Jason and John Hour 1 (06/13/18)

Jason & John
Wednesday, June 13th
Talking local news plus joined by Gary Parrish to talk about Greg Hardy.

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In Memphis in sports station. Life luckily I don't mean we're all doing things Hulu. Would you really wake up call I mean again we saw today. Does that night in Al. Now you. You don't get out of bed and oh yeah. On right. Zero Jason John managing nine FM ESPN is Wednesday hump today. And I tell you what John Martin. We will stop LeBron wants 2018. For one day. You know why causes a bigger story and it's right here in town. We are no longer on LeBron watch that'll pick up again tomorrow today today. We are on Kim K watch do you see what the CA is doing the you know Kim Kardashian that town brother I have been told they can guard dash in. And her attorney. Are currently on a private plane as we speak look at you with a noose from Los Angeles what does so Memphis look. Kim Garnett you're gonna be it Memphis gentleman with a caught up in the frenzy Dallas Marie Johnson and they're gonna meet face to face for the very first time about that obviously after. They've they've corresponded via letter and phone call him. If you're familiar with the story of Kim Kardashian west met with president trump. And suggested that he parred in Dallas Marie Johnson was a great grandmother. Who was in this whole life in prison or drug trafficking her first offense now we will get to that. A little bit let a lot warmer on oil law there is Kim got Barack basically Kim got her out and beat on the meter and not think they're all going in the situation room tomorrow and big deals this is world news right here yes it is it's world news Kim Kardashian. Will be in Memphis state and we're gonna we're gonna talk about that 1145 or talk to Gary Parrish who may be the biggest Kim Kardashian fan in the world. I think he's up there he loved it was unsure of what he did EA LS ice bucket challenged. You've ever that yeah did you ever do it did in Canada did in Canada have to. He challenged the card actions. I don't know always always been kind of partial accord and myself. We Courtney is like the most. You know. Careful rational it feels like yeah yeah yeah I'm gonna guys get us out of them as in others you know the other sisters are. Russ I just thought I'd Scott's taking her down through there you know you just always hoped it would work out how you really boring go. Goran what laborious compared to Kevin called Chloe yes I've been here you've been that she is boring compared but that's a good thing I mean yeah story lines a little about more about all the other sister. Normal I don't not a wrestling match a diagonal line it's television. Tunnel anyway gave Paris indoors at eleven point 50 talked revenue target guard as Iran is back. We'll talk about his back to become the Michael quarterback he does he's lug around here I go as a man. I mean you couldn't really tell where they looked like he was evil claims fifty something yeah he's he's sixty something I'm worried about him so we'll talk to Garrett eleven plays out of about its back its other Barbara talked to windy Thomas. You guys know what to Thomas and we're bringing always comes from what Polly wanna talk to her that a number of things but but including. This whole Kim Kardashian story in and her come at a Memphis and obviously getting departed for for Alice Marie Johnson what she makes up yeah we'll talk about mark's appeal and they have journalism in Memphis last against with wooden award winning journalist. Absolutely in March stations part. Don't go by that it wants 45 around what we're about to talk to Daren Bates he's amid did you Tennessee titan. He will be joining us. Edger looks thrown again I'll solve out of college -- football heart and I wonder if you are larger Daren Bates what do you think of that obviously you're in the same division and it's a lot easier to beat the colts when. It looks not play at. But it's not just him. This he disarm buttons on the field on the ball very well to her by expects him to bounce back from his injury aka the south's gonna immediately whip it looks back Watson's good yeah. South looking good on its outlook and really competitive and end this is a hot Evian and in Saudi have you looked he looked he looked really optimistic like he would do there was little doubt what's been twelve years this is brown well that's true so it's I think you know if yesterday was welcome for him. I'm there's outward about what nerve walls well here's the key they had dude they had dudes going out and you know found at a camp insane. Looks back like their teammates started bully now so that's the difference it looks really looks real the stuck exactly. So we'll talk about that. Daryn Bates at 125. Or so obviously you get going on across the NFL uncle Mac is now reported. To the Oakland Raiders can't does that scare you. I mean I think he got all you gotta hate that man Jason. You gotta pay that man unlike that Iraq is you don't contract rights pay that may in season he's on contract right now is unlike Bill Polian you signed the U. Our man and good as you all the usual military build bones on all of you guys in new you know you bring up the restrict you signed a deal are right. I stood there we only have been that deal well that's the part that's from a frontal air side. I'm careful. The lady there her base gonna join us in the third. Our Gary did there is 1145 we will we wish it was different that we wish it was Kim Kardashian in his place Kim Kardashian Wes I should say. And down she would not be joining us guys the on a plane then had yet arraigned yesterday once we found out names but she will not be joining us. Four lack of effort. From our producer. No bid Doyle now big oil has these Memphis is producer he really is and he's learned a lot about the art of guests booking that