Jason and John Hour 1 (5/19/17)

Jason & John
Friday, May 19th

Jerry Colangelo, USA Basketball/76ers Special Adviser, live to discuss the NBA with Jason & John in Hour 1 


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Located off poplar avenue in east Memphis all vehicles subject to prior sale of vehicles plus taxes title registration and dealer prep he dealer for TT else. Harassment if this is 929 FM RE SPN. Bruce. Memphis in sports station. I mean again we saw today. Listen I hit. In the village that was now. No. We had zero Davis and a couple of weeks ago the comedian Chicago man and I asked him about Chicago women. And if you've been cursed out by I want because if you had more I think death is never experienced anything like. Last night. And it's a Friday upon love good art it's a celebration mama cousins. From god bless you so she's she graduated from nursing school. Congratulations to owner of the party for at the end of it and does that play cousin is conflict doesn't first dozen real cause and Brooke I got that this doesn't bother you played dozens and surreal because no I don't mean that's a good it's actually a fair question. Com. So we're saying our goodbyes are things my wife face in the car bomb. And I've gone back in Selma goodbyes and my kid it was it with my three year olds and in there in the living room as well a brother says OK I'll take him out with out the car. Door opens up the gun bros take in and out due next thing I know I'm coming out the door my wife screaming at me. Chris is out the streets. And a mom brother lost track of thought I had to do and man that's what I'm telling you man you get 323 year olds do you gotta have guys on at all times they will cause I did back in that car brother. Oh are herded boy. What did you hear pockets I can't repeat it will give us that that taste. Calls I was everything under the sun brother and fugitive put on your wife's voice it on AG to simulate. As best he can what you heard. Is that so so anyway I'm from Miramar a humble man but above one that's been reminded. That. If it's your kid to death. You it's your responsibility brother to keep their eyes on and they better rearm adults are America's those two and three year old man it you can get mad if you get minutes they're out of that well then we'll get out from when you just hit it was seriously it scared me to death. Right do you think do you think you're on to other everything next moment man kicked it got hit by the road cars going all the dentistry right there over bus each days in midtown yeah. Could have been out lament of I got it wasn't an S thank god and more finally come down and I'd of course I've apologized and you know how that goes but well I'm glad fizzles out of your Brothers look at it appears we are both having issues with our women. What have more view here's how my day started on the bed its like RS and get ready to leave for work whichever is ever ever in around 6:37 o'clock and she comes it set it's 6:45 in the morning and she says can we have a serious conversation all of us are good and I said I guess like I'm I'm not really coherent right now bags you know sheep whatever what is what is it. She says. Do you have a drinking problem all while that's she really did come she's trying to answers counselor and I said I sadly maybe once a week. If that means I have a dream problem and yes I should be admitted and reality no doubt no oil and you've played you got all sarcastic whether. What the right approach and you go ahead and she said that's binge drinking. NASA that's not binge drinking. That's not at all like big story it is heavy you'd like for over the course of many day right that's not one that about a week on the weekend. I have a few Beers as does not constitute a drinking problem right is so big she proceeds to tell me. If you if you drink. The day before or on the day of our wedding I'm going to have them the marriage annulled. Man that is how my day started bro bro Aussie I'll let you preemptively give mad at me over something that has not even happened yet and I can see that I remember those days rather than when Jones and better know it by jury I know I'm not a big debate before. But I am entered the night up and we'll celebrate UFC but she says she doesn't want me to get dropped as she says that I don't know that when the stock. She she's on now load runner as look at her she's not attacking you or you felt like it she's got no and that's the it it becomes that because then it comes. Winning the fight yeah you're wrong I'm right. But don't look at you gotta you gotta you gotta big what you got to take our road. She's doing battle of she just she wants the best what I'm trying to explode out of their I don't have a drill let's just I'm so much the argument before brother good but there are lists is that we can all relate to what you're saying we've all been in it. If I'd been there if you if you listen if you did draw once a week. You do not have a drinking problem that's not necessarily true John. If you overdo it you got you if you overdo it and you can't control it or whatever word it in and I'm not realize if you only do don't want you don't feel like you're out of control you select your perfect control. But you can still have one until it's still possible now do I had a drinking problem. Still do I'm not I don't drink as much of fronts that I have a problem when I drink. I'm anxious that that got away that's fun and I'm just being honest and I was done on the Oslo has got your shoes that have I had it under control. And you you think you do. And under so easily get out I