Hour 2 with Harvard-Horn Lake Trivia and a special guest appearance from the grave

Producer Jeffrey Wright
Friday, August 17th
Segment 1 -- Geoff starts the second hour of the program by firing up a round of Harvard-Horn Lake Trivia v 2.0 with Jeffrey. Segment 2 -- Geoff discusses the latest NFL news and Thursday night's top preseason performances. Segment 3 -- Geoff welcomes a special guest to the show, who once was thought dead but indeed was VERY much alive.

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All right no it's going to cash. And so we've decided here. We are gonna shower you with Jeff despite playing in bootleg version. Are verdicts. Well yeah that the right gratis. Join in this fast and Brad good to have you guys wait to have millions to the way this could have millions yet the let me let you could have means to you you're lucky that we are so lucky the way we discussed with him earlier. Is that we. On there the way we discussed this earlier is that it is this if Gary. The baby. He had this beautiful baby that was covered only trivia all it was a terrific beautifully played good and and you know what he did he just. Look at any put it on a stranger's doorstep is that I can't take care of this anymore. And he rang the doorbell and ran a lack of a Harry Potter. Like like sort of and it happens to be left on our doormat status and we have to take care of that you're one of the originators so it's it's. I mean you were at the Harvard of the bid and you come first in the next words yeah. I came up with the idea what you did OK I know that that was my idea so so I feel like we can really know who comes up with a dollar that's an intimate knowledge she definitely wasn't as if it's just little else it's amazing what can happen yeah it's amazing what you can accomplish if you don't care who gets the credit and as long as you acknowledge it's me yes now. Were always how do you think that first Dewey had to. Comfortable we have so we've got a beta of bootleg start for this do we have they had to we have started for those are going to be. It's amazing vs decent movie I'm not easy. And zoom yeah yeah Mason vs Dixon trivia. I don't really as your breakout the legal immigrant who actually don't feel like that name. You know his only problem is I didn't realize you break my man my questions are kind of so back. But I hope I thought I edit the execution isn't exactly. I don't quite put on his way to give away lots of good yes yes so the list right here OK see this hour there's there's other games work. You gonna call and you're gonna give bread and aiming to come and you're good you're gonna come to me I'm gonna give you yeah I'm gonna ask you if you wanna Harvard question. Or Mason Barbara Bush or like Lester remember and I do have a question you're gonna live for us to be answered correctly gonna go to Jeffrey gets that correctly. You're gonna get a wonderful surprise. A wonderful prize spread to almost think it went right today we have the O Reilly gift cards so if your car's broken down and you need help O'Reilly is your spot mid south fair to the mid south fair violate the end of September is coming to the Lander center will be. We're going to be broadcast in line as well. We have some tape concert tickets here to mile island different things price is right live in tunic as subway gift cards subway gift card as he can get your free and you know what else I'm gonna give away one. Our copy of my signed copy of my collection of columns after the jump. Comes on the best twenty years and that's what I just profits are gonna add that to the gift package as well when he wants that. The poll numbers 5353776. 5353776. We'll start by going to Phillip and Barbara Philip Dunne. I did about what they thought it. The impression that the theme today by the way is. I given that the I now work for the dividend TM they're gonna be all Olympian questions so. Here is the questions. These four movies. Were filmed in Memphis. I need you to put them in chronological order by which they were film. Okay and they have met the Memphis yeah it's not very out going down as I had hit and they got ready. Castaway. Hostile before all. The firm. And people vs Larry Flint Flint. I need you to put them in order castaway. Apostle Paul the firm. And people vs Larry Flynt. I almost go. A little bit awkward start when he's there. Just brilliant yet castaway hustle of well the firm and people vs Larry Franklin. I don't let the car buyers. Are the days when it was Beckett. Just the way bury their Butler well. 93 people vs life that was 1996 castaway was 2000 muscle flow was 2005. I said you're the Jeffrey for a one like lessons. I've body. What fascinated restaurant is credited with introducing. The first modern day drive through window. Is it sonic. McDonald's. Wendy's. Or