Jason and John Hour 3 (5/19/17)

Jason & John
Friday, May 19th

Warren Moon, NFL Legend, live to discuss the NFL with Jason & John in Hour 3 


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Her dad's new yea you gotta hand out an excellent DiMarco yeah she can you miss your mom. Did your mom. We've advanced now it is almost sounds like white tradition I will say is it might be William by the failure to hear that your mom is why it's so. Yeah if she didn't bring into the mix them so I would say that I am a little I'm gonna say I'm dreading that but I'm not looking forward to trying to think that nobody is there on the bed and I did one's the song it was a policy always leading our students to get I've been asking did you bit dance holes on the Ailey dancer mouse is on his it was a Beatles song if you remember it's like on its. One about like. Kids and their parents I bring my friend Chris my neighbor Chris who will be with us on the all of Trippi said. These are the death of his mom and had to abort mission because as well crush them. And weirdest thing out of it because it's cool at first and how much does a great time and then you're just going you're still to step in two minutes into his lap around we don't do this and other hurdles he faced to face were two. Close you you're doing the right thing though because here's here's the problem and I ran into this I've heard other people brand new to this too when you hired DJ for your web C I wanted to play my music I gave them a playlist like 200 songs like. Play these songs. When you get a DJ here they've been doing this for so long they think they know and they wound and they don't so this dudes play and stuff in my wedding that I'm caught in Haiti and out went up so monthly payments. Excellent idea I guess I did you list in my day you understand that I like death metal right there usually. Police say only cocky and slayer and he's wondering irate in my Hillary can't Jack does a brief please could you please stick to do very well and low life would be cooler than so. That's the case yet so that's got the bigger so you we don't have any I felt I had not taken as Luther wanna I have willow on the taken out when I had the future and it's here's one exits that's a really famous somebody's somebody's got to us and Nat King Cole songs. And that is a joke right. Of some things in America go over the later Christmas winters audience. I don't know garment again ready to chew mats Karlsson two lives on the news or for you all with the age and the erased if you don't think he had they'll match you heard it though make you feel I'll probably have but off the bus explain the title doesn't do anything former Sam hey what goes. This this is so cliche there but yeah just your goal with cliche Archie. Are you not gone to visit any details on sale is very have gone about English is sort of hard. But this is like a typical wedding song is you look at her typical wedding song OK so let OK so I may get in make this clear now we need songs. For the reception. Right and we need songs for the first day ads between us and a preferably a minute 32 one from the day as my mom. I don't know I don't imagine that need to drag on nine sorts on Eddie's a BA side honestly like a snippet like I tease preview of the good. And I cut that out like you don't have to admit I guess Obama says the institution of the dead dancing with her mom. It's on the night did you give mayor is a little weird. An infant's own eyes it was a weird institution I would say that it's your it's your life your way to do what you want cut that out if it somehow I'm gonna dance mom mom come on. Ahmed Al momma did as a model when they Otto as he wants to do you play of course they'll do a you know Corsica when doing so. The Griffin a break and I'm please send your suggestions and to me. So we can come up with some kind songs for John legitimately I would Helena I heart pounded by just taking some out of thin air. You know so I do do most the song picking for the show yeah exactly so I need people this incident doesn't beside me there except them or shoot them down please will be open to question them down. I appreciate the Afro same we gotta we gotta get to cracking on this it's common students are on corner you have made your life is about change it's got better things in a major way. It is their lives over the Soviet daylight. Depressed out of her life simple plan songs that be great. A B Debbie fitting. We'll come back one mood a join us at 145. NFL hall of Famer dome is that backing an adjacent John Major out of ME SPX. So much has changed found a great job and meeting new people I have confidence and I am happy for. Happy smile doesn't Justine your faith they can change your life. Gentility. 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Five before we get to warm we were talking about this is a very important thing in my life and really do like commissioned the help of listeners like I am gonna do right now. I need I don't know how many songs on you know I don't even know how long the reception as if it's an hour two hours three hours whatever I need a boat load and good to our vote news. Atkins committed to the music guys the parties can dock and why can't afford that. That's gonna be a bad look for me. So he can some good suggestions why suggestions and please keep them comment I'm on Twitter adds I'm organizing ID descended Jason Smith. And Jason Smith 99 this is for Johnson a mall job and then a bit at Doyle is at I think he's on Twitter but I'm not sure on the thanks man these are admitted Doyle. On Twitter so keep on rolling we've compiled a few