Hour 2 with guests Chris Herrington and Doc Holliday (8/23/18)

Producer Jeffrey Wright
Thursday, August 23rd
Segment 1 -- Geoff Calkins begins the second hour of the show by taking issue with a take Chris Herrington had on twitter and then discusses the NBA and more. Segment 2 -- Geoff welcomes Doc Holliday of ABC 24/CW 30 to the program to discuss Doc's experiences playing football, his thoughts on the Ohio State decision, Maryland scandal, David Moore's decision to transfer, and more. Segment 3 -- Geoff offers his final thoughts on the Ohio State decision to close the show.

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More than roping a proud supporter of the University of Memphis athletic department check them out on the web Morse and moving dot net. That's more some roofing. Dot net each time time to join the millions of people that need happy we zoom video conferencing. Zoom gives you flawless video crystal clear on yellow and instant sharing across any mobile tablet or desktop devices but the best thing about zoom into this works. The deeds the distractions join the movement and neither happy we zoom video conferencing and the easy zoom down US to send your Freetown today that zoom dot US zoom video conferencing. 929 at 688 and 929 espn.com. HZ is this Jessica is snow already know. ESPN. It's gotten to see. Crews or teams from the daily messier on the same thing. See how. My name's Jeff these you know. The second judgment of good ones are we let's do. This good morning good morning by The Beatles perform their classic 1967. Album Sargent Pepper's lonely hearts club band. I got off to a sort of early certainly felt this morning so sort of in the mood for a morning Soledad. I can edit out my guard down at all. Who don't like being down here early in the morning America I get downtown like 630 got a call feet got me all systems are writing. I walked myself over to the edge district meet someone else for halting walk us talk back. I was amid on the way there is amid the flow of kids doing in downtown elementary school the weather was nice people come and it in and out of apartments are volatile part it was nice. US there at the Daily Mail and you know offices. Preparing. Two will be cranked up pretty soon could go to daily Nancy dot com and type in their email addresses and they will get everything. They will learn everything they need to know. About subscribing to the daily Nancy and as we are at least finally. Nearing a launch so I look. I look forward to I wanted to ask you before I get to any sports thing I wanna ask you. Something horrible happened on Twitter and it was. It was this. You came out against chicken salad. And it is caused me to rethink everything I know about you and respect about you you came out against chicken salad this was because mattered look at. Who is very Smart man who has writes about the grizzlies and other things and if you wanna be a patriarch you can support his you can support this page. He asked the fascinating question. What food. To people. Does everybody like this you don't like. I don't think it was you who originally said this but that does that. Chicken salad tuna salad all the all the solid family or were raised up as a category of things that everybody likes. And and you won't you join then you hate yourself. Yeah I'll clarify a little bit tight I hate to have salad if any towards hate egg salad at any form. I hate potato salad if it is the traditional like bright yellow blue mustard mayonnaise and compete potato salad like it it's like a lighter were. Draft seen on a potato salad or someone you know do cheesy kind of they'd like I'm OK with that battle quite a traditional. Like you know backyard cookout for July compete yellow potato salad. Chicken salad of all of them is the most are OK he could mean but even dead in the like I don't want to compete cold chicken salad either like it did some white can open your pants. You know with the grapes and nuts. Remarks and got a Democrat or something like I can I get I'm OK with. That and I'm not quite generally anti mayonnaise as a role if I think I think that the two easiest thing that people jump or our our DNA is. In moderation. I think flavor enhancer or stay already sell all the can watch. But I don't want like I don't want it like you know got a recording devices. I was gonna. Asked if there was this is -- be absolutely easy to explain if you were simply anti male. And then of course you'd be anti any solid because there's no I don't. Exactly anti male even if they think there are there's article yeah. Through people right now. What you call it elite and they're OK with certain high tech it's not the same thing. It's mostly the same thing just. Different flavors look it is what is it is absolutely you have to have led Jeffrey Jeffrey is making faces familiar anti male I'm anti Mayo but weirdly a -- can sound it's the only thing all I can do it may. The my my my brother Tim Calkins who is now does go closer but at that once upon a time he worked for Kraft and he was brand manager for Kraft mayonnaise and his wife hated man eyes and trust clearance charity you never do that she hated man is. Whenever they went to a party and it came up what do you do. I work for craft people love talking about mayonnaise and so. She was forced to listen to them discussion after discussion. All of which turned her stomach about Manny is Manny is actually. It then isn't pretty. Lot of people made managed or at least say they demands that you gave it right there's a lot of your youngsters say they had managed. Why tuna and egg salad more than tickets. I think he had to run is early discrepancies. Because. Everything about