Burger King. Well. I'll go to Mary. Neat. Anyway. Down. That on a man but I am very impressed are moving into a country club 37765353776. We go to move Jack Jack you're out. Aren't I guess we'll take that drought or when no question. Yet again. What fast food restaurant is credited with introducing the first modern day drive through window. Is it sonic. McDonald's. Wendy's or Burger King. What Gordon. Or the first. Sonic. McDonald's. Wendy's. Herbert. And knows. It I'm sorry she tells them that we're narrow it down now 53537765253776. We go to Bobby in midtown Bobby. You're. What good would you like Harvard question or a don't like us. I've looked out at all that or like let it go out and. We got to surround me we got to surround a guard Jennifer what fast food restaurant is credited with introducing the first modern day drive through window is it sonic. McDonald's. Wendy's. Or Burger King. Well I'll let let urging. So I think her ex. I would have been wrong I we got we a good thing we're doing multiple choice and she's gone down next guy like his chances. We got two pounds job you're not present in the south John V boundaries that that was it about the veggie we got its shot to get back. That is correct when this is the director. He's straight straight as modern day drug. Seventy I'm now gonna give you I a question about Memphis because my category today. Don't know about the power the Peabody ducks of course about world famous Peabody ducks. And anyone chimed. Floating around there in the fountain how many are there. Share and non service. Marker or not seven Peabody is seems like a lot of the a lot of I think Heidi I'll seven docs Arctic power businesses that aren't they found out is that general David cycle their wing RV five through 776. We got Kathy Kathy you're on would you like it's like you lesson from being always like your question from Jeffrey. Under the also want. It's too so there was answered wasn't going go get another on the Eliot the only guy that's what he's been off the board up the board are ya an art. Not normally count heads sadly is yes where was the first Pizza Hut built was it Los Angeles. Albany, New York. Grand Prairie, Texas. Or Wichita Kansas. I'm at all Albany, New York. I'm sorry it's incorrect and especially here plant society 7765253776. We go to move. Mario Mario you're on. It that that I get a hit a button at the top that's not it's not worth it and that's just months and years of just a year ago. My era got would you like question from me or question from Jeffrey. I think we'll get a question from different. I've buddy you want to run without that there's a lot there and yes there's one it's how you want or you can get a new guide your new and or the speeds up. Outlook or let question. So the last question was where was the first pizza adult. And give you a gorgeous yeah what are sources. So you can do you want that question you and it was could tell that question whereas the first Pizza Hut built was it Los Angeles, California Albany, New York. Grand Prairie, Texas or Wichita Kansas. I don't take equation can't that is correct. The raiders tried 1958. You can tell me how many Peabody ducks there are I could give you another question. Okay. All this moved to Memphis with his family. In a certain year what year are within five years either direction did Elvis move here with his family from Tupelo. With a five years in the direction of the decade I'm giving you there. Where did it from Tupelo and moved the family moved here from to block what either. What it thought it was beyond all it was. It was when he was it was when he was it was it was not as a grown up it was when he was young yes. A lot of we're gonna a lot of profanity a lot of I had he's like dumb person absentee this. I'd almost say. When idyllic or. You. Italian English and German what do I do not allow them yeah you don't hear you got a bit. Eric I'm almost say oh. It may change fifty fire. That is not just in five years either direction thank you. 5537765352776. We got a text picture out. I have been under very good idea. I'm very well. I'd like start with DR horn lake. Are you well deserve one another is that they're about to begin a new one yet. David Arquette became the de BCW world heavyweight champion in 2000. What other non wrestler would become Doug ECW world heavyweight champion in that same year was it Dennis Rodman. Was adventurous so. Was it drew Cary. Was Jay Leno. Probably got to go to work. As a hundred. And so I think your act. Right there. Are people that I know little or 65353776. We go to Sean from Memphis shot ya. Ever which question are you a question that's out there we have to what year did well this move to Memphis within five years or how many Peabody ducks are there at any one time swimming around