Hour 2 with guests Chris Herrington and Austin Barbour (5/15/18)

Producer Jeffrey Wright
Tuesday, May 15th

Segment 1 -- Geoff Calkins welcomes Chris Herrington to the show to discuss the Draft Lottery, past Grizzlies' lottery moments, the big names, and more during "The 9:01" at 10:01.

Segment 2 -- Geoff welcomes Austin Barbour of Strategic Partners and Media to the show to discuss sports gambling in Mississippi and more of the questions surrounding sports gaming?

Segment 3 -- Geoff discusses the Orlando Magic's taking of Lil Penny to the Draft Lottery and more.


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Some fresh tar like that was my favorite thing to do when I was younger and and and less married. If you feel like you would that would that this would be one guy looked over to every year. Like so my ex girlfriend like art or art of our product so a barbecue chef you know some. I met and the barbecue close. The one girl literally met at our success I had down. I had we went. I call it recruiting I don't pull everything back at a basketball I caught recording like you're. To parent these big boos like our team you gotta have looked a passel a little wrist band or whatever. So what my job with being a popular 2223. At the time it I. And like Friday afternoon and early Friday evening just going out there trying to find a shallow descent about college but the hottest girl Arkansas. And I actually understand Fredricka and have to wait or whatever. Insecurity that might have there like completely call and so I think this beautiful girl. And I walk a tiller and I say I'm order a party tonight it's going to be enough boots. And I would and I haven't biting me afraid to join us outrageous just warmly at their. You sort of look at like crazy to mercy or start to go somewhere else to not identical we're gonna you know be there all night. And she said. Suitable probably not authority. I just went right here forty. Erica White writer response out of these statements like this try to hustle back and so she laughs and like oracle with a bloody. And then I immediately leaving no time by or call them look. Something close to her and can basically do something similar fabric it's dark outside and so what you look like a signing class and a different cause actual content. Or march 15. But there and roll some I'm gonna have eligibility issues such a little bit about what. Yeah it's. OK okay. But what I'm gonna commit but you never know exactly who gonna show up when karma you know when parked there. Inevitably I'm gonna play you know and keep my degree a couple of calm in this boat and like one of the articles actually did show up so I'd like it's hard and I look at this other girl. But what that was like by the one draft which we've got. It hurt your quote my recruiting class that's she got special a couple of the player so that of other wondered. To get this other one or really just get the walkways are which is that you have you'll you know everybody's they're doing the same thing. And I finally made it over to NASCAR what they're paying out all night. What are your deductible. Now a lot of story of love blooms of Barbeque Frist. All our rule OK goodbye relationships because has wasn't just don't like a one night stand this was a year and a half. I didn't know literally I didn't know barbecue both produced relationships. Good onetime. She's too little until the body builder that what are that's my guess they don't like that would be like asked. Hello. I'm Gary I think elements fortunately or to commercial bill what are the factors that she left for you saw literally across. I'm putting competitions. There's police canceled the little to do you know. Party order to attract the many it's got to be like my line and it's not going to be like a lot. It's so you know I get what I deserve I would attract whatever it took little body and the image became attracted to somebody else talk. So important lesson college coach is about that thank you GK. Hillary I got here we've come along to break back at love Jeff garbage and anything NF LMR. National contest to an extra two plus. It's pennies from head. I am okay now. Another studies from 111000 dollar winner of any chaos yeah oh access until seven weekdays on 929 FM ESPN. That is these top of the 10 o'clock hours and it is time for another cash cared. The casket for the 10 o'clock hour is ballots text to bounce BO UN CE text bounce DO UN CE 2781. 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Then listening to and no one for Chris Harrington 901 yeah. Hi we listen to. That is before the law only wanted to say new song from the that the band was zero. They put that out. Friday debuted on Rolling Stone dot com. And it'd be easier for their new album among the goats which is set for August released a statement. Lottery here we are you've written about it in the 901 your three most vivid lottery. Memories we've talked about this a little bit before. Let's take it take it take that if you only get what are your three most. Vivid lottery memories. Well the first what is beyond that I guess 2003 which took full abroad year. And I was actually at a friend's house home you know that was that a lot reported and I don't know there was a moderate party mostly a bunch of friends who were big grizzlies and NBA fans. Excluding the hold to that party had a dog and QB. And so Elizabeth you guys are talking QB. Flushing the lottery. And read every night with a clip and that the column today that my memory is just to Jerry would do that the local journalists face. It was that tight smile at Cairo today the type to solve a guy who's ready to shoot you in the gut. He was just