 deficit in a playoff series in the NBA that the data. First take bad. Some nice data. So what we have done. As we have put together. But where we are some data we are a show of the people and we really try to extend helping pain in that it's always really what we do always do. And Shyamalan so we are that we had to beat him of of Memphis and if so what we've done is we have put together some things. They need to have been the game plan in order for the grizzlies to give a game three win at Antonio spurs Horry three and a half point favorite they opened at three. But again. You feel good going into this David that the got his point across. So you know it's going to be a very fairly officiated basketball game mark to get some calls than not they're gonna get some calls tonight. What have we come up with Jason our number one. I'm dead serious bouncy and waiting go the other other route you start Zach Randolph when should be come as no surprise should be a no brainer because you outscored San Antonio in the second half of game two and after starting him in the second half a garage fully expect him. You wouldn't expect otherwise right Rosie candidates are a lot of things James and this is gonna start seeing that he's so little beyond storyline that's well and take effort data and you take SA NASA data. The outscored them with Zach Randolph in the starting while the other thing in my number two for me. Yup other kids and say declined to try some different and just let him have the free rein ladies and comes on medicines he comes across half court. You throw to guys out of whatever it takes to make him give up the ball. Give it to someone else and make them a kid might make dating great beach. Absolutely make make LaMarcus Aldridge Biggio and make toll well over a large dollars has been beating. Tony plug it and it won't keep making keep it up I don't want collided in the 32 with a 35 and just basically like us that haven't free range ability whatever he wants I'm jealous I I know is it just not that you I don't if radical but I would I would double team him off the ball. I would. As well it. About all the body is the guys on these assets settle down below and everything I got an end to make him give it up debt as and I suspect they will I suspect they will they would do that. You've got to make at least ten threes yes the grizzlies are 23 and six. When they made centuries or more. Take that the data could you John Maher and that's the thing they've made they made seven right in each of the game one in game two losses they made seven their fourteen. A 47 in the two games that's two point nine point 8%. From three. Troy Dale's amid disorder and we Troy Daniels wane some James and as Andrew Harrison and the two games are combined one of eighteenth. That has got to improve. Take that the data it's some shots I don't like this data you don't like it now I don't think that's the data that Dave is I was referring to plus the data we got. Crowd with John Martins are talked about it. You're head coach is stepped out for you he's he's set the tone early I expect them to be jacked up drunk yeah ever yes angry angry rage rage is what we want yeah. Margaret Solio Waco Brothers. You gotta wake up over a quick back to the crowd point. Yeah. Chandler Parsons needs to be at this game while got that down to show up and cheer channel this has not been something that we've talked about because we don't believe liked to have been browser. We don't we. We let you know nothing really realize that a defendant over the wow we love you we don't want you want to hey let's tell them that you have that. But Taylor Parsons. You should be their he has not had chosen religion there when Tony Allen's there why isn't either well if you've. I know we have not a lot of time on it because we've been actually focus on playoff games and we've spent a lot of time on John Parsons as it is but. Arm he has not delegates for the first two games of this series in fact there was a story. Up up Ed. Broke Bible dot com my fully admit that I read it at bro bobbled outcome. He was out clubbing I believe was an LA with his new girlfriend who we did talk about it since seltzer mode during that last weekend during the series. And he's hurt and he can't play. But I do feel like. You owe it to your teammates. To support them in the playoffs even if you're not actively participate I think that is something. That should change immediately get as browser pointed out Tony I'm in the damn boot. He's upright. And he's there why why is I don't know channel pars is rehabbing and everything like that but I think it's important. You're going to be here for the next and I every year I think I heard I don't know if that's for sure but I think I did hear that. They gave Tony the option to stay back in Memphis yeah continue to react and said he wanted to go yeah well they're part of a team I think Gemma Parsons should absolutely be there I I think. Honestly I don't know how much they are thinking about it I don't know how you know much in front of their mind it is but to me it sends the wrong message. I mean clearly the organization gave him permission I'll I'll let you know without prices but I think that's one of those situations where it yes it's like when you know it's like when your girls owes you. Yes it's fine if you go out it's fine. You know. A you can go out. Viewers shouldn't I'd I'd be I think some of it for it it involved if you're playing devil's advocate with a some of it is he has been a distraction when he's been there. To where say there'll nationally televised games and you know at any point you're watching that on television he sit on the bench instead of pan over there at least once or twice turned against them but he's a big boy I agree yeah I agree and you're right that people would say hey look at this guy's