Jason & John - 3/20/17 - Hour 1 w/ Jake McDowell In-Studio

Jason & John
Monday, March 20th

Jason & John open the show talking about the NCAA Tournament. Memphis Tigers senior Jake McDowell joins the show in-studio.


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We love and unfortunately so do term. You have John Holmes fans for all you know the only thing keeping your house together there's a bunch of termites holding hands at all. Sitting not only seven landlord over Portland hair. Another business sports station. Oh. I'm mean again we saw there. Now you. OK let's. Well. They can buy some of the moment. No we don't. I'm 99 at ten ESPN. Coming off a huge sports weekend. And Karl John a huge win for the grizzlies on Saturday over San Antonio thing this team. He thought it was decency we thought he should be. Press and it's doing it all without Chandler Parsons brother yeah but it is NCAA tournament in full swing that's south regional too mad. What do we shouldn't be in Memphis today is gonna be as fantastic this weekend and men face because. We we intelligent about it last week because we knew was gonna happen. Our privacy as you can email me God's answer our prayers. And John cal Perry is going to be coach Dan and Memphis. Once again. They're one of the sweet sixteen item their common right through the city of Memphis that is amazing you all still care. Own act like you don't care. Nobody cares what their people who rely OK here. Well what does it bode real scare okay air and I'm none of whatever they're there they're entitled to that opinion but is that it's you know it's it's that it's haven't how about what's happened that. The quality of competition that we don't ask just. This the only region where the 123 in fourth and third right the top four rounds in the region came through it could not have worked out any better I guess if you're. You know if you're into if you're if you're like middle Tennessee in August that you could say well would be to denies it did at Middleton seems that a bummer but for me. And bottles got radiator Woodson sorted Woodson coming back to Memphis that's a great story up and how he's done a great job they are hum that's a good basketball team as well. Do what a couple of days it'll be in the form yes with. UNC. Kentucky UCLA and Butler my gosh if you just. If you just kind of focus saw Ryan. The court right if you just look if you're in the crowd and it does kind of look down the court like ignore your peripheral vision cannot. If you just look at the court and focus. Kind of if you even if you are closer guys. Just imagine. That's what it sounds like when the form this full for college bass. Oh man who'll pay him. And the colors are the same the cubs are basically the same thing can protect near you can pretend it's Memphis John cal Perry is on the sideline 2000 say it's like a good old time. Arms then it's like good times old Tom's right there again. In FedEx and so it's going to be a very fun week and we will both be there can't wait. Here's what's coming up on a Saturday. At 1145. And as we finish up here Jake McDowell the legacy. The four year player side about this he is gonna. Come in he's already here is given to for the studio in everything else is gonna join us and we have a lot to talk to him about. Because. That is a young man who has seen the best of Memphis knew and the worst of Memphis. In that you know he's a freshman. When the four kings were playing hard to believe he was sought. Feels like so long ago he was a freshman on that team. And that was when they were actually beating pathway by a team that make him in so way Terry men and you know that was. That was the height. Of the Josh pastor error no question he was part of and he's also been a part of the of the downward the downturn. You know the last several years so. You know any of those guys had opportunities to play elsewhere he could have and as we doubt that I. Nobody could have been somewhere else and easily and M was one of someone's gonna go on the Christian Brothers. You know after a couple of years here and play even that was the key likewise you know odds are I was a good player in high school left that's who you saw it takes our keys through the roof. He contributed on several occasions for the men distinct but could've gone somewhere and played in Venice are somewhere else. Decided you know one just doesn't don't look dude all she's leaving on Monday June. Artest again here and he you know he did because he was asked who he did because that's how much the program means storm. You don't see all the those kind of stories come through here. Although regular basis there's a lot to talk about we will do that an eleven point five so looking very afforded at 1235 going to be joined by might accorsi. My the course covers college basketball for the sporting news he bolted in Memphis. Board the sweet sixteen elite eight. So we'll catch up with him at 1225. At one point five Evan Daniels he joins us every single. Monday. At one point five we will talk to him. At 125. Most about the coaching change I want it's mostly focus on when coaching changes that have been. Going around Brad Underwood lots have been filled it out of nowhere took the Illinois job I really like him man I really like ever since I saw him yeah Memphis. Here in athletics form with Stephen a Boston I've liked him I feel like Oklahoma such as CNET com. They should have been better prepared for this yellow they they were not and so now they lost to coach so we will talk mostly about coaching changes with edit their nose is Steve Alford the next guy named at Indiana wants to get to within