so angry but what that wanted the police Cowell. On the air and so like I remember just a book Jerry west's face more than he's saying later when the when he suffered this. Public torture that was not his own doing you know from that you've got a great from Vancouver. Yeah that was a reform all right number two. That's sort of ignore the big one of their 2007. And that was the Oden. Duress catch there was an alien to him about the one big prize and LeBron that was too big crisis and the group we've had the worst record in the league can do it a great shot to get one that you decries into the green there once or assume they're gonna get old North Korea I. Until the big party at the downtown fly ball soar. And I think my memory that there should be in the one person in the room and let sort of got what was happening may be the role of people who were in the similar spot to meet that. I'm sort of so all the car crash shall forever what else all the car crash. Because if they were counting the pick now on the from fourteen to bad and everything went through the former I exert on the opening envelopes that about a group police and people here in the open another blow up the release and people cheer. When they got Campbell number six killed in the Milwaukee Bucks everyone's here to go when the grizzlies. The problem with that is at the Milwaukee Bucks worth horror at the third worst record in the league that year you know when they dropped from three to shake. Bet they're battling they moved up but the teams. That were four and five. Which was. The Sonics in the hawks are the ultimate sonic could also moved up. And met at the grizzlies were locked into the fourth pick. And so some of the Milwaukee would open it picked number six I need to produce sort of a work. And I turned to look different behind the I didn't do look at this Carter molecular so were signed as an export the report that over they they are look at the party that won't get cheering harder to bear. And they open at the next several of the Boston Celtics federal this year equivalent of the current employees are members of the year I would back look at the broadcast is only police targets between white. When the bucks. Envelope was open and the grizzlies look we'll open but it felt like thirty minutes judgment we're stating that room and everyone purity jury jury even after it was sort of rebuild the grizzlies were going to be big for us. Yeah it. I saw that I didn't see that car crash in the same way you did. I just witnessed because that was the time when I was in the back what with the actual. Right. With the actual ping pong balls where they are drawn as the media observer and adding. Gina Davis was there for representing the grizzlies. And it's just. The problem is is you just sit there and it's you know everyone's congratulating Seattle and Portland and whatnot and and then you sit there for you gotta hand it to your cellphones. And then you're sitting there for two hours or whatever it is. Knowing what's gonna be on formal thing in Memphis we're going Obama's gonna hit before it heads and very. And so yes that was Graham in the end it is interest thing they're better off. I don't know whether Al Horford or Mike Conley in the end would have been. That Erica. David Bateman comedy comparable. Career I would yeah the man I guess you'd think they'd picked Horford and they might not have picked. You know then then then that might have been more willing to fix that later or something like who knows how those things would have unfolded but they've had comparable careers. So in the end. They dodged the bullet which was Greg Oden they didn't get the superstar levee saw again last night and Kevin Durant. And but of course by now he has left Oklahoma City. In any event. You know fur fur fervor for them for new for new territory so that all the other when you were off. The other wouldn't you know less momentous political 2009 alert but don't the broke Blake Griffin to beat. And that was sent out before bobbled the party but nobody got that what do they got to remember go back and watch it was a Jerry West also represent the release of that lottery do. Even though he was outgoing and at the time he's maybe the lesson that they should out of this and Jerry West say NBA draft lottery. I could get three of them was on spray for three of its interest in who they sent Lional onstage for one. I think I don't should go to nine or advisable on stage for three Jerry was on I'm amazed that Jerry allowed it went back a second time like that astonishes me. I would think he would do. Go to scenario play out the door he knew he won't and we were bleeding. He was gone and he was still irritated and everything else is really should've been so that was absolutely. Yeah. That was bizarre. It's your back and watch the 2009. That it could put the clips won't release from the broadcast about the back of such equipment 2000 mind. You know Jake Ballard capability we Dave militants say yeah Baylor Bears are obviously you know Blake Griffin is beyond you know the consider someone that. And they ask come JBoss is completed a two bit and he says. It's probably going to be Ricky Rubio shall we all bought at the time my. But that he says but I think they've expressed player in the draft if she could beat. I remember throughout this thing here I remember that distinctly because at the time I was all in on Ricky Rubio. And there is Phyllis going to bat fourth and beat an at the time I also knew that there were people in the grizzlies front office who preferred the B. I am and so. It was interesting when you watched that one. Do you reminder that if we ever went to Hillary that