Hour 2 with guests Chris Herrington and Chris Vannini

Producer Jeffrey Wright
Tuesday, November 14th

Segment 1 -- Geoff Calkins begins the second hour by welcoming Chris Herrington to the program for "The 9:01" at 10:01 to discuss the Memphis Grizzlies, taco trucks in Memphis, and today's edition of "The 9:01".

Segment 2 -- Geoff welcomes The Athletic's Chris Vannini to the program to discuss the coaching carousel, Mike Norvell's future, SEC job openings, Dan Mullen's future, and more.

Segment 3 -- Geoff closes the show by mentioning an unusual item that can now be found in keg form. 


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I think that most of us expected they would lose indeed here on this very show we said if they went two and three on the road trip that would be fine. They did go two and three on the road trip and yet it seems to me there's a reason for concern. That thumb a couple of fronts what does just like. If it is really standings they're now eight and in there they are basically where they were projected to be at the season began the sort of blazing start ever selecting game at a third bucket all bunched up and our goal literally there's also three teams behind them they could easily catch a limited overs in Utah and Obama's in the city in my whatever it's all bunched up they they certainly have gotten no advantage from their hot start and that's all been tied for several gathered away. Yes our our third game out of Watergate matter or. But the point is is that is that. That would be fine if they were a full strike they're very clearly because of the way the Mike Conley is playing and has been playing them late last night not. It's very weird because when we went into the season we thought okay like you've got Mike Conley and Marcus calls for foundation and into Michael Green we know what he is terrific and these three players and sort of foundation. And you that question marks. Everywhere around them right and that sort of flip because a lot of those question marks a great right now the world went to order meanwhile back at all the question marks and exclamation points and this is going to be a great thing is that. A lot of question marks and come exclamation points right Tyreke Evans is. Unbelievable he's a good explanation yeah I still brought several excellent beyond our wildest expectations. Channel participants better period Basil is now Italy's at least a period of about an extra layer yes trailer park is better than we really expected. Brainer right glut especially Leslie I would go. Farmers without a doubt he was good last night for a stretch at least that president credible and did this is ends although it until they also forking out really well. And that all of the other thing you've gotten. Rocker he hasn't played. Mike Conley has not been himself at all assessor for opening night I would argue. Sauls did OK but she is sort of barely okay. You know just fairly OK you won how much mark struggles are related to Mike struggles well I think especially the fourth quarter last night. He would it seemed to me like I just ordered by John Henson but his full attention was not on Jon and right he's trying to board about yon if someone all this other stuff than light. You know the it was hard for him to focus on what this guy who's not a score and certainly ours on us or scored on the and so. It sort of feels like with the grizzlies and I think maybe this is I think words like long hometown bias may be like. 25 and bassist would go the same way. But it looks like you can never get everything working at the same time ever write it it's always ovals I exact blew out in the market. Some like. You never have liked everything working at one FO. Maybe you know almost no one has everything to you know it's sort of a rare thing that's always the case right now and are we talked yesterday and and last fight and fight it even more. Number one concern ass remark com. Well lest they be needed he had then. If he wasn't shooting well now he's getting to the line he was actually Neil will myself the Macon is an I ask any of two free throws I think it's I think you're exactly right and we talked about death I think lastly before those games where I think maybe it was Portland. Reams of clippers or the other things for a real zero the first half month when he in the second and elsewhere anyway the point are he guided his way eat between the second. Which is exactly what I saw when I watched the game. It wasn't like my colleagues that was my car was finding a way to generate but he did not look. S effort less it looked and looked like it took more effort to create that stop but it did say when he was planning to San Antonio back in April. That's exactly what I saw that's what you saw. I told other people like I talk to people who. Or outside absorbers Smart outside observers who like I respect their opinions. Who don't think he's as physically limited I think he is our watch Africa people who work for the team also. Don't think they Dodgers on Lehman's or is gonna sore