Hour 2 with guests Chris Herrington and Rene Ingolgia

Producer Jeffrey Wright
Wednesday, October 11th

Segment 1 -- Geoff Calkins begins the second hour of his show by welcoming Chris Herrington in studio to discuss Chris' 2017-18 NBA predictions.

Segment 2 -- Geoff welcomes ESPN College Football Analyst Rene Ingolgia to the program to discuss his day job as a detective for the Orlando Police Department, his days as a Buffalo Bill, the Memphis-Navy game, and more.

Segment 3 -- Geoff closes the show by discussing the benching of DeShone Kizer for Kevin Hogan, the trade of Adrian Peterson, and Gary Andersen's decision to resign from Oregon State.


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With a brand new league and installing new nest learning thermostat from Hillary and scheduling consultation now. Andy Miller downtown today. The theme he loved thriller. That's just what you'll find every day and from there. It's everything on your shopping. Fresh ingredients. And great quality. Fuel point that. I'm from the mountains. It's real savings and real value from Kroger do you get smaller and relax and take company Christmas we tangle apples for 199 about. And USDA choice Bonin. He is 599 pounds with a card and fresh food low prices Kroger. Lo and. Show us your that I want to know. Now it's been nine new lawn Nintendo won't. 901 commercial appeal dot com. Then listen Nintendo one for Chris Harrington and. Can show. This guy does not have a. A 901 up today it's a vacation of sorts week for him although he does have very. Extensive pick and pop which really talking about them I'm what Willis and to know that count down by beyoncé is we're counting down all thirty NBA teams I. I'm so that pick and pop I tweeted it out you have gone through and you have ranked. And summarized all of thirty NBA teams shockingly warriors number. And that is your shortest. It is your absolute shortest project sixty. Six wins. Yeah and that that maybe it's weird that seems low. 66 is like an all time kinda record. That probably seems low but I just figure at this point they've already got the regular season win. Record and they're going to be the one seat unless they've injuries then they need to conserve themselves the playoffs and I don't think they're gonna go. Super all out on the regular season record doesn't build. They can they can just coast through the season and get to 66 probable and also the better teams in the west that they might that might lose they might lose twenty given night. Oh sure yeah I mean I am yeah and the sixteen times record to my prediction ready yet. That you have contenders club if the waters didn't exist which is just sad but that group in order is. Houston with 58 wins. Oklahoma City with 56 wins Cleveland with 55 wins Boston with 54 wins in San Antonio wins. 53. Wins. You wanna come on and yeah. I'm probably cool lower on San Antonio that most people. And mobile but Hiram Cleveland the most people clean the only 153 last year there's just thought that they don't care about the regular season they don't care of the one seed. I just think the east is so there are so many terrible teams in the east this year. That debt Cleveland or Boston can get more wins without being better teams this season. So I don't think Cleveland needs to do much to get it to 55 when the strongest. You know LeBron James play sixty games in Beijing you know I just think there are so many easy wins for them in the east that's true Boston to. On San Antonio ahead in the 55. There's always questions about quite Leonard's on the from the tendinitis issues are done dropped down a couple wins I shall go find a way to when sixteen that look stupid. But on paper and this is the least. Impress of oral lease sort of intimidating. Collection and how they've had. Talking generations LaMarcus Aldridge in the state. He had data to go back and figure out what they could have done otherwise our schools the opportunity photos a marked a year. And and if yes where they were brother Marcus all red but. They they couldn't get. Believed that he just never was gonna go anywhere. Who mark yeah. I'm trying to get a try to remember I remember what you've got essentially a thing I remember on predator refresh our memory of where what I knew and thought at the time. I think with that one of those a lot of talk about maybe him leaving. I think by the tying this season had ended. Well before free agency started I pretty much knew he was coming back from people I talk to. There was no there was no concern so I think that was fairly darn by the time they got a free. Going back to it to Cleveland for a second. Do you think obviously they added a couple of ancients and Dwyane Wade and Derrick Rose they added an incompetent and Jeff Green. And then they added the player who thinks a lot of you think may might make the most difference in Jae Crowder grant who knows when you're gonna have. My health from Isiah Thomas do you think there are. Better equipped to play the warriors this year than last year I think if they are fully healthy in the playoffs they are better. But that also assumes that they're Smart enough to basically not played air crews and Jeff Green when they get Eric everyone else is healthy. I don't think Derrick Rose and Jeff Reed really helped that team I think Dwyane Wade can help that team news or away I think Jake crowd or help them alive and if I did housing get healthy. America he'll be a big factor. I think they eat. I think they've a chance to be at least slightly better in the playoffs if there help Boston and I. And this he Gordon Hayward and courier and me. And yet they get rid a lot of defense David Bradley. I think everyone title. On you probably not presume that's the answer for just about anybody right we mostly liberal or title com. I think they get a date get a pretty good chance. To have two to at least appear in the NBA finals in the next few years. Whether they can beat the Western Conference team that they are and when they get there is probably. Below 50% proposition but. You know I think you're going to be in the mix for a good long time which is good place to be we then have a of the next category is solid playoff teams and again you can read this a commercial deal that camera I tweeted it out as well. He is much more expensive explanations of all of this but the solid playoff teams include. The wizards with 49 wins the rafters of 47 wins Minnesota with forty. 