it is repulsive to me he's an 808080 surge at all. Com an egg I don't quite cold exit period. What I I quite you know I like a good coach dagger over over easy or suited to their crack legal card at all it locked up. I'm pull all of that but I don't like our double bags. And so I don't quite cold go antibiotics to be pretty hot does it for the big event I'd do my extra behind the birdie eagle or you'll have to write that senate. Is there and canned meat that is not disgusting to you in other words here and I mean it's so I can't take you behind this. This yeah well statistically discussing the personal component to it as what else. IKEA I can't think of any canned meat that I would like willingly eat at this point in my life you know I mean. A lot of may be of forgetting something but that target you leave gotta take a little bit less falcons show exclusive us on this on the same the same question. There's the question was put out different people responded to it. And that a guy Jonathan Nagle I know responded like the hottest of hot apartheid. That the overrated to do have a barbecue nacho yes and I think he's kind of right. I. Alone. Had to write about that loss at. President not because that doesn't take much of cheese group is just a really bad to stop it so really it's for the war if there's no flavor to it. Other notable flavor it's not real cheese that's just a bad thing to bloom. It's why the run to the uses podshows up authentic podshows meant this cheese dip. Okay that's a bit would bet that they totally different story if you talk about that but most are Jews have liked to have nuclear she's due to. And I ducked and that's to be darkly good. Team to consume. Meat for health reasons having worked perfect place for these tests. This group and nobody is admirable to Europe somewhere Alexis yeah American leave America. I guess you are accused Google. Height of barbecue aside in a macho form there is that a real or. Or you are important came to form and so community barbecue I would amount of barbecue got you but I'm getting barbecue I'd rather have what actual work you had not. Have a you know comfortably. She and I'll tell you twilight. Although salads and he barbecue nacho. Because I love. Sound could you trick yourself but your he took the white belt. Yeah why don't I like to. And that's my highest form of food is too. So and so I'd like yards. And although the likes things that I sort of saucy and goofy and whatever and so. And a couple away and today. And therefore today on like like a San what's that like drills falls off billions mess everywhere since falling off your hands I'd like. I'd really like messy food that's what I like about themselves. And so there's a consistency here are like chicken salad and I like tuna salad I even went to the chicken salad chick the other day and and voluntarily got chicken salad. I. I love. I I think I'd probably prefer barbecue matches I don't know that's a hard one to pull toward a pay what if I pulled pork you know what I do. I don't barbecue sauce all over it like I put more barbecue sauce a Michael board than any other human I know. What do you do with us also pulled pork Tim Thomas how much you put on there. I need identically like bet I'd I've generally had other dry rub guy on ribs. And I don't use salt on good brisket. But I do definitely watchable slow courtroom you know pulled a couple sailors apparently don't were overloaded with salt to the point that your. You're you're covered up to meet delicate you know good ballots. So I don't I don't go overboard on the on the assault homeowners saying much either. I do think it is true that there are things I actually had a hard time thinking of something that everybody likes that I don't like her 'cause I'd like almost everything. The things that I don't like I don't like soft shell crabs well. Lots of people don't Mike's outlook lots of people haven't had them. And if they turn them they priced in to discuss them because they are here I'm not a mammogram and then another one as I plan some people love I plan but a lot of people don't like eggplant and I hate eggplant and so that's another month of I don't really have anything that everybody likes. He had the flu that I that I hate her more esoteric. He capers like any capers on anything. And I eat rye bread to the point and I think I might be allergic to it. I don't know medical leave that I'm allergic to it but I don't like that might be true because I might my of my reaction is so strong. And I don't believe I don't like role and give them what it's like pickled in on architectural. Definitely does everything into a slot again I don't think I think onion is a pretty common thing anyway so. On his. On his list of people responded in on mass to this other things that everybody likes. That that he's some people don't lie okay let me give you some of them. Follow. Yes he doesn't I don't I could figure you would take it low it might be able overrated but couldn't come on if it's cold outside. You know we're puzzled look and everybody will want Adam to the Vietnamese soup ironic plot may be the correct. You apparently. A fruitcake but that's and that nobody likes to play like a really nice I think that's that's ridiculous rom and. That's step up and actually you must be thinking about like the little Rollins attributed the Kurdish or whatever. Well good relevant and they are actually hard to find that like if you go to what you can't Robin my chair but does have a tablet that's where the national you'll have. Here's one that I can actually understand people aiding I don't but I can understand that everyone loves it and some people hate it. Avocados slash