Achilles but do not think that he is there's a physical impediment to keeping him from being himself. And when published these case that's the way I feel downgraded bank that I gave in a row row on the right so I bit bid up wave of the course I try to watch and we were watching on TV. But he does not look okay to be physical he does not even when he's getting to the rim. It's not with the usual zip or Boston he looks like he's putting more strain to doing that. And you know I don't think he's getting. Contested jump shots in the same way that he has before. So I don't think he looks right physically and maybe there's a degree to which the physical plays into the middle and those things well he's had I think that's common throughout sports but. Maybe that's part of it that's going on to. That his limitations or affecting his decision making and everything else is confident but I don't think he looks right physically. It's funny because he's said sort of mixed things about that it's at odds all my head but he's also said yeah I gotta get through that sorrow whenever and so he's. Ease. If he's he's he's given evidence to both players never like to admit physical one threat right even when Israel yep. So. I mean you have a situation where they are in their last seven games there two and five in seven. And the only one of those seven games where both mark and Mike were good. Was the clippers game which they basically led wire to wire in every other game either one of them has been bad or both of them may have been bad. And and so here we are. But I guess we learn a lot where we were last yesterday oh which is is there's nothing much to say about this other than. But I hesitate. It is and it may be a medical issue. There's nothing much to say other than we will be gets well or what you Wheatley can aim away and whether it's wise to sit him down. Well you come home now you don't play five of your next fix at home site that includes game with Indiana was not a playoff team Dallas without playoff team. Brooklyn is thought playoff team and Indiana they should lose almost the same Mo and Indiana are like teams use Roland we're out there are no credible fail in their playoff. Let's briefings are playoff teams. You Portland you're at least as good as it and you play them at home and then you know yet Houston which is a tough game and at Denver's a tough game but. You know. You'd you would hope that you're this good this stretch of like an illusion record last however many games that leaves the flip. For the rest of this month right. So you need to have a winning record for the rest of the month. And you know to sort of stabilize yourself and that should be the case but it still like to think senator year old is still liked what. What's wrong by Connolly how much of it is physical in what what's the path out of that I don't know what the path out of you suggested. Jokingly I take it mostly jokingly that they should switch this they give it made the original fans line up present the 901 which by the way I have weeded out. And you can read it and commercial appeal that I'm just going to make the original bass line at the starting lineup we look at the game last night and light in there all your good play off your debts. Other than an hour or more. Home where a guy that we'll get to him and yeah Tyreke Evans was incredible again and always are Brandan Wright was good march ours is good. It was okay it was good but he also at 6000 customers yeah it was it was actually a mixed bag usually makes Baddeley was much better offensively you know they had a good stretch yes he certainly had a good slump. And didn't put up numbers but he moved he helped you on the DL or any right archaeologists say yeah he'll sue for and then Dylan looks whose value shoreline out. Matches opening night number would nineteen. In nineteen points on nine shots on the back of all the Ford was good like he always is exactly makes working with states whichever one doesn't whatever. If you go back to that quite original. Bitch five you sort of feel with like put dawn Brooks back instead of big Mac or more. I mean that unit that unit has just killed it's still so maybe you should plummet just weaken the starters and they are currently the soldiers who for fast a it does suggest that. EU. I mean they they have this issue where are beautifully and can man rotation and early on when something good for the game and they wanna see what's out we can do a back from work and do their stride and jump all the stuff. Usually win games right now that suggests he should heighten your rotation not keep you know and I don't and I think we should do that they need to figure out Matt mourned and all that. But you're sure to win games right now. Usually play in he says adds a Michael Green syndrome Morton's have been back for more on the bench play those night guys. I think we are coming to the point where were really the absence of two Michael green is starting to Wear on the team yet value below Newark ledger mourn twelve minutes last night with a