Hour 3

Jason & John
Friday, January 12th

Jason and John discuss the best activities to do in the snow before revisiting their conversation with Sean Salisbury to prime everyone for the NFL playoffs before they close the show discussing possible trades for the Memphis Grizzlies.


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He's now sort of best swings and Downey is the wings who's got the best premium flavors and tallies of flavors that he's put together all results flavors that no one else has flavors the grocery stores now trying to get a hold of them is former film unfaithful -- see for yourself why he's got the -- rock flavor of the spices tacos and society for -- now I don't want you need to go tries always got something dollars and -- or been on one of these new flavors I love somebody suicide I can't get away from it because it burns those good guys or find out soldier Phillies Wednesday on the preparation father watched -- -- a little more focused than the other chicken places and that's what you wanna put your Phillies and you're you're you're cost more than the other guys forget about it and you'll get you some -- wings somewhere else they'll be cheap ways -- -- -- -- ghosts of the best swings and found. Forget about the best way in the US. The weather's his wings gourmet burgers or let their banana what do we know that is all good if we knew Ruth. Again 56 I NN now Mariah down why you dancing call final round we're 45. Or visit them all right at the wing who Ruud got firm goes form of tiger summit got Billy Richmond that Jason Smith century art. Isn't John back with the united and then yes being made snow stopped outside but he is still in winter wonderland we learned in the first segment. Our show today John Martin are you an act. Slid into work maybe we've made it here what we learn the first segment was a lot of Memphis is working today in fact. I think what she would say is the the people doing the hard work fill out their right to be a better deliver and a prescription drug for the elderly they're out at the foot surgeons are out there working. Who else was out their views why force you to. People of god deliver flowers there was one more all mobile X ray guys are working because people follow me everywhere Bruno's grinder exactly exactly exactly but John what. Awful people that are at home people are probably warm and toasty in the house. And almost CJ has been talking about a snow fight with his dad called it won't he can't wait who's that it's home. Can be allow you asked me. What we do in the snow out loud and until Japan 100 kind of grown up I don't think it's rotted and we didn't have sleds. Where I grew up. Our sleds were the top of garbage cans as regards gamely did his exact same things on fast. Down the hill right jeopardy your wife's got a slit our life is slated to sledding right now yep. Let's see with our white friends. A told his wife and I told you as a white thing I'm sure they have real sleds they have she's at home right I guess this is an. It is this difference there was that by around your streets led you to let. I guess so it apparently is yes they serve I'm dismiss that on. Doing radio this yet at the moment it got him out there with a iron. I knew he goes sledding and 55 minutes but are happy love sledding makes white people. That's what I was talking about. They are the things that we were admire about the other remember we did that segment may and I said skiing is something you'll do lesson that you enjoy so much that I. I'd like to get a shot whether that skiing down a mountain non white snow or scheme or lake John White either no one argued would you maybe consider yellow. Who have what was the color of the snow managed those notes those white. There was one. Would you do that you ask me what was your favorite snow activity as young Johnny Martin would go out and play. Little like two builds like you know your little or and have a snowball fight. So it's okay I'm an individual and you build the Ford out of snow. You build afford to settle the snow is Golden Eagles jobs sort of physical fort to the snowball fight. Give the trophy you know forty year do we have that much though you were able to build a building out of the snow you can bills like. With the Williams four guards a snow you can build a little form that you can get inside and I don't full blown Powell's. But you know just just to protect your side you from the snowball satellite my activities better. Little more fun ride down and then comes in little better and I think among veterans invalids. Does have a I have I have twenty plus one activities to do in the snow we'll get into B Jonathan do we get off of war okay. What not a list I'll tell you if a federal gonna do that allowed well I am better yet up to you black people. You like that I know you like that. So given the list but they will lose the website is it's in the listens repairs and I can't let pull yourself together. Let's go let's get Davis and number one swoop down. Much about basketball. Grab a few hoops. Have a contest. To see who can last the longest phrase at all. It's a lot harder when you're all bundled. President's. Collectively doing I pollutes the hoops. I think we don't learn until now whenever I never heard of that one gripe about a yes no real I area. Shake it up. Use strong glue to attach a plastic toy to be inside of a jar lid. The dead baby oil and glitter and Arnold made snow globe it makes it