45. Milwaukee with 45. Do you care to comment on any of those in particular you know Washington is the one team. It seemed like. You know they had a chance to crash the party in these little bit to get there. With Cleveland and Boston that they've got continuity they the starting lineup recurrence from 49 win team last season. It is a perimeter oriented NBA now and they've got. One of the I'd say top two or three back courts in the NBA which are want Bradley bill us August are the three auto border. Boston and Cleveland both police have some question marks or some other changes. Description should be a time that Washington can had a crash a party sneak through. They have really done a disservice to themselves by failing to build a decent bit and I think that's gonna come back and bite them because they're not gonna be as healthy as they were last season. Would you rather watch on a daily basis the Milwaukee Bucks for the Minnesota Timberwolves. Wolf Blitzer question did you or the two best young players emotionally and otherwise you know Don and courage all indeed there's more question mark with pounds and yeah honest. And I got by their 'cause I have some residual affection for the wolves. But I think they'll I think Milwaukee. Hey I think its greatest talents is goddess is more respectable. And I think Milwaukee's part of a little bit more watchable team may be due in Minnesota is going to be. It's Minnesota or doesn't have shooting and that the tobacco and it's gonna be more today. And actually connect it to the Minnesota thing it's gonna be a little bit more slugfest that you want it too big. OK next category and this is the the critical category and so wanna go through it a little more carefully this is the six teams. Three spots. And these are the grizzlies competitors in the last you talk with 45 wins Denver with 43 wins. The clippers with 42 wins but Chris pleased with 42 wins. And Portland the forties who wins and New Orleans with 39 seem to get six teams three spots. Of the two spots you've given them to Utah and Denver but for the next three yeah get all 42 wins again I injuries are sorted out our. I think those three teams to nearer are real toss up. You know the record sort of reflection of just throw where I think the teams are so I think there are similar plays the clippers ahead in a ranking standpoint is because I hate. They had more depth of talent than the blazers and the grizzlies. Until they apart build a more margin for error this season. But I I just I'm gonna I'm gonna get it a lot more he told those sixteen to how they relate to each other and my column on Friday. But my debate about big thing with the clippers is can you be a playoff team in the Western Conference at 2017. When your best regards Patrick after. And I am I a lot of doubt about that to me that's a lot to overcome. You know I think of the loss of Chris Paul is gonna have a big impact on that team. But they won fifty games last year or so they are dropped down in units and why let's start of the two who you think Kirk herb. Crew back clearly because this is all this is this a small differences were talking about gay and you like fast. Why do you like Utah and Denver the best of the so what you're told you don't want 51 last year until you dropped out of 45 that's a six game left to India which is the thing. The best player that lost the best player. They want to do one last year even though they're starting lineup only played fourteen games. And they were the number three defense in the NBA last year I think they have all the tools to be taught by deep that again. They're not going to be as good offensively they are twelfth last year what they were better than you you think they were they would be. I think they're super deep but they have been able have players outside of their rotation who were better the player who will be in the grizzlies rotation. They're very deep team they're very well coached team they're going to be great defense and got a good home court advantage they are slightly battered people are doing good yes I think it's I think over the course 82 games at that depth and defense in that coaching. You're gonna find a way to get to mid forties when more is okay and Denver. I don't have won 41 last year and they had a homer off that so you would think our you know that gives you a boost. I don't know that most app is as much of an improvement over what Danilo Gallinari was last year. As people think I literal question would Denver is the backcourt they don't have the established but the court play but the potential for. The small Marreese entering year two he's really talented and Gary Harris is good. And so they're young back court takes a step forward they could be better than bad. But I had much like you told there's some pretty Durban deeper than you don't they may be that dimmed for might be the deepest team in the league in terms of how good the back half of the roster is. And again Denver's