they're now on accelerated at the time. It was not like the group dropped out of some women taken could be coming you know we've got to be looking guy. Now they did not they didn't get rid of that at all he was supposed to be a dominating defensive force like nothing good progress in the right area now. And yeah so what did you do. It did did you think it was devastating that they weren't won their were people I remember around me who would just wait. Britons saying yes now could also be sick. And so it would it would disappointing when you when you got up into the top three you do get the first pick. So it may kind of bittersweet but they moved up five spots on the it and it was better than they mean it would better outcome anyone had reason to hope. Aren't I don't like that night I remember people leaving you know buffalo wings or whatever and good spirits about having moved up. It's funny having looked at this again and I made this point the other guy that. There's been lots of drafts where they've both address this led mostly you do slide that's what happens you know both suggest they slit in the lottery. That two times they have moved up. Are the most painful there was because there was one LeBron where you've moved up but didn't move up enough and so you didn't get it. And and you were reminded that you would have had Carmelo. And then there's this one where you moved up to two which gave you a chance to draft and blow the machine that beat tech had they remained at six. I am likely to be an early debate is all you want but I do believe that six they would have taken staff because. Because. We care what we know that we know that. We said that at that point all other competing players have that they would have been argued about would have been all pork yeah the city. Jonny Flynn would have been there may be yeah what are they did or didn't quite like Johnny Flynn they would had they not moved up the idea that would take stuff. Yeah I took the high re hard encourage until through the four players and that the world war or were up for discussion at that point he. Curry would be the only one left. There are so they were taken and it's discipline it's 22 devastating that literally those the two years they they moved up the only two years they've moved out. And those are the most painful years of all. So. I Joseph Mullen acts over at do the bare blues did something where he ranks the best. Does these bat draft picks ever. I don't. I don't agree with that because for example he doesn't count Powell as a grisly traffic but that was a grizzlies draft. Here you get to the fact oversight to ensure a letter of letter of course the reality edit and delete the cabinet and the hawks draft pick didn't technically baucus. You know. But because of legal role. Possibly that collection for the grizzlies will be grizzlies. Made the determination of of that the grip we decided to wouldn't bet that. I will not oh you're not gonna give Burrell Arthur for example he was clearly grizzlies drafted so let's let's do my own where we actually if they if that's if the pick. So when an account with Kevin Love is a good these jacket or account OJ Mayo is it doesn't draft. A guy so. According to Ted where they were packed and that's the best player I think the smartest draft. You gotta go well already done in the best that. I I your idea that the towel. I do about this book is that what they mine field. You know as to Kwame brown and Eddy Curry he hadn't you know you got it toppled if you pick later are little Taylor and up okay it was a minefield of all these untested big. And it won't be able to come. It was very gutsy move to take. This giddy you know like your total heart it was fourteen in the face alcohol but are taken that draft and he's gonna be all thing. He wouldn't go to he was really I mean he's the best. Player they've ever draft he's the hall of Famer and that you're right the minefield aspect of it prejudiced Tyson of Tyson Chandler I think curry and Chandler might. Maybe one month before a wall went after I think it's hard now for now. Oliver L one Tyson Chandler's is not disclosed. Currie and encourage them they could think and Carissa the minefield was here curry and then as Richardson and then it was Shane. Would've been my number two. Well and I wanted to take it but to try to shoot three separate team pull him. Yes. The only I the only argument for Lowry is he was hit a 34. There's. You know all the pick. You relatively rated fiery except. In the NBA like the better W the star players means so much it meant to be aspects that would go pals since littered. So how desperate they ever made. We are we willing to concede that Lowry spin. Probably I do little talk I had I think probably probably OK and then Conley three. Yeah maybe because a lot of people believe they can take it Yoakam no oil which would have been. I had a good for a law I'll PSI have longevity and allow Rebecca Kelley had. A lot of people also wanted to record brewer and that would have been a bad pick. Com. And so yeah content Carly Carly was a good bit. Then you get to suffer while Powell. Lowry. Connolly. Then you're down to. Am like what do you count DeMarre Carroll that was a good pick it just AM they kept them so maybe that's one Greivis Vasquez. Shane Battier. I. Some. That's about it. We shouldn't let me literally that's after he entered an elevator. And at this point don't books looks like the best clearly sort of hit to right at that particular slide. I don't think Battier and people argue with this but I don't think that he wasn't about a player that particular fly. Although he's certainly not about panic at all. But Brooks was the best