bad twelve minutes only played in twelve. Average it's been twenty minutes a night enough enough of it right at that that is that's one thing to keep my minister guy that if you don't have to guard your starting lineup with Connie that's all you're trying to. Get those guys often get them some more space. And so I do think happened to Michael read out there are some threat in the starting lineup might help at least a little bit with Colin at all. The. Then this challenge of working in sell them a Mac or more. We saw what a challenge it can be last night as a Mac or more comes in has won astonishing two minute stretch. Larry has three straight turnovers and three straight turnovers and two fouls inside of two minutes right and then for the rest the night he did nothing. All zero's except for those three turnovers and to file he enjoyed watching I read just like the rest of us that right. It is why he was a plus whatever he was last night. Well yeah I think he played twelve minutes last night I think you like eighteen in the game before his debut. If and only to turn the ball over committing fouls and not doing anything but I was like thirty minutes he's got 13 point attempt. And the whole point of him the whole point my point was to have the south I sheer. You you can't you can't make if you don't take these are you getting shots and so we get two games. He's coming off injury I begin smile on that's an issue I got to have a lot of confidence that I think they certainly he'll be back he's been better than this Saudi dissident in that. But America does he will be different than what he's already been in his career we we talked about right it's it's it's also an interest in. I don't know how he fits with a bunch group either I mean that's that would boys played ball. Dominant and in theory does remorse is in the starting lineup conceptually. But then but not if that's forcing you to give more minutes to lesser players payroll we talk about Esther right. So over this next stretch. Though. The they the Mike is now is issue number one how he's going to if he and how he is going to find his way out of this and then issue number two is it either screw back ago. Yeah Kenny goes could become an an issue number two is how do you integrate. Then medical more and or Wayne sell them into this line up while continuing to win because you have to continue to use subtle. Something this was sort of my my column lead on Friday which is where of seventh or Sar was great but now over the next weaker hitting three guys back. And disorder entering a new phase in the season and you got to figure out how you're gonna play with this new group of players are you build settle on something. And so Gabby provides a mockery because he's used plug him in a central morn down. On the the rest of it you know in terms of who's Orton the starter at the two with the dawn broke swing thought or been Michael Moore has to be bigger out or Tyreke Evans. And then why what's your rotation because you can't play eleven I think you can be you can start to question whether he should play ten at some point. Because how do you get. C colleagues salt garlic which is Paramount. Even if you do that. Can you get Tyreke Evans thirty minutes a game and can you get channel importance twenty and can you give gill and Brooks 25 and do all this. Play into employers I don't know about that. All of that can last night because really. As Tyreke was going off. You'd then have substitutions. And he stopped getting shots down the stretch eat right you scored like weddings fourteen points in the fourth quarter. And many went under four minutes stretch after the dignified one lead and it was. Lola looks at Marcum Mike Brown patrols and stuff or it's idiots or some weird quotes after that that Hillary had about. You know everyone thinks they knew we are you good role player at it's only wonder what that's about like. Could the other cape Kennedy got shot was quite that to wheel with tiger Kevin said that and the guy who came in we're getting shot flight was Mike Connelly. And some of whom I don't know if the whole you have to know who role players are on Arafat applies announcing he was he was. He was. Signaling calmly and that that is the guy who has taken the shots in the game yeah more so than anybody more so than anybody else idea mark took a couple and birds or whatever so I'm. I we will hope for better things against Indiana they've been they've been an interest in team Wednesday they can and Wednesday. Better than expected. Yeah I told people were a little too low them in the. Before the season I eat. I had them Asarco 35 win team I did not think. If there would be good thought they'd be pretty competitive enough not one of the lesser teams in the east and their sort of play into that to that level which I sort of expected. Always liked Marcus of don't ask about college and he was pretty bad Turkey so why I'd seen him be good good. Any national people's entry didn't believe us and good and you know they played we've been without miles early and