traditionally a good home court long long long season. Doubt any game they get into the forties. It's funny you look at these are trying to think they all have they all have some good young players I mean in the the sense. I mean clearly Utah and Denver clippers clippers might not the person might not real he. And you do not like the pelicans when. I used to think the parts that hey I think they have the same problem that the grizzlies and the blazers do and that they had bad debt. The rosters not good when she get past the Topper for players or top three. And their top players don't fit. Emil Willard and exe maholm fit in a backward together Mike Conley and Marcus or proof that they fit they win it year after year after year they win. In an in Italy Gasquet that's gone more perimeter oriented having your two best players both essentially be senators. It there was no real indication that works for them late last season and I don't I don't have a lot of faith and or important this year either. On the grizzlies. Chris wrote. Mike Allen Marcus all have made plans for seven straight seasons can make it eight with a team full of unproven kids and question marks. This prediction has them on the outside but just barely in the middle of the west bubble and I'll explore this prediction and placement more info team preview on the Friday so something to look forward to our the next category is low stress losing that is. Charlotte with 39 wins Philly with 37 wins. And Dallas with 35 wins most just overall trajectory dead. Yeah I think Dallas doesn't really care about winning this year they want to be lottery one more year anyway dad and something else ago with Dennis Smith and and Harrison Barnes. Philly. In a filly is still super young and so you know there they wanna be better this year but I don't you know the good are brings a lot of pressure on them. And then Charlotte Charlotte at least say spoiled teen category killer or not lost Nicklaus putting whom. The lost their second best player for like two months rent the funny thing yes I don't think I think that that lowers the win projection does not change their seeding to me at all pleased rent. Eastern mediocrity is include. Detroit. 35 wins. Indiana 34 wins in Orlando. 32 wins this these teams are the Philippines you don't want road you don't want us who watch only bash it and there at the moment apparel yes it's it is as short as well. She worried about becoming one you rebuild. And the teams that end and and the players you draft. With fuel rebuild. And Gordon Orlando got a roster full lottery lottery pick a better yeah yeah maybe maybe the new guy who I think going to be good but the but there are good they don't fit together in making blues and right. Exactly and Frank Vogel took chose that roster over the grizzlies roster right. Okay. Out rebuilding plans not tanking division the lakers 31 wins Brooklyn thirty wins Sacramento 29 wins. You credible acres the lakers are backed out that that. On the national television schedule right do not believe they are back otherwise there it'll be better and they're certainly be more interesting but. They were the war I think they were the worst defense in the in the NBA last season. And adding more on the ball to rookie point guard and adding slow footed brook Lopez's summer it's gonna help them score it is not gonna improve the worst defense in the NBA so they are too young and too bad defensively good to really win what do you think of our. I agree his last there in Sacramento and I don't know what they're trying to do and I guess the theory as you have all the they have nine players on our roster assuming that they all make the team I think it well. Told my players are first or second year players. If all the more characteristic like it they are thought to be really really good. Nobody'll at least could shoot some sort of swimming and scholars for dollars I don't vault summit showed some stuff late last season so Woolsey. So they have a lot more interesting collection young players an emergency which you would you would hope for a decade of losing right well I. And then you bring in your Randolph and Carter and and and he'll have made the idea is you need some veterans to help kids along. Maybe George Hill becomes a good trade chip. And so I can kind of see that what they're doing but you can't have. You can't have two old guys in 91 and second your players and George Hill and expect to not be really bad possible. How listings enables him like what do you think his role on the table in Pickering to see a big tiger sharks and and instantly said beginning of the season rebuilding plans taking division that is Atlanta 28. Phoenix 26. And then their big market blues that's the New York Knicks with 25 wins and Chicago with Tony one it is interesting at this time when we heard the moaning. The fate of small market teams right in this NBA and everything else I was just the glamorous cities in Memphis and have a chance and whatever else. But the to suck yes teams in the league perhaps. The New York Knicks much parables I think your market there's certain things there's competitiveness on the floor than their success SE. Business enterprise right right in a big market helps you enormously on the second or that as a business that are brought this night. As a competitive entity within the league I think it helps you but it is not a guarantee in the most important thing. Of all is not your market is the quality of your ownership and management that is the most important thing in the NBA in the balls in the knicks have been eight. Horribly run franchises for. Brought a decade now. And that's where are you see hope for either or a plan forward for