Hour 2 with guests Jonah Jordan and Lori Leachman

Producer Jeffrey Wright
Friday, June 8th
Segment 1 -- Geoff Calkins begins the second hour of the show by welcoming Jonah Jordan to discuss the latest in Tiger basketball and football recruiting. Segment 2 -- Geoff welcomes Lori Leachman, daughter of former U of M assistant coach Lamar Leachman, to the show to discuss her father's career, her new book, and more. Segment 3 -- Geoff closes the show by offering his final thoughts on Anthony Bourdain.

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Battle if you have any other management relations committee that produces. Let me know I joined again joined once again joined improbably. Yet again. But a great job in Jordan. Who is becoming. I don't I don't know I don't know that I expected Joan to have quite. This many appearances at this time of year to talk about. Memphis football and basketball recruiting goes you read Joe's stuff at. Go tigers to foursome follow him on Twitter at killed at underscore Jonah and Jordan you surprising is busy you are Jun oh. No honestly I figured out all right and boy is right and boy this. So the last few weeks we've been near prime buoys that are ordering Cheney that Robert Parish ordered that you impact until. They flat on. That was a guy that. I've been watching her pre daddy I'd do it he got out of the best rhetoric is an indictment and I think you'd be tried to salvage the situation goes. They really wanted to down here and write about it. On the hit dead income both had a great picture coaching staff. The people down their date of their visit quite committed there eat if he wouldn't ornament that he's going UH yeah I mean they got him over you Florida. Team like that and so. But I knew once he got out if he ever got out that you know a lot happened that the yet happening was the little surprising but it wasn't. Choose ID but I mean look surprising but not the end result. Is it it's funny you got an old Twitter battle defending Ryan boys from the Tubby Smith contingent that's still out there. What does Ryan voice that what does he Brent. Ryan Braintree army green athleticism and shooting that two things that they are we want I think he's bulletin are aching gonna play. Our. He I think it would because it. In he didn't put up and that. At the numbers are amazing great number of Germany's other and shooting guard in order to bring up but that's because he played on the teamwork Egypt king ought to kick up Keating read and keep doing the small pink coral pink because there's only other star Mateen you're around them. Either great old player eating their degree attitude to integrate our current got on dedicated. I hear her kids back is going to get it right away born common thread yesterday. I wanna come into wanted to bet that the tires it's ever doubted he got to be a warrior I mean I did. You get a redshirt if you got a redshirt as you know what let's get what honest path. I am not sure on the right trees are played with we won't go right church until probably closer to deceit or even impunity indicate you know. You can take it generate church and then try to get injured it at that I put. The situation what claimed I've looked at C I think they went into that even planning to write term and then there were sweeping Anders crux subpoena and he was. In that position or he had to buy even start up. I don't I don't wanna make that declaration in Chile Peru and for the even politics and deceit of. It will contribute this year even if he doesn't well it really be there or is this you're going to be a like five minutes if he doesn't picture score 102 points. Reloaded win where were already should they can. It is loaded at waiting and waiting we're thinking they're gonna have to play some of the would play small slump just there to get them all the wings they have an exhibition playing time. At getting it done unleashing that I don't be shocked about it eat meat committed and the guy. The senate will apply to coaches have done when it comes to recruiting league players. Are you look at Kirby Smith you critic triggered by the way judge pat are recruited. Small guard all time I think the biggest clay court probably recruited was about Thomas jokes that he committed. Either automatically. Gonna wait got longer accurate stronger got guys that issue. And Brent Boyd alternate that they've got him that got rejected guy in on Jones and Bengie part of what. And I not been based directory group chairman Morton and meet all these guys team and a lean it. And it just. It an embarrassment bridges and herb get that right or did they out so. Rich and I don't know yeah. Bryant will play right away but he will make an impact in is that it's clear that not right wait aren't. You've got the sense let's be honest it doesn't have Tyler has didn't play were out of line. It would not play and play a lot right align it it would be a problem not just with Tyler but with with his dad right. Yeah same dry and boy this is not like he's gonna he's a great and that's and how does a great team player but Tyler and knows he's going to be a star and wants your stuff right off his dad kept saying I'm a whole penny to that promise and an old penny that promise. My voice is gonna commander fit in and be. Play whatever role asking do. Yes I mean those two situations are different pretend. It Ryan Hoyt worried stood. Or