Hour 2 with guests Chris Herrington and Bruce Feldman

Producer Jeffrey Wright
Wednesday, September 13th

Segment 1 -- Geoff welcomes Chris Herrington for "The 9:01" at 10:01 presented by 901 Plumbing to discuss the ESPN Top-100 NBA players, the hope for the other Grizzlies to make the list next year, and today's edition of "The 9:01".

Segment 2 -- Geoff welcomes Bruce Feldman of FOX Sports and Sports Illustrated to the show to discuss Josh Rosen, UCLA, today's quarterback, big college games this week, and more.

Segment 3 -- Geoff discusses his latest column on Memphians who won free engagement rings following Robert Irwin Jewelers Memphis Tiger season-opening promotion before Jeffrey plays a football-themed wedding ceremony,


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But let's get married by our own now calling back art course to the column you wrote about the Normandy during warm Kirk. Will be a bit tired from walking up there. Yeah they were story a push until god come on there were more than they are more than four but I tracked down for people who won the well actually won won a wedding band but 31 where engagement rings on the when Tony solid return of that. Kick for touchdown and I tell you I was stunned at two of them haven't asked there. Their girlfriends to marry them yet and are planning to and so I had that keeps them sort of in con me don't. The amazing thing to me was the the fact that can you imagine. That I did a promotion like that would actually sway you to go by the rings from that place I would dismiss the possibility. And it would never moved me at all. But most of these guys who bought these rings and now I have three engagement rings and somewhere many many thousands of dollars. They were actually moved by the promotion to go buy the ring where that then. Yeah how broad. Good news. And that's relevant drug. The other one dude was totally confident he was just totally confident so I write this the basketball stuff I want to give up for a get to the subject you know one match. I thought was significant today. And then is first of all. We're talking about. All kinds of things with the grizzlies this summer but one thing we haven't talked about the Marc Gasol looks awesome. For Spain right now in your best. Yeah yeah Uday and huge floor yesterday and we've seen Bermuda in late photos of the pictures or body. Albany you know take it seemed to be. A Black Sea and last summer and CommVault is eventually. So you should be getting inside and I got to beat duke. The cut for the tour event we hadn't been able. You can have a full armor of just normal. Look skidded to basketball you're that so much about a foot travel. And making an amateur a call from what he did that are mobile or value can sort of get back Serbia and you know. The Iraqi lucky for our right into the mountains where you know Marcus ball a little bit it shouldn't get back into that. That bank and see if he really isn't it better shape and in the post season he's been the last couple. Anti air that that the new. Oh poor optically correct so there is all that you know they would curtail or lack feet eleven. You know he could be in order form video. What year was the best market saw. Own advocate. I mean there's so let me get it it'd be near the debate closely mollid yet which of them Waltz. Branch it's it's it's less here at the end of the year he talked openly about the need to be a better rebounder. And you would think with Tebow gone and with Tony obviously had a great rebounding for great rebounder for a guard. Even more important this year do you think that mark to the extent that he's not a great rebounder and he's not. Obviously he led Sachs group up all of the just sort extraneous rebounds which offense is number I didn't care. But he's also not a great rebounder is it is this should go to. Okay skirt. To get carried out and statistics. Yeah it is that we try to get offensively after that to provide the key could easily or that you know yeah they need to change into the boat and alcohol but there's only got super Christ or. Ingersoll are excited always backtrack the senate to be there he is simply that he's ever really tried frock it's about our question what people write by the basket. Obsolete EC sort of thing for all the table. Intentionally. Let the matter strategy. He also and I wouldn't believe this just watching much every double A here is that the actual he's a couple of old beat out there he's doing. To box out already Hawaii and the wet. But he may get BD re. He's not. Are fighting teammate for a recount and so I think for those who resent is rebounds statistics. Com. Or a little unfair to I don't that your is that this is statistics. But I do think he is not a particularly good thing about it is not want a good story so it's. And so me yet that in the absence of sort of high level rebounder exact and Tony. We mockery to pretty good rebounder but he's undersized at enforcer sort of sort of punches about this way but that's what order the problem. In the absence of that granite right exactly could rebound they're either. And getting or sympathetic to the league and certainly the sort of pattern mayor. There is going to be more than all that market all caught any bill or Kurt Kurt your path in the SE. We haven't talked about Vince Carter what did you make about because these sentiments on an. Are harder wrote that a couple months ago. After summer we didn't know my player by your