figure out how miles are Somalis and play together. And so you know that's probably now playoff team unless the bottom falls out east and you can be an eight seed at 35 wins but I think it'll be a respectable team this season. Meanwhile we have Ivan ran tweeting that there are no taco trucks in Memphis. I'm positive that yes are you guys been around eighty him in studio taken down. To repeat what he called on either I have lived we did note taco trucks in Memphis at face or something like we have a gas station and an arm and come mount Mariah and willow that week week and we can we loved Julie sorry about. And in some analysis of got to take him over the summer yeah collection of chocolate chunks of road sometimes like eight market a place like I want it all so that's an Austin, Texas will be a whole lot yes lots there's not fast but you go up and down summer you'll see two or three taco trucks yeah yeah there's a pretty good one actually in the parking lot of bomb. The Exxon at poplar and highland. So go hit the young closing sell its industry. I'd been around. And walk across the street it's you're talking with the taco trucks and about parking poplar and highland and it washed their voice and actually that taco truck real yet. Any wrote about Beale street today. Various things happening kind of various print collection of stories appeals resilience and everything industry I wore the main thing which are Tommy Lee has the main story on his there's there's a long rumored hotel development. At the east toward the east in the Dell streak. Come over for my short or in that area and there's the proposal that is changed and now has the front of the big the proposed hotel. Facing video so and the back of the hotel in the parking lot facing Biehl and so. We won development in the least in the building we but we want development that just sticks a parking lot along bill streets of the so of the hotel facing Telstra says Roy what a massive development of a foot of Beale street that one dealer well I don't everything new about that lately without that's been is that still proceeding or is it still able to go it's it's it's still conceptual mean it's been essential for a good decade right as I've heard anything about that moving forward although I do think his thought I. Act of concern in theory yeah. We'll talk era thank you best picture that's Chris Harrington will be back with Chris and who will love talk to us about coaching searches used to work for coaching search that cam now he covers college it's football. For the athletic thought Chris when he coming up next Jeff Duncan showed that he can now from his. Tis the season. Anyway and it's not Christmas. 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This is it's. No on. I'm joined now my Christian meaning this the news of course used to be the managing editor of coaching search dot com now he's gone to the athletic fabulous noon. Okay. Enterprise that is giving you. For a low low price giving you our coverage. That discovered the sports without ugly pop ups and all those things. Follow Chris on the Twitter act Chris I mean he Crist joins an episode area. Are they. How is life at the end the athletic I'd. It didn't I really like it it has been a good company to work with the or come under Stewart Mandell the former Sports Illustrated by sportswriter has been. Wonderful we got a great team wrote a series six writers including myself current college football. And our first Q do you know these things don't go well be back into it and then there were. Are happy with where things go. I think most of us who made a living in journalism hope that. That it works if acres it employs a lot of good people but being because it's nice to think. It is interest thing. People have no problem shuttle and over money every month for Netflix or are or whatever it is your cup of coffee from Starbucks. But they tend to think that journalism should be free. And the idea here is is that. People are willing will be willing to pay for good quality journalism. And that's sort of the back. That. That that the athletic is making yes. Yeah yeah we we've got the other vote yeah or about four or among her yearlong subscription and by far the best feedback we got people look greeting it with no pothole and I had because every day now. You go what and you gotta wait probably that a car karma he got out of them. The dairy cattle that die very easy to read it. And yen for them and promote our group got really unique product and telling stories we don't try to get our garnered a lot of the you know. Eighty type of article that I got to crank out to get collected more about. Putting out a product that people don't want to pay for and so far they had to go to the athletic dot com slash pre trial I believe there that we call pretrial. And after that it all of our tomorrow or you're also Trojan. So IE EE it is an interesting time in college sports are finished in time in Tennessee. Now that they have fired Butch Jones an intriguing time in Memphis because Mike ravel is