days so it's got to be. A massive massive show but the story of the day without a doubt is the fact that yes John Vincent cal Perry. Is coming I love as you include an incident there and out that's what bet you just you know he's Catholics they just yeah you just beautiful man. As John that a little more of. A lot of people have asked me. Because I'm Catholic but the way you bet now that I didn't yeah I'm Catholic my name is John David Martin. So a lot of people call me John David a cousin that out relates ads arm then why are some things about you every day John. A lot of people have asked me since we had John cal Perry on the show or you have got nothing. If he knows who I am I. I've got that too does he know who John is that the question they're asking me and everybody always tells me like he's got to know who you are. The next time I was like. No he's they try and why would he know who I was if he didn't know who I was the first time trying to figure out where people thought I was supposed to be BL you know. Mortally wounded by the fact that he did not know who I was well why would he know who I was a lot of I was you can't tell me that that done that you don't listen you can neared Jason last thing in this listen to this you can hear this man and laugh. John I don't know water. On is that is that what producer would you like what you like do you think it's so funny. To think this is just the funniest thing that's ever happened on this show. John was a funny how I wanted to. Oh yeah oh yeah he's definitely smiling and laughing has taken he sees gave this is a great reward for him either James Davis laughing at you listen to you get. Jun totally wore yellow Joseph Levin who you are you glad and honored I am on the Google couldn't putt putt. Real body count it's real far they've yeah exactly so you are not. Now we've gotten to the guy with a logo all about I have wants to mind my I'd. Year cents at once mayor since he came on the show. A lot of people back as he does he know who I am and I'd like to be able to. Dispel all the speculation. All the rumors I can tell you officially. Then after all this time. No he does not still now I am and I suspect that will be the case until. We meet face to face later this week I was gonna say this should be a formal introduction we should people around we should film it we should do on FaceBook live or something yeah meeting. I'm gonna seek out face to face I you know that guy you talk too early in the season but I didn't know that was leak and as you know. At these incident late term oppressed commerce is it it's pretty weird with me. Don't the last time I was at. NCAA tournament press conference. I introduced as you say give me the Mike there may actually introduce yourself that's right so where you're from I said my name was Josh passed her. Eyes. Said I said. This one's for coach just faster just faster here but god I was so nervous you're halfway and you were asking Josh the question you did to him yes. Man it's real weird at these hints at a later press conference is so that's gonna be a fun reunion when I've mosey on down there indeed beat one on one. With John cal paired I don't think you're done saga be a reunion at all not will not be if introduction. I had the talent I'm back and we took calls on this last week what I did do it again. I lose too much rage too much somebody in any curse words that's exactly are we use the Dublin twice in that segment now. I was this ended Hawkins do it. How'd that go and you just you have more vitriol was of more mother more than it was did know is certainly now more vitriolic that was doubt be a possible. But it's still so raw man like is still so raw actually I got to text somebody who's wrong my buddy Brandon. And M embrace it Tex means that I keep trying to tell myself. That John cal Perry's return to Memphis is fabricated. And pushed out by local media aren't big you'd turn on the radio and you listen to callers. He said that was two coats ago true. And that takes are still as hot as the day he left to the Barnes as still bottoms and the question is though it birds fine. But is that he's not good. Is it still questioning god still burns is it Jeff is it because it because. It almost always I don't read my brain about like other fan bases who are still so upset about their coach leaving nine years come eight years ago. You know. Roy Williams left Kansas but Kansas has won a national championship since we're waiting I'll let him move dawn you know I mean success yes I won't have to imagine I don't even know who it's not even close who'd who another family life in any sport course you don't mean that had the really record number I couldn't think of anybody. But I do think that the main reason why is so wrong I still here is because. Memphis has amounted to basically nothing since he left. Like there was this there was you were at the Xena man APEC I salute as good as it had ever been better than it had ever been. On precedent XXX six not six X sex a lot to say. What does that say home. Felt like that does is great it will stay good it was great and now you are you don't even remotely close to that like we take into a play tournaments at this point. You know it'd yeah we're two years away from that looks at 'cause it was a good marriage John. It was a good marriage. You are power couple. Right she grew together she got better look at here. She did talk and I guess I shouldn't it may now shed your statement this is an Elvis in his blood just as I was a gal was the woman again as the massive flip that out. But no it was a good marriage didn't and word that's why do that right in and