reactions summer league. And this is consumed I guess certain life so as to why. I wrote in my department conduct. Absorbed a little bit but still won what that's what injuries could waste or. And the idea of political cooking segment this sort your classic long term project at all. Certain recurring role not ready for the NBA. Actually the case in July that ancient consider seeing. One of their two ways for. You know put baseball on the great players replace players. Aren't too yeah they're not been able to stick it yeah yeah maybe you can plug into the wall. Ten. I resisted O'Connor would be a perfect candidate for that role. Considering that he's played in the B least favorite season and rigorously training camp that he plays the position. They got the World Cup soccer league hate to YEC a two way. For our group actually sound applicable in the organization that is exactly what I you do what exactly I at work until I absolutely do that gonna happen. And hamburgers we preview article in the magazine which are beyond the date well it actually happened over in the actually exit to wake America. Why did it said why didn't they just do it now. I don't know how some people they didn't want to now when the woman and what I wrote that confidence and respect your except that they confirmed or Rita did it all the record way. Or whatever reason they didn't wanna make that public. Yeah I knew that. The rule yeah. Yeah again I am so then you see not looking some are saying look somebody's core ultra except knocked around Adrian Payne how. Who the first front there is there are a couple of big key if you ain't got to wait our turn to Orlando. Police or sex or sound good soccer point guard. You've seen if you see some of the under liked Gus Sauter who are not sure where you can get these people. I think you're Smart. To have at least one of the players on the contract. Some people who couldn't complain immediately switch could be adds to the depth that you're seeing an extremely good one player. It for the grizzlies it's gonna do that he's PayPal or at least they got not a money yeah you're in Arthur Evans or Morgan or whatever good depth there. And so if you don't permit two way that you think he can you tell how he's getting YouTube unit and in an emergency. ER 45 days in the yard NBA or also or Florida or those guys someone who actually helped you and sported dark days. Right. The ESPN is coming out with a list the top hundred players obviously it's a list it's just a listless or less may generate discussion because a lesson. People are above other people and the people are left off and whatnot but it. We're about this girl. Is hurt my problem ebitda over were really good. And rob Mahoney in particular for the very best writers about basketball go and right now. Urged look at the leopard creek. Don't circuit so we're also our bilateral do you really really good. OK so. Having said that first of all we knew they haven't gotten the top thirty mark and Mike are both going to be in the top thirty just ballpark and. That is big enough today they've they've they've gone up to a lot. Another got up to eleven. I was at 230 what are they so that'd they both and they're both from that ten to thirty range weather 1518. Well. Mark all you're eighteen or multiple people. So what is good. Or if you. We are what they did. The first Earth Day related encrypted the morgue. I took a few minutes flight and four point and I try to beat out people who put it in the cockpit ya now right. And I can't all be dying and I compare who's been relating to bake the cookies yeah and Vijay crowd or higher guest tomorrow Murray. I think that he had won't I won't it won't admit I don't just want to get these tremendously more local banker Bader. And for all I had to. All done all right maybe I look at all of nineteen wiped off the ball definitely or whoever apparently I brought her already paid for incorporated. I'd like to see that guy. Yeah I. Think Mike Conley would not that would not before last year were not in the top thirty. I don't believe and now he had. Every every every rock progress they're currently being. It has today it sort of makes that point that lack of sort of transformed the seat I'm quite like. The take this guy you all and steady all around this to wait a board. It did end at 22 adult that the comment basically they you'll go pebble in Georgia history got it good or. And you don't have to be that high usage or extra transformed him. And put him formally what people are you worried they're older gay I think lackeys and look at normally in the same here yesterday in order Al while he call. It's funny to think because if you're if you're top eighteen. Theoretically just by math you should be on an all star team you know just like the top eight team players should be an all star team. I do wonder how many. Of the Western Conference point guards who were ranked ahead of him now. You know that that's the problem has always been the problem for him he may never be an all star team but he certainly has. He certainly has transformed himself right so we got we might there and we got like Mike and mark both in the top. Thirty. And then you talk on the phone and then and then you have no other player. In the top no other grizzly in the top hundred and that's a problem. Yet jerk very got to sort of got Richard at their sort of sub Scotland the good guys who didn't quite make the cut. There's little doubt that apple ever and