steak chicken made about a plot I don't know what that's true for anybody else had to go back and look at some of those trapped what was great about is being bad clearly good pick probably not. We're using the good value for really out of. It's a it's uninteresting. Essentially exercise and it's funny big Kirk Chris clinics said the other day. That he believes. This is. Like the future of the franchise rides on this that and I. I don't know what that means if you talk about what they're gonna move or not move. Well that at I disagree like this event there's a whole lot of other things at play in a over the next decade that whatever. Like Andy you can move governor and move like you can move and have great players and move and you can what. If he's talking about just. It's unbelievably important for a team that has not had a hit on pick for a long time and probably won't have one next year. It's not I don't know what that means that future franchise rides on what I do you. Well it's put he would even dated a little watery like we said yesterday its side. Do greeted as it is hugely important for the franchise and executed it's not a lottery that most important step today and this is one of those occasions where those two things are not. Don't seem to be yes tightly we talk. There that a lot the lottery outcome itself just still. As department that of your ultimate outcome at some some cases. Are. And so really it's it's what they do in the draft wherever they had to pick each party beware of the ability to get a really employer whether there one. 234. And they they they need to get it right. I don't think that once saying department everything they're the reality is you have to look you have to have a new generation of talent. That you're not bad for 789 years or what I do think it's important factors that too bad for Saturday night you're gonna run. If you can't have the talent to do that doesn't mean market clearly they could blow the pick and and you look up that you draft. You don't protect confidential report fourteen market next year two years later or whenever a very different paths to get there. The most likely path contributed on this. Just a little losses. Yeah what you're automobile around Gordon finished third three draft parties won without David waters and Barry are you know export area very party used to. And you know I wouldn't want a couple miles from real important although there is the not not terribly surprising I think most people thought oh stable the better team and that good when the series. You know I aka the extra effort is needed to win that game to win the series and I didn't and so now even more so what do particularly in the series. Neither of my big take away it was it was a reminder I tweeted that plus my. I think we all forgotten just a little bit or sort of back of mind about how awesome Kevin Durant it is. Because he was not in the MVP grace this season because you're in this for fifteen games the other regulars on this team and sort of the war is full of old news he's not wanna be shiny new things you there'll be honest and not a habitual determined to do on beating all these new York new players were excited about. And so he sort of like out of mind a little bit. But he might be the second best player in the in the world steel clock effort to rant and I got a little bond market bet that might be true and you can give absolutely about about what players they targeted when they're deeply. And so little you know our heart was great last night offensively. But if you can if you took those two teams that you were really drafting mark for vaccines and James Harden a third pick I think Golden State has to true best. Basketball players in the series and Kevin Durant Seth Curry. Chris thank you very much we will talk Iran. That is Chris Harrington. And what we come back we'll be talking to Austin barber. He is involved in the Mississippi. Gaming which is going to be exploding given the new. The new rules about. Betting casino we'll talk Austin Barbara let's just look at your ninety Humana for me as. Have you ever wondered western side air bags. 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What's your connection to our yesterday's Supreme Court events and and the possibility of the likely possible of the likelihood that there will be a sports books in Mississippi going forward. Well my connection to Mississippi is I have a governor affairs firm. There's work to David industries for for number of years from represented one of the big casinos in Mississippi. And we don't pay attention of like a lot of people and I think my. I might maybe never thought. Yesterday's decision would come about and certainly. If you're Mississippi it's a great guy from Mississippi I think this is going to be a big boon for the economy in Mississippi. Certainly going to be a big boom for the tourism minister to Serbia the gaming industry specific. So what is gonna happen next what is that what's what's what's gonna happen now. Short so obviously you know you probably read this your lips or another. The Mississippi legislature last year when they were dealing with fancy sports betting at how about legalize. At a lot of trips. Caught in Mississippi. Will wait till we Barbara movie he restrictions old sports book betting in Mississippi. It will just be you know gotten the sort of didn't get a lot of attention. I was Patriot Act that top. But obviously. The leadership bid and and how that Mississippi where various more to do that now they are sitting in the catbird seat. To have Mississippi. Arctic go to Mississippi. And be able all sports betting. Probably in the next 45 that's sixty days. The