block. I loved good guacamole. Are about Colorado uttered toward can be used to play Berlin. And so what do they won't be the only you know that people put all the coddled automobile dealer that's part of our valued at that I don't like to get out. I do barbecue and make a pretty good chicken tortilla soup but they can I do like to talk about our avocado. To put into that as a garnish. But generally speaking when a guy like Tiger Woods or some Republican toaster whatever but Apollo developed a workable. Others on the last few things foods that people everyone loves that these people don't love. Oysters but everybody doesn't love oysters so I'm not gonna look at vertically and acquired during an acquired. French Fries I don't really understand why anyone would like a French I finished in monitored at all about. French crimes legitimate. Everybody but it. That person whoever said franchises that's insane if they don't they agreed to print well ultra rightists like BR to recruit there is no reason to not like it great frontrunner that's exactly right about a sweet potato fry was listed on the okay. I think that's a good ones we've kind of flights are to be at the convention sounds like he should be good but I'm always disappointed and so scientific paper you don't want crooked cricket upright. But I don't. I thought that was a good one. It's funny they used to have a match that whatever that restaurant is that looks like a gas station on Mattison what's that plus interest mounted fuel man don't be at least garage when it was fuel in and then it went away for awhile and came back they used as we hit the to combine things. Really good sweet potato Fries but mostly because like Duncan and they only. And quite serious they go okay Wayne swings is was less than something everybody likes but some people say. I think most people like when I don't switch on the banner of the third. What we're talking abandon the third the other dugout for over exclusively that I think a lot of people don't like wings the band. Wings the food gas sushi I can understand some people not liking sushi and right can you understand that Curtis. Surely having this world there shuttle orbiter acquired taste 33 that I would throw out best to home. More sort of regional and one more universal but I think a lot of people would terrified of potentially overrated things that I would agree are operated. I think the do we cheese steak is an overrated regional food and I think Vietnam addicted deep dish pizza is certainly an overrated being. And obviously hot chicken but the other big hot dogs are gobbled cerberus. You certainly melded to slightly different topics. Is overrated and hate is different I absolutely agree that Chicago style deep dish pizza. Is overrated I would never say everybody likes it and I hate it. And and so those are two lead but but I I agree with that. I targets so clearly inferior to a hamburger that it's not even a missed out. Preposterous the idea that anyone would choose how tired over amber heard. You should question. A few more of these. Caesar salad ice cream cakes blue cheese whole mess lasagna. Hash browns and muffins which are just. A which are poor man's cup. Yeah I took iPhone backlash from what I took offense to that because I think good hash browns or or a wonderful. And I've I think it's hard to find really good hash browns and Memphis I think you're so very mid western diet are kind of saying. Whenever I look to the Twin Cities every year I seek out hash browns. Okay we have thereby ended this discussion. You don't like chicken salad and that's fine how does your family feel about your themselves. Obama wants a big bear and a little chicken salad and so prominent focus won't ask you just. I manage it she's been to the chicken salad restaurants or it's yeah I'm here today. No very quickly the big story in the news today is Urban Meyer and and and what should have happened to him etc. What I wanna talk about it a little bit in the context of the NBA. Because really at the heart of this is domestic violence that is what is at the heart of that and what's interesting is. We have had a couple. Brushes with that with the grizzlies not much but there have been a couple brushes with the with the grizzlies. Which I am large. So one was James Johnson right. But that was after he was gone essentially won at the summit that he left. Yeah he was. No longer greatly when it happened or could it happen not just. The other one was how mad. And I don't really I actually think he returned idea. They were tooth some things and I think he returned after the first sometime. And then of course the big one nationally is Kobe. Our question is this would Kobe be Kobe. Or would Kobe but all I have done differently gone down differently if that worked at a. Yeah I think you would. Obviously it was a typically it would not like talked under the rug was a danger of major story when it happened in a virtue narrow legal proceedings except for a but I don't think you would have to sort of I don't think it would have dissipated and go all the way after the fact just easily. That it happened today I think that is certainly true that bombs. Can handle. AD UW to a situation where a V back to party years and there's at least some level murky past. Although I can be triggered a neither person looking at the spectator and as part at least. And it but there is some weeks some degree of murkiness about what happened there. But yet that I I I DK we should look at Kobe differently. Period now they get that and if it had happened now admitted would do whatever its color his career much more than it actually do it. Thank Christian talk to him. OPEC as concerns