so you know I look at it I actually this Saturday won't look at it. The court underwater if you go back to Florida that actually say. When I did when I get my worst in the older canal. I think actually actually our players stated that the fabled back faintly our players in particular are. I don't think you go back get him right knee the greater control of seventeen with two or more currently our players or apple. There's six or looking good at C. And the burden through all the war that in the warriors have or ever beat a country that our apparently our players. The trouble that day and a bill that would seem to have multiple partly our orders aren't of them are blessed. And. There'd be recruiting center spoke at echo through but otherwise a terrible or gap on those two players. Well more weapons they have like I think they're I think. We Cupertino exports dropped straight ahead during the current playoff run but I do have enormous stage. In my polymarker ultra combo and so to me sort of trying to balance those two they couldn't. Peter what sort of went out you know in the context of pretty tough cover. Do you think the third if you are starting us I expansion franchise tomorrow so you had no players on your roster and you got to take a grizzly who was not marker Mike. Who would you tech. And their salary you get the whole package yes. Yeah a reformer who's going to be good this. Is all sorts of best to let. Unelected party if you always on guard and not a little scrutiny saying. I would almost a decision our great country and I'm considered a monetary payment at least technically. Not assigned yet how I think Michael Green has another step to take. I think he's already are. Eight equality rotation order I think he can take another step or these something a little bit better but Matt she's become the higher audit shooter. Can think there's a reasonable chance that. That next year's top 100 if he stays healthy Tyreke could be on a. And I got picked up some likely. Other parents around I mean the support you're eight or whatever I did you ever play why you suddenly you become something. Thought that was so as little as forty years right I'm sure he's been on it can't but he added it all written what our ears yeah. Rip a long time. It's dismal is mostly just multiples it is there it is it's dismal that it is that is by the apartment Saturday at a potentially ordinary cheered and the entire Arab. And I'm in more what did you like greens dozens. Gonna sign his qualifying offer almost going to be that I'm okay the other thing you want to talk about this in Unita one because I did think it was significant. Is the a 150 clergy members. Representing 88 at this time variations released a joint letter to the Tennessee historical commission. Asking them to support of the city's request to relocate. The statue. Nathan Bedford Forrest and so and then we have the letter. What's remarkable about this is and maybe this isn't as you point out maybe it's not fair. But this isn't just. First Congo signing this this letter or the church of the river. Or are. Am or temple Israel there are some like to complete clergy of second pres. A very dependent read this. The. On the big modesty and you know it had I'll probably get a W Baptist but more significantly. Cart president of the Southern Baptist Convention. Which is an organization and London's little long time ago but it's still organization that all armed 'cause that could vote split with the we're about to search is over the issue of slavery. So it is the conversation was formed. You know essentially unit in in opposition to the to a total abolition and you know it's no doubt personally you know organization that is I think KD the rumble and make a better horse you look so yes that's spokespeople. Yeah it seemed like a significant it seemed like the significant ground I don't know that's gonna change anything and then the one thing is is you. Is UF up to two other subtleties that you can point out what is. That. You object a little bit that all these folks are nothing has really changed that it's taken so long as long. I don't object I just I just you know I I I just want to sort of make a point that. Bet that the reality of a built monuments and what they needed not only change it's been. Public perception disorder shipped it. And I do think official bodies be they political business or religious had been retired or are responding to would change in limbo the air. Right I tend to think that's how change happens quite. Doesn't happen it doesn't happen it doesn't happen it doesn't happen it doesn't happen. You know and then all of a sudden gay marriage everything yeah is you know if everyone just says okay we get it we're we're changing and. Quite broken a little bit from sort of you know the activists and have a best met. I want these sessions to come down but I've been wanting to CD to try to take a Dell and I haven't had the expectation that. That when they try when they succeed is the sort cards that we couldn't hardly trot and are we trying I don't have the anticipation. They have a they decided to try they're gonna cut down next week. And so that's sort of where I am certain that patients first structure court. They appoint you you make is that this is a big just right about. One of the two statues. That that's what I try to sort of bring a little bit with a sore today about it in action candidate listening to bring a little bit more context that. The recent