Hour 2 with guests Chris Herrington and Samoa Joe

Producer Jeffrey Wright
Tuesday, June 12th
Segment 1 -- Geoff Calkins begins the second hour of the show by welcoming Chris Herrington into the studio to discuss the Grizzlies' draft workouts, draft scenarios, and more. Segment 2 -- Geoff welcomes WWE Superstar Samoa Joe to the studio to discuss Joe's career, SmackDown Live, and more. Segment 3 -- Geoff offers his votes for the Memphis sports "Mt. Rushmore".

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I'm at reasonable price it's. As particularly as part of their summer 111000000. Judgments but for but in a relaxed. Understandable. Non threatening and friendly fashion head into Robert Irwin. Jewelers Chris Harrington joins me now let's do. Now 829 FM 688 and 929 espn.com. BAC is. It's Chris Harrington attend on the grizzlies Memphis. Our lips are sealed by the go go. And homes in every interview you secretly worked out there and and other draft related subterfuge. I don't know my body revealed its decided unless I can is if this should the hoard their horse left the barn but you told me yesterday is your certainly have. That this was a split the organ of the Siegel worked out for one know I just set it on the air and I'm sure why didn't it was a weird thing where the the person who I talked a couple couple people about it the person told me about it initially did not think it was a secret you think it had been spotted hadn't been announced yet. Molecular sounds and looks advantage heaven and be a secret I don't know it'd especially if you're gonna just come out and lay there and save it isn't it. I didn't I even get to that I was gonna ask Chris Wallace about it like after the strong home. But even before don't even ask about it just volunteered it people just remember the question was a question was not about. If you have a secret work out as early people to know he just that it will work out what order this morning. And so I don't. It's unclear to me what the point that. Into the and we are like I can understand if you want to not tell the whole universe you did because you secretly wanted what he's your guy you're zeroing in on him com. But even then everybody would know endless did you it's just and apparently Dallas hasn't announced any of their work out and so like I'm not saying grizzlies should do that but like that would make said it would be consistent or whatever this is our policy we announced that we don't announce that whatever. But to have this one work out like less I don't. And this is pure speculation I'm trying to think what it would be a mean there's a reason why it went on Carter's agent that Morton media dud to try to talk to hammer something I'm I don't know what. So why would they be part of the I think he's one of the guys who could be loosely in the distant mix optically tracked it down why Wendell Carter. Because you want to come and I sit back and I assumed they knew they would welcome any eat. Top ten prospect into the building whose well on the show up and you know I so I don't think you can imagine a scenario in which the draft 10 Carter. Not a or that period what's the scenario I don't have one no I don't see it unless they he urges I like Wendell are comforting arm in order. But unless they are way higher than even that from a long term perspective because the single window Carter. Efforts are people in town say. You know alms say when you know he he's more their old resorted to have the right away he's ordered his or help you right away. I agree he can help you right away or how much he could of the grizzlies right away. Because I don't he played Marc Gasol. So to me that's the day friendly cannon he can't badly definitely I was gonna make it Jerry Jackson comparison payback for. I disagree with somebody about that is there's a rule now if you're six under orders those guys that are adding back the pork. To me. There's there's some idea able widow cori up right away and your Jackson and a longer term thing and that's somewhat true win a general sense. But I think Jarrett Jack has the foot speed on the perimeter defense league play with Marcus hall and I don't think when the harder does. I think when no Carter Jared actually above all from only serves in the NBA. I think he's here I think when no orders only set I think George Jackson as old as flexibility when the carters of four who complain Lamar. Now I think you're so badly as a form Cabrera mark yet. And using Janet Jackson is a four and ultimately if I have my piloted by a little bit marked his skill set I think would allow them play with Marcus all yet. What did you make of the news that. News. Tweet or whatever it what I write leak. That that Jerry Jackson junior had a monster workout yeah I mean this is this is standard issue our draft stock but when it comes remove it when it's wooed that it takes on more than or than it would otherwise. Even though there's a lot of reason to wonder like what or who wore it once the yum well the reason for for things like that they come out. I I had put no faith in the idea that Jarrett Jack enemies in work I'm Phoenix completed Phoenix I do what I put stock in in that suite. More than anything is the idea that there's a lot of potential for movement with and the lottery. The idea that there will be a lot of