Hour 2 with guests Chris Herrington and D.J. Palmore

Producer Jeffrey Wright
Thursday, October 12th

Segment 1 -- Geoff Calkins opens the second hour of the program by welcoming Chris Herrington to the show for "The 9:01" at 10:01 presented by 901 Plumbing to discuss Chris' impressions from last nights preseason game at FedExForum.

Segment 2 -- Geoff welcomes former Christian Brothers High School standout and current Navy linebacker and team captain, D.J. Palmore, to the program to discuss his journey to the Naval Academy, his time at Navy, this week's game at the Liberty Bowl against the Tigers, and more.

Segment 3 -- Geoff closes the show by discussing a Utah family that left a three year old at a corn maze overnight and more before Jeffrey Wright plays the Byte of the Day.


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Answer TV and on the W other tests that can. Now it's 901 Nintendo. Then 901 commercial. Then listen Nintendo one for Chris Herrington and. Kids you know. Prisoners have the dam to step we golf and I've ever seen in that involves not many actual time off but that he did not have a 90 warm up today but what were we listened to. A wide and I have I think the real thing okay we were listening to. The love I saw you was just a barrage by smoking americorps as what I imagine John Martin's long distance dedication to Chandler Parsons would be. After the last night the love I sign you was just a mirage. So you were there last night. For that late tip. Let's go through it a little bit we'll start with I get the depressing news Chandler Parsons. Yeah I never I mean. It's one thing that his ineffectiveness was in effectiveness and only twelve minutes discussing what they were sort of plain normal rotation leases are the game. And he was that he didn't get the full extent of that you look off the bench you know Mario Chalmers play between Warren and Tyreke Evans nineteen Brennan right seventeen and don't vote Sony three any abortions as well. And so they they pulled him back I don't know of anyone I left after the game out of me when asked us to about that in the post game but you wonder about the minutes. Effectiveness too but do you read the minutes on top of that because he played. Eighteen minutes each of the first super easy game to that he's been down about ten or twelve and so but they feel like. He's over taxed to play more than two short spurts like six minutes per teacher. I need it get any did nothing he literally did yes he did not playing from. He only had one nice pass and transitions com. The shut boots up or he took it missed but he got sort up on the rim didn't look that bad. I and I wanna see him shooting more just to see if it will ever come Koran but nine shop yeah I'd go out there and just funky jacket and just seed UNL. And so I mean I have it. I guess I guess my expectation which was Prioleau already is slow is lowering the but I had to change or my fundamental thing I said earlier this week which is went on to what I would do with him which is. I would play him in this role all bitch is about a power forward. And just more. Do it for a few weeks and see what happens. Does get battered as a guitarist that is what they're gonna do games and it's the starting every game at that the three and elbow so maybe it's twelve minutes a night every night like this it either he's gonna play himself into a Mormon in minutes a bigger role these complaints off right out of the rotation but I would give it a few weeks and see which way as my eight. Expectations were. Pretty much zero coming into the it's an end the year until media day and Aaron and yeah oh yeah it has gone down a little red dot don't enable people that I had a burst of hope. And you had said that what you wanted out of him not what you expect. But she wanted out and was sixty games that. Fourteen or fifteen points a game oil and it doesn't look like her once again and that's at regrettable your average rotation player base what do you make it harder last year right. And it's looking unlikely it is but well. Either way so let's let's hypothesize he gets he plays. 1214 whatever minutes a game off the bench right summerall. Any does nothing. And then they just say you know what we're done we're just for America to keep throwing out there it's costing costing us. Who will send his men sat exactly. Hopefully we'll put I was gonna say that was my big takeaways last night was. Manager Michael Green easily 82 games and played 3034 minutes it to settle what are they could literally you can if he gets it happened last night. Where they didn't play full rotation will Parsons David. But they have a situation where they give their dangerously thin at power forward behind from uncle Ernie. Parsons can play India all helpful like he fits in that spot behind the hard to Mark Green. But. If he plays his way out of the mix or gets hurt or whatever you have to take him off the board. If you touch around Martan and Martin and really been good since that first game breakers and let's be honest so if you cut your Morton. Roddy is our garage is not ready to play that clear. Why did and I grabbed more can he play I don't know he had played enough obviously they don't think he can play in the second round pick you probably can't write it right. That's what apple what are you doing what what you're doing is James an issue you're shifting your curtains are pretty good shape but the one in the five. In the middle there should show your