gotten out of womanizing does it isn't a reminder that don't know all of the other dollars four million there would no knees it's not like this there was like a number of adults -- -- -- don't you bring you signed the contract this there's not an offer some longtime on the you have can wait up for just the second to come here and and introducing. You can't rehab here and I think I mean as far as I know those checks it is direct deposits there right I'm fairly sure that you know trainers who travel with the team to San Antonio Smith who began selling I I think I think he should be there right. I think I believe he will do it reinforces all of the negative thing we haven't talked about about it yeah it does reinforce all of the negative perception and a reputation of Joseph Barton went. They are playing at San Antonio and he's an LA clubbing he's that leg. Fiercely rehabbing in these pictures he is cloning could have been fiercely revenue in the that I don't ask is likely to combat I -- I don't necessarily I'm with ya wanna stay with you know it's it's one do you think a lot of saves not rehab didn't even worse than think now it's it's a bad looked into Atlanta looked bad looking I can't look I can't defend him because I was the one do you know even -- it's a dead period for tubby he's out on the freaking golf course all the scratch or affected Atlanta here it's not a good look yeah I noticed recruiting did appear to be should we just taken pictures on the golf course and when was the -- that crap. Unless it was at riverbend links. You can let doctors on river at river bin links well I mean that's so here's the thing on a tubby one real quick update. We we told you gotta get out more and and do more for the program that bat was a golf tournament for some of the elite donors at a news out there he's out there work and that's an important that's a monitor that that's fine yeah but bad I think. I hope and and pray that showed Parsons is is there an accident it would. It would be a good look for him and first I doubt had a down Jones opened here in the one we skipped over Marcus all you gotta wake up this could look out we need to engage for all four quarters you know there's there's there's not much left here. So there's no reason to come out and and not be in the game. This could be the last ride for the course for as as Geoff Calkins is reminded us every day. On Saturday you write the columns and every day so you'd better make it a good last right take five every day for the rest that we can say guys not serve you heard a this might be the last one of the last home games with a gore four it is if Marquette does not know someone go tell him that I did he let let him like all right let's get the moment remarks that he didn't CEO of visit riots. So through yet again that he's a Louisville's a little bit like Jeff so. So we'll tell why this is in the last ride he's so full of crap. I did exhibits are all on this ride that's all I got left the way the keys to victory there you've makes it very easy sedar Zach Lila or wherever they make a lot of what the Hawaii visitors shutting him down but don't let him does. Yet out there a while and it has missed a game this season hit 103 bubble that. As that term I accept it ten threes mark play ball crowd's going to be and we got the keys that Chandler show this year he's a victory is the one you gotta get. If the happy Mexican. Downtown. Or go that didn't collide Alamo gets above I and that's another win we did mention that on the W great one for pregame meal at bat next if bird just coop. We do have officials for tonight. Courtney Kirkland pat prayer and good. Chris' fans remember this name. James Capers naysayers. Capers was the official about a year or two ago in Houston they gave James Harden 45 free throws an English and Zach Randolph got five that that game is he said Emanuel sought was the rest of grim rest. I'm well hopefully James Capers will call the game right down though it's my colleague in exactly health Ludacris is to be the beneficiary tonight so that's the game plan it is game during it is going to be and it's. A damn good time down down down 101 deals trees around. 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Every dates. 92 kind of 688 am on the WMS and 929 espn.com. Obviously isn't Jason John. Live studio. Jason did you just read PS TM command Jason Smith got some exciting. About Matt Stanley. And the university and have us we'll get to that just a little bit. Let it right now his name is Tim Boggs thinks he covered the NBA for the Washington Post and he joins us now Tim what's going odd man. Not much because I don't. I we are doing great appreciate you joining us let's start with the David fizz they'll bring it what did you think of it didn't have mayor. Why you come down on the ranch. I mean it was amusing they're the grizzlies are obviously she's up against and don't you gotta close it has gone in there and try and it. It can cost for as liars and in tonight's game and then try to. Relatives here's a little bit back towards our tomorrow's fish and obscure little bit back towards our. Back towards you know met his favor but what the same time. I think I think at the end of the day you know it's it's really just a matter of other. To bring you bring a knife to a gun fights this series and and I think it's just going to be so we talked about that predict both of these games really made us think about it I guess. Do you think it will have a carry over impact in this game their rent like do you think the grizzlies are going to get a quote unquote better whistle. Because of it. I mean pot will probably get next to call it do I mean I'm sure that. We sure there will be in the back of people's lives sure they're gonna I've played or air support early gauge based Syrian I'm sure would be. The top of the