doubt first though. For those of you were unsure about other feud sounds that are important like the first dance on. The death of a mom and and that enough figure out but this one is the song that we are considering for salmon last Thursday after we had started. Glaucoma Luther Vandross which dominicans are now making the most just listen and listen to this Adele song listen to this way and you'll see exactly what I mean. No we got intro. Earlier this get to be interpreted we have police sirens in this damn song and the desire and work. It's yeah. A classic if they're not be no 52. Piano intro they decisions and. I know Dallas drag stuff out she dose. And I. Okay now saying. Can a little I had. Yeah same study melding it and I are running. And maybe. There. Thank you. It's time for our sleep time. We need our fears across the country John. As a team. And today he's that's. Doing it your way past what feels like this and this is a slow and very beautiful song but it did slow growth. There's a quicker version that you gotta go slow and in insects as do or not so fast Lawrence actual slow enough Anderson. Our wait for your third and nothing bad about that sad I this is nice. Sand. Now because you have to be real about what marriage is going to be manulife is not going to be easy they're going to be tough for the whole world. Feel like they're on your general thanks government. All right and so we recognize that I'll be about the fairy tale fairy tales is not ended it's just getting. I was like there's a monitor song here now this any day. This is the consideration and half white we have to decide okay we have a few other suggested that we put the result first dance suggestions are just all in wedding songs are some of them are like what's the next one can't. Some you may be familiar with this week. Others the first day as if yes this is a definite first dance suggestion. This and this is a leader in the clubhouse of this is over a year ago this is not assist through its two of them. Sound means they are my number. It was ruining this home and live it's it's morbid jokes are. Is there really is a joke but listen to Jason I want to hear what you think. Wasn't too hard out there have been. You're a good judge hands down. Around me yeah do they stay the same lineup. Iowa had his. Yeah. It's not a national I don't wanna join in but hey little. Awards one hit wonder song ever desist from the I don't know gladly get the video it. It might have some broad that I don't I know it came from the ground out users Soledad movies like that videos like alternative music on the soundtrack. Mind you don't like little things and it's better than in the Adele. Yeah. Is it about now it's so please say there's been guys no longer are we gonna oh yeah it was an excellent. A guy at nine as the song what's this. Hey. You go live this is. This is not a first vessel. This is like oh. So we're arguing. We're about to file for divorce yeah I mean I think he's got to have it on your playlist just because you know it's a classic in his own right there buddy list there's a yeah unless there's signs on. Here is just an absolute terms that's a great thing about our free music at all. Yeah yeah I mean you got to keep in mind like you love this song by other we put the rotation needs to be because he needs of the people get sing along to and that's a big part of the night Jimmy Johns are gonna wanna scream all the leaders together I'll I'll itself. Do you people we think you'll notice like a big city this solves. The course. Did they yeah know there was more than Saudi initiative did outputs of the rotation and please say you're saying please I'm serious I need your ups and some songs. So that I can add it to the rotation I what else do we have so far. Matalin. Zone. There's no chance did release an effort to answer. You have noticed in your playlist today in the rose Genoa and make it look really good today yes this way for us. The songs like when advise really good and strong they won a slow dance there with their significant other. Life is as they rotation down as part rotations on the first day it's what is hot as hard I get the hard choices now. Some knocks him Buffy Stevie Wonder. Who got a minute Stevie OK guys studio Leonard is a great no doubt. Signs of delivered as as the as the all time great idea they got in and out and and Eric and minute offer that. Tell the ten minute man you OK bogeys shadow on who can't. As a sweet moment here on the show. It was we the kid man I did an excellent the next one could be a rotation for the first day it's onto pit on. How you look at it and what zone let's not let's not screw up the play the next we'll play the next at Soledad allies that Chris Brown song yeah Chris I gadget ads. Now this is that this is this is free Rihanna Chris Brown now all right this is before Chris Brown got his hair blonde. Right so. I think it depended on Christmas week it just depends on how you view it. If it might be too fast pace to be frank. This the first day it's I have to be slow. Don't be like that again 85. Another you've got to be silent jumping out almost all out there on didn't take pitcher Ivan. They're your phone later. We just rule in the Bible you see your father won a decision that needs some upbeat as their own people won't until you. As I watch because these some of all is the other day Jim in the hands letting Omaha always I don't. Has nothing to do it it's and I'll tell us. Is like a famous scene in golden child these guys. There it's certainly and then my birthday song. It's Siena when he Sandra shares is a definite weddings on your policy that is all