actual everything serves are shifting up so insurgents enters its employee. More minutes before and because of that the one Brooks is gonna its life Brooks is gonna get the minute right Jill Brooke to your movie and you racy Tyreke Evans summit the three anybody was in when some some of the three because of that. Gonna shift up and either enter Harrison in Norway Ballmer may get more minutes at the two credit crisis schools we have five that is that is I. Ideally I think writes it was we have five but I think mark assault range. I'm surprised we have Nazi wants us what we see them together because that would be solution that's the other thing you get that a lot of you have a lot of shifting up to smaller lineups. But you do have the option of shifting the other way in planes some bigger lineup good so right together. They played I remember what the number as I added my column less last. Columns ago but whatever minutes they played last season like 200 or so Marquette the greens were great with them on the floor I gather. And because call this all can shoot the three of such good pass or that he's still crates the space right. So at some point I think you're either you're gonna see them do that evident increasing man's bizarre to me it seemed like I mean it was all didn't play well first you're pre season game right right has only been two games. And so I think at some point you're gonna see them doubtful that out of necessity in my unit being good for them as a lot. Right OK so that's very Eric Parsons. And it's not promising at this point though. You that have Ander Harrison and wade Baldwin and garrison now plays lots of minutes. Largely at the two he's he's playing where Wayne seldom would be playing as a place no grammatical more both Al record should it go out and they're not better than I put the type Rican and got the sense that they want Tyreke is that six man off the visuals are trying to keep him several other key right place holder into Harrison is playing too as a place holder. Four sell them and medical more. Mom. But he's getting a lot of minutes and he played well he is plane circles around wave all the yeah and he was better than moment last night but I mean if you look at the box score I mean he patted his stats in the last two or three minutes and reiterate please let me whenever. I didn't think I will lose her condition out like everything went ball doesn't matter plea deal on port does is good because like you talked a new guy on the list and we we wanted to get excited about. Our dorm Brooks got. Well Eric Gordon wood right behind for a layup he air balled a fifteen foot jump shot. I can play ball would air balls the fifty foot jump shot my Twitter feeds we've all people we can play ball and I. But we will we decided we like dawn looks and so I'd always says anything about it. Ballroom was that bad last night he missed the one layup in transition we came up short. But he hit two of three shots the one score he made off the cut eat if it was. Post feeder markets all he cut off for Marcus hall which is what you speak to do when you're gonna look at the grizzlies. It made a great asked right catch and finish around James Harden. He had a steal him Dyson says he'd looked OK I mean. What I watched that game with viewers are basing on the game last night and I don't I didn't look up and say Harrison Baldwin wrote about the you know who they usually don't hear it's darn. That's something that you did not sit wrecked whatever that started the when I was gonna make it. Not he moved between those two. I don't look at them feel like you are those guys are collecting guy you don't want entertainment Kampala a look at what I say Iran he's Tyrod can play until a person can't play. Andrew Morton's or do anything that to me Harrison while we're both looked more promising than those three guys last night. And so. I think it's weird that they blurted out and their roster with a all these kids who have to be on the roster who applied. I think one that I mean obviously you don't the good the great mistake of this the last few years is the channel person's freedom thing. But but a smaller mistake to me is is the rotting thing where. You know yes he was that he was his contract was up in Europe. And either you bring over an hour he's gonna sign some three year deal whatever he's. Okay cited three year deal like he's putting him. Point one years old whatever the good state area and there's certainly more in the mold to a lot of other bruises are going to be one of wallowing around the lottery probably before then anyway so come on over and be an extra piece he had a serious relationship steadily into their way into the rock star as I Atlantis I grab medals have been a mistake or what we don't alien he might. Hadn't played in played all the summer is quite liked but he's got a guaranteed spot he's got to be there certainly is he's taken that up. And so yeah it's it's just that rab. What he's good enough of it won every game we gave our but in any sense because of that you're also getting DOJ journal mark was part of what you're giving up yet. Yet another rat has got to go Martin I don't go to literally no we have no idea on our program I I get a skeptical of him based on the the in the his combination of body size and and and and skill level or does his style of play relative to his size. Which to me doesn't seem to get in the NBA right now. Because he's not that big accident isn't easy days you're glad