you know in the in the in the it'll be a year next month right that you've been on the show a lot of years in a year Angela and and you learn a lot about this side of things obviously here in radio and booking guests and how hard it can be. But I think it's a major best effort yesterday added when you lie just just tell everybody how you got in touch with Kim Kardashian. What have all we have these outlets you know ways to try to reach arm. Guests did that come with with territory that we do here arm and so I BA against Ingram. Direct yes I saw that I could send a direct message to Kim K and try to get her on the show she is not seen it. I'm she's not seem our message about a joke as we haven't made contact. We will not make contact ever were we're working on an and I feel good about it. To a judge hear the message resonate with like do I sound like you're there or request a car. I cam this is Bennett with the Jason and Jon show on ESPN radio here in Memphis. We've enjoyed following the Ellsbury Johnson story you were wondering AGF five minutes to Marty joined the show by phone. To discuss sometime between 8 AM and one PM central. Would love to get Minty is the opportunity to hit the opportunity to hear. How this connection would you and Alice came about and ultimately. Led to such a positive outcome on those beautiful thanks for all you do when we appreciate any time you can give us meant this would love to hear from the camp exclamation point. I would've sent mortgage and you have a character element on its current. And millions you went above and beyond you really did you you were respectful. But poetry unfortunately she Jessie the masses she hasn't seen them and she will never see the message Memphis appreciates your efforts Ben Doyle now you are excited and Jason about this development you're excited about Kim Kardashian I read to you already know and the commercial appeal is very excited about this development are they not if it if they are feels kind of like cal watch remember when cal left enough I remembered from that kind of side. We're all hands on deck I told you about this I was dispatched to Wilson Mayer writing we were supposed to see if both Kelly and nobody want to go to Mary were we gonna say morally isn't even and we were that's we were little we all hands on deck yeah appears that for ten K that is indeed the case to for the commercial beer they got Yolanda Jones last I checked they're doing eight and a running blogger it's called chasing the phantom. And a lot of Jung's that's why. Did up until the CA by Welsh he's our fine right now yeah phantom until we see saw a plane until we see her or weaken him and John we didn't have your sources. We know she's on right now jar I yell Jones is out here Wilson there she's taken pictures of private planes and that we haven't seen yet. And it ot is she she says I don't know how to paparazzi does it it's all hands on deck the city's in a frenzy and I think look. We've got a lot of listeners. If can case here here which we all expect it's been reported she will be. Awfully landing midday I think commercial deals reporting that's what they prominent let's that Cora someone John's someone Bennett is going to see her. We're caught up in the frenzy. We wanna be a part of this look this is part of the media machine you gotta know right this is all going to be part of up or it could be on the show right yeah. Our efforts are not just The Today Show tomorrow talk about the car Dahlia the Barnett exact oh yeah it's it's part of not being down. While you're gonna Davis it might as well bill Russia listeners this picture of you want our listeners. To get a picture of can help us CA's one allowed blog let's all do this together city of Memphis let's find her let's get a picture a take what you get pictures you send to that it says show. Welcome we do formed now while. We're going to be out of the Wiener next product these bomb lunch. Tonight we need to look a bit of a picture. In the middle of this worldwide story a lot seeing less worried Louisville is one lot even though it is from the wing girl let's go let's go ounces more than one John you got you get your new money main. Let's go five lunches were gonna. We're all on your arm we're gonna bide that was about it bowed out a map well I don't know is often the way your gift. And as we're gonna buy you 51. For every day you'll be able to hit. Vote that you'll be at their starting next Friday you'll be able to hit either the map Mariah location or the location on stage and one man and you say and as a result of this picture. Of Kim Kardashian I want over it or not this fake stuff the phantom we know what's real or journalists here in Memphis. We will reward you. Now don't it don't get 1230. Yeah don't get silly don't. Don't you know get too close. Amid you have to say this stuff for legally slight you do don't you know this whole Seacrest has got all of this under control. You know this is all is the you know I mean oh yeah so he's not let you get close to these folks but but you know so keep your keep a respectful distance and has to be a good enough photo that we can make it out who it is no doubt that's the obvious we're journalists here and I can't be clear to everyone and as -- clear that it was taken in Memphis we will re tweet she will give you all the credit we want to you obviously don't come from the Jason you're sitting into the Jason and Jon shows so that John was a John mar 1990s event at minute Doyle and he's given an answer down your horse I did not know it's just had been a -- yeah. Or at Jason's been knocked him out if you give one we have an entire city of people out here. I can do of reporters you're basically yes and now with our phones we can sap is easily top how bad you problems. And it worked. Now if you are kimco let let me we can try to help our listeners out here right scavenger hunt has