basically. On every single list let's start with Tennessee what do you make of their situation who do you think they're candidates will be who should they be. Yeah that is on top because it. Is it in the shadow all the more it got all the Florida job that the best job so. But the ball almost certainly Florida will be able to get whoever they want all the edit there are still a number of coaches out there. Jon Gruden is not happening over a lot of read them that have been. It may at times you may help them know laid out you're doing all that area you know there really like how it all federal republic of but pat back. At that. I. And enter the name for that job I think it would be gamble that kind of I think back that would benefit the state. But he dug up a bit more. Money then but Joe Millionaire edit it that I mean mode and looted other jobs before but the fact that he would make it or at dollar. Abort abort any other schools throughout a bit more than I intended it played great candidate at the at the plate that. Kidd has the better chance of winning that indeed they got after that I think got brought the yeah the probably the hot fire code that's what what you've been doing out there you yes and I think I think Michael bell. What will will get look I mean obviously admit that you've got out of the state got tied the region. And any bring an exciting often does the islands of bail out bad by any inroads there really. Well organized program I spent a daily. But the program basketball camp then did you include one of the younger coaches that yet. He got everything walk down and in moving in the right direction they're side I think my doorbell it is not this year but appeared dollar. It would make good power by head coach somewhere. He is living area it's. I was gonna ask about Mike real quick and they use spell them because he is a breath of fresh air in this day and age when coaches sort of lock down access. We have lived with this it's been fantastic for the last two years because as he says he has an open program because he's proud of the program and you know we've had been found shad was here. He was embedded with them for a week of fall camp it like. You can talk to whomever you wanna talk to because he wants the stories told about whether they'll be able to do that at Tennessee or would do that at a place like Tennessee. Where the demands are different. It's on it's unclear. But I take it you enjoyed your day with with my Barbara. And like imagine that everybody is open and wounded to populate any day compare that to you. How blessed are treated the media as you know every little thing. I don't know where it can't add them as if I I think you'll they've been part of it of it down court it it would never able to. It all of the attention I'm looking more need to be done it always getting you know all the knowledge that I think that it really didn't need to shoot. So I did a direct mark my dog did outrage out there today regarding abuse yeah it well and I think he's got a great future says it urged. What do you it obviously then if if it's go to Florida we should therefore start with Florida and because Scott frost will not be available to the rest of the universe if he goes to Florida but Scott plus will not go to Florida. If Chip Kelly goes to Florida is Chip Kelly go to Florida. It's really hard to Egypt really taking it edit US CE job he is not you know one of those big. You know wet ending with a booster epic god you all the other the Oregon are there because of the way he's. They handled about personality you know that big public guy. And the president and then at the environment. World where you know that's a big part job it doesn't seem to really fit in adult or not you know. He wasn't super into recruiting and obviously it Florida you're gonna happen. We talk there were hurting you know after you get in what all the high school coaches that you've got a lot of go to downward arrow or already date. Stars are like oh great and enjoyable bad apple. And people like that and in part permeated injured Kelly they let you you got a problem he. You know Florida early fooled are getting injured Elliott and looking it is if you are only a jewelry you're going to be. But everybody. Yeah yeah deputy head yet that got the coaching job at apple corps everybody that should be looking into just over a lot of people at. I think Martin County that are really good shopper really Smart the end but. But if there personality and a lot and got out there and and he wouldn't fit in and that I can eat it more and impact well I don't quite get what they're gonna stated that UCLA it at all. I am involved possible you know after your article can be triggered it isn't it might be different but. You think gags but we've done things differently and that's an environment. The pressure the attention. Has had never I don't think and what happens you know strikes. That the the challenge of course is is that. UCL a man on open and as an assay may not open and then where does he got into human Nebraska necessarily