what so when you say you go through the divorce. He takes the snow cone machine takes the kids. Divorce is a painful no matter how good that marriage was what what she start pulling things apart it's painful is a man that threatens divorce all the time he did. He didn't know you talk about me yeah well. Look I stopped and I've moved past that got a yellow. But did we kind of did both doing not move past that phase I think John obviously has now to third for different reasons you look at where he's at now a but but that's why does it because the the. Bourse was so painful. There was so much take it took the kids from us well he did what John Wall we have to kids and we had a kid didn't even give spousal support Null. Like others not than of that sale valuing detain you heard news whatsoever quality of life right and it was stripped away from you we got we got married again. Issues and though she was a good looking woman she worked hard this is what I would liken it to OK so if I thought about it I actually put real thought it isn't while there's pain. Memphis. Was dating. Amber rose when they had done cal Perry take a man whose camera you're dating amber road Americans than ever rose is. John equals amber beautiful woman she is beautiful she's a model. And say hair she doesn't mean she's she's got a she's got a checkered past like she's got a diet so she's got some baggage hold baggage but she's got a big booty man. And it it was all fun she does a big deal was sold much format you want to overlook all the rest. You wanna look overall the baggage you didn't care because you were goal and we like to lead dates and final fours that you were just enjoy in the butt man you're just enjoy it also loyal to Obama. Absolutely and and you know that you know what maybe it will never be this good again. But I'm gonna enjoy this but why haven't I haven't perot's OK I am with you so far so then you go from amber rose she's got she's got she's had enough abuse she's gotten out of view what she needed to get out of used you gave her some stability yeah but she's on to the values you know got famous song you and Jack. She's under the net signed on to the next one what are you go from there arose. To any Kendrick. Kids got sick. Any candidacy perfectly fine like she has her moments and at and where she's funny yeah and she's cute. And let's see she gets done just that she's got this job is not sexy like amber rose went there's it is yeah but the sex appeals of much different man I gotcha it's not a sexy. Yes and at some point. You need more than just adorable cute kid that gets all of them baguette sold on what he's so big you guys mutually agree you're gonna move on. You and after seven years you're done you tried. And me and oh we got now you go from Anna Kendrick. Because you've lived acute life you live the sexy life there's only one other life you can live. In so you go for it live. What arms are a bit of it tubby is at its representatives saudis say it very impressed prints yes. She's clearly pastor Alan I have to admit she's clearly past their prime. A perfectly. I mean how wonderful wonderful woman. Yeah those mature and she's she's beautiful bride she's won everywhere she's a better than she hasn't she doesn't have her do the things she used to have to do anymore. She's as uncle Phil goes yeah. Yeah she's in she's pastor Brian. All this is just as she's at a different stage of lucky. All right well I don't like that we are and does now are. As our partner. And so I think a little weird you are now up Osce Will Johnson whose spouse is removed from amber rose. And now you got Ambien and everybody likes to say that when they broke up they upgraded. But you didn't upgrade that's what makes it still smarts about you downgraded right and you see heard you do of the for you saw what she's doing she's doing so well now. Right she's she's with she's on the red carpet all the charm she's she's like. Got two million followers on ends agree he's got a thirty for thirty come out she's got a darting for thirty come out and I don't know how far we're gonna take his analogy. But word so far ends in Iowa did twist so John did become a woman say. Yeah it did their resumes I dated era we should just kept it at that. I think that's why in a roundabout way we kind of got their boat that's why so raw because. Yeah you've got the raw end of the deal mom and you're still hit the Raleigh under the deal you getting support she took the kid and now she's come does not. Machines you can't let your face and her fancy suits and clothes. Feeling good paid. Move dawn. Getting that probably don't even think about you anymore that's what hurts the most and you're just trying to touch yourself in their word now they have they have. I hit it might hurt so watch and and I think that's. I think that's I think we did I think that's why. I'm not gonna tell people. If they yeah I I understand it and like I get it. I can't tell people what are bad like yeah like these have that you don't mean I Kerry raised with me every day in my life on the I don't tell united. Well those people are still mad I you have to believe care a lot about a program that's part of why they're still mad. I'm all right Amanda you know does matter and for no reason at this point don't the people that are still holding on to that are the ones I would have to think cared the most deeply. About this program to some extent now should you Kate can you make an argument that look it was like we did. You moved on now has been yeah couple different wives now you've moved on and and and you look at at in this is the part I think while people count some. Not