that I had tall posts are gonna hurt people's and we people credited him Duncan Mike said it's either ridiculous of the of that. Duncan is like two which is taller and bigger way bigger frame as you noted they are posted right. It's I don't know Fran took a beating that it be nice to try to find out but I don't know if he'll be anything and so. You have a situation where because of all these various injury questions like these players you really don't wanna carry dead weight on your Ross store. An idol taking Harrison. I have doubts about the ultimate success is it NBA players are Harrison and ball wouldn't read a heading into low stakes in our review I'm gonna go back on his fundamentalists but I don't think yeah I. I wouldn't miss her classified either of them as total discs shirt clearly cares and is not that way Brent Bowden wouldn't classify Baldwin's dead weight worse I think Robbie may just be dead weight the season. And rat who knows and entail Parsons might indeed dead weight that's the sad part. Ultimately by the way can you at what point can you can you unload Chandler Parsons. Home he halfway through his fourth month of loading you mean just what swallow in the money is what for or against Seattle probably right now I don't know it out not began but I don't think I. I don't respecting the nap in the season I speak it this season goes badly or comparatively badly to last season. They have a decision to make next summer I don't expire I think about it look like what they get quality either you're assuming that you can't quite move him to another team which seems likely you have two choices to right. Or three choices one he just keep normal server two more years is that on your bench token money. Two you can cut him just pay him all the money right then and like. We upper roster spot be it but still have that money unfortunately for two years I'm 49 only for two years or your books. Or if you use what's called the stretch of revision in the which is. You can take a player's contract that stretched out over multiple years it's at times to plus one situations so what Parsons. Go in and accelerated to years left on his contract. You could stretch that out over five years currency consensus for plus one spot to get to the two years and stretch it over five. And that would lower your cabinet next hour billion dollars a year over the next guest Sosa and having to 44 million in the books next summary go ahead can promise you had that ten for five more seasons and that's a tough decision about it. Right. Two member look at that yes. Okay so. We've discussed some and Henderson we've discussed Baldwin you don't get any sense of what that they've made the decision and I are back I. I turn to ask about this last night and I was gonna tell you what they're gonna do and I wrote aspects are expected wanna come back. But I did sort of say do you know what your Saturday or where is that that is a end. The one thing that I think we haven't talked about that is that somewhere in the mix of all this is. There's two things there's due to grizzlies making a decision for themselves and who they want on the Ross her. But then there's a question of is there anything you can do relative to other things and it dates are may be that I don't know but I suspect this week is about those two things it's talking internally about. And we wanna key. It's also just looking around the league insane well among the players were discussing letting go love. Is there anyone out there who wants to pay them some of us buying them out. As those anymore and you have your quarterback major Harris and wade ball when drum and these are all players on cheap car young players and she contracts. If they're bad team and Phoenix Atlanta Burkle and whoever who looks at any of those players and says we wouldn't mind taking a shot on that in the end they were either. We did it give you Tucker our pick for them or worse case scenario don't take them and you don't have to go to a theme them guys really come off your books. And so it's I think it's possible that the groceries receive a close call between some of these players. That a tiebreaker could go to have another controller takes the contract that could be a part of the part of the decision it okay. Anything else in terms of Brandan Wright or any other observations you had about any players that might kindly by the way has not played great yet people mature the drought I don't care of freedom and I don't care or talk to beat. If he if he's if he's doing this two weeks into the regular season we can talk about it I don't care right now my Martin and James Harden was to a thirteen Chris polls 312 gets breezy and let's let's say look injured I don't care about my Carly Marcus hall right now. Right bombs on outward about her. The entire Kevin to come. This is at my notes and I'll probably put it somewhere in the column Friday as an aside that. They're gonna be so many times a season or players are going to be frustrated player Tyreke Evans and maybe an altar that's okay because what he can give you you need and so are whatever. But there were times last night a portrait of course as was Y eight Opel wide open and actually wanted the ball about what life China lately and I. The board and you want him to want the ball that good start. And Tyreke Evans has just like go to war onto a dribble it in the people and injure abortions or hello. I can see situations. I was ordered you wanna separate Marc Gasol