either does he sit out another year it is weird. I'm sort of with you. I don't necessarily see him at a Florida. I'm because of the everything that goes with a being and an SEC school and yeah I'm not sure what other options that are in Florida certainly is. A place where if you do you do get some of that Florida talent he is offensive creativity. Would certainly stand in good stead but if you're not if you're not think chip is gone there will we give Scott for Willis is. For the purposes of this argument or pencil and Scott frost of Florida we are we will have to do that bad. Yeah. I think you probably would probably you know they've read because of obviously better for two years yeah he made inroads on air recruiting did you know people there. End all and you know the older than an error and we've seen in his. For a director doctor ordered out yeah warrant every little beauty it is easy transition but it something you're hearing much about yet. Possible when you went in the cities states even and you might hear more. Your piece you hear more about well you hear more about them looking ended June Kelly. Well I don't hear part of it absolutely did. We got to go Willy hacker who look at Oregon. Previously a Florida you've got so many you. The state of Florida that I think you would be a good option if people choose to leave organ after years I have an organ not that much. And you look at he had done it that there in Atlanta Mario crystal ball. Another guy in the triple file or up to Oregon and they're recruiting board strongly. It'll work so you bring that back got ink well you know I think you could really get their recruiting. Machine going out there. So both those who got that thing right now you hear about for the orange out Moline raw. Acker. May be donated to Doug and everybody could achieve. Talked to Chris Vinnie from the athletic on Twitter at Chris many it's of it's got frost goes to Florida. And then did mollen decides you know what I'm not gonna I make plenty of money I'm gonna stay in Mississippi State I'm not gonna go to Tennessee. I'm who then for Tennessee. That is a lot of different possibilities are I don't think there's anyone who had. Had been bothered by a could be mark about. Brent animal that you got a coordinator I'm going to buy that business. But I want to make it can't encourage more of an Alabama forever jump to that east job literature does that the president will do everything in check and eat out. You know I've. Previewed purchased ventured out and you can have a question looking back at hired David Carr looked in our opinion and thought I there but you. Seen here holdout he's count it out of there without too. Got me what are what appears if you went ahead Cogent Neal brown at Troy had done a good job there quietly even get a former. Offensive coordinator player Kentucky and a episode at Yankee brand. I am Petrino as mundane as probably below number Pollard and let. You know you might be something I'd be somebody you owe a debt to buy out at Louisville got unhappy that have dirt was fired. But you know what happened and it comes off peel them I think you can be a lot smaller. And they might hurt by it. It was going to be different voltage about quarter is that former Tennessee quarterback in Frederick that as an adult or paper that is true life. Any debate and it and it worked other damper. But I think. We're really using it as early batting period ending December 20. Can you really aren't paper any NFL coach you know how it goes down because the calendar got hooked up to a month. And work. You were asked what you the F he ran out a couple of leak ever gonna yeah who are going to be huge it is part of you that I think that it was. Just about any NFL. Oh but then they hang on to get. A bit about how ethical conduct this work early bankers really wanted to backing because everybody's got to get there Cogent quite. Like really quickly otherwise you you made news you're hiring you're asking. Most of their entire body. I'll let you have reported that four times through no really no objects back. And I think and your peers at school you better know how to handle it you got your head coaching barely ever hurt him because. If you look if you don't then you're going to be quite a lot of schools. I'd and then finally. All miss and Arkansas are thing isn't over yet but we are presuming it will come open. I guess all this is an open yet but we are also presuming it will come from. Thoughts on candidates there obviously Mike Barbell as Newton is name comes up in connection with both. Yeah he's obviously got Teddy never played it back or Obama is that all of us are pretty close do you want I think made a lot of those are all of those school. Quote old rating. These NCAA. You know saying it that it gave. You know what it because it fit the cheerful and players contract Trout per Nolan who like god there are upset job. But but another game I think it at will be built are at Hewitt beat who their first you're back after the program got back. And that brought back. They