trade talk Q and three and four I believe that completely well that's straight talk for Jarrett Jack who are straight talk for someone else I think the will be a lot. And it will be more trade talk the usual. In the upper half of the lottery of arguably well the trade talks could be. Let's just think about the trade talk and Michael Porter junior could blow up and some people who want to go and get Michael. He. Janet Jackson if you had this monster work out he could blow up and people began going up and get him at 23 or four. Three look at Don Jewish people to see an opportunity they didn't think was bear to get him it turns out that is there are they can go get them at. 23. Or four. Obama but I'm but is someone who could someone decided this is going to be the next superstar in the NBA. I'm gonna go up get him at 23 or four. I I don't honestly for weirdly see as much badly I Bagley I don't think you're either I don't know. All right I don't aired at 830 on the radio I don't think people trading upper back leave and we could go number two. Isn't that weird yeah. Held either go in two or three Euro followed if there are kind of feels like. And I don't really believe the train young stuff people sort of think maybe summer to fall in the trade trade down for for a young guy not an added a birdie on just one of those other guys at the high. Honestly and they're all high ceiling or that they're basically didn't judge extended his. But if they got near the high ceiling guy. And on the borrowers are now finally our guys feeling quarters high ceiling so it's someone who you can fall in love with and and dodge which is. Under may be either an undervalued asset to suddenly available so we'll go up and get him right less of a high ceiling guy but. I'd gosh I can't believe he's available and go get him. Those guys he would trade up for I think a reasonable chance that someone will trade up for them. Yeah I think Sacramento and Atlanta our teams that I mean. If there is eight clearer. If there's say a 55. To seven play or second tier if you we'd put 81. There's a five to play your fight to a seven player second year that's a bigger second here that I think in most rafts. And so that that that rates an atmosphere of movement because you can legit. Easy there it's legitimate entertainment to betray down to five or six and get the player they were gonna take it to you in in it with potential. And so that gives teams more instead of to contemplate moving around with in the lottery. And you know Atlanta is Atlanta's like basically a white flight eight. And so maybe extra assets or something they're dissident attackers tacklers is hard to tell that's why eight. While rockets he Bakley flipping them for quite badly it too is still something. If you look at Sacramento. They have a history of their owner has a history of wanting the big college star but he healed right. And they wanna win they've been terrible forever they wanna win now they have a history I have an owner who likes the shiny college star. And power forward is probably the biggest position of need and so it was you know I think Bagley. Bill just a magnitude could very well happen. Com. And indirectly to Jackson three dust of the business. Colossal trade up to three. I attempt to get our pitcher to get or birdie to get whoever get a is it you're Atlanta and you're not. If it's sort of like what we thought might happen in the rubio craft that didn't happen religiously defied but there were some thought that like some afraid of the Ricky Rubio. And so. In early if you if it. How much value does darkness dockets have the value. That we all PD. A month ago we'll find out on grass if he does it landed hasn't won a Marlene could disable this is the bags best asset on the board let's use the fast. And then then that becomes. The trade. Yet. The yeah you mentioned a seven person second tier if it is the first year the seven person second well I was an avid at most that I've I've beat that badly. Don church Jackson. Porter Obama that's where you definitely haven't in the and you could argue whether Freddie aren't Wendell quarter and then young and Carter and honestly isn't sex than if you're including Carter isn't Tulsa then not I don't there was I don't know if not to me now I. I would have sex and even program that I I don't bridges more bridge no more sexist you're not so you you're to get to seven you have to include young. And Carter which you cut him off there and it and it's a stretch for young and Carter right right so. Yeah its interest. It does presuppose that. Atlanta would think that whoever they would pick. At three they could get whatever what will let a cool Atlanta trade down Atlanta trade let's say there's a dungeon Baddeley goes to. Atlantis at their threat is out we like a lot of these guys we like what do so correct who who's coming up to get dodged. Don't have it could be Dallas it's art we don't know what these teens want and Dallas. The only thing Dallas seemed to have in place permanently. Looking born Carlos point Garnett did it Smith right everything else seems so right somewhat clueless with them. Orlando is sort of hard to figure out because there's girls are so crowded but you only players that seem to have. Sort of long term value or both forwards and John and Isaac and Eric Gordon. And