discussion about I also don't think that you know I mean if do I think that just gonna have twice as many free throws today is senatorial and all of and I don't really quite like that but I mean it. In a playoff series a little a little Clinton health and well given in the situation that. The greatest fighter and so they didn't know every every little thing they can pushing their papers. But that's. We are of course August 2 months have to cover his MBA. For the Washington Post you've got a great series out up at Washington Post. Called post more of where you basically just assessing. Every team and their future as they are eliminated from. Title contention. Unfortunately. As optimistic as we would like to be. The grizzlies you'll be writing about the grizzlies probably sooner than later so there in terms of what that post mortem will say. About the grizzly mom what's going to be the town. What's gonna be the tone of of of that piece when you have the right. All that unless we ever thought about that yet but I mean I think there have been the biggest the biggest thing for me it's just that. You you look at this look at this came right and they agreed as well all is last summer yeah I spent a lot of the people are they might act. It didn't ever really Jim Parsons who will Max contract. When they they really committed to this group right airmen in the microwave Marcus all they're gonna try to ride it out to the bitter end and I think the way you saw this year player out. No they really need to me a little more thing about the group believes it is. They desperately need Chandler Parsons to somehow. Get healthy again and give them the production able to work because. No this team finished seventh in the west this year is so about mark signed up for those three years he got right side approach or years. And you know if you look at this scene and to me. The only way they're gonna be able to take a step back up the western copper sales. It is jailer came come back and give us some quality minutes. Because if you can't. We'll need it seems more likely than not that this is playoffs this year and that's probably started the mission that while they're really lit a possible while. So not I mean I was a two part question you seemed to me the overriding question about the grizzlies and really the only thing that's gonna matter for that while. Is is what can Parsons give them because that their one opportunity at stake to really. No reset. The trend line going in the other direction they've pushed them back up a little. I'm with you ought to percents and that's it leads me to my next question we we had Bobby marks on the of the front office guy for the vertical fault in the front office insider and I asked him that question. Did you blow it up and in this there instance let's say Chandler doesn't look good to start the year next year. And you've got so much time and AM. Do you would June the body had inching answered his ball was that now I don't think so because you never promised that you're going to get back quickly could be a long road. If you blow it up and do the rebuild where you want it in this is the particularly if Chandler is not that guy early on lectured you do would you blow it up. Well I mean the problem all of it up as in what do you pulled up I mean. Then you've got like it you got mark Arkansas whose thirty soup right. But if you've got Mike Conley whose 3030 won't. Are important I mean it's going to be arbitrate those guys can get real value that's. You know all so mean. Very good Georgia would have been written roster. If you wanna blown out there there's really not a whole lot to block. You got those two guys and and then a budget pieces and it altered met this I think you're hope is that. You know Mike and mark or pitted off to to make agreed to bed by themselves to basically work this year my. I stole. I don't really know if you if you decide interred are say this summer you know what Jenner did the year trailer and work out which occurred the first swing. Where betrayed by her trademark holders start over. I just don't know what you're gonna get forever but thirty of thirty year old Ford car league will most strategic port RG ready. And at 32 year old with the materials Sadr. In a league where a lot of injured have setters. I'm Grassley writing and nick and and they've gotten a picks in this draft grams a day they are they're they're stuck in a tough spot we'll turn the rest the NBA is as good as. Russell Westbrook is and has been the season around it was. For firm is torturous Washington go for rating and a fourth quarter. That was pretty rough what do. Yeah I mean they you know it's funny I ever come up that game and it should be you know Russell Westbrook has become. Yeah NBA's version of a rorschach test which is good date but that's what you. You look at where you're welcome it but on a paper and look at it and everybody try to keep it this way and you know the Westbrook. No you're either way in order to care executed that. What Westbrook is doing is he's doing it because his team is terrible and the Saudi ambassador to win games. For. You look at him and you goal is titled all are and what reasons that teammates haven't progressed to see them. Is because it's been all about Adam and given them no chance to try to develop and become better players Iraq. And it it's really hard to find anybody in the middle the last Soviet and if you import triple bubble. But he he struggled the fourth quarter of incorporate into the field and you have some people saying. What can I wept for possibly game right there about people saying. Lol what what or what Social Security measures alcohol. It it just kind of amusing to me how he's become. This guy whether an absolute no middle ground and you either have to think that he's. Yeah would pass or the absolute worst a