and Tyreke Evans as much as possible because because Margolis no it isn't bad out with like you know IIII got I got these handles it like I'm going to get these guys are gonna show he's handled Marxist in in the air. That's gonna capital of the season. Was their thing where there's things that impressed you about him beyond is single mindedness he he had two possessions in a row where it was like old Tyreke like you'd have to decide to guide out get a Jones gates power right past into the ground delay a 200 countries and he's able to do that. I'm you know I think they need what he can do it it's just a matter of sort of judicious deployment of of that what do you tell the rotation will look like in terms of and he does your Chalmers and read and they're gonna throw and they they come like here comes the group of the first half last night with the rotation except for. You have Harrison sort of standing in force out an indoor Michael Moore. The one player who rose in my estimation this is what happens with the grizzlies one player rose in my estimation. Last night was big Mac or. Your usual get up and white you know art I'm not freaked out by the stats on shooting a pre season but. If you start looking at the roster in the about it trailer parks is Barnaby a three point shooter. Like where's that and so bit back more AE bigot and he's shooting. But also he's the guy I mean there's you know he wasn't good to Sacramento but he was blatantly minutes a game of NBA basketball and it sort of light. You know could he be like that it has more green tie in just the sense of you could go another so government's. With all these other questions about all these other players can he be guy who runs up and down before and spots up to three soaks up minutes for two cents. Any sense at all. As to whether. I'm. I think we can agree that the margins the front office has done a good job of filling in finding sort of a news. Ruff ruff moved to the micro greens were right there at what that we can give them credit for doing. But at the two. Big jobs of the front trapped in the raiders are draft draft Hillary crowd didn't want to tell. Hello I have free agency right. In retaining free agency is also nice whatever they had a giggling and I'll give them credit for that whether some others don't probe or not. But it goes to basic jobs draft thing. And identifying high level free agents they have. Give it to Roche well I. I mean all of one level you don't really expect to get high level free agents don't so the parson thing was an anomaly in that regard and it may be it was an anomaly because he was so hurt right and that was that what that's what enabled you to sign him and maybe that that you could maybe it should have been a case of like about wanting to be a part of a club that would have you Qaeda thing I let go Groucho Marx and there are trying to just messed up. May it may be the fact that Parsons is going to sign the contrary if he was a red like a good shot a better idea. And so. Neat. In terms of like for writing in a small market but two things in theory this is not been a reality but in theory you need to do what are those kind of their hourly. But in theory you need to draft and develop well which they have not done. And you need to stand why we need to maximize what you do spit. And they dug from smaller stuff like James Dennis was good right and so they they are pretty good job on what they're smaller speculation right. You just can't afford to miss big and they Mr. Big could afford just not not go at all. And we can't know the answer this because of whom it just goes to the mind of Robert pear right it is weird that Robert Perez who was originally considered impulsive. Particularly when it came to de Jager and all those rumors he was gonna router and weighs in Lebanon headsets or whatever else. He's just patiently letting this front office do what it wants to do given the money sitting back whatever else right he can't know at what point. He will say. I'm looking volleys draft picks and none of them are working out like threat at some point to the chickens come home to roost for this. For this process. You would think so and daddy you fix a bit. Yeah what era. Perry is such a mystery that aren't to like Billy club Eric is it patient. Or is it is a management yes force of the fact it's going to be capital's problems. Saloon or is it all right another one is it just not at this point after all the conflict early on is going to avoid the conflict. Is easy Doug Tudor you're comfortable he's clearly done quite. About a guy who grew craves a personal interaction very much a question is is like on this particular one. I said this earlier will look the the the Pao Gasol draft pick was one that had many fathers right it had blocked everyone claiming to have drafted Pao Gasol charm might ties Li Tony Brody senior Billy Knight I think everyone identified with the person identified. Out assault on this one the Chandler Parsons won. Who the hell knows it could have been Peres himself who wanted to make a splash it could enjoy a body. Who always says he knows nothing to do personnel but we know I believe there's more of them than people think with personnel right and it could be Chris Wallace couldn't wait it out well. Like all right this is one of those Isdell bad girl is right or wrong if this is one that's the total from my colleague was courted him. My colleague about the threat of the most of those. I Tony Allen comes back