think out of control when I think of them might as entry problem I come from a family I know you're wearing out our lives and who understood every day you're going get to the beer you get everybody that's how you look you know what I think it would it probably somebody that needs to drink defunct these are our primary day I say UNH she's better from a place. Of of sort of ignorance. But she doesn't know what a drinking problem really well that's that's even more ammo for referral if possible fight because you you have experience within you think income you do you know more about it because of the experience you have with that. And so you've got you bring that about how can you talk to get a a time and it's it's a road you don't wanna go down low IQ and out of love I'm as good sale karma that god I would do excuse out of sailor kissed his mood. Just be smooth central to be just our. It's a lot to ask somebody when you're on an all inclusive resort your wedding G. I will not jury for two days out of their eight that your they are. OK right is about right or wrong it's you write positive thing a lot muddied sustain our overall this result why everybody else around me is going to be blitzed out of their minds now. On our wedding not what the died before the wedding he totally understand there is totally get it you don't wanna be groggy as hell the next day when you're trying to get ready for your wedding nobody wants to do that. But that night out. If I'm MS was to partake in enjoy with my friends and family that I'm married now obsolete your jaw to my wife is gonna go downhill from here. That's the that's the part where you you know Gina to get your man it's bad out Jena it's she's she's here to make it better. Yeah well I can roll with a going to be far I just wanted to I just wanted to know that the united back have a hearing problem so. That's how my morning started it is going to be a good day however on this show because nobody salute that we are bringing on to my knowledge has a drinking problem. Jerry Colangelo would join us at 1130 Jerry Colangelo hall of fame executive special advisor to the Philadelphia 76 there is. He was the team USA. Basketball director had a long time until last summer he had to step away because his role was it was reduced. Could his role with the 76 or not so it was sort of a confidential so we stepped away from team USA. But obviously has a lot of experience with that in basketball he is an encyclopedia. Of NBA and basketball modules are a must ask him about the playoffs. About the 76ers they on the number three pick apparently they are open to trading at you talk to him about that. The future of the game. The view that to their problems within the league how can they be fixed last to get to with judge Jerry Colangelo legendary. NBA executive he would join us at eleven. Thirty at 1225. Tennessee Titans special team are. Daren Bates national champion. Went to Auburn Christian Brothers products in olive branch product yet he will be in studio. Because is he's got to camp coming out and we had Marlon brown and studio last Friday if their dates is also part of it he was it Oakland raider. And I mean you hate him now I don't hate it as much as I pity him. It's a good year. I don't know I think I can you believe this evening and upgraded the Q and what weight. Half tests in what way the uniforms are uglier the uniforms you go from living in California to Tennessee. Vegas. I know they're not move the debate oh Tony Tony so he the writings on the wall he was livid almost done like they're moving to Vegas but. They were in California you were playing on a team that is that made the playoffs that was going to make the playoffs for the next few faults and still on the money. Made and showed him the money right. But you know what he's OK he's a local products on how to get guys like you raiders could amiss there remains and we may be that may be a decision that we live to that list on us there's no question about it. But there Bates will be in studio at twelve point five we'll talk to him about his new career. In his new home in Tennessee and everything he's got going home this weekend. At twelve point five did at one point five. Hall of fame quarterback absolute legend. Warren Moon is going to join us it is a massive show today. We will talk to him he's also by the way AS Seattle Seahawks can't accommodate my ready for seventh and Utley is who does radio four. One moment was my first fence and the Baltic. Really there was like community through and I'm very. And that's back what do you glad you play fantasy football that you would ride aboard off re exactly we have caller everything's all aboard you got to count yourself is only hung in all it was. It was far nobody will do plays like that and one of his sleazy AD does do his dad that played right on board you they had used at look at the stats in the paint on the next day yeah I was fine you go dig up the box score from the paper and you add it all up and it. Let's a lot of mistakes yeah ports mistakes your your general manager of the be all over both. Man those were fun times because you get warm because he's gonna shoot quarterback Ben Wright you get a couple of those Houston you can couple those orders receivers right a brother he's the one it got me started on be he had kind of the slow us down yet brother a lot of luck asked the moon man there we will talk to him at 145. And I'm curious to sort of 'cause he also does the other he has a marketing firm and got out that he is a it is a armed. They're tired in and I've outside like to talk to him about. How he hit