not all clearly not all but some many of us have moved on is because. You see where it's at now once we talked to talk about last week does it. Three straight years and no tournament. Those days are you look back on and think they're the best to your life death and you know what would be great to have those again I think that kind of kill celebs like it's likely some of the anger when US meal. The grass Tyson. What his proudest moment what is right. He said well. I don't like answering that question. Because that suggests that of our head on I've had my moment everything else is gonna be looking back at them home right nobody likes to think that their best days are about to pass them by that's a pretty easy wanted to answer infielders are open is a good so amicable and look at a guy and that's where we star. You know I did like I can get I don't think anybody realistically expects to ever be there again. I'm simply because the way to the landscape has changed and other people are holding out for that. In Memphis. That is what I like it like all of us since that respectability relative does that do yes you know I mean we want good players who want you know you want a boy in big games those things have been gone for the last three years for the most part yep and then you want that back caller's gonna just mosey on in here he's got a son Terry and here. Like that little baby. On the BBC interview. I Edwards got to look stupid. And I have to be on Beverley and enjoy John. We're enjoys a reunion news and introduce yourself you're gonna say hi I'm John David Martin. Your jarred Robinson cal Perry. And it's very good to you each year. A guy in understood that was okay take Dallara did take the high road aren't from the now I'm from Jason and Jon you are you came on a show we loved it. Dump a lot of people thought that I should be angry with you are not not got any anger welcome back to Memphis let's go get some doughnuts let's go get some down that's man. People he he does not know who I am but I hope that by the time on this we get over he will. I'll be well we ally to get to here on the Saturday grizzlies got a massive win against the San Antonio's acres. I saw Beauty and the Beast over the weekend it all broke a march record. For best opening nearly all of that your part of the my heart of that record. I told her yams sweet. I will give you my thoughts on the live action film I don't really sweet you have something you wanna say rose would look like you have what you some yet about US army want to set. That I want to guess there are a defensive about going to sit outside and I say he no longer see it both rose is getting us how you like feeding the beast. You are. It you know let's don't finish that out. We're back in just the medic is Jake big gal. Is gonna join us he's so tied he's graduated from the University of Memphis his playing days are done and he's gonna join us in studio. When we get back Jason Dunn and it's not a fan ESPN. 99 suddenly it was right did not do nine espn.com. Amphibious CNN is free you. Good prices rebounded prizes for besides any. Into the 99 Steinbeck. Presented by Nvidia medicine Papa John's pizza. 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Again Don Don junior 56 I am now Mariah goes supporter Memphis Tigers come on man Billy Richmond fed Jason Smith said Jeff. Ira bagged Jason John it's not a fan ESPN and has promised he is here ladies and gentlemen. Is named SA McDowell he played four years at the University of Memphis he is the most charge taken this player. That has ever come nursing program without without a shadow of the doubt Acxiom joins us now take what's going on mappings have been there are things I'm young guys. So what's been going on man I mean this season ends you're your career ends what what do you what's the first thing you do. I want to quickly. Nice and I'll love I quit I didn't know if I don't watch basketball all week epic way to go Richard allied. Must now we have a lot house of there's hung out with your dad I have I have. Thrown down idea I think we other guys their tibia. Probably Manny goes I feel left out you got it down here on out there are no it does zeros oh yeah it goes down I'll look. How many did you come to be honest I don't see I've never seen a light version that they quick I just seems like one or two you guys is an invite me because you thought I'd be uncomfortable would you get in the lake. Yeah you go swimming and like you fools we did very quickly we don't have wife and swung like a fish. Another issue I did have five more with your black sock of course so that's why you know all of will invite him about that will organize a trip you can come. Look what did she when the lake but he's done comets on him exam on us yeah and that I doubted you. I love Freddie tease the Euphrates. Nachos at home we we we normally go out there unity. And my sense that that every week to week kind of say to ourselves our house. Pick what is it came out without it is what how much have you been paying attention to the tired and you've been watching every game. Just about you been. 