been the topic of the week. With evil genius that made so we can help our listeners out a little bit right we can help but like that in fact if your kid in car dash you're coming to Memphis you're obviously got to meet with Alice Marie Johnson and but where would you go. This is where we bring home care where that has studied kill. Cat has studied him artist I'm well our entire cast is is is that is that fair or is that an over is that over. I mean we have been watching the show for so long as they know that AME pretty well a while she's. You know that can lead us OK so Cathy would know were Kim's gonna go out of him watching the show. I don't know I remember watching him on my momma like all was that's out here to yeah on to watch that they're saying bad things of how meals like wow eleven. Wow Oca. A business that you're Levin. Yes like ten years ago while so you know why a lot of vases expert drilled it I think you I think you have a leg up on so if you if you know in the cart sessions like you do yes where do you think. People would be able to find her give us some direction where we can send people. I meet so. For a little while mash on the season really get hers she's trying to make its instant and at changing community so I should go to saint you like if you're. If you're going to one place and then thank you all over she loves kids and she's been doing great stuff for the communities I think she gets this thing Jimmy asked for me that's an easy get. I thought she's outside now she's only here for one day thank you cat we appreciate your I think she's out here are your effort there yes saint Jude is a hell of a guess. Nationally for what they says he's gonna have a at a time like to get around in my on a lot of this is going to be for the show and The Today Show tomorrow. You want as many name but I you and opportunities as possible right right I do wonder if that year if it as part of the show you. Traveled across the city with Alice. M analyses going like him a quick brief Memphis to work just for the day. Oca and a member Amanda do you do you today could be possible on these. You know they they would do that I'm not clear if they were just meet somewhere in like big hurdle in general and or hotel lobby economy but what we're working longer she's probably going to have. Take her all around town. Are you take all of but that shopping because think about why don't about everything about like this I doubt it shot. Held if she takes a shot is to take a shot at a New York are they going to film there yet another aspect of memory of their saddle creek. And just typical brother own accord forward looking all hardcourt I went this weekend I had at all. Yeah. Put your stuff auto analyst mark like you can step up and there's no you know it's usually you does mantle we used to call that it will now go above and local mall. You'll get a pretzel. From get out I would say it's full. Do you think she's really I cannot believe you won't die at the mall fireballs toward doesn't matter not a good man he's over there where you've got thirty carries quality quality merchandise and Macy's says it's icy still Macy's that's Georgia guard residents Vegas woman who is doing life without parole as you gotta Macy's and noticed that the Macy's but after like you got a sex and this woman she could not Alice who pulls four G node ration it's. Of this woman's family. I'd write calls from Macy's what I don't know why you think that's not a bad idea that is beneath our. It is. And I'm not argue with you about this incident this is really gotten us into a frenzy seriously you're paying going to do you think Kim Garnett know you're there and I view went out about some but it may seize up like a million Bunning. It's a little bit won't. What does that make us bottom of the wrong John. I mean. Low lifes were not new money argue your staff I know I'm not gonna disrespect any Mahdi Army is a lot of late is that basically the same as Raleigh a court. If not take John you'll change your going to release negative attorneys are now within a minute you say earlier that day an outlet mall Agilent though gore loans and you. No I don't stay humble in the sunken placed a bit where my goal and and test they've fought Battle Creek is where they would go OK and you know that's when I was a lot of arguing about where they're going shopping. It's gonna hope gore off. I only met him on an island here and is Dudley that's going to be when they go and you'd think there'd be a lot. Out of saddle creek everybody's guns it's going to be a mock you don't sit on the slot and no court in your kid out there is no one in their job. Especially this time. All right there's skater I actually think it would be a great show a great episode if Kim Kardashian comes and meets with Alice Marie Johnson and because she was imprisoned for so long. Takes her to over ten square in like see how much that area has changed how do you totally series. Taker to the pyramid these panels that you don't need to sea bass pro. But I made. We show respect that she's been imprisoned for for Tony yeah balance our budget summer camp on this now this isn't about him anymore it's about Alice. And and reintroduce her to the city you know I mean yeah that would be good to me gotta make for good episode. That actually I don't think she got a shop that's funny at it and actually did not mean I'd be what do you amazing isn't he can guard as you do this is part of the show will she'd have this is part of it would be it would be you know total philanthropist move for Kim Kardashian they're they who loved Memphis and they learned of this together. And a while when I went to jail that this was nothing much data across town. While that was like blight now look across town it's on the way out everything and that is on the way out and they tell you though core mark finished up stuff. What really loud with