like new quarterbacks covenant I wonder there's our responsibility if you're right you're hall of fame quarterback right. And you see guys that mr. risky ride a comment right to shop wants to Shawn Watson do you. Take it upon herself to reach out to them. And and it gives them and I do question or in order to win on them to have to reach out to you because he doesn't have a relationship with can candidate makes after awhile that idea so that started yes rumor came if you feel an obligation to it's it's good because that's the most important position in all of the ball and it takes the most preparation to take the most professionalism. And it it's the biggest learning care. So I wonder if you know at your home page quarterback. And here is involved as he seems to be eaten the you do that so we will talk to more mood about a ton of things at once when he five so do not. Missed that let it show they can't wait to get started. But before we get to all of our guests. I made you all the promise what is it a major wall promise. I was gonna watch that game last night I asked that you are making a mistake you do commit yourself to some time I did I was guy you know what I said ominous sit down and from a TV for two hours and that's hard because I do think I have undiagnosed ADHD. And I lose interest in Dayton and also was reminded that there are essentially two half times. And so it throughout time it's tests you it really tests you wanna change the channel. But I kept my promise. I kept my about senior laden I watched the predators. Anaheim cuts game and I'm gonna refer to them as they hunt Cox. Here on out does that open is that Lee room. Now that you would take drugs to any talks this year yes it's not a sound proof it's our profound and I'm not going to say would you go that's the best that it's fine it's my term. All right in a matter refer to them as they have in Hancock's. They were nearly could called yesterday. Good lord John what it. What clean it up that's not vulgar it's not a that's not a bad word if it is we'll deal with the with the later multnomah wanted to in Brighton yeah your money. But it was the first hockey game that I've ever. Made a point to watch. Is the first hockey game that I've ever watched. Start to finish. And it was. The most amazing stop and able to promote. I'd like this it's not let. It. It was the most amazing only got music tunes they've ever you got deep seated need reminding me. Relieve them. Nine years ago. When I first laid eyes on sale. Same kind of epiphany that I had when I fell in love with some may have done. I thought Samantha walk through the halls she actually know you don't have as she drove up to my house parties accused the planet about the lied about golf ironic isn't it. Well. The part that we met she was fifth about I have about normal party that's not they who is this exotic elements do you have this forces exotic woman that that doesn't look like anybody else about it. And that's you hockey what is six I never saying I must say when you tweet that last said that this is an act. This is him trying to say good job he's done hockey fans in town now if you didn't do it with him when a couple brownie points events October of them coming here and look you straight neon. And see if that passed with real dollars real I've you're spitting it apparently I didn't beat Leo I'm you convert it back I contemplated waking up this morning name taken in HO quiz. There's not room for. I don't wanna adopt the predators that that feels like a bailout of I'm doing that not only I was shame I have to look I disable more game but I have to the point. Where next season on their word that NHL pass I think it's like twenty bucks it's super cheap you're going too far. It took me about five minutes to be sucked in. It is so in pit. It is it is but it is an epiphany that is not duplicated. In any other sport. Football is is is great football is great but it takes so much time for those plays to develop that is true that it is slow and they're sold at a commercial breaks. This is a sustained. Intensity they. And chaos over sixty minutes plus one I want to those systems the playoffs well maybe that's true they've got to be right out of like double whammy it's still the same sport in the regular seam on his one. You did the same if you get in the same thing every time. If you had to act on the side I can't no review you've come in I don't like arm was that the best hockey game ever last night is that you delve deeper it sounds pretty good so I have is that the best ever. I don't know maybe I don't exactly so I felt like there you get games like I don't know I'm pretty regular basis and and I also had to say this. The hockey community. Truly embrace me last night they think they did I did not first body not realize how many people. Like hockey nut and I had get out of here you got well I have to deliver vehicle but I underestimated. The passion for hockey in this city. There are lots of hockey fans. I had a couple guys tweet me and say welcome. Welcome to this time hockey this is you got to go seek game the level that I go at. Everybody is welcome me into this despair and this is transcendent experience I felt kind of like that black dude last year. Who was tweeting like live at the saint Louis blues game. I convert on about why people didn't hide and hockey for from us for years for a I. I've got to grow black borrowers who worries Republicans I felt kind of like you have laws like this is amazing how how and all of my 25 years through of of of life. And that. Experienced this you know admitted they're crazy I've. Dotson