want diving into type a the most in school history. They could beat Florida we get I think forget to watch what you've got when bill Arkin on their rebuilding your he had been absolutely remarkable and taking over media and all this other thing. I don't think we'll be at that ultimately did you eat so I think all of our. It'd been part my doorbell. You know maybe tripled and Egypt tea oral assistant then are irked that you could be looked at error while. Chris you're great to join us really do appreciate it. Thank you very much we'll look down road. That is christened the meaning from the aft Lennox a Jeffrey. The things you heard there. To anyone of the most intriguing things is this discussion about demo because. I said yesterday I said all along that of the get double coaches from possibly get aboard coaches. Dan Mullen to me makes the most sense for Tennessee. People Amylin wrote he didn't think he was got a bowl. But Bruce Feldman was on various plays yesterday saying he thinks Tennessee may play as much as six million dollars a year. In which case may be the day is terrible if you're paying six million a year he's written for something now. Where you on demo. T need the base so what you said like I talked to some people around the city state they think that Mississippi State could probably go as high as an extra million per year. And so that to me becomes a very inching question because is now. Tennessee going to be for sure going to end up six billion dollars demo because on thing that do you think it's lost all the shuffle whenever whenever anyone tries to. Placed him on somewhere else is vague largely discount the fact that. He's got a very comfortable gig he has a game that he's familiar with and there are many gigs out there that can pay him what they pay him. However it does beg the question. At a certain point do you start going okay. And I've done all I can't hear and I am ready to you something else have answers yes. I have I still have. I still think that Tennessee jostled pretty good job understands now what it was in the ninety's but you look at the fact that Butch Jones was able to recruited pretty darn high level. Any keyboard and a coach that knows what he's doing. And you let the there is Dan Mullen. Who has had exactly one. Season long. Where he had a winning record in the SEC yes is he worth six million dollars a year to me yes because you look at Mississippi State historically and he. Year after year surpasses what the expectations are I can I understand everyone has his. As the criticism Marino's record against top 25 teams in this yeah I gotta gotta be you just look at. You look at what the expectations of the jar the job or he's consistently exceeded eight year after year after year. And to be one of the biggest problems Tennessee's had recently is the fact that they don't really develop quarterbacks and I want standalone win nine games with high Celine Chris Rock like rent so. I just don't really to me like that seems like a really good fit and if you can bring in a coach that knows what he's doing from a program wise from an X is no oh lies like no one bats tonight Tennessee were to get a top you know fifty player no one bats not. That's a yeah. I think they're Butch Jones had and this is it's an interesting question because. For all butch jones' fault and we've chronicled limit to it so great extent here on this show. He did have. For recruiting classes on it we're top 152. Of which were top five. What people always assume when you get rid of a coach like that. Is that over the next guy is gonna command and he's got to recruit at that level and he's gonna be an awesome coach and indeed that's what people assumed when just past left Memphis is that enough. We're gonna keep recruiting at this high level we're just gonna someone who knows how to coach. And it's gonna be all keep Iran instead. They go on get a guy who doesn't recruit at nearly that level not close to that of all and so now he's got craft challenged. And so he can't keep keep it doling it yell. You know yes I agree no one bats and I went Tennessee gets top fifty player. But I don't think it can be assumed. In this day when George is rolling honestly but South Carolina is doing pretty well when Florida is gonna have a new coach when Miami is Roland one in a Florida State despite the down year. Is still well established. Don't think you can be assumed that you will continue to have top ten recruiting classes unless you get a kick ass recruiter in there. I think if you if you get Moline candy because Moline has consistently there have been years where it probably. Hasn't add their hurting glasses that I'm sure he would have liked but consistently he usually has this to be stayed above. What is expected over interpreting your sort of a Mac you're sort of you sort of projecting. Yes that if he is at Tennessee he'll be able there could at a high level the Mississippi Tuesday. You would not want the cities in the city state level recruiting classes of tennis that correct but what I'm the way that