lot of and there's up and inventory. We are for talking to Tim bond since he covers it gave the Washington Post is on Twitter at ten bond since you should follow him. In retrospect and I know this is kind of tricky but I have to ask you given what they are in the series in retrospect do you think Danny Ainge regrets. Not doing a deal for Paula Georgia are Jimmy Butler used him at the topic. Our. No I mean look. I. I think I think to need a bigger thing is intriguing. If the period for Jimmy Butler Paul George I think the bigger thing you're not making a treat her like Taj gave a big breath. Yeah in the polls yeah. Well a little about this yet that they were about to drop. You know I don't understand not but given up all the doubt that for a few day I was pretty skeptical going to be. They're detected this year. You know I thought they were put a lot of thought as a good I didn't think there were jitters of level that's what are the members there why they would say look we got to ease off. We don't we don't wanna give up. The foreign to get there you get a database this COLT being Egyptian team and not give you Kimmel not apple that such but. What they've got including weapons for further toward that CNET they got I think they've got exposed tropics the last three years. You know they couldn't they couldn't give up their 20181. Girl pick which are going to be in the mid to late twenties again. To go get it out Taj Gibson. He gave them a legitimate rebounder to dole look next hour or for mere job about what demure in his career is what did you barely move. And you're seeing first couple games. They've got destroyed over the last fight I Robin Lopez who or where they were bringing in Taiwan dollar off the bench to play over here jobs such it took. I mean they couldn't use Dallack Taj Gibson. I understand why they didn't wanna go all the assets but no proof perking you know what goes somewhere and try to help create subsidies request to play. They get beat by an eighteen the first round. Well they go meet record in order Blake Griffin or somebody there look rival whoa what apple blow this in the possible for try to make. You know I saved it and I think I think all of anything not just making any move all the teams around it's good route from back up. Brad Stevens is now too intent in the post season that is the worst record by any coach in playoff history with a minimum of ten games. How can you explain that because that is a guy who in the regular season is brilliant obviously. He's pretty much universally loved around the league they overtake the cast for the one Sedin and yet they really struggle. In the post season how do you explain that sort of disparity with Brad Stevens. Even Bloomberg. I mean it isn't complicated I mean two years ago he played the cab or wait it out of history that sort of wrapped. By political team in ball we weren't supposed to be. And they didn't they ought to exchange is perfectly reasonable cherished. And we'll look. Or are they a better team overall and then the bulls probably. But the truth is this is really flawed team. That. Doesn't end any don't have to bass player and Jimmy Butler. I talked a good news here is pretty clearly the best player. They're not gonna say time is what a great year. I just thought you the best player in N after watching interest double games I think that that's preventing future and so. You know I I think more people can't have it all ways they can't. They can't think that the Celtics have in our as well coached in the regular season the kind of take advantage everything. That day. Take advantage of every every day is that during the very received and nobody in the playoff series where they don't have the best player and there's there's obvious match up deficiencies. It it it makes it makes in the worst coach in the world I think. I think what it should prove to people is that. Not for everybody that tried to say that the Celtics have a superstar that Imus and have players that are capable of really make a deep run. I think what it shows is that they've got a long way to go before they actually have a country. Tim was a who's the biggest hurdle for Cleveland in the east is it is it Cleveland cellphone you can ask it that way in the and the defense is playing a ticket the ticket did better there it's gonna beat everybody or is it made the wizards. We've got Bil in and John Wall who didn't amend their own announce loo roll. How much of a threat other wizards right now. There are a threat that we could do really good look serious man that looks real deal that if they're real they're really good I thought they literally he's had problems almost from the start of the playoffs. I thought they were gonna have white deployed to self starter is so well. Awesome and I definitely Kobe beat Chicago. Ottawa but it was a big win no a lot of who passed. We CDC teams got kind of not putts around and yet and until the kind of take stranglehold on the series and you watched you watch it was a mountain any game they trailed most away could easily law. Well the political bogey and get the win. You know John Wall Brad BR you talk about it also nationally or should file series both you guys get it done. And I I think that he's going to be news conference finals and certainly get Cleveland there I do think we'll look at the final let. Mean I really think that. I really think that that the wizard averages about them some trouble because. You know what what they're starting lineup has been terrific policies and location it sure in the playoffs. And the other backcourt like won't be all they can do it all bands or got a chance of ever really thought about. I'm with you that is ten months into that was in BA for the Washington Post follow him on Twitter at ten months and read his stuff. And why I suppose you'll be smarter fort Sam thanks so much for your time and appreciated. But it is standby at a time when we come back. Jason Smith got some in the site you get some ego your chest don't Nancy Byrne and save our residents. Jason Smith is tired he is sick and tired. Of watching the University of Memphis basketball program get raked across the coals under is our deadline by people that he might have considered his friends and colleagues before today. No more. We'll get to the we'll get to that when we get back Jason John that is Hannifin ESP. In my colleague doesn't go crazy. Unacceptable I was a professor at 2017 NBA playoffs are on Memphis is sports station 99 FM ESPN but then I don't grow up. JC Penney Howard Penney and Pakistani just Sunday get great deals for the whole family until like this for just 57 and nine dollars. Like that tells kids swords and tap into her let's take an extra 15%. 