either will the knicks have a building block in perception we're seeing I think there's some question about how he's gonna hold up physically because he's sort 73 and guys who were like back bigot but I had a history of injury problems. But he's an all star caliber talent. And so at least they got that going for them. With the bulls but this is a bottom out here for the bulls with the bulls will start over next summer. I can I don't believe really in the kids they have now so that bootable the whole idea is don't believe in glory market minute here Christian found whatever Chris Dunn did so Valentine's relics of the bulls it's like to hope starts next summer when you draft you know Marvin back when you look at dockets or whoever right after the bulls are just about biting your time until next summer. The knicks might have some stuff distort the league where they just. Big big big show no indication that they know how to do that immediately loudly signed Yoakam no took a no to huge deal and Tim Hardaway junior and he still sort of saying. We got a young building block with the doldrums the supplier of things whom do you can read more Chris is analyses of all of those. Teams. And is on the power which is a partial to overcome he's fitted out. I have pleaded out his play Houston tonight. 830. That may be enough to discourage me from being married you will be there on yeah I told you were before we start our I'm trying to finish writing this column for Friday a and how we are more likely to work on it if I'm sitting game and if I'm sitting at home what intrigues you tonight. That an entry you. Tire out of this will be the first I've seen Tyreke Evans in person editor whose uniforms or there's that. On the that's channel Parcells watching the ship at sea a played ball looks any better on the he had does any thing apparently didn't want the best players in practice he claims. Hum don't Brooke's gonna look at him maybe there will we will what kind of big get a look at what how this don't plays the game it is it's going to be. Any indication of lineups and rotations or is going to be one of those pre season game for you just sort of likes that some guys down and liked in and run run get out there Chris thanks very much about a month. Asia what we can back rainy and goalie who will be on the call he's gonna be the color analyst as Memphis. Plays navy Saturday. We will talk to him also by the way happens to be a Orlando. So we'll talk to him about his day job as well Jeff Hawkins shot nineteen I mean is there. They guys might interest people swagger fire chief from Maryland heights Missouri an island firehouse subs. Take their meatball sub for example it's loaded wall to wall with a Italian meatballs in a zesty marinara with melted probe alone on a toasted roll. When I say take your meat balls I mean it ready medium meatball sub combo to go right now just six bonds. But don't forget the reason firehouse subs is driven to make the best subs anywhere assembled. The more so if you enjoyed the more they're able to help save lives because they portion of every purchase goes towards first responders and our communities. 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Well a couple things I need talk to you before I we get to this navy game one it. I am a kid from buffalo new York and I understand it in your illustrious NFL career he spent some time in that how much time did you spend buffalo exactly. Yeah I could tell people I have late gatlin had to cut copy out all the bills from ninety to 9798 seed and out on their act Procter and practice squads. And I'm from upstate New York jumped from Rochester. Come from that area so yeah a couple of years there was was a great time. Now years years. It was around seven yen 9790 it was actually Marv Levy's last year. And wait till first year I actually quite vocal debt sizzle. You want but it's funny Asia that I would on the last album on the roster for the built the last and they made the playoffs which was. The 1987. Feet in they lost the wild card the Miami Dolphins in Miami know that but being a local I don't match up. I thought the last minute lessons in music city miracle wasn't that assumption was that after that it. You know I think you're right I think you're right more air opposite the very next year in 98 they need to answer a 100% correct. We're there for the Flutie rob Johnston thing. I was so I got signed. I was with them when they try to Rob Johnson talked quite Robin and Doug Flutie and I actually shared an agent. At then end so I was there when they bought Flutie and about the effort Opel. Each. Well you know they did and I think they were there amicable one another they were good there was no real and a mosque and a lot and I think. Pretty much than normal or you know you're competing for jobs you know of course they get dropped out of the money to come there and then mobile you bring Doug Flutie and from ET FL and they're on bond is felt chances were dried up but he he did what he did so I just think it was back competitiveness but those old I am pop it in the duke. Tucker reading English he'll be calling I will be on the do the color analyst at a job for Memphis navy on. Saturday and then secondly of course. Your own story is inching after your illustrious NFL career. You became a cop in Orlando you are still top. In Orlando. How did this come to pass. Yeah I'm actually sit in my that's put us. Climate that it goes in Orlando outlook for the robbery in you know a I played NFL Europe and it might still playing career applicable Frankfurt galaxy we won the world bowl Jake DelHomme their quarterbacks so I don't went out went out on top we want and and I guess that was wanted to