fun suit suit as a souvenir of a great day. Jobs are you looking ahead a side that says things why people do in the slow its parents that never heard of us. You know something that's real like sledding there may get a snowman number thirty cool critters. Use bits of nature to embellished animals go that some snow on. What are you reading parents dot com twenty activities to do in the slow doesn't apply. How about this what I noted this one happened that rod and a number of force for the birds. Follow out of Orange and filled with seize defeat you. I've been damn birds and Roddick is it just spears Paris dot com written by someone that doesn't have kids. Are you'll need your feathered friends. Within orange. It's the bar they hear that don't sell the field of bird people like idea that bird people. Usually I keep to themselves not big on the having kids all right I'd have so far nobody Riley is doing these exhibition on our side this what I know is going on. In Germantown is doing these activities. I think there might be some endemic and calling on an orange. I can see it it's going down happens or there who they know disagree as someone who grew up in the suburbs paying them no those are no rule of whooping. What are where does it happen. Not at this is what I've this list sounds boasts. Never found that something ice maker. When the temperature drops below 32 degrees it is certainly bloopers degrees today take death a death blow bubbles. And watch them freeze on the one. I've never heard of that but I tell you us. That sounds like something on my three year old might enjoy. Me doing that for him on May ripped out I'm right now when down but I doubt is that it's called. And it's called ice maker you blow the bubble bubble already almost yet. On the wind that he freeze if you watch for a series on the war. You blow bubbles on the lot at this is the whites it's. And white people you're telling these whites don't do just that. It's no graffiti. A unique in all at least give find a better one this is a great what is though graffiti was picked tech snow. I got to see that being on Mikey play like like tic tac toe Blake there's another one for the birds. You put cranberries popcorn and serial onto a fishing line and you attract a nurse or fat of friends so expensive. I don't know him like organic this is this like something that's like written right in San Francisco and these are the activities that we think we would do in the snow. But I rusty talks. And that's that what does that entail that surrounds loved Indian Wells is it all of these sound wildly. Like like they're double entendre Zito would have trusted us you know president at a snowball throwing contest. Mike your target by creating a bright circle in the snow with colored water and a squirt bottle. About that boot up how about a sugar daddy. Is very hagel RLA Dave I got to share that in a moment. No love give your brother's snowman candy coated make over with licorice lollipops and dummies. He's also build support these ideas always. Some clients build a fort food every kid build support I've got to without much. All these activities sound painfully more. Seven forward that's I have gotten out of and just told oranges pulverize your friends and near like cars that are going by the snow balls at the classics and make the little stuff we did and those snowballs at passing cars on Stonewall. Did I and they brought tribalism. When you found out one card that you just at the wrong car they just chased after young and then of course it wouldn't know where your parents where detail things that we've tied it live. From a garbage can know when to slide down here we wanna give real foxy real daredevil. We tat that they to a back will bite you now all right now Brothers yeah site and I'm more now on the street. In the top of a garbage can live now that's foreign broke. That's being resourceful. Okay Europe to go out and buy your abiding us. You know why you construction paper arguing that make me feel bad about my snow activities. Why you try to kill me name one of these activities the unity amid atomic feel bad about the listen to I would definitely Palo out. I would tell you wouldn't yeah what I would definitely put an orange out a way of that bird to stay out in your backyard I put the words I would. Left my feathered friends. You got a couple right. Now that's a welcome then tell me what I need to do they have what it would be good route out of of them over the great activity on ms. I don't. I was geared his sons what we did and we're gonna want a real people out on our garbage came led. Did grown ups who go low got a right to do. I go by just like the novel idea I did eroded down in the book. On the a notre duress this won't slit. My maximum my wife is. But that's. You don't like you don't like lift its final but I enjoy your garbage can lid in and whatever else it is you do round those of you that are home enjoyed. This long holiday weekend that you have a supposedly well that I work like us yes I got my muscle and fist up to you because of the people make it worked. I will come back Jason's done and he's had opinions. Yeah unfortunately it's clear that made this cold weather and you know what that means the good news is good. 