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Is named SA the Dow he played four years at the University of Memphis he is the most charge taken this player. That has ever come nursing program without without a shadow of the doubt and he joins us now take what's going on mappings have been there are things I'm young guys. So what's been going on man I mean this season ends you're your career ends what's what do you what's the first thing you do. I want to quickly. Nice and alumni quake at a NASA wants basketball all week at tech way to go Richard allied JO must now we have a lot house of there's hung out with your dad I have I have. Thrown down idea I think we other guys their tibia. Probably my and he goes I feel left out you got it down yeah I was there are no it does the rose okay a goes down I'll look. I'm not presumably honest I don't see I've never seen a white version a banquet I guess he's like one or two you guys is an invite me because you thought I'd be uncomfortable would you get in the lake. Yeah you go swimming in the lake you fools for getting very quickly we don't have wide and swung like a fish. Another issue I did have five more with your black sat of course so that's why you know all of will invite him about that will organize a trip you can come. Look what did she when the lake but he's done comets on him exam knots yeah let me doubted you. I love Freddie tease the Euphrates. Nachos at home we've we would normally go out there unity. That much that's the best that we were we to each kind of say yourselves in our house. Pick what is jammed out without it is what how much have you been paying attention to the tired and you've been watching every game. Just about you been. 'cause that's come out there but right now. Hello love watching all day who do you pull for repairs you know folks at them and yet every whistle above or like there's other teens and early and guys that you pull for a dollar. Barcelona now they run out Avery every semi shirt and Ridder rocket via. It's gonna game outside where you have. We're really tight I was I'd see him go around I really do miss me he very got you know great record as a player so you consume in this one that now. I was definite and talking to neighbors dad that Avery was just ready for a change of scenery that are really winning even doc fix Abby got a chance how to talk to him for second debate very. I just wanted to get away and try something that's I think he just needed a new scene and like you said. You know. Different conditioning program I think I guess that's why don't walk out as it's done wonders for. On the question specifically Aussie games attorneys complain complain great there and sometimes that's all it is. Yeah they say no it's not like a nefarious like now gone Memphis or whatever bag sometimes it really is just died I gotta get to do a nude scene or not I got a guy that's what was so IRA he loved Memphis are accurate that he just in new. And you change items were covered so when when iris few attempt to get your studio you're always you're likable I'd love to come and but. I needed take this week this without adage about finding the same weekend of that they got waited so because I'm on the very courteous. Host here I gave you a couple days to to process. You set out it'd take this week and I needed just kind of get away so that you got away you want to take with you totally. Did you reflect on on on Memphis set all that time are you thinking about Memphis at all like what sort of the mindset. No not really I was just kind of you know and do my own thing you know to kind of clear my mind you know and away I think it really helped you now. I quit golf for anyone from you know something that's. It's really helped man out of you know and doesn't miss it you know. Those looter and I have zero complaints about it. There what was the what was this year life because you get that it starts out you get scholarship. Which is some other we were all rooting for on though and and that that that was a huge it's a huge deal and great news for you and then in the season starts are greater than just went fifteen the first warning. And then it just got unfolds. Out falls apart at the end. What kind of how would you how would you characterize the year and look at him now like you said. And one change for anything the four years you've had here about how would you characterize the year in the way it ended. I mean obviously. You know the way it ended was. Not what we wanted it's and I don't know I think we. Also restore law and got us I was I would just one pound you know playing so many memories you have you know play 67 guys so many minutes anchor loans at all. And I mean. I think if we do however we can do it differently I think it would have ended differently but army is what is now I. How tough was this season for you physically and with with your knees and now I would watch unit looked like you were in pain you were playing their pain. That's how bad you wanted to how tough was a physical is very stuffy nose. As a Lindsay attorney were him I don't Ayatollah with Brad and you know when they're in their practice coming hour and a half early just just the warmup just to stretch our church for an hour easily just. Just soccer practice or play. Yeah they live those tough but I mean. I don't know how long had they been bothering him alone and that it was an instant and I was attended to severe tendinitis and I love them both of those with. Good lord Jake. A price started my day. It was probably right after my sophomore