for our final weight is he usually via the played a legal effect play on Friday right thumb on the pre season you're even gonna be here. I doubt it I don't have an IP. I am what I say they've already said he's argue play in the game. I don't know if I make the trip. I had no idea just as well that he doesn't make the trip day and they don't receive proved beyond its original I don't wanna talk to him among onto at all mentally only blame if he's out there play and his record effects Foreman has these created him absolutely all right Chris thanks very much we'll put him thanks Chris Harrington. What we come back we will be joined my deejay tell Moore who is of course. Linebacker and captain former Olympian still really amounted linebacker and captain. Whiff the Naval Academy they will be here Saturday. Beckham moments just got to Germany Jennifer music. Kerry cares and I can tell you about James Davis for years the stores amazing we're lucky to have him here imagine that you need a great and affordable so it's no. Now the time to come over to forward shopping center and here they want. 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And going back to normal school to a sorry our school and we all boys school through which people understood. Their percentage of the back. Oh and then. Our quality of an official visit. And February. And it was a good meeting between the commission read some of the players. They appreciate same brother that aspect conflict. All those who have visited as part of the same thing where it was when there's a different here are thinking that myself and for many older players here now. They're out of each other I knew from the real. And you're gonna definitely be a part of his football player. Were you Tom I know where you surprise. Is that you weren't you I was a had a great career at navy you're you're on the on on on national lists for linebackers of the year your team captain there. And you got to sleep played well battle in football. Ed Christian Brothers but I think you won two state wrestling titles. It an addition. We surprised that she wore like they that there wasn't more interest from more big schools I don't think that universally levels are pretty well. Are they did that are gonna surprise but. It's asserted it is what it is then maybe their loved the first so. So when you go there you realize what is the commitment by the way you're you're there obviously for your four years and then what's the commitment for service afterwards. And and volunteers. Are active duty after here are upon graduation so a few different service you can go to begin may be armory ground. And navy surface warfare submarine warfare community borrowers who you are a deplorable conditions at Jews but as far as years for around minimum. OK so what when you're making that decision around the kitchen table with your mom and dad. What went when a lot of kids and make the decision it's however I gonna do the cows for four years you're making a decision where I got to go to college for four years. And then I'm going to be serving my country for five so it's nine years of commitment. That's a different kind of commitment and must take some I mean you have obviously have to know what's right. Yeah on December our face and steadily to say it's Barbara photos marine. And in laws or an. On just meeting other people on the surface that have come to and they look at me tremendous all. Out assault on the in the graduation in a note there's really no way to know. Until weird you know until the end of earlier in it but I he's perfectly safe. And they've got it worked out. So do you know you said they're different things you can go into do you know which which which aspect of service you will. Be pursuing after your blockers over. So we sort of about a month but my first preference was marine ground. Marine ground which means. So Maria be Marine Corps officers after graduation. I was debating school our elevations about being in addition officer. Not every marine. Ground officers in the journal survey of the all afternoon as basic skills. So what target TVM SN multi element that you'll actually via our learn more road record. And I was go from there it. And how do you I mean that is serious stuff why is that the one that you say what you do you ranked them and then you get. And then they place you. Are you would you rank them you know you have a ranking. Apollo mission and most we will get their first choice but socialism during their rounds and then after that I surface warfare that just in Russia. Are you can't go wrong with any service. Because I mean they're all great majority leader who owns positions but I think are the Marines Marines are more the team aspect. I kind of found fourteen now you know never the same as your car's working but. At a similar team aspect and that's what drew me to look to his record. Part of the deejay tell more he is of course graduate Christian Brothers now at navy Naval Academy where his linebacker. And a team captain navy plays. At Memphis Saturday by the way I don't know whether you started it. But like now other seventeen Memphis kids out there are good seventeenth but there's a lot there's a couple from plaza and I know. Among it who what what is it is did you feel like you have sort of a Memphis. Group that's that's gathered up there at the Naval Academy. I that we definitely have little group earlier. A very out of his seven of us it's just just on the team. And