debate this statue is not half the main reason that they the statue it's art movies and cons are but the attempt to remove them or statue is that the process of sort of different arms. As the I think a lot of people just sort of put them together and ever wrote why is that. The process don't force things started 2013 but the City Council they did not go to Jefferson that was there. And so the process and so were two years into a process of the city actively trying to you know take it lupus or steps. The city didn't even try on the they would think a lot slower and so how. I I complain about that two years but that's why. It that's why they're not being at the same time. She. But anyway if you're one of those folks who flew from think it's just through loony left wing fringe who. Who who wants this done you're gonna take it up Steve Gaines. And with a complete clergy at second pros in an independent pres and and a whole bunch of congregations. Arm across the city Chris thanks very much and we'll talk to them. Contention. 91 is up you could read his piece over there at commercial. Appealed that counts relate to get the Bruce Feldman wrote a book on quarterbacks it's called he quarterback. And there is a quarterback Josh Rosen who is Roland into the Liberty Bowl. This weekend we'll talk to Bruce about Palin Morley come back just got to jump many to Diana tennis yeah thanks for the memories zoning. Tonight as the ESP. Fall is officially here tailgating season is upon us and whether or not your tail gating and start full weather higher tailgating here in Memphis this weekend. Oxford in the upcoming weekend's task was saw burn Knoxville Nashville wherever it may be. Good news of all oh call has a Peter Moore poll of four you in your teen's favorite colors Jeffrey right here promise that Jeff Hawkins show on 99 F then on to say about your place that I shot form by. Poll was my day. Should be saved all attire that is of calls located corner of poplar ridge when their daily shopping center locally and and we operated since 1859. 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Christ church we believe in the wheelchair so much about saving wanna be an agent for change an agent for good news in this community and we're. Existing asset. Obviously trying to make a difference in the the week we're highlighting incredible people organizations. And the wonderful impact they're having on arson and learn how you can help keep spreading the good news that we. We believe in that stuff or. We believe in Memphis. We believe in Memphis got similar cars and nice to visit 99 espn.com. The ball take off the awesome prizes big prizes Gaza has. I got sick motor cars dot net and 829 FM 68080 animal that we love Melissa in 1990 espn.com. Yeah yeah. You know already yeah. ESPN. Down five Bruce Feldman. Come on tour and Bruce Feldman C after. Leave course reporter for fox sports a fast one rights for Sports Illustrated and the man who actually did. Write the book on college quarterbacks it's called VQB. And it is out now in paperback I urge you to. Rated Brewster as an impresario. Undergraduate monitor so Josh Rosen is Roland in here. To the Liberty Bowl Saturday and how good is Josh Rosen. He waited about pure passer in college football. You know he is. Really really believed all you can do what you can make every car path that I layer both feet down field. Up yet good side the really interesting thing about road and it. You know. And I got into this lets you be a lot where a lot of the kid trauma that and all the time and her parents went. Yeah off course and we'll be fired quarterback coach's job shortly came up. They they really really good it actually write edit tennis player and how will this ultimately I would I would really good footwork. Great hand eye coordination. Is not part out of that. Really thought it looked at a competitive not look at football as he's been kind of a polarizing figure because these these open minded very bright kid. But he now that I know. You know I felt out there very intrigued by our country has pretty much everything the question is independently are you comfortable win was his personality. What is its it's funny here about the personality and obviously he got a lot of flak for what he said this summer about. High level academics and high level football not. Not matching a bad to me seemed the least that I thought he made a reasonable case I think a lot of people. Who understand the industry of college sports we'll tell you that is an uneasy fit for a lot of folks and a lot of circumstances. And I thought he caught undue flak for that. You hear that he's kind of a jerk I mean he I. I know he was not invited back to the Manning passing academy after he went one year he was not invited back the second year and that does not happen easily. Is that it yeah. I don't I just sort of imagine Jay Cutler what what what is the personality rap on Josh Rosen. Why update this guy out if one has teammate this batter Scott customary bow. You know does he love Obama or an option you're firm arm you know what rumblings here. And he says anyway he's certainly not about just doesn't relate coach Josh Carter spent really any time. So I mean you're coping with a I don't think yet muscular build or overcome a bit now so look I got from him in the book and get the ball back when he was. Seven years old. So you can try to get looked after Larry that you don't want about what we were but it is obvious