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Are doing great are you guys have been. Everything is good here may just join them so I'm a raider god may have the raiders long top errors in my co host. Absolutely hates it when I ask our guests right her questions out. We're gonna go and get this out of the way now there will Jon Gruden be a successful coach in this league it's when he eighteen. Up 48 team would got a quarterback to get right to do it now I wrote Volvo trucks is also it or mice. And veteran of the world was the former head coach inject a real and you are about the wrap up the way the raiders can handle him not I grew up I mean. I remember exactly what I want and clinical airspace you MacBook reception I I'm a die hard. Lifelong reader fans. But I also know that I've got blew his credibility to criticize or compliment we're not sure the raiders head projectile real world actually. Today penalty bush league with the way they can't believe the rule and hiring a guy before the other guys fighter who is so let me. And allowed to get it started for the staff together bush league and a diehard raider fan I'm playing this okay so. I hit a suspect parked off. Sounds and I think I love you yeah it's yeah I and I ended the guy who I pray for them struck me. For the greater success you know. They are high time I'm tired of happily trapped in the fight on Twitter that they been caught yeah Arlen hype it was high time we find out. There that would coaches get fired because of that we'll find out from a beat writer is that kind of weak but it it has grown man. And I'll look at the big screen Lugar iconic and Al Davidson now his son. If Jai can tell you this about Jack is Jack what assembly even the raiders to go coach. The USC trojans. You don't walk in the market as his office looked him square in the face shook his hand like a grown up spam and I've taken up thank you so much. What would you like it if you would how would we how we liked about this so I appreciate your media opportunity coat to coach my team. In Hayward what we thought we were out with a high school that. And it and then fired up yet won't be jackass to address the loot the media so first it was an awful was fired. Actually cult that he would sentenced tolerate a pair. We'll Jon Gruden be successful 2018. I hope so now it became didn't happen parties quote the game when nobody is energy all that stuff just a great culpable are great field you know that we know. A lot of it is will this staff. The great bowl then and dumped her in the group they have to come together and they're good fast track. And jump got to make some adjustments from there you can open about physical or integrate exchange since Don coach. I mean they what happened the last time John coached some of these players or the threat occurred. Yeah sixth grade so he's gonna have to make some adjustment doesn't think football still out of your blog believe so yeah I think jar could have access. He can cover up there who don't act pretty good. There car Maricopa pretty good place for you Eric Decker political legal grounds awarded 34 infantry there's nobody is a pretty good pick for John. My pick the hundred million dollars in local or effort you know what network which you can negotiate the all of forgot about the banner. But it could be it a little more difficult got to be lucky got to be healthy I hope they make the playoffs. I can tell you this though I don't believe right now. Data usage charts like your money one way or the other would resolve five dollar of John Bruton begin within the division next here or not making the playoffs. I would say not making the playoffs flight since winning the division next year. Yeah anybody's got a quarterback let's stick with quarterback so as Shawn is is is Carson was the MVP and I wondered if the way they played senses. Is is further evidence of that of how well these. Now they've been down with polls and what look we all we all of Naples are still not what they were. Not what they are win wins is underneath would you go with Quincy role with with Brady or someone else. I picked it good bit like everybody Brady's fortieth got more debt look at his numbers over the off last week. But I still saying even if he's probably gonna wake girl he's probably gonna finish second by. I'm with you. There's much I love gradient they keyed by or they eat the dough ball hard. This battle and I and I believe there is Dominic Geithner was able to be even more value quick. Well 33 putt that left and senator except Wally played that different and he makes with his feet and what yeah. This simple one feet. If we repeated in the playoffs ordered without carpet we're basically in the fixed that up. The whole they're they're home thought we'd bet if he didn't. If you went through those type of player award even lower and discreet in class fuel problem with it because with did you cook you know winning. We saw Brady wasn't any looting and him being out yeah we lady even recognize the value four. Course somewhere if it doesn't finish first and ensure ourselves should finish out the proper here or. It kind of reminds me Shaun of the raiders last year right when Derek Carr they were there there are people rides on their car breaks is his ankle. And then it's like if you just get the wind completely suck that you could you're going to the playoffs with memo warning Connor Culkin and for the Eagles they've had at least three weeks with. With nick falls and a key is who we thought he was an end and that's not good enough. Now you're you're exactly at least and we saw how that Carter who was in the game last year against the Texans and not that