get off course you. Long story short an opportunity get tired down near Orlando and love and honor percent of them in my eight she cure all fortunate enough. And elevated but it's a great mix between there and being brought us to create a lot of people put. This is my part time job and yet they are the most open gala feel like it's a thought I. So you're right now apart from preparing for the bills and at the bills the they're the Memphis navy game. What's on your desk. Right now it nor Don. So right now I have a budget game notes in front of me because I note on this interview is working on armed robbery I have armed robbery that Allman Bayesian. I have a couple commercial robbery that I'm work inning just like every evidence that if you just follow leads. Trying to solve them selves no interest in. Will you keep doing both is that the kind of thing I mean there are people like. But. People who do some and then made bail and then they pick one. Sure. Yes well you know and Lydia and if my eight year and I've been able to two marys all careers really. Interest rates. It's really control. Kind of chaos I call I had that kind of down. To a science now on I can actually I'm eligible for retirement here and shall. To rest peers and so a twenty year mark I can retire with a pensions or right now that's. Plan and then everyone like well he'll work more that would would yes Kim right now Michael I've really worked. A full time you know I'm a little broadcaster for autumn of all time analysts would then. Who maybe there's a chance like induce Morse whose studio work all but. My plan is to retire keep doing the broadcasting and then you know I'll have a few months to church you know just relax a little bit. Talking that really in goalie will be due Monday color analyst job on Saturday when Memphis takes on the navy you obviously have a unique perspective on all of this stuff involving a police officers and the flag. Anger and protests and the incidents that we've seen that are rare but that we should that we scarcity of police brutality. How do you process all of that given the the two worlds in which you operate. I'm you know I just think here in any change you know more before I go to called game on C I gather all the facts are you look at all the notes. I actually. There's a perception. In in our country that. Police are out there you know we're realizing people on a daily facials and are there are some bad cops are there other intention to work. Constant wrong of course there are. And we condemn obviously. Especially. The police officers. But the vast majority of police officer and announce the numbers around 750000. Law enforcement officers and country. Dane in day out are contacting citizens' calls for service collapse I mean they're they're young and billions of citizens today and candles and out of a very good so. I think we have to take things a person perspective. Outweigh him. You know as far as of the flagging you know a much huge First Amendment guy I think everyone has their right till they what they feel and that's what makes this country great. We also understand like I do. Naw I'm an innate in me situation wire two losses right so I mean I actually what I say on Twitter it will depth on the Orlando which one of the city of Orlando and yes can't. And you have to understand that the First Amendment protects you against the government arrogance or confidence or are so people. Have to be. When you see video of clear abuse by at accomplish you do see. Does that mean what does it doesn't just make you ill because it. Yeah so does not work but it is and so I just came back the violent crime out of an internal affairs two years handled complaints are you know you go beyond. And what I tell people is live in LE. Every situation is unique to itself he can't you know kind of like. You know Warner NFL player gets arrested for domestic violence it's you know everyone picked several that broad brush right you just can't get every. Situation that unique to itself and you have to investigate it you have to do get to the facts are father and internal affairs investigator. You know a lot from the media reports I understand the immediate job understand how or a lot of times not all the tracks get out there and you are used trying to beat you for the story and she got to let things play out Gallup investigation. Play out well when an officer is wrong and we've had here in Orlando. Our chief and every agency different Archie we fire guys we charge people who we know war have a more wrapped itself. You have to play each case out but not it doesn't make you secure summit if someone. That knows what a great profession this is when there's people out there tarnishing. But under the game what do you expect Memphis native should be intriguing given the climate and offences and off. I'd love this matchup I mean this seriously and again element quite yet but just going into what I'm most excited. Going you know game and I and I think in my eight years I mean. Former running backs are also let one ball I think what may build it's not a secret Kenyan Markel he shouted but we know that. He's gonna try to keep Memphis off the field we know how explosive Matt this is Riley Ferguson looks great Anthony Miller on a top receivers in the country. So it's you know they're gonna go faster gonna take their vertical shots and probably go after these people at the Basque. Fur for navy that that there are probably your typical. Top not athletic defense and backed it feel it but I tell you what they are disciplined they don't. If you get penalties and they play sound football and you know I'm just gonna each other herbs are acute navy document. Navy will control