ratings gold. What's wrong that everything in about ratings job. About doing the right thing about people. Are worried element there's a frenzy we did he knows ally you know is at stake here you get a picture for us. Violence is that the wind and I and I want to mark and that's and that is a 12100 dollar value. Basically a I mean it really is so there you go and we'll shuttle would you know court. I asked Joseph Jones I hope you find a solution wait and we'll keep you post we'll keep you posted if we hear anymore developments about where Kim Kardashian just made me. At failure will not video quote mall but we will keep you posted we will keep you posted. I would come back about the Gary cares about this talk about the draft let's get through GP he's up next Jason's done a deterrent then ESPN. The vote result 451 GT that's powerful performance in the one. Operate compact truck designed for all day operators. Feel point 51. And so. Percent APR financing for. We'll USC dot com. Find a good bogey dealer near you let's go devoted dot com. I'm drowning an hour is dead and can't afford to pay the need to take advantage of special IRS tax programs that are available. We'll free you from IRS collection efforts once and for all. There are financial losses consumers are faced throughout the country. 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Again that six iron to. 62 under. Our bags isn't done that is caravan ESPN. Gary terrorist or is everything on Wednesday and he's here now GP how are you. I'm all right we're good how are you lose yeah like are you really good are you just saying that. I'm mostly good I don't have any real big complaints say you know can nitpick I'm like if you wanna be too but I'm also. No doubt about physically here we saw you there has the has been on the back your facts. I'm a better idea I'm still not. Without pain but I can't Eric Parker could swing your COLT cooperate now or baseball bat right now but. You're solving it by war I did today are better that you saw me yesterday. You talked yourself out of going to the doctor sounds like here. That's what men do why do we do did you did you go see a doctor we told you go. Not a core I of course that's awesome but I would go to your doctor when it becomes. Clear after several weeks and I'm not getting better or that I'm not back though what I and supposed to be at our age and so battle IE. Somebody in my family pad. So I had some problem like at some point everybody in my favorite or some sort of this year or got to let it kept a deal with stuff so we have from Ottawa lecture an actual. Why the and it seemed to have has helped. Not solve my issue completely but I can get in and out of a chair without grimacing now that. Was not the case yesterday. If your back was. John has got could move. Now you could not an easy smells like mountains aren't there yet it up if you're back was in good condition Gary would you be out at Memphis international. Tell await the Kim Kardashian arrive up like this is like your moment grow legs all you've ever wanted and it's it's happening. I would assume Kim would be covered in a private airport my. Yeah I'd I doubt she'd be it Memphis international just coming back well. Like the rest of appellate division that will bear something similar to will there. What are they like you know it but she did one of the most like what are you think operator bring him. She had won a big bold claim that slash influential women in the world and the idea that she used her fame and I think given that you know that the current Prez the United States is attractive just fame and attention and PB. She used her favorability. Here. Get attention then. And beauty kick to get a meeting with him to. Literally. He hit a Memphis woman out of the light cynics in the pretty awesome story and now that she's coming here to new. Meat and Alice Johnston but also I would assume. He'll make sure that she's now set up. Tend to live a comparable life. It's also an awesome story what would you. Gate cult celebratory when somebody gets out of jail after decades since. And a particularly when it's somebody who didn't necessarily expected. But come back into the real world that you're not prepare people like you have where you gonna get a job what you gonna do. And obviously with. Kim interrogate wealth and they can solve a lot of the financial issues like really quick didn't packet and I suspect that. They will set up some sort of find to not only. Let this woman it's woman out of Britain and extend that tore get a batter but it's what our president and like actually set her up to live. A comfortable life for government a year she had left on earth that you know I know people all that role the ride that at that badly and you haven't Connie you know leveled by. You know at this specific story of the pretty incredible and end and also sort. We were tied a matter earlier. You know obviously you gotta think the cameras will be rolling. Do you think they've all four met this like it it won't work do you think they and they might go. I don't know that they'll war Memphis I don't know the church is she our city is much easier to beat Al Sharpton and let's start you know a lot of which other. But The Today Show here you know they're they're they're they're taking are presumably an interview today that will air tomorrow morning so. I don't think you're necessarily get a bump in the camera its central barbecue war you know southern social life chewing my. But what you'll see her you know in an interview from Memphis Tennessee and I imagine. Given that she is one of the most famous people in the world and clearly recognizable you'll see pictures you'll see video we could pick this simple as. Video of her meeting you're walking into Al Johnson poll like I think. She won't be spotted somewhere in town. But I don't know that she's gonna like go check out some studio or