that this is real guns relieved I was prepared to command yell at you to this was an act did not know what was going on. Absolutely not pick and oh yes oh yes the man can you hit the hockey puck I had an audit that I did you. Yachts that's. Just what do you literally don't know any of the rule I don't know I know is more than you. I have a mag I don't know outside because a place suckered targets the same thing. No icing as a boy lol Nintendo hockey. I did not know that you could. In Tinsley catch the book and put it down as long as it's not an analyst at duke yea he's got a catcher put down. You can't wait didn't you smack you can't. Put that down as long as that and a passing for us and I did have a little trouble keeping up with book. That was the motto doesn't mean browse an adjustment Bill Buckley the cameraman and NBC sports are there were they're buried it and bury your cameraman. But in terms of what that sport has to offer. The clock I truly do believe that there is nothing quite now again this is that your right this is the Western Conference finals. Of the NHL playoffs you all right and and so one would. From that gather that this is the highest level yeah. In that overtime period. Dude are wild about why they don't ever felt like that I hadn't zero rooting interest. At all I don't care who wins the Sears and I don't have now adopted the predators who have if you have that's great honestly I I've been revived your years maybe Jason bonds the best. Bradley's black. That's cool I replaced if you've adopted then I'm cooks whatever the case may be. It is so intense and it does not requiring interest is just like. Just physical like both there as did destroyed every time of two law in every like any home. But yeah I mean on the last on the on the. On the game time go all the ones and overtime there was like a punch on the play in the gut punches enough installment goes around he ends up being right there in front of the goal helping school debt but there were dummies physicals on calls goes on Donald it's. It looks like it's it's what it is to meet. Because arm it's K ops this absolute chaos everywhere it is is there a sport that duplicates. Overtime and hockey. That's rose's claim I do you know what after Washington last night. Don't know what I would just say it is game seven a lot of strikes on overtime game seven my bad my bad I think oh why period hockey. In the playoffs where there's nothing last night where exist the first goal go home first goal wins that it has its debt physical. Goal a goal because when Anaheim scored it was. Did I mean deflating and communal wars times and the thing went Ayman silence because it ends abruptly they'd like you're so bill thought this sucker doesn't doesn't have the golden glow on other some situations really do yeah mostly it's mostly goes because ninety minutes sometimes there's not issued out. Shiatsu debts or are intense right loaded terms of actual overtime period. A soccer field is much longer and it doesn't in most cases run on a golden goal this is a shorter. Area. It's physical it's intense indicate aimed. With a seven figures Montoya last night it did last night in and that's my question about the ending this is what I mean hockey fans to explain to me. Maybe you've become an awful one that you can explain to them hockey guy how are we mad. And but in the plot goes off of him at the end so I don't like an own goal right Ed I don't know if that is. PK what are you doing or are you and I know it is not a luck thing and you. You say you were part of a comeback like had a are we mad at DK today because the puck went off him yet I over the winner I don't treat it I don't think we can blame the black guy. The only black guy and I'll vessels on do we blame the black candidate because you would pass day I mean he just real Roy we're gonna blame the black guy like I don't know that I did you tell it like all eyes are blaming him for the what happened yeah I somehow believe that's what I've got a little guys that's what I don't understand it's a bit Dicey it I'm gonna I'm gonna have sex like don't go right well it's okay is chaotic and you know sometimes that happens the paso yet your fate you know you don't know where the puck is and sometimes that happens but. To get your question. I think it would be a bad look to blame the only black guy in the all exports probably so yeah out in the hot out I don't let it might well be so now we're negative way PK OK we'll good. If somebody said it would last night to me that really sums up the experience. Really beautifully and poignantly. Why watch overtime playoff hockey. When you can just or cocaine and run a motorcycle out of a helicopter. Like to me that that is that is a lots about brilliant the decimation of playoff hockey that I could come up with it's an amazing sport. It really is I'm gonna watch one more game before I make the decision. But I am I've do you do not all in on this stuff I love it I don't know why I'm what I want before you make a decision on on the on the league pass for next season. I'm Marty looking ahead man I'm I'm I'm on the big fine if they aren't gonna walk in one day with a hockey Jersey oh. It can be for my favorite team. Because I love the sport wool. What is it gonna take to bring into the bread some did you sign out one more game got to be great and no they know how would you make their decision mail states team and I know they are good got a fan as you know as you know I've never been one to adopt the State's team. As you know. I don't understand I think this is pitted while we can't they're about to go to this