well. Do you UK if you have a hit note that high since he was six. I think of one thing there as you know the thing that all of these have in common besides Edwin McCain these are all R&D like you know sold. Tight artist you need light to switch it up a little bit and not let them like some rural. Now yeah you definitely solves the migraine and there's somebody. I'm and that's what I did recommend a moderate than some I did not because we are going to be in Mexico here all day actually yeah she we have like if I would not. Have the cupid shuffle to hail. With the cupid shuffle the Cuba's stubble has had its day it will not make an appearance on my way with you gotta get our hands and what they've evolved mind that's that's a terrible. It is terrible and you can do. Not a goal cannot do the cupid shuffle and also you know that's what I did make it appears. Won't it won't they won't mess up yeah I haven't thought you could see that the Barbara defense tonight. It would not make it appears you will not be good any wobble that my way I doubt one of the songs at my wedding when I know things like brother of one on the playlist dead what. Really you but you love the wallet out and at the end it's fun it is not not be on its cliche and overdone. What it is awful you're ripping off the office and you Thomas upside. And I don't like I did not out of that was on the office now I did not know that would value remember that scene that was in the later. Office here's why I stopped watching when Jim and Pam got married dude off itself Indian money ever period season for you hey you think we'll see days. That one wobble. We can do some things and CJ. You Bahrain. I have a little something pro am I gonna do that while the baby club a little bit you. Know you. Now that's awful did. We'll leave that to the Overton square authorities done I'm afraid that the fun might be limited to wedding does Camby and other obviously it's gonna be a great time. They'll have a damn wobble on doing you a favor. Or the cupid show. Or she is exactly right none of that crap that's all it is Al Green and Otis Redding that's all I get and Chris Brown while thanks enjoy. I don't know if we got there damn Chris brown and I've got a lot of submissions that I would definitely take into account below me come back. We're gonna talk to a man everybody straight up that is a legend that's an NFL hall of fame quarterback Warren Moon. Former oiler. Former Kansas City Chiefs nine time pro bowl of lines comparable we will talk to him when we come back Jason had done a tennis and yes it. Want a new Ford and whole. Memorial weekend our own country for himself David is. Plays for the country's best great American sales or let 0% financing on every new 2017. Or call. Army and one country fourth line at 415 thestreet super duty explorer tourist expedition zero point. Confusion choose a new 2017 expedition. Thousand all of MSRB new 2070. F 150. 111000. 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He's now trying to chase his dream of joining PGA tour had other success stories told about Grant Hill over Harding place for the state may contain from saint Mary she won the space on the they both got played Pebble Beach before Roberts making up caddie for Steve Stricker I thought these are opportunities of these kids would otherwise have that's why we support first tee. That's why we once you get this 99 golf cart because it gets you unlimited this kind of play through October 31 to hear me to play. Station quail ridge remained stone bridge as well as access play proper folks wind died and Irene country or 99 golf card. God. One get to form Father's Day threw for one or Father's Day all right we're back. Jason and John Major on offense ESPN and man what an honor it is when that day he is. NFL hall of Famer legendary quarterback Warren Moon and he joins us now. You. Should they are doing great today I got your regular run out on the West Coast and and Seattle Washington it's a beautiful day urine. Liquor or termites we can't. Yet things are going are going great here in Memphis Tennessee where we obviously have a lot of moon man fans what's the what was your experience and never I know you play the game. At the pre season game hasn't visited all nightmare bowler user experience like here Memphis. Yeah it was it was great to guard virtually got their first saw logo allow the barbecue like you and held out there and got a chance to play in the Liberty Bowl players but or who knows all the game. On during a during the holidays see you tomorrow big college game two we gotta share the player a couple of times that I in the preceding them they're so. My experience lovable pollutant that is an America many times since. You know visited. You. Saint Jude's hospital are quite a few times to visit in the Cutera involved in the hospital owner buzz report huge and I've been here to the golf tournament so you're not just look in Woodbridge by. Reach out down there like us they're outstanding barbecued. You're jazzman eyes that ride your jazzman. You don't know what the source music's there we're introduced a new hero Leo and tell young boy my dad over the big Jared guy and sold my mama source. Records wherever bonobos first each album I ever both Grover Washington junior knows yeah burst out desirable almost two seniors low. You were loud and mourn you probably get this all the time and so a pardon my friend or my guess in this question but you're my first fancy football they play American seventh eighth grade before the holiest views all along line. And I'll ask him. Based on on fantasy football. If you were still playing