anything like that. Gary and Greg Hardy former rocker as Christians star player in the NFL. Obviously it was a start because of Ole miss won his first professional UFC fight night had some. Someone's building up to this I think they've been three you know in those column going under a minute I mean he's he's looked like Mike Tyson out there. Is my question for you there are a week a Wii isn't and are we rooting for him he's from knowing that are we rooting for great party with all he's been through with everything that's attached to him obviously. You know that's nab now been through the court system. Are we rooting for Greg party to do well you'll see it. I'm not. They seem like a bad guy. Like I usually group purpose you know Memphis people to do well whether that amount to still make her Olympic athlete or Memphis musician. I'd like awesome things or people from here. But not him you know like. Yeah he tried peace deal whenever. Taken responsibility for what he did it and even in its most recent quote it's like. You know I was never convicted of anything or or my government certainly free c'mon man like you can't let us like we would act local he beat tech a lot. And he was convicted of beating that guerrilla boom and he was sentenced to eighteen months probation. And been on appeal. Alleged victim. Opted not to cooperate at which point you hit you don't have occasion but she only opted not to cooperate. After reportedly. Reaching their financial. Settlement with Greg Hardy and other work I don't know to 400500. Down there are million dollar bought. He paid her to shut up he paid her to let go the better I mean he didn't beat her up and coming to pushed around. Or yelled at her army beat her up beat her up bad in an apartment and if you want are to everybody deserves a second chance and I'll listen to that but it seems like. The first part to get a second chance to at least acknowledging. You know I hit a bad bad days and he's never really acknowledged that. He doesn't strike me of the good guys on anything I've ever heard or read about it. And so now I'm not mean forehand I'm not rooting against good I don't really care but you know he's off the face of the earth tomorrow it wouldn't bother me one bit. I think that is perfectly fair to feel that way and an end but in that but my follow to that would be this is there a difference between him and Floyd Mayweather. Who by many yields disarm what would. Probably hold him in the same light. You know hey has had issues with which violence against women. On is it is obviously great at what he does but some people don't won't watch a fight because of that in any form if you root for. Lloyd Wright. Are like watching fully Spock. Right I don't got tweaked I love money Mayweather. Oracle is and in your house yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah my money our money team pat have achieved certain. Are watching him box but I can also recognize the he seems like a miserable human being moved on them also thinks my in his life and so. I can acknowledge that I like watching embarks. And win and he boxes I like watching him win and the but I don't try to spin it into anything other than you have a boxing fan and I think he's great at what he does to declare their Greg Hardy fight I'll probably watch you know pick on television or. Ramesh yes sir I don't like you separate the two run I cannot root for Floyd the man. Not not not Tomas on don't be like this guy and we with women attack but but respect the boxing part and I just what are. Watching party now he is destroying guys like Tyson and I wonder if I can just watch on thinking I can't just like I'll live with Floyd. You know that that part of it be entertaining to me but still not root for. From my degrade the individual you don't mean a thing comes at the same way you do nothing applies in both situations. Sure our people draw their line wherever they want a brother Zach I get excited I just decided a long time ago. If you're gonna start boycotting paying my base garb that people are involved. Well like I don't know you order it Johnny Depp will because he's been accused of some pretty action dubbed. Order your bracket movie can be better Q does the mom from bad stuff. You know I'm watching the Mets right now they got multiple players on the roster who have been accused of don't domestic assault. You know your probably your football team probably got by favorable albeit probably got bad guys dominate the grizzlies who have employee. People who have been busted for drugs busted for by let busted for the domestic violence so. We do it all the time we separate them yeah yeah so it's well. Like you know I just decided I can enjoy sports without lumping all of the characters and as people and I think it lets you take that approach. Good luck finding something to entertain you because. They are are your favorite music if you lift your ten favorite actors your bit to leave them nutrition and you can paper that leads. They bowl bid in some stuff that suggest that they might not be the best people. Yeah I've I think that's innings when the ray hardy. Right I mean he slammed a a toilet lid on her army tours on a bed full of guns he choked her things like that. And I think the other part with Greg it and you missed this he's never taken responsibility for for that. And I and I and I think that's why it. We thought about the Sanchez's stuff well he hasn't you know he hasn't even gotten the point where you can give us that it has together accept the responsibility Ford so yeah I'm I'm with you I do not. I did not root for Greg Hardy you know I don't invest in it whatsoever. A mostly I do wanna ask you about the NBA draft that year I've I have a bone to pick now with you now with you but maybe your colleagues that you know. The NBA draft media has just kind of gotten on my nerves the last few days because. Oh let me give