'cause I asked him out there but right now. Hello love watching all day clue do you pull for because you know folks are building yet Avery what's the what Bubba like there's other teens and early and guys that you pull for a dollar. Barcelona now they run out Avery every cent this year and Ridder rocket. It's get the game outside where you got us. We're really. I was that seemed around and I really do miss me he very got you know great occurred as a player so you consume in this one that now. I was definite and talking to neighbors dad that Avery was just ready for a change of scenery that are really women and I think tubby got a chance to how to talk to him for second but they are very. I just wanted to get away and try something that's I think he just needed a new scene and like he says. You know. Different conditioning program I think I guess that's what I call on our college is done wonders for him on the question specific lawsuit is internment he's complain complain great yeah. And sometimes that's all it is. Yeah I guess and it's not like a nefarious like not gone Memphis or whatever bag sometimes it really is just died I gotta get to do a nude scene or not I got a guy that's a loyalist ex IRA he loved Memphis under the aegis you knew. And you change items were covered so when when now resides view it's him to get your studio your all and you like Abu I'd love to come and but. I needed take this week this it's about finding the same weekend of the they got waited so because I'm on the very courteous. Host here I gave you a couple days to to process. You set out it'd take this week and I needed just kind of get away so you got away you with a take Wiki toll. Did you reflect on on on Memphis at all in that time are you thinking about Memphis at all like. What sort of the mindset. No not really knows just kind of you know and do my own thing you know to kind of clear my mind you know and away I think it really helps you know. Thank week off for anyone from you know some news that's. It's really helped man out of you know and doesn't miss it you know. As looter and I have zero complaints about it. There what was the what was this year light because you get that it starts out you get scholarship. Which is some other we were all rooting for on though and and that that that was a huge it's a huge deal and great news for your and then in the season starts are great I think yes when fifteen the first warning. And then it just kind of unfolds. I falls apart at the end. What kind of how would you how would you characterize the year and look at him now like you said. And one change for anything for years you've had here but how would you characterize the year in the way it in the. I mean obviously. You know the weight and it was. Not. What we wanted it's and they're now I think we. Also restore law and he got us I was on what just what Adam you know playing so many memories you have you know play 67 guys so many minutes anchor who's at all. And I mean. I think we will do whatever we can do it differently I think it would have ended differently but Imus is what is now I. How tough was the season for you physically and with with your knees and in doubt I would watch unit looked like you were in pain you were playing their pain. A that's how bad you wanted to how tough was a physical is very stuffy nose. As a Lindsay attorney rim and Ayatollah with Brad and now when they're in their practice coming hour and a half early just just a warm out just a stretch coach for an hour easily just. Just soccer practice or play. Yeah they live those tough but I mean. Are accurate and how long how long had they been bothering him alone and that it was in his tent and I was attended to severe tendinitis and have them both of those with. Good lord Jake yeah a price started my day. It was probably right after my sophomore year. To flight going into the summer of junior. An illegal isn't as bad starting off sura means last year it was really men issues. On the level here. It must have been odd though because at one time. There in this season you guys were what seventeen and six new and and it was really everything that we had hoped about the tubby air. It does man these guys that will coach how we're playing well he's about like mark Joseph Crawford had gotten better Jeremiah Martin had gotten better and then. Just like. I don't even know like inexplicably like it just. Dropped off a cliff. I mean you can't explain this scoring just that we go through either I mean you're just supernatural almost like it was just. I don't know what was happening now or has dry it's not like we're in of a bad place mentally. Our on site can exploit it just. Just after an incident that does scoring droughts go all the way back today in an unknown wood to the scrimmage against North Carolina urgent that you guys started out great bad scrimmage and always was sort of off and lost and ran off formerly and then went to a scoring drought which is I don't and that's I kept telling people that. They this happening gets or are these corner routes some that they've they've always didn't. It was a summit there and go through all your lineup osu aren't a great out such in team right who we are still missing you know bunnies funny though you have discharge sheet you don't miss. So I mean I sets. Inexplicable. I do also how much we improve this is from one year to the next and obviously part of that's only play ten games as a freshman your par before you're now was he ever right physically. And how much did you police I think he entered. Tremendously physically you know coming off. The surgery my. I still think he's got you know some ways ago physically and athletically. I think he entered greatly. And then tubby. One thing at a job you did I'll love I think no yards this now for the first day of our first practice I call and and I'll hello this is he's also. Is is great coach. And as a reason on you know he's. He knows what he wants and he's gonna do what he wants to the people who question him. Us mean Jason I just ducks but there but we're on the 44 we have our questions and when we've been critical. What what would you say a just say the fans who