that they're found. You want iams what year did they moved to Memphis and Tupelo. Keep 48. That's exactly right on the number we go yeah. Hi if you want to see it from wrestling questions still out there's like noon. I know absolutely nothing about wrestling so to complete. Okay. Let's go where. Herbs and spices make up the secret bland. Colonel Harland Sanders most famous creation. His original. KFC. A recipe I'll give you multiple choice grudgingly but oddity multiple choice. Sir it. Powell and other Asian and he's an expert and would you. And it can't be it union Belvedere that will be eleven our partners. Amanda the hard headed yeah yeah I'm in the dry literally don't know what's good. And I. They're. We will love a winner and yeah he's why I'm you O'Donnell Iran. OK are we go to all we gotta do this one we got to go to. Hank from on line a canned good to hear from you. For the drip drip or I'm great how are you we have we got this bootleg versions are normally gone here and I'm glad you decided to participate would you like they are the question only costs. The image out of anybody don't question. Many Peabody ducks are right now as we speak swimming around of that fountain. It or not I'm sorry. So much. Hank I wish I should America. I'm. Five feet 537765353776. Is the phone number we go to move. I can't hit that I can't get the second one. Brad that I got he's got on that don's Don for lieutenant Daniel. Okay what could you do that. They got trigger it. A bigger noted people built course. How many people there. I was the correct number that's exactly and that's a man who knows. I don't want to there's one hormle questions still out there usually are batterers like a freshman that will quell things out there oh yeah which nine that. Wrestler in year 2000 an addition to David Arquette Weiner the world heavyweight championship. I want no question no directly worked guy. Always given the rules though where they can change after hearing the question now we're just repeating yea I was out of it all right all right. What was the first fast food restaurant in China. Was it panda express. Was a piece of high. It was a McDonald's. Was it KFC. It was great. So I think correct. Stop I'm sorry I think 537765. You've had 3776. We goes to Robert east Memphis router yeah. Our new Harvard question. Memphis was founded in what's yeah. Our outlook get ready to celebrate 200. Anniversary that would. You heard here. Tornado like being but that eighteen I. Yeah that's exactly right that's exactly right thank. It's not gonna give people multiple choice you have to know that we know how are on the horizon ten dollar or net or under and he absolutely. Did so over to Jeffrey. I view the question that is still others to question is still out there are like an hour. God I don't want our back. Was the first that's true restaurant in China with the panda express was the Pizza Hut. McDonald's or KFC. I don't let it go at it colonel. That is what I was sicker that's actually settled the. I have no desire robbery of the tunnel we will put you on hole I will take a few more v.s we go to. Tim Tim your owners like I have a question or any. On my question. I had no correlate directly I believe which. I've probably should know this I think it was an introduction of. Others are sick correct David Arquette became the world's champion wrestling. Or should say that he said he won't have graduated 2000 what other non wrestler become that Buick champion that was Vince Russo in 2000. When Harvard at that and haven't won when Memphis was founded in 1819. There are three people who are giving given credit. For. Founding Memphis. One of them. Is it went on to be president of the United States who's that. I would say that would be. Engage echo. Andrew Jackson is absolutely correct till. Tell you how you get. Your prize. I'm we're gonna vote Brad will take the people who were on and then we will allow animal will we will wrap this up people are crushing it absolutely crush our precious too easy then another people are too Smart okay people who are we go to Daniel from norm like Daniel you're on. I was like any. Harvard question or any holocaust. Crowd roared Rory. Let's fast food restaurant was literally founded in a room closet was at Papa Johns was at McDonald's. It dairy queen was at subway. I. The woman Dominique Sutton min very look at today's song window and where is somewhere. So I think correct. I'm not a good. Mood we got left we got like I can hit plot lines you can you do that I look for editing limit online to. I love bonds on the month. They look so this LaMont man. C'mon are you were I governor elect. I go home. Record. Good and have a hundred and let's be honest accounting principle a lot of and homicide and this wasn't until I hated god that's two questions out