is my ability to maintain until I find that it's made the same they want to adopt them in this playoffs that's fine. That's totally dishonest or I'm not a bandwagon. And I'm just not gonna become a what are saying you become more and whatever team you jump on people going to accuse your dad because you just started watching that could pick a bad team even though Dick Goodell book sales on Friday and that's what I like that's how I feel right now as the raiders fan UN ready for that kind of struggle I'm going to get you're not ready for a while a possible game five broads game five this weekend. And then I'm gonna say you know what this is good enough for me to delve into for an entire year. Well I enjoyed it you John I'm just not as. On the I'm not as prepared to say Hammel and I regret that I jeweler that's what I regret. I should've gotten in the when the playoffs started. Now I'm a little late Rosa was trying to so yeah not especially as the because they're much like that. You know the why did this start why I decide to watch the game because everybody was tweeting me saying in a class so bad my watch in another well. So I did and you're right everybody was right. Welcome to hockey it's so much better there and argue well and on hockey is this is it I'm a sabres fan because of my family but they didn't you know ice this year they fired their GM but yeah I'm I'm enjoying the playoffs man adding to CD game last night but overall light and if you go to a death metal show instead of watching the guy who is not a death metal show. So if you're wide open and you watch it. Good change into something. I don't care what race you are. If you allow yourself. If you approach it when an open mind not suited to ulcers and I did last opera because have you. I turn on me. Are we gonna because if you take a tennis internationally it will have announcing him Dennis K Morgan let's bring do and you win. Yeah maybe he'll get to sic league B game six. The F decisions going back there how do you get this thing get Italian he's gonna get easier to get the momentum back it'll be time to bring a bag of agent Amazon doors opened for Dennis K I don't think there's much momentum for him but it era film of last night. I'm glad you found love. And I'll be watching on Saturday you best believe that the I was trying to Jill days last week in Iraq don't they don't start now you're mr. I love hockey little cheap I was wrong. I admit that I was wrong amazing I've dismissed and underestimated hockey amazing power could be wrong and I fell out last night that's my that's bad hockey is bad. Welcome back Jerry Kelly Angelos a hall of fame. Executive in the NBA special advisor to the 76ers ran team USA basketball for a long time. We're talking about the NBA the state of the NBA and everything he's got going on that is next Jason's done and it's not a fan of ESPN. Hey it's in May that means Memphis in May and and how great is it to be amid being in May it's the month that Memphis. Remind the folks from all. World come to experience loud music amazing food good people in southern charm from downtown and midtown. It's all over this wonderful city hey John Mark remind you that there is no better place to store some of the best that this flavor then the blue. This area's finest Europeans out tavern freezer full. 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In the exact with the head of USA basketball for a long time he joins us now Gerri it's a pleasure our year. Great guys nice to be Whitfield. Absolutely we're glad to have you so. Before we get and everything else I think you're official role now is as a special advisor to the Philadelphia 76 or so my question is. What does that mean. To advise. Too low respond to look questions certain. Let people could quite brave men offer suggestions where I see. You know batters. Maybe the ability to offer a little bit at all then. You know it's it's an interest being role one that I've never served in previously. Because. You know on my way. Capacity in the NBA I get control of the franchise. That I was involved with and so. You know I would say Philadelphia is in excellent shape for the very bright future today. A lot of assets in place. Additional. First round picks dole in our arsenal going forward. Ed it's a good young team we're double potential make a big move. Pretty quickly. There's no question about you do have a very exciting young nucleus with you Ellen. Your son Brian is gonna have some options. In the first round with a number three pick the additional ones you mentioned. When you evaluate whether to keep ordeal a pic like that. What are some other factors that you consider. Well I think you answered the question yourself by saying win. When you're in a position. Like we we Philadelphia errors here in the with the number three pick you'll have a number of options to look at. Barton. You know it's an interesting drafts. There's got a lot of conversation about there was not one who's number 20. Someone who wants to play only one place and so on and so boards but I would say to you it's a very good draft. End at the top of those draft where it whether it's 57. Or eight people there's not a lot of separation. Between many of them and so you really have to do your due diligence and this site you're gonna take the best player in your mind or. To satisfy a need if they give that's the decision that you make it you move along. In the next four weeks. Interviewing players. Working out two or three that should feel all. If your interest. Bucket and just a look at look at your options considerate they're. And I Serbia very huge