football I just try to grind it out take their time but it's. It's going to be an interest in chess match and see how this thing plays out. Memphis has not been able to in the last two years get him off the field must be honest I mean they've got they've done whatever they want it. I don't know if you ever probably UMass was triple option team when you were then now I don't know if you played any it must be frustrating as hell and it puts more. For the defense which which it's you know where that who has the ball now like it either. And then beat for the offense did not get that cracks that it normally gets. Actually so when IA UMass one of our big rivalries wasn't what don't. And so the Delaware Weinke is very kind of similar to the triple option and it is frustrating. I think you'll feel cursed all these are the coordinator Don held up I mean. Listen there's no surprises. Would maybe although. We saw actually get air force. That they be getting a shock got a lot right to the little mix right and I'll. The secret recording or okay our is that normal honored summer triple option or shock and also they they do some wrinkles but without bad. He's still not what they're gonna deal and you have to be some have we have a lot make the triple option so hard because if you have to beat so sound that he had. Eleven because of guys didn't have them do the right thing and more and this is their assignment. They get Shaq for forty yards and you know one of the key there I think you have to hit the quarterback you have to hit the the quarterback and partnerships that can hit it talkative back. Eighty this guy's a fullback. You. The play quarterback you know I mean it's. So we have to be fundamentally sound first and foremost. You want when you look at the film oh I don't know how and if you got to Memphis game before. Amid this sort of amazing that they lose that's the lynch really the best quarterback in the history of the program. And they replace him with a guy who has numbers that are. Essentially equivalent to pass the Lynch's numbers when you see rally Ferguson what do you say. I think I feel an NFL power by quarterback. That has all the throws. He's Smart he's savvy he understands the game and he's popular with a lot confidence than you lump that. From your quarterback in your right and the transition. More urged a partisan event there wasn't course to actually achieve in Orlando guide to all told a Christian kind of fell under the radar and and a great career Memphis in the NFL now so I just love that transition that she might Mike nor will one of that amount would tell you one of the hottest young coaches. I in the country and he has got that off fans really clicking. We were down Madison Memphis was ousted in Orlando we were down there I was just down there recently and it took over the Memphis you see Afghan and UCS really good. Yeah no they are tonight live about ten minutes from the campus. Or my teammates that you met back in and they might soften the defense O line coach so I stopped by there and you know got lost that offensive is getting a lot of accolades which they should. But Eric should hander that defensive coordinator at UCF has been playing some really good defense and he saw that. Against members and a method that you put up there their best performance but you know the American once again you know it's funny my RS ago you know he's pushing the power six saying and I thought boy and that's what commissioners should deal. But it really is a good topic I do for ESPN's predominantly American. Well I'm now 95% of the game like call in the Q and are the American and it really is the good talk and the spontaneous. Whenever these other empower our schools are pillaging villages in order to come the company America year after year they just keep taking a coaches about the saudis something right there. It's a compliment your artillery and remain in goalie who will be doing the color on color analyst on the Memphis native in the senate. It's a compliment but it's also frustrating I mean it it isn't it I mean I guess that's the nature of the absolutely you argue CF you've got to got frost and you. You know I think the odds are reasonably good that he will be the Nebraska coming out next year and then you've got Mike ravel and people are worried about wall gush of Arkansas opens up. You know he went to school and arts maybe and it does ultimately become a source of frustration to have to keep fighting again and again and again. Absolutely yeah Chad Morse SMU I mean there's so many schools and in the Shane predicament that created its Austrian will be a miracle. It's got process that you see after that match here are now bumping into one procedure and staying inch. And you know I'll have to tell you the difference between B a group of five on the par five it's just it's funny I mean. The key be revenue its its so great about the other school there's such a bigger advantage that people I don't know we'll stay use yep because they can claim to laying out here. And perhaps there's some help to pay him five million or six million or not just the resource is that they haven't recruiting it's just. It's say it take tough fight for a conference like the American but I tell you what they're doing everything they can they're now. More importantly. Very good how about a year any year I mean look at three undefeated teams and accomplish right now and so they're C event is going very well I have to talk. Any you're great to join us really do appreciate it thanks for your service by the way down there Orlando and we look forward heaven in Memphis Saturday. I really appreciate it thank trap me any time. And as a rainy in goal the fascination