you look a list of guys whose stock is rising. Jerry Jackson stock is rising he may be the best player in the draft Gary or about my Obama's stock is rising he may be top three figured Kevin not to stock is now rising Gary. I mean at I just thought why is everybody stopped rising water is everybody a great player all of a sudden now. Well all it takes is. You know an agent Laura. You know somebody that work in process. Finding one media member that will tweet whatever it is they want them to tweak and then you get all of the various reports. I don't doubt that your deck and had a nice work out somewhere Kevin knocked it to change. By. You know by and large will whatever we thought about the track about a month ago was the way to go look next week. You know that there's a lot of information. Out there right now there's just as much if not more this information. And so you know I can't go back. The Jerry Jackson. Say Marvin Bakley thing for the Jerry inspection Mohamad Bob would say. There are people who right now are saying insisting that Jerry Jackson. Might. It is definitely not going number one but might end up being the best player out of this. Draft and it is so somebody that marked a productive as would take it. Second overall and I about the ruling any of that out and I'm not saying that I can't be wrong about this. Because everybody's talked about this stuff every year ability to take it doesn't go up to three and let the wiped out the Mitchell doesn't go up to thirteen. Even the people who run these franchises met so every single year shuttle. The one of the few things in mind. Argentinian support that I've never gonna speak in absolutes about it is basketball prospect coming out of couched. So yeah I might be wrong but here's where the logic all the talk for me on some level. The same people who were watching Mohammed bumper and chair rejection. And Marvin badly right now in evaluating and are the same people. The most part who have been doing it since they were 1516 years old. And there was never a time. When they were sixteen years old pick anybody thought Jerry Jackson with a better prospect than Mohamad Bob or more to backward there was never a time when they were seventeen. There was never a time when they were eighteen. If they altering went to college. All plated power programs and power conferences. Spot Bakley was also Bob what was really good Jerry Jackson averaged 21 minutes again. What have we ever seen that suggest Jerry Jackson is the better prospect of Marvin back we want Obama likes and dislike her I. I watched the video of people's sake we'll look at what he'd do it right here in this. Very specific highlight in this moment in this one game. Our state backed off some but each clearly couldn't do that consistently good the only player 21 minutes a game he was terrible in big spots. Consistently at Michigan State he would say great prospect. I just don't know Peter great player. And can try to pretend that if you can try to insist that he will lead some day and I acknowledge it can't he might be someday and I'll take you there. He never been a great player yet you think he might be some bad. But he got one yet. And they're who doesn't move the history of the NBA is field which got him cuckoo who look like perfect basketball players. And mood like perfect basketball players but are anything other than guys because some of the other stuff that they they're great prospect. But you don't turning to great players who look more like a perfect basketball player and scroll ball would just walk into the game and played the game of poker player anything close. And that's and that's chair Jack as answer. But it's why I have not sold here with the top pick it's why. I would consider him a four under certain circumstances but I don't think he beat the guy tick the micro media and any other that skeptics wrong. But I don't understand. Well why a guy who have been. A mediocre. Freshman year at Michigan State. It in who has never been bought out as an elite player be like beat top two or three player in this class I don't understand why that gosh suddenly. Becomes. You know it's a tough to pick in the 2008 NBA draft is just I've might be wrong but I. I bet on I bet against him more that Beckett can be restored order and. He is Gary prayers to his every single was AGP appreciate Amazon and other. If he is Gary Parrish in the fact of the matter is. In the NBA. They are just far more Jeff greens there are kept their rent I got says the weight but you don't find guys like Kevin or you don't find transformer basketball players. Come by and large in each strap you can go through any NBA draft you want. Look at look at the top five a mini NBA draft you want just pick a year and you'll see maybe one or two guys. That had a good career. Or or one at a great career and the rest. Watch out Arab media careers or their bench warmer there's just the way ghost it's hard to find great players who translate in the engaged it's. Has long been the difference between him and Porter right Porter doesn't have a body of work in college either obviously for different reasons it was an injury. But you hear about him in the workouts you know what he was before the injury had most had him projected as a top. To pick ready even the one pick in this draft you know heading heading into it years before it. Bet that's the difference right I guess its potential with Porter just like is with with Janet Jackson junior but it substantial I feel much better about and it's a star potential to Gary's point do I just haven't seen enough evidence. A you know. Flashes of it but there's only been a couple graduate Jerry Jackson junior for me to go all in all and that's why it. He just confirms kind of what what I've been saying all along about him and I'm just not all are I can't get all along you don't wanna I wanna get a story. You know who