thing for sure in terms of the NBA at large there's been a lot of discussion about. Their competitiveness in these playoffs they have been mostly I think what everybody thought they would be. Golden State running through the west and the east for the cavaliers. What have you made of the NBA playoffs from where you sit. Well I think people like to support underdogs. Ed one there's an upset when there's. You know things that happened sub it interesting seven teams in new regardless of around it just brings more attention to what. You know it doesn't really make a statement. In terms of who's there and who might be played for the championship again. What looks a couple words it's a compliment to. The world's greatest player right now that's LeBron James you know he eats. Looks like he has lost the people's moods and then of course. The group that's been put together at Golden State they've done a great job. In and you know they had a lot of bad years in once that this group was put together it's been. This is a great team there's no question about it so the day. They seem to be they are the cream of the crop so it's no surprise that they should be. You know the two teams that they get to the finals it. In your mind Jerry dispute because you've seen a column I'm so curious to know what war what is the biggest issue facing the NBA right now is isn't there. You know you is it is it that perceived lack of parity isn't isn't the resting stars is that the contracts. To use we need a guy that's seen at all. What is what's the biggest issue right now. Well there there are always issues. Are they change from time to time. You mention resting starters you know that's that's so very important topic given. Book that the thing I do know is that the NBA has always been able face up to whatever. Issues are present. Are. The leadership has always been extremely strong David Stern was. One of the great commissioners of all time in all sports. And atoms sober but what's more than prepared to step there and then they overheard David and he's doing their superb job so. Whatever it is whatever the issues might be at saint. Are presently. Here or in the future. Oh he gets very very strong big game that you very appealing. And the interest continues to to grow. We are of course talking to the great Jerry Colangelo longtime NBA exact edit USA basketball now special advisor to fill that he's having sixers. Okay Jerry. Jordan LeBron we're seeing this pop up now. That the debate in the in the greatest ever debate is it a debate at all Gerri where do you come down on that I mean if with what LeBron accomplish now as it is it fair to have that discussion. I'm ready to ensure it's it's necessary or required you get out the current. You go to Jordan. Michael Jordan is you know. Waterbed. Before being there at the great player that he was in the incredible. Our competitors bedie was and how he willed his team to championships. In the east you know he's something else. Number two both Iran. No it ever come along that his size. So it's size it's quickness his speed. Is the ability he just calls unlike all men were Brees never did you hear the slow down what debt through end so you're talking about. If you if you're a conversation in the near one of the two greatest that's not that. Not through at you better now Jerry did you believe that. There is a negative staff carrier effect in youth basketball that trickles down youth basketball and that kids. They would they watch the Golden State Warriors and they watch staff pull up from thirty feet and they think they can and should be doing the same. And now coaches who may or may not be equipped to do so are having a break bad habits do you think there's a negative stuff carry effect that trickles down from. His ability did it's it's basically shoot from anywhere on the floor. I'll give you a bigger problem. Tell me about the bigs who like to shoot threes and don't know how to play in the polls at some lessons we wanted to have but we have no reports there's any more serious doubts it's Marc Gasol and that's at all. There you go that's why point. And this goes back 200 kids learn the game. And would very involved and I don't wanna cup of put this in the box YEU basketball wonder I'm talking about. All of the leads that take place in the summer. Don't rather than working on fundamentals these kids are playing. 23 games today in all these tournaments all over the country. Ed you pick up a lot of bad habits you don't really learn. The fundamentals. What are the things that's pretty obvious around the world today because it's a world. Game the without question. We have that greatest tell us there's no doubt about that. Bomb. Even the Europeans by way of example are more sound. Fundamentally why is that. Because they spend more time working. On fundamentals of our players to know we just we just play. And that there's nothing wrong with playing but there needs to be more emphasis and fundamentals. You know shooting the ball. Is whether debate that that's certainly the big game by the way you know you have the the ball in the basket in order to win to feature all that. So. I would say. I don't think it's a bad influence. I think. It's more about letting these kids know here's how you shoot the ball let's look at him look at one of the great shooters. Of all time in hurry. And try to develop a game pretty good distances from the moment. Because you know that that comes with experience that comes with your ability to every inch itself true. But the team continues devolve I think we all know that. This is not the same game that was