that's a new front office there so one big city to point guard vet and he unit Dockett just basically sort of a clause I point guard and so. I don't do it in Chicago means Chicago basically. Or marketed our order of that and you know they could just about any news or does it. Durham and Porter obviously works on again Friday. Porter junior works out again Friday. The advantage of the second workout is over the hard work. I wanted a draft workout yesterday and I ask Chris lost a couple questions about the second work out and he really did say they waited already know but around. In the main difference between the two that we know is there will be fewer working the ball. Or got last week was forever I have been all thirty teams there. The one this week is only a night it's unclear the I heard one person told me it was lottery and another person to meet with all the top ten. But it will be a smaller group of pleasure of teams that are high in the draft so will be the will be fewer teams and ball. But is he gonna do anything different that needed last Friday that is what is unclear. And then the other question is the medical stuff and I ask Chris Wallace yesterday. You know the medical information you're going to get from Chicago will that be sufficient to make an evaluation. And he works like it was noncommittal and his answer so that that's. You know they they debt big Bayard if we're going to try to get more information. Thumb but if they're not successful in getting more the questions going to be is what I have sufficient to make an evaluation. Did you glean an inning also of particular interest and the we'll just a net he's not at all. Not at all it is funny to me I hate to do this is Pete people people make these jokes all the time but it's just right Exterran that you they've had so few players can't even for soccer on picks. And they fed the week Newman in from Kansas if they had a guy whose name I can't announce eastern European guy from Kansas. And the main guy to have in today's the Monty Graham right hands of those that they only had like six like actual sicker or prospects and a literally. There are okay. And and so you can I guess add those to Mario Chalmers and big Mac or more in Wayne selvin. Right and then the other news is that Robert Perez is in town are you were hurting the flight last night yes someone's one toll that he was scenic flight with Chris Wallace. As I try to inquire why excited to have to verify that and and people about organ that was our lips are sealed tight situation once again I'm about sealed. What do you make a run repair being done. I mean it's entirely normal you would be in town both. Head of the draft the question is were more than a week ahead of the draft associate are going to be here for a week. Or C like why now why today with you more likely he would command like next week on Monday or Tuesday or whatever will be here in the war room. That we can the draft until I had a hard time believing he would just be here for more than a week in Memphis right that's in out of character or. And so it's normal that he would -- then and like sit down with his two GM head of the draft boards the timing just seems so you know slightly curious back and you have asked for a he's doing no public. The big public thing you know big public press conference he's going to be on current show but he's really good is good team a clear he has not taking questions from anyone who's not on his payroll his and I hated that it that a shot I not let my Fred Burton would you break that's just that's look at data it's just yet you don't you yes it's just acts. It's yeah. But there we are you any. Great thoughts about. Sort of broader stock future defence that stuffed value fairly comfortable with where you are aware of where they are ownership in terms of all of that right now I'm oh. Oh you know I it would be nice to mean. What is unclear to me and partly it's because I've been off unemployed applicants with too much I guess but it. I don't know whether the amigos preparer and now it's like I am I am I'm thinking you know this option or whatever and are now com. Kaplan and Strauss. But it's unclear me with a that is legally he finished point yet do you have any idea I don't I don't think it's animus cellular and and and that and that is one of the that's one of the reasons he's not taking quipped yeah there he's not shooting way about it but that that is a legitimate reason that. What you wanna talk about until it was on run gave them I don't talk about it and I thought about that and if you were at a public. Let's be asked if you're doing a public that's got to think someone ask you about that I guess if it's if it's they don't ask him about this to some of the new federal annual guys. But I guess one question is are they done on the front office side with Stefanski leaving. You'll win that first report came out at least the end it said the pace conference was gonna go with Stefanski to Detroit. I think I said the next day out wasn't I heard that that's probably not gonna happen patient pretzel that worked out yesterday. And so I guess in theory something to start with with them but it looks like he's just going to be the grizzlies. I'm Chris Rock for us was they are in the building whose that are there scouting director so all