and did you do that the guy is a he's working I'm. Armed robberies as we speak and then he's gonna come out and call. The compliment to skimp I have to say I am we get a podcast Martina I don't podcast a Memphis football yesterday. And he asked me am I not surprised I am I surprised him emphasis what it. Are you surprised and a slim yes I am and I'm even more surprised I looked at the numbers yesterday about 58% of the money is on Memphis. I was losing what I mean. So that means most people not only then does that mean Smart people are betting Memphis won most sharks had not back yet. Not as sharp shall come in like on game day or Friday night and so that's no panacea like if you if you're paying attention relying on LSU Florida. The line moved a bunch on Saturday. Because sharks were coming in on LSU. And so along ended up being where Fortis favored. So right now most people are saying I've I think I think a lot of what has to do it is the fact that people just salt meant the score seventy points. And even though they didn't have the balls like music on I. Don't know how if you listen I. Of course Memphis is capable of winning this game I hope Memphis goes when this game it'd be great to get the monkey monkey off the back and I do give them a shack Tom. I also think if you watched the last two years. It's impossible to do it for us. I mean it's impossible the big weapons you just have seen what navy has done the Memphis defense and honestly those members defenses were not as. As ravaged by injury is this Memphis defense so I don't know how. Having watched what I watched maybe that's just seared into my eyeballs what I saw. On the other hand what he said. Is on the other side is also correct. But the navy defense is not all hat and they do not have the kind of athletes who level really easy time stopping. Tony Pollard. And Anthony Miller. And joy magnet for low and toiled and Dorsey is a pop Williams. And like they met this out athletes them offense the defense by an extraordinary. Margin. And should be able to take advantage of that they just can't screw up they have to score and score and score and school. And if you screw up. Ben you're gonna lose because navy's got to keep job of the bald and if you. Yeah I would even say further if if Memphis won the toss I would take the football. Go try to score 00 absolutely I do think a big deal of Memphis is as I've seen this year like when they get behind. They struggled especially yeah and you do not. It's just we sit on the summer sacked thirteen minutes and then you'll be down seven anthem before you get a shot if you will you're absolutely right if you win the toss. Take the ball I've got to take a break back problems just. Garbage and any can FM is there. Loosen today. One at 3 PM weekdays. Miss the end. The weather is perfect for golf and it's the perfect time to join Irene golf and country club. Our paths cross road near 385 in on the web at Irene golf CC dot com. 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Has been announced as the starter. For the Cleveland Browns from catch it takes to seek your thoughts. Yeah I get is exactly two years theory that you've been developing on a take a young quarterback play and if that doesn't work he now knows you're sitting at 015 here in prime position. To go get another quarterback because as you pointed out. You don't have a quarterback that matter. Problem this is the Cleveland keeps not drafting quarterbacks we have had opportunities to draft quarterback that's right I mean they've. That could adapt custom mines in fairness and fairness that quarterback last year they do not they have they have passed up on drafting quarterbacks and then they pick. John guys are late for. But like blood and deprived put on quarterback. And that you've got now the eleventh pick in this year's class. And this is cuts may not be integrated nobody thought it was going to be. Yeah I still thought oh this year's class is still better than last year's I'd I didn't have a quarterback that I really logged in last year's class in the homes and out of both blunt and okay. But I mean did you really think I mean too risky looked fine but it's not like Shaw wants is looking pretty good. And he's looking pretty good evening the Idaho puzzled by the that service is gonna be good. I still worry about Watson's accuracy agent Peterson does to Arizona yes. Find fit that you like it bigger and bigger fan of that fit much more so than New Orleans New Orleans just never felt a little bit to begin whatsoever. This time he Iran is on blocking scheme he's gonna get the ball a lot. And it makes much more sense and Arizona and in dead. Ever in New Orleans and then fine. Only fascinating story out of Oregon State where Gary Anderson. He walked away. Quit. A walked away from a contract that would have paid him twelve point six million dollars over the next four seasons end. Turns out he was texting John cans that it was a fabulous guy almost out of there in Portland. All year long. Giving him sort of thoughts about what was going on. So they lose to Colorado State 58 point seven he takes this love my kids just wanna see them take a step don't expect greatness but I do wanna see progress I will fight its initially battle. However I asked what I love my kids we still need to step over Iranian stabbing small time. But an exclamation points not all of us yes we played hard has now blown coverages import run for us as you've heard is that it's on us the team should get to a ball game if not I'll be highly disappointed. Getting old patience isn't what it is today. A guy. So that they go out and continue to lose September afraid of the defense cannot get better I will be making