today. If you're still out there you're still in the NFL quarterback how many quarterbacks would you take I had a born moon. There would be no contest mostly in today's rule really throw a ball yeah now. Be a good strategy she not get a just let it get best way to game has changed over your fifteen years become more quarterback oriented game that's become straight game we're just or five receivers and they're sore all over the place you can't just to see you're left her tried yards down this year are you can't just quarterbacks are you a little too dovish approach it's a great title quarterbacks and receivers people in the game. Well as a great time even then watch out kind of bring the run and shooting ended just introduce it was so much fun to watch how how much fun was it though to play wanted to be directing and must have been up. It must have been out. It wasn't good Aldridge you know very productive but a lot of the onus was on me and about and they have a good day. Or otherwise go we were gonna do very welcome we didn't run the ball is much and that alters we kind of ran the ball orders to keep people Oskar. Every now amendment of the program applaud so much. You know you take a lot of hitched because you total loss dolphins as well but I also they would get the ball out there. Are pretty quickly and everybody thought it was kind of a gimmick at the time but not if you look at but get to wherever you're going to be employed absolutely everybody's door and all the things that we're going immigration way back to 99 that. We are of course talking to hall of Famer legendary quarterback Warren Moon here on Jason's done or I'm curious because I you are guy who is still very involved no you had to have a good relationship with Cam Newton. When a rookie quarterback is entering the NFL. What's the lesson he needs to learn the fastest. You gotta put blinders on like a hole like a resource and you go to work you know he can't. All the distractions on the outside yet torn because she is behind the eight ball so a long way especially the way college football is played right now would go with all the spread opportunity don't transition. To be that goes well so these guys up to learn a lot of spring but they'll learn after all we're concerned they've got to learn that. Three seven step drop ago learned so many different integrated have to do in college call a play in the auto. Where they've never had it's had to do that in college a lot of these quarterbacks such so they've got to get to work in trying to get on top of everything that they need to learn they're gonna play early in their career in the more than they can learn much in that in most remote shot between the draft there and and getting ready to receive and also training camp. Other brother they're going to be adjusted they're gonna have to play earlier in their own church and it also helps to have really good players around YouTube material that transitions you don't have to have everything. Put on your shoulders so like whatever deck truss got a million dollars you have a great supporting casts were shot to make that transition easier for her. How hard is it when you are a quarterback rookie quarterback especially if you're if you're draft that highly for example of Europe mr. Biscayne you're drafted. You know in the top three overall. How hard is it to put your blinders on because I can only imagine that he is being approached by all kinds of people who are saying that there his family from from here in from everywhere yeah how horrible how hard is when you're rich quarterback especially when you're taken highly. Ought to do which is and put the blinders on and ignore everything else. Each it's really tough because brother's love you Oprah I want the most. Rather trying times in your life it's something you work for all you're you're young. Childhood in your dreams and your gold another year. And your first round draft pick and you have so maybe a chance to be a starter so he's got a lot of people are. What you said trauma that you were scrambling Woodward's gonna love opportunities Robertson endorsement opportunities butch. You organization wants to do certain things go from them as well. Are you got Sam go out there that want your attention sort of lose a lot more or young got to try to assimilate all match. And the more you could tell. Took testosterone and try to move the Brett you're going to be added to a lot of guys. Aren't able to do that sometimes just because it you owe a lot of things come imagine once you've never had to experienced before. You know are always knew all Sergio learn new players. You got a bit of create their child sort of in the locker room that you're going to be together is gonna leave them where they coach and the only way you can do better by being there all the time be in the first got the building around got to leave it that they'll stretch and got no bitch. You are committed to be in their leader. We are of course talking to the great Warren Moon hall of fame quarterback nine time pro bowler. Warned really curious on your answer this on they got all the gov of cared about that you we've we've we've discussed the slot on the station's sports talk radio but it's your answer I think that I wanna hear most it is Colin capita TV's not on a roster. This season as he's getting a raw deal is he getting black ball or is that is it more on him what do you think. It all depends on what color of their western or scholar that could be a starter right now to go out and search. Bigger money either want to remark it is it's estimate to reform our backup quarterback action then he might