there's some others and others force and so crossing brigade. I think the enabled and you got normal exposures. And our security stronger conduit and they realize there's a masterful ball. And I mean I don't think he personally just that we noted when he got a he's doing with the purple sort of has been doing the last few years associate general conference of this press. What's the sound is the first year I gather the first year's hard for anyone at a military. That one of our our country's there who use military academies. Is it different for football players or as an identical as everyone goes through the same. Stuff. Well the other Lucent studies have battled long title bar at the end of the day on there's definitely days where I don't know how to make it. I considered are we leaving are all those saying who who aren't but I you really. Disparity teammate. And as you get through if you want to descent into tunnel was different about a military academy and you know your traditional civilians. Will give me a hard day what was a hard day in your first year. Part of it part of Marshall school just so this is just double the normal day wake. This study on mornings. Are Duisenberg should go to class all day meeting their lives for our football but I GM meetings go back to class. I ask you Eric after practice in the national practice you we have a nice little homework. And then that's just local law he and to be here refers to these are things right pro knowledge. And sort of all over clashes on. No military regulations in the proliferation. Rick uniformed depressions and recessions. He couldn't military effort in the and that's. Actually four hours in wake up and do it again. Until it every day so our day. Unbelievable I'm totally DJ Tom I under football. What's the football delight obviously. Maybe has been tremendous. I'm force in the conference ever since they entered the conference. Came into Memphis two years ago beat Memphis here. Had Memphis up through the Naval Academy. Last year beat Memphis there. And now you come back and you play Memphis again why he is mentally why is navy soda. Are they thought you underestimate us. But I recently. Due to sort of on our stadium. And I look over at us and they don't get into your house how small we are. We got these guys that we played our fears we you know part of a leotard and everything play. And in Canada lat at a in the last year we've got beat American car championship and it's not a person hours. I was a big reason why we didn't get the job done so it ourselves from being just a total remuneration and. Are you smaller than me that you but you think is it a smaller team than most teams in the American athletic conference. Only personally no I don't you listen here's the recent past like a large pumps yeah but generally. Yes I should also look at what our corners. Don't have a girl receivers and the right decision in my size and harms like five are strapped in you have. There's definitely regardless of where your RT sixty to seventy. But I mean we're getting bigger within their they will be probably only ever been there. It is definitely yes we have a sharp difference. Now when you when you are are practicing. Do you. You upset the scout team that is like this scout team this yeah this week isn't running the triple option on you whereas I presume last week on a plan air force it does. I think you see you must see the trip a lot would you would you. Set the triple option would you be able to stop navy's triple option if you had to because metals has no rocket duo amassed. To be honest. I think I Carlson's coordinators always smartest men have ever seen a little field. So honestly. If there's no have a business after the announcement. It must be fun to watch and how you get the rest a little bit on the sidelines when they had these sixteen play drives at probably for good they do it. Dentistry at the songs are Xavier you learn that can be a little bit. We go right out there. How much fun wasn't come back to Memphis two years ago and and women in deliverable. All of the Laughlin is fitted in other words they're ranked a top McCain known about the gonna win again simply shocked the world. I haven't tried this is associated my I'd be in my hometown was gonna play right just take it as a regular guy am I mean are disseminated homeowners after the game. Until our friends let. Publicly known to be gamma disregard any other game. Right okay and when you are study Memphis this year from. Looking at tape. Looking at Riley Ferguson looking at Anthony Miller who by the way did you play you must opponent in my. So what you think given that you're not surprised by his success that they get. I am also profit off I think and yet it says his senior year and injuries and kind of an attitude he wasn't a player he could have been sort of final I don't play through it. Sold twelve and off you know when he isn't the thing he's doing an interest. So when you see this offense what's the challenge. There's a lot of experience to have all Austria experienced receiving corps quarterback all around the experience I really have. A weak point. At a pace started running game. Court record make a return they are here is are we should have receivers that make plays so really just trying to take advantage. But the quarterback trying to confuse them and pressures we kept it off. I can be based. It must be nice wherever you go. You go into a stadium. And although you are should be of the other