you not a good quarterback this wasn't ready for now. Nicole is a little more experienced the disorder or helpful to him than he's had his ups and downs. You know update all he played like it against the giants or it protects the boycott of the I don't fault or touchdown pass against the falcons they're just went really well. It Kol going at it got to play slower he can't play here that I take some shots when they're there. But if you think you're glad you're saying it told you that the Peterson or cut or fetus on the edge. Inside the pass rush inside it yeah that this. If comfort level and into the pocket. If you breakdown product of copper levels and on the move so I TJ I Patrick page feature now he protects football. And Atlanta about real quick read on men like 43 reported also be important that you feel goals. It's Felix got better through radiated eager to put the steel. I paternal rather short field I think that'll help so yes there to disadvantaged Matt Bryant played pretty well but we all Atlantic about guns. All the backups and a leak. Wouldn't it falls is probably one of the five or six that on the about it belida ought to pay the excitement here is gone. The death of quarterback it back up the tech cycle and when you three or four games when your starter insert. Hold up against the but yet a great chance to actually create hero because nobody. Outside of Philadelphia right now it is Nicole microchips. But he's a veteran that you couldn't be too big for him or see if you can perform and make some wrote that he had a great the last two week. Carey show what you thought about this this rift this big rift story in New England my gut tells me they'll come out super galvanized this week as that's what they do right to throw some adversity of them. They're able pulled together Belichick Brady like no one else but but I wonder. You know god has been in those locker rooms that that knows that they can tell us below those of us outsiders looking in. When you've got a situation like they do and Tom adding as much power he does and and that the power to have an Alex Guerrero inside. And when you know team doctors tell me do one thing maybe Dallas rare was telling us some of those other players not a that would usually ripped everything apart right right shall be made in a locker room that incredibly divisive right. Yes all no question on an average team look bad leadership on the but it is back and destroyed it seemed as though now now. Here's who we know mister Kraft well Brady and Belichick and Tom is not going anywhere since Jimmy corrupt lows in the southern belt. On secondly. It directly there's like certain to the store yet there are partly all sprinted upstairs to treat Jimmy or else no but I believe com. It was bombs that you meet in San Francisco that's the nature good gracious that's all make great players great. That the book Montana's the Brady and Jordan cook cook on James Bain maybe also the heat terrible places we don't get their feet. Opening security there insecurity than what I mean eight person the greatest athlete that ever played she make whatever that are kind of Portugal put ourself papers. The fear failure of insecurity drive them so they are you take it like retreat Manning was played guard for the fact that he's great. You don't let a back up tick in kneel down at the end of the game they don't want me to let you don't care when they're a little bit that. Cop got power and quite frankly target yen after it got sick about this if you're married your your outer any business. What you've been together this law. There could be disagreements and arguments and power struggle but nobody in the history of this game know franchise. Deal with those better. You can pick the people really think it's the first time the real interest it Guerrero more than chiropractic or tactical gear of course an accurate prompted the bill. But you know what. There's a respect back a bit of okay are polite enough yeah I talked with Bob Brady senior debt this year I had it going on myself. But you realize that he had no kind of near eighteen years together as common Bill Belichick ever had a meal together. How. A total ever. I think I don't have arms factories here you're kidding right he thought opposite team meals wherever they're gone training table. But what they've gone out critical that appear all that happened at stake now for. So that the brilliant thought Bill Belichick each each of business so this problem. Because when he got to cut somebody could be imposed an older cars or maybe go to Canada appear together but. At pepper in the kind they've been there. According America ever had a meal together. A social meal together ever. So I found that interest thing and then and then put two together but this is why they're great because you can you can get it back your original point about you know this game. Then this will make this team the last thing the other eleven seem to be impressed or for the good of all that's every time your quick. Remember when they called Brady's done yeah the Super Bowl. Also black gate open play 80. And every kind sort of question them. They have a way of saying okay. We will go well if Rambus from local because often they Aussie open we'll look inside that we treated Jimmy and we regret it all that the Guerrero. In about in February 15 but for now. That mistake by the recipe because they will be focused if they lose it will be because Tennessee or somebody