that the bank probably where it should not set. So you know I think about it and immaturity about it just he speaks his mind. You don't need. Even created different keyboard usually don't nitpick at age playing quarterback. Where it liked. You know it he's all all about football and I think chopper rose and if you ask him. And you get them eat on the right frame of mind you away ever did about anything you consider something bad not good talk about it. It's sort of like you know all this talk about. You know whether he's a jerk or not you know I think it is here that you just heard your party very strong minded. You know this story we have a book about laughter cap. You have the pampered camper and he was by far the better quarterback picking their along our but David shot what not to go without heat. You know alcohol that he wouldn't be that comfortable at quarterback. Because he is very confident Israel he thought the guy who violate other starter out color correct but he wouldn't be that you have a lot better that he was. You know they put all data chart that. All and so they were inaudible. I don't know maybe this year than it's ever happened they'd be even better let. You know that an acute definitely did not shy about speaking of modest bump up that include all people boats. This was several years ago obviously how did you identify him as someone you write about for the book. You know I would not want these quarterly counts and there were those I heard it was a really good quarterback Plackemeier southern cal or. I have I'll probably would not think last. And they neither one was that the part that pop up I would well highly touted you don't want what you shouldn't Ricky how. It was a five star guys who bombed out of you but he did not do well transfer market got to do anything American out of the junior college doubt you're going to be starter. There's certain optical wrap up the when you saw its loss though. Just look better and everybody out of them or not pop these all I knew one of the Stanford coaches it's okay you're. It is a much more help than anybody we had. Yeah it could look like they're data show law. Just didn't or you know what ensuring water and they wrote that have academic it didn't believe it was just stayed very very. Our own interest me. Kid and look at how good background he was kind of just go a lot there obvious out. I think you would actually like doctor was that you covered up on a regular basis it's you know knowing your work and how he did I mean you do a lot there that they've given it. He seems Smart on the Yahoo! like I'd. It's funny silly people rip them for what for what he said this summer. I like the more than ever like the before after what he said this summer and end he said it as a guy who isn't honors economics student who's not taken general studies and whatever and you're doing bad at UCLA. You're not a moron. That's certainly true and I. Now at an all thought that some of the stuff that gets overlooked it. When I saw there other you know one of mythical national titles they saw possibilities are explored enough. In Long Beach and yeah a lot of work to help. Raise money so some of it is. He had to about who you know who left sir financial background and it probably does so there are they could probably go away. Yeah he didn't have to do to stop and he did that it was very. Very proactive with some of the very creative and how he or are about that are sixty years old. Talking to Bruce Feldman of course with the fox sports FS one writes a Sports Illustrated but the book is the quarterback and is now out on the paperback and it is about how these. How modern quarterbacks are made it's funny there's so much right now you look at the NFL and everybody complains about. The state of quarterbacking really big baby rattle off though that the twelve teams that just. The announced seem to be in a quarterback more acts and yet when you look at college football particularly this year there's fabulous quarterbacks everywhere you looked. Is there it is there a disconnect there they just producing quarterbacks who are not NFL quarterbacks or are we about to CA. A Renaissance because of this particular class. Yeah I think it actually something where he. You have people who brought out every author under the earth at this stage cluster are not in all of sports but they. But he is like inflammatory way over the top statement. Get some level of attraction. You know I remember a couple of your little girl bit the word quarterback. Collapsed but ever come out the other ones that would start and you look last year everyone was quote. You know he wrote him off he's a great player of the year. They're terrific rookie season it was like he came from one of those systems that people like oh it does not stand bird that looked old style that. It was pretty unconventional idea oh god. And I think we popular you know but people here although it you know if you can play we can develop some of these other. There's nobody would want to commence our great fighter path home blood I respect the fact that we have an arm or. He figured here it but you know I talked to while the Hamas government insider article one I'd be better off or bear. And he's and he wouldn't and only didn't think he could quite block that Andy Reid looked at the bottom of I ended up call that comment then Hillary got off of all obviously result. You know I think what you get is. We yet you you know what