and when we come back we will these are my Doc Holliday I got a lot of things to talk about it. First David Moore. And the University of Memphis second. Saw another Memphis offensive lineman high school offensive lineman committed to Tennessee. And my guerrillas had great success recruiting. But he's had a lot of success recruiting Memphis. And I wonder what docs thoughts on. On the back. Gonna get his thoughts on the tiger is generally Penny Hardaway plus he is involved with a a big double header. High school football doubleheader at this week and we will talk to him about that as well so doc Halladay is gonna during the show will make it back it's just hawkish or nineteen elephant has. I always 320 million pounds a little harder to actually happened I got and a 400 at it is still not so hungry I started noticing more energy I noticed my belly was starting district got a heresy wakeup call. Eighties some pounds I want to create thirty to 45456. 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Star himself. And I he's got some issues being high school football stuff going on this weekend we'll talk about. The ball as well the first. Donna tell us about the you got a doubleheader. Cordoba vs south when and why haven vs Ridgway you will be televising on CW thirty and you yourself will be providing me analyses is that right. You have no doubt about it we'll go on loans up I don't doormen and that that Intermune to provoke that tiger I don't but I appreciate that but yeah. Do we care the W we give a high school football week two men and of course what exactly you were breaking. MW thirty high school middle school ball flat on there like you say Cordoba taking guns out when it's two powerhouse programs. And it got really way to say go quietly and another two powerhouse programs. At the nightcap so maverick really look at. A report today taking place said the stadium home level arise we'll do you all can't make it down they're just sit at home front UT beat political CW thirty. And take it out. Let me ask you to us. Went which what level of profile what what what level of football was remote when you think about great football moments that you enjoyed in your past. What are you to look at what level of football was the most fun. Old you know would have done a great credit event but I'm only read them and they just got this little sentimental but I have to say. Play for the red here let it Peewee football. The last days. Yeah that'll only be you know only because. You know. It is the right there you try to learn the game. And when I first started playing better outlook actually offered to Miami got I know about football but I believe all the positions felt like seven years old. And I talk to play for the wired and all those. Pulled most of the guys in my neighborhood played horrible about what to practice doubles too you know. Pointed that going to love. Finding out about the white Redskins from a little kid across streets. And Aaron has received to go to bill you now without ever there was played at University of Miami are. Taken as cold over there wired that guy hit competitors. Look at coach so all. I did an amazing opportunity rather it may. O'Leary how old are you. I hope that the one that started and it'll Marmara Dublin by the former took both states so. That's why able the most public. Because seemed able to be there about to meet played minutes here Reagan running down the stylized and going after some big he would you know it'd be too hard match so. And a lot of ability a bad joke that's why. Not only the failure why David Riley will be good week. It's bacteria that was why the risque is playing against the white cowboy and a lot of goals. From the cowboys would hate to view what I want to do that they want to YA the Y what a fairly Villa. You have matter to me for Obama analyze the risk fiscal affairs says it goes whales learn. How much greater remember him how much of that was it's a mean that the memory you'd describe is is incredibly sweet how much of that is literally because. That's when your mom got to watch you play football. I think you know. Majority of it probably it will probably 85% on the but also good to present evidence is that the united knowing that you did you do that they have. Play with either staying power and only coming out emotional post. Today about the very quickly from office sublime it's good receiver. We'll get to the Bartlett I'm an outcome like three touchdown but I kept the ball like you give us some idea big battle got even got to get the ball well catching yourself. David is out there may develop their running around playing out in front man you have all these addresses. And all this crap of I've got lucky go to Juilliard School in. We want attempted debate than there is oil man obviously a typically double speak double vivid high school to pick up even more. And acknowledged that the bit slower than ten NFL. Automobile and you better be back you better be about a billion would you do it nobody there's little. Yeah you still enjoyed. So basically. Kimi was the most fun then middle schools after that junior high that I let you still enjoyed college football did you not. All meant I had absolutely loves college football just as this. Once she would just go from high school to their friends in the here it is you know admit despite going at camp. Once you get tackled three weeks would you. Like I haven't quitting and going home after that medica is just an amazing experience that because. From the ages of eighteen to 4122. Told us some crucial years. And you've grown so much during the old dude physically and mentally and emotionally. And the guy that you meet. During that