of that he has a rising star and power in the fall off that is my that is my said that he was sort of being groomed a little bit by Stefanski. To sort of filter up let you know whether they give him and how the G the slow whether they give them a title a different title commensurate with that is unclear to many. But I got the sense that that both mackerel and swordfish how impressed were sort of people being groomed. Have you ever had a considerable time any time talking to either of them about what they think about the league and building teams and whatever else give any relationship either. I'm the real issue with macro is a partnership presents a player for the grizzlies arm I have not talked to haven't has capacity. In the front office at this point. But there's a question of whether they gonna add to the front office or just sort of you know I've people in authority bears are well they're way up and it seems like it's probably going to be louder. I'm Chris Wallace would not talk about Jerry Stackhouse yesterday but it seems like the coach's status were rounded out the point the other new guy that Chad foresee a guy he was there it worked out. And so it seems like everything youths were coming together at this point. You are around you're more complex for Samoa Joseph. Yet anything I should ask Samoa Joseph what's your personal experience he's coming in studio is here so yeah. That I may be cowering in Poland will be Arum he's he's a multiple dude Samoa jail as we see him without like his gym shorts hormonal or what Ari we're sort he's a boxing shorts and a big out yeah it. All the shoulder for the regional. The B we're asking him what normal clothing unless he's gonna come down all year and a talent and boxer shorts. But I know I'm not a Jeffery would know a lot more probably about the history of Samoa Joseph that I lived there. 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Call me if you need me on your cell phone at pound law pound wall that salt Maureen mortgage. Dad doesn't need to have a tied for hottest day given a great cameraman to have to cover up that ball again and doron galleries and you lost in one guarantees. Island in the compromises that is an honest hands dot com. 688. ESPN dot. CN. I'm not sure I ever envision this side. Switched from being a liar to be in a sportswriter. Oh those many years ago. But I whatever I have the privilege of sitting here in the studio in Memphis Tennessee. Waiting on the great Samoa Joseph. To wander into the studio. I'm not sure I would have envision that a week ago honestly or two weeks ago are now. He is I'm endeavoring to be here and he evidently will be here. But we have to wait Samoa. I. So yeah he's not here yet so low so. So he but he will be rolling in at any moment and we will then talked to Samoa Joseph obviously tonight and is. Tonight is the smackdown live WWE smackdown live tonight. At fed ex form and so Samoa Joseph will be here in just a moment in the meantime. I'm Jason Marquis and Adam. The not up what the mount Rushmore week put out this public request for a mountain Rushmore of Memphis sports right now. Outplayed us you know what summer when two topics come up it. Best sports movies. And love ration water. Like that's when you know that summer is Iraq power rankings when your car and let him when it turns to mount Rushmore hours. And summer movies sports movies. So out. Having said that. But 'cause mark as he freely admits only just arrived here in Memphis a year and a half ago. And so he's he set out a request for who should be on the Memphis sports mount Rushmore. And it seemed to me that it could not being more obvious who should be on the Memphis. Sport's mount Rushmore if one is an obvious to you. I can think of 15 point one upsets me leave me I'll leave me out of cash and I'd be if regarding what. Everybody had to wait clearly on the sport's mount Rushmore I think the one who's just as obvious play a bachelor fish maybe even more if there was a skull. If there was a mount. Russia one. That it would be the great pleasure. Because of everything. And everything simple. And so where is this is you start to me would let. OK and then although he obviously didn't achieve the professional success the penny did it is not the iconic brand the penny is its that are. I start with a letter and then you go Penn. And then you say aren't you need a grips. Uneasiness out on there and I say yes unique degree you have to acknowledge. The modern era the fact that we have turned the page. As a as a sports city. And therefore you go with Z Bo as the Federer. But because he's the quintessential bad Tony with Tony Mike Carp make arguments for all bump. Well I think you've got to go zebra Tebow was the was the guy. And then my fourth. Would be. My fourth would be key lay. Even though it's for basketball players are you I sewed Samoa Joseph has just rolled in here as promised. That we're gonna get you into the microphone on the and let's make sure we're all cranked up Jeffrey are we ready got. An. Area. Was the towel on the shorts. Well. You know one in my civilian nervousness it's it's really hard the panel. And I just imagine that. You'll you. You've had quite the saga in your life starting as far back as being 1984 Summer Olympics yeah. What what to tell people what you did in the 1984 