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In one day start earning interest now in ten times injuries Friday and Sunday right of the super sweepstakes editing table my nine. This happened involves not only in the pits casino and hotel. Zero mistakes. We wanted you rewards member Tim brought call 1800 by two to 4700. 688 M. In the studio. The golf course and feel that god made history out their last week. When I missed the ball eight straight. I didn't like Happy Gilmore is no record of guild president tickets are still got stabbed somebody would do exactly that I felt like. Happy Gilmore out there but that's the great thing about revenge. We're bad players. We can joke about he job but it is perfect. For every level of players feel bad if you break. With a believes an awesome golf club course in Austin city got to be different degrees. Whatever your level of play is yourself before you out of there have been as the only John links style course in the mid south. Great spots places we can take it boils down we'll play around persevered significant sales were better get right to go to for a company outing. Great place it's if you look up. So it is a bit so we needed to make the weekend of players play around. It up to save up your right there riverbed where it's my favorite golf course is the Memphis fervently it's got fifty. I we're back Jason had done it's united fan ESPN. I we talked about this before the show. And so that I was triggered and I am. Triggered. This started. Basically with. A tweet yesterday. And that potential Memphis target Matt Stanley who signed with division to watch top Baptist yesterday. Came from Margie and out of the fire in Memphis Tigers bus will be writer for the commercial appeal after that tweet. Our own here perish to have that brand was so basically what 2008. A program that was a one time getting to know how Derrick Rose lenient than we get. Recruits like heroes is now losing out there on recruits to a division two school that that we was piercing. Well when national peers are a lot of people jump on it and it became quite a bit of a joke about Memphis and and I can understand why number one. I don't blame Gary Parrish a bit for running with it like he did because. He's doing it with the impression at least we might when he tweets that out. That Memphis is still recruiting this kid. You use the words potential Memphis target. Like they're still on him now we went back a couple of weeks ago when this can now that. Welcome Jim not erode the story and that's Saul Smith and offered this kid that came from the kid and they are coming for visit is coming and who's coming in for a visit that came from the kid. And I know Jim Otto is that today is dead dead dead dead dead as email and they got a written scholarship offer that's fine you know what I don't care showed me. I showed it offer you show me up front I got a picture because what happens if you all will remember. When this news got out and we all thought we all figured we roasted it because we figured. Gee you know let's talk the staff and staff Edsall those guys have confirmed the offer so we run with a two we say what they excelled Dolan he's reaching. And we roast them four and rightfully so because this program has no business region that far no business. That's sad. You see the news on this did you see what happened I told you a week ago Matt Stanley would never be a scholarship player at the University of Memphis. All right they backed off vacated as soon. As soon as the backlash came out. There was no visit the kid never came. So there was no losing him now here here's part of what happened. You tell that kid after after you're embarrassed by the fact mistake big gets out and you stop look we'll take it as a walk on. But look man you got a free ride over there we're not because we set that was the right thing to do we sit right here on this on the show. You got a free ride over this division two school. Take a free education to win the war is a walk on the we're not only did you scholarship pretty obvious they had to kill for a visit you never change. And I route realize what generals and a tough spot he got the family tell you one thing and apparently you called the staff they won't confirm or not but that's the job man. You can't just go on the word defend you got to get at some kind of way to the staff or at least get in the next week or so but they're not recruiting him. Because when you put this out that date you know and give off the impression that they just lost the kids would be to school the national guys I need your prayers and jump yeah. Look Memphis and that is Gary rod DOS are available on the yeah I'll do zones and and and again our I've got to save a look I figure Iran with a articulate it it's a bad look. But it cannot understand why you know what we got it figured that that myth is it looks like way to put it up and it does all this into a deep that they were debating what. They didn't