team once the wind there's no question there is this overriding respect for the Naval Academy and and that's true in every state and you go to I'm sure it'll be when you when you come to Liberty Bowl Saturday obviously the folks out of Ellington will be there and big number. But that must make you feel special and proud a little bit of the service that you've chosen. I'm doses you know we are on our way. Whenever really deal waging if not I mean. We have people on the watchers everywhere especially since people all of a Russian Navy the Marine Corps. To a charming to get into the cancer in America aren't gonna have a pretty fan base pretty good supporters. And that is kind of special to me. I don't know DJ pummeled by the why not no one is still in your Twitter handle you can follow DJ at. 901 DP 31 so you still amount CNN aren't even though you're in the navy Ted take Memphis with a. Oh yeah I mean wonder. Out a disservice to mission whatever I don't know what can happen to it. The background from day one day. Well did you you're awfully nice to join us thank you very much and thank you for your service to country. Are greater support. Thanks appreciate it. See you Saturday that is DJ Powell from being able to. Unbelievable and I'm. I was the whole time significantly. If I just wanted to go and say like a little like I. I don't have the companies that say I did 10 enlist in the Marines they would look at meanest dog. Look well I'd just look at dive and I hate to say you know if he's talking about the different services that you can be yes right and I'm saying and put me on Shia. Get me give me on the ship or it may be somewhere in Millen ten would be good to. People milling that would be good or a ship would be good and everyone else sourced and he wants to be he wants to be a marine on the ground. That's about basically running the naval captain naval base's golf courses battle I'd be hello and welcome back to Memphis. Yeah harder harder root against those guys really impressive arm really impressive and I'm glad to have mom I would take a break. It's just talking Jamaican Assam has been. It's your chance to win 1000. Dollars straight game. These braves and their brand on 929 SO ME SPN. At 11 AM. Hey guys my name is Steve or swagger fire chief from Maryland heights Missouri and I love firehouse subs. Take their meatball sub for example it's a loaded wall to wall with the Italian meatballs in a zesty marinara went melted drove alone on a toasted roll. 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The story of today really today comes from Salt Lake City the solid city suburb of West Jordan you may have heard about this. About a family that left there. Kid's been in a corn maze which can happen to anyone that that can happen to. Anyone. Three year old left the corn maze one hell is John Bryant. But. Here's the report. Yeah. I hand this very and they are just talking and trying to get his name trying to keep them calm they got to say is rather's name that that was about it. About 7:42. This morning our officers should respond around missing child report they went to the army's last night. Returned home. Who didn't rise to this morning that the three year old was missing noticed serves us. Fair number of children in the home multiple families the fact that it took so long for them to realize the child was missing was it purely an accidental. The circumstances. Beyond. I was left. I was wanna nine kids. So I was laughed in the subway once in new York and now that same trip to new Yorker I was left. Watching the girls the Bronx Zoo. And I wondered a little bit then whether there was you know some ulterior motive for the part of my parents were met twice in round and it I think everybody got on the subway went to the next station and I'm sitting their corporate. And then I myself have laughed. I definitely recall being at the Children's Museum. With two children. And loading up one in the car and driving off and I was on central. When I realized I only have one of the two. It's 500 so it's a whole pin number but that's. What I was on I just turn into. Well and I went back and got the other one. A parent is hard there's no question that's true. But leave in New York. Kid overnight. Love that's a tough. You would think what you want to talk to me and when you whatever that at some point you would notice. The theme that. Duct. The answer seems to be in this this was a quote on quote this was the case of multiple families. And multiple children living in the same home when the mother arrived at the police station. To collect the child. You know how many children she had with an. Over under I'll say 610. And is you talk. So it's clearly multiple family situation. And and that multiple family situation. It may be. It may be trickier. To keep track of keep keep fit to keep track of your kids. Then otherwise so so I guess. I don't know that that can happen anyone. But I I guess I believe that that happens other stories that we have not touched on. A couple of the principals in the Celtics. Cavs trade and have spoken out. How we Irving said he likes to be in Boston as opposed to Cleveland 'cause it's a real sports city. And Isiah Thomas said he may never talked to Danny Ainge could you don't do that to a guy. Is is what either of them said. Out of line or unreasonable or rude or whatever else. I think carries is out of line and and you look at Cleveland based really saying is. Boston wins more because when