else Pittsburgh equity. Play the game they're the play great they're not gonna lose because of Guerrero or Jimmy grew up lower bill or problem this goes quite frankly. Bill cut prominent around. The Daniel on the pitch good bet that has got you know let it be important sticking out and speak with Brady the quarterback Olympic. Bill bit busy running all football team go you don't ever have a lot alike we got and I'm sure there's great actually like each other I slipped. It's more about respect why you coach that everybody loved. And also your team that loses quite often. Yes depth show you mentioned it there is a playoff game in Foxboro against are. Tennessee Titans yeah and what percentage chance do the titans have this weekend against the pats. If you tell me the second half even get Kansas City titans are shown up and they can get after Thomas put money if the problem securities clean. Visit as and I don't mean you know I felt I look a look like at night couldn't marry older and the way they played last week. Well look you guys com. Great eastern peace queen their hearts are back they got to get elected without that the that the US army and execute dirty clean break economic growth but. Well if they give me that second half four. We aerial that you can score on the pocket all the outstanding. They were that they found an identity last week I could wait for this torn country pretty good. Duke at their fellow all out of touch it's 45 to thirty are this week. I might chill through my TV screens big and go go go crazy. On the senate seat right sideline you got to shorten the game. You've got played flawless. If you turn it over to kind of urea and they're gonna kill it then they can create no one of those you can never typical they're clear your throat where there. Where is pro football 53 dudes they're all it will pay the difference between the first team in the 32 team in the league is about is a quarterback. About 45 players about later and played the game you know that the particular he's pretty good. So the fight for them as though they're gonna have to play their best game of the year it can't be kind to. Second half. And for four quarters and you guys know that it it appeared that they'll get their care or thought in new impetus but. Anybody to think groaned and don't have pride and that they know everybody in the world they could. Or leaving it became too in new England and it's gonna have to be one of those where they're gonna have slipped out of clean game on offensively late. There can be gonna have to. But it took Wear him out and go Alabama on thirty series and just like he did last week in Kansas City. And something else special that that happened made you pick on call media blocked punt. Maybe flip the field on an eight yard return one of those things but yet if McCain if they're grown men and they're in the playoffs you can. But there is New England at a time like oh my god exactly yet which quicker isn't the kind of whatever would move America. So you're gonna have to play great in the wind you know what we hope we're also. I actually I've seen these movies before or just the these movies don't happen very often in New England it's usually the same movie quite fast and the furious are well. Well that you can beat you couple hope that the that that's so good at that they're gonna play a flawless game but it can't happen. They can play in about turn it over there it's gonna have to play yes. Smart and now with a little extra edge past that they're doing what. So on the road maybe no better Amanda asked this question to them then yourself for being a formal or NFL quarterback of being a USC man got. Ask you to put your put your loyalties for decide decide if you had the number one pick. Are you taken sand Arnold or you've taken Josh Rosen. We're about as any in this city that I'd been as critical little that you have other USC quarterback. I would compliment or criticize when necessary this has nothing to do it prestige honestly. And like the fact the trojans sure I get back I people who don't I every parole date late last year or frozen and Arnold. Here's the difference I. Sam Arnold is the guy. It can go nine at a 45. And beach you can take it will be having a bad game late let me use this he kind of like rocker's I'm going to throw you skate good lord. Rosen probably more pure passer ready now but. I think what you're gonna see and I don't need their money but they're like Cutler I backed securities that are enormous talent go to church decrepit I had like the guy. But what you're talking about one little bit more. And your better chance to win over the long all over the long hall if you take the horrible person. Find a way to get sick or Barkley in the sport picnic and yeah it is possible. Ally would be Michael Craig Bragg a democratic ballots up. We'll try to get him let him bridge the gap if you don't pick roulette ball pretty activists say it is in my opinion that all around. One better football player and saying Arnold all around the faculty and yet this what is rose a better at the Arnold. And I have a decision making is battling not much of this. I have a I have a problem with quarterback who don't live in college yeah the shock factor didn't win he was ornate now not stated it all the quarterback the they. Ordinary and makes everybody else right or if they do so. And big decision making but it crimes go back into every likened in the epic game wrote the book