there was a GNU and. A jet fans who quickly that there. All right what fast food restaurant was literally founded I agree. Guys are what he nailed it. Are they really had to supply. That was the first one in what country. Does the first unfounded. He knocked out the broom closet of his dad's tavern on the they know that the first resident of the Memphis zoo. Was named no match. What kind of animal was net. This is easy. The first resident of the Memphis zoo. Brad don't change people because they listen the first question of the net resident Memphis zoo. Was named Nash an animal named match what kind of animal was match. Oh when I get a clue I gotta get me in my bed and oh lead over. Brad given your club. Well. It is bear. Some. And how they got that does that and doesn't even as a player that's another yes. And I left participant of the day all we go to Maurice Morris. Maurice. Lost or and we lost Maurice thank you obviously seem to me when it's friend of the name match. She tied into the named Nash well thank you very much that was like we had I think roughly 317. Winners yeah Ratner thank you. I did kind of get the end game going on on a Friday morning just finally given people started Syria and I was like giving people stuff it's. 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G 'cause the place at Walt chase for all college football fans for less come see you Saturday. Evan great meal at today's heard it's ten dollars of sandwiches and salads at least is lunch box for only five dollars do you deal today get my parents dot com. T nine FM 688. Maybe ten million espn.com. Days. Dominated. Maybe an area. I was earlier talking about the incredible roll the judge Pickens had in hell Penny Hardaway is development and I thought I thought. Wildly irresponsible I said I thought she may have passed away and I literally. Think. The stupid things Sakhalin have no idea what I have seen hurricanes or whatever I think of all I heard it but like now people are telling me that's not true and but listen that's something you just never say you don't put that out on the radio. So my apologies and pack. A negative figures on this again but like this is literally. I'm I've I just spoke without thinking. And so I think back I apologize. And we'll we'll we'll get we'll give we'll certainly get about Joseph Pickens has been like. It's been an incredibly. Important role at the University of Memphis with a whole lot of people and was one of my early. I don't know it's like when I got here she was one of the people there a lot of people who sort of nice to me and welcome to me as a person from out of town who. And said yeah you may be Yankee that you favored it and so I just killed her off I feel like in total idiot. I'm so I'm also I'm not a totally get married they cashed their work yes you're married to get in any right anyway you marry the guy so. Is 1028 you can still aren't taxed prestige. PR EST IGE text of prestige. The RE ST IG ET 78817. To 81. He's still got 32 minutes to get back Castro it and again text prestige PRI AN IC PR EST I GE prestige. I'm not here Jenna Pickens is the immediate Ridgway. If you like what an idiot I am. Obviously when she left the University of Memphis us. To me that was like a death I don't know like I completely we'll get benefit as we have got to get Jenna Pickens on the on the show. Talk about Penny Hardaway at some point because she was also I'm so what it is hit I am. Okay. We're gonna move on with my sincere apologies. And and we are gonna talk about the NFL let's do it. Parred the last night the New York Jets had a chance to take another look at bear quarterback. Of the future. And what. More. Your thoughts and Arnold thank you let's not. Sam Donaldson had a he held off from there. Yeah right he comes in when he blows people white people are all you heard from just camp is he's also results of these also need you then has an opening. Opening game where he is pretty darn awesome. And or pretty good pretty good. You Texan in the middle like Cantonese and I would rather have Josh Allen everyone else's dorm life. Crazy about how me place him I was going to be great and you're Texan you know like game saying you would rather have. Josh. Tell me. Because you think he's kept in check that last night. If you're gonna compare judge quarterbacks. Bridgewater. And Sam Arnold knew you'd have to go try Obama Bridgewater five and. Apps and Eliot Teddy Vermont I'll say in fairness the bridge router he got to play with the sect you know against the second unit that also means it went on set you know that's why. Racked. Finally sent slightly different need for a fair Donald. Ended up. 811. That's right on right on cue eight of 1162. Yards at five point six yards per attempt notes that sounds on tech. He had the exact and they