you look at last night like you looked at Jacobs Field or whatever press having to say when Marty said it's a more robust city that you look at every time like Cleveland supports thirteen plate if you look at you've looked at the cash. That what he meant by now he means what he means is you driver a Boston looks like a more robust like there are first really got all the sports but you don't have in Cleveland. And then secondly it's like it is more of a real city it would get if you think real city is safe. Big asked Diane dialog city skyline whatever else. Plus it feels more like that then Cleveland yeah when I just think he is saying is that Boston the better city. I think he the same and that's crap and says sudden don't it's not true. I think it's rude to say that yes I think he was aligned to say that yes I think that you want yes but I think it was being petulant not aligned to say that yeah. I think Isiah Thomas saying what he said. Did that he's never gonna talk to Danny Ainge is you don't do that. He's wrong you do do that if you if you make it that's what you what happens I know I did Thomas had a great year. I know a year personal tragedy. I know all of that is hard but it Danny Ainge was my GM. I'd want him to do what's best for the team putting all that stuff aside so you do do that but why understand him saying it. Because he's personally injured and mad. Yes so I mean I don't think that was out of line at all I think Danny can find to do what he did I don't legal battle line for him to say that overall I think I agree. That impressed by apparently on the outs from the flat earth for the way he's acted in this thing now this. He does that impress me particularly. Other news Donald Trump supposedly shot a 73. When you believe that net you do not pollute their okay other news. I told you earlier that there's a quarterback who supposedly. Is not gonna be intimate with his girlfriend until the end of the season yeah that quarterback is. Press got out. Now this is according to one of these screwed us there was it was it was whereas Owens yet to Reza Owens who is that gossip. Sports the sports gossip it's much and they the line of Perez Hilton for yet closet no but they go back is not gonna be doing it with his girlfriend supposedly. Until the end of this season. So we have that also in the news of possible skip them between old friend clay Helton who is the head coach of USC. And so I'm Donald who has been. Critical. Need play calling at USC that's a good look good if you're at it honestly it's like if you're going help I thought it was good for. Right yes market for. I'm very proud of my brain here I never once bought into the the Sam Arnold height I never once did like east. This is just yet again this is another new executive quarterback not I think he's got a I think he's got a these USC quarterback that. OK and and then finally. The Boy Scouts are admitting girls that some people men spoke at a guy. And their mad about it because. Political I advanced level alone Brad Wright and the boys don't have come out of the cave. And they did. They did and their ban on gay Boy Scouts in 2013. Day to end their ban on gay troop leaders in 2015. And they said transgender. Boys could be part of the transgender yes could be part of the Boy Scouts this year. Whatever you all think of that. Simulating that this is not about political correctness you know this is about. Money bush just shrinking on. There's they it's about motors and the girls delta Matt. The girls got their man doesn't like Ursula blows you're gonna take the girls tell we got cookies all and we got cookies. And the the number of boys got numbers are down a third since 2000 by the way that the that the that the bigger. Barely gave bush got wasn't wheel until 2013 so Dallas what wasn't because of that we're poised participation is down a third. So they're saying what the heck do we do. There's a whole mother have the urge that we can go after that and we can there affordably get some girls we can boost our numbers out. And will have an and they also said that more people. Wanna be the do things that the family basically they want we'll take your boys in the share for the same activity which is someone who drives kids around yeah I totally understand anyway it'll kick in. In 2018. Girls girls can beat cub scouts what's next. Here's the reminder of the day we'll just last night during the which is bills media availability. He was asked about. Playing general Martin at the five and more importantly how he thought Terrelle Morton looked at the five this is what he had to say. Was there any particular reason my fiance didn't play touchdown. You know a a CD is does a big part is still. As we look at some other stuff tonight. And he guaranteed. Check out drillers are refine. CNN. Well just put on film like that were being away there just. Oh okay. I'm being nice right now. Davis is still there is nothing if not on us all yet he really another day straight. Shooter. Unlike some progress. Here is what's coming up next. This is coming up next on Jason and Jon 1120 Tubby Smith will join them. On the program Bobby marshals to join them at twelve when he Jeff will join them up one run blast feel that they believe will join Eric at 1 o'clock as wills that harper foul ball that. A bigger part that harper heads are careful of is now about that harper of van Exel joining John Morton on TV and Jeff about. 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