were out that level partners eight. They do different things there any power to ensure be one of error when guard caught all one technique developed correctly and they know that didn't they know they need to keep their play right away right wait and sit back year and I mean I think the point guard situation is way different weight is right man. The chance the opportunity you're sitting right. You take its hero or develop you bring in you're it you're better reports here we're we're Edgar did. Volcker all reporting they IAE Tyler may need a lot out of it I don't know how much Jeremiah Martin's going to be ready. Well guard position. Interest. The other. Basketball news I'm you may have other basketball news you wanna share the other guys I know you have some. Rankings so listen what that I've seen a year. Site but 247 not not you but the site broadly had a conversation with Matthew Curtin is obviously a significant target. In next year's class and he was talking about if other players are recruiting him and he said yes indeed turned in Watford is recruiting him. And that would be to Memphis what were your thoughts what do you make of that. On so I PG PO I thumb crystal ball train and walk her to Alabama. I've always had that feeling that he you know what that meant that I just sat. I don't know that you overcome. I'll be in my administrative data are dirty air okay public opinion doesn't relate and remember there are welcome per match and how I it just sounds like me. They've been they're it and Emily Katrina Alford and that are or what confirmed that I think. It's going to be Alabama men and mediator when it comes down to it portrayed in odd that they get a very good sign it into your eight. We think he not been. We're gonna thirteen 802 guys out only two teams in common error creating the entertainment and that train train in Britain and the early to say hey. But godaddy that the Internet excited for our way. It would be staggering if they got Matthew Kirk would meant I I find that. Hard to get my mind. Yes from the gate you know when you hear about all of particularly as minority your connections and that he has swear at you for a city. Always been okay it's gonna be equal what it's going to be needed to do a cut yet that'd be one of those is going to be really hard all the way from. I think in which is being in the conversation and I think that extent the right direction the program. I am wondering if maybe eight if you get him in Perth actually that any thing that always had it every which is a long. Give me incurred official any act and and I think. Right now I don't know originally her math correctly you are with the illness. We'll build it opting out Kurtz in that occurred it and obviously I think meant that there are gonna make you or they're trying. Talking to John Jordan from a good tag is too Forsett and fumbled trying to act underscore Jonah. Jordan any other basketball stuff before it moves football. Are you. Nothing to staggering out. Not really. That area football. You mentioned that some things might be happening some earlier in the week when we talk to you some things did happen first through modern. Tight end from Little Rock let's say you. All enjoy Mardi solid innings former quarterback yum. Eating good blocker but he really needed it I will be needed another tight end but they're just gonna you batting title and because. I mean you're you're dreaming of the coach on diet and jobs that caught early taken out of quick start and around. I really like the direction or let you know don't lock me about it yet pray you loved everything that cigarette. Why by the way do you think I get the quarterback you're in a minute. I understand that last years were class. Was going to be small right but even if you look at the average. Staff that it into the to the class that you necessarily expect from my doorbell was lit them luck wasn't it vaguely disappointing last year's class to you. And then why is this year's class shaping up. So much better so much quicker or is or isn't as though is that I do not accept the the the original. Statement and and and that question. They would tell you if you're talking to somebody about this article all set up as they tell you that day. They're on a diary is that they thought they could just at the end it relied on Mary valuations. To go in Egypt and got it they felt were not properly raider like. And I know it today should have bet. I read a quote or Starks are much narrowly units eating low cabinet to be who they culture and or are from the geek joke. I think they relied on their evaluation process. The they missed the already. Some tit charity it like jewelry the world worked on the sharply and world com bode well it we thought we could in that did it. On the law commit misery. Pretty late in the process so. They dance they relied on their dilation and their graduation to decrease our owners. They are indeed from the big element it got Lori had been here like. I'm an attempt to water it down pretty consistent starter at all and once he got here so I I think they just. They're not really worried about the ranking they felt like they were comfortable with what they had. Would've liked it and hiring kids sure but they. Didn't go out reach and you component or scrape the bottom of the barrel so to speak they ring out you got it they could they gulf could come in and produce