had a bad about it that's the thing. He would be exact same game the only difference was. You don't pick this hat. Less than if you're touched that that's it that's the only to produce the exact same thing like I was like this guy does not disappoint either don't have I think he has. Do you think he's the boss or do you think you can give will be Abbas or do you just think he's the the it's so bad the parade is a little early. Oh I think he's going to be. That somewhere but it's like he's going to be like Indy don't. So is that a bond. Think what you think is going to be he's gonna be remarkably after she got let me ask you this request. Where do you come down and I think you are tired of from the start. On starting reflexive right now that you need to have this question can you start. Sam Donaldson or do you start that aboriginal yeah offense and I don't think there's one answer. But I think I lean toward. If people can talk it didn't get the point Aaron Rodgers who sat for years right yeah he's a look at Steve McNair who sat. Many people can look at players is that for years so you should have three years. I don't subscribe to that I don't I don't necessarily believe that indeed. I think. It's important particularly if you're a bad team. And you're building around this quarterback you in that quarterback's first year get them we have real playing time so going into the second year they have some real playing time. Under their belts and they figured some things out and you've figured some things out about them I think all those things are critical. I just don't think they're critical from game one and I think the advantage of not starting them in game one. Particular I think the bills and dash out for example just by way of example. Look at the bills starting schedule for that put the first work. I think it takes pressure. You can you can play quarterback high. Starting in game five or six or seven and make him get the experience they need. And yet they won't have food rations this chorus I from saint and they won't rule and they won't have the pressure of starting in game one. And here's the truth most of these teams they're there they're they're gonna suck right in bill's gonna suck the jets are gonna sock these kids are gonna start. And so they. Also won't be blamed for ruining the seas. If you just let the season be ruined with the journeyman and then when they come in writing to the rescue. Then all the pressure will be off and every little all the wanna do is seat. Let's look at the bills' opening four game. They start at Baltimore guy that's no fun. The chargers to. Might have the best defense in football is under ten literally Nathan Peter minister Elena NA NA yes in a fetal position from what he called. Oh forgot the humble fellow who's still at Baltimore and the chargers. And get off to Minnesota another to article one of the best for melody that the Israelis loud stadium all that. At Green Bay and then acting back then it was back then you get the titans home. They need go to the Texans another elite defense. Then you get the colts at home I beg your pardon that DOT the colts. I have the data that's there they're content she served as you if you let you let the other dude yeah take the beating in the first four games. Yeah you let the other dude they're going to be they could well be a wonderful. So that all of us say let's just go ahead and feed and and and see that rookie quarterback. The pressure is off you go win against the titans lead with a Aldridge back on a very good defense. I'm home and that's the game where you start them or you started two games after that that the tightened and out of Texas but the next. Well. Indianapolis yeah absolutely and yes you just let him at Indianapolis. That's my view is that yes you get the rookie playing time but you don't get them playing time at the beginning. And that's true for the jets and that's true for the bills for the Johnson and you are true and it's true for Arizona the only. The only the only problems are the only complications that my strategy is there could be two. That really there's only one. If the substitute. Place if you're worried that the substitute quarterback is got to play well enough and win enough games. That he's gonna nail the rookie to the bench all along for the whole season current. And that's what you have in Cleveland yes in Cleveland Tyrod could just be good enough. And the expectations are so low that winning a few games is just gonna feel good enough. That the switch to baker mayfield could be hard to make it's not in any hard until via the switch from AJ McCarron when the bills are 404. The judge Allan it's not gonna be hard. If you're sucking team and it's a pretty mediocre. Hand place holding quarterback. But the only place of the only played