want this kid is a scholarship player when that was over as I would like two weeks ago the senator told you last week. Could be a law called form but he's not be a scholarship player. So to have all this out it's it's an under isn't they don't deserve it. The Aries point Gary's point for the staff should have called or got Gary's way visited the church doesn't matter anymore. Does the good because it it it it's what it looks like. It did it whether they offered him what they didn't. It really was it the truth truth was out you wouldn't have this that you this wouldn't be there but we do acknowledge though that as of trouble. Always mad at what point they really wanted this kid right at one point they were really recruiting this kid to be a member of their team does not look look we were wasting killing Saul. Need to listen killing solved till improve as well boo boo killing him because they had no kids coming and home visits. Pretend Joseph Esposito adhered god bless him has got every visit you've got lined up he's done that you fix all of that you'd think you'd think tubby when Chu and salt and pull out he was. So what does salt do egos and breaches and starts litigated by told a kid that we're gonna we're gonna. We're gonna make you the star could try to look like he's working and when that message got back to Chevy ridicule that stuff this dog never solve this kid. Never talk form. And so to say that they lost into a deep to. Is incredibly inaccurate. And look the we sang about it last week many people in blighted the song whatever. But but the gist of that was of the bad news right now for the University of Memphis is done. Marco Crawford's at a years the last bit of bad news for them right now you know what now's the time to do is time to sit back and see because we've said it. See terrorist network let's see what he does right is time to lay off and see what he does because at the the real bad news is done we told you that on this show. Yeah like it you know right where we gave it to you because the truth. This this year trying to pile on in the program doesn't deserve this. Jane Park she would have as a program I don't know I've been on the other sucked all the people thought and if Joseph can hurt the program when you when you constantly bashing my knowledge that's a U. Just like you told me at Saturday in the show. We we are our concerns. And their failure. Not bashing them are in this instance. This is not fair because this is not true they did not lose this kid to a DQ school. Period right it's about an eight inning can't that can't hurt because when that goes national. All the kids of your joke you're an absolute joke is it to me it's more about. Because you always so. We we have to sort of separate these things the Stanley Stanley is gonna say if they got off. Right let's Fonda gives us votes are you know what it what's on you to do check with the staff plan. You have to Zoe blaming whom we blaming for this miscommunication are we blaming the Stanley payment every blaming I'm not blame in the Stanley that I remembered the ultimate getting off light on the beat writer. That's where this all started. You've got enough with a more with mad stable it's the Mets Daly tweeting. Chips and its its Q does that cannot publicly come out and say we're not recruiting this kid what they can do is not have him on for the visit. Tell him he's got to walk on and I understand alligators and wild oats LG and out of that he apparently called the guys you guys aren't talking to a that's and you you've got to find that out you got to know read the tea leaves are not recruiting the kid. Some open tense moment is at its would you not and I hate to say it but I look I've been in that spot too before. A lot soldiers stand Olajuwon since it was gonna be also a soldier Chad Rocco was gonna be good at soldier will Barton is going to Charlotte. We want to play at a board. I'm the stand up and take. Right yeah. Do you you you have to have a relationship. With the staff if the staffing talking to you. You can't assume that they're still recruit an acute. Period. Others to figure out who we blaming. We blaming for this all of this jump for the song to admit is that let's face right now yes we've art. Imagine what it in no uncertain terms who we are is on the beat writer right now this boundless that we can't blame the staff forever critic in the first place. We did that we did that two weeks ago and that's why they stop okay that's that's that's done OK do you think solved. Went to Marge doesn't pay may Andy got right about his kick is well oddly enough. I would tell you know they're not talking Willamette and I've covered recruiting better save one call yesterday and found this stuff out when I went out of recruiting that's how it went. Is being on you you it wouldn't matter who initiates conversation but you get word that ghetto but you look at you got coming up for visits. If you have a good relation with staff they will tell you. And ice my assumption again I don't know what my assumption would be that because they were just getting destroyed. About not doing anything. Right now I'm just says if you're not named your dog when it reached so so he was like yeah I met with as how I'm a portrait miscue coming up for a visit. Are apparently not. And apparently he hasn't talked to does that does that doesn't talk to own and dial out again you're in a tough spot at second thought about much but you gotta be able to find it out. In I'm saying you gotta be able find it out because you can't put out that this kid still a potential target. Like they lost in the date is an act it has not felt like he has been a target basically. Since the day he said he was coming to visit. That is I told you last that is as a kid when coming well I just I'm telling you this now for the first time what.