them. Did they did miss on some. They did miss on some guys that they wanted to get at the end so I mean you're relying on your evaluation for the other players but given the ones that everybody's. They they just wanna successful at getting those as they thought there would be pretty clearly what by the way you think of speaking of a valuation and under the radar. Unbelievable athlete and but only a two star player from Oz and now love the only local player in that class. I think he could be a monster. You've also Ramallah. Ever I talked everybody I've talked to said they say you can't be here really like outlook it'll look he did. Who's gonna community and worked his butt off the air surprised everybody. And and Jack and you really like everybody I talk. That's what I like yeah he's a great guy is unbelievable athlete egos of state you just want to state won a whole bunch so like music tremendous athlete great worker. I I do think that's one of the kids who you're talking about a I think is gonna ultimately. Relying on their valuation is gonna I'm standards that OK and then they get a quarterback Sheldon blame men. After missing on KJ Jefferson how big was the miss on KJ Jefferson. And how big the gap on shelled the blame it. Otter let bottlers. Around really. Great that they are even in the air Kate ejection because they Albert people in my got a locker right that'll live there yeah we reported that we would have taken. Brian Gay if he committed almost eight strategy. Alone. So he ended up Arkansas. Wage in our. Hard to criticize that yet with Ilya didn't yeah. Those guys through all the time yeah. So show Raymond on the way to do it or to comment on his official visit I think they grew wanted to give thorough they wanted to Timor more close and personal. Another kid there will I wonder are you don't. Peter three are right on 1883. Nation so. Mean and other. School Houston during the Arkansas State so another kid they're going out saying okay we're content to keep in debt then. And quite for a I don't care they don't care about the ranking they don't care about well is offered an eight have watched them or wrote donned a I'm looking down the Alley you know he never got them they liked and they're gonna go and you know so and they did they were able there are able locked down pretty quickly they talk them. All right I Johnny your awfully nice to join us appreciate it twice in one week so will W pat thank you very much. I have had his Jonah Jordan when we come back. Lloyd Leachman is the daughter of Marley who played Tennessee coach of the universe in Memphis. 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Not I'm joined now by Laurie Leachman Lauren Leach and is the author is a book called the king of Halloween and miss firecracker queen she's going to be doing a signing. This Sunday. At knowledgeable. This sunny from two to 330 at normalcy can go get the vote can get a signature even talked to her. There she is the daughter of Lamar Leachman who coached. At University of Memphis back when it was Memphis state who played at the university Tennessee went on I have a long successful coaching career. Died subsequently of CT EU and Lori Leachman who is also by the way a professor at duke joins me now why are you. I'm great thank you for having me. Thanks screw our thanks for joining me let me ask you that's where you'll lie they've won your when your dad was coaching at the University of Memphis slash Memphis they. How hot Blatche you of course. And let me let me just stay in fact I I started high still at Germantown rights bill and Memphis. And wise and that first year forced about staying or integration in the Memphis schools very uninteresting and there. So what was so you started at Germantown and then you were subsequently bus somewhere else. Now I went to German town but I think it's well understand it and it's. It worked side it was it was. It was quite. Friction filled this what I would set it. It wasn't hostile wasn't for it was it was. And where was that I. I heard income. I wanted to kick came from rural area you know they were about Sunni Arab Americans advance to achieve racial balance. I mean actually write about that in my book it's won a month. Most formative actual. Lee high school growing up experiences. And that one of the things that I learned from that is. There was just so much. Anger and frustration. That is Matt passed and you know all kinds of way and just forcing young people to live together. Didn't cure that problem. Wasn't where it of the anger was the anger on the part of white parents whether it was the end of the narcotics coming out of. Art of African American and African American Arabs. I think you wait too long to be that. Yeah and everybody felt. Left and fully appreciated I guess that be the best way to Irish and I thought I'd say you know. The one place where you actually were able to bridge that aside was in sports league that's what that's what football did and that they terminate growing up. It breaks was never an issue because you know we were all wage integrated. And my experience and football. Wright was the Germantown team did the Germans the jury even with all of the Germantown Gmail went. It again out. And that was about the only place where. They're actually seem to be some crossing of the barrier. You know even at the pep rally students themselves segregate in