some decisions I really do not like or want to make. We will grind that he's talking about firing assistant coaches by the last. So than September 4 self promoting that's not what this business has become that's the biggest reason I'm not long for this. Best kids are second thoughts on foot or third or. Fourth by the way they're playing Minnesota. And TJ flak self promoter brightness and that was that bad yet that was exactly that was in regard to OK so that they that they get smashed by Minnesota 4814. Hard place right now one thing I guarantee was this. This staff need to figure out ain't gonna die doing this as it's on me and I get that in right now beaver nation deserves much met much better end of story. September 12. I have them buy them blanks for every penny no buyout for the next four and that counting this year but that's not my style. If it does not improve I will do some crazy ass with my salary so I can play the pay the right coaches the right money. How about this 1 September 20. I hired the wrong at the guys. And I still work on our way through a bunch of recruiting years that stock it's year three if these blanks can get it right I will not just say fire them and start over. That's not the way to go about it. If I'd blanket up bad that I will take the bullet and ride off into the sunset I will stay old school I will not die doing this expletive stay tuned. Some to a Tony force I'm fixing this place that it kills that was all caps. September 24 in riot act has been read the distaff we shall see what it takes I've got to see better football regardless of who we are playing. He goes on and online and on and on like this each time is. Exclamation point actually and you could see it's getting through adhered to that reporter kept. It's Oregon State not pitching trust me on that one it is what it is I'd made my dad. Brian infighting and tomorrow with my kids I was in a bad funk on by a week now old. Mean what my guys the arrest of the way. That they get smashed a guy. Washington 427. That's my best shot I will give that again next week that opposite embarrassing on me. On and on and on and then he finally. Just walks away. He's obviously wired. Nobody walks away who looks like you if you wait to get fired. But he sounds vaguely crazy the main. But who walks of it from twelve point six mil accept it if I admire that this is all true I 100% admire and because. In today's coaching we see so many guys that it's all just. I think when I suddenly five. There's so much else on the fire as many people as again as long as you can and then walk away with the nine million the day he realized it says head coach thanks to my name and he's the one that set and said this isn't getting it done it's my fault no nobody in the short on nothing but I'm walking away. Acts are expected actually ya know I do their. Commanded us. Review read the tweets you get a sense of how wacky this guy is but maybe you have to to do the job and maybe so they have to to walk away from twelve million dollars what's next few years. But he did today we'll Jeff with the news of Harvey Weinstein people men digging up old clips and we found one from the late show in 1998 this is Gwinnett health of our culture came out in the air kestre yesterday said that she was sexually harassed by Harvey Weinstein so this is she's on with Letterman. Yes and and it gets creepy if you look at look at you listen to it in view of what we now know about Harvey Weinstein. And and let him for some reason is asking if she was cute ha ha ha forced to come on the show this is what Osama. You hear of your own free will. As someone coerced to put it in the big if there. Think data Harvey Weinstein and of course I hardly ever once seen as easy as I I don't know whether he's in there is some kind of organized crime now. But he used to be like some kind of junior mob kind of got right. There's like in the mom auxiliary. Today's LA yeah and it's like a big powerful film guy right. I got my movies for Harvey Weinstein that's Merrimack new browser area and I lucky again and there but he will coax you to do with its original Harvey said it they would go on. Amendment for a talk about your movies don't nervously. And went in return what will hurt you do for you. I'm not things. What's wrong within equation. As the kids say you do the math. If I'm I'm kind of fed up with the army's behavior. Because I'm grateful to him and in the sense that if he brought you here tonight I thank god for our week. Although on the other hand every night you know heart becomes budgeted. Don't want to build. Original movie pod Canada until they get a dog about a movie. And you know eight or nine years of that it's amusing but now. People yup get it out about Harvey Weinstein the coerce her and and now we sure now. What was really behind all that plus news that's coming up next is. That's coming up next on Jason and Jon Baird shows a John in the eleven point five Seamus law this will join them at 1245 Kevin Pelton will join air. At 320 Tony Barnhart will join GP at fort joining us we'll Jeff fox thank you Phyllis and everybody we will be back sit around for our workers. MMA concerns about this on Saturday October 14 for another jam packed full card and hammer this thing. We been on the ball and almost trying to install couldn action you also communities spies already know does not unlike the night of watching live cage fighting to get the heart jumping the adrenaline pumping and the visiting London. Maybe if you haven't seen yet well let's don't play. Our numbers and I didn't slammed into why did inject into this coming engine did you start in thirty dollars. 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