likes war was going to be a great NBA player Luke Thomas Robinson of Kansas memory that he. He had that goes specifically to got to look the part I mean mug in the 610240. Like these series have done a super honorable overdue idea was dominant college. Rating college yet. And it was the fifth overall pick in Telluride never became anything. You know and it's obvious look at it like random drafts here right so pull of the 2012 draft obviously Anthony Davis went number one overall. Michael Kidd Gilchrist will for all the accolades that he got command high school. I mean just add radler did Butler averaged relevant salad and bread and he'll go three that's a good pick apparently he's an all star caliber guard and in the east. Dion Waiters though what four. B I'll wait before we know you hate him Thomas Robinson went five. 2014 NBA draft Andrew Williams when number one overall. A good NBA players it just feels like Williams has reached his ceiling exactly it definitely good NBA player that Savard Carter went to he he's having a good career injuries slowed down no doubt Joseph and beat victory. And that's only reason why you bumpers because injury. Eric Gordon for pretty good player Darby exit of five who knows me so you can lose a lot of you can look back it all these drafts and there are so many cases like this. Excellent Dylan. That's why so students haven't seen enough from Janet Jackson junior ladies NBA writers like and I Yani I'd respect woes are respect John to the bone I respect these people. But I don't understand. Why they are so. You know. Willing to peddle stuff they know well not be true cannot be true to it it's you're exactly right. And you do get sick of it this time of year everybody's good it's like a big huge we have like thirteen guys have been projected to go on top fours it feels that way I've just got to move up this guy can. But you also got to know you do you look at it for you and you've been through this. It's this time of view it's a week before it traveled as ours to happen it is everybody's great everybody's got the potential be the best player now around it. And it didn't we just go through its cyclical we do it every year and we do it right now this is what the agents are calling them I almost know detained and you're shy and I got all these teams call and I'm telling you will rise in it and they're reporting on it if you're reporter you you don't you don't understand how the game is played it right that info coming from the major naturally bridal stores on your kids say they're guys' eyes they got drafted first period but that's what I wanna why didn't that news wanna keep that relates I understand why this happened but I also think it like it just looks silly. I think will become friends sharing his Jarrett Jack sock is right he's getting the best but we're gonna have eighteen different best players in this draft this coming the best I've ever Jason on now think about 55 player draft it's it's a sixty player draft goes on we will tell you turn young bass player who's very I'm telling you like dabbled in order story today. Bail woke her a story today. I have tray young now we needed just NBA guys get it wrong and we're over thinking trail means another train young is gonna be the best player in this crash this just asinine it's just not real. Don't don't. The good so frustrated by John since that and you're young self which are frustrated just know it's coming again next year it happens and you know we just explain what I'd have to raise a market I swear to god. There is a market. Ford NBA draft writer who weighs just. Honest who doesn't care about what agents say that doesn't get involved with the miss direction as soon as he and get info isn't breaking need impoverished or Billy all he needs to be able to identify as well that player is good or not that will be what is credibility rests upon period point blank. I want an NBA draft writer who says this guy is ass that's what I want out what's right about say that Jerry Jackson can't play. Trade young kid play. No one's gonna say that about those topics they were told the best players of the world I get it but they don't all turn out Beagle players the NBA period brother what what's what. It's what's on your skin that it. And way army man my goodness I'm Asian economy I don't do you know what I'm not going to be as. I'm agent column that I'm a word about you well you obviously got me started with a whole core -- stuff all of this is just continuance of the size of an earlier frustration you are now trying to pay me is this guy that is forgotten where he's come for all there not only do it about it they're like I also don't law of court no probably not only a level not that would rally to edit never change thank you that's always been the case because we're just so we're beneath you but I would hit to a local mall and we are to attaining it like it's like a picture now is not a takes its it's it's it's it's right. Could go right ahead okay. I would tell you when all you really don't suggest. What they're doing things go impaired and purchased a pair of shoes what's done is lie beneath Kim and Alice it's beneath typical fashion yes. Yes I'm sorry it just is. Let's as we wish you could get it out. Listen John was triggered on Trump's comb down Mubarak art and I got to do we have two more always like you can you can harness I've stronger as the shuttle while. We do have a Lester gets here we give us to get to include the great artist or. And more Jason and done I Jennifer and yes it. Isuzu commercial for a advantage multi for dogs emitted quote proved plus months he ducked and that was an elephant why is an elephant on a commercial for advantage multi because an elephant would never forget to give hardware and prevention on the exact same day every month. 