I'm projecting it is okay what was what gig is he had. And had he recruited that level and he recruited in my opinion. Based on my years covering this beast they're hurting covering the state SEC are hurting he recruited above what was the expectations of state to me. All of these jobs it hinges on two things. A new look of the dominos that I'm interest in most interest it in our I'm I don't believe in the drug Jon Gruden thing for a moment it anywhere. But I'm interest in the Chip Kelly now because if Chip Kelly goes to Florida. That liberate people who you might have thought would go it would it would it would go to Florida so that's the first domino that I'm interest and and and then this the other domino is demo. Because those are two guys that they both basically it seems to me probably have their pick could go if they want it just what will they decide. Would they decide will shape the nature of what happens next because if for example if Chip Kelly goes to Florida and Dan Mullen goes to Tennessee. Well then it. It all these other people. Who might Tennessee might otherwise have looked at. Everyone it's pushed yeah yes and so then Scott frost goes to Nebraska as opposed to wherever and then. Different people are available for the Arkansas job of different people are available for the Ole miss job. Whereas. If gamble decides they were is should tell us is that how does not want and do the SEC they've got Scott frost going. That have to Florida and then you've got. Who the hell knows Jeff Brohm or great Shia on though or what ever. Going to animals and thanks Emma and yeah and venables and like that and then it's a to me actually increases the likelihood that my doorbell is gone if it is under that under those circumstances as well. It's an interesting thing what might herb Albert says. I'm not assuming he's gone. He is in the running I think for. I know that he's in the running for Tennessee that'll be interest Jimmy sixth and obviously tied into Tennessee knows Tennessee as well as anyone. It's a little bit about you would think a little bit of a reach possibly for him to get that job you don't hear humble lot connected with that job. You Camelot more connected with. Arkansas and with. And little list. The questions they are though. I don't believe that Mel's loan is going to be is gonna bailout Arkansas. Auburn for Arkansas but I don't think it's I don't rule out completely he could still remember two weeks ago when people ready to fire him. Say that how that. I don't know whether they like Blake Anderson better than the like Mike ravel I mean yet I don't know that I don't know whether Mike ravel. With which I do believe that almost would go after him hard. I don't know that he wants it. And so I think there's a lot of variables there that would possibly. Keep him in Memphis I think it's probably 6040. If he's gone somewhere stuff trust it's a 100% he's gone somewhere yes I think he knows that this is never gonna be better than it is right now gotta be a 100% he's gone somewhere I think Mike. It's probably 6040 that he is gone somewhere that American athletic conference championship game. Which will pick those two teams against each other most likely. It's going to be kind of interest because you're gonna have the two coaches who won is certainly bailing out and one may well. Facing off against each it completely agree and you know to your point. I don't think in November win at Florida got rid of will must champ. In 2014. On the engine that Boeing was gonna be the number one guy and so as you mentioned it's like it all becomes a matter of you know who fall. Exactly. Yeah. And all you what you often discover in these social encroaching searches is you think you're gonna get. Nick Saban at Texas and you end up Charlie Strong chair you know that that's people have these vast app. Appetites through the if you think you're gonna get Jon Gruden and yet have dared to leak yes you know it. That's what often happens at these gates. Memphis fans thought they were gonna get easy that you you name their dream candidate. Greg Marshall and the end of a tubby Smith and hope it's a it's very rare. It's you get your Nick Saban. That's that's coming up we've been Mac addict that that it's very rare that Alabama Alabama only ended up Nick Saban after they ended up with who who was a little less politely a lot of jobs them they all Jabber truck. You get the perfect guy falling into your lap at that moment Memphis yes once got John cal Perry they've also gotten Josh passed. Ticket price. And and Tubby Smith a good job these these searchers don't go necessarily as well. As you think today as you hope they well as every fan base hopes that I we have to buy back a moment Geoff Calkins and eighteen anatomy has been. This show PM to seven counties number one sports station broadcasting the region six CD. 929 espn.com and in the there was losing. 99 FM RE SPN I know my. You say you're good. 1800 knows where. Reynolds American is helping. Success. 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