some merlot. It's so as with all Olympic ceremonies is there's a big kind of grandiose shows that they always open up to read the Olympics with and of course the time 84 Los Angeles they wanted good representation of all the great nations of this world yet and there you go up and in that area a grip in the area and my my parents ran the largest always mention to. Probably in Western Hemisphere and a how large is the largest Polynesian dance troupe I don't know estimated one point amber operative. Almost 120 cast members. Toward internationally and and that'll card stuff and a so we are we had to do we were doing we're doing the Polynesian portion of the opening ceremony and my father had unfortunately misjudged. The distance from the fifty yard line to block loans for. Liberals may third of their costs and change. And so we're out there were kind of drums little bit today there are now space and a as from my father grabbed me at five resolved by the nick my neck thrown over Drummond say listen. Doctor cadence also I don't. Info that you get out there kind of little little razzle dazzle little do one of the death Julio Ortiz and solo bomb myself in front of Jim I was wobble hula girls were getting back yeah they're they're they're they're they're cardinal fifty yard line and other changes and went out their deaths of five and so on 60000 people. And you have a distinct memory of this case I do I remember that's the day the most fish red eye because they didn't have much choice you know. So yeah pretty pretty pretty pretty clear recollection of the whole deal him. Mike came back it was for some actually ever done anything performance wasn't public than Drummond. You know my data questions like now learn. His cell and name Daniel at one point mortgage banker yeah I was I was. Looking very much I will say right now like you could be a mortgage banker yeah large ones such as the most mortgage brokers don't dress anything near to this disaster and they are all the options come back and we are. Oh. Yeah why all bloody great in that field and tell you I was that. We just I mean you know you'd find it was a big money had to get to gab selected. It on there and call you during the middle of your dinner and still managed to sell you a variable interest. And then you look at everything you've done all the circuits that you've been in from a ultimate pro wrestling. And it is it true that you met at one point would Bruce Pritchard and Jim ross' and they told you did not have a future. You Wikipedia page it says that about you. I met them early in my career and they really are and yeah and then they you know they believe they. Expressed to me that there's ago you know were not really will look. And I think most guys would have really kind of in the downtrodden sad about the whole deal but to me congressman mark my current Martin clear united needs. Wait around two p.s that Debbie so when I've worked with every other major company in the world and so. You know they came chomping at the Ben Collins and miss it like. I mean you've done Japan booed at all over the world every other circuit you what was did you feel like you're. Paying your dues ordered you mean. Given you all the people who got on honestly it was never really got if you it wasn't a spiteful experience rather it was might just paying my dues those making a living in America. He got there if there's one opportunities in there than Europe or make other opportunities elsewhere than that that was my monster who never. A sour grapes is they are bitter pill I mean if anything. I think a lot of guys kind of stalled mercker because are waiting for the call from WW. And they're just don't make it you just made than they did they just don't concentrate on the bunkered in out there and just staying busy and and actually working in the industry. And does her muscles abouts army and you know an an and I knew that he knows as long as they can busy working and relevant in the industry you know everybody comes on at one point or another amended and you also have standards and we were pro wrestling 01 in Japan and they wanted you to play. Some gimmicky character the trust of something kind of more canes you played the savage winters would see in the in the eighties and good to admit I you know what it it is up that are refuse it was just. I eighty I I'm one of something different you know man I wanted to break small little bit and I and I was tired of you know people associates morons and Saddam is Caribbean. Sarah is that the stereotypes are present is it that way when. You know when you talk to those guys like like the wild swans off NC and I mean incredibly intelligent individuals who you know worked her way across the ocean and and made incurred in the in the United States and kind of lived the American dream and a if anything I wanted to kind of reflects that aspect of agriculture and a you know the modern smile on today here in American society. I'm we're talking to Samoa Joseph on Twitter at as you would expect Samoa Joseph tonight at FedEx for Obama smackdown live. At seven. TM. When you get the call then from WWE. Because you've made it it's on your own it's not some big. They came via. Yeah you know you've come in on you know. Kind of your own terms and haven't actually negotiating positions so. You know