placed its Soviet problem with the the jets here they're gonna be bad. So you don't have the only place it could be a problem is in Cleveland where tiger side. Might be just good enough that that that baker may feel doesn't get playing time I. I think you're right though in general so the browns start with they start with Pittsburgh at home you still think this person can be favored to win that game that poignant. Yes yes so then they go to New Orleans roles will be heavily favored in that game. They get the jets at home I think I would honestly think. Right now it's a tossup yeah. Then they go to the raiders so that's a loss he's sitting at in my opinion best one in three. And they get the ravens chargers Buccaneers back with a Janus. At home in the next three game stretch I still think your right though I still think you play Tyrod. And you you let. His. Tyrod can play well and they can still lose those games. And so that weighed a certain point they give them. And I will see when people see what Tyrod is. Now once more from. I'm tough to hunt down. So anyway it was interesting because I think. Now with the jets the question is is pay Bridgewater going to be good enough that he might keep him down level back. I made a rare possibility the only thing that ever. The only thing I don't think Teddy there was a great deep ball but other than that accurate otherwise I think I. He's a specially over the middle like this deep digs out Ralph putts that you have to throw in the NFL like I've always liked papers that show that. Packed 51 steelers' 34. To me the most interesting thing about this game. Was James Washington. Washington was awesome Oklahoma State cap off at every time you looked up he's catching touchdowns terrible mistake in the argument was honestly. That Mason Rudolph wasn't that good yet because he had such great receivers including James Washington yes who was awesome yes the James Washington then goes. And he's not afraid of become mind. Even though he's some getting open deep getting open deep getting open I'm after I'm going to be getting open deep getting open if you didn't see what people. And getting first downs and moving the chains in college he was. Running past people a guy put people knew he was getting the ball weather but everyone knew if you're on to James Washington and any slides in the draft. Any slide in the draft because of his forty time that's the only reason his lies in the draft they say he can't possibly get beat. Because of his forty time what does he do last night. I can get you got 714 yards the Steelers once again I don't know like any. The Steelers once again find a quarterback. I mean a receiver a late in a look at them and later than they should prove. Could be awesome. I think it's because they value production. And I do think for although for all that kind of start he comments that people make about Mike Tomlin in. That easy to lose for the players in it all would start he thinks he will sit out common. I was a receivers coach and athlete for a really long time I think he's very good at identifying wide receivers. Well let us that if we can. May have a I'm blue had a hand in it. As well okay. Next game. Past 37 Eagles twice. What was it she loved this one nick foale's got whacked strip sack and shoulder strain. Given the situation Harris once little problematic but it seems like. Didn't seem to Sears. And people there there is the shoulder strain can't come out. The other interesting thing about this one is there was a plane overhead. Which I admire for the Eagles the Super Bowl score hot balsam. And yeah. Andrea and honorary Philadelphia Eagles nick falls into that ethnic poles and Tom Brady did shake hands afterwards embrace that was not a big deal for me. He didn't mean to avoid him after the Super Bowl do you believe that Islam list. Heidi is for sport after that I actually agree. Only because I heard Dan Patrick say Dan Patrick that he was on the field like as that last play happened he said I don't think. People and on TV understood it was mayhem he says that last play set and he's letting Imam Hussein yes Arabic. A yes rivals like Brady. There's ever hated it ever has you're knocking them off I am with you like Ahmad but we're doing that really depressing thing about that game. Was that Tom Brady looks like he's 33. Villas really trade. I looked at halftime was like O Brady's playing I was Boehner has numbers were picked 26 times ever cease. If you're in the in the first half yet so the first pack two was the first ten. He was nineteen of 26 for 172 yards and two touchdowns in the first half. If you are waiting for Tom Brady to get old does not appear that this is the year when he. Will the hi all day affair with a good football careers and Intel want to bet against it why would you