Mississippi gaming commission if the state governmental entity to regulate skate to that Mississippi. I think they. I don't know this for sure but I've been told. They've been working for several boy lives. A law Albright before you have the regulations. That would regulate sport but Betty at some point Tom just. Doctor outweigh our public comment period which would be about thirty day period. And then the casinos that are already sort salt or sports book Betty in the circuit. So there won't have to be separate legislation just the separate regulations as propounded by the. The gaming commission. And Mississippi the legislation has been passed it was passed last year so we're way yet head other state court papers and what we see out. Louisiana way he got what you read there. The newspapers out of blogs and Louisiana right now you've got people that realized oh my goodness we're way behind. Our neighbors in Mississippi they're gonna they're gonna be ready to go do it. We're way I think it's Mississippi West Virginia. Obviously New Jersey with a who wish to state that the ball the court action to the Supreme Court there are so over the course Korea already got a. All right so. Football season obviously late August we got college football games do you predict that I am going to be able to drive to two to go wherever. And place a wager. On. College football by the start of this college football season. Now hiding out percent certainly present art and I'll talk to nine out percent in and out the door for under percent but I just. I can't be happening what you would not be able to do and this is if we could just talk disperse look at. All of our group and this should be dealt understand you know what it's good blocker for folks and cut outs in the dialed and there are barrels glutamate. It would be quite frankly what of this is per hurt our party held a bit ago this is going to be opportunities are sort of cut to really have a chance to come back. He kit. You know all the ultimate it's like you reduce you know give an update that. Example bedeviled ago would Ed watch we get a full ball embattled football and what you received in but I guess you're gonna be able to do that sort of got this fall. Well this summer. What will it mean for term and I'd I mean I thought it's funny I moved to 22 years ago when I moved here. To Nicole was was the was the Big Sur and people will explain to me our stamina they build these these these casinos into the current mayor. There are unbelievably profitable it really helped the region. There were some resentment honestly in Memphis because they feel like gosh why didn't we have one of these on my island. And we're idiots. But but then took a guy has had hard times between the slide between the change the economy that the Victoria as you point out. Greyhound park and West Memphis. What is the state of what is the state of things now what do you predict this does for the casinos and took. While in college which is twenty years ago looked up saw remember what turtle was when it first opened today obviously yet it was. Super profitable. But also allow the economy to turn around for people who wanted to work have a chance to go to war but that you just named all the different airport that are part that industry there. All of this is gonna give them do all right elicit other states will eventually catch back up other states will eventually be able to. It all for sports book but that may not be you know two years three years five years down the road so that time period. It gives senators an opportunity. To Kia gamblers back. To the to the to the north delta area. He gives them an opportunity to your heart more people to bring more. And golf bring more money into that region which is so desperately needed and again look what just looks just speak lightly here. Give them an opportunity to compete again with the job with the great help or in Vietnam and west across. Because my understanding is is there's nothing imminent in Arkansas at this point is that your understanding as well and then. You bet that if that is correct I've got to figure of an hour probably the I was doing a little research for or show up saw. Back to the American Gaming Association. The American game that situation estimated at least 100. CW white. 160. Billion dollars a year apple. Sports. It in the united sake but here's the kicker. Not 87% of that would bet illegally that obviously it got to change what they're would be a decision the court yesterday. Well it's shifting so that brings up a separate question which is. So. I'm not a big. Better but I know our producer here Jeffrey is a as you guys don't invest as an investor. Garrett measured as the afternoon show is an investor. And they all sit on the approach. And today have these offshore blocks or whatever and that's how they gamble. Which is more convenient than going to do America. So how is it is is there any is there any. Expectation. That online gambling will be allowed by either Mississippi or other states is that contemplated by sort of the this new universe. How much given how convenient. Sort of offshore betting on your on your phone has become. How much of this is going to be transformative in terms of how many people are honestly you know automatic bid to America and watch it on now. Big screens and drink a beer in and be with my fellow batters. She got multiple questions there are better all very reachable the right are questions they attack first let me take the last what Ezra first. Think there's going to be about liver to all of the two creation all part gamblers they've got strokes. But hey we wanna go go to book go to the car let's go to Biloxi