it was it was at the time especially it was kind of the right fit for what they were looking for when I was doing. And you know it's it's been a good business solutions of this or all right let Bowman rains you lost a must Paramount what's. You tell me about roaming rights you know Romans a very polarizing individual immunity does no doubt about that. You're a great athlete in the ring and you know sooner than later I'm sure Tyler cross again and William will rectify the wrongs of rebel. What can we expect it tonight smackdown live over FedEx and the renowned. It's our last speech on Memphis for the year or less fashionable for money in the bank which are Sunday and money makes them the money in the banks and there was probably one of our bigger and more wash your views as all the implications of having the money and they refuse. So you know it's maximized make statements and going into my living room and always. Thank you very much in my impression than my German. 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I've heard says the sweet deal for you today thirty dollars of delicious treat and nothing monkey for only twenty dollars to get yours before they're gone and Kim if her. After 929 FM 688 and 929 espn.com. This is there's cartoons you know on any team I have. When ESPN. Well. He's got done. That's rep bad yeah. Closing argument. Source biggest Laura jump. He I'm a huge fan obviously so it was cold here realizes these dudes are Smart yes thank. Are they Smart dude who's made his way and literally. He wrestled for decades before he was WW. And you also winning here to talk plate I think sometimes. Wrestling fans don't realize maybe. How much like on top of like how hard it is just to get to where he is. How much thought is gone into like US about you know why did he not wanna go with a certain gimmick when he was ever in Japan and he said you know. I wasn't I was obvious savage guys like I'd say no and there's a lot of people I looked up to. In my community and I wanted to honor them in a different way other than just being a savage shot blocked. That was a very deliberate choice. You also just seal like how. A thoughtfully isn't he can also see that you can understand why he is successful because he's. Incredibly articulate obviously. But he's obviously. He has like the win though white goes on in you can there. Thought he's a businessman and Germany Italy has figured it would came in here just like obviously came in here just like you just. Sharp dressed man yes he is a shared trust me also just dump the pump it yet is that wouldn't get the dogs. My favorite topic for his big dog lovers and so I tonight that's tonight at FedEx Forum meantime just to wrap up this conversation we're having. About. Mark I mark united is doing a mount Rushmore and misses the Tennessee network. Every Memphis every Tennessee city is doing a mount Rushmore. Because that's what they do and but given that atlas and I'd wanna help. So Larry finch so it was Penny Hardaway yet zebra you know and then before. And so then among the arguments that you can see for the fourth guess some people have suggested caliber that stupid. Yeah I'm mobilize and nobody mount Rushmore and honestly if you if you wanna put a coach or an airport. Put judging bark on there. The first one to do it with coach of that I that's of of that epic team but I don't think this is the coaching. I don't think it's a coaching no I think it's hardly some places where they booted put a coach on like Vince Lombardi obviously would go on the mount Rushmore in Green Bay right. But I don't think it's I don't think coaches would. Would qualify here so now now John cal Perry. Coaches like are different harbor was suggested. Someone who has been suggested. DeAngelo. Is someone who has been suggested. Isaac Bruce is someone who has been suggested. Kerry middle cough is. Great golfer. Someone who has been suggested. Powell is someone who has been suggested Cindy Parlow was dumped more than Olympian difficult gold medal of student illustrate the is that your does the ads for the UB US women's soccer team. A Rochelle Stevens won a gold medal I think. Matches Phil Terry great baseball player. I'm Charlie Lee obviously Matt Cain they both through no hitters. If you wanna go that direction. But I think. Some suggested Jerry Lawler if you're gonna count it okay if if you're gonna if you get a branch out George the PS I don't think it's a media deal. And so I wouldn't necessarily go there you can go. Others have said spoof Murphy. Others have suggested. Anyway on and on and hey we were getting that we're getting the basic you're getting the basic list here. But I think. I think it's key play. And the thought get a key cleared doctor little off I actually those would be the two because doctor Eric bought did on top of being reaching the pennant on his. On this sport is number ten all time in PGA wins and won three majors and he's probably here's a hole like most people don't know but he's he's from a different era for the day I'm when you start with the rights. So I think you could like people say oh I see easy though penny and Larry Fisher that it is bright. Right and so like the statue at south when their plots usually go by anger don't basing its generic match but the truth is. He is. I think you could. In any