were out there in the media we can do whatever we want somebody they'll tell you that the worst kind of a lucrative but I think we thought that either an hour. If you're exactly right even this year's class was pretty well. And disparaged people disparage this year's class. And they they mock the bears for for the deal for too risky obviously. Lots and falls Kaiser falls. Homes. And and and yet in Kaiser Watson too risky and homes. You can afford long term starters right there in the first round like I don't know that the going to be four for four advertisers look to run against it's gonna be for performance that's a pretty damn good class for class the ones we'll be much. Exactly and you don't want to look if I hadn't thought of that backside of the two other guys go work whether fox Brady Quinn says while local you know I against a hot water back in the studio are really good career. Later put the big you'd think would be. You know conducive to try and transition well in the air oh it is there's more. And there's no no major character she's a meter guy turned out that you know throughout the NFL's big arm quarterback. If so it started out so hard for Jack. And I think that you know it didn't matter what kind of system you walk into it everything. They're hard to find the quote when I was thirteen look at that are. It is important years of bad luck and a lot of great aren't what people are you know he's not looking and seeing and there's a lot of issues bear yeah it's just. It it really really murky process to wade into any of the guys who know. Third they don't you know know they get a law. Am in terms of the quarterback scene right now obviously baker mayfield. Had a huge game has made because storied college football Sam Arnold is living up to expectations. Lamar Jackson is putting up crazy numbers thoughts on any of them and what they're doing this here. Yeah I think what baker did last week he's going to Columbus and shred that all our people do on the road at night it is quite a statement about the way. You know they want you like who won a political or they lost to date are running back. A lot of imparts an awful delighted salute I thought what it was the big statement so far. You know I want what I've been so all our award got a bit easier snappy way and then. The occasion to speak you know lap we. I'm Dan got on with the lines and creative Greeley now. Better than it was black you're there at eleven sacks against Auburn well blah blah. So Lamar Jack when they visit him in light them up and leave until victory. You know I think in the decade almost impossible for either repeat that I would yeah I could order. Could they have occasion. Well market leader of the victory I think he got daylight we may have a bit and the other half of the forty plus years you update got to win it batter what are lose it. But I think that. All find out way more is that there's a you know that the the Purdue and at the North Carolina that today you will not be. You know a lot of help out you know courageous. Obviously that's a signature game this weekend became that used to be always the signature game this weekend was Tennessee Florida. I went to many of Tennessee Florida game would not miss it. Back in a once upon a time of they were always. There's two top ten teams invariably. You had Spurrier Fulmer here all of that infect ten years ago this game was the game or Florida. The two quarterbacks for Florida where Tim Tebow in Cam Newton who scored a touchdown late. And yet sorted out can't score and Tennessee has their own struggles. We're what is the state of that rivalry and why has Florida never been able to figure out. You know how to put points in the fourth. I think are true then a lot of moving parts of attention by going to get off our coach I think it is not about not Carter won the op it's split them. I mean you historic action but I think when you look at so much attrition there you know it's different the life of a bunch of different receivers coaches. And I think ultimately you know like you have to admit all on your quarterbacks. And I think no one's ever been able to get really settled in there and get a read on the wolf we're over the open fat and eat. You know get a pop the EE background nothing more than a project like it's been so many movies are a lot of this state. Aaron you're the big picture wise you know I couldn't. Not going credit that he got from the back of Iraq. SEC title game is crushing years but particularly at TCU has never been so mediocre. You know you look at. Beat Tennessee had noticed that the pot hole that was the certainly you're not what your dog out side. It is still not open their client at all no seriously they lost their dirt or that was apparent declared a great leader and they are always been a job stops. You know made a lot of plays for I. I thought they they they hit some really good things and I'm not challenging snowbird asserted Afghan people if they can build on it I. I think Turkey in better shape right now I'll whom. That a woman haters are just because you are going into that leak the opener of the gators are all those sanctions including her cheek that players like. I'm not at all but the general that you look I have a guy. And you know I rocket and bigger and bigger refusal. Because it. You know the heart and everything or are there so it's just like you want their great. Where what what Florida international off I was like welcome this game but