time that's why a lot of NFL and B they got to be called into doubt they will win in college. Then they are in the pro told Matt becomes the borrowers and the president should be Doritos live when news broke when the outfit to a day that. If I would be to W fight for each other all of them made an experience that I love plant America's state universal domestic. The guy that Mets they get stop all myself all of a deal. All of what you think about the ultimate display of football basketball player might have even thought smiling let's hope this will be delivered in south hall of our love played Edmonton. There are a couple of issues that have come up. Recently involving college football. And given that you've played I wanted to ask you about one is the situation at Maryland we have everyone understands that. You know what the killer kid is is way beyond. The pale and if if what there's an alleged which is that he was dragged. From one drill to another after basically collapsing amid they didn't call. 911 for four for 45 minutes of those allegations are true. Those are unforgivable but that's the stuff the rest of it. So what was described as they quote unquote toxic environment. Making guys who were overweight stand up in front of the team any candy bars the throw in bar bells at or throw the weight coach throwing things at people but whatever. There's sort of this question and then saw he's been miss. There's there's always been this assumption that for college football it's a tough sport and you need to toughen people and so you need to treat them. With a borderline abusive sort of lag. How much was that true of your experience. And how much do you think it is true in other words there are some people who say. To complain about the stuff means forgotten soft. You know what Joba figured out Lugar. Particulate matter what happened at Merrill and without salute to discover and what's happening get a lot of space right now that's who discussed I think there is no excuse. To treat. Young men yelled at for young women as well like that man because football. Bennett played football Def. People always toughest because you've got to be mentally you have. I either play a sport it's good that definitely I would have a situation that I don't think that way into Iraq we got out of football and just. Want to that the fans have a spectator but like many got to be crazy to play this sport work. Already aggressive and you already don't matter what they do that Melamed Betemit got murder because there's never any excuse. To treat a young athlete like that in and I know what they would try to be able China you don't try to run the duke duke. The young man well it probably be able to build it probably won't open up got a situation how to run into the ground. Hopefully to make a quick but they. Kill the man you know and I think that a lot well you know fortunately enough they admit without a plan that Mitt dismember. We did have that we have the same kind of conditioning drills. Didn't. That he had on the one page and we had the one wanted we have six to 840 we had a twelve minute but what. Whenever a ticket elected if you if you fail you just failed to had to get up earlier than everybody else during training camp. And what I thought space is double that of winter conditioning but had to do exit condition but he wouldn't have to treat it like that we have we have water. Our Eddie Taylor could get could have looked so Obama made to look good now. The record the rest of the player I thought I'd go to got you got to say well. We now don't treat you like that and we wanted to treat it like that's what they did to them a Marilyn. I admit I mean that's. That murder led I hate to hear that and I could see that it will people who would you gotta be okay you gotta be tough which are really tough to plant football. Especially college football what you get in the game or not what your impact is compass of graphic that is why would merit a you have to be physically and mentally in the mold Lou council. What I got to man up top things situation plucked out of breath out of that macro they they'd they'd literally. Basically murdered their young man. Don't you think there are too many coaches that. Do think though that they have to quote unquote in I I love what she said. I literally I remember the first time I was on the sideline of an SEC football game and my whole. And this is. Ought insanely physical in this equally violent. And and yet I do think there are a lot of yeah I think a lot of high school coaches out there and you price you see it more than I do so tell me if I'm wrong who think that they have to teach toughness by being borderline abusive. Alia I mean the best. Debates were a bit is that you know a lot of high school football coach in college football coaches play football. So what do attribute you gotta be crazy to play football meat still quite want to talk go to. So you don't you don't you don't think about that that becomes the norm and at the same time we don't expect. I was told to go all the while we expect. College coaches that this. High moral character with a lot on just simply don't that is sports that make millions of dollars and make a great AK do a lot of interplay they care about the player. But I guarantee you most of them don't they just care about winning games. They can't root of I didn't Hope Solo. Don't think that you've got to be abusive to make some tough work a lot of times. Most college coaches don't want successful hotel. They want a good in football meant they could make it could benefit a lot of couldn't make it would've been the one they are paying. So not found that a kid I'd look at that this