played ten years ago little loan quality in little will continue to evolve. Well and I don't want to single out staff because it. He he just is the poster boys her four afford the three point shot sort of what the NBA has become in recent years. And and kids tended sort of cherry pick right that they they see one thing and they emulate it they ignore the fact that step Currie. For much of his career has averaged between seven and eight assists. And they just focus on the fact that you know he's a great shooter but it nevermind the fact that he's also a fantastic distributor. So that's the biggest into. I tend to ignore a bad sign it. A jury I agree I agree with fuel and you don't have a chance to blow this he curry play. It if he had the he had the opportunity get to know him as a person. All I have abnormal for a long time he's had experience with us with USA basketball obviously. Yeah and I'm sure will continue to do so going forward. He's a very special young men. Ed I couldn't be more pleased for his success. Job no you're a man of tremendous faith them I'm curious how many times has it in bad faith been tested. In this business I imagine quite a bit now how much have you relied on it a throughout your career. I bought relied on them a great deal because my my attitude. That's always been. My wife it's been surreal you know why. Both sides blessed with so many opportunities. Said. Our. It successes it's such broad. Not based on my ability god had applied for my wife and it's applied for a bit I take it very very seriously because will be held accountable. At the end. So. Wife is a challenge to begin work. In and so many so many of us sitting in this world though. In my experience I would say if you don't have something to fall back on the field you have that. Yeah that foundation and it's going to be that much more difficult so in those those. The other times you have to be very tough decisions. It's quite easy to take short cuts and make bad decisions. For your benefit. But at the end of the day you'll pay a price for that too. We are core sawed into hall of fame NBA executive Jerry Colangelo here on days and John. We're talking about your career and it's been an incredible career hall of fame of hall of fame career you've been a lot of places what and when you look back on it. What was the most rewarding experience. Or project that you were part of in basketball. You know even that question and there are so many different answers I could give you dead. We're moments in my life for it incredible. Beginning. You know meeting someone who had a dream vaccine should call all. And that was our mares self helping give birth to beat Chicago Bulls franchise. Well that was 45. That was yeah that was a great great opportunity opened my eyes and open the world's or leave it open great opportunities. That career in the NBA. You know I've I've played scouted coached managed. In old and so I was the first person who ever came up through this system. To have done all bolts things didn't you know those are great moment what I was able put a group together to buy the silence after giving Burris to. It's so. That was a moment but I wanted to focus and we and I took over USA basketball when I was asked to do so. The program was on its heels and it's behind. And you know why I took it. Knowing that it was going to be a difficult. Job to to do so. But. I can only tell you this once we won our first gold medal in Beijing that no way. At the molded the medals were being awarded the star spangled banner was being played. The whole moment. Was an incredible moment because it was a culmination of the vision a plan. The plan was executed. Somewhat to perfection. And we got the desired result and here we are at this stage. Who represented in our country. That goes beyond. You know that says that goes beyond Phoenix that goes. Any place in this country because there's it's a world stage. It's so those are very proud moment and I can never forget. Now we're also grateful that you took it over and we're went from there if I have finally do dear we keep beer all day I know we can't you can't do it all day but could affect he's our Memphis basketball ambassador I'd be remiss not to ask about Penny Hardaway. Who was in Phoenix for nine and I know for. Jerry I just wonder had he remained healthy. How are we reflecting today back on his career how high the latter would digging our way of golf. Well first of all of you Bob good dual give my best. I like penny a great deal I've really felt for him because by the time. He was in Phoenix he was injured as you know are of he was a great player and we would be talking about one of the all time very very best yeah. And you don't bet that in itself staying healthy and we look at LeBron. I mean he's been sold resilient. He's never really had a major injury right. It's so that is a real blessing and an athlete can go through career. And not have that kind of vote. More than a stumbling blocks something that ends careers it and Tony's case he went for a great. They're really trying to come back in trying to get back to a level it was very frustrating for him because. He could get that he couldn't get back to that level. He is Jerry Colangelo hall of fame NBA executive. Jerry it was an honor thank you somewhat service times stories you. Guys nice visiting with you really have receipts here. There's really YouTube. Is Jerry Colangelo who has who is you know wow a real. Basketball encyclopedia and he was the may end and little known fact and it among casual fans he revived. USA basketball that we were Darryl he made American basketball