had the same questions and concerns about what this area is going to look like because they're not on the inside they'd they only see what they see. How would you sort of quell their doubts about tubby imitate quote from Joseph oddities. Just process at this address this process. No really I mean. You know how it is I mean you know he's he wants a particular set the guys he's gonna is guys in here and he's gonna have been playing the way you once played. And me. I guess that is great coach knows what he's doing he's been through it also he knows how is insurance program and and you can always announce here and you can tell obviously domain bet that he is a fantastic bass welcome yes. The people think that question people have is okay is that going to be enough. For Memphis at this juncture because you know you'll what you'll see you got well you know even a fantastic coach what you need a guy like because for example. Craig Randall Gay teammate he's transparent and write code is gone like there are bodies like he's gonna have to. So far they're good players in LA so that's that's what I'm saying like it it's it's one thing to be if it as a coach which is great. But there's also another very necessary component a funky and he's he's also a great evaluate your talents indeed you know. He's he's gonna pick and choose he's not just gonna go off for ten gotcha is because when you take guys he's gonna go pick and choose what does he wants. And as you seasons what are you could just he has always. Yeah volatile ride in Texas as I don't you think we zones I think as a guy that's been into the regime you know what it looks like on the inside you think in four years. We'll look back and everybody will be very satisfied with the Tubby Smith there at the University of Memphis other ex. Completely you think people of an unfair to him just as Obama real Obama has it's his first year here about an outlet to Oslo to answer and shuttle. Yeah now I got there so you've been very affair Jason hey let this they witnessed so it's Thursday Doug dowdy afford solidly Jason is that how it goes beyond Jason as he's ever Jason was the once it became a hero broke the news about Dijjer believing. Okay did you want that distraction ended you caused everything in my and the reason that the season and apart now he yes you why I'm Jason you are now I can now thank you. But Sonya I mean that you can't call that a distraction reasons and they're much more that now wanna go back to that. Did you notice that in late in the game was there like a turning point were were maybe where the walls well obviously the wall is over your retirement was her game wasn't. The UConn game when you're you blow the big lead and was our turning point that you felt were kind of where it's articles south was it a game of the momentum. You know offices temple home we just almost yes I mean the scoring drought I think. When loss to UConn eighty content of that I was I was gut punch my. That kills yeah. It's hard to come back from that. But I mean we still we still bounce back and try to square I think we had a week off I mean price that was still in doubt very upbeat we often have gone up next and I mean. It's hard appoints one particular game by. Affiliate if you had to choose one it would be one how did Toby take the behind the scenes it T change at all from. In terms the way you coach when your fifteen and five in when you want to get in the way when it's hard to struggle did you change was at the same approach to deviate. Was he angry with the way you guys are finishing how was he I mean obviously going to be angry after you lose and that's RP gamer les and I wasn't five I mean skid need. Yes so he was definitely you know. Harder on us you know got to get things right in practice. I'll and he changed on uses in more demanding. If anything we are of course talked to the great Jack McDowell here in Syria played a Memphis for four years arm you have an opportunity obviously to. Go elsewhere. And play at and other institutions. But he decided to stick it through. At the University of Memphis for those of us who have not heard the story why why why did you decide to stay at Memphis. They are really neither he reasoning outrageous that well you know that somewhere that is now. I'm me and Josh asked you to come I mean I guess Austin's leave any says look we don't need you but I mean you still could've. You know it could be a part of you wants this funerals are they one promise you just one promise just ardent hidden and are you on it but she's nothing like a no brainer you love it that much ado. Of school a much. And and that's. As the shortest and good so so in I realize your your legacy guy you've either played there yet but that takes me to some than tubby said about he doesn't believe that Memphis guys in Memphis high school players whatever. Come up necessarily warning to go. To school there like spell like it's because I've got to go to Memphis unsuccessful high school player and not realize your situation is different but do you think that's true that guys have changed now that. That you don't people who wrote wanna go to Memphis if you are ordinarily want to go right. I mean I think every person's different I think you know in that maybe okay listen as he would change you change you know they wanna go city and that's perfectly fine I think for the most part 'cause still wanna come Memphis. You create after the loss that your dream has come to an end and it you knew at some point you'd wake up and you're thankful for the ride and the memories so. Couple couple questions about the ride arm when you look back on your Memphis