the cafeteria they felt Specter day. You know there were certain that principle why that turns certain backgrounds that we're like that earned. I took eliminate because people would cyber assaults later they weren't they weren't as it related. Whites only. Have a problem vote no no no no no no no no I'm now. Adult Choi and enforced. Now. Yeah and you're in Germany Europe Germantown for a one year. I'd IE I've read. Was it literally every single year of school was at a different place. Every single year high school was at a different places one place where we lived for four years was Atlanta when my dad urged the Georgia Tech. And that was elementary school. Once once that it would die and that it was it was a different place every year every two years. And this was not a happy way to go through high school I take it. Right in I say if you like regulate conduct he. He can't lament the Arctic back there has had him. That was I hated it while I was living through it because I ate a lot of logic alone in the cafeteria match really embarrassing. Now that I'm an adults it has given me the ability to. Go almost anywhere now I can handle it you do it. And a lower at least an author speaking of Halloween and miss firecracker queen two to 330 this Sunday at novel is the book signing where should be talking about. And assigning the book it's funny because it's funny to think. Did you were eating alone because your dad people may not notice but. He was he held the single season rushing record for the state of Georgia. All time rushing leader in high school football. In Georgia until. This kid named Herschel Walker came along and broke the record and broke the record he went on to play. At Tennessee stud Tennessee went out of play. Pro ball and many an idea football coach and you would think the daughter of a football coach. You could it be cool I love and then celebrated as you've got this star father you know. Well coming out as backside the next best thing to big bats it's great term without is that both all sides that would match and it was. It looked great there was always some community on on tragic. But you know girls are just never eat the and it between the eight years there. Twelve and eighteen and so. Yes you had some greasing of the Leo. Is it didn't insert your respect us but it like. You talked about how you. After your dad retired. You didn't pick up a sports page now because you don't like sports or that particularly the beloved to the Blue Devils of course. But because from tee you knew sports is associated with the churning up the gut with tension. Is that true. Exactly well that it's true. I mean because it put me in the game was never just to gang and it was. There was a way. Financial security on the line in unwise. She and oh my sense of what everything rape gang is one where my team whatever that's being in just went by at least two down. I can't teach I don't want a competitive yes indeed I don't want detention. If I'm watching one that I don't care about. Then I wanted to equality play and I wanna see it tight. But if I'm basket and then I doubt because it's just too stressful. I don't think we think about the first all day. Even said the people think about the kids of coaches they think about the kids of the head coaches that that's who they think about. Then they tend not to think of the lives of the assistant coaches which honestly harder because they're less money involved and you're totally. At the mercy of how the head coach does. I'm an early ride the rail to the kids. But it is interesting to think that for you a Memphis game or a giants game or whatever else as a daughter of the coach. Was it was literally the livelihood and so you would watch this thing and I don't know whether it would your dad be different after wins and losses. Oh my god yes. I mean it would not wanna be in the car with him around him when that law to. And you would wanna ask. And all the excitement when I want. It was a very different experience you know I'm. Post gang depending on what happened during the warning. And then. And then you also that point yeah it wasn't rich you. How we were never ridge exactly where that whereas we were that's at least a decade chase and this paper ball when my parents which is typical with a giant step for us really made a difference in our financial future. There's a story there you had tickets to the game your dad is coaching in the game. You did not go to. At that time what it's newly married young son and the if the Baltic. It on the secondary market are worth a lot of money. And we. Her we were given two tickets and we make Detroit's and I it's spelled them. For 5000 dollars. Which is a lot of money. And that we were able to put it down payment on and off the curtain and and pay per trip. To the Super Bowl can. We got a nice bottle of champagne. Watched it on TV and then went the after party if I'd known it was going to be the only one. Me. The other on different and our. Talking a lot of release from the king Halloween and this Parker queen is the book shall be sending it from two to 330 Sunday act. Novel I'm OK and then there's the first two thirds of the book is there's about life as a daughter gone up in the south who football coach dad. The second third is the sad story of your father's demise. I was surprised it's sort of was triggered by a concussion and we later learned about