Europe's go wherever. Because we wanted to watch football games this weekend and that's great because. They're valued ago they're they're OK they're quite call it immediately rushed frauds. But this is a big big deal from a new tax revenue standpoint from Mississippi now I'll think that any doubt I'll notice for sure. We chat all the ability. For someone to be able to place say. A bat through the gold strike into an account. There's going to be shop bit not gonna be operated allow them that's still being lazy and still settle their couch. All and be able to do that now does that mean they have to be a sub GO pit area wooded two and a kick out either do that I don't know. I did say that you draft kings and stand tools in their big they're salivating at patrol it and I'm sure those jobs or sugar or government platform. To be able to all for. Our sports book sugar through their sites as well. But it is that the rebels are amazing and then you wonder for example in Las Vegas is this going to be a huge blow to Las Vegas or Las Vegas Las Vegas like it's. It's bullet proof at this point eight I don't know if you even have would have a sense of. Com Pete if you can't be good for current and this. You haven't got to live subplot revenue but they're so creative out there they'll come up with some. All may 21 century Elvis show to get everybody there. Could have fired to fired up again on but I I just wanna say. Mean for Mississippi there's the big deal you know we've got we've federal problems in this could be. All we've got issues that would try to work through how we how we fund our infrastructure. Wish I were properly fund the priorities that our government supplied. Outward are heard estimates that this wall a law could you know changing its sports book breaks may bring. Estimating a hundred million dollars. In new tax revenues in Mississippi at an annual basis. If that's 88% ball that's fifty million more dollars a year that we can use certain to have repair bridges and repair roads but the good thing it produces epic. Organized Austin Barbara managing partner of strategic partners and medium managing partner of the broader group on Twitter at Austin underscore barber is insisting that Mississippi has been. So who full throttle on this land for example the neighboring state took an aura of Tennessee. Has no plan and it I'm Alyssa not a Yankee originally so I'm still figuring out itself even after three decades down here. Like there's lots of churches in Mississippi and there's lots of churches in tennis say. Because obviously the direction the people have is is moralist is is is is it's evil or sinful or something also I guess regressive people Muslim deal might say. But or what what not but it is inching isn't it the startling view of Mississippi so all Ian. Given that it is fundamentally a morally conservative state. And Tennessee for example is god wants no part of it. Welcome to the file a calm and and trying to figure out a look I think a lot of it out there to call it it goes back to the water. While the water the Mississippi River. All the history of the Mystic River the history of the Gulf of Mexico. And sort of like they Faire attitude. Of residents for hundreds of years almost two bodies of water. And when Mississippi would gobble first legalizing gambling. In the mid nineteen bodies early 1990. You'll say they said. Gotta be on the water caddie on the river the Mississippi River there's got to be on the Gulf of Mexico because those folks who live in those periods. Well okay it would have a problem whether they're they've built long history of gambling that Gary keep column and upon activities in those sports of the static. That's an interest and interest in perspective last question. Do you believe that. There's I was listening to another report on this that there will ultimately be like right now we think of of gambling as. You know you pick your your your rebels or your a bowl blogs and what are really three or whatever it is then you watch the game unfold. There's a theory that there's going to be much more. Like during the game game like much much more. Gambling it's sort of it in the moment where you're betting on plays and betting on it. Did you see is this gonna open up and create an explosive universe for how people gamble. Great jeopardy would call those soccer doubt. Solves. The act and act has I don't know I'm sure it is. But it is utterly edited or about. Right OK but it's a good thing for Mississippi high. By late August I'll be able that the steer my trusty vehicle down there. And and place of that on the bills to get to win the Super Bowl I suspect dug a pretty good out so. The awfully nice to join us I appreciated and I it'll be fun to watch this unfold thanks very much. Yeah that is Austin Barbara what you get Geoffrey on that topic. Ever talk to you Obama lied that yeah I bet. That's the word thanks is it how much is they're now like you can buy you there's lots second half that's for certain about like bats yet. I would think. The thing with lied better. He's really do need the act. You need mobile you need either mobile or any do that this is seen I mean if they put out that's the thing about a lot line like they put it up like say they put it on the boards. Plot line changes honestly in football definitely change this year here live betting you'd be better for example what what what is the compact what's. So a lot a lot of people do is say one team gets up huge. Wreck you back the second half where you can do that right where you like you know lets you weekly score the forty you know like an Alabama scores you know because of 42 to nothing on some any year that savings not