year. Down a flight going into the summer of junior. I illegal isn't as bad starting off sura means last year it was really men issues. On the level there. It must have been odd though because at one time. There in this season you guys were what seventeen and six new and and it was really everything that we had hoped about the tubby air. It does man these guys that will coach how we're playing well he's about like mark Joseph Crawford had gotten better Jeremiah Martin had gotten better and then. Just like. I don't even know like inexplicably like it just. Dropped off a cliff. I mean you can't explain this scoring just that we go through either I mean you're just supernatural almost like it was just. I don't know what was happening our heads are right it's not like we're in of a bad place mentally. Are so I can't explain it just. Just after an incident that does scoring droughts all the way back today in and I know wood to the scrimmage against North Carolina urgent that you guys. Started out great bad scrimmage and always was sort of off and ball and ran off formerly and then went to a scoring drought which is I don't and that's I kept telling people that. They this happening it's sort of hard these corner routes some that they've they've always been. It was a summit there and go through all your line up of sewer aren't great outside checking team right who we are still missing you know bunnies funny though you have just shot you you don't miss. So I mean I sets. Inexplicable. I do also how much we improve this is from one units of the banks and obviously part of that's only play ten games as a freshman your pars before you're now was he ever right physically. And how much that he improperly so I think he entered. Tremendously physically you know coming off. The surgery my. I still think he's got you know some ways to go physically and athletically. I think he entered greatly. And then tubby one thing at a job you did I'll love him you know we are just now for the first day of our first practice I call and and I'll hollow of the stated he's awesome. Is is great coach. And as a reason on you know he's. He knows what he wants he's gonna get what he wants to the people who questioned him. Us me and Jason I just ducks but there but we're on the floor for we have our questions and when we've been critical. What what would you say oh. What would you say the fans who had the same questions and concerns about what this era is going to look like because they're not on the inside they'd they only see what they see. How would you sort of quell their doubts about tubby you know went to quote from Joseph oddities. Just process SS trust the process. No really I mean. You know how does it mean you know he's he wants a particular set the guys he's gonna is cousin here and he's gonna have been playing the way he wants play. And I guess that is great coach knows what he's doing he's been through it also he knows how is insurance program and and you can always announce here and you can tell obviously been in that that he is a fantastic bass welcome yes. The people beg the question people have is okay is that going to be enough. For Memphis at this juncture because you'd you'll what else you need well usually elephant and coached well you need a guy like because for example Craig Randall Gay teammate he's transferred intent write code is gone like their bodies like he's gonna have to. So far they're good players in LA so that's that's what I'm saying like it it's it's one thing to be if it as a coach which is great. But there's also another very necessary component a funky yankees he's also great evaluate your talents indeed you know. He's he's gonna pick and choose he's not just gonna go offered ten got just as we need to guys he's gonna go pick and choose what does he wants. And as you see from Twitter page as he has always. Yeah volatile ride in Texas as I don't you think we zones I think as a guy that's been in that regime you know what it looks like on the inside you'd think in four years. We'll look back and everybody will be very satisfied with the Tubby Smith there at the University of Memphis Alex them. Completely you think people of an unfair to him just involve a real Obama his it's his first year here a oh lead to Oslo to answer and shuttle. Yeah now I got there so you've been very affair Jason I like this they witnessed so Jose tell Daria forward solidly Jason is that how it goes beyond our Jason as he's ever Jason was the once it became a hero broke the news about deedrick leaving. Okay did you put that distraction ended you caused everything in my and the reason that the season and apart now he yes you are I'm Jane as I'm not I can now. Thank you. A sudden I mean that you can't call that a distraction reasons and camera work that now wanna go back to that. Did you notice that in late in the game was there like a turning point were were maybe where the walls well obviously the wall is over here retirement was her game wasn't. The UConn game when you're you blow the big lead and was our turning point that you felt were kind of well it's articles south was it a game of momentum. You know as the temple home we just unless you answer I mean the scoring drought I think. When loss to UConn UConn didn't know that I was I was gut punch my that that kills yeah. It's hard to come back from that. But I mean we still we still bounce that card is going to get a week off I mean price that was still in doubt very upbeat we often have gone up next year I mean. It's art of points one particular game. Affiliate