other confessions. But a concussion he suffered on the sideline. Coaching what happened. Yeah it was tracking pretty Detroit Lions and now that's why it was obviously unfolding on the field. And he was right sort of running as speaker is weird gate would allow him to do it could be a terrible lanes on the sidelines not fight went out of bounds and the tackle cliff domestic needs in any Staubach on many pastors are and it is sad in eight shut that we have a knee replacement. And had a mild concussion and that was the beginning. Isn't disorientation. How did it manifest itself what did what what it was. Oh my god. He could remember all things football. He could not remember that little thing fly. Where he could is key or where he parked his car he was in an unfamiliar flights or if he was and a stadium that would not it's time stating each couldn't figure out how can to get in or out of the locker room into the field. It's coming. It was small confusion. In the everyday detail at urged. And man it's all it's stable despite. Lot of us are thinking wow I can never find my keys and I got out a program I think we're kind of names that I talk like they're asking me all the time. And I hope I'm not come analyses TV. This. Quickly as quickly advanced to something that was. Less enough. Yeah I mean one of the other things that you know once once you start to get familiar with this. Degenerative disease days. They start to repeat themselves a lot. Can't get through a list of things. Can only navigate places. That they know well. So new directions. These situations where are almost impossible. Eight eventually. Gay become very angry. Generally speaking our addiction is also. Associated with it and from my own experience one of the things. Helps me to really identify somebody that has this issue is that. There's something that really changes in the and it's much it's like. In motion doesn't reach the eyes they become. Some what they can't it's the best plan on how to describe it to. What was happening you weren't necessarily see he was not as well Scott discussed as it is now. I imagine her. No idea that we had no idea. It's what's that like going through because you can sell you one will dead struggling or something but when he's being an angry difficult man. You must be therefore also angry at him for being angry. It can't have been any fun to live this particularly not dollar. Well this is part of why I wrote the book. We spent the first ten years we were really ahead of the curve on that and that's not a good place to be in this situation. We have no idea and we really thought that he was doing it turns out they could each of drinking and which is you know. Quite calm in this sort of situation such and we learned over time that what was happening as you were you drinking to forget that it's getting. The he could save a lot had too much to drink eat it after it knowledge. It there was some mental illness fire going on. Which Adam and he has three daughters all of us were just exceedingly angry at him because we felt like it was doing it to himself. She and I can't really speak from our sister that can only speak for my own experience and what I would tell you this it makes me ashamed of some of the ways that I dealt with and. During this period and edge that's the only thing people take away from the book. Then it will have served our great nation. You have a son who wanted to play middle school football how to Mecca. Talk drug addicts and neck he cried himself. Late and it starts saying the book and I think our bread about attitudes are old age and now that he's an adult he's very thankful for that. But I want to also won his bag packed. He was a very gifted athlete and my father would always. Oh yeah are you warning it's like but I'll buy you only wanting to beat her. So he knew it. That there was something really damaging happening on the field. But he wasn't able to pinpoint it. Do you would just have the same thing about high school if it was high school in other words would you not let a kid viewers play football period or was it not play football early. Well I wouldn't let my children play but all in middle still are high school once they're eighteen they can make their own choice about that. But I feel like my job isn't it Eric Wedge to get my children. To their adulthood which are good. He didn't the most capacity. That they have. And. Iron. But all of my view had the potential. To undermine that and I didn't know about CT all are here that was what I saw what was happening to my dad basically at their or are they saying. That where are deteriorating he had a lot of. Yet blowers and brain damage yet neuropathy in his speech he had constant back pain here at our flag hanging. And I didn't know about. Didn't insult. Beating that he had taken but I could see already it's typical and that was quiet for edit. I got two more questions and I'll let you go one is. Your mother was voted best body at the University of Tennessee. This was a thing and she was voted best bother you at the university tennis. Are. It's a big what what what are you worried economics professor at duke what do you make of us. Well I say in the book epic contest you could no longer half. Sick exists. A I mean now where did it remains to have a bet body because there's body of the natural bond. Yeah I. Just lowered out there at an art and history or