kid this little jealousy than normal older. Told you this because I could make you so if I could make you hear how I was the only became even more recruiter. You know they're so you got all that you we want them to have a high moral character for what I understand that lead beyond Limbaugh. This album up all night ultimate multiple somewhat a lot of not all really don't care about pulled. To begin with they don't want to wait they're going to root mentally expectant of doing big it is three treatable with respect. Now that. And I believe it even in high school mellow high school coaches though they cared more about that player in college coaches who don't I've coached. Oh did you pay don't you really you'd pay about 2000 dollar demand but it did they may do so. Part of the Doc Holliday. They will be on CW thirty A double header Cordoba vs south limb why haven verses. Ridgway and I doc will be on that telecast. I gather you are not a fan. I I will confess that I totally understood what David Moore did. You are not a fan as well and I've been able to perceive of his decision to leave the team at this moment. No and that's not a good and you know men because they're being very. Up on the while I was thinking yesterday. And I know I felt that it they've got a one point. The total global orbital doubled to quit because of well. Amid economic data won't put you know my mother must question when did he read certain of the of the night game of the year. Played against Tennessee Tennessee under the forty yards Kagan will hold a mix we guarded yards two touchdowns made Sports Illustrated. Based sports that are doubles play against Alabama then. Postal are telling me. Doctor do you combat is what it did he tell you will be much thought until better. Modify mortgages blah blah blah scumbag loses intensity panels come back up back at full back. I couldn't really get it again it's hard to quit but I'm glad I didn't quit. I did at the end here they came back my senior year he wanted me to play fullback gala held only started coming back much of the year. And I did not go to I know that I don't controlled remotely Tibetan 'cause I reported to be more. It was such good friends in the oval like my brother brought in with a month. Do without you know on a sacrifice to tumble when I came back I like the on them on the bet there's some that don't do. And I wanted to quit but I did. But I needed a you know an NFL because it but the reason outdated either. Every you know live we don't understand that I noticed now the oldest got. That got put dissidents wedges or regions that are not always about being football played football player exports. David Moore is that method for a reason even you don't meet someone that he can help. All the all of our bipartisan deal. I hope he's he's looking get anybody Benoit that anything can happen. May you want such a provisional one play from being on the field you have one bad two bad drives from being on the field. That's my opinion that I know everything happens for a reason as far as I was concerned about the older that I have been those simple way to I adequate one team my whole life. Jeff and I do regret. When I left it is that when I left NFL wanted this championship. The first time a player but I Hamilton tiger kept. They convince me to come back quit digging because you know they had the rule where you can only play so many Americans without guards so. I don't know I quit. All incapable I want. What better way of blasphemy to a previous contract but I wouldn't paces and I don't Olympia contact outside or did it come home already going a bit of political atmosphere failed. When did they kept me on the contract won't let me with the PS Vail. If it will let you sound a bit aftermath Eagles on his side via the browser on the front but I could do it. Don't you don't you don't spend so. I know now that. God sees immediate steps ahead of those members aside ego wise eagle I was Liggett is right there a bit more to eagle had to make him that he didn't like that that was in the best. But I just so lucky to make an Olympic golf is all part. Already hard being a metadata browser can men in this world anyway so you can't quit when something's not going to wait. You can equipment you can't get well look I don't like this step up and liked it even tougher for guys that looked like. Me and him so perhaps they're quitting mentality in your brain are just went oh my what's that gonna talk to them because. You don't go to live like that but you don't quick topic not going to wake up is on the powerful. I don't all of us so that's why not criticize them him. Just this side of the visible on the word is my idea that that amazement because you know what kind of felt like that Cuba. Our but I made them. Look back into the future but kept his aides they can't vote. I'm at Almeida would back in the past because if they can look at the future of all they just can't match so that's why out of an approach to Pakistan to. Just to play devil's advocate. Brady wife has stated Arizona State competed for a job and decided to go to Memphis did he quit Arizona State. Yeah me get this bit yeah exactly it's and I think so won't let them my whole thing is that. Just right where you had a great great white confident over 3000 job that you hope it goes. To go to substance. We're looking get it almost eyeball look but don't look committed on a whole different level but I probably outlived it enough experience. So we'll be right OK Brady like all the brutality are the third. Or David Moore transferred until 2000 very tough doubted that. They gave. Ali megabyte and it will look at their little football a little better the hold