if you had to choose one it would be one how did Toby take the behind the scenes it T change at all from. In terms the way you coach when your fifteen and five and when you wanted to and the way when it's hard to struggle to change was at the same approach to the gate. Was he angry with the way you guys are finishing how was the army obviously going to be angry after you lose and that's RP gamer les and I wasn't five I mean scared me. Yes so he was definitely you know. Harder on us you know got to get things right practiced. I'll and he changed on uses in more demanding. If anything we are of course talked to degrade Jay McDowell here in Syria played a Memphis for four years arm you have an opportunity obviously to. Go elsewhere. And play at and other institutions. But he decided to stick it through. At the University of Memphis for those of us who have not heard the story why why why did you decide to stay at Memphis. Are really neither he reasoning our agency did just I mean you can attack somewhere that is now. I mean in just ask you to come I mean I guess Austin's leave any says look we don't need you but I mean you still could've. You know it could be a part of you wants to be is funerals aren't they one promise you just one promise just hardened Guinea are now you won it but she's nothing like a no brainer you love it that much ado. Of school a much. I mean that's. As the shortest and good so so in I realize your your legacy guy you've either played there yet but that takes me to something tubby said about he doesn't believe that Memphis guys in Memphis high school players whatever. Come up necessarily warning to go. To school there like spell like it's because I've got to go to Memphis on the successful high school player and not realize your situation is different but do you think that's true that guys have changed now that. That you don't people abroad want to go to Memphis if it around in there that want to know right. I mean I think every person's different I think you know in that maybe okay listen as he would change you change you know they wanna go city and as per fully find nothing for the most part 'cause still wanna come Memphis. You create after the loss that your dream has come to an end and it you knew at some point you'd wake up and you're thankful for the ride and the memories so. Couple couple questions about the ride arm when you look back on your Memphis career what's going to be. Your favorite memory what's going to be your year your best moment they yields that you'll take with you forever. Is there 101 particular gaelic is there is they're just that time that you'll. Think back on an end and remember maybe more fondly than others and never saw or maybe. Yeah I think all the first year's fun you know we're very good you know retirement benefits are no Michael his death bed that locker rooms crazy Marco van send. I don't know how we're I was on the rim on the rundown this fun when you win unknown that is a good. It's always UN is not fun ulee's. I say I think it's when I got scholarship. You know it it hit me out of nowhere I know already you had no idea you're gonna get a scholarship they had a feeling you know I was so open like he didn't know talked about body you know yachts all we was found on the edit but you know. Like to be labeled light tell them hey you come to see you know we come on you know did you know how many available scholarships they had it was at seven that you were at barely aware of like hey I knew about it. Members general situation that would be so messed up they they have like eight events or offensive than they still they give you more so associated with them for me for you for on the court Jake no doubt as Ohio State. You helped win that game down there referred us I think that's where did it turnaround for media as a player yeah I think I think that's successful assault started. Kick started me. Now I still remember that game I was at the independence. Half beyond I was he would antigen you know I was billion dollars talking to guys talking. And he does take him. I'm not I don't. And Ohio State allow you donate it or Miami playing Ohio State and I wasn't ready go at all. They were kill and they Marshal Dan yeah and you came in because nick was terrible defense when you came in your heads in the I've dude you were also defensively. I guess that the doctor was a bigger role Iran and do martial have a problem yet he you know you and has been in the gun at us and that's it on our pass them. Yeah I guess I was a very goes off of a leader ready and that's where stable yet a bit of luck Ohio State yeah national TV yeah. Favored teammate for entertainment reporters on almost put you on spot you got a bunch of little input. I'm Margot we we've been through it off you know we've been here all four years there. Now we are basis here I think that's that's that's acquired that's the part that I think it's hard to believe. That you were a freshman. During the fourteenth season on them but it just feels like that was like twenty years ago. You know I mean if feels so long ago it must feel like that I mean you've been on the inside you've seen the program. At least in the way in the last you know 56 years at its height in that you've seen it. It where it is today I would say it's a low point I think like that is just not worth it was what was that like sort of year to year coven knowing that like it dropped down a little bit. For me guys from the head down work you know China a China problem while sun always wished me. You know 'cause