career what's going to be. Your favorite memory what's going to be your year your best moment they yields that you'll take with you forever. Is there one one particular gaelic is there is they're just a time that you'll think back on an end and remember may be more fondly than others. And that first wire maybe. Yeah I think all the first year's fun you know we're very good your retirement benefits are known Mike Garcia said that locker rooms crazy Marco Dan send. Don't know how the reruns on programs on the ons are this far would you Wear an unknown that is a good. It's always UN is not fun ulee's. I say I think it's when I got scholarship. You know it it hit me out of nowhere I know already you had no idea you gotta get a scholarship they had a ideally you I don't know open like he didn't know talked about it you know yachts all we was out on the edit but no. Like to be labeled light. Tell them hey you come to see me in a week in my you know did you know how many available scholarships they had it was at seven that you weren't really aware of like hey I knew about it. Members of the whole situation that would be so messed up big they have like eight events or relatives and they still they give you more so associated with them for me for you for on the court Jake no doubt as Ohio State. You helped win that game down there refer to us I think that's where did it turnaround for media as a player yeah I think I investigate a full assault started. Kick started me. Now I still remember that game I was at the independents. Half of beyond always he painted you know I was billion dollars talking to guys talking. And because. I'm not worried about. I stay Larry I hit it or Miami playing Ohio State and I wasn't ready go at all. They were killed when they Marshal Dan yeah and you came in because nick was terrible defense when you came in your heads in the yeah I've dude you were also defensively. I guess that bit about it was a bigger role Iran and do martial candidate from lefty you know you and as and then got an assistant on our pass them. Yeah like a cell isn't very goes off. Later any limits or stable yet bill buck Ohio State yeah national TV yeah. Favored teammate entertainment reporters on this but you inspired you got a bunch government if you put. I'm Margot we we've been through it all you know we've been here all four years there. Now we are basis here I think that's that's that's what my card that's the part I think it's hard to believe. That you were a freshman. During the four kings season on them but it just feels like that was like twenty years ago. You know I mean it feels so long ago it must feel like that I mean you've been on the inside you've seen the program. At least in the way in the last you know 56 years at its height in that you've seen it. It where it is today I won't say it's a low point I think like that is just not where it was that what was that like sort of year to year Canon knowing that like it's dropped down a little bit. For me guys from the head down work you know China a China problem I'll sun always away from me. You know 'cause if you pay attention stuff than you. You lose track where you aren't you you still are working on you so got to get better candidate teammates that I you know. They can take him to not go out there so I mean I'm yarder as he did nor. I'm in a thousand miles my intentions in just the Madonna work. When you're you're period. Yeah it and laid Edsel like that's the main thing like you tell me that you got classic you know right at what twelve Ford today ordered so like he had aging management has. What is it there's nights and it's what is that. And so chargers. How and I thought they did. Davis the fact that a third try to figure out what is it what it would what is the course like what is it about is it about is it business it's it adds it's a business course you don't think it's earlier us mr. scene you're a guy I mean it's it's all about how businesses. Should teach could plan since the sounds great so Jeff what are your what are you hoping they've added to do now I mean you're gonna graduate when he graduated may yet. So what do you what's the next step fertig medallion and pursue a lucrative career overseas what's what's next for you have. No man take my talents. IP to the men's leagues all across. Hello. All yellow I tell Bellevue. Yes they did Islam Ali yell better watch out they are now we do not come to colonial park. I actually am Dutch you do there's that. I don't play out there they are so what you unfortunately I'm not have the pleasure I'm Arnie Klein and Klein apart this already that might be dumping all people and rec leagues. I can be done. Now. Hey kids Obama among my knees are shot. So we're asking how you how I stride is gonna hurt how would you play. How are you gonna played directly led what's your game gonna be like are you gonna be like ours are now I'm not that is that is not going to be University of Memphis should now I know that I know that you're gonna only initiate a lot more prudent in not imagine killing people in the post the dude is so much bigger when you see him with the rest of us us civilians we know the last place like this is a no doubt that's the thing that struck me like he's likely looks like he's sixty and here. Yeah well at without a doubt I have to ask you formula you go calm you and Austin were light really tight I mean yup yup came in together like that level since a package deal but like. It was you and Austin you guys are good friends. What was that. Whole side alike men and what's it been like since I mean does it is where we left you know they become an economy