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They're easily found for fatwa Shelby oaks drive all you do is take rattles around and located right across the street from but what you can almost nine of 12758177. Again that number 2758177. It's down the mobile. Time to mount are so you run of the Greg Hardy story to me this morning admittedly I've not been as. I didn't get tuned in on it till. He won this fight right at the right first professional fire I knew he was pursuing exactly we bow it was kind of both our radar but. Informing the reasons Gary laid out it's kind of you know you you you won mail us us or now but but he created a buzz yesterday. He created both with the fight and obviously it's part of the contender series. You saw Dana White was there I signed great now. And we'll see where it goes. A but you've heard Gary lay it out you know I'm John feels about it and and I you know off human much the same way out of if you were planted do this conversation here. But great parties this story what do you want to acknowledge it or not right now because I'll each story is mayor and folks. Now on his last night on Dana white's Tuesday night contender series. And as you all we're doing the WW thing. Yeah how's it smackdown RU and in a pro really we did not mention at an NN and I don't mean that. You didn't mention smack yeah I hope I. And a huge honor I don't mean that as. Arduous Calkins is not the same thing I'm let me be clear I I really always enjoyed in the restaurant and religious tolerance to get to know the resolution personality behind the wrestlers but I just I gotta be honest I don't officers and twenty. 27 years old. Or whatever it sounds a maturity I just don't it's coming over you. I and I had a million hashed exceeds last night I had C I had the best seat today where you Ferraro I was I was second for a and I guess a guy could had better of love for rowboat that was little yellow alert I was as close as basically is lousy could do you still weren't amused that I award entertained I don't. Think the shows are good anymore I don't I think they'd even it was it was two hours and still drag on. Wow it's still values you mr. dollars budget be like changing man when you do these enemies of the rest of their pets here comes a bit at royal -- AM right says save it down at the thing is is is the first it's the lash out before the paper view this weekend so of course they're not gonna like do anything great exactly they're holding bags on a pair either holding bode well what it was obvious last night they are holding back then I look I will say it wasn't it was immigration then and I'll watch am a frequent viewer -- I didn't really it was a great show I will remember absolutely nothing from that night last night. Nothing I don't remember nothing oh when I'm eighty years old in my life is flashing before my eyes and there will not be glimpse that they that they have been an out of I'm czar Bennett should lose in the W divvy it losing them euros Amanda was an ambassador for you I don't care about anything anymore how's that. Others I don't carry more wash them I mean I DGA AF mode today and for the rest of my life are you ready for because I can make the case this just goes right back to world's arrow or you sit in first or second row last night. And you still couldn't preach I am appreciative of this email would have been like a little school girl what are you tilt bit irrelevant very appreciative and grateful only issue he would have been so appreciative that he I feel more he might he might even gone. He might have even accepted the tickets what date was not others are they like I always something with you man it's somebody's got a lot going on right now. I sense a theme developing on the show what. Its name minute trying to hold on to you Islam that's ridiculous. Especially ridiculous and that's just the other successes. Change some of us doesn't now why imagines at all and that has on the same person and torch lamps I just don't and I just don't enjoy WB. As much as I used to. Anyway Greg Hardy last night's have gone Austen Lane also former NFL player yes. Made a lot work them main knock him out and a devastating fashion and 57 seconds like Tyson I was like I said he would with a right hook them finish him off on the Austen Lane turned his back to home you'll do that. You don't do that as miners that they might have wanted this morning. Along these big guys you see right there looked at looked the part right they're big and and they can hit hard right. But they they got a glass Chan you want once you find out you you hit them. And I suppose that's sort of what we found out with Mike Tyson because he never really been hit. Until buster got him with that big one we didn't know almost and he never got hit eight disposed of people in a minute less than two minutes sometimes it's you know less than that Grammer speaks on their. That said. And I are. I don't upped contour on this because I'm exactly. That's why has gone about it Mayweather and I think everybody should be torn on the issue did you write I mean I think it's only natural but but but there's something to this and I think you said it. There seems to be a difference between. Reagan Floyd and that we think what Greg did was just way more malicious right you talk about a bit of guns the toilet thing I don't know what what we throw that into a we we put that into a compartment that we say. Never coming back from this. Will never respect this right doesn't matter what you do for the rest of your life I'm not root for because you're a bad person there you know I mean it. It doesn't feel like we've done that with Floyd like we've written him off completely you don't mean we put that I mean if he could he served aren't domain. He served time so so he hears are or if feels like we pick and choose these right. Like the ones we think went too far will retard really had to start a series of low when you talk about like how you how you.