great again. Because it was a 2004 they embarrass themselves they hired him shortly after that they got the gold medal in 2008 there was and the when I'm convinced the big boys Kamal we gotta go do this. I don't if the big the big time players immediately and this is these be I'm not play 82 game plus seasons but I would play. In the Olympics every time around if I was asked him. I would. I I mean it's even your car your Carmelo because that's the way he looks at a right and that's the only jail to ever happen to win a championship. I have is not always going to win a national title job okay yeah the length and don't know founder of the rich guys that when an MBA. So this summer onto your point that don't always gonna win professionally is if it's in you know Beijing. That's I could like if that's always an honor I would be Carmela I would do Carmelo every time I would take them up wanted to every single time exactly. Blog that I news is that there's enough group good to great basketball players now now Eric into where LeBron decides to sit out. She still with a goal to cut go to me OK but you have enough. So really really honored to be joined by Jerry Colangelo database Tennessee tie and special teams maven gonna be in studio totally about. He won a national championship at Auburn and he is getting ready now welcome back Jason John HF and ESP. He's my life I. I did I hear you're cancer in the might get my dream finals in stakes presented by Dell for small business during the night like Monday at 601108014. Tune in now through May twenty. Weekdays 5 AM till 9 PM news it's 929 FM ESPN. 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All grizzlies fans now you should be the MVP out. Put their brand new group has escaped from its open now at their new downtown location I've done it. The attention to detail which I have grown to be a custom with a familiar with the fifth Abrams. But the attention to details is impeccable you're gonna feel like your in the locker room. At at X form it's unbelievable to great time this is their first ever the first ever NBA life has room to take you and your friends behind the scenes. As you scramble to crack the code and save. The net that's risen and why would you want to do that it's. Leather is right don't without open now 530 south main street but can live now on that escaped rooms dot com grab your spot. Is this is where career. Meets with we're back Jason and done that it had a ten years. I connect about how does that work yeah like what you want you once you've done and what you do the room like you know it it's. It automated it is that if you didn't you but but can't but you would wanna go back because. You want because you failed the first time you'll get a ride a one other thing is they show you they show you at the end although OK okay they show usually lesion to go back I got spewed in field vision against yeah I mean but. They have ten rooms now. On the honest I don't know yeah but you said you should do these particular on the numbers do not plan on demand they have like a a little bit like government regulation. Basketball go outside the room. But it's pretty nice and sweet thought and I've just got to unplug. I just was yet filed bunt stuff. The F on the bottom only delegate and doesn't give too much or I don't know I don't Olerud follows a soft series about a apologizes YS I don't you just have to seriously look at today. God it we're red face and senators and ESPN. Do you have a couple clarification. One. I'll talk about Sam say and I'm not back a you know. Asking me about a bigger problem you have in Nash didn't want me to drink from the day before that I am a wedding. Nobody understands. I I get what did you I noted your palm looks like is so it's because I've seen the extreme and that I feel like. I am pain but that that Glenn Beck and be a danger I know that when I recognize that you're invincible and I know and I grant you that but it's never got on science never got in the way of my job I think you're doing very never got in the way of my personal life as far as until today I've obviously. But so far so good so far so good OK other thing. We were gonna have a lot of people text me and I do I should be rooting for in the NHL I thought that I got exits had like a no brainer like right now. How oil but that's the yeah they get should be a president bloated they look I don't this'll be it won't throw wild won't it. A minute I don't see any reason why this is in the lead. Portrait of America that there alert to space currency advance that Saddam that they don't understand about hockey because the one they start this thing is an eight seed and then also at some point last week earlier this week that the Faber so with a whole thing. Well I don't forget may see who favors the with a whole thing at some point and got to enlist them in all you amendment and they knocked up a Blackhawks. But my point being dude John. I could this could go on this dominates the ball for awhile I thought that would be a good invest about gonna be a threat banned Forever Knight and that I've had people say be a saint Louis blues fan why they what's the point in Utah Francais all Lewis described it ransacked. Anyway all I presume everybody given there's some giving me their submissions but there's only one way to do this. And that's with a quiz on played bug dot com is the only credible legitimate way that I can decide what kind of Kwazulu boot quiz aside. Well it's really we can get wet in FL what HL team should I be hurting for a while good and well this sounds this is Tomlin what color do I like the most.