you know it's. You also have gotten myself a lot of people remember what we'll look at the injured are about ten years. Talking to Bruce Feldman fox sports a fast one get his book the quarterback. The making of modern quarterback is out now on. Paper back to more questions than that knowledge ago. One is about the Ole miss situation I don't know what your hearing what you're expecting obviously shape Paterson speaking of quarterbacks is putting up huge numbers. While all of these and there NCAA proceedings. Are ongoing in any thoughts from sort of what's unfolding at all less. You are on the field I think you've got to put up huge numbers record receivers let it that's although I. You want to say because birther debate version of the arrogant people are seeing this on a quick look it these sense how long you've written and that is how it. You know I looked and I think. Matt Luke and got a bit DC excellent and 87 win. I could get a real chance to get a job he did. If you look at the and the that you were going do you know BL bishop and move up. I don't think there's a lot of heavy eighty burger like big egg onto her cheek evil in this job. Depending on who knows they're making it through years of ovation. You know Oakland more weird version of make your you know another year or even bat. Just heartbreak we'll be what they're putting in Latin American unit down. But stopped. You know I think what what are herded. They've been able to really big gallery just trying to focus on hey we can only control control a player accountable there. Pretty well crap but I think that. He's just kind of get position and match you're not here this even though what what are they will be telling his. When they have their books law out of those players reacted just encouraged. Or lack of people's you know when everything's look what it's trying to make up people can people then you know. He pushed him and then I don't know what are you a little more or one. He never what because that is not such a mask so well on top of that we'll let you know I'll keep believe it or not. And then lastly a week from now there's going to be game between. Texas NM and Arkansas with both coaches. Feel my heat and plus you got may be decimals on I don't know whether he's feeling the heat. All three of those coaches imperil. I think so you know I thought I would I would think Gupta probably the most goalie but at Auburn which is electronic arts and look at opera ball on late Carl let the way awkwardly last week at Auburn got. Really your role in the I think there's concern if you Obama about the yellow period upbeat but I'm last year it was like. Bad I can't get LSU were a little old outlook format support but Lugar how. And it went long purple black cloud eat dog. You know we got the fact that they have looked awful last week even though they watered it there yet he's. I know. Now of that only I would Arkansas. I didn't come up long walk really want spread feel about the work out and and keep that job. And I think they happy with the pointer way out flat and look and you know. Well I think actually all three guys they're good coaches and the ultimate question I think Colin always like to think at all you know. In some Powell is what you gotta get who's better than these guys to go into the if you happen boat over the oh yeah a bit. Could it not like I doubt there that look that way the people could Larry could order maybe greater effort and our law which outlet you'll be bigger approach. There's no guarantee you let. They're gonna quote guarantees that you got to do better what you how how I mean it by. You'll be happy and blessed with Nixon and hit it changed the game a lot of people there aren't a lot lot lot lot of work. Bruce wonderful talk you thank you very much love your work in we'll talk together. That is a great Bruce Feldman Bruce Feldman CFB. On to put the book is the quarterback. Back in a minute I wrote a column today it's up online at about. Four it's. Who won engagement rings. From around murder when Jewelers. Two of them have yet to ask their girlfriends this program. How well can you keep that secret. Staff sergeant Joseph blow by them only come back and eighteen NFL and is yet. What if I told you a man would return. To the site of his greatest humiliation. And not only redeem himself but his entire and we named Smith. Thirty for thirty read on redemption. Amid days 11 AM until 2 PM. As CN let. The weather is perfect for golf and it's the perfect time to join. Irene golf and country club off hacks cross road near 385 in on the web at Irene golf CC dot com. 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The good so fingers back. September 21 through October 1 gland near center in self made and. 929 FM 688 AM on the WM FS and nine feet nine espn.com. This isn't just got this you know on ladies and my ESPN. Yeah. You don't study. Oh it's them closing arguments presented by ten ration Memphis. You'll want to build a Cadillac Ford dudes. Who got their wedding rings from Robert Irwin Jewelers in advance of that. Tony Pollard kickoff. The amazing thing to me it's like one of the guys fastest ones and subsequently as is customary and he said. If I win. I'm gonna ask her this weekend. And so he would talk to me and gave his name's Nancy Williams. And he just complete face like he said. I'm gonna win and he went there he told it was gonna win and he won't. So that was his engagement ring but there are two other guys out