tag. And lastly I didn't teach economics at duke I'm curious what's it like teaching can you take you teach your basic. The state the basic. Economics course that a third of the population takes what are athletes who don't like in terms of students. Look all of the students to do electrical rates and carriage. I think one of the taught at public institutions. And I can in that being 88 is the best job I've ever had. Number one because the administration is quite. Enlightened and flexible and number eight because the student body is stellar. She and my kids. Can aim for the top. Because they all have this sort of competitive dynamic she. And don't get there they all have enough tools to get there and I can use that dynamic. To enhance their performance. So I just think it's great I don't have a lot of football players in my class. I usually athletes that can look at our lacrosse player is tracking the goal and women's basketball. I do have some football players but not a lot I don't know what a major and you know all of my students are village. I can't. Well congratulations on the book again two to 330 Sunday at novel. It is can't Halloween and misfired or create this is Laurie Leachman thanks very much for drugs. Thanks Jeff so much for the opportunity have a big gag. That is not we think Barack Obama's just garbage and anything NF amused and the fourth pick in the 2018. NBA draft goes to. 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The group is that he has cracked can I do you have to pair. What makes correct me if so fantastic. Number one immaterial it's so lightweight it's also when you touch them it's no right he's had yet to experience like it puts them yes them on it it. They are they're so comfortable the more importantly. It's like oftentimes if you were like in ninety pants that light you'll see coaches were on the sideline see golfers we're looking like where matters like the performance pant. They don't you can't Wear a non metallic you can tell like there and David that does either performance yeah I just figured beautiful comfortable pants they can do I can do both of the story that I told we'll volunteer call. With panda who's there who runs the station he he was kittens and Peter Marcus. Jones bracket that's the great but the best that's ever. And he did in fact get the best parents ever and he's agreed to other presidents ever and he's got more past. The Toy Story is this. If you don't have like assert someone who knows what's fantastic yes you are just one under and through aired a segment about Amazon. How many people in 90% of all retail is spot on and on line now is bought from Amazon but you know let's upload from Amazon close club. Why because you want to feel closer to try on clothes you need probable cause it's why wind. I needed to look great for these two schools are standing up and I'm seeing tell that from 11100 people. I went oh call and sad because I'm not exactly you may know this about me a close source I went through all call and said made me look. Great. And they'd like set okay. You win best best and that's you're gonna look fantastic and it is literally the best I have ever looked in my life. Far exceeding honestly. The the wedding that I went and how it is the best I've in terms like how I'm gonna look it was the best I had ever look and that. And the point really of all this is. Is that. Service matters people matters. People matter and in addition to having clothes you walk and hope Obama this week goes walking o'clock they have. Clothes that are so beautiful. They make you week. Right I mean Hillary it's just the typical like you're gonna do that hundreds front and but they also had people. That will tell you which of those close. Will make you look great. So. So I had ought though call this weekend and by all means. Max. Payne so are we gonna registered 89 if six. Get your accident yeah that's it. Fingers here's what's coming up next. CNN I'm gonna lose a promising one more thing I've got about if this morning who took his life he was asked. About death at one point. He's at best he's had a great warranty Vonn was asked to close to death whether any important words of wisdom to pass on any said. Enjoy every sandwich. I definitely enjoy my sandwich is given how low lifestyle and how likely it was there was going to be a different and tragic outcome I'm pretty lucky man. I enjoy my food and presenting carcinoma of the best job. Here's what's coming up next Sean shields will join Jason and Johnny will join them right at 1125. Yeah of course of people podcaster CJ McCollum. Jerry Jordan will also be talking with Eric later this afternoon as you get more tigers with judge Dan walking. We'll join in the GP showed port 25 as well just five make sure listen at the top of every are purchased from 1000 dollars. Hey everybody have a great weekend and my call me. Enjoy. Every check back here funny but for now to. I. He official who. In an effort. Fighters from the small businesses alive let's hear who really delivers more. Comcast business offers fast it's a cross on network. We offer more complete reliability with up to six hours and four G wireless network backup. To keep your business connect. Not so much we offered 35 points features that businesses care about in solutions that grow with your disc so you never miss a call. 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