this little cup I mean I'm just. Loading time for them so did he wanted to doubly delighted quit every little thing came here at this time spent time for the white. Why why does. Michael bell labs has done a fantastic job here. Raising the level of program raising the level of recruiting raising the level of excitement is an unbelievable job. And yet what I look around Memphis UC recruit after recruit after recruit. Deciding to go particularly in Memphis like it's weird he can recruit in Nashville he can Urquhart. Whatever and most recently levels McBride Dwight David decides to go to the balls I don't blame anyone from side to go to the malls or what what accounts for. He's made some progress in Memphis obviously. But may I bet that is much as he would like why. Because commitment you have generation after generation after generation a lot of those people there they would miss football fans government basketball fans. Paula did hear about another school just to see that Charlie Watts every week and they saw. I Garrett did oblivious to them have been around those who can't get around these coaches allotted quota the redevelopment of football fans. They're not best player ever individual players who play commit. But early just in their alliances lie elsewhere and that's what they hear and then that's what you see on television and all the time. Because he has been training camp with the type managed promote old school to promote these programs and we'll promote peace conferences. So much. You have program I wanna be applauded it. To be applauded it I want to go to cut their own television all the time you right here in Memphis even though the program is doing well. Somebody more than one person that met here. Let them wrongly Goodman you don't want movement is limited somewhat if they go on even though we couldn't do good in that. Even though brought live on that on television but do not own you know sports and like Herman would create you don't get it done at that direct law and you've also. That's what have you noticed a lot of people talk down about. It's football like a pivotal element of basketball book. That would have been going to be hearing about other schools about the SEC. So I think of why you know might want to blow it up Maggie tablet related to the coaches. With the parents with players but as just a hard thing to swallow my VW Goldie that if you can't it is meant. And I would like if they cut the lead or leave politics of the year it is building up the idea of building up an incompetent plus. And they get sucked in with that match what they did. A big reason why. How did you think Russell Davis here. You know what. Good. I think Beckett will be what we often we we could still be extremely. Good in it doesn't really. I think we'll Brady white men want to them like even if mandate of mobile were Brady white. I'm not impressed with brilliant and alone. Down on the field Paula but. If you can be Smart and be kind of regroup magnitude hit that hit the tight and Jason Campbell got a down to ask some outs. So we can carry eight people up the box because we got a plea for the market demand out in the back field with their running game you know we Omar was brought it back so it would have been. Do that matter it feels good being you know not work and I agree again. And then finally pennies still kill it and this is no surprise to you. How many heads off its. They the government. You there are many good hitting bad phenomenon not a surprise development monkeys take care of business that what you have. I knocked enjoy the doubleheader is tonight is that and it's it's a Friday night and. Announce it's that it matters and plot. Cordoba vs south when the white haven vs Ridgeway and you can catch it on CW. Thirty thanks very much I appreciate you kept. That is the great doc Colin he is. He's shot his opinions isn't. Know that a very teenage show today I know I loved art I think he's great I don't know as a grave like that with I got a very good Ozzie grey but like he he's. It edit. He did offer TV does everything he anyway you that lives in Cleveland that and honestly the idea I never would have imagined when I asked him what level football he liked fast. And he comes up with kiwi because his mom got to watch your mama died aged twelve and we had no idea answers coming. I have no idea I know Pee-Wee was common who would have imagined. People may have they have lives in the stories on Muslims to do here and we at daybreak they're committed just opportunity to benefit mr. Others about passing the ball and Tennessee opens the 1018 football season on Saturday September the coach Jerry people. He's the volunteers in the Charlotte the base West Virginia our coverage of the game starts with a kick off Paula Jones wanted to get the ball. To the Tennessee and West Virginia Saturday September the first here on your home of the ball. No need to Chinatown. ESPN. These days is all you hear out of congress fighting partisanship. And gridlock. But while Washington politicians bicker. Film grows and gets things done. As governor reticent save Tennessee from what the Nashville Tennessee and call. Financial tailspin. And they Jackson's son praise to. Tennessee in the right direction he worked with the Republicans and Democrats and balanced eight budgets without raising sales taxes and no new income. Acts and Gradison made Tennessee one of the best days in America for new jobs like the Volkswagen. Which is brought over a billion dollars to Tennessee's economy and Nissan's headquarters for all of North America. Jobs and balanced budgets without raising sales tax cuts till breakfast and gets things done paid for my maturity forward which is responsible for the and this advertising www. Majority forward not a war. Trust any candidate or. Candidate's committee. And he is Kevin Johnson near GM racecars they cast members. So what's good and Bruce Chris oh are tendered lists you as Steve prime states for one. There always is. Speaking of sizzling and spent time a year or seasonal records mean inspired by this season's first new flick springing up all of us. You re screwed shift in source some of these flavors so you know you're enjoying fresh ingredients right at the very peak. What's more our season and three forced me starts at 44 and I think but this show not only enjoy three courses you'll also get a starter insert as well. You might even travel one of our premium new menu items like the forty ounce tomahawk cruise came hard. 