there once so listen. And I talked to him on the way to the Ole miss game let this past Saturday. Can't watch the Memphis game he woke up in the morning and check the highlights he said he couldn't like. He got out of bed so fast it through his equilibrium off I think it was like a 6500 dollar engagement ring that he gets. And he hasn't decided when to ask is. Fiance yet because he hasn't asked or Florida. Go for a golf yet because he has master. Father helping him out the other guy. And I had to write this in a way I did not give it away. The other guy. He literally. Bought a ring he had gone under Robert Irwin that he went down to look at another jewelry store. That he was driving to think about it when he heard the commotion that being said you know what. It can't be run to get him to me and roll back this is right before that time cut off. Any he went in bottling it was 15100 dollars over his budget plotted. Book 'cause he thought he was gonna win the rig. Sport and many wins that ring. Now I can't tell you too much. Buddy's girlfriend did wonder why he was going so crazy over the kick returner. Awesome person that Jack. Book 'cause. She. Was a hell of a kick return any of the left with tiger fan. But what actually strikes me about this whole deal. I ever about four people to a game and aims to prevent attachment to did not. If you were reading that count as a woman today. And you get a long term relationship. With any and all this stands. Albeit Memphis tiger fan. Don't you have to read that column and scrutinize it and figure out that cop. It's comment. I would it wherever Richard held by immediate thought was I feel so bad for every old news standards and a long term relationship. And every guy who really celebrated because. Because I was okay and I thought the kid off at every Ole miss fan who are bigger larger relationship. Call oh you can bet cadaver for the women auto benefited ice because they're what I don't expect that that would have been. But that's like yeah you know that right exactly it's like they got it takes is not a girl and very exotic like vacation. And she's expecting the proposal because every time back to our we a much UPQ Greg where a beautiful romantic pitch bump. And you say that a slice three that you slide back I put a great trip. Our. No fault okay. Meaning that goal. You becomes the commercial feel like I've I've tweeted it out I heard you. If you had a relationship and you are a woman. To scrutinize it and see it blow. Do you not advocate that could be you to see it all or pass it on anyway when you know in relationships. And see if this could be your dude. He's a nice thing is is that that they will be free rings. For those anyway that was fun the right guy at what's next eight years. Bond of the day. Well Jack yesterday Murray State football player. Asked his price should say he got married after practice by his offensive line parish center didn't particularly well I've been gone here guy. It's. A bad thing. Here we go. Bishop TJ Kidd here are. You promised to lover and protect you from spiders it was all other incidents including those football. You promise to love us hope this signals even if that sickness caused by the losses for Margarito is there any other cocktails the night maybe. All the cell facility answered through. What are you thinking about at least 50%. You promised to share their joy is relishing her success help dare devils and defender Bob. You probably saw lovers of what could I just miserable for the moment it would be great respect for them. You promised remember that she's very Smart. Best friends. I'm almost certain ambitions changed. Eleventh attack. Guys sickness. She supports pages. A solid answer what. You can almost all of them. And I just go to your husband a father it's a tree get the respect for the estimated its rules. Hey mister president is a very Smart because they. Determined that he chose to spend his life. Cheers. By the power vested in me about universal life church ministry. Okay. Those were awesome. Very impressive 100% yeah plus Saks fifth. This is coming up I saw Jason John hall of Famer LaDainian Tomlinson will join them as well Blaine bishop and about one Aircastle I still Bender right Doyle GP. As everybody we'll meet back here tomorrow CY CY CI think why the problem. Half an hour just down. Hello I'm here over here in my for a lot of you are they just not be thankful. -- most of you know -- -- university of Memphis Tigers football fans we couldn't be more excited about this season is this your -- he completed his passing is a decent speed may have used as -- Bruce Russell -- -- -- -- -- -- -- before about looking Floyd -- aren't as great -- -- and he's right there were great and how about our -- bank of artist Damian Johnson hey you know what about -- -- Anderson in my group won the first -- game will be UT that's -- -- while those retired -- but -- team has -- chance to beat -- and -- grace and I agree -- that Harold I'm looking forward and share in the tires on New Year's -- -- this year that's for one at somebody and Citizens -- before it went live to tell -- -- this could always viewed and by your peers are more -- first and -- your current home -- through some groups and we can -- you don't always -- and his wife read -- -- use their home -- -- while it is a touchdown play -- name and absolutely go -- goes into -- Member FDIC equal housing lender. 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