short flex or country. Then it goes a popular pick Europeans don't yet. This year I would agree I am. I think that all DOT too many times and I'm not making excuses or block. Let him compete and develop it even better feet. Edit this is going better on the front. Maybe not as outwardly confident that wrote it but there's an impact he overcomes that plays better it but he exceeded our school and work UFO. I love them all. What I mean I think in the long run we're gonna see there's one obvious that machine you can even more mobile web and 10 when you're more games that I picked a fourteen and in US b.s W more games in the long run. We are column which we are not a shot Salzburg you can listen to him. On the SB nation where your afternoon to Sean Salisbury show so why is it so hard to evaluate quarterbacks because. A guy like Paxson lynch at Memphis for example they win three games his first here's a starter. Give them the ten game through tin win the next year kills Ole miss. At it and and now you look up is in his second year in the league may be on his way out of it and why is it so hard to about UA quarterbacks is is it because there's so much more that goes into it. The just pure talent. Did you give me 86 you can hit seven pass or impala. But 89. Decision maker Guidant. Mentally emotionally tough it can overcome that plays a plays well under direct your your but I want my quirky play well. When the dog won't appear you let your unit started looking at your own pre cricket they'll find a way to win a game. I don't like are running quarterback only play well when their when the women when everything's going great and it's a hard position to judge could at this level guys. You people they can all throw it. Why don't look a little stronger arm but I he yeah any mental and emotional competence. I need accuracy and the one thing a wife or the church. College high school to call cause they're so we're different games in different system that we know all that but I think it's deeper than that I think it ultimately comes down to who. Yeah he's got a whole course taught horror the croquet player that had struck if you watched neglect if they are what I need look ordered armed struggle but. It's just. We can we don't know we don't have a measuring stick it says. Well Brady share and the truth and critical or they can break we don't know that competitive there's something. And we call it hip factor I whatever you wanna call it. There's something inside a guy that I mean we walk inhabit. And you know you gotta have some physical illustrates that can't be physically limited but because some guy just can't make sort of broke but all of them could throw it. They can pump out great decisions and accuracy. And they have the ability to raise. Your guys around your game. This you got you got a guy who made unified and he plays like a certain real. He did that you're just gonna and I got diaper don't and I train them all over the country high school guys that there's certain guys who are physically better. But do you want to play on Friday night and he just. Make all the decisions studies more go to private and my number one thing is how much you market. What are you willing to sacrifice to be great. All the great about that are unwilling to tackle other than their family and that kinda like Tiger Woods. You're you're you're you're on the golf course what are today that at the time you become single minded great yoke McGrady and stick to patent any therapy think he's gonna football. Stallion and know what it in the rest of the so I think I personally don't make it to a certain point. But political experience you'll learn what your 32 still learning when you're thirty car. Excellent careers and over it that you over there in Denver in May be pretty pretty good you've been banged up and handle the cup could yet. You soul part because decision and speed and players around you all those saying. And there's that one factor that just. I do like baker guys around the better do I make great decisions under guerrilla how to play on third down and out like oil under pressure. In your mortal choke on their own script the great ones when the temperature the gains gold through the roof and everybody's choker and they're blood pressure goes down bird Jordan Montana. James. Brady the great and have a Mike Trout. You know you're in the pitcher who were Landers look flat they're different they know how to handle we'll bring most of us don't look at just the putt while. You can pick it at the moment there's no respectable but shrink is the closer it gets too big. Great players and its leader in their lives from opposite from the the other guys tumbled to just and they're damn DNA and we can't go to Egypt. And he got a hole you get lucky enough to find a. And then finally shined you tweet about this earlier this week went obviously knicks had made the decision to love pulled Jalen hurts at the half. For to a just the way that the Jalen handled that situation. But what did you make of it I mean that guy guys when SEC player of the year. Put up by a credible numbers over the course two years that obviously gets yanked him. You know the biggest moment of his life and and handle at the waited what what did you make of of that whole situation. Also saw them put it all to make that decision deaths got a bank 45 wins purely down thirteen and Kirk. Alabama that the touchdown was blocked kick in their back in it right now that if