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Now it's them closing argument. Couple things I thought reader. Suggested a foodstuff that everybody lives that I hate. And I don't hate it. But I think it's so wildly overrated that I come close dating yet. Oscar performance of our readers post. The moon pot. Full moon pie yeah and AM I'm fine of that honeymoon pot just totally worthless he served from. And I am so that would fit under that category and so the idea that the other part of this. I'll say things that I felt it was paid adequate attention to was how absolutely appalling that he Ohio State fans were in the face of all of this. Most obviously. More one Matthew lottery you see Matthew Larry's trying tweeted Bradley perfect no please do a lot of lightning. Matthew loved I had to graphic. For a flop you deserve a bullet in your head and in your chest and have you tried to get them fired how does it feel he's still at Ohio State. Tough thing to see. The whole city of Columbus is coming for your ass we're going to tell you what a lovely day. Now. Everyone in Columbus was not back yes. Too many war. On that side. And them overwhelming majority. Were prepared and and and and wanted their university. To sacrifice anything resembling integrity. In the interest of winning football games and at least one. Thanks for Brett but Murphy deserves a bullet in his head and chest. It was a shameful. Shameful. Resolve. It was a shameful. Shameful. Press conference. And the fans. Behaved just as badly as the university. Really disgraceful moments for college football and forced the Ohio State University reflect. Here's the bite of the day what's up enough to get to catch it on Tuesday night that on hard knocks we were introduced the bomb wiley and Bob Bliley is the offensive line coach. For the Cleveland Browns and I got to tell you Jeff straight out of both unstructured. He didn't disappoint here's a football guys football back. Stretch is way overrated. For Juno. Will award he won more awards to all those guys that one out walk. They did push ups and jumping jacks sit up find global brand could not it is fair to. Okay Raikkonen won four awards. Cool laws but little jumper in Andrew Christiansen looks cool if you think they will war either one or wanted to close moment the above strategy and are you kidding me. My humble that having won't this give me my bench like it struck a record that they do to begin. But I thought they are part of the day though it's best we get to see Bob Larry's car. He drives like them all her body to gore played sports car like. That was the most shocking thing I've seen he hit a ball got bingo they're by the way he complained about stretching. Toughness also he's a big animal got cannot say enough good things about life. What is that here's what's coming up next go to next on Jason judge it dies and is going to join the program 1125. Ford show on the program Aircastle died today in studio right last beatle bill Bender who was in Columbus for all the of the proceedings. And I should they prized Asian German 325 Albie has to negate pair showed huge scary pair showed today Gary gonna joined live by the phone. The minister of defense Tim Howard himself will join the program at 445. Jeff of course at five John Martin five bogeys aren't you had me. You had Eric Cassell and challenging me to a duel in basketball yesterday that I did not did you see that I sold by solved. There was the challenge is something I think it was you know it was it was because I've ran you know platinum yes aside yeah yes three times. A three times that like all of a sudden he once upon him asking him he would crush him the ball. I don't wanna do that and a I would not do that but to each day in the have been on polling eating contest maybe. Beyoncé go on the same same. The same route. Running the same race. Now he was pushing a child and Jeff let's attack the jolly yes exactly definitely. We'll be back tomorrow officials. America's done. He is ready to benefit ESPN radio just Damascus and anytime anywhere and gave us today we have the best and at least one Bartlett. Only on the West Memphis news. It's station if you're looking for a home to purchase these days it almost seems like everything to meet your needs in the area and try to strangers searching in. Sold disappeared. Yes the inventory has been low and a number of different hot spots but there's still hope. This is Sheldon Rose Garden with marks and score of realtors and while I sell a lot of homes my team and I also were the buyers and navigating the tricky path. I'm buying a home. Only the richer first or your fist. You can watch on line like everyone else does and then find out how you're interested in is already under contract. Or sold dude you're using an unreliable website talk to me that had to overcome. 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