gonna he's not gonna put pedal to the metal during the second half. If you can get light plus 45. At that point a lot of people take that right after they score to got forty see nothing because they think. All right wolf 42 you fourteens reasonable and I went. He seemed to indicate also that he believes that there will be some kind of online betting associated with so send us a Vegas I I would. Think that they would look to the Vegas model now because that's what a lot of the guys do eat like they never actually stepped foot in its books anymore like they have. Like each each book provider that they use as an app in and there are always batting for that. Do you think that's going to be the interest is it geographically limited that's going to be their bid yes so I don't I think I think get to be inside the economy. And how can bait doesn't help that you bring you the more you'll you'll be now betting it ethical strike wherever else I just I don't. I feel really bad for the for the young kids out there that are never gonna know the personal experience and personal touch that that individual and a bookie half that is an. Some very special relationships that says that it's like it's like going away thicker paper boy and I was collecting it look like and the milkman yes yeah I used to we have when I was a paper boy used to go collect from the neighbors and hiding done. Collecting for the buffalo lose both military brass whatever may come and give me an extra two dollars and there is that. There was that personal connection my dad's relatives now it is now it is on gonna take a break. When we come back I told you there is some really. I think treacherous news involving little panic. We'll get to that yeah. Just and show. I c'mon I do in an effort as. This is their firefighter rescue of Gloria firehouse subs you know every day firehouse subs and they've piled there's subs I would freshly sliced meats and melted cheese. 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Yeah now it's the closing arguments. So here's the treasury of which I've spoken bubbling little dependent I'm afraid you're hearing us. Orlando Magic co-founder Pat Williams. Is going to bring little penny with him to the draft lottery. How night. It kill me. Is this he says it's all lower version of a lucky penny. We've tried everything in the past lucky points for the voters rabbits he'd Lucky Charms Cereal we've taken everything up there. We took the finest minus minds you've gone this one that's that they came up with so let me ask you that hard is it they're lucky. Penny or is it our lucky. Penny can make use penny against those. Well and they're working against those I would like to think they can't because Tom we're Penny Hardaway a minority owner. Please alters a bear to represent the forgotten man and you're also looking at this wrong way I think that is a good thing. There's no wait a call away with that he's a plan if you arm of the economy's working inside yet got a bite him in the asked they of course had two consecutive number one picks or. Yeah to protect the white when they when they got Shaq and then penny they traded for anyone to get situated that Webber one yeah. To get penny but they got lucky in two straight lotteries and run with Pat Williams the way to look at this of course is that this is more exposure. For the Memphis basketball highlight that's and a pen like that is that how we should look at it so what is pure treachery gets to is. Stupid man that he's bringing the grizzlies owner up there three is. And this is good. PR. For the Memphis tiger basketball team and shows the continuing relevance of little panic I think this is an example or these are mutually skill exclusive. I normally I don't think they do not deserve to win a damn thing on the strength of little and it can also be it's who have three can be I hate they send it to exactly. Film things. Seems. Seems roof honestly seems roof given what where we know very little penny is right after I was. Here's the mind of the day we'll. That initiative. Triggered the archives of bucks for a little bit because water and we haven't heard you know has a funny thing doll. Yeah I haven't had much to god it. Tyra Banks. The dream CDS together that part doesn't work as well tonight not only 88 now I. Didn't. There's nobody out but it's also not an HD one could petty and the bunch of loafers still and I'll type it all these years time concept to Osama what's next. Both senators who showed up next five Jason and Jon body marks will join them that today Elliott Perry. He's gonna be a lot from the draft lottery on the air cast ventured to 25 or that book Tuesdays Sundays he destroyed. As well as Jeff Hawkins. On the GP showed today make sure listing the top of each and every hour for just 11000 dollars. Thank you listen everybody we gotta get out here enjoyed a lot of international dream join us tomorrow. Talk about how it turned out but I'm a workers back. He official. And he is Kevin Johnson near GM Bruce Chris steakhouse in Memphis so what's good and Bruce Chris oh are tendered to list its USDA prime states for one. There always is. Speaking a sizzling in that time a year or seasonal three course menu inspired this season's first nuclear springing up all of you roosters shift in the source some of these players so you know you're enjoying fresh ingredients right at the very people. What's more our season and three forced me starts at 44 and anything but this show not only enjoy three courses you'll also get a starter insert as well. You might even try one of our premium new menu items like forty ounce tomahawk or. 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