not actually why would you. Other news Josh Gordon. Has eternity to that of cannot. Is working that was keeping a Medicare that's one of the issues that he is that he is I'm tangling evidently is. Clearly glad child's child support payments he is being he's behind in his chart is a judge said he's minded his child support payments. Argument is that he can't until he gets a game check. He won't have money to pay etc. right thing with the dashboard continues to be an issue do you want to as someone who loves they can make now if you want us to go to Soledad scored Matt. You're just barbecued outlawed and Mike just Corvette out like Callaway two key because I've trouble and then tonight. Two games coming up and out of any intrigue you the one of his most intriguing to me and it. Is Cleveland against buffalo. Because a gotcha Asher Allen he got baker mayfield C got Tyrod Taylor against buffalo new. He got to receive her or woman our moment. I was traded from Cleveland to buffalo. He got away is that what rep. Do you see all the some Fulham are not there's absolutely and on the NFL network it is. What how weird is it that literally the most intriguing game easily Ina I think the most intriguing game of this weekend. Is awful and Cleveland's unbelievable rate is. I don't think it's because it's UN may do you hope to think like if if you voted with the NFL fans all of the country NFL network is only putting one game on national television tonight that's for candidates. It is buffalo and by the way that includes new York and Detroit the giants and the guidelines. Kansas City Atlanta. Miami Carolina Arizona and New Orleans and the game that they are putting on that the national game is buffalo including. I think that we're not the only wants to meet children are here ladies and gentlemen I would got a big break. Good back amongst your other dramatic Nana in his. Thousand dollars just to save 3929 FM ESPN listening and texting 2728. 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When I moved to Memphis was. Great friend who took me under a wing told me all about Memphis and for some brazen. I think it's because she left the University of Memphis and that was like a death to me for some reason I thought she had met daughter and great reward this guy but I am here to tell you. That Jenna Pickens. Although I. And she enjoy. Genentech entirely you know. I'm doing I'm Jeff how are you. I gather the tale of your demise is greatly. Exaggerated the story. You notice. It much because I've had a lot of calls you want to know how to do anything. It's. So where were you when you found out that you were no longer with us. Well I would speaks to get him out aren't exactly beating each shot so I had a couple called the big I didn't even know. And now they're down on one Q when you let you know that I still alive and well I just retired I didn't ask. That it's it's for some people. It can be like the death retiring and end up leaving the University of Memphis which you loved so much. Is. How long reappeared resume its. I was here almost fifty years it in 2001. And every turn to lamented city school that that I'm Shelley can email and now. I've spent 40 year active central and then eighteen years original way I had retired. Detectives may believe like I. Oh I said tonight you really are time. And joining me god how can I ask you this because I do you recall all the good work that you did at University of Memphis you did work with penny did you not. Oh yeah what were the a lot of other great athletes. So what was without like I know this is such what was penny like to work. Can't even that's standing. I'm should be a lot of our intent that coaches. Larry that it Trent tremendous job and indicated they'll work I don't grow a brain JD Eliot. And down again on the ballot all of those people I made an IMAP I don't need it date back. Did an outstanding job that they can look at what cats that jumped in it up you cultivate a cheat don't expect much. Were you surprised if you know penny at all before you started working with a that he never should have its. I don't more but he and they'll whine CA. AA programs for awhile apparently did either of our stakes. And the Internet I may be quite so I had met him earlier they winds DA and Leah. A youth programs and yet I did now principal. And are you knowing what you know about pending are you surprised. That he looks to be off to such a rollicking start as the had no. Dotted all odd wonder what it won't try to prolong what top somebody saw do you think it's gonna be great. I think it's going to be great you're looking at them I would. Extremely good Eric Eric it's not AJ he had character and you believe that our brand that the university heads. They're student athletes are. And not evil not play golf one DS but at. You