sport he's more accomplished than people say yes. But for all the talk getting I didn't I wasn't here at her pennies there are I wasn't here during deeply error and I certainly wasn't here. During the life and share. I think a lot of people would tell you. That is important as Larry it's. And as gifted as penny. Bit the best. Basketball player at the University of Memphis. Player who had the best career at the University of Memphis. What's key play. I always defer to the stats or were they on this and he would that's what it that would be is going to be it's take. So I think you and I think the fact that it then becomes. For. Basketball players who like well why we have four basketball players. That's small town that's what we are ladies and gentlemen we are basketball town. Can lookup of some ways is. Accomplishing more than Zach Randolph. But. He does not have the current. Cash and cash yet. So I think I like mine to three Memphis Tigers. And Z but it is York. Is your sport's mount Rushmore for. Memphis and just trying to help my my former employer. Get it right Johnny Newman more accomplished and Heatley. Now Johnny Newman's more coverage typically this kicker in David a three time all American is that true. Let's let's look this up and I was thinking because Johnny and what paid twelve years the NBA. Kevin if your goal. NBA career. I mean keep pleaded not have a great NBA period that's certainly true. The Agile woods had a better NFL career the Johnny Newman had an end and an NBA career. Isaac Bruce certainly Isaac Bruce and borderline hall of Famer had a better amateur career there is a offensive linemen from the University of Memphis who are believers in the hall of fame. In and out as names is now escaping me. The key to lay how many town all American was it let me just put this up report. There are people who will tell you yes he is absolutely the best player who ever played at the University of Memphis. Dominant player played longer than penny. Got to a final four which penny did not do right. Obviously was somewhat associated. There's there's been some bitterness and so he's four time Associated Press all American port count. Puerto. Donna from time AP all Americans I had a problem. That's your act ladies and gentlemen that's your that's your mount Rushmore tomorrow sports movies. It's two of doctors don't it's not it's what's next. Here's the bite of the day not just here is our by the day Dennis Rodman was on C. Course weighing in on the North Korean debate here is what he had to say. If the computer would. Stewart's. It's amazing it's amazing when I say those things. Go to settles down the youth. When we're back home and I just saw me don't risk. Let us all don't listen I was sitting up pretty and intimidating. Not believe that we have and probably won't let go Home Depot couldn't go home game I don't out. Pretty face. Could you blew. Hole. I just might get a lot probably. I knew things originate I knew what I all of you only one I've never had what they hear me come and wanted to see me. What took all bullets took all the hot but took everything I don't want. Let me but it still standing that it did a good day but everybody single port. He'll show everybody that's on great today. The man is. He's a child. I think it's fair I think it's fair is it child. And that's what it is concert. Journalists about North Korea. Like a good thing is it does feel like we're less. That the best thing about yesterday's hit feels like there's. A smaller chance. They were all to be blown to smithereens today or tomorrow than there was back when the two leaders were on Twitter calling threatening to blow each other to smithereens don't you think that's true. I yes I I think that's true like nothing was really. Extracted. From North Korea but I do think. The meeting itself makes it less probable the we will be blown to smithereens tomorrow fingers crossed. I did not even know this about Korea did you know they went to Japan and something made it. And they would kidnap Japanese people like off the beach. And take them back in the summer rains. And a enslave them essentially. They did not know there are. I think that number is seventeen Japanese. Who have been captured right off the beach. By North Korea and this on top of our all the other atrocities right and forced to. Teach north Koreans how to be Japanese are teaching in class or stealing their identities or whatever else and so. That's. Team it's. Independents. And yes. Let's go to the beach get plucked off the beach company in North Korea. It was on vacation. You're down there and danced and also the north Koreans are actually be here why you're gone for the factories are flying. Here's what's coming up next isn't good next on Jason and Johnson roadshow also join them as well clay Travis. Also be on Jason and Jon as well margin not as can join Aircastle time as that will Mike Wallace. Today on the program Kiki sort of course we GP as well Jeff at 5 o'clock you know guest is big. When when they don't have them Aaliyah and visited John still want to have them yet. So mullah Joseph but a runaway Jennifer that's right right here will be back tomorrow but for now workers done. C official. If you're like me you want the bottom line. No fluff no frills. 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