not be on the roster but it cheered beer and share about what he's sport is demands whether it's issues okay it would be you know not your quarterback and he's OK with the market it's established right now for about ghosts. And nobody's siding and yes it is do I wouldn't say it's like bolt. But I always say they're the number of teams that are already so that the quarterback pollution and Minnesota are Eugene there's still need help there. And then there's something good drive just don't wanna deal whether or just because of what happened you know last year with the distractions. So there might be a huge includes a source of power on and recover that but I think for the most part he should be don't somebody's roster because look think he's the best. Available back jumpers out there right now and I'm sure you would like to go to a team that maybe they'll just have to compete for a starting job but. I think most of the teams who pride be looking for a guy like Jim right now guys literally sent it to starting position. Or looking toward got to give them some valuable on detriment. Back up till. Yeah I'm with you a 100% and and and as a brother I ask you this question all are black quarterbacks Warner we are our they'd I was about say we I didn't play excuse me and are they judged on main. Different set of criteria. Is it do you know what I mean. And that's Seymour I don't think so anymore I think a due to play that game no matter what color you are. You're gonna get the opportunity and because in football right now I think they understand they've seen enough. Examples about an American Robert Russell Wilson who aren't Super Bowl others care nude enormous super bowl of urged. All these different guys that are drafted number one overall James Moran stern in my older Q you name it's. I've heard they're gonna get churches so I think what college is a different level quarterback because it is skill set. And there are certain offenses you can put him in because of what he's able to do so I think that count limit some opportunities as well. Well and and I think you're absolutely right the other reason that it's more set to announce that we had guys like you doing it when when others were not at you must take out a great deal of of of fulfillment in the fact yeah I mean I know it's not something that you patched up on the back about every day but. Gosh warning you you were one of the U one of the great sure one of the first you were yet I know Jean rich of all these guys we all look up to youth hum. That's Europe on a pedestal that that's that must be something to be able to live with the now that behind you. Well you know sales don't journey for me at times no question about it but. One other thing that most proud of all of the many accolades that I that I live to get to bold chin was or individually when they're older brother helped make change and help other young guys you're not turning to play this Xiamen. Because the way that I played Berger who waited Doug Williams played winning the Super Bowl and where Randall Cunningham late of real contemplated the same time. I think we openly of a lot of general managers and owners around the league with these guys can't play the game at a high level and we need to start given more opportunities. And you saw little doors start to open after that. There's no doubt you did when when you watch the titans are led on it polar CU in this series when you watch and now they stood there all hours of the are they the titans you put can you separate the two. You know it they are the type in the end I wish they weren't yours but. That's where my legacy that's were among records and that's where my history is so I definitely root for them I think they have a tremendous young quarterback jamarcus merits on who broach. Don't return to the promised land and gumption they routed to a good team around him too soft and they're really good shape and just wish I could get down there more to Abiola a bit more emboldened what do organization has offered right now. Well they should definitely want to thank you don't act without a doubt we are of course all dolphin quarterback Warren Moon I'm curious what you make of does John Watson. Dead dead the quarterback in Houston they traded up to get I I'm high on him. I think his performance against Alabama is set a lot about him. If he's taken hit after hit he got back up and made the throw every single time do you think he's a future that franchise. Oh what he has to work again he's coming to achieve the rich. Tableau top. You know outside T shirts. If not have a best teacher in terms of football. Well they've got a really good running game would Lamar Miller they've got some really good wide receivers on the outside at one that you work with schools or enough. I would I can't into the chase name right now but they've got some really really good receivers on the outside Bremer work worst. As a matter of him coming in and learn in the Austrians are getting comfortable with everything. That he's gonna have to murder of the young player in there of course you got bill O'Brien who vote hasn't been as head coach was a really good quarterback coach. So the best ever open Sousa progress as well also a little bit of a lot going for him that. Once she's ready to play either have a good supporting cast an oil producers tracked and the most student. Warn you spent so much time with Cam Newton what do you think of his growth particularly as a leader as the leader of of the team what do you think of a fact or is Tom. And when I first got. A biggie. I think he's come a long way they're not either guy that. Really