believe that he will absolutely Ed because it became so important to him like he wanted to. It came DNA you know after he let the urged to get NBA career it made a promise to or people among others. Bet that he would come back and not eating and that's what matters not when he got it but it that you got its stories. That he would come back and graduated to 4 PM who the four people. I hit mother grandmother and my mother media but asked the pilots and their relatives. All right well Jenna I have apologized for. You're on panic in your family and. Bob I'm not I'm you know. Three days existent. And and it's nice to talk to you again they talk and eat they're. Is could she sounded very much with us that change. Think very much alive she said oh yeah he says the library and my farewell. It lets me out of there have been other people on the station who have who have. Killed people off I'd it once I did once before in print I think a vote of no I did. It again and killed off I'm noticing a trend here Jeff. It's really kind of like it's it's been twenty years or make mistakes and that was ahead. I killed off. They almost tripled from. At one point in print but that's bad but then Brett had actually has had people he's tried to well yes try to get a book Walter Payton after Walter behind. That that would get a good looking ever actually had the person called back on yeah oh my relatives say and you know so. I have to say it like. That is not how I got to I would like talked Jenna because those circumstances. Yet voted is great to finally just to catch up again with a grade. Jenna pickets with that. Here's what's coming up next step is what's coming up next. On adjacent John if I could file a pull up my schedule about a lot going on back here. Margin out there will join their program at 1125. To discuss the tigers with Jason and Jon Dave McGinnis. Former NFL veteran coach will join them at 125. Joseph Mullen ax is gonna join. The air cast I should to 25 for that Jason Wexler also join the program at 325 Dan wolf Kimball joined GP at 425. As will Jeff at 5 o'clock. Make sure you're listening the feature game of course tonight is not the browns and the bills that featured and of course I don't WC 790 forces. For the als or wherever. The owls and the Ridgway road runners it's funny I AM I just got attacked it says tell Jana that Bob Levy sends his love. Her mother. Worked at or call from 1936. He said this is a small city. Probably city reassure the hope is alive and who's not it is a small city but how about that. Jenna Pickens is mother worked at Pho call. He said from 1936. I don't know what that means from 1936. Until whatever but it goes to show honestly it goes to show. What kind of city this is and it goes to show what kind of place of Rollins as well senator earlier. My son's long biopic of the suit earlier this week that got it for his 21 birthday and of course Jennifer jones'. Mother worked. Don't call Booker is that it is being with us for a 159. Years. And the people who worked there worked there forever because they love it because love making people. Look good because they are they are literally your friends and neighbors who. You walk in the air they make you feel comfortable they show you what clothes make you feel opening of the spectacular close anywhere gigabyte. Close I guess off the Internet you can buy clothes off the rack or wherever else. There's not a lot of places where you can go and and people like Jennifer Dunn's mother. Or people like Bob Levy or people will help you. Find the clothes that make you look your absolute. Best Jenna Pickens is the Memphis institution. And or call. Is a Memphis institution. Both of them. Much alive and kitchen and doing well I'm glad it's Friday can I tell you how glad it is on it's Friday here's my only fear. I have to go on Gary showed today and I'm afraid he's gonna bring the stuff you know thing I think Gary may bring the clearly the reason I. Buddy Gary Condit enjoys doing an uncomfortable Monday by someone else could be at 5 o'clock. I think that's possible I'll find somewhere else to be at 5 o'clock okay thanks we'll listen everybody please forgive me we'll try to do pattern next week. Just garbage or whatever we're here is done. Rosie is ready to notice them ESPN the just an easy time anyway and save us today on the defensive at least one Bartlett tell the other best mistresses sports station. Get to know that number one auto and home insurer in Tennessee state farm I'm Cathy John Edwards that Asian number. And the reason my name is on the hottest because I'm not talented team inside coolest 90176777444. I'll better. Blizzard as well. Any one tally from Robert Hermann Jewelers this week we're having a grand opening sale per hour. 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