the doctor got a lot onion you. Not vocal cord yeah that they're normal game class act but I think what makes fixated fixated like we talk about what makes a quarterback different Belichick's Satan. Urban Meyer's guys like that is you don't need another players and they're all different. It didn't know what you see and I love the fact that they just yet they listen that he just brought to a better. I think around the bush still hurts those who have better to have a better ascertain what hurts the poor ladies young man. They're going there to have her book with a quiet defeated Sporkin I think people kind of the appeal. That's another thing knowing your personnel anything you do whatever was going on in seedy side in the first half the we can come out of this and he did not want you don't want you to not let it out and the ability do. Make the switch. It to a combatant doesn't end in unbelievable fashion clearly thankful to be that easy trophy because if I got to the credit you're you're like Europe go. Coming in from Hawaii and enrolled in order book for me I don't know many guys I don't know why couldn't I try to be a great teammate. Deep down you know the competitors Jalen hurt and he helped you on this rainy circle where it is loud and big is anybody else on Alabama the guys that. Phenomenal young man but two of the better happen at that circumstance they needed spark. And you saw the energy in the building chain you know hurt. I don't know many athletes. This. How we're leaving Liverpool just prepared for a walk around. And that I thoughtful people criticize him for violent during a game. Some expert help I didn't hear it but if you just how everybody be written into Zach you get exactly what it true teammate. A class young man and a winner does. It was thrown around the other guy. You go where you got a big hand it get you there for the last week urged all the way to bring in you do debt diet and eat that I could pull them but all. You've gotten this big who were making further this is what hurts old to a yep that's what backwards order held is back at what may put it. The diaper plate and none of this and Eric. Congratulate him I don't believe that could've done a oh wait he pitted I know grace and that's why I don't care he's a football player I don't turn away because guys like that. I hired him because that the guys who want to another salesperson. To help just as much as he does the order came to her. I looked ability and millions critical automotive even more coming out of this thing immediately go to Olympic game and more about what that that I would have been crippled 300 yards. And the like we all should it. Yet few public could have. It was big town shows us who wrote quote if you were him because everybody's talking about it would you would you would you transfer out to go be a quarterback's a morals and would you stay somewhere. You know your valued maybe it is a position change maybe it's you know gold of you know 12 with two inexorable what would you do if you're JO RG staying in London. I think they'd like I would expect to sit down yet. In Bryant able state. The chances would you won't do much better here he wanted to compete and I would take it nick would be here together and get the best every year they get another Gaza and it indicated he says abominable practice or how to move positions and it could have such a good runner on the yet they. Cold demand if you're exactly they eat it up and they have so that would make you decide they haven't done that quarterback maybe we'll Sunday. Player somewhere else I don't know this letter he loves to play quarterback. You've got a national I don't know and I don't consider guided besides the trick searchers beat out of work or loses the job. At the tip of the data transfer of the guys that wanna compete one kind of leaves because look could be half the war you bet that that got hurt a bit for the guys competed but it is but. On the dvd peace treaty include you know physical maybe at quarterback but it or if you want to play quarterback I have no Republican look at Dixon and I love it here. But I don't wanna play quarterback I wanna go to TCU were to happen you wouldn't blame you one bit by. He walked as they compete what happened with hook I don't focuses on current political and personal upper back police haven't yet so. You know what he's got big decision to make but I could say they're. All support him in any decision because of the way he handled this and somebody will get a winner if he stays or he goes but he read a great young man and I'm sure him and if he's if they haven't had the conversation that I haven't also. Shy man appreciate that nowadays every time thank you. You'll argue that I'm here because he didn't play elsewhere it doesn't matter we tell our. So even though and so I appreciated your brakes Brandon methods and good luck those this week in and alone daughter beyond what you guys. Presented. I don't make is apparently caused very almost what do you call John on the field that I will come back. And just a minute Jason's on an agenda Phineas. 99 as soon ESPN celebrates the legacy of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. and his fight for you all the freedom and dignity of all races and team I have. 