out of Oregon everybody have gone now I was on vacation and he. I get a call from coach saying you know also see him allegiance are charged on them. You know he you know he's very back and forth on a ruling now. So I did do it was a weird ordeal you know to be complete honesty now wanted it finished you know once leaf. You know about your respect his decision on what most neurology gonna foursome you know death I just wanna know he thought and I hate it it worked out a way. And then to see him you know yeah Virginia. Yes I really did wanted him to succeed just like Ed I want degrees in Butler I wanted them to play well you know going the next step. It was unfortunate the way apple I think there's a scenario. I don't I don't know the particulars. But I there's a scenario where he plays at Virginia and exceed. Yeah yeah because he's still there yet you inside sources I cannot confirm that rule but but you know you think he does. I think I I don't know man like guy he he he you know he's you know how he is yeah. It's just like he has to sort of decided figure out. What he wants today. And you know that they used to be yield you hurt you guys were roommates right yeah so I think he just has like it's all about focus with them they did it it is because you know funny story about him where. Her freshman year summer corner first class is now uniform played in. I'm slight all of them accused crazy. As a man while while ecology not wanna put in India a fear that good he's got the talent. When I used to go get some money yet. And with you know than a month later goes. Our house hunt Danielle does what he always thought about what they are here in our focus for you just spoke on himself he's asked me. I'm a ma'am this is so long I feel like I have the statue limitations that are I can say this. He's asked me during like his he was that high school senior right you guys who do you think I'm an at you know. It girl the Memphis home. I'm like well now Austin I doubt. I got I cannot imagine why any girl that Memphis would ever wanna talk to you you're just gonna be like the big man on campus and like most popular dude the third was like the first good why that's why a player that's come through there and like 45 years. You are gonna get any girls at all. Wow but yet that's that's Austin Nichols and and that's you know the name and so. I hope that I oh what are you are from adjacent my brother Symantec's. He said Jay just announced 99 that he's taken this tells the Bellevue Christian proposal on the book you write a news fear I broke it you guys and you're gonna be read and having manned and we're going to be rooting for yeah. Keep us updated on everything you're Dylan proud you are big fans we are proud of you. Irrigated you've seen it all man you've seen it all you've limit and stuck in there thirty members amendments. And that we appreciate you coming MMF that I don't I well is Jake McDowell. University of Memphis tiger right back in a minute here on Jason's done any Janet van ESPN we. 1000 dollars worth. CNN Sunday bracket challenge now. ESPN this so clearly in the best in the story. And it was signed bracket challenge thousands are now. Or 99. There's only one thing you need to remember. Landmarks CNET nation family owned and operated since 1970 leaving keeping that sometimes comfortable with superior service and exceptional. Whether it's routine maintenance and emergency service were completed system are professional and friendly staff stands ready to serve. We're all human companies and we are dependant companies you can trust us today. 1111 or visit us at landmark heating and air. 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Yet you have forty points right. But we wouldn't score and up. If you are quick. Rejects outstanding Blair his brother Petrie the country taking charges. He's old killed his lead he's going their way as I say I don't yeah I hated preventative bad news for them has brother Patrick who is an the Colonia park church league. Said I do not wanna see Jacque in the playoffs and he's absolutely right you kidding me now like how we get destroyed there is too strong he's Eddie's big of one of pat can still go out. I don't think pat dye and I've played he's fat he's. He's the Duncan as high school day yeah I don't H as well as I don't remember him talking on unionizing and our a game that he so loves the ram now he's definitely not. But again I think Ali had to be of these leagues this is like a you know brute force inside all of your brute forcing you got all fundamentals the goalie that you lower dominate the lead absolutely that's all it takes and I'd suspect Jacque we'll have. He'll enjoy similar results looks the objectives are for you he looks excited about it yes yeah possibly come back where I thought about. Grizzlies beating the San Antonio Spurs wrestling night it was on Saturday you know I got some thoughts on that east high school won a state championship I saw. Beauty and the Beast I will give you my review I Keller for a all that's coming it's coming hot quick fast and on the run now. I Jennifer ME SP. There's an issue important dilemma this Memphis and WM FSF now yeah sure. Anything nine FM ESPN sonic bracket challenge presented by club. A few years ago across the Pacific Japanese created the potential box of perfectly portion real featuring classical elements of Japanese cuisine. And it US sonic wares to get them out all of we've created a five dollar chicken for dinner and American Intel box loaded with chicken strips. You really do. So I yell. I don't really worked up about chickens. 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