if you pay attention that's and you. You lose track where you aren't you you still are working on you so got to get better candidate teammates that I you know. They can take I did not come out there so I mean I'm yarder guys can get more. Amanda I was miles my intentions and just the Madonna work. When you're you're period. Yeah it and make Edsel like that's the main thing like you tell me that you got classic you know right at what 1248 today according so like he aging management is what is it there's nights and it's what is that. I'm so chargers. How and I thought they did. Davis. I thought that a third try to clear out what is it what it would what is the course like what is it about as it about is it business it's it adds it's a business course you don't think it's earlier us mr. scene you're a guy I mean it's it's all about how businesses. Should teach could plan so the sound great so Jeff what your what are you hoping that it did to do now I mean you're gonna graduate when he graduated may you have so what do you what's the next step verdict medallion and pursue lucrative career overseas what's what's next for you have. No man take my talents. Are peace to the men's leagues all across. Hello. All yellow I tell Bellevue. Yes they did Islam Ali yeah better watch out they are now we do not come to colonial park. I actually am don't you do there's that. I don't play out there they are so what you unfortunately are not have the pleasure I'm Arnie Klein and Klein apart this already that might be dumping all people and rec leagues. I can be done. Now. Hey kids Obama among my knees are shot. So let's hear how you how. Our charge is gonna hurt how would you play. How are you gonna play directly led what's your game gonna be like are you gonna be like ours are now I'm not that is that is not going to be University of Memphis should now I know that I know that you're gonna only initiate a lot more student and I'm imagine killing people in the post the due to so much bigger when you see him with the rest of us us civilians we know the last place like this is a no doubt that's the thing that struck me like he's like the looks like he's sixty and here. Yeah well at without a doubt I have to ask you formula you go from you and Austin were light really tight I mean yup yup came in together like that level since a package deal but like. It was you and Austin you guys are your friends. What was that. Whole side alike men and what's it been like since I mean does it goes where we left you know they becoming calm him off guard Ty everybody I've gone now I was on vacation and eat the I get a call from coach saying you know also see him allegiance on track on them. You know he you know he's very back and forth on a ruling now. So I did do it was a weird ordeal you know and be complete honesty now wanted to finish you know once a leaf. You know about your respect his decision on what most neurology gonna foursome you know death I just wanna know he thought and I did it worked out outweigh. And then to see him you know yeah Virginia. Yes I really did wanted him to succeed just like had a point agrees in Butler I wanted them to play well you know gone the next step. It was a forced into Wimbledon. I think there's a scenario. I don't I don't know the particulars. But I there's a scenario where he plays at Virginia next season. Yeah yeah 'cause he's still there yet you inside sources I cannot confirm that rule but but you know you think he does I think I. I don't know mail I got a heat heat. You know he's you know how he is yeah. It's just like he has to sort of decide and figure out. What he wants today. And you know that they used to be yelled you heard you guys were roommates right yeah so I think he just has like it's all about focus with them they did it it is because you know funny story about him where. Our freshman year summer corner or first class is and the uniform played in. I'm slight owed them accused crazy. As a man while public apology not wanna put in the NBA if you're that good he's got the talent. When I used to go get some money yeah. It was you know than a month later because our plane and yet. Hi Danielle does what he always thought about more than I hear it in our focus for you just spoke on himself he's asked me. I'm I'm I'm this is so long five I of the statue limitations that are I can say this. He's asked me during like his he was that high school senior right you guys who do you think I'm honored you know. It girl that Memphis home. I'm like well now Austin I doubt. I got I cannot imagine why any girl that Memphis would ever wanna talk to you you're just gonna be like the big man on campus and like most popular dude the third was like the first good wide as well player that's come through their lights 45 years. Yeah I gotta get any girls at all. Wow but yet that's that's Austin Nichols and and that's you know the name and so. I hope that uh huh. Oh what you are from adjacent my brother Samie attacks. He said Jay just announced 99 that he's taken this tells the Bellevue Christian proposal on the hook here and run at a news fear I broke it because we are you gonna be wreaking Havoc man and we're going to be road California. Keep us updated on everything you're Dylan proud you are big fans we are proud of you. Irrigated you've seen it all man you've seen it all you live man stuck in there remembers Amanda's. And that we appreciate coming MMF they could have gone bankrupt is Jake McDowell. University of Memphis tiger right back in a minute here on Jason's done any Janet van ESPN.