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Your purchase are located 47 at Eckerd would read the corner some revenue ex I would be or you can visit them online at sleep easy easy easy S dot. Come all right this afternoon Jason we had a little bit of news. A little bit new. Used in Drexel Hill and so I don't know us they like that but. I. In a just waiting. I mean they're just waiting for for a hula hoop. I did I've been waiting two to go sledding my wife keeps takes me out these pictures and videos and here I am I'm doing the show up filming on this right I mean tomorrow. Spitzer read a cappella about it Sunday got to give kind of goofy but there was some news. There was some news. According to bath while insiders or Memphis Grizzlies are gauging the value. A big Mac more. On the trademark and go oh no I don't need to necessary loan doesn't know what I'd do. Big metal more you know you got the guy they chose average oh yeah. Well I thought she yelled Tyreke Evans Brandon rye eight you know those kind of big Mac or more. We give up hope already well that if you really think you didn't get something I agree it's as levitate with a trade value is forbidden magical more. I too soft tacos. Day at a packed a mild sauce that's what you'll get back forbid Mac and I gbagbo and miles without. Oh I know you they didn't know they have let me get through sub tacos. We did. A pack of miles off too desperate for another thing I saw you get. This is the guy you thought I was gonna cover your BS dole led announced it has those days he had viewed do you want. They stood a good role player for the money's been paid it's less that. A city shoot the ball well as that happened. Any play in any more of oh is it that he has no grasp John of what good basketball is from as far as I'm into. I don't like I told you I don't understand anybody estimated that that to have that high level. That relies that much would you got that kind of body those kind of physical attributes them are relentless as well as a much warmer jumper to oak. Are you kidding me go back get back to the whole go to the hole on a I just bats basketball warmer water. We we can do this do right now Toussaint tacos and a pack a mild sauce you throw an impact but miles deals don't you glad you got him got go to pick out. The other or a big if you want blacks. No I. No you felt regrets about. Also James and it's also elements in this yes skins got brought Brent Wright Tyreke Evans James and his figures they were all right right in the last year of his views expel them all that I had on valued Tyreke same way. I don't James and his. Especially the waited to see the start of course everything we thought about this season and it's already exhibited but I thought James and his you know. Had a role on this the interest in Maine that's not on this Memphis Grizzlies lists those you know just this trade deadline lets the lesbians got army insider. Is that it won't as the one that I was there anyone you want take all calls listen Margaret Paul claims on on here. Everything you hear now from the national guys while they're not gonna have an opera it's not gonna happen. I enlist their persuaded but they're they're not gonna get a persuasive package they're gonna. They're gonna dude they're gonna do that no deal FDR John Martin plant it really feels like you're and they're going to. Let's have the only network shows if you get a great pick what's look like there are there on the way to a grid without the keep winning games. They played 500 basketball basically the last few weeks as I good enough as it is not bad enough. These give works quick innovated to fall off a cliff immediately became because if it works if you at a Marvin Bakley. It doesn't work if you add Kevin Knox. Let's say Kevin Knox will be to play an MBA but like unite. But he's a superstar we need one of those five or six figure parish oldest and it was as if that does that that's exactly vital to the plate on there is no question. For your plans don't work you better have one of those guys part of it's not my plane and if you get their eight pit. If you bring Mike back in the next you know a couple games where would inquire what top six I thought I really top five. It's a comfortable. Five. We'll that is this latest with your business reasons they're going to be busy on trade deadline day there's a question about that in the longest night. They got there and I should do for us today thanks to supply about execution on Salisbury to join us so good. Almost like he's on toy seller thanks all who work in the yes absolutely I'm gonna go enjoy the stuff. And you're not gonna keep me from doing that they're on their intercom aren't going. You with me. Let's go let's go carve out an order for you to our feathered friends felt like farms. Get the garbage lives we're getting out here. But Jason I'm John as capsize up next. Have you and there's a sentiment AC one bar W investors nervous and 99 FM ESPN celebrates the legacy of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. fifty years one dream. Today's move is an entertainment periods the weekend heads out Minneapolis. There's an element electronics. You sound big game in video does not come to party at the lovers say there. I thought don't. Beer belly come away. Unhealthy diabetics so by your primary care doctors lose Blair house flip side so diesel is up to a pound of fat per day as much as thirty pounds and thirty days completely healthy and without any exercise. Hi I'm doctor she summoned him how he shut out of programs and just didn't work did you put the weight back on. 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