challenge it is tremendously talented and aegis. It's times. Gets a little bit in the themselves money that they do is shoot leadership. Qualities are best workers so it'll work just achieved he works part. He's a guy that so tremendous the local skills. And sometimes you're gets a little bit down in the sultry into the handle. Gruesome murder would term as far as losing because you don't really want a quarterback that extra absolutely but just when you have to have a bit urged patience. When you when you're. Representing your whole lot of organization junior fan base and match after a bigger also than that I think you're doing a great job he does need to stay healthy and they need such. Not so much on him as far as running the football returns she's not gonna pull out tomorrow if he reached no matter how big and strong he is it's. The current there's a very eager to local leaving her little. And your mind is Tom Brady and I know you're hyper competitive guy you had an amazing career yourself then you're in your mind is Tom Brady the best. You know he's right there are you know Joseph Montana was always loved the best in me just because the way you live to a certain Siskel and how he pitted in big moments of that and you know Tom. Very very impressive this year bringing his team back toward flood damage in women's football game. That loose took some people I guess in southern tried so you don't. Between those two guys between Joseph and Tom I have to sales to world are the best all time just because look. What they've been able to accomplish over a long career. In terms of what you've been up to censor career ended at obviously I know you spent some time with Camby mentored him. You're the president of sports one marketing have you have you taken it on yourself you know as there's a hall of Famer you are you first African American quarterback to be inducted into the hall of fame. Amid heavy take it on yourself to just sort of to be involved with some of the guys that come through and still sort of have your hands on on the NFL in some way. Oreo love I have great relationships to a lot of young quarterbacks earlier. MF some but I always want to try and do such Sherron Collins and I was able to gain. In the league to make that transition easier for young guys to almost and we talked about beginning of this interview. They're they have no idea what they're going to be dealing with only come in the league so you have some guys who have been through that before and can help guide him through which. That's how well are trying to do is just got a land mine mired advice and then my experience to go on the night not been able to do that. Or a lot of different guys and also trained some of those guys individually. But I'm burger biz we were Saudi what you should must sports marketing business but I also do come in trading. Under and see you know would Seattle Seahawks I host a couple TV shows during the week during the season. Do speaking engagements around the country no I'm a very very good job of foundation is very very active rich. They're good to raise a lot of money should just go to college so. A lot of good things wrong in my life right now and though. All I'm really trying to do is give back all the friends love been blessed to work over the course of my life in my career at every turn I don't make differences in people's lives in different levels. No question about it well you're one of our favorites here on days than John he is Warren Moon honor and pleasure Barrymore and thank you so much for the time that I if you have a good weekend. OK guys thank certainly ought to outlaw use somewhere down the road I'm sure. Sounds good right yeah sounds good he is secure Warren Moon hall of fame quarterback. I showed up brought you not doubted we didn't discuss the on the show and we didn't I was trying to keep my. My phantom. And a low level but I brought it Russian mile Warren Moon autograph this morning and showed it to you in my book of autographs and -- many have little Allison I was a huge Mormon fans that was an honor and a privilege and talk to what to do and give you a little weather update. Here on Jason down because we are on live radio. According to medicine may. Out of an abundance of caution with severe storms in the area. We are clearing and closing timely part temporarily while oh yeah are getting me well barbecue this is going to be an absolute disaster tonight month as Omaha I would not be going down if it rains it rains a nominal amount. Nobody did it do you know how you add calmly gets when it rained out you about that life of a mile go to Chicago Brookhaven surprising. If that is what a drag out of Brookhaven. Now I don't want to Wear it amoled unity good barbecue. As true but it I have in the live in Memphis fortunately said there are no shortage of good slices so I'll be a B five allowed the barbecue benches so subsidies diva. I want to please tell if you've got a tent you and you want me to come to your tents does this tweet me and if it rains I'm not going. My gosh. Have you ever been it is in May when erase go all the time executed the jail and yet no brain in the numbers and made festival. Candy legs and here they know many black folks like if she's clean. And you doubt at all else achieve in the mud onetime analogy I can traumatize with a not living that life again halted and Raines the ended down down. 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At WW you got out now foundation dot org it is that we give lays endowments of the weather holds up there is no better place to. The river bend our solar and it Sunni government makes intuitive. The only Scottish style links course in the mid south is the only golf course that they would accept us. For everything that we are because we are so terrible and we would definitely hold up the rest of the pack but. That was never an issue with them out river Billings if your great golfer to perfect course if you're not so great like Jason myself. It's also perfect course it is but don't drive up on the green in the golf cart we made that mistake John Martin drove us up there and and that's a golf rule you don't do that you guys know that we don't but the only play Porter. Is it good enough guy. He let his duties that you don't look. You guys are okay this I'm not ever do that again another good people down there including Ed programs over the ordinance does guys you guys know we support of his guys to give armada percent. Go to riverbend only show love it you'll love the course it's beautiful down there but the seats on the day at riverbend links. Dot I'm all right we're back Jason exonerate Jenna NB SP and shout out to Warren Moon for joining us there. And Jason he was the first African American quarterback to be inducted into the hall of fame he so I know that has some significance to you just trying to get a mountain bounce tumbled almost Obama shouldn't that I'm doing good job of us a little bit through that but not you they -- that want to join his generals could get by you brother was pretty couple legends with the way Angela I was wondering if there today with Jerry Colangelo the man who revived American basketball and about it at least Olympics speaking yeah speaking you know in regards and he got us back to the top with respect to the Olympics and then war end. Move would get going on this weekend what's in what's in the cards for you. New rooms trying to stay away from miles from downtown and there in the rain in the mass. Nothing big went on every corner hold tournaments against twos we last saw a formal a lot of rest a lot of time with CJ in keeping my eyes on this time and I'm putting more on the street are if you were you realize that how easy it is. Like for home alone to come life. Not just for yet you know you have that oh you take your eyes off them for 102 of its rules my brother's fault bless them but when I try to say that. My as my wife puts it no it's your child that you are fault. As for me. I'm gonna be a part of a TV. I'll watch them on Saturday some fun me and Aaron Bates gonna get together. And their base gonna get together might have been the most eye opening part of the show man Darren base there then that he loves the predators but he got excited about that cash I'm sure that nationals crazy right now with it you know to me and dad yeah I'm sure it's singer and it was laying the game of hockey it's live team. So I'm gonna watch how many get together with their debates and that can't wraps up the we're gonna get together we are gonna watch game five but then I'm cuts. And the Nashville Predators you Jesus loves and that it's got cash element I don't think so Anaheim cuts is gonna definitely catch on and I remember we took the quiz. Earlier today and and I'm loses power blackouts and avid now the did the quizzes two years old apparently and so that aired their barely enough salary cap implications that are that are at play here in. But a minute hundred of them the predators. And I am a hockey fan. And I do consider myself like I was I was brought out of the Kate yeah I mean yes I was I was in the cave. I'd I'd because I never watched it and I didn't understand it yeah. I think had I wrote it off brought into the left in the cave on stolen cash I hear the case when it was that was that was that. That played out. The cave to cave. Allegory. You osment. And you guys never took philosophy classes and college. Can't tell you did that I gave was played on sorry I think it was wasn't prepared for the racer was. But yeah you're in the case of an exhibit but she wants just like you you're not you're you're not like you can get bit by the by the hockey bug I think the difference by Indianapolis moved there and Bates is probably true if I ago. If I go if you're there for one of those Bobby does change wouldn't you say holy cow welcome optimism now don't look at how crazy all these people are. But just watching on TV yes respective understand that understand it better now and operated jump ball and on hockey thanks dear no. Heck no I think only a little more from the press. I wanna see what made him get into the Stanley coupled to a former idol the only candidate that they think is it is it is the game last night I'm deathly at their jobs. I was under the prospect of Jericho Winslow thinks of their debates and the guys for joining us in studio. They got their camp tomorrow morning out of the livable and thanks to Warren Moon massive Saturday appreciate everybody being a part of it appreciate all of you for an in your music suggestions. I'm going to benefit yeah I'm going to take them any consideration over the weekend and I must say I mean dobbs owes you know Israel. That's gone to a for us there cast I was up next save weekends they drive for Jason. I'm John. We're off. Davis' job are you to tell you about the only place that I'll go for haircuts that's roosters men's birthing center on the go on there for about three years now because. I'm probably more particular about my hair did anything else. Brewster says the best and most reversals that in town enough always always always look good but a family so what do you need to fade a Cesar award beard Trimmer have gotten all three. 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